Cars 3 (2017) Script

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Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed.

One winner, 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.

Did I used to say that?

Yes, sir, you did.

You used to say that all the time. Mater, what are you doing in here?

Well, I didn't want you to be lonely.

Thank you. But I'm kind of preparing for a race. I need a little quiet.

Right. You got it, buddy.

Hey, everybody, listen up.

My best friend, lightning McQueen, needs quiet. Perfect quiet!

Okay. Where was I?

Racing. Real racing.

That ain't racing. That wasn't even a Sunday drive. That was one lap.

Racing is 500 of those. Everybody fighting to move up.

Lap after lap. Inside, outside, inches apart. Never touching.

Now that's racing. Well, I can't argue with the doc Hudson.

How true, how true.

Hey, lightning, you ready?

Yeah. Lightning's ready.

This one's for you, doc.

Come on, stickers.

Pardon me. Excuse me. Best friend coming through. Go, McQueen!

Pass him now, 24! Lightning McQueen!

Go, 95!

Hey, Cal, your blinker's on.

What? No, it's not. Hey! Your blinker's on.

Good comeback, Cal.

Because I want to run that race.

I want to run that race I do it at my pace

into the pit goes lightning McQueen, Bobby swift and Cal weathers.

These three are fun to watch, aren't they, Darrell?

You know, Bob, I can't tell if they have more fun on or off the track.

Finito! Via, via, via, via.

You getting a car wash too, Cal?

No, you're getting a car wash, McQueen.

Good comeback, Cal.

We gotta run that race we gotta run that race we do it at our pace long as we get to run that race hey, hey, hey, hey lightning, how do you keep your focus racing against Bobby and Cal?

I think the key is we respect each other. These guys are real class acts... congratulations, cupcake.

They are gonna pay.

Go, dinoco!

Great win today, Cal.

Thank you, Shannon. It was a great boost and I was... hey! Guido!

Pit stop. Ha, ha. Laugh it up. Real funny.

Andiamo! Andiamo!

Keep it going, buddy!

We're gonna have to load them for the next town. Don't you let... hey! Are my sponsors happy today?

Stop winning for crying out loud. We're running out of bumper cream to sell.

Lightning McQueen!

Hey, big Tex. How's my favorite competitor?

Just say the word and...

I'll boot Cal off the dinoco team and replace him with you.

You know I can hear you, right? I'm right here.

Bye, Cal. See you next week. Or not.

Come on now. I'm joking.

Go, little buddy! And big buddy too!

Another great finish in the making. McQueen and swift nose to nose.

How's the view back there, Bobby?

Well, you better not blink. I'll blow right past you.

The flag is out. It's the final stretch. McQueen in the lead.

Okay, let's see what you got.

Holy cow!

It's Jackson storm for the win. A huge upset!

Neither lightning nor Bobby ever saw him coming.

It's one thing to start fast, but we haven't seen anyone cross the line...

With that kind of speed and power since a young...

Lightning McQueen first arrived on the scene.

Hey, Bobby? Who is that? That's Jackson storm.

Yeah. He's one of the rookies.

Thank you, guys. Thank you. No, I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Hey. Jackson storm, right? Great race today.

Thank you, Mr. McQueen.

You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.

Thanks. Wait. Hang on. Did you say "meet" or "beat"?

I think you heard me. What?

Storm, can we get some pictures?

Yeah, yeah. Come on. Let's get a picture. You know what?

Get a ton of pictures because champ here has been a role model of mine...

For years now. And I mean a lot of years. Right? I love this guy.

Storm, give us a quote. What's your top speed?

I think I touched a nerve.

Welcome back to chick's picks with chick Hicks.

I'm your host, former and forever, piston cup champion, chick Hicks.

This just in:

Rookie Jackson storm slams the proverbial door on lightning McQueen.

I couldn't have enjoyed it more if I'd beaten McQueen myself.

Wait, I have. But enough about me.

Here to tell you how it happened is professional number...

Cruncher miss Natalie certain.

It's a pleasure to be here, chick.

And actually, i prefer the term "statistical analyst".

Right. So, who is this mysterious newcomer, Jackson storm?

And why is he so darn fast?

It's no mystery if you study the data, Mr. Hicks.

Jackson storm is part of the next generation of high-tech racers.

Unlike the veterans of yesterday... what? Old-timers like this guy?

Right. Storm achieves his top speeds by exploiting the numbers.

I refer, of course, to racing data.

Tire pressure, downforce, weight distribution, aerodynamics, and...

Next-gens like storm are taking advantage.

The racing world is changing.

And for the better if it means my old pal, lightning, is down for the count.

Am I right, certain?

Well, if I'm certain of anything, chick...

It's that this season is about to get even more interesting.

I'll tell you what, Darrell, Jackson storm has certainly made an impact.

We've got six more next-generation rookies in the field.

With six veterans fired to clear the way.

Morning, champ. How's our living legend today?

Still very much alive, thank you. And I would appreciate... you know, I can't believe I get to race the lightning McQueen.

In his farewell season. What are you talking about?

Green flag. Good luck out there, champ. You're gonna need it.

One reason storm and the next-gens are more efficient:

Their ability to hold the optimum racing line every single lap.

Win number three for the rookie sensation.

Storm's in a class of his own. And a big reason for that:

Training on the newest cutting-edge simulators. These machines create a...

Virtual racing experience so real racers never even have to go outside.

Storm's ability to hold that line is like nothing we've ever seen.

Four in a row? Are you kidding me?

2% lower drag coefficient.

- What a finish! 5% increase downforce.

- Lucky number seven. 1.2% higher top speed.

Amazing! Nine!

Piston cup winner, chick Hicks here with the racer taking the circuit...

By storm. Jackson storm.

Another easy win over old "ka-chow". Or should I say, "caboose"?

Because he's always in the back. Am I right?

No, no, no, chick. McQueen is a crafty veteran champ.

He's the elder statesman of the sport. You know?

Takes everything I got to beat him.

You got to be kidding me.

What changes are you gonna make to get McQueen back on top?

Will McQueen try new training methods? Ls he prepared to retire?

Come on, guys. Let's not overreact. It's just a slump.

We'll get 'em next week. Okay, that's enough. No comment.

Not even about weathers retiring? Wait. What?

Cal weathers. He's hanging up his lightyears.

No. No comment on that either.

Wait a minute. Please, come on. You got to give us something.

Hey, Cal! Hey. Retirement? What's going on?

You know, I asked my uncle once how I'd know when it was time to stop.

You know what he said? The youngsters will tell you.

We had some good times together. I'm gonna miss that the most I think.


More changes ahead, chick.

Every week we've seen veteran racers either retire...

Like Cal weathers tonight, or fired to make room for these younger...

Faster racers. And, it's not over yet.

Hello racing fans. Welcome to the Los Angeles 500.

The final race of the piston cup season. It's been a year of surprises... they can't do this. I've raced for you guys almost 10 years.

Sorry, brick. My mind's made up. I'm giving your number to someone new.

Hey, I had two wins last year!

The whole sport's changing. I'm just doing what I got to do.

Do you know what's happening with brick... wait, you're not Bobby.

The name's Danny, bro.

Hey, champ, where'd all your friends go?

A final check of his tires as storm settles into the pole position.

Boogity, boogity, boogity. Let's end this season with a great race.

That's it, buddy!

Forty laps to go and race leader, Jackson storm...

Is making his way onto pit road with McQueen on his tail.

A good stop here could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Come on, come on. Come on! Faster, guido, come on.

I got to get back out there before he does. Guido, hurry up!

Fatto, fatto.

What a pit stop by McQueen! Man, he just got the lead!

But can he hold on to it?

Hey, McQueen, are you all right? Listen, don't you worry, pal.

You had a good run. Enjoy your retirement!

Storm takes back the lead!

Unbelievable! McQueen is fading! McQueen is fading! Fading fast!

No.No! No! No!


W-h-l-z welcome back to piston cup talk.

Around the clock where we do nothing but talk racing. Let's get to it.

Starting of course with lightning McQueen.

With the season just two weeks away, there's still no official announcement.

But with number 95 coming off his worst year on record... don't shoot the messenger here, folks. I think it's safe to assume...

That lightning McQueen's racing days are over.

Meanwhile, Jackson storm is looking even faster...

for the checkered flag.

As they enter the final lap, the number 6 and number 12 cars...

Are still fighting it out for the lead. But wait! Here he comes!

It's the fabulous Hudson hornet knocking at their door.

What's he got up his sleeve today? And there it is!

With one move, he's past them. The hornet takes a decisive lead.

He's left the pack behind. His crew chief, smokey, is loving it!

It's unbelievable! No! He's in trouble!

The Hudson hornet has lost control!

What should have been a scene of jubilation has turned tragic, folks.

As we await news on the Hudson hornet's condition.

After such a devastating crash...

We can only hope that this race today wasn't his last.

When I finally got put together, i went back expecting a big welcome.

You know what they said? You're history.

Moved right on to the next rookie standing in line.

There was a lot left in me i never got a chance to show.

Hey, stickers.

Hey, sal.

How you feeling?

Yeah, great. Really, really great.

Been thinking about doc again?

Yeah. You know they told him when he was done.

He didn't decide.

I don't want what happened to doc to happen to me.

But that hasn't happened.

No, but I can't go out on the track and do the same old thing. It won't work.

Then change it up! Try something new.

I don't know, Sally. I... don't fear failure.

Be afraid of not having the chance. You have the chance. Doc didn't.

And you can either take it or you can do what you been doing. Sitting.

In here. For months. And by the way, i love what you've done with the place.

I mean the monster movie lighting and the musky air freshener.

Don't let anyone tell you you're not working that primer because...

I have never found you more attractive.

And now that I've been in here for a couple minutes, the stench...

I'm getting kind of used to it. Okay, sal. I get it. I get it.

I miss you, lightning. We all do.

Try something new, huh?

Hey, did it work, miss Sally?

Did you set him straight with your lawyerly powers of persuasion?

Is he ready to start training?

Well, stinky... stickers?

Yes, mater, I am.

I decide when I'm done.

I was hoping you'd say that. Okay, but I got an idea.

And I'm gonna need to talk to rusty and dusty, all right?

I'll get them on the horn. Get it? On the horn?

Oops. Hold on. Got to sneeze.

Dadgum, I lost it. Hey, I'll see you at flo's.

I found it.

Hey, watch your step.

What about the car from Everett? Remember him?

He was stuck in reverse! I said, you need a house with a circular driveway!

You need to get your rusty tails down here. I created a drink in your honor.

Yeah! The rust-eze medicated bumper bomb.

It goes down faster than an elevator full of winnebagos.

Rusty and dusty! Well, look who's here.

There he is! Good to see you, lightning!

Thanks, guys. You're all here.

Sorry, buddy, did you want this call to be private?

No, mater. This is perfect. Listen, thanks, everyone, for sticking by me.

It took me a while to figure it out, but I know now that it's time...

For me to make some changes.

Changes? What kind of changes? Lt's futile to resist change, man.

You're right, Fillmore. Really?

Which is why i have an announcement to make.

I've thought long and hard about it.

Done a lot of soul-searching and considered all of the options.

And I've finally decided...

You do want to keep racing?

Are you kidding? Of course I want to keep racing!

Thank goodness! Glad to hear it. All right.

Man, for a second i... wait a minute. I knew that the whole time.

Guys! I'm talking about making this my best season yet!

We were hoping you'd say that.

The thing is, if I'm gonna be faster than storm, I need to train like him.

We're way ahead of you, buddy!

Lightning, we want you on the road first thing in the morning...

So you can come out and see the brand-new...

Rust-eze racing center!

- It's wicked awesome. What? Rust-eze racing center?

It's got all the fancy bells and whistles that kids are training on these days.

We'll send macky boy all the directions. Now get moving, all right?

Qkay! Yes!

Fancy new training center? That sounds nice!

Guido, come! We have to pack the tires!

Hey, McQueen! You can't race in primer, man. Come on! Let's go.

Ramone, you have done it again.

It's like the sistine chapel on wheels.

I'm coming for you, storm.

Morning, McQueen! Hey, look at you.

He looks so good!

Welcome back. You look different.

Obviously. You look ready.

Guido, come! Scusi, scusi. Tires coming through.

Go kick those rookies in the trunk.

All right, bye.

Catch you on the flipside. I'll see you guys in Florida.

See you, McQueen. Don't forget to call me.

Good luck in college.

Hey, sal. Thanks. Anytime.

Love you! Love you more.

Rust-eze racing center, here we come! Good times ahead.

When the time gets right.

I'm gonna pick you up and take you far away from from trouble, my love under a big old sky out in a field of green

there's got to be something left for us to believe oh, I await the day good fortune comes our way and we'll ride down the king's highway yeah, yeah yeah.

McQueen, over here! McQueen, how you feeling?

Have you seen the latest records storm's been setting?

Have you given any thought to retirement?

Okay, that's enough. No questions! Scusi. Out of the way!

Coming through! Okay, back up. Back up! No pictures. No, no, no.

Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.

Guido, can you believe them? Paparazzi.

Looks good, doesn't it?

Hey, guys. What do you think?

What do I think? It's unbelievable.

Yeah, you know, it's kind of a cozy, humble, little place.

Guys, how did you ever do this?

You want to tell him or should I? No, you start. Go ahead.

We sold rust-eze.


What? You think a couple ofjabronis like us could do this on our own?

Wait. You sold rust-eze? Lt's all good news.

We just realized that you needed something that we couldn't give you.

It felt like the time was right for us too.

I mean, we're not as young and handsome as we look.

That's true.

Besides, this Sterling fellow? He's got every high-tech thing you'll ever need.

Everything we wanted to give you, but couldn't.

Sterling? Who's Sterling?

Lightning McQueen! You made some serious time, partner.

Your new sponsor. He's the mudflap king of the eastern seaboard.

Welcome to the rust-eze racing center!

You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this.

Thanks, Mr.... please. No "mister". Just Sterling.

I have been a fan of yours forever. And to be your sponsor?

How great is that? I can't thank rusty and dusty here enough.

Tough negotiators by the way.

You flatter us, but don't stop!

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello. Take as much time as you need.

Door's always open, guys.


I sure am gonna miss racing for you guys.

You know, you gave us a lot of great memories, lightning.

Memories we'll remember.

That's good.

Hey, lightning, whatever you do... don't drive like my brother!

Don't drive like my brother. Please no pictures.

Okay, maybe one. Get my good side though, will you?

So? You like it?

Hey, Mr. Sterling. My career on a wall.

Nice that you included doc.

Of course. He was your mentor.

Losing him left a giant hole in the sport.

Yeah. Jars of dirt?

Sacred dirt.

Each of those jars contains dirt from all the old tracks that doc raced on.

Florida international, thunder hollow, just down the road and...

Our very own fireball beach, right outside.

Hey, is that... a bit of asphalt from Glen Ellen.

My first win! You really are a fan.

I am. And a fan of your future. You ready for it?


First, let's get you into a more... Contemporary look.

It's an electronic suit.

With it we'll be able to track your speed and your vital signs.

Does it have a phone?

Don't be crazy. Racecars don't have phones.

Not bad, huh? This is really impressive.

This center has quickly become the most coveted destination...

For young racers training to make our team someday.

And it's where you'll train until you leave for Florida.

Treadmills, wind tunnels, virtual reality.

Still working on that.

And the best fitness regimen anyone could possibly imagine.

Wait. Wait. Ls that the simulator?


Lightning, I'd like to introduce you to the multi-million dollar...

Flagship of interactive race simulation.

The xdl 24-gts mark z.

The xdl... etcetera.

Jackson storm wishes he had this model.

That was amazing. Awesome. Yeah!

It's just like being on a real track, so put your hours in.

Okay, let's hit the treadmills. Come on. Show me what you got!

Pretty fast. Who's the racer? No. She's not a racer. She's a trainer.

Cruz Ramirez. The best trainer in the business.

Ready to meet it, greet it and defeat it?

All right. Now bring up those rpms!

Like the attitude.

Yeah, we call her our maestro of motivation.

You're driving a little tense again, Ronald.

No, no. I'm cool. I'm cool. Do your exercise.

I am a fluffy cloud! I am a fluffy cloud! I am a fluffy cloud.

There you go!

You're a cloud. Shut up, Kurt!

Here come the bugs, Kurt. You ready?

Hey, I kept my eyes open this time!

Got to see that track. No. Homesick again, Gabriel?


Santa Cecilia! Mi pueblo!

Win for them!

She trains young racers to push through their own obstacles.

Tailor-made for each one. Now, she's gonna work with you.

Let's go! Let's go! You guys got to work through this stuff...

So when your big chance comes along you can take it.

Hey, Cruz. Hey, Mr. Sterling!

I'd like to introduce you to lightning McQueen.

I hear you're the maestro.

Mr. Sterling, did you say lightning McQueen was here because...

I don't see him anywhere.

But he's right here. Do you not see him?

Nope, still don't see him.

He's right in front of you! It's lightning McQueen!

He's obviously an imposter. He looks old and broken down with flabby tires.

Hey! I do not! Use that!

Yeah, I see.

I can use that energy for motivation, right?

It's all about motivation, Mr. McQueen.

You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive.

I've been pretty positive ever since I was a rookie.

I am so excited that I get to train you. I grew up watching you on TV.

Is that right?

These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge.

L'm not that much older, but... in fact, I call you my senior project.

We need to loosen those ancient joints. First the wheels.

And forward, and rest, and forward, and rest.

Join me! Rest. And rest.

Is all this resting necessary?

We're working you in slowly. And reach for your lunch.

Reach for your lunch. Now reach, to the front.

What is there? It's your lunch.

Now backwards. Ls lunch there?

When do we go on the simulator?

Good morning, Mr. McQueen. Looking good.


This'll get oil to places it hasn't been in a long time.

Is that a drip pan? Just in case.

How old do you think I am?

Visualize yourself driving fast down a steep hill. I'll be back in a few.

Visualize... wait. Cruz! A few what? I just want to go on the simulator.

How's it hanging, drip pan?

'Sup. Okay, day three:

Treadmill. I've set a maximum speed to conserve your energy.

What I want you to do is visualize beating this guy.

Storm! That's right.

Get him! Get him, Mr. McQueen!

Get him? This thing's only going like 5 miles an hour!

We'll work up to the higher speeds right after you take your nap.

Nap? I don't need a nap!

Hit him with the bugs! I am not taking a nap!

All cars in the test bay simulator... how was your nap, Mr. McQueen?

It was kind of refreshing actually.

Okay, what are you... hey!

You've been driving on tires a long time.

Have you ever stopped to get to know them?

I'm sorry, what?

Tires are individuals. You should give each a name.

Name them? I won't be doing that.

Mine are named Maria, juanita, Ronaldo, and Debbie Richardson.

What? Long story.

May I have my tires back so I can go on the simulator please?

Name them!

Lefty, righty, backy, backy junior. Okay?

Does this make you mad? Yes, it does!

Use that! And merge, and yield, and merge, and yield.

Beep, beep, beep, beep. Now you got some tire damage.

Speed bump, speed bump. Now clean up your messy garage.

Bug in your windshield. Thank you, Cruz, I'm done.

Mr. McQueen, where are you going?

To the future.

Okay. Here we go. How do I do this? Come on, baby.

Mr. McQueen...

Cruz, thank you for the old-man training, as crazy as it was, but I'm...

Warmed up enough and now I need you to launch this thing.

Wait until you can handle it. Please? There are no shortcuts.

Okay. We'll just see about that.

All right. My star racer is on the simulator!

Why, yes, I am!

Well, let's see you take it out for a spin.

Right away, Mr. Sterling, owner of the company.

Okay. Have fun.

This is what I'm talking about. Didn't know about those.

Prepare to race. The green flag is out.

I don't see the flag. What do I do?

Go. Go?

That's sensitive.

You have hit a wall.

It shouldn't be this hard, should it?

You have hit a wall.

You're fighting the simulator. Just race like you always do.

You have hit a wall.

There can't be this many walls on a regular track!

You have been passed by Jackson storm.

Wait, storm's in here? For motivation.

Storm races at 207. Pick it up, Mr. McQueen!

L'm trying!

You have hit a wall.

Mr. McQueen, come down from there and we'll work you up to this.

I am fine, Cruz. I can do it, okay?

You have jumped a barrier.


You have maimed two vehicles. You have destroyed a drinking fountain.

You have disabled an ambulance.

You are on fire. Danger. Danger.

You are going the wrong way.

Look out! Turn it off!

Get these things off of me!

You have crashed. You have crashed.

- Are you all right? You have crashed.

I have crashed.

It's not easy for him. Cruz, just relax.

Give him another chance. I will talk to him.

I can still work with him. I know he's your project.

Are you sure? Cruz.

Well, can't you just... Cruz.

It's not easy for him. Look, I'm trying to help you.

You're all warshed up, McQueen.

I'm sorry. What?

I said, the floor's all washed up and clean.


Thank you very much.

Good luck.

Hey, lightning. Come on in. Got something to show you. You ready?

For what?

You are about to become the biggest brand in racing.

We are talking saturation on all continents for every demographic.

Movie deals, infomercials, product endorsements.

Mudflaps? Of course.

We'll be rich beyond belief. You think you're famous now?

I thought you'd be mad about the simulator.

I mean, this is all great, Mr. Sterling, i guess, but I don't know.

I've never really thought of myself as a brand.

Nor do I. I'm a fan. Maybe your most avid. I think of this as your legacy!

It sounds like something that happens after you're done racing.

Mr. Sterling, what is this about?

Look, lightning. I'm not gonna race you.

What? What do you mean not race me?

Hold on. Hold on. L'm not going to Florida?

You have no idea how excited I was to get you here because...

I knew you'd be back. It was gonna be the comeback story of the year!

But your speed and performance just aren't where they need to be.

I'm sorry.

We're talking about speed on a simulator.

Listen to how crazy that sounds. Look, I'm trying to help you.

As your sponsor, yes, but also as your friend.

Your racing days are coming to an end.

Every time you lose, you damage yourself.

Damage the brand, you mean?

Lightning, come on. You've done the work.

Now move on to the next phase and reap the reward.

The racing is the reward. Not the stuff. I don't want to cash in.

I want to feel the rush of moving 200 miles an hour...

Inches from the other guys, pushing myself faster than I thought I could go!

That's the reward, Mr. Sterling!

Lightning, come on.

Look, loan do this. Loan, I promise! I'll train like I did with doc.

I'll get my tires dirty on every dirt track from here to Florida.

I can start on fireball beach where all the old greats used to race.

Get your tires dirty. That's how you're gonna get faster than storm?

Yes! Exactly! I mean, sacred dirt, right?

Mr. Sterling, if you care about my legacy, the one that doc started, you'll let me do this. I promise you, I will win.

I don't know. What you're asking, it's too risky.

Come on. You like it, I can tell.

It's got that little "comeback story of the year" feel to it, doesn't it?

One race?

If you don't win at Florida, you'll retire?

Look, if I don't win I'll sell all the mudflaps you got.

But if I do win, i decide when I'm done. Deal?


Thank you, Mr. Sterling. You won't be sorry.

Just one thing and this is only because i don't like taking chances.

You're taking someone with you.

You talked him into it! Way to go, Mr. McQueen!


You could talk a snowmobile into an air conditioner.

You're going with me? With that thing?

Yeah. You still need my help. You're brittle like a fossil.

We got the cable. I don't need a trainer out here, Cruz.

You're old! What if you fall on this beach and can't get up?

Well, life's a beach and then you drive.

McQueen. Thank you.

This is beautiful. I can see why Mr. Sterling said you wanted to train here.

As soon as this thing's booted up, we'll get you on the treadmill...

And I'll track your speed. What? No!

The whole idea is getting my tires dirty. Real racing.

I'm not driving on that thing when I've got the sand and the whole earth.

Okay. Luigi, let's do this.

Welcome, racers, to fireball beach!

Historic home for today's great test of speed.

Our finish line will be the abandoned pier in the distance.

All right. Quicker than quick, faster than fast, I am speed... that is great self-motivation. Did you come up with that?

Yeah, I did. On your mark. Get set. Go!

There you go! Felt good! Hey, what was my speed?

I don't know. I can only track you on the treadmill.

No treadmills!

What about Hamilton? Hamilton here.

Who's Hamilton? My electronic personal assistant.

You know, like on your phone. You do have a phone, don't you?

Racecars don't have phones, Cruz.

Hamilton, track Mr. McQueen's speed and report it.

Tracking. I'll stay as close as I can.

Your suit will transmit your speeds to Hamilton.

Fine. Whatever. Let's do this.

Quicker than quick, faster than fast, i am speed. Come on, Luigi.

On your mark, get set, and go!

46 miles per hour. 63 miles. Out of range.

That's odd. I didn't go!

On sand you got to ease into your start so your tires can grab, okay?

Okay. You do work with racecars, don't you?

Yeah, but never outside. All right. Let's go again.


54 miles per hour. 75 miles per hour. Out of range.

Sorry! Got stuck!

G again! Al'1d go!

Sorryq. 60!


The beach ate me.

All right, Cruz, pick a line on the compacted sand.

You got to have traction or you're gonna spin out. Let's do this thing!

On your mark, get set, go!

122 miles per hour. 134 miles... out of range.

Now what? I didn't want to hit a crab!

You got to be kidding me. What? It was cute!

All right, one last chance to try this before it gets dark.

Now, you're going to take off slow to let your tires grab.

And pick a straight line on hard sand so you don't spin out.

And all of the crabbies have gone night-night.

Mr. McQueen. All right. Let's go again.

And go!

150 miles per hour. 175 miles per hour.

196 miles per hour.

All right! Finally! You made it! Congratulations! How'd I do?

You topped out at 198.

198? That's it?

Still slower than storm.

Wasted my whole day.

I wouldn't say that.

It did feel great to be out here doing real racing.

This isn't real racing. We're on a beach!

All you do is go straight. How am I gonna get faster if I don't...

thunder hollow. Thunder hollow! There's a dirt track there!

That's what I need! To race against actual racers.

No! Too public! If the press find you, they will be like many bugs on you.

Paparazzi! Guys, I really need this!

Just leave it to me, boss. I am a master of disguise.

All right! Next!

You, sir, are officially incognito. Nobody's bothering you.

The great lightning McQueen.

I can feel it, guys. Tonight is the night I find my speed!

Racers, get on over to the startin' line. Pronto!

All right! No more straight lines. Just a good old-fashioned oval.

Hey, now! You that out-of-towner?

Yes. That's me! Chester whipplefilter.

And I'm Frances beltline.

Cruz, what are you doing? L'm your trainer.

I'm gonna track your speed from the infield, whipplefilter.

Fine. Just stay out of the way.

Excuse me, sir? Where are the other racers?

They'll be along. We always let our guests start right up front.

Welcome, y'all, to thunder hollow speedway...

For tonight's edition of crazy eight!

Did he say crazy eight?

Race fans!

It's time to meet tonight's challengers!

Have a nice trip!

Protect and swerve!

Cruz! This isn't what I thought it was. Come on, follow me and we'll slip out.

Rule number one: The gate closes, you race.

Wait! No, no, no. I'm not a racer.

Rule number two: Last car standing wins.

And rule number three: No cursing! It's family night.

Excuse me, sir? Wait. No, I'm just a trainer!

And make way for the undefeated crazy eight champion...

The diva of demolition, miss fritter!


Lookie here, boys. We got us a couple of rookies.

I'm gonna call you muddy britches and you lemonade.

Hey, neither one of them has a single dent.

I'm gonna fix that!

All right, everybody! Let's go racing!

I'm about to commit a moving violation.



Watch out.

What are you doing? Got to keep moving!

I shouldn't be out here!

Move, Cruz! Move!

What do I do? I can't steer!

Turn right to go left! Turn right to go left!

That doesn't make any sense! Turn right to go left!

Hey, Patty. Hey, bill!

Look, ma, I can drive... oh, man!

Nice day for a drive, huh?

Hey, buddy! Get the... Out of my way!

Hey! I'm driving...

look at my new hat!

I'm flying! No! I'm not flying!

Get it. Get it.

' Qot it!


Hey, buddy! Move it!

Turn right to go left. Turn right to go left.

Here I come, boy! No, no, no!


Buckle up, everybody!

It's fritter time!

Fritter! Fritter!

Fritter! Fritter! Fritter!

We love you, miss fritter.

Yeah! Your license plate's gonna look real nice in my collection.

Oh, boy. Run!


Remember, obey all appropriate street signs.


H ey__

oh, my gracious! Miss fritter's down!

Nobody touches him. He is mine!

You gonna get it now, whipplefilter!

Come on, McQueen. You can do it. Come on, lightning, keep going.

Miss fritter is looking to get upright, folks. And she is not pleased.

Get up. Get up! Fritter! Fritter!

You about to feel the wrath of the...

Lower belleville county unified school district!

What the... wait... no, no, no! No! No!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Frances beltline!

Ls that me? That's me! I won! I won!

Cruz! Cruz! No! Watch out!


It's lightning McQueen!


Fans here at thunder hollow still buzzing over tonight's...

Unexpected appearance of lightning McQueen.

He has always been my favorite!

My garage is covered from head to toe with 95 posters.

Tell our listeners at home you weren't really trying to wreck him, were you?

So trophy's kind of nice. Don't you think?

I mean, I know you got like a billion of them, so you would know.

I still can't believe I won. It's pretty shiny. I have never seen one up close.

Looks like they spent a lot of money on it. I mean, I think it's real metal.

Stop. Just stop, okay, Cruz? You don't even know.

You don't even have one clue... hey! I was just trying... do you know what happens if I lose this race?

Every mile of this trip was to get me faster than Jackson storm. Faster!

I started off getting nowhere for a week on a simulator!

I lose a whole day with you on fireball beach.

And then I waste tonight in the crosshairs of miss fritter!

I'm stuck in the same speed I was a month ago!

I can't get any faster because I'm too busy taking care of my trainer!

This is my last chance, Cruz. Last! Final! Finito!

If I lose, I never get to do this again. If you were a racer...

You'd know what I'm talking about but you're not! So you don't.

Mack! Pull over! What? Now?

Now! Okay! Pulling over!

Ask me if I dreamed of being a trainer, Mr. McQueen. Go ahead.

Ask me if I got up in the dark to run laps before school every day.

Ask me if I saved every penny to buy a ticket to the races when they came to town.

Ask me if I did that so I could be a trainer someday. Ask me.


I've wanted to become a racer forever! Because of you!

I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air.

You seemed so... fearless.

"Dream small, Cruz," that's what my family used to say.

"Dream small or not at all."

They were just trying to protect me.

But I was the fastest kid in town and I was gonna prove them wrong.

What happened?

When I got to my first race, i figured it out.


That I didn't belong. The other racers looked nothing like me.

They were bigger and stronger and so... confident.

And when they started their engines, that was it...

I knew I'd never be a racer.

L just left. It was my one shot and I didn't take it.

Yeah, so, I'm gonna head back to the training center.

I think we both know it's for the best.

But can I ask you something?

What was it like for you? When you showed up to your first race?

How did you know you could do it?

I don't know. I just never thought I couldn't.

I wish I knew what that felt like.

Good luck, Mr. McQueen.

Cruz. Cruz, wait.

And earn your physics degree from the comfort of your own home... you'll get that and a $200 gift, for $29.95.

- Now look here, warden... No! He's got a Jack!

Autos over 100,000 miles also reported trouble sleeping.

You could have 12 worn-out wrenches or you could have one atomic wrench.

Throw the old ones out. This covers...

"champion for the ages" chick Hicks here. Coming to you live from...

Chick Hicks studios, where I'm joined once again by...

Next-gen racing expert, Natalie certain.

Thanks, chick. Piston cup champion Jackson storm set a new record...

Today when he pulled off the fastest lap ever recorded.

An unprecedented 213 miles an hour.

So what do you think, certain?

Stormy boy gonna start the season with another win?

Highly likely, chick. Based on his recent run times and forecasted...

Track temperatures on race day, storm's chances of winning...

Are 95.2%. That low, huh?

And in case you missed it, talk of the track tonight is lightning McQueen...

Finding yet another way to embarrass himself at a demolition derby.

Almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Not really.

Here's what his new sponsor had to say.

Everyone, relax. The 95's gonna race.

Lightning's just taking a somewhat unconventional approach to this race.

It's one of the things his fans love about him.

Yeah, right! Talk about humiliating. If I were old ka-chow...

I wouldn't even bother to show up in Florida.

That could be for the best, chick. Even if he does race...

McQueen's probability of winning is 1.2%.

Numbers never lie.

I'm willing to predict tonight that lightning McQueen's racing...

Career will be over within the week. It might even be over now.

I mean, I knew his career was stuck in the mud...

first you find a can from a rusty Van bump-bump quicker than a dart, make it into art bump-bump that's the way it's done it's a lot of fun bump-bump liftin' my funk makin' sculpture outta junk

what's that? There we go! Somebody's interrupting genius!

Well, hey, there, buddy! Mater!

You know, I was just thinking of you and here you are lookin' right at me!

You see me okay? Hang on a second there. Hold on. Let me see here.

That better?

Looking you straight in the eye there, pal. Hey, sorry about calling so late.

Shoot, not for me it's not. I'm always burning that midnight oil.

So get me caught up on everything.

Well, actually kind of hoping I might hear what's going on back home.

Not much. If you don't count sarge and Fillmore tryin' to run the tire shop.

But tell Luigi not to worry, sarge is gonna track down...

Every last tire that Fillmore done gived away.

Other than that, everything's good.

How's Sally? She's fine.

Keeping busy at the cone. She misses you.

Well, shoot! We all do when you're on the road.

Yeah. You know, I've been kind of thinking about that.

You know, what we should do when I'm not on the road anymore.

What do you mean not on the road?

Well, you know. Mater, I can't do this forever.

I'm just not getting anywhere with the training.

If anything, I've gotten slower not faster.

Shoot, buddy, it'll work out. Just tell me what the problem is...

And I'll stay right here with you until we fix it.

That's just it, mater. I don't know. And I feel like I'm all out of ideas.

All right, let me think. You know what I'd do?

- What? I don't know.

I got nothin'. I guess I ain't doc when it comes to that.

I would give anything to talk to him right now.

Yep, there was nobody smarter than old doc.

Well, except for maybe whoever taught him.

Yeah. Wait. What?

Everybody was taught by somebody, right? Take my cousin Doyle.

He taught me how to sing and whistle at the same time.

He was very musical that way.

Smokey. Mater, you're brilliant.

Well... It's all about the shape of your teeth.

I got to go to thomasville.

Oh, well, good. You know me, buddy, I'm always happy to help.

Think I am better at that than most folks. You know, talkin' and stuff.

Hey, Cruz.

You won't talk me out of this, Mr. McQueen.

I'm going back. I resign as your trainer.

All right. I accept your resignation. Bye.


But since you cleared your calendar, why don't you come with us?

I'm looking for someone named smokey.

Hoping he can help me. Maybe he can help you too.


Come on. I fixed it.

No. Thanks anyway. But I'm done.

Okay. But maybe this will change your mind. Hit it.

First I'm going to loosen up these ancient joints... no, please don't. L'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I yelled. It wasn't your fault that I almost got killed.

But now you're leaving and you won't get on the ramp.

All right, I'll go. You won't get on the ramp.

All right, I'll go! Just stop!

How do you know smokey's going to be here?

I don't.

Do you know if he's even alive?



So tell me this: How do you know if it's smokey? Ls there such... wait. Mack, pull over! Back it up! Back it up.

Good to see you, doc.

Hey, isn't that your old crew chief?

Hey, Cruz? You want to check out the home track of the greatest racer ever?

Aren't we supposed to be looking for smokey? That's right, he's dead.

We don't know that.

Are you sure you have time for this?

For this, I do.

If this track could talk.

Cruz, what do you say? Let's take a lap.


Yes! You nailed it!

Way easier without the school bus of death trying to kill us!

Yeah, no kidding!

Was starting to think i might never meet you.


He is alive.

I know why you're here. You're thirsty.

I'll tell you what, these folks are gonna get a kick out of meeting hud's boy.

Who's hud? Doc Hudson! Right.

Hey! Act civilized. We got company.

Hey, les. How's that back axle treating you?

Hey, sugar, welcome to thomasville.

Would you look at that? What?

Three of the biggest racing legends ever!

Junior "midnight" moon. River Scott. Louise...

Louise "barnstormer" Nash? She had 38 wins!

Well, as I live and breathe. If it ain't lightning McQueen.

Ms. Nash, it's a pleasure to meet you... you've had a tough year, haven't you?

Shouldn't you be running practice laps in Florida by now?

Yeah, sure, but... they're here to steal our secrets.

Looking for your lost mojo?

You don't mince words around here, do you?

Truth is always quicker, kid.

But all he kept talking about was glory days they'll pass you by glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye glory days glory days guido, she's an angel.

Lou won't admit this, but she used to have serious eyes for hud.


Even if I did, it wouldn't have mattered.

Hud didn't like fast women. And that left me out.

Old Lou wasn't just fast, she was fearless.

The second I saw my first race, i just knew I had to get in there.

Of course, the fellas in charge didn't like a lady racer showin' them up.

So they wouldn't let me have a number.

What did you do?

I stole one!


Life's too short to take no for an answer. Right, river?

If we had waited for an invitation, we might've never raced.

And once we got on the track, we didn't want to leave.

I think that's how doc felt too.

You should've seen him when he first came to town. Shiny blue paint.

Notjust the Hudson hornet. He was already calling himself...

The fabulous Hudson hornet.

Did we ever ride him on that.

Not for long.

Hud was the fastest racer this side of the Mississippi.

Until he wasn't.


Everything changed when the rookie showed up.

Took hud all of no time to work his way through the best racers...

In both carolinas.

Past river. Past Lou. Even junior.

But there was still the rookie to deal with.

Tried slamming him into the wall.

But hud never touched any wall, unless he wanted to.

That rookie never saw anything like that before.

Doc did that? Are you kidding?

Couldn't wipe the smile off his face for a week after that.

Iwish I could've seen him like that.

Like what? So happy.

You didn't come all this way for a quart of oil, did you?

I need your help, smokey.

Yeah? What kind of help?

That's just it, I'm not sure. All I know is if I lose in Florida...

It's over for me. What happened to doc will happen to me.

What did happen to him?

You know, racing was the best part of his life.

And when it ended, he... well, we both know he was never the same after that.

Is that what you think?

Come on. I want to show you something.

You got the first part right.

The crash broke hud's body and the "no more racing" broke his heart.

He cut himself off. Disappeared to radiator Springs.

Son of a gun didn't talk to me for 50 years.

But then one day, the letters started coming in.

And every last one of them was about you.

Yeah, hud loved racing. But coaching you?

I had never seen the old grump so happy.

Racing wasn't the best part of hud's life.

You were.

You ready to blow out a little carbon there, boy?

Yes, I am!

You give it too much throttle, you're in the tulips.

Hey, lightning. You might want to take notes on this one.

You got a lot of stuff, kid.

Hud saw something in you that you don't even see in yourself.

Are you ready to go find it?

Yes, sir.

All right, all right. Bring it back.

Lesson one: You're old. Accept it.

I told him that. He's probably losing his hearing.

He said you're old and losing... I heard him.

You'll never be as fast as storm, but you can be smarter than him.

Okay, what do I do?

They said you were in a demolition derby.

Yeah, it was terrible and I almost... are you sure? Because there's not a scratch on you.

Funny what a racer can do when he's not over-thinking things.

Shannon spokes here at Florida international, where Jackson storm...

Clocked 214 miles per hour today.

You want to beat storm, you need someone to stand in for him.

Like a sparring partner.

I'm not so sure. Not a racer. Just a trainer!

Go ahead and gun it.


With no muffler you even sound like storm.

You're going down, McQueen!

Get that arthritis-riddled keister onto the track so I can put you into...

The old folks' home against your will!

How was that?

That'll work. Worked for me.

L'm good. Yep. That'll do.

Did you hear what she said?

You didn't show up in Florida for qualifying so you'll be starting last.

I'll give you three laps to catch her.

Go through the entire field in three laps?

You want to beat storm or not?

Yes! Of course I do. Well, then, go!

Come on, kid.

All right. Looks like we got some work to do.

Look alive. The reflexes are the first thing to go.

Why are we in a field?

Sneak through that window!

What does that mean? I don't know.


Not cool, man. Not cool!

Let's run it back.

Do you even want to be out here?

Only two days left, kid. You got to work harder.

Wait, wait, who was that?

I put McQueen in there. Give you some real competition.

Hud was a master of letting the other cars do the work for him.

He used to say cling to 'em like you was two June bugs...

On a summer night.

He stole that from me.

Drafting? I've never had to do that.

Yeah, that's when you were fast. Now you're slow.

And old. And rickety.

And dilapidated. Okay! Okay, I get it.

The new you has to look for opportunities...

You never knew were there.

Sneak through the window!

Sneak through the window. What?

When a window opens, take it!


I made it! All right!

Let's go! Let's move!


All right, guido, turn up the heat.


All right, look who finally showed up.

This is where we cut our racing teeth.

In the woods?

Let's just say the moon was always shining on us.

If the moon didn't shine, we didn't have to... never mind.

We ran moonshine, dummy!

By the way, no lights. Instinct only.




All right!

McQueen's still not here? Didn't he pull this when he was a rookie?

At least that's what my grandfather told me.

All right, we got time for one last race.

Hurry this along, boss, we got to get you to Florida.


Maybe it's best that he doesn't show up, after how last season ended.

Let me put it this way.

I'm not losing any sleep wondering where lightning McQueen is.

Come on, boy. Come on!

All right, McQueen. There you go, boy! There you go.

McQueen is fading. McQueen is fading. Fading fast.


Did you see that? That was...

sorry. I didn't mean to...

hey, boss, it's time to hit the road.


I want to thank everyone for the training.

We better get going to Florida.

Welcome to racing's greatest day!

We're beach-side at the Florida international speedway...

To kick off a new season of piston cup racing. It's the Florida 500.

Forty-three cars and a quarter million fans await today's intense contest of...

Strategy, skill, but most of all, speed.

This crowd is in for one great day of racing.

I 'm Bob cutlass, joined as always by my broadcasting partner...

Darrell cartrip and stat sensation Natalie certain.

I've never seen the numbers line up for storm like they do today, Bob.

Storm should be 96.8% unstoppable.

Well, don't overlook lightning McQueen.

Whipplefilter! Yeah-hoo!

We've heard stories of the unusual way McQueen trained to get here.

Now the question is did it work?

Speed. I am... speed?

Hey, boss, they're calling the racers to the track.

Jeff gorvette, how does today's talent stack up?

I think we're in for a treat today. These racers are... hey, McQueen, win one for us old guys.

Will do, Jeff.

Hey, there, buddy! Hey, guys.

Stickers. Hey, sal.

You okay? Yeah. Absolutely.

Listen, you're gonna do great today. And no matter what happens...

I'm going to move onto the next rookie and forget I ever knew you.

I'm glad you're here.

Nice costume. Come here, let's get a picture.

It's so great to meet my number-one fan.

What a jerk.

She's not a fan, storm. Hey there, champ.

I heard you're selling mudflaps after today.

Is that true? Hey, you put me down for the first case, okay?

Lightning! Lightning McQueen!

- Hey, lightning! Hey, Mr. Sterling.

To the future, eh, champ?

Yeah. To the future.

Hey, just focus on what you're here to do, kid.

Thanks, smokey.

Now, go make hud proud.

You got it.

Boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing!

McQueen is making steady progress in the early parts of this race.

Well, it won't be enough to catch storm.

Considering he started dead last...

I don't think he's doing half-bad out there.

Not too shabby! You keep this up, you'll finish in the top 10!

Top 10's not gonna cut it, smokey. I got to go all the way.

So dig in! Remember your training.

Find storm and chase him down!

Tell him he has three laps to catch me!

Cruz says you've got three laps to catch her.

Yeah, okay! Tell her, thanks.

Cruz, what are you doing here? Mr. Sterling, I was just...

I'd like you to head back to the training center right away.

But why?

I need you to get Kurt up to speed for the race next weekend.

Wait, not Kurt. He's the bug guy, right? The other one... Ronald. Yes!

But I want to stay and watch.

That's not gonna happen, Cruz.

Now go.

But Mr. McQueen still has a chance... just go do your job!

Yes, sir.

And take off that spoiler and those racing tires. You look ridiculous!

You are a trainer, remember? Not a racer!

If you were a racer, you'd know what I'm talking about but you're not!

So you don't!

No. She's not a racer. She's a trainer.

I've wanted to become a racer forever! Because of you!

It was my one shot and I didn't take it.

It was my one shot and I didn't take it.

Wreck in two. Wreck in turn two. Go low. Go low.

Kid, you okay?

Smokey, I need Cruz!

- Never mind that now. No! I need her back here. Now!

The yellow flag still out, folks.

Wrecked cars everywhere. We're still trying to figure...

Hamilton here. Call from Chester whipplefilter.

Chester... Mr. McQueen?

The green light's on, pit road is open, and everybody's coming in.

Get ready, guys. Luigi, guido, tires! Fillmore, fuel!

Okay, I'm here. What's going on?

No! Not me! Her.


What is she doing back here? Come on, guys! Get her set up!

Okay! Hot tires! Wait! What's happening?

Hey, Ramona you got your pants'?

You know I do! Guys! What are you doing?

Man, I don't understand it! McQueen's just sitting there.

Something's got to be wrong.

Mr. McQueen?

Today's the day, Cruz. You're getting your shot.


I started this race and you're gonna finish it.

What? She'll damage the brand! She's just a trainer!

No, she's a racer. Just took me awhile to see it.

That can't be legal!

The rules only say the number has to be out there.

Doesn't say who has to wear it.

No! You can't do that... did I tell you I love your mudflaps?

Out of my way, bumpkin!

Got my fishing flaps, got my church flaps, my going out and eating flaps.

Come on, guys! We got to get her out there! Let's go!

Tires, check! Fuel, check!


Best I could do in the time frame, boss.

Yeah. That'll work.

Why are you doing this?

You said it yourself, this might be your last chance.

Which makes it my last chance to give you your first chance, Cruz.

And this time I want you to take it.

She's got to beat that pace car out.

No! You can't do that! Now or never.

What do you say?

Hey! 35-mile-per-hour pit speed!

I knew that!

McQueen's team has entered a different car sporting the 95.

I don't believe what I'm seeing!

You're watching this, right?

What, the girl in the costume? You're kidding me. He put her in the race?

The green flag is out and we're back to racing.

Cruz? What are you doing?

Come on. Pick it up! You got to go faster.

Call her Frances beltline and tell her the school bus of death is after her.

What? No. Trust me.

Frances beltline, the school bus of death is after you.

What? Right.

Okay, that was different.

Cruz, you're looking too tight now. Come on. Loosen up.

Tell her she's a fluffy cloud. What? No.

Smokey, tell her.

Cruz, you are a fluffy cloud.

Right. Too tight. I'm a fluffy cloud. I'm a fluffy cloud.

Anticipate your turns. Cruz! Get your head in the race.

Tell her she's on a beach and all the little crabbies have gone night-night.

No! I ain't saying that. You tell her.

All right, Cruz. The beach. I need you to think of the beach.

- Mr. McQueen? Yeah. It's me. Remember the beach.

Pick a line, stick to it. Got it.

All right. Not too bad.

This is nothing like the simulator.

You got every tool you need. Now remember thomasville.

Thomasville? Yeah. Sneak through the window.

Now that I understand.

Sneak through the window.

We're just learning that the racer replacing McQueen is Cruz Ramirez.

This is her very first race!

Actually, Darrell, it says here she does have one win under her belt.

At a place called thunder hollow?

Thunder hollow! She said thunder hollow!

Try moving half a Lane. Half a Lane.

- Got it. All right, watch that lap car.

He's gonna go high. Go low! Go low! Nice job.

You are smoking these guys.

Now watch the tire marbles along turn three. Keep your tires clean.

Okay. Bump coming up on the inside.

Careful you don't go airborne.

- Now'? Yes. Now!

Watch out by the wall, it's a little slick there. Watch it, watch it, watch it.

You have hit a wall. You have hit a wall.

Ha-ha. Just being aggressive.

Okay, I want you to pit. Watch your rpm.

Get out of the gas. On the brake. On the brake.

Too fast! We're back here.


All right. Pick 'em off one at a time. Go, go, go!

That's it. Nice and straight.

Go, go, go, go! Smokey, you watching?

Just wanted to let you know Ramirez is moving up toward you.

Why should I care?

Because now she's in the top 10!

Okay. Now you're coming up on the leaders.

- Ramirez up to fourth. In fourth?

Get 'er done!

Ramirez is in third.

What are you doing, storm?

Hey! Costume girl. You know, at first I thought you were out here...

Because your GPS was broken.

Don't listen to him, Cruz!

You look good!

It's important to look the part.

You can't have everyone thinking that you don't deserve to be here.

He's trying to get in your head!

They don't need to know what you and I already do.

That you can play dress-up all you want, but you'll never be one of us.

Cruz, did you see what happened there?

Yeah. He's in my head.

No! Listen to me. You got into his head. Don't you understand?

He would never have done that if you didn't scare him.


He sees something in you that you don't even see in yourself.

You made me believe it, now you got to believe it too.

You are a racer.

Use that.

- And how far back is she now? Look behind you.


Good evening, storm! Wait, how did you... just back here drafting on your butt.

Nothing to be concerned about.

Like two June bugs on a summer night.

Hey, Hamilton.

- Hamilton here. Call out our speed.

208 miles per hour, 207 miles... would you stop that? You're taking me off my line!

Last lap! Come on, Cruz!

My GPS is saying i have slow traffic in my way.

No, you are not winning this! You're angry.

I am not angry!

You know, you can use that anger to push through.

I said I'm not angry!

I don't think so! No!

Cruz, get out of there!

You don't belong on this track!

Yes, I do!

I don't believe it. It's Cruz Ramirez for the win!

I am speechless!

Nice finish, Cruz! You done it!

Cruz Ramirez!

Yeah, there you go! Way to go, Cruz!


Man, heck of a win!

Yeah. Heck of a win.

Hey, Cruz! You were flying! Thanks.

You really had it rolling today. That was cool.

Thank you!

Hey, Cruz, your blinker's on. It is? You got me! Very funny!


Way to go, Cruz!

Go ahead. Give them some smoke.

Cruz! Cruz! Cruz!

You'll get used to that.

Out of my way! Come on! Move it! Move!

Cruz! I knew you had something.

And now look at you... a winner.

I could use you as a racer on our team. We could make... sorry, Mr. Sterling. I would never race for you.

I quit.

Well, then race for me! Tex!

Miss Cruz, I would be tickled pink to have you race for team dinoco.

As you know, we have a long history of great racers, except for Cal.

Guys, I'm still right here.

Team dinoco, Cruz!

Hire her. I don't care.

Lightning, now that you're retired...

I need you first thing Monday morning for a photo shoot.

Yeah, all right, Mr. Sterling. Hang on now.

What? Why is my name up there?

You started the race. That's how it works.

Wait, wait, now... wait a minute. No!

Lightning wins, he decides when he's done racing. That was the deal.

Hi, I'm his lawyer.

That was the deal.

You are not a nice guy.

Although, I got to say, you do make a quality mudflap at an affordable price.

Hey, Sterling. Why don't you and I take a drive and talk?

Billionaire to billionaire.

Cruz, over here. Just one picture. How does it feel to beat Jackson storm?

Take us through it, lap by lap.

It was great! Didn't expect this.

Kid's got a lot of stuff, eh, doc?

Well, she had a great teacher.

And now you get to decide when you're done racing.

So what's it gonna be, stinky? Stickers.

I'm gonna keep racing. But before that, i got something I want to do.

Welcome all to historic Willy's butte for today's great exhibition of speed!

There she is! Cruz! I love it. I love it. I love it.

Thanks, guys!

Nice paint, kiddo.

Pardon me. Big hat, coming through. Get 'er done, 51!

Great number. It was McQueen's idea.

He felt hud would've wanted you to have it.

I love it.

It's perfect. It's very old-school.

Did someone just say old-school?


Yeah! I like that. It's bright, but I like it.

Looking fabulous. Favoloso.

Trying something new. I like it.


Figured if I'm gonna be your crew chief, i better do it in style.

What's Mr. Sterling gonna say?

I'm actually more worried about what Tex is gonna say, considering he...

Bought rust-eze. Thanks, Tex!

I made that Sterling fella a Texas-sized offer!

So, you ready to start training?

I don't know. You ready to lose again?

Hope you've got your fluffy cloud.

I hope you got your drip pan.

Got my drip pan and I've taken my nap.

Bring it on, old man.

Luigi. Go!

I live my life out on the edge yeah, I don't stop just 'cause it's red let's push this thing, see what we get let's go, team dinoco!

This black pavement, these yellow lines I pull exhaust into the night.

I feel my temperature rise ride, ride ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, yeah, we gonna ride.

I used to sit inside my room dreaming of things that I could do too scared to put my hands up on the wheel

now I'm with you and I can't look back it's such a rush but we're movin' fast I can't deny the way you make me feel whoa, whoa, whoa.

I live my life out on the edge yeah, I don't stop just 'cause it's red let's push this thing, see what we get

this black pavement, these yellow lines.

I pull exhaust into the night.

I feel my temperature rise

ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, yeah, we gonna ride ride, ride, ride head on the floor rock that ride what you waiting for?

Ride, ride, ride ride, ride, ride

- head on the floor. head on the floor

- rock that ride. rock that ride what you waiting for?

Ride, ride ride, ride

ride, ride ride, ride, yeah, we gonna ride.

I live my life out on the edge yeah, I don't stop just 'cause it's red let's push this thing, see what we get

ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, ooh, ooh, ooh ride, ride, yeah, we gonna ride, ride, ride we gonna ride ride, ride yeah, we gonna ride, ride, ride we gonna ride ride, ride yeah, we gonna ride

my cup holder's happy my tank is full my engine's running like a brahma bull my bumpers are polished and talk about luck I just got a date with an ice cream truck

shoot hey, McQueen, you still there? McQueen?