Cartel Land (2015) Script

We are the meth cooks, #1 here in Michoacan, Mexico.

Why are we the best?

We have the most quantity and the best quality.

A father and son came from America to teach us.

Those fuckers studied chemistry and they taught us how to make this shit.

The United States is where most of the drugs are sold.

All over the United States.

What can I say?

We know we do harm with all the drugs that go there.

But what are we going to do?

We come from poverty.

If we were doing well, we would be like you.

Traveling the world or doing good clean jobs like you guys.

But if we start paying attention to our hearts then we'll get screwed over.

It's reacting.

We will do this as long as God allows it.

As long as He allows it, we will make drugs.

And every day we make more because this is not going to end, right?

What do you think, guys?

No, I hope not.

Of course not!

The good stuff is about to begin.


TIM "NAILER" FOLEY "Arizona Border Recon" militia leader


Victor Rivera Cortez.

Alicia Torres Marin.

Their son, Evaristo.

My brother's daughter, Diana Lizbeth Jaimes Rivera.

She was 18 years old.

Her husband, Abelino.

Her son, Jorge Luis.

Little Jorge.

Maria de Jesus, six years old.

Felipe Casares Marin, Alicia's uncle.

He was 60 years old.

And the three-month-old baby was Cruz

Cruz Rivera Loya.

There were 15 people in total.

13 bodies from the same family and two that came to work in the lime farm.

All of the victims were lime pickers who worked and lived in the fields.

Later we learned that their employer was forced to pay money to the Knights Templar Cartel.

But he couldn't pay it.

So they took their revenge by killing his workers.

They were innocent teenagers children and the babies.

They grabbed them by their tiny feet and smashed them against the rocks.

Then they tossed them in the well.

I would like the government to bring forward the men

who did this.

But no.

This is the situation in Michoacan.

All we want is justice.

We need to practice so when the time comes for confrontations we don't get shaky hands.

Because you never know when you are going to need it.

We have suffered many tragedies because of these criminals.

I had neighbors who lived across the street from me.

These are their heads.

The Templars beheaded them for being from Tepalcatepec.

We were next.

What would you do?

Wait for when they come for you?

Or buy a thing like this and defend yourself?

What would you do?

When the government can't provide basic security for its people we can take up arms in legitimate defense of our lives, our families, our properties.

We are all survivors - they've attacked all of our families.

They've killed, kidnapped, or raped someone we love.

Every single one of us in this battle.

So it's time to decide how we wish to die.

Do we want to die tied up like animals or dismembered like they have been doing for more than 12 years?

We decided the best way to die was to die fighting.

It all started February 24th, 2013.

I got together with the other town elders and we started looking for a solution.

This is a town of working people that fights to protect its dignity.

That's when we began to organize the real rebellion.

At first we were very scared because we didn't have any help.

It was just people from the town.

The first day we identified the houses where the Templars lived and where they would hide.

Try it on the other side.

When they opened fire, we fired back.

And those who ran away, we let them run.

It took us three weeks to clear the first town.

Everybody was wearing masks because we didn't want them to know who we were.

But the moment I got there, everybody yelled.

"Hey, welcome! It's great to count you in!"

"Come on! Help us out!"

So I took the mask off, thinking this is pointless if everybody knows who I am anyway.

This is where my leadership came from.

Not because I'm brave.

Gather around.

I am Manuel Mireles.

One of the general coordinators of the Autodefensas de Michoacan We came to give you the help you've been asking for because of the things the cartel has been doing to you.

You are at the gates of Hell.

You know this.

Because they've hit us where it hurts the most.

That's why we're here.

Those of you who want to volunteer raise your hands, and we will give you white shirts.

Raise your hands if you want to unite!

Hand them the t-shirts.

It's been an honor for me to be here with you.

And I tip my hat to you.

Thank you very much.

They want more shirts over there.

Give a shirt to everyone who wants a shirt.

Arm yourselves!


To Apo. Let's go!

Guys, get your weapons ready.

So far, we've taken six towns.

We support them for three, four days while the people arm and start defending themselves.

There is no government.

The government is often working with the criminals.

Come out, Templars!

Block the corners, guys. The town entrances.

I am going to ask you a question - answer quickly!

Is Antonio here?

I don't know Antonio.

Is Antonio here?

In the other room there, maybe.

Get up, you son of a bitch!

Templar piece of shit!

Shut up, motherfucker! Shut up.

Oh look, we caught one of the lookouts.

Check out this Knight Templar.

Ask him how many lookouts they have here.

There should be at least four or five.

The army has arrived.

Let's see the kind of military we have.

Corrupt government - we don't want you here!

What's the problem, guys?


We don't have any problem, guys.

I don't think people want you here.

I don't see anyone here, just you with your weapons.

If people tell us to leave, we'll leave.

No, people are afraid of you.

No, no. Go around and ask.

No, I don't have to ask.

Disarm them all.

Disarm them all!

Nobody is taking me in, I can assure you!

No fucking way you are taking me!

You are not taking me!

We invite all the people from Apo to meet in the town square.

Come out of your houses and help us.

People who are tired of being abused by organized crime.

Come out, civilians!

Surround them!

They have to give us back our weapons.

Give the men back their weapons!

We are the town, and we are demanding it!

Hey! Control yourselves, please.

You guys are dogs!

Dogs that have done so much harm to us already!

The people, united, will never be defeated!

If what happened to us had happened to you you would all be on our side.


Because of the pain we carry!

Everyone listen!

Everyone bring reinforcements!

Go, everyone who can.

Get out! Get out!

Ladies, people of this town, am I scaring you?

No! Don't make them go!

I've decided to give back your weapons.

Okay, then hand them to me now.

The weapons! The weapons!

Out with the bad government!

It's on you whatever happens here.

You're in the mouth of the wolf now, my little ones!

Brace yourselves!

Good afternoon, everyone.

It's very important that you organize your own citizen council.

Because you are in charge, not us.

To the council, we want to say:

No raiding houses just because you don't like a person.

Do things right because we don't want our movement to get dirty.

The guide left me, and I was lost.

And I had big blisters on my feet.

I felt weak and had a bad headache.


Please do not sit here.

Is he here to see patients?

There won't be enough time for everybody.

Where is Dr. Mireles?

Good morning.

Are there a lot of patients?

Yeah, it's packed.

DR JOSE MANUEL MIRELES Leader of the Autodefensas Good morning.

Good morning.

What's the name of this cutie?

Maria Elise.

She has a lot of diarrhea and a fever.

How long has she been like this?

Since yesterday.

Give her tea or mineral water with apples.

What's your name?


What school do you go to?

To Allende.

Only geniuses go to that school I went there too.

Every Autodefensa keeps his usual job.


How beautiful.

I am a medical surgeon.

Other Autodefensas make bricks.

Some are fishermen.

Some are lumberjacks.

But they all volunteer to protect our towns.

Nothing changes.

The criminals just change places - it's always the same.

Originally there was a cartel called Los Zetas.

After a while, La Familia Michoacana cartel got rid of Los Zetas.

But they grew so much in size that they divided into two groups:

La Familia and the Knights Templars.

At first, the Templars promised not to mess with local families.

But after a while they started taxing townspeople.

They took over the production of limes and avocados.

They were the absolute rulers of life for 12 years, and nobody could put a stop to it.

What are your names?

Gonzalo and Jonathan.

Here we have rules, and people have to pay for their actions.

When I close my eyes, I dream of what they did to them.

The Templars took my husband, because he was an Autodefensa.

They asked us for a ransom.

We gave them money, but they didn't release him.

A week later they kidnapped me.

I cried when I saw my husband, and he cried too.

Because he thought they were going to kill me along with him.

The Templars were always drugged, drunk.

First, they burned my husband with a blowtorch while he was alive.

And after that they came in with four more people.

And they killed them one by one.

They cut their heads, their hands, their legs, everything into pieces.

They were laughing like crazy people.

It made them happy.

The pits were already dug and after they threw them in they also threw me in there.

They played with me and did whatever they wanted.

When they released me, the one called El Chaneque said they weren't going to kill me.

Because what I had witnessed was my punishment.

I would suffer all of my life, and it would make me crazy.

El Chaneque and Caballo.

They were the ones in charge there.

They just called me to tell me that Chaneque and Caballo were in a bodega.

PACO RANGEL VALENCIA Autodefensa commander Where?

Around the corner and over there.

Come on, everyone this way!

I'll watch here. You, over there.

Listen! The shots are coming from over there.

Over there!

Who saw them?

Paco, they are in there.

Open up. Tell them to open up.

Open up!

Hey, open up the door!

They have guns! They have guns!

They're armed! They're armed!

Back up and flank the back!

Push open the door now.

Hold on. hold on. I'll go in first.

Surrender, motherfuckers!

Careful now. Careful.

The dude was over there, but may have gone through the roof.

And he had a gun.

Surrender, assholes!

Shoot him!

They're over there. Motherfuckers.

Get down!

Don't move, you sons of bitches!

It's "Chaneque."

Don't take this guy away from me.

This is the guy who killed my uncles.

You piece of shit!

This is the guy who killed my uncles!

Where are their bodies?

What did you do to them, you son of a bitch?

Where are they?

We're going to take them away.

No more Templars!

Goodbye, Templars!

The vigilante group known as the Autodefensas took Los Reyes today, one of the largest cities in Michoacan.

In the past couple of months, this armed movement has taken control of 28 towns and municipalities throughout the state.

Article 39 in the Constitution states that the power comes from the people.

If you are not united any idiot can govern you.

So it's important that you all come together.

We did an operation.

All of this belongs to the Templars.

Crystal meth, coke, and marijuana.

"Tuta" we're coming for you!

"Mireles, The Fighter"

We want to clean Michoacan of criminal organizations.

Free of extortion, kidnappings, and executions.

Is there any way to get your phone number so we can contact you?

I don't recommend it because my wife is very jealous.

The time has come for us to open our eyes.

The time has come for us to take up our weapons.

It's time we defend ourselves.

Thank you very much, and let's go!

Let's go!

And now an address by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Mexico will continue to work towards becoming a state of law.

And we will use this occasion to reaffirm my government's commitment to improving public security.

And why haven't they caught a single Templar?

Fucking idiot.

Let's go check the barricades.

We keep a continuous watch so the Templars don't return.

Because they try to take back the towns that we have gained.

Turn off the light now.

Take cover.

One of you stop him!

Cut the engine.

Take the truck.

Do you have any information?

No, none.

Lie down.

He has Templar tattoos.

But he's saying he's not one.

We've been doing this for ten months.


When we captured criminals we turned them over to the federal authorities.

But the authorities set them free with their guns and armor.

And they started shooting and massacring us 24 hours later.

Who captured him?



These people don't turn over a new leaf.

Right now you all forgive him but he wouldn't forgive any of us if given the chance.

They have never had compassion for anybody.



Get everything you can out of him and put him into the ground. Immediately.


I recognize your face from somewhere.

I am Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles.

The one who's always on TV.

You took out your stitches already?

Yeah. I already did.

Look, it's Grandpa!

Come here, you little bastard. You're so cute. You're a mess.

ANA DELIA VALENCIA Dr. Mireles' wife Today is the first day that our family has been together for five or six months.

Throw us the ball!

My husband has always been a leader, wherever he goes.

But I never imagined he'd spearhead this movement and put his life on the line.

Today in Michoacan the leader of the Autodefensas Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles was critically injured in a plane crash.

Mireles has been taken to a hospital in Mexico City.

Authorities said that they will be performing an investigation to find out the true cause of the crash.

The big question is whether this was an accident or an assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, Mireles is gravely injured.

He is being treated for severe head trauma.

The fate of Dr. Mireles' health is unclear.

With Dr. Mireles absent, chaos seems to be erupting in Michoacan as the Autodefensas attempt to gain more territory.

On Sunday, the Autodefensas took over the town of Nueva Italia.

This was after a two-hour confrontation with members of the Knights Templar drug cartel.

The federal government ordered the Autodefensas to stop fighting and return to their homes.

And said that there will be no forgiveness to anyone who carries weapons without a permit.

No matter the cost. We'll do whatever it takes to bring back the rule of law!

The Autodefensas have said there will be no negotiations with authorities until the leaders of the Knights Templar Cartel are detained.


The leader of the Autodefensas Jose Manuel Mireles who suffered injuries in a plane crash is now recovering in Mexico City.

I have no idea what happened.

I just remember that we were about to land.

The last thing I saw was a bunch of trees very close

and then I woke up three or four days later.

I have two spinal cord injuries.

And half of my face is paralyzed.

It's you, Romeo.

Is it true what my eyes see?

I am very much in love.

Without her I can't live.

I never thought our movement would get so big.

I worry about my safety and my family's a lot but about the situation in Michoacan more.

That's why, when I had my accident I designated my friend Estanislao Beltran Torres known as "Papa Smurf" to take care of my responsibilities as the official speaker for the movement.

What's going on?

What's going on?

This is definitely his house.


The guy who sells drugs for the Templars.


This belongs to the Templars?

Yeah. Grab something if you want it.

Before all this, the Templars, they were breaking into houses taking money, stuff, even the dogs they were taking.

So now when we get into these houses we're taking what belongs to us.

We're the lucky ones, for now.

Attention, everyone in town: You are invited to an informational meeting with the Autodefensas.

Five more minutes, please.

Five minutes until the gentleman arrives to speak.

ESTANISLAO BELTRAN "PAPA SMURF" Autodefensas' interim leader Let's go up, right?

Good afternoon.

My name is Estanislao Beltran Torres.

And we came here to let you know what we really do.

They killed our families.

They took our belongings and our families' birthrights.

And the time came when we the people couldn't take it anymore.

So we will...

But we were in peace. We never asked for help.

Your men clean their weapons in the street.

What if one of them accidentally shoots my child?

And another thing.

I've seen your men flirting with girls at our restaurants and stores.

And I think that is wrong.

Thank you for saying that.

I'll talk to them about the mistakes.

We also don't want you invading houses.

And we don't want retaliations.

Because I heard you trashed some houses.

I'm a teacher. I have my family here with me.

What I want is peace.

It doesn't matter who gives it to us.

Is that clear?

If it's you, or the government I don't know how it works, I don't.

But what I want is for you to offer us a...

They are not an institution.

That's why we have the Army, Federal Police, and Navy.

Those are the legal institutions!

Listen, the state of Michoacan was overwhelmed by organized crime!

I want you to understand all the work we have done!

We've given you security, we've given you peace.

We're not the bad guys.

But you are in vans without license plates, breaking the law!

We can't believe in criminals!

Trust us, it's gonna be fine.

You are usurping the law, and it's not your place to do it!

If we don't believe in the institutions of the state we are finished as citizens!

That's why...

I publicly recognize our mistakes.

We have fired the people responsible.

JANET FIELDS Nailer's girlfriend

Base, base, come in.

What's up?

Whoever is in charge - they need supplies.

We have not received supplies here and have no water.

I'm on my way. Send the Coyote.

Take the back route.


Sit down.

I speak English because I working in Cancun.

You know where is Cancun...?

I working there and I speak English...

On February 24th, 2014, the Autodefensas will celebrate their first anniversary.

They will also be honoring the return of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles.

He has been away since January when a plane crash almost cost him his life.

What kind of glasses do you want?

Ray-Bans? I like them big.

Excuse me, I just wanted to say hello to Dr. Mireles.

I am from Matamoros. You can imagine how things are there.

Thank you for everything you have done.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary, so watch the news.

He has balls.

Hey, Dad?

Yes, my dear?

Are any of those bad people in town?

That's what the bodyguards are for.

But that doesn't mean I will put my guard down.

Let's go say hi to my Dad.

How are you, Dad?

How are you, my son?

How are you feeling?

My face was completely paralyzed.

I got hit right here.

I have screws in my head.

Thank God you're okay, my son.

I have been given a second chance.

I'll see you later.

My dear son.

Get some rest, my son.

Welcome "El Doctor." We are with you.

Thank you.

Long live freedom!

Long live the 24th of February!

Long live Mireles!

The Autodefensas needed a voice.

A voice that had the courage to tell it how it is.

It's a voice that has been absent for reasons we all know about.

That voice was and is

"El Doctor" Mireles.

On this day, one year ago we overcame our worries overcame our fears.

A handful of brave people raised arms.

And the town of Tepalcatepec rang bells throughout the nation!

We signed our independence with blood our independence from organized crime.

But it's more important than ever not to lower our guard.

Thank you very much and goodnight.


Hold me or I'll fall.

I'm still dizzy.

I'm still dizzy.

Ma'am, how are you?

I'll say hello in a second. My hands are dirty.

Good to see you back in your home.

How are you, Ana?

Good. Pleasure to see you.


Guys, sit.

Everyone, I need to have a serious talk.

Yes. That's right.

You know what, guys?

I received a lot of complaints for what "The Viagras" group is doing.

It's very important that we find out which Autodefensas are doing this!

Some of the same leaders who make the rules are the first to break them.

Some of the leaders say

"Oh, don't go into homes. Don't do this, don't do that."

Half an hour later who do you think I find going into houses?

The ones who said, "Don't go in there."

Look. Let me tell you something.

Not a single house has been searched.

Not one house has been entered.

I don't believe in taking anything from anyone.

I am not okay with that kind of shit.

Papa Smurf, listen to me.

We can't become the criminals we're fighting against.



When you stop a car and tell a guy, "Get in!"

And he says, "No. I don't want to get in."

Then you give him a little shock, like this.

He'll go like this... and you'll be able to force him in.

You can keep going, eventually he'll get it: "Get in!"

"Get in!"

"Get in!"

On the ground!

Put your hands behind your back.

He's on Ruana Street?


Put your hands behind your back.

Shut up, you son of the bitch! We got you now.

Weapons! Check if he is carrying weapons first!

Do you know who I am, faggot?

You are so fucked, dog.

Holy fuck, this is crazy.

There are lookouts everywhere.

Watch your backs.

Don't move!

We have to check the rooftops.

Over there!

They moved up!

Get in, man!

Which car was shooting at us?

It was a white Jetta.

White Jetta.

Get out of the way, bastard!

Don't follow that car, follow the Cherokee.

Wait up. He's alone.

Wait up man, don't get so close.

So we can have room to shoot.

Hit him so he'll stop the car!

Where are you coming from?

Get out, please.

Where are you coming from?

I'm coming from work.


In Cuitzeo.

My ID is right there.


Who's Jorge?

A brother of mine.

And which van were you going to wash?

This one.


Why, man? This is for security. Answer me!

Ma'am, please. Come over here.

We're going to follow him to wherever you take him.

Wherever you take him.

Let me talk to him alone. Please, ma'am!

If you do something to him, I'll die!

Nothing is going to happen to him.

Baby, calm down.

Do you have weapons?

Nothing? Drugs?

No, nothing.

There was a shootout, my friend.

And we have to question everyone.

It's all good, sir.

My love, don't worry.

Let your Dad answer the questions.

Hey, get him in the car!

No, Dad... I want to die! I want to die!

I'm going to get a knife, and I'm going to kill myself!

Ma'am, we want to ask him a few questions.

Understand that.

Put your head down, fucker!

Hands on your head.

Because if not I will totally shoot you.

I don't have anything.

You sure?


We want to clean the streets of delinquents, you know?

You sure you have nothing to do with them?


You've never worked with the Templars?

I don't know what...

I'm talking to you. You've never worked with the Templars?


You swear?


You know you were deleting WhatsApp messages from three bastards.

You know damn well you're hiding something.

You want to do this the hard way?

Are you Zeta Cartel? Or Templar Cartel?

Or New Generation X?

I'm innocent. I just have a car that looks similar to the car you guys are going after.

Don't look at me. Who do you work with?

Just tell me who you work with.

With the police.

With the police that works with the Templars or not?

I work with the police, I suppose.

They have you guys well trained.

They deface their tattoos so they can't be recognized.

Cowardly fucking tattoos.

You had some big balls shooting at us earlier.

Where's the gun?

Why don't you do a ballistics test?

What ballistics test? We're not in the United States.

Tell me where the gun is right now.

Who do you work for? Don't earn a beating, man.

You know the problem I have with you being a cop?

You feel like you have big balls with that uniform and gun abusing the townspeople.

Not anymore, man.

Fuck the system.

Hey, what type of lotion do you use?

You have very soft skin.

There is a law called, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

If you are innocent you will be allowed to go, except for the fright you endured.

That's okay.

But if you did something bad if you cut a finger, then we'll cut five of yours.

I see.

One cannot leave this life without paying for their crimes.

The other guy is coming soon.

Lower your fucking head.

I'm the only one who won't beat you up, so talk to me.

If I leave this room, they'll beat the shit out of you.

I'm asking you one thing.

Are you mixed up in this?

Answer me, yes or no.

Don't say maybe, because I know you know.

You see what happens when you do bad stuff?

The Mexican government has taken new steps to control the complicated situation in the state of Michoacan.

I personally made an offer to bring security and tranquility back to Michoacan.

The government said the Autodefensas have until May 10th to disarm and register as the "Rural Defense Force."

I'd like to make an announcement.

The leaders of Autodefensas are going to meet at 3 p.m.

The main issue will be whether to disarm.

Papa Smurf, where were you hiding?

No, I've been here all day.

We have to figure out what's going on.

We must have solidarity.

Where's "El Gordo?"

I'm hunting you! I'm hunting you!

In my opinion, everything is going to be fine.

Everything will be fine.

My opinion get legalized as Autodefensas and operate within the law.

What they are asking of us...

But what are they offering us?

They are not offering...

Look, we can escape the Templars.

But you cannot escape the government.

Is Gordo trying to control you?

No. He wants me to give up, because he already gave up.

Then he is one more enemy.


Good afternoon, everyone.

This mess is truly an embarrassment.

Yes indeed!

People are robbing! People are kidnapping!

Others are getting involved in the drug business!

Everything we have done will fall on us.

We must reach legalization for the sake of our protection.

This comes directly from the President of Mexico:

"If you legalize, everything you did in the past is forgiven."

Let's hear what Dr. Mireles has to say.

Well, listen.

All we've been discussing is our own personal security.

What about our people?

The ones who supported and believed in us?

What do we say to them now?

"I'm good now. Why don't you just go home?"

That's not fair!

The federal government has yet to comply with any of the agreements in the past.

Not one!

We can't trust them.

I don't trust them!

We are all friends.

Yet we are starting to fuck each other under the table!

All of us!

These are the tools the government uses to end a social movement.

It is based on the Roman concept "Divide and Conquer."

They came here to divide the Autodefensas and that is a disgrace.

Because we all rose united against crime.

Once we decided to act the government organized to disarm us.

But they have never announced that they are going to disarm the Templars.

That's why we have to stay together.

We are Autodefensas!

Thanks a lot.

Bravo! Bravo!

Give me a hug.

Are you in a relationship?


Do you want to have one?

Let's go.

Let's go fight against the world.

No, but one with me.

Let's confront it together.

Because to do it alone hurts more.

Together, it hurts less.

What do you think?

All right.


What month were you born?


So you are a Libra.

That's great!

You know Libras make the best partners for Scorpios?

Ah, Karla.

I fell in love with you at first sight.

They asked me to sing a song but I sang a song against them.

Then suddenly a gentleman appeared.

On his head he already had some gray hair.

I don't feel guilty about anything.

All right, my dear.

This is the fight of our lives.

If we have to fight to the death, we'll fight to the death.

Did you go to the drop point?

Okay, let me know when to start.


Good morning. My name is Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde.

If you are seeing this it is because I'm no longer alive.

I have some fears and concerns that I want to express.

I want to explain the situation at this moment.

We believed, as Autodefensas, that we could end the cycle.

We thought we had achieved change.

That we had achieved the elimination of organized crime.

But now it turns out that these people, who infiltrated us using our shirts are creating their own cartel.

It's people who promised they would help us advance faster.

Because they had a lot of guns and war supplies.

And they were supposedly regretful for what they did before which is why we called them "The Forgiven Ones."

They knew how to kidnap, they knew how to execute.

They knew how to steal, they knew how to extort.

They're doing the same thing that the cartels were doing.

They're the ones trying to kick me out of the movement because I'm the one that's in their way.

And, sadly, the formation of this new cartel is supported by the federal government and the commissioner.

ALFREDO CASTILLO Security officer of Michoacan

United for Michoacan!

Who do we serve?

Our community!

What's the number?



Hurry up, hurry up.

This is your rifle.


Let's do this, boys!

A picture, a picture.

It fits me real tight.

MARIA IMILSE Government advisor Check the hair. Check his hair.

Please. Please.

Papa Smurf, brush your hair with your hands and your beard, like that, excellent.

Are things really changing? Or is it just a change in shirt?

I think with this we are making things legal.

We are part of the government.

Who is going to be your leader now?

We are going to receive instructions soon on what's going to happen.

Estanislao, what is going to happen with Mireles now?

Are you going to detain him?

I don't know.

My commander, my boss. At your orders!

All right, good.

Good morning to all of you.

There is a saying that goes:

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."

We cannot allow now for history to repeat itself.

You can change history.

That is why today, the Rural Defense Force begins.

And today you are the State.

Congratulations to you and all of your families.

God bless you.

They took off the shirt of the Autodefensas only to put on the shirt of the government.

But they continue to be a mafia, they continue to be criminals.

They're the same individuals that are being categorized as members of the Los Viagras cartel.

Papa Smurf, El Gordo and their followers, nothing more.

I am one of the leaders of the Autodefensas.

I am a leader of the Rural Defense Force.

And I am also with the Viagras.

They're going to tell you I'm a cartel boss.

This or that.

They're going to say what they want.

Just because they are looking for a way to exterminate the Viagras.

What happened is that they armed us even more.

Now I have this rifle.

It was assigned to me by the government as part of the Rural Defense Force.

This rifle.

And so, there was no disarmament.

We know that inside our movement there are people that have some sort of cartel link.

But everything is going to get corrected at its proper time.

The only thing I am is a vigilante.

We are the defenders of the people and the town.

All day they've had fuckers following us.

They recognize the truck.

They're just waiting to execute the order.

If I don't disappear then they'll make me disappear.

If you want, we can just stop for a second.

I'll say hello and goodbye.

Oh shit, the lights are all off.

Ah, there she is.

How are you doing, your majesty?

I just came to see you. I have to go quickly.

Ah, son of a bitch.

I have to go into hiding.


Because they want to fuck me up.

Can I tell you something?

But never in your life ask me about it again or say it.

I have no one to talk to about my regrets, my victories.

I'm very afraid, and I have no one else I can tell.

Only to your Mami?

That they're going to kill you?


Everybody wants to fuck me up:

The Templars, the military, the Federal Police, the Navy and the Autodefensas.

They want to kill me by any means necessary, wherever it may be.

I'm making a mess of everything.

Speaking out against those fuckers.

I want to ask you something.

If I go to the United States will you meet me there?

Well, yes.


Well then.

Give it a kiss on the tip.

How does that feel?


Good, good, good.

Look. This is what we're going to do.

We're going to go through Jalisco to a ranch that's empty.

They don't know that I go there.

Jose Manuel Mireles is not who we all think he is.

He has the same power to convince people that all of the best movie characters have.

Maybe the power gave him more opportunities to have more affairs because she isn't the only one.

He's had women all of his life. That's his problem.


We had to get out.

So we left.

The only law he had to protect was that of God and his family.

And he has done neither.

I think that this circle of violence has to stop.

This is a big dream, And everybody can have beautiful dreams.

I think I was a good vigilante for my people, For my town, for my Michoacan state.

But I lost my motive, Lost the family.

And the family was the motive.

To fight against criminals.

I... I think it's my fault, I think I'm responsible for this situation.

This is life.

On June 27, 2014, Dr. Mireles was arrested by the Mexican government.

Facing weapons charges, he remains in a maximum security prison in Sonora, Mexico.

Dr. Mireles and his supporters maintain his innocence and claim that his imprisonment is a government conspiracy to silence him.

Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles Inmate #5457