Casa Grande (2014) Script

Who is it? It's me.

Have I told you about the biker?


I was with this guy and it happened right on his bike.

On the move?

How was I to do it on the move?

Don't know.

So this guy took me to an alley.

When was that?

Who cares when? You ask the silliest questions.

How is what matters. I'll tell you how.

He took me to an alley and flipped me over.

He hiked up my skirt without a word.

Then he started to lick and kiss my ass.

I love to have my ass kissed.

So he licked and kissed my ass nonstop...

All the way up, as I moaned like mad.

How did you moan?

Oh Jean. You'd have to kiss my ass to know it.

Hold on. Are you crazy?

What was it? Nothing.

Good morning. How are you?


Let's go. Get up. I'm already up.

Severino is here to take you.

Please leave the room.

Let's go, Jean.

Get up and go wash your face.


Please, dad, leave the room.

How was the forré dance, Severino?

Forré is always good. It was great.

Did you go, Noemia? No.

Good morning, Jean. Morning.

Morning, Jean. Morning, Noemia.

What's up, Severino?

How are you, Jean? Fine.

Nothing but cottage cheese? That's it.


Good morning, Nat.

Morning, Nat.

Morning, Nat.

My lady's hair is like a guitar string.

Pull it out, it stretches. Let it go, it curls.

I told my lady! want her looking good.

So I bought her some hair cream.

In case she doesn't like it...

I also got her a straightening iron.

My lady's hair is like a guitar string.

Pull it out, it stretches. Let it go, it curls.

Wake up.

C'mon, wake up.

Damn it, Severino.

Same thing everyday?

Sorry. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Fuck, Mendes! Watch your language.


Mechanical Engineering.



This is no joke, Roberto. At the Federal University!





Just Music? Just Music.

Mendes? Production Engineering.

Lemos? Law.



Wake Jean up, please.

Your choice of studies?

For college?

- Good evening, do you have a room? For tonight'?

Yes, for tonight and tomorrow night.

There's one with a tub on the third floor for 200 euros... and one with a shower for 100 euros.

- Way cheaper than here, huh? In French, Lia.

- / prefer one with a shower. The one.

I prefer the one with a “show. Shower.

Fine, that will be room 206, at the end of the corridor.

Ifs nice and quiet.

The break...

- Is breakfast "inclus"? Included.

Repeat: is breakfast included?

- Breakfast is included. Well done.

You can't just make up words, Lia. I'll invent right on.

- End of class? That's it.

Can we settle up last month, Lia?

Can we deduct that from the money Hugo borrowed from Wilton?


Don't worry about OGX, I'm buying myself some more.

This report is worthless.

The government is clearly trying to shake up Eike.

Talk soon. Bye.

What's this about you borrowing money from Wilton?

Who told you that'? Lia just walked out.


She's such a gossip.

But is it true?

That's between Wilton and I.

Not anymore... because now I have to deduct the cost of classes from your debt.

How much do your classes cost?

I'll pay you.

How long has this been going on?


Please, Sonia, keep your voice down.

Who else do you owe?

Only Wilton.

No one else? Are you sure?

No one.

You can sell your car.


The paintings. Not that either.

We could fire the driver. He's no longer needed.

How will Jean get to school? By bus.

Who will do the gardening? Yourself.

Plus, we'll save on food.

Have you seen how much he eats?

Do you have any idea how much this will cost us?

He's been here for 15 years. You can sell his car.

We still have our savings.

No one touches the kids' savings.

What took you so long? Did you turn off your lights?

I did.

Salad, Jean? Later.

How was school? Good.

Roberto will apply for Meteorology in the entrance exam.

What about you? Communications.


Communications is a joke, this is not for serious people.

What else?

Phone call for Jean. Jean.

How many times do I have to say: Jean.

Don't know how to say that right.

Who's that? Catulé.

Tell Catule that Jean is eating and will call him later.

Yes, sir.

What's Catulé going to study?


That's it. Good for Catulé.

He's going to be the richest, mark my words.

He always won those math competitions, remember?

Where? At the Federal University.

The Catholic University is better in Economics.

The brains behind the currency reform all studied there. You should too.

He doesn't want to study Economics.

But he's great in Math.

He can do Communications at the Federal and Law at the State University.

Maybe. I thought that's what you wanted.

He should do Law and Economics. Then he'd be in good shape.

But Law will be a lot harder this year because of the quotas.

I'm down with the quota system. If you don't pass, who will?

I don't know if I will. Do you approve, dad?

No one is better than you. Maybe just as good.

Dad! You're great in Portuguese, History.

But not in Geography. Your French is excellent.

Mom. I think I'll get tested in English.

French is practically a dead language anyway.


That wasn't nice.


Can't you hear me talking to you?

What's up, Nat?


Sorry, sweetie. Tell me? Nothing, let it slide.

She wants to know if you are for or against the quota system.


Of course, I am for them.

Sure, darling. The USA has a quota system, right?

They call it affirmative action.

There's a reason they are the world's largest economy.

Although what should be done is the groundwork.

Starting with public schools.

There you go.

Can I have some meat, please?

Good morning, boys. Hey Jean.

Everybody sit down. Jean!

My bad. Sorry.

Hows everyone?

Good morning, teacher.

Good morning, boys. So...

Yesterday we got some important news... for Brazil and for us. Who caught that?

I did.

It was the approval of the constitutionality... of the racial quotas by the Supreme Court.

By the Supreme Court of Justice. Well done.

Discussion is open. What do we think?

It's lame. No developed country has this.

Of course they do. The US is developed, and they have quotas.

You're way off.

So Jean, what do you think?

My thoughts? Nelson is against. You?

Are you for or against?

Are you for or against? No, you?

I am for it. Then so am I.

No, I want your opinion. Go ahead.

To be honest, I don't have an opinion yet.

Who does?

The idea is to compensate... a historical debt to "slaverism."

You mean slavery. You think it's a way...

Thus you are in favor of the system?

Kind of.

Let's go. Who else?

I'm completely against it on the basis of equality between human beings.

I, for one, am black... and I feel perfectly capable of running against my white peers.

Now you raised an important issue.

You know you will pass, because you are here... along with your colleagues.


How do I move past the kiss?

I know how to approach girls...

but how do I get her home?

You know what I mean.

I'll bring you to the whorehouse.

I've been already, but now it's a matter of honor.

I want to win a girl over.

Easy, I'll bring you to the forré dance.

No way. Do I look like the forré type?

Prejudiced against forré?

Not prejudiced, it's just not my style.

I'm trying to hook you up.

If what you want is to find a girl, I'll bring you to the forré.

You will score there. Start dancing with a girl, hug her tight...

Start pecking at her neck, her ears...

Then she'll notice something stirring in your pants and it's a home run.

But you have to go full on.

Otherwise you may get smacked.

Because women like men.

Any questions?

I'm off.

Where to? Fosfobox.

Isn't that a gay club? I don't know.

Yes, it is. It's not gay anymore, it used to be.

Who with?

Nelson's father is picking me up.

I didn't know you two were friends. He's the only one from the West Side.

Who else is going?

Catulé, Roberto and Mendes.

I don't like Mendes. He's super hot.

What time will you be back?

Don't know. Three?

I'll pick you up at one.

You don't need to, I can take a cab.

From Copacabana to the West Side?

Are you rich or something?

Fine, so I'll take the bus.

You're totally nuts. There are hardly any buses then.

Please. I'll leave at one and take the bus.

Why does he want to take the bus so badly?

No one else does.

No idea, ask him.

Why do you want to take the bus?

Why can't I take the bus like everyone else?

Because we live in Rio de Janeiro.

It's too dangerous at this hour.

No, Jean. One o'clock.

One thirty?

One thirty, mom?

One thirty, Hugo.

One thirty.

Thank you.

I'm gonna find my girlfriend. Sure thing.

Where do you go to school? St. Ignatius'.

I go to St. Benedict's.

Let me go get a drink.

What's your name? What?

What's your name? Ana.

I'm Jean.

Good eve, pal.

Could you just free up this spot?


Bro, this is our joint.

First of all, I ain't your brother.

Where does it say I can't park here?

Hey boss, this is our spot, we work here.

Is there a sign saying I can't park here?

We've been here for over 10 years, sir.

What's up, dad? Nothing.

These fuckers think I can't park here.

Please show some respect. We work here.

Doesn't matter. There's no sign, so I'll stay here as long as I want.

Hey pal, don't have a heart attack!

What? Are you talking to me?

Easy there, cool it. Don't touch me. I'm calling the cops.

The police will see this through. No, clad, let's go.

I'm calling the police, I know what the law says.

Just get in. Can we leave, please?

That's all I needed.

Hey sir. What's up? Don't come close!

Easy there, sir.

I'm in charge here, and you are right.

I've already told that guy off myself, no need to call anyone.

Cool? Bless you.

Get the car out of the way. What a joke.

Get to it.

They think they own the streets.

You have to be careful.

They have to be careful.

Fuck off.

Move it now!

How is your father, Nelson? Fine.

I saw him at the steak house last week.


The credit card didn't go through. I had to borrow from Mendes.

$78 Rams.

$78 Reins'?

What are you drinking, champagne?

I left my wallet at home.

Don't worry. You can pay me back later.

So how was it?

Did you hook up with anyone?

Well, I couldn't. When things picked up, I had to leave.

Excuses, Jean.

How about you, Mendes? No one?

No, it was weak. Liar. Yes, he did.

No, I didn't. The big scorer tonight was Catulé.

She was so ugly.

You are ugly, she was horrible!

You're just saying that because she's black.

I like them.

But it's a taste you will acquire with age, experience...

Dad! 'What?

You're married.

I'm married but not dead.

Way to go!

You can pull over there, that's good.

Does that work? Yes, great.

Thanks for the ride. Good night.

Bye, Jean.

Good night to you as well.

Bye. Thanks, Hugo.

Aren't you coming with us? I'm sleeping at Mendes'.

Tell your dad I said hello. I will.


I've talked to your mom... and starting Monday, you'll take the bus to school.

And Severino?

Severino is taking a vacation.

Where to?

He's going back to the Northeast.

To see his son.

Good morning.

There's a two-week credit on this bus card.

Know where you're getting off?

Where? At the Candelaria church.

No. The church is your reference point.

You pull the string there, but you get off at Vargas Avenue.

There's a push button, now.

Is there?

So sit in front of the button and press it when it's time.

Eat slowly. Did you charge your cell phone?

Good morning, Nat. I did.

Yesterday or today?

The day before yesterday.

Who's dropping me off at school?

Another $10 to keep in your pocket, in case of mugging.

So? That's the robber's money.

Just hand it off, no arguing.

Who's bringing me to school? I am.

Pass me the bread?

Does your arm hurt? No.

Noemia. Bring me some coffee, dear?

Rita will.


How about a knife?

We're missing knives for butter, cheese...

A knife please, dear?

Sweetener... What happened?

This is a serum for eyebrows.

You can use it on brows and lashes and it strengthens growth.

A miracle worker!

Vanda, sorry, but I can't keep anything today.

I've found you a bit odd today, from the start.

Unlike yourself. What happened?

I want to ask you something, but I'm a bit embarrassed.

No need, we're such good friends.

Can you pay your bills with these sales?

Of course.

Do you think I could?

I can hardly believe this.

Do you want to work with me as a consultant?

So Catulé: Federal or Catholic University?

Federal. I'll only go to the Catholic if I get a scholarship.

The Catholic is far better in Economics.

The brains behind the currency reform all came from there.

Tell your dad to pay my tuition then.

Who did it?

Who did it? He's a badass.

Ultimate soccer!

Take a seat.


Let me hold your bag. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Did you see his shirt?


What's your name?


I'm Jean. My pleasure.

French? Yes, my mom's thing.

I'm Roberto.

My pleasure.

You both go to Saint Benedict's?

Looks that way, right?

You're at Pedro ll?


What is it like not having girls around?

Every man for himself, right?

I think this is your stop, Roberto.

Much obliged.

Sit down.

Thanks. You're welcome.

What happened there?


This is ketchup.

Are you a senior? Yes...

Three little stars. That's cool.

Do you like your school?

Yes, I love my school.

You'll miss it then. So much.

Will you miss St. Benedict's? Yes.

I can imagine.

What will you try out for in the entrance exam?

Engineering. You?

Communications at the Federal, Law at the State University... and not sure what at the Catholic.

But what I really wanted to do is Music Production.

Do you play something? Yes, a bit of everything.

But not very well.

I play the guitar. Really? Cool.

DO you'?


Which university for Engineering?

Hopefully a public one. Should I pass.

I know a guy from St. Benedict's.

Yeah? Who? Lucas.

Lucas Mendes or Cassano?


He's also going for Engineering. I know.

How do you know him?

From the nightlife.

Where do you usually go out at night?

I've been going to Bolacha's Forré.

Where? In Lapa.

Do you like forré? Love it.


We should make plans to go forré dancing.

We could...

Let's go.

Bye, Jean. Bye.

Nice to meet you. You too.

No, dad, it's hot.

Lose the covers.

Good luck with the test tomorrow.


Don't forget to give me Mendes' money.

Alex? Yes.

Can I use the restroom? Let me check.

Is the restroom available?

Number 2.

You can go.

You're here! Hi.

Let's dance.


I lied.

I noticed.

I've never been to a forré dance. Do you like it though?

Yes. So...

Two steps that way.

Two this way.

That's it.

Sorry. Stop apologizing.

It's my dad. He thinks I'm 12.

How old are you?

17. I only turn 18 next year.


You think it's going to make such a difference?

Of course it will. I'll be allowed to drink...

Come home late.

Do you have a curfew?

Yes. Two o'clock at the latest.

What if you don't turn in?

Hi, dad.

No, I'm already on the bus.

I'm around Flamengo. Ok.

What time is it, Jean? Don't know.

Good night.

I've meta girl.

Did you?

What's her name?


Luiza... Sounds rich.

Yes. But I don't think that's the case.

She lives in the favela. Really?

Your mom is going to love this.

Have you already...?

Already what'?

Have you?


You're so slow, God.

I've already told you, you have to be a man.

A man... Got it?

You mean like this?

Not with me. You have to try it with this Luiza person.

But I need to...


Yes. You wish.

You could teach me a few things.

I ain't teaching you a thing. Keep to yourself.

Stop it, Jean.

You're too sadistic.

Sadistic? What's that?

When you like to see others suffer.

Leave, Jean. No, Rita.


Go, Jean.

Let's go to bed.

You go to your bed, and I'll go to mine.

You can dream of me. I'm changing your sheets tomorrow.

Oily palm tree, three letters, "r" in the middle.

Uh' In Good morning, Hugo.

Good morning, Roberto.

Gorgeous orchids!

Thanks, there are several here.

What are you doing up there?

What do you think?

What time did you arrive yesterday?

Don't know. One thirty, I think.

Can I turn on the jacuzzi?


Why not?

Just because.


It uses up a lot of power. Then why have it?

Damn it, Jean!

Nelson's father is on the phone, Mr. Hugo!


Are you alright, man? That was scary.

Are you ok? My glasses.

Thanks, Roberto.

Are you ok, dad?

Tell him I'm not home, Rita.

Relax, Nat, he's fine.

Are you sure you didn't hit your head?


Your arm now.


What's up?

You look beautiful.

I'm off to do a sale.

On a Sunday? Yes.

God willing I'll sell it all.

Wish me luck.

Who are you going with? Alone, of course.

What time will you be back? For dinner.

I'll order pizza.

Need cash? No.

Did you call that headhunter?


Why not?

The last thing I need is my CV circulating in the market.

You need to swallow your pride.

I left the bank nine years ago.

I've always wanted to run my own fund but...

As a director you couldn't invest.


You still teach derivatives?

No, I already taught that.

One of my students even bet on my hunch and made a fortune.

It's a shame I didn't do so myself.

Well, let me round up Icatu, Pactual and Opportunity Banks.

Not Opportunity.

Bu': they're shuffling people around.

Just don't.

I don't like Daniel.

Fine. Give me a week then.


So, Catulé, did you do it?

Do what? With that girl...

I'm not going to talk about that. Why not? We are your best friends.

I'm not going to dish out.

If he won't talk, it's because he couldn't get it up.

Shut up, man.

Did you not get it up?

I killed the solution.

Look, Jean. You can see seven now.

Seven what? Seven-pack.

Don't be ridiculous.

That's good health.

Like it, Rita?

You do like that ice machine, huh?

I do.

So hot...

How did you get such cut abs?

Like this? Yes.

Lots of work.

Want to touch my work?

Can I? Just touch it.

Excuse me. Punch it.

Punch it? Punch like this.

I'm going to punch it. Go ahead.

Harder. I'm afraid of hurting you.

- It's ok. Do it harder. I'm going to hit it.

I'll get the guitar.

Sorry. No worries.

Damn it, Roberto.

That way you're not even getting a spot for Meteorology.

More ice.

More ice my ass, this coke is freezing already. Scram.

What's wrong? What?

What's wrong? With what?




Victor wasn't the only one to come up with this solution.

Another classmate of yours also did.

This is no easy solution.

Especially given its use of analytical geometry.

Jean was the one who did it. Right, Jean?

You also came up with this solution.

It's rare for two people to find the same complicated solution.


Let's just keep going through the exam.

On to the next question. Which is it?

Good afternoon.

Damn it, driver!

There's an old lady here.

Should we let it crash, playboy?

Did he need to brake so suddenly? He's right.

Right about what?

Let's go, now.

Let's hi': the beach?

The beach? Let's.

Do you have siblings?


Do you? A sister. Annoying.

She's 14.

What's her name? Nathalie.

You live with your parents?

I do, and you?

Just my mom.

What is it like to live there?

Where? In the favela.

I don't live in the favela. No?

No, I live in Sao Conrado.


Why did you think that?

I don't know. Because I go to a public school?


Because of the color of my skin?

No, just because you get off at the favela bus stop.

Let's go, girls.

Taking off? Yes, we're off to meet some others.


Your phone bill arrived. Want to know how much?

Nine hundred and thirty five reais.

Did you turn off the lights?

I think so.

You did or you think you did?

This screeching...

Olive oil, Nat.


Fuck off!

- Rita, what's that? Who was it?

A crook threatening to kill my son if I don't pay ransom.

- Did you call your son? / don't even have a son, Mr. Hugo!

How absurd!


What's this? Report card.

We're late on tuition this month.

I also have my report.

I'll fix that tomorrow.

Nine in Math!

Congratulations. I got three.

Like I said, you should study Economics.

Let me see, Hugo. I got three in Math.

All solid grades.

A bit low in Biology. But screw Biology.

Watch your language, Hugo. Sorry.

This screeching!


So now it's come to this.

Good morning. How are you?

My name is Guilherme Esteves and I'm with the Labor Court.

Is Hugo Cavalcanti here?

He's asleep. Could you please call him?

Better not.

What about his wife?

Ms. Sonia is awake. Want to see her?

That would be great.

Come in. Excuse me, thanks.

What's your name? Rita.

Nice to meet you.

Noemia, did you know that Severino was suing us?

No, I didn't.

Didn't know evangelicals could lie. I don't lie.

What if we don't have this amount?

Didn't I tell you that firing Severino was going to cost us?

We have eight days to appeal.

There's no point.

What do you mean?

We'll never win.

No boss ever wins a labor lawsuit in this country.

The kids' savings!

We'll have to break into their savings.

Where's my toothpaste?

It's here.

You know that's bad for my gums.

The other one is too expensive.

Dentists even more so.

That's it, the kids' savings. I'm calling the bank.


Could I please talk to Ricardo? Yes, account manager.

Individual account.

Please hang up.

Sorry, Sonia.


Pass it to Jean.

Please. This is impossible.

Max, pass it to Jean.

Pass it to Jean.

Hey guys...

Sit down, now.

What's this?

I'm going to pay you back.

What's wrong?

What kind of joke is that?

For God's sake, I'm trying to teach you something and I just can't!

What's this?

This is important for your exams.

Then you'll tell me you barely made it.

You'll make it to a bullshit university, if you make it.

You won't make it to a serious university.

What's up with you?

Go, go.



Everyday she walks by awakening our gaze.

Unaware, she claims the world's attention.

If one day! could...

What are you doing?

What's this cash? It's mine.

Put it back. Will not.

Put it back now. You're stealing.

I'm not. This is my money. That's dad's, put it back!


Seriously. Look at me. I am looking.

Put it back.

I mean it, Nat.

I haven't gotten my allowance for four months. I need this money!

Fine then, we're staying here.

Fine, let's die of hunger then.

Don't you get it? I do.

I'm going to tell dad.

Go ahead.

Tell him about Rita too, he's going to love it.

How you go to her room at night, when you get lonely.

How do you know?

Doesn't matter.

Aren't you ashamed?

Are we out of olive oil?

Sooner or later things run out.

We are running out of everything. Especially values.


What do you mean?

I'm off, Ms. Sonia.


I'm going to visit my aunt. Not like that.

You're not going anywhere like that. That blue eyeliner has got to go.

Let's fix it with black.

Close your eyes.

Much better.

Take it. Thanks.

For God's sake, only black eyeliner.

Yes, ma'am. Have fun.

Bye, Noemia. Bye, Rita.

So, Noemia.

What did you mean earlier, about values?

Never mind, Ms. Sonia.

You can't drop a bomb like that and not say a thing.

I want to know what's happening in my house.



Know what, Ms. Sonia?

I found a used condom in the garbage the other day.

Please, Ms. Sonia, I beg you.


Don't do this. Get up.

This is it, Rita.

I've treated you like a daughter from day one.

We had a bond... a relationship... which is now broken.

Maybe one day we can... reconcile...

I'd like to keep hearing from you.

If you need references, you can give my number.

As long as you tell me... that you're truly sorry.

Are you sorry, Rita?

Are you really?


Then please tell me...

Who took the pictures?

Rest assured, Ms. Sonia, no one from your family.

Sure? I swear.


Are you also sorry that you snooped in my room?



Is that good? You can do better.

What a miss Catulé, goddamn.

All you were doing was messing up the game.

Who put me as goalie? So what?

Get him! We want to see blood!

Two ladies sparring, cute! He started.

Talking about ladies, check out Jean's speedo.

What the hell, Mendes? You've owed me for three months now.

That hurt, fuck off! You're the rich one here.

Like father, like son.

What did you say?

You heard me.

What's up?

What's up? Back off.

What did you say? Back off.

Back off, man. Just drop it.

Tell it to my face again. You heard me.

His father stole $200 thousand from my father.

That's an investment fund, your dad knew it and lost.

So why won't he answer the phone then? It's like poker.

He's fleeing from responsibility. When you don't owe, you don't fear.

He's a crook.

He's a crook just like his dad.

Easy, now, easy. You know that.

Cool it. You're a crook like your dad.

Shut your trap, damn it!

You're going to defend him? Shut up, bro.

Back off, shut up. He's not gonna pay you back either.

He won't pay you back. Scram, that's it. Are you kidding?

Go ahead and defend him. Are you messing with me? Shut up!

Defend him alright. Shut your mouth, damn it.

He's not gonna pay you. Defend him alright.

Fuck off.

Damn it.

No, not there.

I'm sorry.

What's up?

I'm a virgin.

Why didn't you tell me before?

Why haven't you asked?

And you?

With whom?

With a prostitute?


Who took you? Your dad?

Severino, the driver.

I mean, the ex-driver.

Did you enjoy?

I don't know.

It was kind of superficial.

You don't feel a thing.

It wasn't internal.

I wish it had been with you.


But when it happens, it will be special.

I know.

Good luck, Rita. Thanks.


I'm praying.

I'm going to sell the house.

Wilton is the best broker in the West Side.

Everyday she walks by, awakening our gaze.

Unaware, she claims the world's attention.

If only I could understand her one day...

Destiny would unite her path to mine.

On a given day we met...

Her smiles and her looks spoke to me.

No, no, I don't want to live without you.

Let's go eat?

I'm coming.

Hold me, look in my eyes and kiss me.

Kiss me.

Your dad says you're studying for the entrance exam.

What will you try out for?

Communications at the Federal...

Law at the State University, and at the Catholic...

I'll try Economics at the Catholic.

So Jean will be the one lending money here soon.

Jesus, aunt Lia.

But Law at the State won't be easy with this quota system.

It's a 40% minority quota.

I think that's absurd. Don't you, Hugo?

Sheer populism. I disagree.

Academic level is sure to drop. It has already.

Easy there, though.

Public school students can't compete... with students from St. Benedict's, for instance.

So those who can pay get free college, and those who can't get fucked over?

/ agree with her. We should first improve public schools.

Quotas are a band-aid solution.

Of course it's a band-aid solution, with a ten year deadline.

Just like the Family Allowance Program.

We know public schools suck and that won't change so soon.

But the quotas are about correcting inequality, leveling opportunities.

How many black doctors or lawyers do you know?

There's that Joaquim at the Supreme Court, right?

You mean the President of the Supreme Court...

Who never needed quotas, by the way.

But he's an exception, uncle. Exactly.

Here's an example: at the boys' school...

How many black students are there?

I don't know. Two? Three?

Three, I think. It depends on what you call black.

None, Jean, that's as good as none.

In a country with a black majority, that proves how unfair and racist we are.

Is it Jean's fault that he had a good education?

Quotas are meant to correct a historical debt towards blacks.

Now Jean's to blame for slavery!

Maybe the black, quota students... are far better prepared for the world than your kids.

At least they are interested in change. / agree.

Luiza, are you a quota student?

- '/es I am, it's my right. Why is that?

Because I go to a public school and I am brown.

I've never had any quotas in life.

Every time I got fucked over...

I did it to myself, because I fucked up and deserved to get fucked over.

But I bounced back alone, with no goddamn quotas.

Today we eat sirloin.

But I've already been through a lot of cat meat.

Have you ever eaten cat meat, Luiza?


Cat meat?

Must have been at the Northeastern fair.

Under the awning, with air conditioning.

Why waste time discussing a subject that has nothing to do with this family?

Quotas are approved federally and you lost that one.

Quotas have nothing to do with you either.

Sorry, but you're not black neither here nor in China.

In China she might be. Very funny...

But I think your son forgot to mention... that my mom is mulatto and my dad Japanese.


Don't worry, I'll pay you back soon, Wilton.

I'm not worried.

Don't you want to sell this house?


It's a seller's market.

How many square meters?

1400 of constructed area.

Two, two and a half million in your pocket.

No way.

How much?

The house is not for sale, Wilton.

But if it were, how much?

Five million minimum.

Look at this finish, how wonderful.


Yes, plaster.

But look at the moldings.

You've been upstairs? You never brought me up there.

Let's go, I'll show you the attic.

May I?


It took me three and a half years to build this house.

You'll see the details.

Central AC. It cools the whole house!

There's a crack here.

That's nothing. Come.

Check out the floorboards. The place is in good shape.

Great shape.

The stereo system pipes sound all the way to the pool.

Everything is working great.

He's like that.

He thinks people should suffer like he did.

What did he suffer, Jean?

What opportunity did he miss because of his skin color?

You see?

You two are the same.

Look at your room. I'm not like him.

I'm not. I'm not like him.

I love you. Look at me.

I love you.

Forget quotas, forget my dad, forget everything.

That doesn't matter.

We're all that matters.

This is Net's room. Let me take a picture.

This is not laminate but hardwood.

Well finished, as you can see. Here is Jean's.

What HOW?

I've already said, no locked doors.

It's disrespectful towards your sister.

She's at the pool. It doesn't matter.


Jean, open the door, don't make me say it again.

I'm not going to open it.

I'm going to keep on knocking.

Jean, you are fucked.

Let's get out of here.

Let me show you the attic.

Turn that off.

You're making it louder.

Hold on...

Let me check on the jacuzzi.

What's up?

Nothing. Come here.

Stop it, Luiza.

Are you sure you are a virgin?

Wait up.

What happened?

But who took the pictures after all?

She assured me no one in the family. And I believed her.

You know when someone has already been unmasked?

She had no way of lying, she was already so disarmed.


Time's up?

How much?

Fine, I'm coming.

For fuck's sake.

Stay inside and lock the doors. It's just a skunk, Hugo.

Are you sure? Positive.

We never know in this gated community.

Certainly. It's always animals, cats, clogs...

Normally, yes. Never people.

Holy fuck!

Did you trigger the alarm?

Jean! Hey boy.

Did you jump the fence?

What's happening? I'm talking to you.

What happened?

You jumped the fence, set off the alarm...

Can we then finish up? Let's finish up.

Why are you drinking?

What's going on, Jean? Are you crazy?

I jumped the fence. I did.

You jumped! Where were you?

I didn't have money to pay the motel. How was I supposed to pay for it?

Had to jump the fence. Were you at the motel?

Who were you there with?

Take a guess.

Take the products, we can settle later. How do you go to a motel penniless?

Are you a crook? Let's go?

Is that how you were raised?

Talk to me, Jean!

You talk!

Why did you fire Severino?

I didn't fire Severino. You didn't...

No, I didn't fire him. You didn't fire him?

I did not fire Severino.

Quit lying!

Quit lying. Just once, please.

Watch how you talk to me.

Did you know, mom, that dad fired Severino?

You did, huh?

You did know.

You think I don't know what's happening in this house?

No, you don't. Yes, I do!

Don't yell at me!

Do not scream at your father.

I'm not one of your pals.

Respect me.

Now tell me, what's happening?

You tell me. What a scene at lunch!

You're ruining my life, you've ruined my relationship!

I saw Severino driving a van.

Vacation my ass. Jean!

The only one on vacation here is you.

Don't touch me and watch your mouth.

You piece of shit. Say what?

You piece of shit! Jean, don't do that.

Oh my God, stop this.

Let go of me!

Let go of me, you madman. You punk.

Stop it! Let go of me!

We don't do this in this house!

How are you, Noemia? Fine.

What happened?

Did anyone do anything to you? Was Nat rude?


I need you to sign off my papers.

The workload is too much, it's just me in this big house.


I'm so sorry.

Rita left, I haven't replaced her yet... because it's so hard to find a trustworthy person.

But you don't need to do it all. Why didn't you talk to me before?

How could you make such a decision before talking to me?

I got a job in the gated community. Twice a week.

What do you mean?

You've been thinking about it all along?

For God's sake. You've been here for so many years.

You can't do that. Who are you going to work for?

Ms. Lucelia.

No way, not her.

Ms. Sonia...

Mr. Hugo hasn't paid me in three months.

Good luck, son.

Jean! Your phone.

Good luck.

You too.

Good morning, everyone.

If you haven't already, remove your watches now.

Good luck.

Eike Batista's OGX posts record plunge.

Is everything ok?

Just go on.

Let's meet up for a drink in front of the square.

Listen up: "The Black Panties" are playing tonight at Top Dance.

It's going to be epic.

Loads of chicks.


So we meet at the square, grab a beer and then head over.

Sonia, did Jean call you?

No news?

No, I didn't see him walk out.

If he calls, let me know.


Not her. Get out of this date.

Cut loose. Forgot how to do that?

Not Castelo. She's going to Castelo, right?

Another reason to hit Top Dance.

Something new. Forget funk, the thing now is forré.

End of the line, pal.

I'm out of cash, pal.

Sorry, I only have 25 cents.

With that rich-kid face?

I'm so sorry, I didn't realize I was broke.

So? Let him go.

Get out.

Thanks a lot, so sorry.


What else can we do?

Do you know a Severino? He drives a van like yours.

We have lots of Severinos in this community.

Do you know his last name? Yes, Severino Marinho.

Must be the triangle player. Yes, I know him.

Know where he lives? - I'll show you the way.

Noemia? Dean?

What are you doing here? I live here. Come in.

These are my daughters, Alice, Andressa...

That one is Aline, the youngest, Severino's kid.


What a nice surprise.

Calm down.

Let's sit here.

Excuse us.

What happened, Jean?


Does you dad know you're here?

No. You want to call him?

Jean, please call home as soon as you get this message.

Send word.

Straight to voicemail.

I'm starting to get worried.

But it's not my fault. He knew I was waiting for him.


Who's that?


Call Jean again.

Who's this?

Outside of coverage area.

Who was it? Wrong number.

Who was it, Hugo? Wrong number, Sonia.



It's Jean's voice.

It's Jean's voice! What did he say?

What do you want? What's going on?

Nothing, go back to your room. But that's a lot of money.

What's up, mom? I told you to go back to your room!

I don't think we have that much here. Wait.

I want to talk to Jean. He wants 20 thousand, Hugo!

Do something, for God's sake!

It's a hoax, dad, it happens all the time.

Shut up, Nat.

I'll give you... Calm down, mom.

But please, I beg you...

You don't need to hurt my son.

Yes. My husband is getting the money.

We'll do anything you ask. Calm down.

My husband is counting the money.



Listen to me. I have two thousand reais.

Ifs all I've got, so take it or leave it.

You're the one who's not getting it, pal.

Two thousand. Take it or leave it.

So? Calm down.

Get a pen.

Ask him what Jean looks like.

Not there, I won't go. Ask him what he looks like.

It must be at a public place.

Ask him what he looks like, dad!

Ask him what he looks like. Jean.

What does he look like? But I heard his voice.

Hair color, eye color. I heard him.

Don't mention his name, mom. I heard!

So kill him. No, Hugo!

Kill him, motherfucker!

Ifs a hoax. Natalie was right.

Ifs a hoax. Calm down. Sit down.

He's going to kill my son. It wasn't him, mom!

Calm down, Sonia. It was a hoax.

He's going to...

Sit down.

It wasn't him, mom. I heard his voice.

I heard it...

It wasn't him.

Son of a bitch.

My lady's hair is like a guitar string.

Pull it out, it stretches. Let it go, it curls.

My lady's hair is like a guitar string.

Pull it out, it stretches. Let it go, it curls.

Hi, Rita. Hi, Jean. Did you miss me?

Yes. How are you?

So... So?

Know how to dance forré? I think so.

I'd like to see that. Go on, show me.

I told my lady! want her looking good.

So I bought her some hair cream.

In case she doesn't like it...

I also got her a straightening iron.

My lady's hair is like a guitar string.

Pull it out, it stretches. Let it go, it curls.