Cassandra (2020) Script

Someone recognized the latest sketch.

It was the old Wilson farm up in Monroe.

You don't remember anything that happened at the Wilson farm? What do you remember and please state your name for the record.

I'm Officer Crawley, badge 23957

I don't remember where I was before the first murder. All I remember is that I was there. I was the one to find the body.

I asked to help in any way I could the first time we recognized the location depicted in one of Cassandra's drawings before there was a dead body in it.

I was patrolling in the area I said I would get there as fast as I could I'd find out what the owner knew and get him out.

Your life is in danger.

First the sketch. Then the murder.

That mean something to you?

Cassandra Philips?

I used to practice psychiatry.

She drew these?

What if it's not a dream, Cassandra?

Has this man --

He isn't a man.

Has he been --

He still is.

You told her it was a memory.

I was wrong.

Is that what the lawyers told you to say, Dr. Field?

Dr. Aaron Field who in the 1990s along with other psychiatrists in his Chicago circle... had supposedly recovered memories of abuse. until he was accused of purposely planting those memories of abuse that never occurred, causing False Memory Syndrome and emotional distress to his patients, and harm to the reputations of the friends and family members involved.

Then you also know I was never convicted of anything,

What happened to her?

I only saw her for a few sessions and then I was forced to stop practicing.

Two things come in through the window.

I try to run but they pull me back into bed.

The door opens. And it's... It's a man. No, he isn't a man He has strange eyes and... sharp


Like this?

But You never wondered?

I'm sure she grew out of whatever phase that was. Kids tend to do that.

How'd he get up to that window?

Strange eyes and sharp...

What if it's not a dream?

But a memory...

Don't answer it.

The half-goddess Cassandra would predict catastrophe.

But no one would listen.

She would draw pictures. But no one would look.


My patients.

Whose memories of abuse you uncovered and then denied.

I had no choice. I didn't want to go to jail.

But I've been tortured.

Which was her intention.

I'm Officer Crawley, badge 23957, sworn to serve and protect --

I believed you, Cassandra... The horrible things that were being done to you. I believed you

It's not me. I'm no murderer.

I won't let you down again.

I'm sorry, Cassandra.

I'm sorry too.

When he came to the door I remember he reminded me of a deer.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but that's all I remember.