Castle in the Sky (1986) Script

Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!

Mayday! Mayday!


Hold them off!

Sheeta, stay out of the way and you won't get hurt.


Come on!

Hurry up! Break the door down!


Yaah! Oof!

Where is she?


Hey, I found her! She's hiding out here!

Don't let her escape! Quick, get her!

LOUIE: Whoa, Ma! Don't let me go!

DOLA: Quit your whining! I got you!

Aah! She's wearing the crystal!

Now, go get her! Right!

I want that crystal!


DOLA: Oh, no! There goes my crystal!

Oh, no!

I need some meatballs for the boss, please.

All right. You're sure working late tonight, Pazu.

Things are finally busy for a change.

Still working? Yep. Bye!


What is that?

Looks like a body! Whoa!


Aah! Whoa! Whoa!




BOSS: Pazu!

What are you doing up there?

Did you bring my dinner?

Yeah, I did!

But this girl came down from the sky!


BOSS: Blast these old pipes!

Aah! Whoa.

Uh, here you go.


BOSS: Come on! Come on!

Listen, Boss! A girl came--

What? Not again!

Just when I get one thing fixed--

Listen to me! A girl came down--

BOSS: Tighten the second valve, will you?

There's no time to lose!

Ah, this machinery's too old!

I think I need a bigger wrench! I'll get it!

Go run the hoist while I fix this!


You think you can do it? Yeah! Here!

BOSS: Just stay calm and use your head!


Hit the brake! What?

PAZU: Whew.

Well, how'd it go, boys?

No silver, not even any trace of tin.

We're just not having any luck.

Maybe we would if we tried digging... the mines just east of here.

I don't know.

Those mines are worse than this one.

We just have to start all over again.

Let's call it a day. Good night.

'Night. 'Night.

Shut off the boiler, Pazu.

We're not gonna find anything today.

If things keep going like this. we'll all be starving soon.

And, Pazu, maybe you can oil that blasted machine!

OK! Thanks. Good night.

PAZU: 'Night!

SHALULU: Mom, it's no use. Let's call it off.

There's too much cloud cover. It's too dark!


Mom, don't worry. I'll find her!

DOLA: We'll all find her!


PAZU: Hello!

It's about time you got up!

How are you feeling?

Hi, there! My name's Pazu.

I'm really glad to see you're doing all right.

You had me worried there.

Go ahead. Feed them.

Don't be shy. Aah!

These guys are really happy we have a visitor.

Well, thank goodness.

You laugh like a regular person.

The way you fell from the sky...

I thought that maybe you were an angel or something.

Thank you very much for saving me.

Oh, I'm sorry. My name's Sheeta.

Sheeta-- what a beautiful name.

I had to catch you. You were just floating.

What? Floating? Yeah.

Well, I remember an airship... but I can't remember anything else.

That's all you remember?

Mm-hmm. I'm not sure how I survived.

PAZU: Hmm.

Well, I think I might have an idea about that.

May I see your necklace for a second?


My grandmother gave it to me.

It's been in my family for generations.

Wow, it's beautiful.

Could you hold this?


Thanks. Heh.

Get a load of this! Watch!

Here I go-o-o!

Pazu! Are you all right?


Ha! Well, so maybe I had the wrong idea... about this necklace. Aah!


Aah! Aah!


I'm so sorry, Pazu.

Ohh. Are you OK?

I'm fine.

Oh, you scared me. Does it hurt much?

Are you kidding? If my head were any harder... you could use it as a cannonball.

Whoa! The kettle! It must be boiling over!

Come on! Let's go! Follow me! This way!

I'll get breakfast started. You can wash up over there.

There's a clean towel, too.

SHEETA: Great. Thank you.


Sheeta! It's time for breakfast!

My father took that picture from an airship.

He loved to fly.

It's Laputa-- the floating island.

An island that floats in the sky?

Yep. Most people think it's just a legend... but my dad actually saw it.

That's a picture of his airship.

PAZU: It looked like a castle just floating there in the sky.

He said it was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

And that's the only picture he was able to take.

But take a look at this, Sheeta.

Dad kept a journal, and he made all sorts... of drawings of Laputa, see?

There it is. He drew the castle... and also what he thought the people'd look like.

He was sure the castle was filled with treasure... but nobody believed him.

They called him a liar.

Being called a liar is what killed him.

But I am gonna prove that my dad was no liar, Sheeta.

As soon as I'm done building this plane...

I'm gonna take off and find Laputa myself.



It's a real automobile! You don't see many of those around here!

Those people are pirates Pazu. What?

SHEETA: They're the ones who attacked the airship.

They're probably after you. Come on!

PAZU: Good morning! Good-bye!

LOUIE: Hold it! Wait up!

PAZU: Yes? How can I help you, mister?

Young man, query--

Have you seen a little girl around here?

Let me see now.

There are about 100 girls in this town. Which one?

Thanks for nothing, kid!


They are definitely after you, Sheeta.

Louie, go tell your mother! She's in disguise!

So, she's in disguise! Go tell my mother!

Haven't seen her.

That's what you keep saying... but I want you think really hard about it.

PAZU: Boss!


She'd be about the age of those two.

Aah! Oh, no!

There she is! Don't let her get away!



Hey, boss, they're pirates! They're after her!

Pirates? I want to see!

You can stop right there, my friend.

Think you're tough, don't you?

I'm tough enough. We'll see about that.

BOSS: Just go away. We're honest folks here.

What did you do that for?

Quick, leave from the back.

No, I'm gonna fight 'em!

Pazu, what if you wind up getting yourself hurt?


So, somebody's got to protect your friend.

Hmm? Oh. Mm-hmm.

Why don't you get out of our way?

Why don't you just try and make me?

Maybe I will!

HENRI: Oh, yeah! Make your shirt explode.

MAN: Hey, Boss, show him what you're made of!

Ha ha ha!


MAN: You showed him, boss!

I'm not mending that, I hope you know.

Take that, you landlubber!

He took it. He certainly did.

LOUIE: Come on, Shalulu!

Give him something for nothing!


You go get him, boss!


BOTH: He said Mom was ugly, now go get him!

Oh! Raah!

That's it! Get him!

That's it! Punch him!

Come on, you got it!

Yeah! Yeah! Hey, loudmouth!

No... Unh!

Get in there! Give him a right, a left!

DOLA: Whoa! Oh...

They're headed for the railroad tracks.

Let's move it!

Hey! Hey!

We're gonna jump on, Sheeta!

SHEETA: Right! Unh!

PAZU: That's it!

Come on! Unh!

DRIVER: Hey, Pazu, who's your friend there?

PAZU: Her name is Sheeta! Pirates are after us!

It's the Dola gang! Pirates?

Can you drop us at the police station in the next town?

DRIVER: Sure. Help me stoke up the engine!

PAZU: Will do!

Huh? Hey, it's Mom!

You chowderheads! Get your brother and hop on!

But Sheeta's hiding inside that house.

Lame-brain! They made an escape. Now, step on it!

They escaped?

I want to come! Mommy!

Unh! Hey!


Hey, Pazu, here they come!

Can't this engine go any faster?

This is the best she'll do! She's old!

Floor it! Move over!

I'd really prefer to be in the car, Mother!

DRIVER: Increase the steam! They're gaining on us!

We got 'em!


We need you in here!

Help with the fire! OK!




Unh! Charge!

Look out! Aah!

DOLA: Come on! Get 'em! Get 'em!

Hey, come back here!

You'll get yours! Don't just stand there!

Push this train over the cliff!

BOTH: What?

DRIVER: Ha ha ha! We sure showed them!

I can do it now. You were amazing!

Heave! Heave! And heave...

Wait. And stop.

You think maybe it's Muska?

Yeah it's Muska, all right. We gotta find those kids.


Well, What do you know about that?

It's the army to the rescue!

Hey! Could you kindly help these two young people?

Pirates have been chasing them all day!

Huh? What's the matter?

Good-bye, Pazu!

Young lady, come back here!

Unh! Oh!

Sheeta, wait!

Halt, or I'll shoot!

Aah! Ow!

LOUIE: It's an armored train, Mother!

DOLA: And we're the Dola gang! Attack!

PAZU: No! Hey! Sheeta!

SHEETA: Don't follow me! You'll get hurt!


ALL: Whoa!


Don't let go!

Come on!

Where are they, Mother?

DOLA: Be quiet! Just watch them.



Huh? Oh!

Sheeta, we're floating!

You see?

This was what happened the first time I saw you.

See that? It's the power of the crystal.

I knew it!

I knew there was something special about your necklace!

Oh! Whoo!

The necklace will let us down nice and easy.

Boys, I want that crystal!


It's fantastic! Incredible!

I must have that crystal!

It's going out!

Ah, wait. Just a minute.

I guess your necklace must come to life... whenever you're in trouble.

PAZU: Wow, that's a long way up.

I hope they're all right-- your boss and his wife and that nice train engineer.

My friends are all miners.

They can take care of themselves.

I wouldn't worry about them if I were you.

Come on, Sheeta. Let's go.

This has been a mining town... as long as anyone can remember.

Most of these tunnels aren't even used anymore.

PAZU: Here you go.

Thank you. I'm glad you brought some food.

I'm starving.

And for dessert, I've got a green apple and some candy.

Really? You know that bag of yours must be magic.

It's always got just what we need.



Sheeta, where exactly do you come from?

I come from Gondoa-- deep in the northern mountains.

I used to live there with my parents... and we were very happy.

But when my mother and father died...

I was all alone.

The only thing that kept me going... was the farm and taking care of my animals.

But one day. everything changed.

That was the day the men came and took me away.

Whoa, wait a minute. They kidnapped you?


It was that man in the dark glasses.

I wonder who that guy is... and what he's doing with the army.

I think Dola and that man are both after your necklace.

I think you're right, but I had no idea... my crystal was so incredibly powerful.

It's been in my family as long as I can remember.

Mother gave it to me before she died... and she told me never to show it... or give it away to anyone.

PAZU: Huh.

We orphans should stick together, don't you think?

SHEETA: I'm really sorry.

It's my fault getting you mixed up in all this.

PAZU: Are you kidding?

This is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.

I wouldn't miss an adventure like this for the world!


Are you some sort of goblin come to torment me?

It's Uncle Pom! Don't worry. He's a friend.

Uncle Pom, boy, am I glad to see you!

I can't see you clearly yet, goblin... but you sound like Pazu.

And if these old eyes don't deceive me... there's a she-goblin with you.

There are pirates chasing us, Uncle Pom.

Oh? The army's right behind them.

Ha ha ha! That sounds absolutely splendid!

UNCLE POM: The tea is ready. Help yourself.

SHEETA: Thank you. This is great.

Don't you get lonely down here underground, Uncle Pom?

Never, my dear.

All of these rocks are my friends.

They often talk to me.

Ever since last night, they've been especially restless.

The rocks talk to you? Oh, yes, Pazu.

The earth speaks to all of us... and if we listen. we can understand.

The rocks speak in a very small voice.

Huh? Oh, my!



Pazu, look above us!

Huh? Wow!

It was just a hunk of rock a while ago.

SHEETA: Oh, my!

UNCLE POM: The answer lies inside these rocks.

Let me show you.

SHEETA: Pazu, you see?

All the rocks around here contain a bit of aetherium.

PAZU: Really?

Mankind once knew how to mine aetherium... but no longer.


Look, my stone's glowing!

Well, goodness! Bless my soul!

That's a pure aetherium crystal!

There hasn't been one... since before my great-grandfather's time.

No wonder the rocks were restless.

This stone possesses incredible power.

Legend has it that only the people... of the floating city of Laputa... knew how to make such crystals.

They made this crystal?

They used aetherium to make Laputa float in the sky.

PAZU: I knew Laputa wasn't just made up!

You see, Sheeta? It's just like my dad said!

What's the matter?

I'm sorry, but would you put that crystal away?

It's too strong for me.

Oh, sorry.

What is it, Uncle Pom?

Great-grandpa used to tell me the rocks become restless... when Laputa appears over the mine.

Wow! So that must mean...

Laputa's over the mine right now!

Listen! Sheeta, now I can prove that the legend is true!

Sheeta, I must tell you something.


What is it?

That crystal is extremely powerful... but with a power that rightfully belongs... to the earth from which it came.

To forget that, and then to try to use... the crystal's power for selfish reasons... will bring great unhappiness.

You understand? Yes.

Your crystal should remind us that we come from the earth... and to the earth we must return.

Come on, lighten up!

Two times already, that crystal's gotten Sheeta... out of some really big trouble.

And I have a feeling... that crystal's gonna help us find Laputa.

LOUIE: It's flying away!

HENRI: Mom, can we go back to the ship now, please?

DOLA: It's too quiet.

We better just stay put for the time being.

SHALULU: Does this mean no lunch?

The coast is clear. Let's go.

Uncle Pom, thank you.

Be careful, my dear.

Wow, look up there!

Beyond that cloud is a floating city... that no one here on earth believes exists.

But I swear--I am going to be the one to prove it!

Pazu? Huh?

Listen, there's something I haven't told you yet.

You see my family has a very old traditional name... and when the stone was passed on to me...

I inherited that name.

And the name I inherited was Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa.

Laputa? You mean you're...

They found us, Sheeta! Let's go!

Head back to the mine! Stop them!

Unh! Aah!

Hands up!

Don't you touch her!

Let me go! Aah!

Oh, no! Are you all right, Pazu?

You have to wake up, Pazu!

Sir, we've captured them. And about time.



Huh? Hey, let me out!



Where am I?


SOLDIER: Forward, march!


We're wasting time!

You twist an arm or two, and I guarantee the girl will talk.

I respectfully disagree.

Such military tactics risk wasting more time, general.

If my military tactics had been used to begin with...

Dola wouldn't have had a chance to interfere with us at all!

It was a military transmission that the pirates decoded.

You've bungled things, sir. and now I must fix them.

Your job, general... is to mobilize the troops when it becomes necessary.

Muska, just don't forget... that the government put me in charge of finding Laputa!

Don't forget that as the government's secret agent...

I am in charge of you, general.

Blast. I really hate that man.


I trust you slept well?

Where is Pazu? Is he all right? I want to see him!

Now, this is fit for a princess.

Don't worry, Sheeta.

Your friend is being treated as if he were the guest of royalty.

I want you to see something before you see him.

Please step inside.

What is it?

An artificial life form.

It's called a robot.

Laputa was just a legend until this dropped from the sky.


Aah! Oh! Ohh!

MUSKA: Now the government wants me... to unlock Laputa's secrets.

For example, what's this fellow made of--metal or ceramics?

With our limited technology, we have no idea.

But he does tell us one thing.

Come and see.

Don't be afraid, Sheeta. He's really quite dead, you know.

Look there.

It's the same emblem... that decorates the fireplace in your home.

And your crystal.

You see, Sheeta, this crystal also comes from Laputa.

And I believe the powers locked inside it... are capable of leading a person back to that city's treasures.

Then why? Why don't you just take it?

Just take it and keep Laputa's treasures for yourself... but leave Pazu and me alone, please!

You think I'm doing this for money?

You understand nothing.

According to the legend, the same technology... that kept Laputa airborne also made it... a major power that once dominated the entire planet.

If such a horrible thing is still floating up there... you can understand what a threat it is... to the peace of the world.

Sheeta, the stone only works for you.

You must know of some way to make the stone... point out the location of Laputa.

I really don't know anything. Please let me see Pazu!

I don't want to see any harm come to anyone... but I simply can't control what the military might do to him.


In the event that you cooperate...

I'm sure whosever is in charge will grant Pazu his freedom...

Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa.

You know my real name.

"Ul" means "ruler" in Laputian. "Toel" means "true."

You are the legitimate heir... to the throne of Laputa, Princess Lusheeta.



SOLDIER: Let's go! Out!


Are you all right, Pazu?

I'm OK, but what about you? They didn't hurt you, did they?

Pazu, I'm so sorry. There's been a grave misunderstanding.

We had no idea how nobly you fought... to protect our little Sheeta from those awful pirates.

What's he talking about?

Pazu, do this for me. Forget about Laputa.

What are you saying?

It's been decided that the search for Laputa... will be made secretly by the army... with Sheeta's cooperation.

Really, the best thing you can do... is forget you ever heard of the place.

Forget about Laputa?

I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble.

I hope someday you can forgive me.

I can't forget! No way!

Laputa means too much to both of us!

Good-bye! Sheeta!

Aah! Come back!

Now, behave, little boy. Use your head!

Here, take this-- a little something... to show our appreciation of your efforts.

Only you can do it.

Remember the words that bring the crystal to life.

Keep your promise, and you too will be free.

Unh! Huh?

Hey, mommy! Mommy, it's Pazu! Pazu's outside!

Oh, my! Pazu!

Where have you been?

We were all very worried about you, Pazu.

What happened to your friend?

It's over now. What?

Pazu! Come back!


Welcome home, sonny.

PAZU: Get out! Aah! Get out, or I'll throw you out!

This is my house!

Oh, you don't scare me.

You can't even protect one small girl!

What do you mean?

Hey, Mom, can I keep this money?

Up and sold the little girl, did you? I know your type.

PAZU: You don't know what you're talking about!

They offered you money, and you took it, didn't you?

I only left because Sheeta told me to!

That's why.

So, you believed her, and you came back here, right?

You're just a scared little boy who runs away!

Says you!

You don't even have the guts to stand up to Muska and the army!

He who turns and runs away can steal the treasure another day!

Don't you think it's kind of strange... that the army's gotten into the kidnapping business?

Do you really think they'll keep her alive?

Don't you see that they forced her to make a deal?


She saved your life. Get it?

LOUIE: Mommy, you amaze me. How do you know these things?

DOLA: Well, you can't be a sensitive woman like me... without leaning a few things.

Sheeta and I are exactly alike-- all warm and mushy and sensitive.

Now, so when you boys get married...

You go find a gal like her.

Huh? She's gonna end up like mama?

Aw, Mom, that was-- The ham! Gimme that!


Well, it won't work changing the code on me.

They're calling for air destroyer Goliath.

They're planning to take off with Sheeta.

We've got to hurry, or it'll be too late!

Come on, boys! Stop eating!

I'm going!

Wait! Are you going to rescue Sheeta?

No, you little squirt. We want her crystal.

Wait a minute! You've got to have Sheeta... to make the aetherium crystal work.

Otherwise, it's useless!

Please let me come with you! I need to save her!

Sheeta means everything to me.

You know something?

You're acting like a sniveling little crybaby.

Maybe you're right. I should have protected Sheeta... but instead, I was stupid and angry.

But let me come with you... and I swear I'll protect her this time!

Pazu loves Sheeta Be quiet!


Guess you'll be useful in getting Sheeta to cooperate.

You might never come back here again, Pazu.

I know.

Ready for what might happen? Mm-hmm.

We leave here in one minute!

Now, you guys be good.

Here, fasten this. Right!

Let's rendezvous at the Tiger Moth.

What a superb ship!

Muska, has the girl surrendered the information?

It will take a little more time.

More time?

Well, you'll have plenty of that aboard Goliath.

We set out with her at first light.

Hurry! We have to get there before sun up!


Well, well, now, what shall we do?

Sheeta, maybe grandma should teach you a spell-- one that will help you when you're in trouble.

A spell?

Yes, my dearest. An ancient secret spell.

Leetay latuparita ulus arialos balu netoreel.

Leetay a...

The words mean "save me."

"save me and revive the eternal light."

So, leetay latuparita ulus arialos balu netoreel.

Leetay latuparita ulus... arialos balu netoreel.

Aah! Aah!


Ahh. I knew it!

It's the sacred light!

The ancient documents were true! It's not just a legend!

What are you talking about?



Tell me the spell! What are the secret words?

Did you hear that? Yeah.

Huh? Huh?

I'm telling you, this thing is alive!

Do you hear me? Alive!


GUARD: Help, it's alive! And it's after us!

Run for your lives! It's the robot! Go! Run!

It's come back to life!

Hurry! Hurry! Sound the alarm! Quick! Quick!

SOLDIER: He's moving!

What's happening? Sir, it's the robot.

It's coming toward us!

Shut the fire door! Hurry!

Pull back! Look out!

Aah! The power!

Yes, I understand.

It's your crystal.

The force of the sacred light... has brought the robot back to life!

The way to Laputa has been opened!

Let me go!

Ohh! Unh!


It's going to fly!



Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh!

It's Laputa.

Finally. I now know the way to Laputa.

Hurry! No time to waste!

What do you mean, robot?

I want to know who's trying to blow up my fortress!

Are you there? Somebody answer me now!

We're ready. You're connected now, Colonel.

This is Colonel Muska. We have an emergency.

You'll take your orders from me now.


Hurry! I need that shell now!

Fire! Fire!


Let's get up there now!

We demolished it! We got him!

Go get the girl!

Over there! Yes, sir.

SOLDIER: Make sure it doesn't move, now.

Is she dead?

Hey, get up.

Nah, she's only fainted.

Come on. Oh, no!



Must be some kind of war goin' on!

Take her down, Dola! Call me captain!


Ha ha ha!

Just keep your big head down, Shalulu!


Stop it! You're destroying everything!

Please, stop!

Captain Mother, Goliath is moving! Goliath is moving!

If we stay on this heading, we'll be in the line of fire.

Change course! Look! There she is!

It's Sheeta! What?

Where'd you see her? Steady as she goes, captain!

PAZU: She's on top of that tower!

One for all and all for mom!

Cover me! Good luck!


My hand--take it!


I've gotta get in a little closer, Dola!

Aah! Uhh!


But they're here to help me! Please, put me down!




PAZU: Dola!

No! They're falling!



Come on!

Oh, come on, pull up!


It's now or never, Pazu.

I'll take us in, and you grab her.

PAZU: Right!

Over here!

OK, captain! Go!

What are you doing? Fools! Don't let her escape!


An entire army, and they're getting away!

It's not over.

Muska, Muska! What on earth happened to the robot?

We destroyed it, and the girl's gone.

What?! Ohh!

Look at this. It's a disaster.

I think we may have found what you've been looking for.

Extinguish the fire! Organize a pursuit team!

It still possesses its sacred light... pointing to Laputa.

You may now go tell the general for me... we will be departing on time.

Sheeta, you OK?

If I did something wrong...

I'd really like to apologize for it, Sheeta.

DOLA: We all did something wrong... wastin' our time on these two kids.

Here's your valley up ahead.

I'll drop you off there, and that'll be that.

It's allright.

Dola, will you let us sail with you and the boys?

Call me captain, darn it!

I don't see what the heck's in it for me... since you've lost the aetherium crystal!

We can work.

And I have to find out the real truth... about Laputa for myself, captain.

So, you're not interested in money... but you want to find out the truth about Laputa.

Heh heh. Well, I guess there's worse reasons... for you wanting to become a pirate.

LOUIE: Mother, I say let 'em come along.

DOLA: Tow the line and work hard, or overboard you go.

PAZU: Yes, captain.

Yes! No more swabbin' the decks! Hooray!

I won't have to wash the dishes!

I've peeled my last potato! Yee-haw!

Whoopee! Whee!

CHARLES: Sheeta, can you make pudding?

I love pudding!

I get to lick the spatula!

And I like chocolate cake with that--

Oh, what's that frosting? It's kind of pink and swirly.

Will you shut up? Ah, what can I tell you?

They just really like dessert.


And disembark.

Uhh! Wow, what is this ship made out of, cloth?

And don't you rip it!

Uhh! Uhh!

Come on, we'll go topside.


DOLA: You're goin' the wrong way! Come here!

I don't like slow-pokes!

Ohh! Pazu?

DOLA: Come on, matey. I haven't got all day.

LOUIE: Work, work, work. Busy, busy, busy, busy.

Left, right, left, right. You're not here to have fun.

Whoa. This engine room is really amazing.

Is that what it's called?

Hey, papa! Where are you?!


Hey, pop, I finally found you an assistant!

Stop yelling at me! I can hear you!

Believe me, sometimes I wish I couldn't.

Uh, hurry up. He is even tougher than my mother.

It's too narrow. I can't reach.

It's OK. I got it.

What's your name? Pazu.

But the beam from the crystal was pointing directly due east.

Are you sure about this?

Yes, I'm sure I could see the sun rising from the tower.

You know, it's the end of grass-cutting season... so the sun rose not from due east... but a little further south.

The light was pointing to the left of the hill... from which the sun rose, you see?

Pretty smart. Found anything yet?

Haven't found a single thing, captain.

DOLA: They're jamming the airwaves... so we can't find 'em. the flying devils.

Mom, how can we catch them when they're faster than we are?

Well, It looks like we're cruising on the windward side of 'em.

So if we manage to ride the trade wind...

Let's see. According to my calculations... with wind velocity at ten... looks to me like we'll catch 'em.

Attention, all hands! Now hear this!

Goliath is already underway for Laputa.

We're gonna set sail and go after them.

If we can catch the wind... we'll be on their heels by tomorrow.

The first man to spy Goliath will receive ten gold coins.

That's good money!

And if the stories we've heard about Laputa are true... there'll be enough treasure... to make an honest pirate of us all.

Ha ha! All right! All hands aboard!

Look alive and get to work!

Let her rip!

Course, ninety-eight degrees. Velocity, fifty.

Now you gotta start dressing like a real pirate.

Let's see... here.

And this is where you'll be working.

DOLA: This is the galley. I want it shipshape... sparkling clean, and ready for action in one hour.

That's an order. But I--

The boys get awful hungry, so you'll serve 5 meals a day.

You blubberheads! I'm not runnin' a luxury cruise!

Now get to work!





SHEETA: Come in.

I'm afraid I'm still cooking. Nothing's ready yet.

It took me a long time to clean everything up.

Ahem. Uh, yes? What is it?



I finished my work for the moment... and I've come to offer you my help.

Well, that's kind of you.

Would you please hand me those plates over there?

With pleasure, my little ang-- ohh!

I thought you said you had a stomach ache.

I'm in love with you!

You? Hello.

Move! Too crowded.

Hey, what do I look like, a chair?

Hi. Is there anything I can do?

Huh? Hey!

What's come over you, my dear?

It's not like you to challenge a ship like Goliath.

You know, the odds are against you.

I'm after treasure. That's all.

Heh heh heh. I must admit, those kids are cute.

What do you mean by that, you old fool?

Nothing. But that little girl... does remind me of you not so long ago.

Who asked ya? Nobody.

Oh, look. Checkmate. Huh?

MAN: Fabulous!

Does anyone want any more?

I do believe I will have a second helping.

Yes! I want some more!

Come on, young pup.


Time to go on duty.

It's cold. Take this.


I'll take over. Thank you!



Ohh. Whoa!

Ohh! That was exciting.

Wow! You can see forever.


Sheeta? Here.


SHEETA: That's better.

This is great. Now we can keep watch together.

Pazu? Hmm?

SHEETA: I'm really scared.

To tell you the truth, I don't want to go to Laputa.

What do you mean?

Didn't you tell Dola the truth?

SHEETA: I didn't lie to Dola.

What I said about the light's direction is true.

But what if someone else dies?

PAZU: You mean, like the robot?

SHEETA: He died to save my life.

I feel awful.

All this is because of a spell my grandmother taught me.

She taught me all sorts of spells.

A spell to use when you're looking for something... a spell to cure sickness.

There's even one she told me I must never use.

What kind of spell? The spell of destruction.

SHEETA: She said that to give power to good spells...

I had to know evil ones, too.

But she told me never to use them.

I was so scared when I leaned that spell...

I couldn't sleep.

I didn't know the spells were connected to my necklace.

Uncle Pom was right when he said... that it was dangerous for us to misuse the power of the crystal.

And what if Laputa has the same power... that can also be used for great evil?

I wish I'd thrown the crystal away.

But then we never would have met.

And anyway, even if you had, Laputa would still exist.

Airplanes and flying machines are getting better and better.

You know, eventually, some explorer or another... will come across the city of Laputa one day and claim it.

I can't say I know what's best... but if Laputa really has such great power... we can't let it fall into the hands... of bad people like Muska.

And if we run away now, Muska is gonna chase us forever.

But Pazu, I don't want you to become a pirate... because of me.

I'm not gonna become a pirate.

And don't worry. Dola will understand.

She's much nicer than she pretends to be.

And when we've finally found it...

I promise you we'll go back to Gondoa.

I want to see it all, Sheeta.

The old house where you were born, the valley and everything.

SHEETA: Oh, Pazu.

Sheeta, what's that?

Right there. Under the ship. See it?

Captain, it's Goliath-- right under our bow!

Starboard rudder, full speed ahead!

Why don't you go after them, Muska? Get them!

It's useless to look for them in the cloud cover.

I don't need to waste my energy on a wild-goose chase.

Besides, we're running right on schedule.

It was farther north than I figured.

Pazu, listen carefully to me.

Everything will be ruined if we lose track of Goliath.

You've got good eyes. so I want you... to watch her and keep us on course.

How do I do that, captain?

The crow's nest can be made into a kite.

See the metal handle on the bulkhead?

I got it! Turn it clockwise!

DOLA: Hook it up and then turn the handle.

That'll make the wings open.

Now extend the wire.

You'll have to get the hang of flying it on your own.

Are you up there, Sheeta, my dear?

Yes. Best you come down right now.


Because you're a girl-- a female! That's man's work!

But you're female, captain!

I grew up in the mountains. I can do this!

Sheeta, no!

Be quiet. And Pazu agrees with me.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

All right, me hearty, once you take off... you'll have to use the phone to communicate.

SHEETA: You mean this phone?

She is good.

Right. I think we're set. Ready for takeoff.

DOLA: Aye-aye. Anchors away!

I don't see them.

They must be hiding under the cloud cover.

DOLA: Perhaps. But they could also be above you.

Keep your eyes peeled..

Roger! Whoa! Whoa!

PAZU: Hang on tight!

DOLA: What happened?

PAZU: Nothing. Just a gust of wind.

Didn't bother us at all.

We're fine. We'll keep on watching.

Afraid? Uh-uh.

I got the hang of this thing now.

Storm ahead.

Sheeta, look in my bag.

There should be some rope in there.


Let's tie ourselves together. This storm is gonna be rough.

Good idea.

The mercury is dropping really fast, mom.

Blast our luck, boys. What a rotten time for a storm.

When is sun-up? In one hour.

Wait a minute. Something's not right.

The sun is coming up in the wrong place.

We're out of position.

You're right. We're supposed to be heading east, not north.

We're going the wrong way. Captain!

Huh? What do you mean, we're headed north?

But the compass needle is pointing east, mom.

There's something confusing the compass... and I want to know what it is!

SHEETA: There it is! Look!

There what is? Is it Goliath?

PAZU: No, it's a cloud... and I've only seen one other like it.

A cloud?

It's heading right for us!

That's it.

I'm not gonna captain my ship into the eye of a hurricane!

Pull back! Pull back, I tell you! All engines reverse!

We're being pulled into the center of the storm!

DOLA: Sorry, Pazu, we can't help you!

You have to ride it out. Good luck, sailor!

I can't get it to turn!

Put more backbone into it, my boy!

Dola, the engine can't take it!

What do you want me to do about it?

Just do what you can!

Clouds are breaking up.

Uhh! It's the ocean! Huh?

Pazu, it's a hurricane!

I see it, captain! We're going in!

Wow. It's just like dad said-- two winds blowing in opposite directions.

DOLA: Shiver me timbers! What a powerful storm!

CHARLES: Mom, it's no use! We'll be sucked in!

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a quitter!

PAZU: Captain, Laputa's in there!

Laputa's where?

This is just the kind of storm my father saw... and Laputa's in the middle of it!

DOLA: It can't be. It'd be smashed to pieces!

Pazu! Look there! Huh?

My boys, we have a dilemma.

It's Goliath off the port bow!

We're gonna go into the hurricane.

My dad made it through alive, and so will we!

Ready? Brace yourselves, gentlemen!



We did it! Got 'em!

If we don't turn, we'll hit that storm.

All ahead full. Sir?

MUSKA: The light is pointing to the center of the whirlwind.

Laputa is in that storm. I won't retreat.

Now go straight ahead-- and that is an order, captain.

Ready, Sheeta? Yes!




Sheeta! Hey, are you all right?

Wake up.




Uhh! I'm sorry.

Here. Wait a minute.

It's a very tight knot. uhh!

My hands are trembling.


Hoo-hoo! Ohh!

Aah! Whoa!

Pretty birds.

They must live here, Pazu.


I think he must be here to meet you, Sheeta.

But I don't have the aetherium crystal.

Wait, I've gotta cut us loose.

PAZU: Hey, wait!

You're gonna break that! Wait!

Please, Mr.Robot, don't do that.

We won't be able to go home without it.

It's a bird's nest.

That's why he's here.

I'm so happy the eggs are all right, Pazu.

It must be his job to take care of them.

He says to follow him. How do you know?

I just know that's what he said!

Ohh! Look!

It's a city.

I can't believe we're inside a building.


Wow, the walls are invisible. Yeah.

I wonder what happened here.

This used to be a city of advanced technology.

It must be a monument.

I wish I could read what it says.

Someone left some flowers. Look.

Did you leave the flowers?

Hey, that's a different robot.

It looks like it's been frozen there forever.


They must've been protectors of the garden.

And they've kept on guarding the place... even long after all the people have gone.

Oh! You've picked another flower for the grave.

How kind of you.

Oh, thank you.

You must be the only one left.

It looks like all the other robots... stopped working a long time ago.


You know what, Sheeta? I bet he's not lonesome at all.

He's got plenty of friends-- the animals and the birds.

He takes care of them.

This way!

The army has destroyed this part of the city!

SHEETA: I sure hope Dola and the boys are all right.

PAZU: Me, too. Where are they? Do you see them?

Wait! There they are! They've got 'em prisoner!

SHEETA: They've been captured! We've got to help them!

If we don't, they'll hang 'em from the yardarm!

What'll we do? Come on.


Sir! Sir!

We've managed to break down the wall, general.

Just a sample of what we found inside.

The city is full of treasure, sir.

Mama! Whoa.

Wouldn't you like to have this?

Well, I've got a different kind of necklace for you!

Have you radioed a report on Laputa's discovery, Muska?

I was about to.

See if you can make it difficult to decode.

And stop pocketing those jewels, you scum!

MUSKA: The perfect thing to throw those fools off the scent.

We're up so high.

I hope you're good at climbing trees, Sheeta.

I've got a plan.


PAZU: What a greedy pack of thieves.

We can't let them destroy the garden, Pazu.

We have to find the aetherium crystal.

We have to find it.

It's the only way we can protect the garden.

I was wondering why... all of the storm clouds just disappeared.

Then I realized if they hadn't cleared up... the army couldn't have made a landing.

You think it was because of my necklace?

I don't know for sure, but I think... the power of the crystal disintegrated that storm... and now the castle has awakened from its sleep... for whoever holds the crystal.

We can't let Muska figure out how to use the crystal.

If he does. it'll be the end of everything.

But even if we can get my grandmother's crystal back... how can we use its power?

The spell, Pazu!

The spell of destruction.

Sheeta, it may be the only way.


FIRST SOLDIER: We need help over here!

SECOND SOLDIER: You, soldier! Go find the general!

FIRST SOLDIER: Somebody give us a hand!

SECOND SOLDIER: Move now! You heard me!


We need to get down there.

I'll go first.

Right. Be careful.

Unh! Aah!

It's OK-- aah!



MUSKA: It's around here somewhere.


MUSKA: It should be here. Wait!

This is it!

Huh? Unh!

It's the boy!

Aah! Aah!

Sheeta! Stop! Don't shoot!

Well, well, looks like we caught a little princess.

Don't hurt her!

Unh! It came from over here!

Colonel, what's happening? We've found another pirate.

And there's one more hiding under your feet.

SOLDIER: Yes, sir! We'll get him.

Sheeta, I'll find you!



Is that Pazu?


Holy smokes! Eww.

That wasn't me!

I need the commanding officer! That way!

The general's waiting over there.

Guards, on the double! Now!

SOLDIER: You men, come with me!

Right away, sir! Yes, sir!

Dola. Huh?


Hi there.

Sheeta's been captured. I'm going to save her.

When I cut your ropes. make a run for it.

Good luck, now, captain.

Wait a minute, boy.

You'd better take this.

Huh? Uhh-- thank you.

The boy has become a man.

What? What do you mean, Muska's destroyed all the radios?

Sir! He must've done it while most of the men were outside.

Several of the guards have been seriously injured.

We've spotted Muska heading for the black dome below, sir.

He's not alone. He's got those other two men with him.

So, Colonel Muska reveals his true nature at last.

Now find him and arrest him!

All right, first platoon, move!

Second platoon, fall in!

You are to shoot anyone who resists!

We must find Colonel Muska now!

Uh, excuse me, Colonel Muska. Where are we?

We are in the center of Laputa.

The castle above us means nothing!

All of Laputa's scientific knowledge... is contained in this chamber.

You may wait here, gentlemen.

Colonel, please!

This is a sacred place... where only royalty is allowed to enter.

Huh? What's happened here? Uhh!

These filthy roots don't belong in this chamber!

Horrible things. I'll have them burned.

This way. Come!

There it is! This is it.


MUSKA: Not here, too! Aah!


At last! At last I have found it!

The largest aetherium crystal ever.

And the source of all the power in Laputa.

The amazing thing is this beautiful stone... has been awaiting the return of its king for 700 years.

SHEETA: Seven hundred years?

700 years is a long time to be without a king, isn't it?

It's the black stone, just as the legend says.

Get away!

There it is. It's the same.

Who are you, Muska?

Yes, my dear. I, too, have an old secret name.

My real name is Romska Polo Ul Laputa.

You and I have the same royal ancestors.

We are both of noble blood.

But then our ancestors left Laputa to live on earth.

What a mistake!

The explosives have no effect! This is no ordinary stone!

Then use all of the dynamite we have!

MUSKA: General. there is no need to do that.

You may come in.

Where are you, Muska?

Aah! Aah!





Huh? Aah!

MUSKA: Really, I don't understand... why you hesitate, general. Please come in.

Blast him! All right, follow me!


After him, men! Hurry!

Wait, wait, hold on! Wait a second.

Just where are you, Muska?

MUSKA: Please be quiet.

What? Up there!

Whoa. What's going on?

Hold your tongue, commoner!

You are in the presence of the king of Laputa!

The man has gone crazy!

I thought I would show you an example of Laputa's power.

We are about to celebrate the rebirth... of the Laputian kingdom.


MUSKA: Prepare yourself for the thunder of Laputa!

Sheeta, I'm coming. Aah!

The fire of heaven that destroyed...

Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament.

The Rahmaniya referred to it as Indra's Arrow.

The entire world will once again kneel... before the power of Laputa.

I can only say well-done, Muska. You're a credit to our country.

As such, you deserve this reward.


I have really had enough of your incredible stupidity.


Run, everyone! You little brat!


Blimey! More robots!

Yeah, and there's a lot of them.

Make a run for it!

Check the flapters! OK, mom!

They're ready to travel!

LOUIE: Time to go, mama!

Hush up! They don't know we're here!

Tarnation. Now, where are Pazu and Sheeta?

Can't leave without 'em.


You had better be gracious to the new king, dear.


You and I will be spending quite a lot of time together.

Look at the fools.

Unbelievably stupid!


They simply don't understand. It is useless to fight me.

Aah! Uhh!

Aah! Ah!





MUSKA: A superior being such as myself has only one option-- burn them.

Don't you agree, Princess Lusheeta?

MUSKA: Ha ha ha ha ha!

You insolent little brat!


Seize her!


Be a good girl and give the crystal back.

Please open up! Please!


Sheeta, listen to me. Be reasonable.

There's no way you can escape.

SHEETA: Please open! Help me!




PAZU: Sheeta!

Pazu? Where are you?

PAZU: Sheeta! Over here!


You're alive! Stand back.

I'm gonna blast through.

Here we go! No, Pazu! Hurry! Take this!

Muska's coming! Hurry!

SHEETA: Here, take it!

Throw it into the ocean!



Better protect that crystal if you want to see the girl alive.

Do you hear me?!


Get up, princess. The game is over.

How appropriate that we've ended up in the throne room.

Now get over here.

This is no longer a throne room.

This is a tomb for the both of us.

You see, a king without compassion... does not deserve a kingdom.

You will never possess the crystal.

You and I will die here together.

Now I understand why the people of Laputa vanished.

There is a song from my home in the Valley of Gondoa... that explains everything.

It says, "Take root in the ground...

"live in harmony with the wind...

"plant your seeds in the winter...

"and rejoice with the birds in the coming of spring."

No matter how many weapons you have... no matter how great your technology might be... the world cannot live without love.

Laputa will live. I will return it to life.

Laputa's power is the dream of all mankind.

Your ears are next... unless you get on your knees and obey me.

I command you. Give me that stone!

PAZU: Stop right there, Muska!

I've hidden the stone!

If you do anything to harm Sheeta... you'll never get it back!

No, Pazu! Listen!

Run away before he kills you as well as me!

Look who's here.

Why don't you give me the stone, and the girl will live.

Otherwise, I'll kill her.

Are you planning on fighting me?

Go ahead. Use that cannon you can hardly lift.

You can have the stone if you let me talk to Sheeta.

No, Pazu! Get out of here and throw the crystal away!

I'll give you one minute, starting now.

Ohh, Pazu!

Sheeta, listen to me very carefully.

Whisper the spell to me.

I'll say it with you.

Just put your hand in mine and trust me.

Dola and the boys are free. Don't worry about them.

Time's up. What is your answer?


Balus. Balus.

Aah! Aah!


Aah! My eyes!

I can't see!

No! No!

We can't wait anymore, mom!

All right, then. Let's shove off!

Hurry Up!

Look at that! The whole thing's collapsing!

Poor kids, I'll really miss them.

They used the spell of destruction.

They saved Laputa from the evil hands of Muska.

Mother look! What is that big blue light up there?

It's a big stone

That tree is getting away with our treasure.

Get it! Get it! Move! Come on you stupid little weirdos!



Looks like these roots saved us.

It looks fine, it should work.




What's going on here? It's getting away from us.

Sheeta! Yeah!


Thank goodness you're alive.

So are you! This is great.

No it's not! My poor little ship is gone forever.

Stop it a-cryin' you big baby! I'll get you another ship.

Oh poor little thing, Nothing worse than having your pigtail shove off.

What have you got under there?

Oh my fault, You must have hurt yourself on these.

Now how'd they get inside my blouse?

All good pirates listen to their mom.