Cat Shit One (2010) Script

This is Cat Shit One. CP, do you copy?

This is CP. Over.

Three canaries in sight. I've got a visual on ten armed enemies.

Good work, Cat Shit One.

We'll send a unit over. Stay on the lookout until they arrive.


Doesn't look good, Packy.

What'd you expect?

Packy, we need to help them now!

CP, Canary is getting tortured. The enemy looks pretty agitated.


CP, we've already got one canary down. What's the ETA on my backup?

The second platoon will arrive there in approx. 50 minutes.

Things don't look too good. Can you get 'em here quicker?

How about a chopper?

Alright then, we'll send one over there sooner. Give us 30 minutes.

No, there's no way we can wait that long! We're going in. Over.

Wait, Perkins. Perkins!

Wait, Packy. I see at least 15 of them out there.

We're taking them on ourselves? Are you crazy?

If we don't now, they'll both end up dead.

But it's impossible. Not without backup.

There are two professionals here. That's more than enough.

Wa-wait. Whaaat?


You stay here and wait for my signal over the radio.

I'll go flank them from the side.

You can leave if you want to, but just keep in mind that the guy in the middle of that shit storm is me.


Don't worry. We got this, ok?

Botasky... now.

I'm with the CMS. I'm here to rescue you.

Try to stay calm.


For a second, I thought you guys abandoned us.

Sorry we're late, but don't worry about it, we're gonna get you home in one piece.

Thank you!

There's gotta be one more...

Botasky, what's going on? Do you copy?

They spotted me! I'm under attack! I'm screwed, Packy!

We're on the move, Botasky. I need you to relocate and cover us!

Come in, Botasky! Botasky, can you cover me?!

Botasky!... shit!

Haaa... let me catch my breath.

Don't give me that bullshit, Botasky.

What the hell were you doing?

I'm sorry. I was scared.

You know, you aren't the only one who's scared around here.


Of course you'll get worn out if you carry something around like that.

Take it off.

But it's just so cool lookin'...

All that equipment is completely useless. That's what's slowing you down.

Slowing me down... these were expensive.

I don't want to get rid of them...

Don't worry. Help's on the way.

CP, this is Cat Shit One.

We've successfully freed the hostages. Where we at on that chopper.

Perkins, listen.

Three enemy trucks are heading south toward the settlement.

They're probably reinforcements.


Are you kidding me? We're screwed!

I'll send the chopper to pick you up, one kilometer south of there. Move, now.

We have one injured canary. Pick us up here.

Negative. The enemy will beat us there.


Code name is Angel One. Use a yellow smoke signal.

Good luck! Over!


One kilometer south? He's on a stretcher! They're gonna catch up to us.

We don't have a choice. We have to go. OK?

Alright, we have to get to the pick up location.

Bota, you take the stretcher.


Can I ask for your help, Bowen?

S... sure.

Thank you.

Here we go.

Packy, we're ready.

Come on, let's go!

Botasky, you gonna have to escort them to the chopper alone.

I'll stay here and buy you guys some time.

Are you kidding me? You can't do that!

If no one slows them down, they'll definitely catch up.

But coming for you, they're gonna-

Botasky, we'll only risk more if you stay with me.

Don't come back, okay?

That's an order!

We don't have time for this shit, Botasky!

Yes, sir.

Ok, now move out!


Here they come.

It started. We gotta hurry!


That should scare them off.

Behind that rock over there.


The helicopter will be here soon.


Oh, shit!


Bota, why the hell'd you come back?

We'll talk about that later!

Packy, hurry!


I guess my gun is not so useless after all, is it?

You stubborn son-of-a-bitch.

And the hostages?

The hostages are safe but if we go now I think we're all gonna be able to make it.

Alright, let's go!


Two down!

Let's move!

Bota, run!


We're screwed.

Cat Shit One, this is Angel One. Where are you?

This is Cat Shit One. We're located on the southwest corner.

We're surrounded by enemies. Take 'em out!

Copy. We see you.

That's one hell of an angel to the rescue.



This is Angel One. Enemies are retreating. Over.

This is Cat Shit One. Thanks for the support.

Let's go home!


Hey, Botasky.

I thought I ordered you not to come back.

So why the hell did you?

I was trying to save your life.

My life is none of your business.

You disobeyed your commander's orders.

Man... guess I saved you for nothing.

Listen up, Bota.

When we get home... all your drinks are gonna be on me.

Better brace yourself!


You copy?

Hell yeah, I copy!