Catch Me Daddy (2014) Script

(Young man) 'A great bird landed here.

'Its songs drew men out of rock.

'Living men out of bog and heather.

'Its song put a light in the valleys and harness on the long moors.

'Its song brought a Crystal from space and set it in men's heads.

'The bird died.

'Its giant bones blackened and became a mystery.

'The Crystal in men's heads blackened and fell to pieces.

'The valleys went out. The moorland broke loose.



(Bird calls)

(Liquid pours)

(Wind blows)

(She laughs)

(Girl) My dad said whoever invented Black Forest gateau was a genius.

(Boy) Black Forest gateau? (Girl) Yeah. Tastes well good.

(Boy) That's only cos Pakis can't make good desserts.

(Girl) Shut up. Course they can.

I remember when me and my brother used to go to my dad's restaurant after school and we always used to have Black Forest gateau.

Dad always used to call me Chum Chum as well.

(Boy, laughing) Chum Chum? (Girl) Yeah.

(Boy) What did he call you Chum Chum for?

(Girl) There's this pink little dumpling. (He laughs)

(Girl) What you laughing at? (He laughs)



(Boy) How's your hot Chocolate?

Shit. (Laughs)

(Rain patters)

(He laughs)

Leave me alone.

-(Girl) Aaron. (Muffled response)

Aaron! (Laughs)

(Sing-song) Laila.

You look like (Indistinct).

(Laila laughs)

(♪ TIM BUCKLEY: "Phantasmagoria In Two")

(Aaron) Laila.

♪ If a fiddler played you a song, my love

♪ And if I gave you a wheel

♪ Would you spin for my heart

♪ And loneliness

♪ Would you spin for my love ♪

♪ If I gave up all of my pride for you

♪ And only loved you for now

♪ Would you hide my fears and never say

♪ "Tomorrow I must go" ♪

♪ And everywhere there's rain, my love

♪ Everywhere there's fear

♪ If you tell me a lie, I'll Cry for you

♪ Tell me of sin and I'll laugh ♪


(Speaks Punjabi)

That's OK.

(Baby talk)

There we are.

(Speaks Punjabi)


Lie down.


(Till rings)

(Baby talk)

Are you tired?

A little bit? OK.

(Speaks Punjabi)

(Phone rings)


Hi, dude. How you doing?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll meet you there, bud.

Meet you there. Alright, bye.

Hey... Oh, it's cold, isn't it?

It's cold.

(Phone buzzes)

(Phone rings)

(Phone stops ringing)

(Phone rings)

(Sighs) Hi.

(Coughs) How you doing?

OK, Bar.

Yeah. OK, I'll see you in a bit.


(Engine starts)

Two minutes.

Get in! (Dogs whimper)

(Dog barks)

Let's go.

What's happening? They've been spotted in Calderton.

Yes, on it. (Speaks Punjabi)

Alright? Alright, bro?

How are things? Good.

(Speaks Punjabi)

No problem.

Same old, bruv.

(Speaks Punjabi)

(Phone rings)

(Phone continues to ring)

(Opens canned drink)


(Indistinct conversation)

(Man Chuckles)

What's up, bruv? (Speaks Punjabi)

(Indicator ticks)

You alright? Alright? How you doing, brother?

(Door opens)


Yeah, I've stopped smoking for 24 hours, you know. I feel shit hot.


I'm having acupuncture.

Great. (Toilet flushes)


Don't wash your hands.

(Tap runs)

Your cousin's a bit of a weird Cunt, you know.

I'm Barry. How are you? Hi.

Where do you know these dickheads from?

He looks like Alan Shearer, bro. (Front passenger laughs)

(Northern soul plays)

(Hip-hop plays)


(Woman) Just a little swallow on the wrist and he had a diamond on the back of his neck and...

She's got a big one on her thigh and it's this, er...

Well, it does look like her, actually.

She's not the smallest of people, either.

(Customers laugh)

(Toddler) Hello, Vicky!

(Vicky) Hello, handsome, how are you?

Hey, Lewis.

Want a biscuit? Here, let me get it out for you.

One of them ones.

(Laila) What do you say? (Woman) Oh, my gosh!

What do you gonna be when you grow up? You gonna be gymnastics?

(Lewis) Me... Dad. Are you gonna be a dad?

Yeah, my dad.

(Lewis laughs) (Vicky) That is my biscuit!

How dare you take my biscuit?

Shh! We're gonna jump out in a minute.

One, two, three. (Roars)

I had a fucking weird dream last night.

(Driver) Aye? Yeah. You were in it.

(Driver) Me? (Chuckles)

We were in a fucking barber's, yeah, waiting for my haircut and these fucking monkeys are getting their hair cut.

You're fucking like in the background sweeping up.

I'm the sweeper? You're the fucking sweeper.

And you're fucking screaming at me, "Give me a fucking hand, Barry!"

I'm just fucking, like, laughing at you.

The fucking... You throw the brush at me, yeah, and when the brush comes at me, it hits the wall and snaps in half.

Turns into a knife. I go fucking on one. I grab this fucking knife, yeah.

As soon as I grab this knife, these fucking monkeys spin round.

Start fucking clapping. (Laughs)

Start clapping that I chased you off. Fucking weird dream.

(Driver) Ah, Jesus.

What happened in Sheffield, bro?

She'll be working in a salon.

(Man whistles)

(Man) Come on!


(Mutters encouragement)

I went to buy some off him and he gave it me in this little tube, like a vial on, like, a wire.

Next fucking thing... I had it, it were alright.

Next thing, I give it her, and greedy bollocks has gone in the toilet, had a big fat line out of it. But rest of it were ketamine.

She ended up on her arse with no fucking shoes on.

I had to carry her home on my shoulder.

He'll never let me forget it either. I won't do, no.

You done? Great. Yeah.

(Woman) I'll see you tonight.

(Man) We'll give you a bell before we go out.

(Vicky) Alright. See you in a bit. (Woman) See ya.

Right, I'm gonna go. Alright.

Oh, can you bring your National Insurance number tomorrow, please?

Er, yeah. Sorry, I keep forgetting.

Don't worry.

Do you fancy coming Aca's with us?

I'm chilling, actually. Er... a bit broke.

I was wondering if I could borrow 20 quid off you just till payday.

Yeah, of course you can.

Here. Ta.

You want to stay for a smoke?

Erm, yeah, yeah.

I will do. Yeah?

I can't smoke it in my house cos of the kiddie.

So what's it like in Acapulco's?

Alright, yeah. It's two for one on a Thursday if you get there before...

I don't know, half ten or 11, summat like that.

If you're a lass, you get in for free. Oh, cool.

Cheap night out, innit? Hm.

You gonna come, then?

I'll think about it.

(Vicky) Shh.

I cannot be arsed to have any more customers tonight.

(Man #1) He's walking like he just got bummed up the arse, bro.

(Man #2) Fucking looks like it.

(Speaks Punjabi)

Laters potaters...

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Would you like a two-for-one offer on the milkshakes?

What did you say?

Would you like a two-for-one offer on the milkshakes?

Erm, yeah. They're different varieties.

Are they good? Yeah.

(Laila) I've got this voucher thingy. Yeah.

So I get two milkshakes...

...and pay for one? Pay for one, yeah.

Oh, cool. What kind do you do? Any kind you want. It's up to you.

(Laila) Erm... What about, er, cornflakes and Mars or summat?

No, that'd be rank, like. You don't want one of them.

What, really? Yeah.

Sounds good, though. It does, but it's not.


What about... What about summat with Skittles in it?

That'd break the blender.

What, the Skittles? They're nice and soft and chewy.

Nah, they'd break it. How does it break it?

Cos it would. Cos they're too hard. Oh, right. Er...

Can I have a Milky Way and a Ferrero Rocher?

Yeah. And then, er, that Fizz Wiz and marshmallows.

Yeah. Cool.

(Laila) How long are they gonna take?

(Assistant) I don't know. As long as it does.

(Barry) You alright, mate? Seen these two?

Have a look.

Just have a look. (Driver) No, mate.

Have you seen these two?

I haven't, no. Sorry, mate. No, I haven't.

If I give you my number, will you ring me?

Yeah. I'll give you £50 if you see them.

(Man) If I see them, I'll give you a bell.

Are you alright in the head, like? You look a bit stoned or something.

You're going well slow.

(Assistant) Gotta make sure it's perfect, haven't you?

Make the perfect milkshake, that's how you get customers.

Oh... Why you laughing?

You're smirking. Why you laughing? It's just a question.

What are you laughing for?

I don't know. I just laugh. I'm a laughable person.

Am I gonna get my milkshake or what? Yeah, OK.

Cos you're talking at me, distracting me.

Hello there. You OK? Er, yeah.

Can I have some co-codamol, please? You can. Is it for yourself?

Yeah. Have you had it before?

Yeah. Are you on any other medications?

No. That's £1.49, please.

Thank you.

There's 51 change.

And there's your tablets. Thank you very much. Bye!

(Voice on phone) Er, caravan.

(Aaron) Oh...

(Sighs) I know. I'm gonna have to go. I'm gonna have to go. Speak soon?

(Aaron laughs)

OK. Love you. Bye-bye. Bye.

What's this? Got you a milkshake.

You bought a milkshake? Yeah.

How much was this? Don't matter how much it were.

(Popping candy pops)


What's that? Fuck's sake!

It's popping candy! Ah, it's weird, man.

Is it crackling in your mouth? That's fucked up. (Laughs)

That's weird.

It's called Fizz Wiz. So what did you do today?

Went into town.

And? Just looking for work.

Anything? Did you find anything? No.

I seen there was a job in the White Lion today.

Ah, that's washing dishes, Laila. Fuck that, man.

What's wrong with that?

Why the fuck do I want to wash dishes?

What, do you think I like washing old snidey women's hair?

You're talking to your pals all fucking day, aren't you?



They're on the left-hand side at the bottom of the bar, mate.

Can I get a pint of Carling, please?

(Barry) Seen these two?

No, sorry, mate. Never seen them in my life before.


(Aaron) What are you doing?

Getting ready to go out.

(Aaron) Go out? Where you going?

Vicky's asked me to go to Acapulco's with her.

(Aaron) That's the club, innit? Yeah.

You know it's fucking far too unsafe to go out.

What are you even doing this for? Is this to annoy me?

Well, Vicky and all her friends are gonna be there as well, so...

(Aaron) You think it's safe to go out dancing?


I'm talking to you. What?

(Aaron) You're not going out.

Right, whatever.

(Aaron) Don't "Right, whatever". You're not fucking going out, simple as.

OK? Right, whatever. Yeah.

Laila. No fucking going out. Right.

Get fucked, you dog.


"Hello. What you doing?"

"Hello, Lola."

"Where are you, baby?"

(Man #2) Captain Hook.

(Barry) Alright, lads. (Man) Alright?

(Barry) Seen these two?

(Man) Why do you want to know?

(Barry) They owe a landlord six months' rent.

(Man) Nah, I don't know them, mate.

(Barry) OK.

(Barry) You seen 'em?

(Man 2) I've seen the Asian girl working at the salon.

(Barry) Nice one.

What are these?

(Man) Catfish shark. The orange one there is a tiger oscar and there's a razorback turtle.

(Barry) What the fuck's that? A bearded dragon, that.

Mad. Alright, sorted. (Man) Alright, mate.

Here, Tony.


♪ I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin So far ahead, these bums is laggin'

♪ See me in that new thing, bums is gaggin'

♪ I'm starting to feel like a dungeon dragon

♪ Raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon

♪ I'm starting to feel like a dungeon dragon

♪ Look at my show footage... Why you got a face on?

I'm not sulking.

♪ Yeah, I said it, has-been

♪ Hang it up, flat screen...

(Aaron chuckles)

♪ Hey, Nicki, asthma

♪ I got the pump It ain't got medicine

♪ I got bars, Xenocin

♪ I'm a bad bitch, I'm a cunt

♪ And I'll kick that ho, punt...

(Aaron) Laila.

I'm sorry.

♪ You need a job, this ain't cutting it...

I was just trying to keep you safe.

(Aaron laughs)

♪ I am a movie, camera block

♪ You outta work, I know it's tough...

(Barry) Here y'are.

Seen these two around?


You sure?

We don't get many Asian girls in the tanning salon. Sorry.

Don't get fucking smart. Have another look.

Where the fuck are they? Tell me where they are.

(Phone rings)

Hello? (Indistinct voice)

(♪ PATTI SMITH: "Land")

♪ The boy was in the hallway drinking a glass of tea

♪ From the other end of the hallway a rhythm was generating

♪ Another boy was sliding up the hallway

♪ He merged perfectly with the hallway

♪ He merged perfectly, the mirror in the hallway

♪ The boy looked at Johnny, Johnny wanted to run

♪ But the movie kept moving as planned

♪ The boy took Johnny, he pushed him against the locker

♪ He drove it in, he drove it home, he drove it deep in Johnny

♪ The boy disappeared

♪ Johnny fell on his knees

♪ Started crashing his head against the locker

♪ Started laughing hysterically

♪ When suddenly

♪ Johnny gets the feeling

♪ He's being surrounded by

♪ Horses, horses, horses, horses

♪ Coming in in all directions

♪ White, shining, silver studs with their nose in flames

♪ He saw horses, horses, horses, horses

♪ Horses, horses, horses, horses

♪ Do you know how to pony?

♪ Like Bony Moronie

♪ Do you know how to twist?

♪ Well, it goes like this

♪ It goes like this

♪ Baby, mash potato

♪ Do the alligator, do the alligator

♪ And you twist the twister

♪ Got to lose control Got to lose control

♪ Got to lose control

♪ And then you take control

♪ Then you're rolled down on your back

♪ And you like it like that, like it like that

♪ Like it like that, like it like that

♪ Then you do the watusi

♪ Yeah, do the watusi

♪ Life is filled with holes

♪ Johnny's laying there in his sperm coffin

♪ Angel looks down at him and says

♪ "Oh, pretty boy, can't you show me nothing but surrender?"

♪ Johnny gets up, takes off his leatherjacket

♪ Taped to his chest there's the answer

♪ You got penknives and jackknives and switchblades preferred

♪ Life is full of pain

♪ I'm cruisin' through my brain

♪ And I fill my nose with snow

♪ And go Rimbaud, go Rimbaud, go Rimbaud

♪ And go, Johnny, go And do the watusi

♪ Oh, do the watusi

♪ Twistelettes, twistelettes, twistelettes, twistelettes

♪ Baby, calm down

♪ Better calm down

♪ In the night, in the eye of the forest

♪ There's a mare, black and shining with yellow hair

♪ I put my fingers through her silken hair and found a stair

♪ And I don't waste time, I just walked right up and saw that up there

♪ There is a sea up there

♪ There is a sea up there... ♪

I'm gonna go get some beers. You want anything?

Remember to put the chain on, Laila. Right.

(Barry) Whoa, whoa. Stop here.

Pull over there.

Go the caravan park. That lad's in that shop.

Just wait here. I'll go and get her.

You what? Listen, it's my sister, yeah?

Motherfucker. Stupid motherfucker.

(Passenger) Fucking dozy bastard.


What's up with him?

(Zaheer) He's been in hospital.

He's been really ill.

He's just come home. He wants you home.

I know it's not your fault, but...

You don't know how much he loves you.

I love you so much. I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't.


Answer the fucking phone.

(Phone vibrates)

(Phone stops vibrating)

(Zaheer) I want our family to be peace.

I want everything to be the way it used to be.

You're my baby sister.

Get your stuff, come on.

When you went to Pakistan, you left me.

Do you know how it feels to be in between you and Dad all the time?

Any little thing, I have to deal with it!

He threatened to kill me. Do you blame him?

Look what you've done. (Phone vibrates)

Fucking living like a shizzer.

Do you think he can show his face anywhere?

(Barry yells)

(Barry) Get that little bastard! Little bastard!

Where the fuck were you?

Listen, get your shit, let's go.

Dad's not sick. Get up now!

I'm not gonna tell you again! Get up!

Get your shit, let's go. I'm not going anywhere.

(Zaheer) You're fucking coming with me now!

(Phone vibrates)

Give me your phone.


(Phone vibrates)

Aaron. Laila. What's happened?

'(Laila speaks indistinctly)'

Laila, they know we're here. They know where you are.

Get out the fucking caravan. 'I need to call an ambulance.'

Never mind the ambulance, Laila. Get out of the caravan.

Leave your brother. Get out of the caravan.

(Breathes heavily)


(Mutters) For fuck's sake...

(Phone rings)

(Grunts, screams)

(Shoby yells)


You bitch.

(Train horn)

(Train brakes squeal)

Come on.

(Speaks Punjabi)

I just chased the bitch all over there. Fucking done my ankle in.

Daft little bitch, man.

Now what?

Who? Zaheer?

Are you being serious?

Oh, no, no.

You know we're fucked now.


Laila. Fuck! Laila, are you OK?

(Sobs) Aaron. Laila, you're OK. OK? Shh.

Shh, you're OK. We have to go back.

Shh. Here, listen. We need to go back.

We can't go back, right? We can't go back. Shush. Shh.

We need to ring an ambulance.

If you ring an ambulance, it's gonna bring 5-0 and who will they blame?

You. You, Laila.

Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Yeah.

We have to go. We have to go now. We have to go. Right?

We have to get a bus and we have to get out of town.

We have to go get a bus.

Come on. Come on, come on.

(Barry) Stupid Pakis, man.

Stupid fucks.


(Laila) I can't just leave him.

Alright. Go on.

(Laila sobs) (Indistinct)

(Laila) Acapulco's, we could go there.

We could just... We could stay there.

Fucking hell.

It's Craig. Leave a message.

(Aaron) Craig, listen, mate. I need help, alright?

Give me a phone as soon as you can, mate. Alright? Cheers, pal.

Stop the car, stop the car!

She's gone into that club over there.

Fuck me.

(Loud dance music)

(Line rings)

It's Craig. Leave a message. Fuck's sake.

(Laila) Hey, Vicky! Hi!

Can you help me? (Indistinct)

(Indistinct conversation)

(Laila) Get off me!


(Breathes heavily)

(Spits) (Asian driver) Barry!

Fucking prick! Oi!

Fuck, man.

(Barry) Fucking drive.

Dopey sausage, man. Get fucking rid of him, man.

What happened? Fucking kicked off.

Fucking prick. (Phone rings)

Bloody hell.

Oh, shit.

(Driver) Hello? '(Indistinct voice on phone)'



Can I get a taxi to Leeds, mate? Yeah, get in the first one, mate.

Right, cheers, mate.

(Phone rings)


You two from round here, then? (Aaron) No, mate.

(Driver) Apparently it went off in that club Acapulco there tonight.

Did it? Yeah. It went off.

Some fucking bald fucker got his head kicked in.

Oh, I'm fucking knackered, I am.

I don't want to be too philosophical and all that but...

You know, you're working, know what I mean? You're dealing with people, and then at home, you know what I mean, I'm dealing with the missus, dealing with your folks, dealing with the kids.

They're annoying, you know what I mean? They're so annoying.

That's what my kids are. But I love 'em to bits, I'll be honest with you.

I wouldn't change them for the world, but, you know, come mealtimes, it's like, "Eat your dinner. Eat your dinner. Eat your dinner."

And they just look at you. And you go, "What the f... What are you looking at?

"Just eat your dinner.

"I don't want you to look at me, I just want you to eat your dinner."

You know... Basically, I do everything for my family, do you understand?

And there's no... There's nothing about me no more, you understand?

Your life's become all about everybody else.

And you've been doing it so long, know what I mean?

People say to me, "What do you do?" and all that.

I go, "To be honest with you, I don't even know what the fuck I do."

You just do what you do, innit?

So are you two on a mission, yeah?



(Aaron) Laila, what's he saying? (Driver) Uh?

What are you saying, pal? Oh, nothing, my friend, just talking.

Just shut the fuck up and drive the car, eh?

(Driver) No problem, man, no problem.

Where are you going? (Driver) I'm just going this way.

No. Listen, go back on that other road. Get back on the other road.

Mate, this is the way we go, honest. Turn back and go on the other road.

Just turn around here, mate. Give me a sec, yeah?

You know what? Just pull in, mate. I will do. Just give me a second.

Fucking pull in! (Laila) Aaron!

Do what I'm fucking telling you! Pull in!

(Driver) Fuck! (Laila) Leave him!

(Aaron) Pull in!

(Tyres screech)

Laila, get out the fucking motor.

Come here, you fucking... (Yells)

(Aaron) The fuck!


(Aaron coughs)

(Engine revs)

(Aaron coughs)

(Aaron groans)


Fucking... (Indistinct)

You fuckers!

(Laila) Are you OK? Fuck! Do I fucking look OK?

Look at my fucking eyes!

What the fuck were you saying to him in the taxi?

Nothing. What the fuck were you saying to him?



(Aaron grunts)

We'll fucking move. Go higher. Get a fucking signal.

Hurry up!

(Wind blows)


Craig. Thank fuck. Listen. '(Indistinct voice)'

Listen, mate, I'm in a fucking rattle. Turn that down.

Go somewhere you can fucking hear me.

I'm in a fucking rattle. This is serious.

(Barry) Where the fuck are they?


(Aaron) Laila.

(Aaron) Come on.

Laila. Move. Come on. Come on.

(Aaron) Come on. Come on. Come on.

(Spits) Fuck it.

What happened, then?

Give me a light.

Give me some cowie.

I don't have any cowie.

I know you've been fucking sniffing. Give me some cowie.

If I had some, I would give you some. I don't fucking have any.

Listen, give me some fucking cowie now.

Fucking lying prick.


(♪ JACKSON C FRANK: "My Name is Carnival")

♪ I've seen your face

♪ In every place that I'll be going

♪ I read your words like black hungry birds read every sowing

♪ Rise and fall

♪ Spin and call

♪ And my name is Carnival

♪ Sad music in the night

♪ Sings a scream of light out of chorus

♪ And voices you might hear

♪ Appear and disappear in the forest

♪ Short and tall, throw the ball

♪ And my name is Carnival

♪ The fat woman frowns...

Is Aaron in? No, he's not in.

I said he's not in. He's not... No, he's not.


Shut the...

♪ Outside your iron gates with one wish granted


♪ Colours fall...

Look at the phone. Look at the phone.

♪ Play the game of Carnival


(Tony) That's that then, eh? That's fucking that.

She'll turn up eventually. Eventually? For fuck's sake.

I didn't sign up for a long game. I'm not in it for that.

I just need to get paid, mate.

Job ain't finished. (Scoffs) Finished?

You said we just need to scoot around these shithole towns, find this silly bitch and take her back to her dad.

That was your exact words on the phone.

Yeah, things fucking change.

I need to get the fucking dough.

And? And you said it was going to be easy.


And so it fucking isn't easy and I haven't been paid.

And? For fuck's sake.

You took my last fucking bit of coke.

There's no fucking money.

You fucking carry on talking to me like that, I'm gonna batter you in your mouth.

Fucking running... I'm fucking do you a favor.

You're getting fucking paid at the end of it.

Keep your fucking mouth shut and drive.

This is fucking shite. This is just a nonsense.

I'm gonna ring Junaid, yeah, and get him to ring the old man.

Why don't you get in touch with the old man?

I just fucking said I'm gonna ring Junaid and get it sorted.

When the fuck do I get my money?

The old man talks to Junaid, Junaid talks to you and you don't tell me fuck all.

I'm last in fucking line here. It's a pile of shite.

Fucking silly old cunt.

(Phone rings)


(Man) Is that Aaron?

Hello? 'Listen...

'We've got your mum.

'Call the police, we chop her up and put her in bags.

'Bring us the girl and we'll let her go.

'Do you understand me?'

(Laila) Craig? Er, I couldn't hear him.

(Laila) Probably raggin' it, isn't he?

Aye. (Line rings)

Please pick up.

(Woman) 'Hi. It's Lindsay. Leave a message.'

Come on, pick up. Please pick up.

Answer me.

Please, man.

(Line rings)

'Hi. It's Lindsay...' Pick up.

(Phone chimes)

(Breathes heavily)

Laila, they have my mum. What?

(Sniffs) They have my mum.

They found her fucking house. I don't know what to do.

I really don't know what to do.

That's my mum. They've got my fucking mum, Laila.

(Sobs) Sorry.

(Aaron) I'm sorry. We fucked up.


Dad. It's me.

'(Indistinct voice)'

Dad, I'm sorry.

I didn't know you were sick.

They've got my friend's mum.

Dad, you've got to stop it.

I'll... I'll come back.

I'll meet Zaheer today.

I'm sorry, Dad.

You need to let 'em know.

(Laughs) Look who it is.

Raoul Moat.

Can I have a chicken burger and chips, salad, no tomatoes?

What the fuck are you playing at? You think I'm a fucking fool?

Who the fuck's that? (Shoby) That's his mum.

She just flapped it. We're off to go meet 'em now.

Let's go.



(Laila sobs)

(They both sob)

It's gonna be OK.

Here, wait.


(Shoby) Shut the fuck up.

(Laila screams hysterically)

Shut the fuck up, you daft slut!

Shut the fuck up.

(Laila) No!

(She continues to scream and cry)

Get off the girl!

Get off! (Gunshot)

(Barry) What the fuck are you doing, Tony? Put the cracker in the car.

(Tony) Laila, Laila. Come here. Come here.

What the fuck are you doing, Tony? (Gunshot)

Get in the car.

(Car engine starts)

(Laila breathes heavily)

(Tyres screech)

(Vehicle approaches)

(Engine starts)

(Laila hyperventilates)

(Laila) Why...?

Why did they...?

Why...? Breathe. Breathe slowly.

(Laila coughs)

Take this. Take this!

Fuck's sake, take it. It's just Valium.


(Brakes squeal)

(Car stops)

Come here. Take it. It's Valium. Just take it.

It'll help you.

Look, I'll take one. I'll take one.

(Laila coughs)

Here's another one. Take it.

OK? Good girl.

I'm Tony.


Tony, you little prick, what the fuck do you think you're doing?

Bring the fucking bird back to us. Ring me as soon as you get this.

(Shoby) Where's your dickhead mate gone?

You are shit to me.

I tell you one thing, it better get fucking settled, Barry.

Go to his kid.

(Line rings)

(Phone rings)

'Lift going up.'

(Knocks at door)

Tony, man. What's happening? Barney. Hey.

Come on.

Alright. Alright.

Let us have a quarter of pot.

I ain't got it in block. (Tony) That's OK.

Just point eight so I'll throw an extra one in.

That's OK. That's great. Aye, sure, mate.

Who's the chick?

One of them, is it?

Sick man, you are.


I'll have everything tomorrow.

Four hundred? Aye.

Deffo? Aye.

(Barney) Don't let me down tomorrow, Tony.

Six, seven...

And there's the extra one. Makes up for the point.

(Tony) Thank you, pal.

Can I just use your kitchen? I've just got to sort some shit out.

(Exclaims) Oh, man.

You push the boat out, you, Tony.

Help yourself, but make it quick. You know what I mean?

(Tony) No problem. Thanks.

(Barney) Don't be all day, though. (Tony) I won't be long.


I'm gonna phone your dad. What phone?

No, listen, Laila is here, though.

Yeah, I've got her here.

I'm gonna bring her.

I don't know about Zaheer. I don't know.

I'm going to bring Laila to you.

I'll bring her to you, you give me the money, OK?

The guys you were gonna give...

No, Junaid and Zaheer...

No, you don't get... The money you were gonna give those guys...

You're not dealing with them anymore.

You give me the money, OK? Where are you? Where are you?

Listen, mate, I don't know what the fuck you're saying, mate.

Jesus wept. This is...

Fuck. Tell him I want the money, OK? Ask him where he is.

Tell him. Dad.


I'm sorry.

What did he say?

I'll take you home, OK?

(Tony) OK. OK.




Is that you, T? That's us.

I want it tomorrow. Aye, laters.

(Barney) Don't let me down, bro. (Tony) No problem.

(Door closes)

(Locks door)



(Phone rings)



(Indistinct voice)

Fucking Tony?

What the fuck's that about?

(Speaks Punjabi) ...taking her back.

(Barry) Where the fuck are they? (Junaid) Restaurant.

(Sighs) Let's fucking go there.

You'll be OK back at your dad's.

Laila, you'll be OK.

Let's go.


(Takes a sip)

(Puts the glass on the counter)

(♪ "Highwayman")

♪ I fly a starship

♪ Across the universe divide

♪ And when I reach the other side

♪ I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can

♪ Or perhaps I may become a highwayman again

♪ Or I may simply be a single drop... ♪

No, Dad.



I'm your Chum Chum.


Chum Chum.

(They both cry)

(Phone rings)

He's gone.

He didn't want to be there.

(Line rings)

(Phone rings)


(Tariq, in English) Hello, Junaid.



(Speaks Punjabi)


I'm your Chum Chum.

Dad. I'm still your Chum Chum.

(Laila) Dad!


(Laila) Dad.

What do you think I am, a fucking Paki undertaker? Eh?

I want my fucking money. What do you think I fucking am?

(Barry screams)

(Speaks Punjabi)

(Tyres screech)


Please, Chum Chum. (Sobs) No.




(Tariq) Chum Chum. No, Dad.

I'm your Chum Chum.

(Sobs) Dad!


Dad, I'm your Chum Chum.

(Tariq shouts in Punjabi)

Dad, can I take it off?

OK, Chum Chum.


I'm your Chum Chum!


I'm your Chum Chum.

(She stops crying)

(He sobs)


(Tariq mutters)



(♪ EXUMA: "Dambala")

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Sing of the wings

♪ Of a three-toed frog

♪ Eat weeds from the deepest

♪ Part of the sea

♪ Bring the trumpet from heaven

♪ And the fire from hell

♪ Then nobody

♪ Can break the spell

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ On the seventh day

♪ God will appear

♪ On the seventh night

♪ Satan will be there

♪ On the seventh day

♪ God will appear

♪ On the seventh night

♪ Satan will be there

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ You slavers will know

♪ What it's like to be a slave

♪ A slave to your hearts

♪ A slave to your heads

♪ A slave to your souls

♪ A slave to your graves

♪ You won't go to heaven

♪ You won't go to hell

♪ You'll remain in your graves

♪ With the stench and the smell

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ I'll melt down your walls

♪ I'll melt your steel guns

♪ I'll make you dumb

♪ I'll make you blind

♪ Dambala send demons

♪ Dambala send angels

♪ Dambala send fire

♪ Dambala send water

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh! Oh, Dambala

♪ Come! Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, oh! Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh! Oh, Dambala

♪ Come! Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala

♪ Oh, Dambala

♪ Come, Dambala