Catwoman (2004) Script

PATIENCE: It all started on the day that I died.

If there had been an obituary... would've described the unremarkable life...

...of an unremarkable woman...

...survived by no one.

But there was no obituary...

...because the day that I died...

...was also the day I started to live.

But that comes later.

This was my life.

Days blended together, consistently ordinary...

...thanks to a job that was the practical version of my passion.

I'm sorry. MAN: Watch where you're going!

I was supposed to be an artist by now.


...I was designing ads for beauty cream.


You are so addicted to that stuff, Sally. Happily.

Beau-line is magic in a bottle. I don't know how you get it.

It's not even in production yet. We have our ways.

Hey. No!

Headaches again.

My brairs all tight and cranky. Ooh.

In one week, precisely, we will launch the most exciting...

...and revolutionary product to hit the beauty industry since...



Now, Beau-line doesn't just hide the effects of aging... actually reverses them.

However, with change...

...must come sacrifice.

My husband...

...and I have decided that it's time for me to step aside... the face of Hedare.

It has been a magnificent 15 years.

But we have decided to choose a new face to represent Beau-line.



The future of Hedare Beauty.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I look forward... seeing you at the gala, where you can toast to Drina and our success.

Careful, George. She's not old enough to drink.


You've got more talent than anybody in the building, which I hate you for.

Sal, this is my first lead campaign. It's gotta be perfect. You know that.

HEDARE: What is wrong with you?!

Good luck.


You simply couldn't resist it, could you?

You had to make a scene out of it, Laurel.

What's the matter, George?

Did I steal your moment?


Come in!

Hi, Mr. Hedare. Uh...

Did you still want to see me, or...?

Sit. Right. Okay.

I'm not pleased.

This isn't even close to what I wanted.

I can't imagine what on earth you were thinking.

I am so sorry...

I mean, look at this red. It's all wrong. I wanted it darker.

I specifically heard you say... I know what I said.

Okay. Maybe I misunderstood you. Clearly.

Mr. Hedare, I know I can fix it.

If you give me a chance, I know I can fix it.

I do not reward incompetence.

I have no idea why I expected your art to show better taste than your wardrobe.

Oh, and do try and get a manicure, will you?

Oh, for God's sake, George.

Let her fix it.

She's good and you know it.

Whatever. By tomorrow night.


Right. Thank you.



Excuse me. Hi!

Do you think you could just maybe turn the music down...

...just a little bit?

No? Okay.





Kitty! Kitty.

How'd you get up there? Come down here.

What, are you stuck?

You're gonna make me come out there.

Hey! Easy! Hold on a minute! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Whatever you're thinking or feeling...'s not won'th it, you understand? I'm a cop. Maybe I can help.

Okay. I'm fine.

It's just that... Listen to me.

We'll get through this together. What's your name?

Patience Philips. But this cat...

Sure, sure, Patience, and it's a real beauty.

Very cute. The cat's not up here anymore.

Okay. And I'm sure that makes you very sad.

What's your apartment number? Twenty-three!

Hold on!



LONE: I got you.

You okay? Thanks.

LONE: You sure you're okay?

That was the cat.

You werert kidding.

You actually climbed out there to rescue your cat?

Yeah. I mean, no. It's not my cat, it's a cat.

To rescue somebody else's cat?

Well, that's something else.

Oh, my gosh, I'm late for my job!

I'm on a deadline today. LONE: Yeah? Well, good luck with that.


Thank you!



After all, no one can defeat Father Time.

Though you did put up a hell of a fight, didn't you?

Beau-line works wonders, doesn't it?

Yes, it does. Uh-huh.

I have a busy day today.

Drinks, then dinner. Don't wait up, will you, darling?

I stopped waiting a long time ago, George.

Oh, and that lunch tomorrow?

Cancel that too, will you? Problems?

I doubt it...

...but Slavicky won't stop calling. You know scientists.

They're worse than models. You have to coddle them all the time like little children.

I'll have Wesley reschedule. Bye.

Hey! Man sandwich, 12 o'clock.

Oh, my God.

Hello, Miss Philips.


This is the officer I was telling you about from earlier.

Detective Lone.

Tom Lone. God, that is such a good name.

Tom Lone.

Rhymes with cone, phone, bone.


Not that rhyming's all that important.

I'll just be in my cubicle.


Hi. Hi.

How'd you get...?

You dropped something.

You can really cover a lot of ground when you're in a hurry.


Is this yours?


It's nice. Thanks.

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of early Chagall.

Elegant, but whimsical.

Very much in the...

...tradition of the old Dutch Masters. I'm impressed.

Don't be. I noticed all the art in your apartment, so I Googled it at the office.

No, but really, I like it. Thanks.

Listen, I wanted to apologize about this morning for thinking you were a jumper.

I was hoping to make it up by taking you to coffee.

I know this great Italian place around the corner, Grecchio's on 6th.

Or, listen, maybe tomorrow's better. Say, 1:00?



Okay. Yeah?

Okay. So tomorrow then, 1:00.

You make sure she gets there. Yes, officer.

Counting on you. I screw it up... can throw away the key.


LONE: See you tomorrow.

Okay, bye.


That is a man in serious like with you. You think?

Hello. We got a lot of work to do.

First, you gotta shave those legs.

Second, wear that leather outfit we got you for your birthday.

Remember? First, it's only coffee.

And second, I will never, ever, ever wear that leather outfit.


PATIENCE: Good night!

Hi, this is Patience in the art department.

Yeah, I'm expecting a messenger to come and pick up...

But it's gotta be there by midnight.

Well, I... I know it's not your fault, but...


I'll take it myself.

Hello? Is anybody in there?

LAUREL: Oh, come on, Slavicky.

When did you grow a conscience?

I don't care that the FDA never saw the headaches...

...and the nausea and the fainting spells.

Those are symptoms I can live with.


And with what we stand to make from consumers demanding their fix...

...I can live with it being addictive.

But these side effects from the long-term studies...

LAUREL: That won't happen if they keep using it.

And we'll make sure they do...

...because that's where the money comes from.

I'm not sure anymore.

Hello? Hello?

SLAVICKY: I thought I could live with it...

...but I can't live with turning people into monsters.

PATIENCE: Oh, my gosh!

SLAVICKY: Let me pull the plug. We can't let this go on the shelves.


Who's there?

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Armando, come in. I'm on my way.

You can come out now. It's okay.

We'd just like to ask you a few questions.

PATIENCE: Uh... Sorry.

But I think maybe I'm in the wrong...

What are you doing? Don't ever do that again.


Where is she?

She ran down to waste treatment, jumped in a pipe.

We don't know who she is, but we know what she heard.

LAUREL: We can't risk it. Get rid of her.

Seal the door.















SALLY [ON MACHINE]: Patience, I've never been so proud of you.

You're probably sipping your decaf soy whatever...

...fantasizing about licking the foam off his lips.

Wait, that's what I'm doing. How'd the presentation go?

Did you get me free samples of it? Listen, call me.


MAN: Hi, I'll take a decaf latte.

Hey, Patience, it's Tom Lone. I'm here at Grecchio's waiting...

...and you're not here.

Anyway, I gotta get back to work, so, uh...




Okay, kitty. It's time for you to go home.


Are you Ophelia Powers? Yes.

I got your cat off a ledge and ever since... Why, Midnight.

You've never brought a stranger home before.

Please, come in.

No, I can't come in. I've got to go to... I'm late.



Midnight. I'm sorry?

Her name.

She's an Egyptian Mau, the rarest of breeds. Temple cats.

It's said that Maus have special powers.

Mm-hm. Like popping out of nowhere? I know.

Among other things.


PATIENCE: Your cat...


No caffeine.

It makes him irritable.

You look a little out of sorts yourself, my dear.

The cats, perhaps.

They seem to be taking quite an unusual shine to you.

This has been a really bad day for me already.

I can't even remember most of yesterday. Perhaps I can help you.


This really isn't your problem. I don't even know why I'm here.

It's all right. Tell me. Really. I'm late for work.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't even... Come back anytime. I'm always here.



I'm fine. I am fine.

What the hell is wrong with you?!

You never delivered the design!

You don't even know where they are.

You do not know where they are because, and I quote you, you "cannot remember"!

Your incompetence is staggering!


Are you even listening to me?


I'm sorry!


Sorry's not nearly enough.


Then let me try the remix.

I'm sorry for every second I wasted...

...working for an untalented, unethical egomaniac like you.

Clean out your cubicle. You are fired.

Wait! Mr. Hedare!

I didn't mean it.

Did I?

My hero.


LANCE: Where did that come from?

I don't know, it's like I can't describe it.

I was saying it, but I wasrt saying it. Do you understand?

Whoever said it has the thanks of a grateful art department.

You don't understand, Sal. I wanted to cause him pain.


I'm sorry.

What was that? Allergies?


SALLY: You just got fired, remember?

PATIENCE: But it's so pretty.

Sal? Sal?


Sally! Sally?


Ever noticed when they keep you for observation no one really observes you?

Did they tell you what was wrong? Oh, they have no idea.

They did run a million fun tests, though.

Hey, upside, you gotta see my doctor.

I can see you're feeling better.

Reminds me, what's up with the "hot yet modest, but who cares...

...because he's so hot" detective?

It's not gonna work out, Sal.

Patience, you never think it's gonna work.

Because it doesn't. I've got a good reason for saying it this time. Trust me.

Look, this time I refuse to let you sabotage a good thing.

If it's broke, fix it.

All right? Now, I love you, and he is gonna love you. Now, go.

Go give him some brown sugar.

I gotta meet my hottie doctor.

Tell me I look vulnerable.

Being good is something you keep in your heart because you put it there.

I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not saying some people don't choose to be bad.

But I want something different for you. I want something better.

You understand? Yeah.

Can I see your gun? No. You know what makes somebody...

Will you shoot it? No.


I want you to be the good guys, got it?

CHILDREN: Yeah. Let's go shoot some hoops.


I called the police station and they said you might be here.

You never got your coffee.

Well, you're a brave man to be facing a mob like this. No backup?

I'm used to working alone, most of the time.

Is that by choice, or... Yeah, theirs.

No, I've had partners before. Turns out I take my job too seriously.

You know my friend Sally? That's what she says about me.

She says that I'm fun-deficient.

I don't believe that. That's what she says.


Who? Me and her? Yeah, come on.

You wanna do this?

CHILDREN: One-on-one One-on-one




PATIENCE: I haven't done that since I was a kid.

Come on.



BOY: Come on.




Can we have our ball back?

You don't seem so fun-deficient to me.


Mr. Hedare wanted me to inform you he'll be at the factory the rest of the day.

If by "factory" you mean the Four Seasons...

...teaching Drina to unlock the minibar...

...consider me informed. He'll be working with...

Wesley, George hasn't said anything meaningful to me since he said "I do."


Hello? You'd think with the advances... medicine, this place would have a wet bar.

Seems like you're feeling better. Some new medication I can't pronounce.

So, what's up? Nothing. Just fixing a little snack.

What I'd like to know is did you fix it with the cute cop?


I think I did. Whoo!

Details! And make it good, honey.

I'm sitting here in a paper dress, for God's sakes.

All we did was talk. And play a little one-on-one.

You know how to play basketball? Apparently I do.

I even went Shaquille on his butt. Patience, have I taught you nothing?

You never beat a guy at sports. It messes them up.

They end up in a mers group, banging on a drum.

It's not like I meant to. It just happened.

I'm telling you, Sal, something really, really weird is happening to me.

I practically jumped him. That's called lust, sweetheart.

Animal attraction. You think?

What if it gets worse?

I mean, what if the next time... Next time? He asked you out again?

I love this guy. So do I. But it's me I'm worried about.

I felt like I couldn't be myself. Well, feel free to be me next time.

Sally... I'm teasing. Just be yourself.



I'll try. Oh, I gotta go.

Future father of my childrers coming. Sweet dreams, honey.

Excuse me. I think I might have a fever.




Shut that off! Get a life!

Yeah, get a life, you loser!

Sorry, babe. This ain't the slumber party.

However... your case, I can make an exception.

I'm flattered.

But do you think this one time... could turn the music down just a little...



Tell you what, why don't I do it myself?

Hey! Hey! Listen, you freak...

I'm sorry, what did you say? Is the music still too loud?



You hear that? It's called silence.

That's all I ever wanted. Now, keep it down.

Thanks for the party. I had fun.

Time to accessorize. MAN: My bike!


You boys thought you could come in here and steal all these beautiful things?

What a purr-fect idea.



That was one of a kind.

From Egypt. MAN: That's a hell of a profile.

Thieves said she jumps around like a cat.

What should we call her? "Cat Chick"? No, no. "Cat Broad."


LONE: What do you got?



I knew you'd come back when you were ready.


The goddess Bast.

The Maus are sacred to Bast. They're her messengers.

You wrote this? I was a professor for 20 years...

...until I was denied tenure.

Male academia.

Bast is a rarity.

A goddess of the moon, and of the sun.

She represents the duality in all women. Docile, yet aggressive.

Nurturing, yet ferocious.

But what does all of this have to do with me? I mean...

What happened the other night?

I don't remember. Do you want me to tell you?


You died.


I didn't die. Look at me, I'm right here.

You died.

But you were reborn. Oh, you're crazy.

You are a crazy cat lady. Midnight knew your fate.

That's why she tested you.

To see if you were won'thy of a gift she could give you.

A gift that could change your life...

...and give you a new one.

You're not alone, child. He's saved others before you. Look.

Catwomen are not contained by the rules of society.

You follow your own desires.

This is both a blessing and a curse.

You will often be alone and misunderstood.

But you will experience a freedom other women will never know.

You are a catwoman. Every sight, every smell...

...every sound, incredibly heightened.

Fierce independence, total confidence, inuman reflexes.

So I'm not Patience anymore? You are Patience.

And you are Catwoman.

Accept it, child.

You've spent a lifetime caged.

By accepting who you are, all of who you are... can be free. And freedom is power.

You saved my life, Midnight.

But somebody killed me...

...and I've got to find out who, and why.

LAUREL: You dealt with Slavicky?

It's done.

Oh, my God. We danced all night.



Been here all night. Absolutely.

Keep the change.

What can I do for you? White Russian.

No ice, hold the vodka, hold the Kahlua.

Cream. Straight up.



CATWOMAN: Looking for something?

The other night you killed somebody. She was a nice girl. Why?


CATWOMAN: Cat got your tongue?

I don't know. They told me to flush the pipes so I flushed the pipes.

Why? I don't know why.

Beau-line. There's something wrong with Beau-line.

She heard something she wasrt supposed to hear.

And Hedare is covering it up.

I can't live with turning people into monsters.




Hey, hey, hey.


You look amazing. Wow.

Do you like it? Love it.

Like the hair? Love the hair.

Did good? You did real good.

This guy is good for you.

Arert you glad I pushed you into it? Props to Sally. Let me hear my props.

Props to Sally. Yeah.

Clothes, and a treat. Ooh.

So are you gonna be okay, or what?

I do feel better. That's maybe laying off the Cosmos for a couple days.

Check this out.

Some chick in a cat suit murdered Slavicky last night.

The actions of this lunatic will not keep Beau-line off the shelves.

We will launch next week as planned...

...because we owe it to the women of this country.

Because... Please. That guy is so full of himself.

I'm almost out. Let's see.

How long have you been having headaches?

About a month. Do me a favor.

Stop using this. Why?

Because it's making you sick. Trust me.

MAN: Thank you, lieutenant. You're gonna roll with him.

DETECTIVE: For Tom, from forensics.

Oh, and Slavicky homicide. Maybe you'll want to look at that.

Hey, Bob, let me ask you a question.

Would your wife crawl out on the ledge of a building to rescue a cat?

Maybe, if the cat was carrying a pizza.

MAN: Well, there are similarities.

Shape of the S, harsh stroke of the R's. Were they written by the same person?

Well, it's not an exact science.

But this first one. The broad spacing of the letters? Indicative of loneliness.

And the O reaching out, insecure. Handwriting of a people-pleaser.

Now, we look at the loop of the Y.

Very self-confident, almost angry.

And the O, well, this person doesn't like to play by the rules.

So they're different people. Very.

If you put these two women in the same room...'re gonna have one hell of a party.

You got a big weekend planned, Tom? I do now.


Arert you supposed to let me win?

Not that kind of girl.

What kind of girl is that? A loser.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

You work for Hedare, right? Somebody was murdered at his factory.

Hey! All right.

I'm sorry.

Can you think of anybody who might have a grudge against the company?

Lots of people. George Hedare isn't the nicest guy in the world, you know.

He fired me.

What? Am I a suspect now, detective?


Looks like we'll be up here for a while.

You in a hurry?




Hey! OPERATOR: Don't move!

Hold on tight. I gotta stop this thing.

Mom! Frankie.

Mom! Mom!

Help, Mom!



FRANKIE: Help, Mom! Help! Help!




You are one tough little guy, you know that?

Take it easy, partner. FRANKIE: Bye.

It's over.

LONE: Well, I'm not sure how you did it, but I'm impressed.

PATIENCE: Well, I saw how you did. And so am I.

LONE: You know what? What?

LONE: We should celebrate.

Why don't you let me take you to dinner tonight?

I would love to, but I can't. Not tonight. I've got...

...some business that I have to take care of.


LAUREL: You picked the wrong house.

You're the cat that killed Slavicky.

You don't believe everything you see on TV, do you?

What do you want? Your husband. Is he home?

I'm here. Why on earth would he be home?

Oh, too bad.

If your husband ever comes home, tell him I know all about Beau-line.

It's disease in a jar. I wouldn't caulk a sink with it.

Come on. I've been using it for years. It's your funeral.

Because whoever killed Slavicky did it to keep Beau-line's toxic little secret.

Are you suggesting that my husband is a murderer?

I'm suggesting that you tell me where he is.

So I'll ask him myself. I suppose I should be shocked.

Protest his innocence. But the truth is...

...that mars capable of anything.

You wanna find him?

There he is.

Thanks. I'd like to help.

How can I reach you?

I'm not exactly listed.

Take my phone.


Call the cops. You're not going to believe this.

I think this is a total waste of time.

Don't. What?

Think. Ever.

Consider it a condition of our relationship.


CATWOMAN: I love this part. Huh?

Who the hell...? Like my nails?

Just got them done. Ah!

Oops. My bad.

Get your paws off me this instant!

I know about Beau-line, and your cover-up.


So did my girl, Patience. That's why you killed her.

What? I didn't kill her... Too bad your last words will be a lie.

OFFICER: Freeze!


LONE: Hey!

Hold it right there. Don't you move.

Now, come down from there nice and easy.

Cats come when they feel like it.

Not when they're told.

I won't tell you again. You turn around. Hands on your head.


You're under arrest.



You think this is a game? Now we're playing.

You're playing. I'm at work. Seems like you love your job.

Don't I get din-din first? I'll feed you in your cell.


Careful. That cable hits us, we're both fried.

I knew I felt a spark between us.

Not on the first date. Don't flatter yourself. I'm taken.

Does she know about us? There's no "us."

Too bad.


It's over.

OFFICER: There she is.

Okay, boys.

Show of hands. Who can see in the dark?




But this is a disaster! It's a total bloody disaster.

How does she know all this? Who is she, anyway? And how come...?

It's all right.

Don't be scared.


Great. You haven't got a clue, do you? We are in absolute ruin here...

...and your brilliant piece of advice to me is: "Don't be scared"?

No. My advice to you, George...

...quit the self-tanning.

Stop eating Viagra like they're vitamins.

Resist the urge to date children born the same day they invented the cell phone.

For once, George, in your miserable life... a man!



Beau-line works wonders, doesn't it?

Okay, Sal. What do you think?

I don't know. You going to a church or a Playboy mansion?

Well, that was helpful.

I'm such a freak.

Please, I'm a freak Thursday through Sunday, big deal.

Okay, but what if he doesn't like...

...the real me? He can't pick and choose, Patience.

If he wants this to work, he's gonna have to like all of you.

Se, ora Hedare. Perdon. LAUREL: Go.

LONE: Pretty.

PATIENCE: Thanks. Oh, you too.

But I was talking about the fish.


LONE: Detective work is like dating.

It's all about the pursuit. But when you catch them...

You like your sushi, huh?

That's good.


So tell me about this one...

...that got away.

Catwoman. Mm-hm.

You heard of her? Oh, yeah. Hot, black leather, whip.

She kissed me.

Really? Yeah.

What do you think about that? Depends.

You like bad girls? Only if they like me back.

No, listen, bad isn't something that does it for me.

Okay, bad, good. Gotta be something in between, right?

Maybe it's a little more complicated.

Why don't we talk about you? Okay.

What's it like to be an artist? Well, I'm not really an artist.

I mean, yeah, I did go to art school...

...but then I got a regularjob at an advertising agency...

...and now I don't really know what I am anymore.

Well, I know what you are.

You're different.

You're special.

And I like that about you. Thanks.

No, it's true.

And I want to know more about you.

You know, I guess there's a few things I need to explain.

Like what, your new look? Huh?

Your dunk shot? No, that's not what I was thinking.


You can tell me anything.


I hate the rain!



What were you saying?

Nothing important.




It's me.

You were right about Beau-line's secrets.

I can't believe it, but you were right. Beau-line is toxic.

I have proof. We can stop him, but we have to stop him together.

George will be launching Beau-line at a press conference tomorrow.

Beau-line will be on the shelves on Monday.


So, what'd you find?

Enough evidence to put someone away for a long, long time.

I was everything they wanted me to be.

I was never more beautiful.

Never more powerful.

And then I turned 40 and they threw me away.

It's all there behind the desk.

How'd I do?

The clawed-flesh thing was a little tricky...

...but I think I pulled it off.

You killed him? No one is gonna stop Beau-line...

...from hitting the shelves.

Not Slavicky.

Not George. And certainly not you.

I'm sorry. I'm forgetting my manners.

Can I offer you something?

Can of tuna? Saucer of milk?

Smoking gun? Which, sweetheart, you just emptied into my husband's chest.


Oh, George!

Help, somebody help! It's Catwoman! She killed George.

Oh, my God!




LONE: Patience.

I'm sorry.


I guess you could take this right out of my hands if you wanted.

If I wanted.

I'm telling you, Slavicky had evidence that Beau-line was toxic.

That's why Laurel killed him.

George found out and she killed him too. She was covering it up.

Ballistics show the same weapon killed both men: The gun in your hand.

Catwomars hand. What's the difference?

Guess it doesn't matter. Don't you understand?

All of the evidence, every single piece, it points to you.

There's nothing that shows me anything else.

There's me.

You can believe me.

Do you remember the first time you saw me?


What did you see?

A girl...

...rescuing a cat.

No, you didn't.

You saw a crazy person out on a ledge trying to jump.

And all the evidence pointed to that, didn't it?

I really need you to believe me.

How can I?

I don't know who you are.

I'm the same girl you were with last night.

Take her back.

You be a nice kitty, now.


DETECTIVE: Look at it this way, Lone.

You may have lost your woman, but at least you got your man.

Did I?



Hello, Midnight.

OPHELIA: You've spent a lifetime caged.

By accepting who you are, all of who you are... can be free.

And freedom is power.

It's not just about me anymore, Midnight.

You know...

...Lassie would have brought me a key.

Cross your paws.

OFFICER 1: We're gonna shift-change. All right.

Dave's gonna take over then? OFFICER 1: Yeah, as far as I know.

OFFICER 2: Yeah, right through here, pal.

You'll get to talk to a lawyer.


DRIVER: Are you okay?

A girl like me lands on her feet.

DRIVER: Wait! Wait!

My husband dreamed of a world...

...where every woman could be as beautiful as she wanted to be.

He dedicated his life pursuing that dream. As Hedare's new chief executive...

...I intend to make that dream a reality... proceeding with tomorrow's launch of Beau-line.


Thank you!

Thank you so much. I have been dying to get some of this stuff.

My husband would have wanted you to have it. He wanted that for everyone.

Detective Lone. What a surprise. Yeah?

Everyone, this is the man that brought my husband's killer to justice.


Can I talk to you, in private?

LAUREL: Come upstairs to my office.

MAN 1: Number five, ready to go. MAN 2: Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, go ahead. Right there.

Get a move on. Gotta meet that midnight delivery.

I saw her standing over him. There were claw marks all over his body.

But not on Slavicky's. Because she didn't have the time.

She also didn't have a motive.

I don't know. What if I told you I know the truth?

That I know who killed your husband, I know about Beau-line.

Why, detective, you make it sound like I'm a suspect.

What if I told you I had evidence?

If you have evidence, then how come I'm not in cuffs?

Well, you're a smart woman, Mrs. Hedare. Beautiful. Rich.

I thought maybe we could work something out.

So this evidence... You'll make it disappear? Pin it on the other girl?

If that's what you want me to do.

And you?

What do you want? You just gave me what I want.

You just told me it was you.

Now, why would you believe it was me?

Because I finally trusted a friend.

Yeah, well, your friend just got you killed.


Don't be stupid, Laurel. You don't want to kill a cop.

I'm a woman, Lone.

I'm used to doing all kinds of things I don't wanna do.

Give my regards to my husband.

How sweet.

Thanks. Now I can kill you both.

LONE: Hold on, I gotta stop.

CATWOMAN: How is it?

Well, there goes my jump shot.


I want you to know I'm sorry.

I should have trusted you all along.

You're confusing me with somebody else.

Come on, Patience.

I'll take this side.



I can't believe I ever trusted you.

You're a fake. And what are you? A hero?

A thief?

A freak?

If you don't have an identity, why keep it a secret?

Because you killed me.

It was me you flushed down the pipes.

I'm Patience Philips.

That's who's under there?


I can't be hurt. Beau-line.

You stop using it and your face disintegrates.

And if you keep using it, skin like living marble.


And you can't feel a thing.


You're just a scared little girl playing dress-up.

Nobody. Nothing.

Where do you think you're going?

You're gonna look like a cop-killer.

You wanted to save him. Honey, you couldn't save yourself.

Game over.

Guess what.

It's overtime.


Give me your hand!

LAUREL: Help me!



I might not be a hero, but I'm certainly not a killer.

You know...

...once Laurel's boys start talking...

...we'll be able to wrap up these murder cases pretty easy.

And if Patience is back in her cell by tomorrow morning...'ll be awfully tough to prove that she was Catwoman.



Delicious, thank you.

You know, the strawberry was good too.

PATIENCE: The day I died was the day I started to live.

In my old life, I longed for someone to see what was special in me.

You did, and for that you'll always be in my heart.

But what I really needed was for me to see it.

And now I do.

You're a good man, Tom.

But you live in a world that has no place for someone like me.

You see, sometimes I'm good. Oh, I'm very good.

But sometimes I'm bad. But only as bad as I wanna be.

Freedom is power.

To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I've been given...

...and so my journey begins.