Caught in the Web (2012) Script

"45 kilos"

Call that a shine?

Sorry, boss.

Hello director shen.

Xiao zhang.

Any new jokes for me?

Three men in an elevator. One's the boss.

He fakes shock - "who farted?"

The guy with the worst career prospects says:

It was me.

Using your hands again!


Don't be like this one.

Showing up after the boss.

Have you noticed...

Since miss ye has lost weight she's looking quite dainty?

If you took her to a business function other bosses would be green with envy.

I'll take that.

What's "trendy"?

Being the first to wear a style.

Breakdancing was a new fad. That was the 80s.

I had these gloves. Fingerless.

I didn't get it.

We're not very trendy.

Buy damaged goods?

So that's a breakdancing glove.


Then I have breakdancing socks too.

I even have breakdancing underpants.

Remember, that's how it's made.

Remember. Don't iron it flat.

Bring me my red coat and cow-print skirt.

We can afford expensive sandwiches but not even a cheap apartment.


Anyone seen my hairbands?

Here they are.

You sure there's a story in the wedding?

Don't waste jiaqgi's time.

It won't be a waste of time.

It'll be newsworthy for sure.

Ye lanqiu.

Is your family here?

I have no family. Just tell me.

You need urgent hospitalisation.

What's wrong?

It's your lymphatic system.

Is it serious?

Have faith in yourself.

We can admit you next week.

Seven days from now.

Are you sure?

I have no symptoms.

I'm here only...

For a medical insurance check-up.

If I hadn't come in what would have happened?

And now I need hospitalisation?

If you're worried, we'll re-test.

If I'm really that ill, I'll be unable to renew my health insurance.

Young comrades, give your seats to the elderly.

I'm talking to you, sunglasses girl.

Let the old man have the seat.

Playing deaf now?

I said give your seat to the old man.

Miss, it's just a seat.

I won't die of exhaustion if I stand.

I'm fine.

Let's just say I gave her my seat.


I've never seen such a thing.

Never seen such a type.


What type is that?


I can have the driver kick you off.

Your type shouldn't be on a bus.


Take a cab.

No one asks for your seat there.


If you want to sit, sit here.

You... someone reason with her!

You're out of line.

He's old enough to be your granddad.

Do you talk to your granddad like that?

Don't give up the seat, fine.

But that's too much.

You all heard her.

She's mocking me.

In my whole life, no one's ever been so disrespectful.

She's mocking me.

Jiaqi this isn't our stop.

Excuse me, miss.

Excuse me.

I'm a trainee TV reporter.

I want to ask you something.

Why'd you humiliate that old man?

You were nearly at your stop.

Why didn't you just stand and give up the seat?

I didn't want to, that's all.

At least you're honest.

Let me pass.

My mobile!

You halt!

Trying to get away?


What got stolen?

Phone or wallet?

How'd you know?

Those thugs - they're always hanging around here.

Why so late? The boss isn't happy.

"Advanced lymphatic cancer

However you look at it, it seems faked, not the least bit authentic.

Ruoxi, it really happened.


Our job is to record social realities, to reveal the true face of events.

But sometimes truth is puzzling.

What is truth, really?

Know what I mean?

Everyone has a different perspective.

Ruoxi back so soon - did you film the wedding?

No, I shot something else instead.

Have a look. Can we use this?

I said give up the seat. Playing deaf now?

Tomorrow's negotiations are critical.

Prepare the documents.

Director shen

I need time off.

Fine, once the contract's signed.

I can't wait.

I need it now.

What happened?

Fall out of love?

I didn't mean...

I need money.

Mrs. shen!

Can I goin?

I've never seen this outfit.

It's stunning.

Xiaohua. Don't wait till you're old to get nice clothes.

You're so right. As Eileen Chang wrote:

Jump on the money!

Listen if money can solve it, no need to despair.

You listening?

Okay, okay, come here.

Let me wipe those tears.

Don't cry. There there.

Goodness. See?

Why didn't you knock?

Mrs. shen don't misunderstand.

So it's my fault?

Sorry to disturb you.

Mrs. shen, Mrs. shen!

Mrs. shen I've run into some trouble.

I was asking for time off.

I was really upset, so I cried.

When you walked in just now, director shen was comforting me.

Miss ye, be warned a mistress's life is not a happy one.

Mrs. shen you mightn't believe me, but you've no reason to say that.

So my fault again.

Let's put this footage out there.

It'll get on tonight's show. I'll edit.

Don't just stand there. Get to it.

It's a mess. Back me up in there.

Tell him I spent 600,000.

Today's a big celebration.

Whatever the cost...

It's still going ahead.

If you made a little profit, fine.

Yang, I've paid my half.

Why can't I know the truth?

It would have cost

Yang tell him the truth. It's okay. Go on.


well she's keen for the groom's embrace.

This is all very dramatic.

Friends have you ever heard of a man who'd rip off his son's in-laws at the wedding?

We can't go through with this.

The wedding's off.




"I didn't want to" and "want to sit, sit here" those are the key phrases.


Darling, I've got a fab story for you.

Help me promote it.

I know. Definitely an exclusive.

Help me get it out there.

It's vital.

Why the hell did you tell the truth?

Would it kill you to lie ?

Only the mentally ill tell the truth these days.

That's unreasonable.

Who's unreasonable?


The groom's father scams the bride's father.


The bride's father calls off the wedding.

Also unreasonable.

For telling the truth, I have to pay the balance.

Even more unreasonable.

I quit.

You'll still have to recover the money.

You've got a week.

What's with the shoes everywhere?

Get cuicui to tidy up.

A home should feel like a home.

What's wrong with a little mess?

It's not a museum.

What're you eating, gunpowder?

And you - Viagra?

Take off your suit.

It's covered in snot and tears.

I'll send it to the cleaners tomorrow.

There's been an incident on the 812 bus.

On your screens is our protagonist a mysterious young lady.

We'll call her sunglasses girl.

When did you two start?

Start what?


Don't underestimate me.

I don't have to steal to get a woman I want.

So are you two at it every day there?

If you weren't at it every day...

Then how on one of my rare visits...

I just open the door and there you are.

You're out of line.

You eat the finest foods, spend what you like however you like, buy whatever you want.

So when exactly did it start?

Are you done?

An old man got on and stood next to her.

She fully embodies the way people today look out for no one but themselves.

She acts as if nothing is happening.

If you were half as refined as ye lanqiu, you wouldn't ask such a question.

If a staffer runs into difficulty, she cries on the boss's shoulder.

Isn't that a sign of a successful company?

Why put such a vulgar spin on a noble act?

Ma'am come look atthe TV.

Let the old man have the seat.

Playing deaf now?

Sir, ma'am says come watch the TV.

I've never seen such a thing.

Never seen such a type.


What type is that?

I told you to give your seat to the man.

Shen if I'm only half as refined as her, your life's pretty tragic.

She might've had any number of reasons.

But what she said next to the old man...

Is what makes this truly jaw-dropping.

If you want to sit, sit here.

You... someone reason with her!

You're out of line.

He's old enough to be your granddad.

Do you talk to your granddad like that?

They call this news? Mountains out of molehills.

I think miss ye has character.

Love really is blind.

Say it is. What can you do to me?

From now on, stay away from my office.

Ruoxi how come only you got named in the credits?

It's true. Jiaqi shot it. I was there.

Why do you get all the credit?

It's the first thing you've had on TV.

How's it feel?


Like the other kids ate my candy.

It's true you shot it.

But in a restaurant who's more important, buyer or chef?


But jiaqi did you a favour - not vice versa.


So a trainee shoots some footage.

It needed my name to get on the show.

That's me helping her, isn't it?

Don't attack the truth-teller, ok?

Shut up and finish your business.

This story's going to be huge.

Then it's your huge story.

Capture a few more stories like this, and you'll have a bright future.

I'll give your career a big push.

So I'll still be relying on you.

Of course. It's work.

Must we horse-trade among ourselves?

Don't listen to your cousin.

Survival of the fittest, jiaq..

Believe me, it's how the world works.

This one's 7000 a square meter.

You two love looking at things you can't afford.

Who's in my ear every day about it?

I want a home...

It doesn't have to be big...

When I'm sad, I'll think of it...

Forget it. Stop singing.

Worst comes to worst we rent our whole lives.

Jiaqi get the laundry in. It's gonna rain.

Yang shoucheng take out the garbage.

What's wrong with you?

I bought you the mobile yesterday.

Today you lose it?

So it got stolen.

I'm sorry, okay?

But those photos we took last night -

I said don't do it, but you insisted.

Then you have to get it back.

That's how porn gets made.

Stop smirking.

It's not that serious.

It's just amateur stuff. Who'd recognise you?

Cut the crap.

You'll be fine.

But I might be a celebrity one day.

If the photos got on the net, I'd be screwed.

They'd definitely blackmail you first.

Well, there goes the house deposit.

No. You have to hunt it down.

To the hunt!

"Check da link. It's by me."

"I can tell. Sharp as.

"I wanna keep digging. Give a hand?"

"4 sure."

"Sunglasses girl's going viral.

"They'll rip her to shreds.

"Line up here to sit on s-grl's lap!

"Moral midget! Cyberstalk her! Some beauty!"

"Harness net power, cyberstalk her."

"Verdict's in - labour reform!!!"

See you soon, cousin.

Ruoxi good program on sunglasses girl.

So you saw it.

Huge response. It's the topic of the day.

Morning, ruoxi morning ruoxi morning

ruoxi ruoxi fab program, really fab.

How'd you do it?

Sit here.

She's just like me.

Brand labels top to toe. The real deal.

Even the sunglasses are Armani.

Only the face is fake.

I do like her bag.

Who's buying one for me?

Raise my pay and I will.

Dream on.

Isn't that ruoxi? Quite the celebrity.

Do you know, after that broadcast...

The station earned 130,000 from texts alone.

Ruoxi, we're all happy for you.

Thank you director.

Why don't you do something for the website ?

Get us some more hits.

Sure. I'll give it some thought.

I'll do my best.

Ruoxi, what if there aren't many callers?


Ruoxi, the experts are here.

Let's go.

"Return my mobile, I'll buy u a new one.

It was a bit out of character.

It's true, I wasn't myself.

I'll find a way to make up for it.

If you want to sit, sit here.

This society's a pressure cooker.

Who doesn't need to let off steam?

I'd like to go wild sometimes.

But miss ye - the media's like undercover cops - everywhere.

It was bad luck to walk into their sites.

Just like...

When my wife walked in on us that time.

Director shen.

How much? Tell me.

One million.

A million?

I'd like to know...

Just what kind of trouble you're in.

I need the money...

To save a life.

That's noble.

Miss ye, why not go on a business trip with me one day...

This sort of thing won't happen again.

May I take leave from today?

Okay. But keep your phone on.

The keys to the safes.

The name cards...

Of all the most important clients.

You're only away for a week, you'll be back.

Why all the fuss? Silly thing.

You always liked this, yes? It's yours.

You really are an original.

It's all "she's gorgeous and "all over a bus seat"!

Too exciting.

It's like, oops, now you're a celebrity.

Xlaohua, don't forget to water the plants.

Relax, I will.

"Sunglasses girl's name is ye lanqiu.

She's no. 1 secretary to the boss of situo."

"Can anyone work out...

Why an executive secretary was on a bus?"

"Join the discussion. Professors, before we go on air, let's have a preview of your thoughts.

Sure. Sure.

"See all 1251 comments.

"Today at 10:30 we revisit sunglasses girl.

Have your say."

I agree with professor tan.

Mencius said only a Saint can resist female beauty.

External beauty, internal beauty - sorry to interrupt.

That's all a bit highbrow.

It'd be better if you disagreed.

Don't be afraid of argument.

Don't sing in Harmony, okay?

Thank you both.

Relax. It's yours.

That chick in the photos has a hot bod.

"Inward transfer: 1 million rmb."


What type is that?

You... someone reason with her!

Could you turn up the volume?

I didn't want to.

That's all.

Did miss ye refuse to give up her seat?

No, it's just that she's too pretty.

Even the old man flirted with her.

Where are you?

The cafe by the abc bank. Join us.

This is my cousin.

I totally disagree with prof xu.

Forget the rest - on the issue of privacy something happens to a pretty young lady and her name her phone number height, weight, and place of work even the name of her first boyfriend are splashed all over the net.

Professor tan, I believe the public fury over this ugly incident shows a superior side of the Chinese character.

It's not about privacy.

Far from it.

Don't turn it off.

Let's watch.

A good deed benefits the doer as well.

In the end, everyone is looked after.

Okay, now we'll take our last caller.

Hello? Hello.

Hello? You're on air.

Now there's a listener calling in.

I'm one of your viewers.

There's something I want to say.

That girl on the bus is a "little mistress".

A professional homewrecker.

Flirting is her hobby.

She's even after her boss.

You think that sort would give up her seat?


She seduced Mr. shen.

That's a bit surprising.

It seems our caller is acquainted with sunglasses girl.

Yesterday on the bus, I behaved terribly.

I should've given my seat to the man.

I was too self-absorbed.

I'd like to apologise to the elderly gentleman.

And beg the forgiveness of everyone else.

I wasn't mocking the old man.

I was upset and it just came out.

It's true.

That's great. Thank you.

Hello, ruoxi.

What's up? Why aren't you here?


Okay, don't come here.

Go straight to no. 23 middle school. Know it?


We're still on sunglasses girl.

Hurry. Don't make me wait.

We'll think on it, and you do the same.

Director shen, why wasn't miss ye here today?

Miss ye has already left the company.

Who turned on the TV?

Boss, I did.

I didn't mean anything by it.

This business with ye langiu is a hot topic.

I'm just worried...

It'll compromise the company.

My cousin's a great guy.

He'll sit with you a bit to say thanks for me.

I have to run.



I was on the bus yesterday too.

It really was original.

Sit here!

What should I call you?

My surname's ye.

You were in a fight just now.

Like you, I was pushed.

On the net they say you're like a movie star.

I could only play villains.

Exactly. Female spies and the like.

Where do you work?

I just quit.

Me too.

Let's be Bonnie & Clyde and go Rob a bank.

It's nice not having to go to work.

It's awful.

I've got debts.

How much do you owe?

Six million?


Sixty thousand.

You're a good fighter. I'll hire you.

Hire me?

As a bodyguard?

You ride buses.

What can you possibly pay?

I only need you for a week.

I can pay 50,000.

I'm not kidding.

But there's one condition.

Complete confidentiality.

A difference of 10 or 20 million - isn't worth risking the deal with stone.

He might get restless.

Okay, go with his price. Draw up a contract.

Tang xiaohua.


Yes. Private wealth manager.

Principal cardholder shen liushu.

Secondary cardholder mo xiaoyu.

Mrs. shen, which one do you like?

I can't choose.

Wrap them up. I'll take all three.

If you wanted every watch in the shop, you could afford it.

I think Mr. shen will like the middle one.

What an eye. It's the priciest one. He'll love it.

"I was wrong."

Put this with it, wrap it up nicely.

Of course.

I'd like a coffee.

Bring coffee!

Mrs. shen - the card's not working.

Try this one.


Mrs. shen, you need to call the bank.

It seems all your cards are cancelled.

You'd better keep this.

Yes. Education is at fault.

But there's parents and grandparents- six people in thrall to one child.

Gratifying his or her every wish.

So of course they're self-centred, with no sense of social responsibility.

Still not what you want?

Teacher zhang, this week we're focussing on ye lanqiu.

You were her teacher...

In middle school, right?

Could you talk more about her?

For instance, how were her marks, her relations with classmates...

Her marks were very good.


As for her moral character...

Of course, I was also shocked by what I saw on TV.

Teacher zhang, so...

I gather from what you said, that the school had always...

Been very proud of her, right?

In the past, yes.

But that's not true anymore.

We feel shame now.

I'm in a hurry. Sorry.

You can get a new tenant in tomorrow.

But you paid rent to the end of the year.

Hello, miss ye - you there?

Hello? Hello?

Then I'll return your deposit.

No need. Just pay my telephone bill.

I'm leaving furniture and clothes - keep what you like, give the rest to charity.

If they won't take something, who...


I'm so sorry.

Don't take the TV thing to heart. Miss ye.

I'm not.

I'll return the key soon.

Thank you. Bye.

Sunglasses girl?

Lend me your ID.

Open an account in your name. I'll transfer in some funds.

No way.

You need to hide dirty money?

If it's legit why must it be in my name?

I've made an enemy of another woman.

So why trust me?

You'll write an llou.

Say you owe me one million yuan.

That's crazy. Why would I say that?

I'm about to put it into your account.

You're a slippery one.

You worry about keeping it.

You worry about giving it to me.

What if I keep it? What's the iou prove?

That it's my money.

Why not just withdraw it?

People would notice.

Why should I help you?

Aren't I helping you too?

How long till I give it back?

Now where?

If the airport, I'm not going anywhere.

Shut up.

Aren't you worried I might...

Get a new ID, take the money and run?

You won't.

I'll return your ID in a few days.

Trust me.

Thanks for your help.


Did you see the report on sunglasses girl on TV?

Yes - debate's running hot on the net.

Youth today see traditional morals as an enemy.

We need to forgive our young people.

They lack education.

Giving up a seat is a voluntary thing.

But "sit here" - that's a joke.

Today's youth are all so selfish.

But that old man's attitude was wrong too.

What do you take me for - a "John"?

This isn't working.

The vox pops aren't saying anything new.

There's not enough for a follow-up.

But ruoxi, now it's a mistress and a bus seat.

A rumour's not news.

A hot girl doesn't have to act up...

Or be a little mistress...

To incite jealousy and spite.

We've no proof she's anyone's mistress.

Let me see ye lanqiu's bio.


Executive secretary to situo's ceo.

Is the source reliable?

"Soso0 search: Ye lanqiu

Put interviews, everything, pro and con on the website.

Onto it.

Director lu?

We're following up on that.

I'm feeling low and someone sends flowers.

How ironic.

Xiaoyu, lend me your phone.

Cuicui -

give me your phone.

Hello. This is "event of today". Please leave a message.

When did you start hating me?

I was wrong.

But I had no chance to apologise.

You cancelled my cards.

I was trying to buy you a watch.

Listen. I acknowledge your apology.

But know this...

My money isn't yours to spend.

I'm sorry.

Why didn't they broadcast her apology?

Sore point.

I thought I had a real scoop.

But ruoxi questioned my standpoint.

She said the story is trending hot online.

"Expose: Sunglasses girl a mistress we reported it as scandal only yesterday.

Today we let her present her side.

Would the netizens accept that?

You didn't tell ruoxi I was there, did you?

Please don't.

Why not?

What did you do after I left?

We went our separate ways.

"The story of a wife's revenge"

you're back.

Remember that hot guy in our class?

He found a rich girl, five years older.

They're getting married.

I said you were in the wedding business.

Nice guy. He immediately agreed.

I'm not cut out for it. I quit.

You said there'd be trouble.

So it landed on you.

Didn't I tell you about the 600,000?

What's it got to do with you?

I lit the fuse.

You have to tell the truth, don't you?

And the bird in the hand flies free.

Whatever. You'll get another job soon.

Ever hear of the "shelter for the heart"?

I'm trialling there tomorrow.

Well good luck.


Why can't I tell ruoxi...

You were at the interview?

That's our secret.

What kind of secrets can we have?

Cut it out.

What are you two whispering about?

Shen liushu. Famous guy, a big boss.

Head of a listed company.

When situo went public the buzz was all about

"global elite management training - an introduction."

Their global elite management training plan.

A company cultivating a global elite.

And the boss's secretary such a shocker.

It's ironic, don't you think so?

A bit of a reality gap. False advertising.

What's a global elite anyway?

I think we're onto something big here.

Yes, boss.

What sort of boss would I be?

Her staff quits without warning.

Home ownership will stay a dream.

Don't underestimate me.

I'll buy a place and then marry you.

Better marry me first.

Remember the beauty who wouldn't give up her seat?

Sunglasses girl?

We now know her name's ye lanqiu.

And that phone call revealed...

She's a little homewrecker.

Sorry, the number you have dialled cannot be reached at the moment.

Please try again later.

Who is it?

A reporter. A woman.

A miss chen. She wants to speak to you.

I'll deal with them.

You'll embarrass yourself.

Cuicui, tell them -

"they're not home" just say that.

Mo xiaoyu, you realise...

Your indiscretion has hurt the company.

Hello, xiao liu.

How come you're on again today?

Let me ask you, xiao liu.

What's with security?

They just let people in?

I said they're out.

Little sister if this goes badly, I'll sue your company.

Give me your film.


Hand it over.

You handing it over or not?

There's really no need hand it over!

What're you doing? Let go.

Give it to Mel troublemakers, hey?


What're you doing?

Jiaqi, give it to them.

No way.

If you don't, you're going nowhere, believe me.


Fine. We won't leave today.

Let's see what you'd dare do to us.


Let them go.


No, you see, sir, we were just...

Listen to me.

Of course.

Go on, director lu.

The idea was good.

But don't chase people into their homes.

But director - we never even saw him.

It's just that situo trumpets its high-mindedness.

Yet its staff is so morally deficient.

It's a bit ironic, yeah?

Nothing unpleasant occurred, did it?



Show me everything online about ye lanqiu.

Right away.

Go back to your own desk.

Jiaqi - how are you feeling?


Oh well.

You can't write this piece. I'll do it.

I wanted to give you a shot at fame.

Fame? What do you mean?

You're angry.

Whatever happens, we can't get angry.

If you're angry...

You'll seek revenge through what you write.

In our profession you need guts and a thick hide.

Then you'll make it.

"Ye lanqiu: Reflecting company culture Chen ruoxi

Jiagi, get me some noodles.

"Moral crisis for leading Chinese company!"

"The sunglasses girl affair - revelations about situo"

"situo implicated in the sunglasses girl affair"

"sunglasses girl - whose mistress is she?"

It appeared online and ten-odd minutes later -

1000 forwards, 10,000 comments.

"Ye lanqgiu: Reflecting company culture this chen ruoxi... isn't she the reporter behind the bus seat story?


Another reporter on that program, was my primary school classmate. Yang jiaqi.

Childhood buddies.

Yep, for this to occur at such a critical time for us it strikes me as weird.

It's not weird.

It's proof we're successful.

But does success mean I have no right to privacy?

Or that protecting my own privacy means I have to put up with slander and abuse?

Is that fair?

Let's get her.

Too easy.

Phone up that old classmate.

Say there's a big job for her. Make a date.

If she asks where I work, what do I say?

You're ye lanqgiu's colleague, shen liushu's no. 2 secretary.

She'll be there all right.

Then call stone.

Change the banquet to tonight.

Get me zhang mu.

You had those sweet little eyes.

They called me little charmer.

Hold on. Did you just say...

You work with ye lanqiu, for Mr. shen?

Jiaqi, I've got a money-spinner for you.

I should've been looking for you!

This your bank account number?


This money was put into your account?


And you accepted it?

I did.

Someone's reported you.

That money represents an illegal advantage.

And here's the one who reported you tang xiaohua!

What's going on?

We're going to toy with chen ruoxi.

We'll use my brother's company, go through Yang jiaq, commission a company video.

We'll get chen ruoxi involved.

Boss I've contacted Yang jiaqi.

And Mr. stone's okay for tonight.



Mrs. shen, you're a hard one to find.

What's up? Cut the crap.

Tonight is an important dinner.

Not in the mood.

You have to come.

And if I don't?

Don't do something you'll regret.

I'm asking you.

6:30 at the reception hall.

Make me look glamorous.

Yes, Mrs. shen.

What time is it?


I wanted to let you sleep.

But it's time for me to go.

I've been awake for ages.

Just didn't want to get up.

It's not so bad.

A few days of fun, you'll be over it.

I know what it's like.

Want it?

Don't worry.

The woman you upset won't find you here.

I wouldn't let her near you.

Do you love him?


Then it's over.

You don't even love him.

You split up, so what.

Why all the agony?

Does he love you?

He doesn't, does he?


So why the despair?

And a million-yuan handshake - not bad.

You can go.

Meet me tomorrow at 9 at yongbeiqiao.

Wash your face first, okay?

Director shen, Mr. stone is here.

Sorry to have to change the date.

But today is a special day.

It's our 15th wedding anniversary.

Mr. stone asks what you're giving him?

"I was wrong" what does the note say?

"I love you"

Mr. stone our partnership should be like this marriage.

Built on mutual trust.

Mr. stone says to cooperate with such a family man...

Gives us a sense of security.

Her landlord says she left yesterday.

Her phone's still off.

Pretending to disappear.

I'll keep looking.

You remembered wrong.

Our anniversary is next month.

It's whatever day I say it is.

Thank you.


You okay?

Did you know miss ye is missing?

Is she?

Miss ye's a decent girl.

Works by day, spends evenings at home.

She's doesn't know many people.

The only one she ever crossed was you.

If she's missing because you threatened her.

I won't worry.

She did cross me.

But I never threatened her.

This has nothing to do with me.

You shamed your own husband on TV - and I'm supposed to believe you?

Shen how can you just turn on me like that?

Why did you do all that for me tonight?

Was it just a show for Mr. stone?

You got what you wanted.

Now do I need to return the jewellery?

You do know how to spoil a moment.

We've nothing to say to each other.

That's because you never answer my questions.

You run our home on business principles.

And treat me, your wife, like a competitor.

That turns you on, doesn't it?

You never gave me one word of explanation.

This isn't working, shen liushu I want a divorce.


You'd dare ask for a divorce?

That's for me to decide.

You don't have a say.

"Situo boss's surprising new mystery woman. The new love of the situo ceq"


Boss, I've written the piece.

It's titled head of situo finds new love I've seen them. Publish it.

Tomorrow have a press release ready.

Once the net's gone crazy, put it out.

And clear the air - my new love is none other than my own wife.

"Situo boss's surprising new mystery woman. The new love of the situo ceq"

"Written by and starring himself"

You bought it?

Hired it.

Come. Over here. I'll take your photo.

Stop pretending you have so much to do.

Shouldn't I earn my money?

First you play a drunk, now a '30s movie star.

It'll get more exciting in a minute.

Ruoxi, I have to go somewhere.

Let me wear your jacket.

What's up?

It's good. I'll tell you after.

"What's behind situo's declaration? chen ruoxi

Slow down!


I'm driving.

Please sign here.

"Personal safe deposit box regulations Mrs. shen, I need to photocopy your ID.

Yang jiaq..

It really is you.

How'd you find me?

Because of ye lanqiu.

I was so rapt by the whole affair.

I even watched the show's credits.

So tell me about ye lanqiu. What's she really like?

The boss wanted to fire her ages ago.

What does that tell you?

Then how come...

They say she's his mistress?

If she was his mistress...

She'd have got rid of me long ago.

What do you mean?

Ye langiu knows very well...

That her sexiness...

Is all she's got over me.

Let's get to business.

A friend asked me to help out.

It's a corporate anniversary video.

I'm good friends with the boss.

He'll be here in a sec.

You're mistaken.

I'm not in advertising. I'm in news.

Ah, here he is.

How do you do.

Why didn't chen ruoxi come?

It's such a good job -

I saved it for my old classmate.

The ye qiulan incident.

Ye lanqiu.

The ye lanqiu incident.

Great reporting.

So I decided to entrust this job to reporter chen.

She can advise us.

Everyone gets a cut.

I hope we can sign off on it tomorrow.

Open it.

Thank you.

Send me chen ruoxi's bank details.

A 300 yuan ticket.

You both need to sign.

Hold on.

Not me. I can't jump.

I mean it.

It's your job.

I'm sick too.

In the head. I've got a heart problem.

Not quite the same thing.

Why not tell me when I hired you?

You didn't ask.

You think I'm brave?

I just want to test my limits.

So, a bungee jump.

I need to be stronger.

I get it.

A struggle with fate at a time of despair.

I'm still not jumping. Sorry.

I'm not trying to talk you into it.

I just wanted to tell you the truth.

I knew something was up.

What girl would lie around in a nightie while letting a strange man hang around.

I see - I'm lucky you're so decent.

Even if you do have a heart condition.

I can tell you still don't believe me.

Jump. I'm asking you nicely.

You still haven't given up.

Okay, I'll jump.

What about your heart problem?

You're the one with a heart problem.

If this was your final minute...

What would you want to say?

There are easier ways to earn a crust.

If you scream, don't do it in my ear.

Yang shoucheng, you're so unpoetic.

We're not in advertising.

What can I do with this?

Corporate videos today are all alike.

He wants to pick your brain for fresh ideas, new angles.

Make it stand out from the rest.

Ruoxi, you missed the corners.

End of discussion. Pour cold water on it.

Sis, you've no idea...

How much you're admired for this story.


I'll come up with some ideas.

They're not saying do it for free.

So that's why you're excited.

Give it to advertising then.

What the I need your bank details.

We saw this old man fall. No one helped.

Bystanders said they feared trouble.

Ruoxi, the theme is...

We all get old. When it's your turn - would you welcome such indifference?


If an old person falls, we must help.



Is this miss chen ruoxi?

Yes. To whom am I speaking?

Mo xiaoyu.


Mo xiaoyu. Shen liushu's wife.

I have a feeling, zhang mu...

Ye langiu's not coming back.


Didn't she ask for one week's holiday?

You know who called the station that day?

Surely, it was no coincidence.

There was nothing between me and ye.

One time, ye cries on my shoulder.

And my wife walks in.

Get a hold of mo xiaoyu's mobile.

I want to see her texts.

And find out who her associates are.

From your name I thought you'd be older.

You're younger than I expected.

Mrs. shen, what can I do for you?

Nothing. It's just a little apology for shutting the door in your face. Cheers.

Second, I want to ask a favour.

Please stop harassing my husband.

I'm not out to harass anyone.

I report on society. It's my work.

It's not personal.

I really respect your moral integrity.

I can't force you. Let's have a drink.

Old shen isn't what they call a princeling or a 2nd-gen tycoon.

He's an entirely self-made man.

No one else could inspire me to such sacrifice.

You don't mess with old shen.

Are you threatening me?

If only I could threaten people.

Online they say ye lanqiu is old shen's - mistress.

You know how humiliating that is?

I met him when he was just starting out.

He had ulcers from drinking.

I heard congee could help.

Every day these 15 years I've made him congee. That's devotion.

I make my boyfriend a sandwich every day.


Old shen has another eccentricity.

What's that?

Sleepwalking. It's so scary.

For years, I never slept the night through.

I was terrified he'd endanger himself.

I'd stay awake while he slept.

If ye lanqiu really is his mistress - shame on her.

Yes, shame on her.

Have this ever happened to you?

Yes. To my mom.

It tore the family apart.

I just had an idea.

Since we both hate these mistresses - do a report on ye and the others.

You can include what I told you.

We can't report that sort of story.

It won't work. It's not news.

Get a proxy to stir things up.

Funny you should say that.

I've an old friend who does that.

Want his phone number?

Or should I call for you?

You can call in a minute. Drink first.

What's your boyfriend look like?

He's younger than me. He's hot.

You don't worry?

Not on that account, honestly.

I never used to worry either.

Until the day I opened the door and saw ye langiu and old shen in each other's arms.

Sister. Bottoms up.

Ruoxi's really made it.

On account of the ye lanqiu story she landed a big job for the station.

That's fast.

One's happiness, another's sorrow.

No sorrow for me. I'll get my chance.

The second it crosses my path.

I'll grab it, grab it.

Why so quiet?

Didn't you hear my heroic rant?

You don't seem like yourself today.

You're in a trance.

How's it going with that guy with the glasses?

I like him; He doesn't like me.

Want him to love you - jump with him.

Lil white rabbit, open the door.

She's drunk.

Lil white rabbit, d'you love big grey wolf?

Grey wolf, grey wolf, I love you.

What's the point of money?

Can't buy love.

What's the point of love?

Can't buy a house.

Yang shoucheng.

I'm telling you.

I can marry you very very soon.

Our... house deposit... got it this... this is your room.

I promised your cousin.

You'll always have a nest.

We have a home. See?

A home!

"Soso search: Ye lanqiu"

Most places do a one-month trial.

Why's this "shelter" thingy only one week?

What can they test in a week?

The boss gave me one week...

To solve a problem of the heart.

If I solve it, I get the job.

What kind of problem is it?

Company rules - client confidentiality. Can't say.

Fine. I won't ask.

Come home early. I'll take you out to dinner.

"Where are you?" - Ye lanqiu

"I need to knock off early today."

"Why? N

"dinner with my girlfriend.

"Ha, I'll come too."

Tiger, give it to me straight.

Ruoxi, it's risky business.

She's shen liushu's wife.

After the ye langiu "bus-seat story" went viral, situo's stocks fell six points.

Does shen look worried?

With such a cool customer, you should be very wary.

If we're caught planting the story...

He could do anything.

I'm not out to provoke the rich and powerful.

I just want to help this woman.

Or you wouldn't be chen ruoxi.

I'm off.

Ma'am. Telephone.

30 strokes - carry on.


Hello. Oh, Ms. chen.

Okay. See you tonight.

Go to that agency. I want to hire someone.

Hire someone?

To look after me after you go.

I want a nice, tidy young girl.

But it's got to be your choice.

When you find one, send a text.

That guy's hot.

I'm twenty years old.

I have a question.

Is there a lady of the house?

It's not for me.

It's my boss. She's a woman.

So it's not for you.

If you hire her but the boss is unhappy - what then?

Then come with me now and meet her.

That's against the rules.

She needs to come in and bring ID.

Satisfied? If so give me your ID.

Register, then you can take her home.

I need your ID. Not his.

Aren't you hiring her?

We're together.

Together. So he's your boyfriend.

May I ask your name?

It's ye.

May I pick her up next Monday?

We can't promise.

Ye - you're ye lanqiu, aren't you?

And if I am?

If you're really ye lanqiu, then we can't serve you.

I'd like to serve ye lanqiu.

You're not out this door yet.

Be good. I'll get you a nice home.

Why can't you help me?

Is there somewhere quiet...

Where we could speak in private?

Sure. Come.

Yang shoucheng, c'mon.

You go. I'll wait outside.

Get out.


Get out. Hear me?

If you don't leave, I'll scream "thief!"

You'd dare? I've got your million.

You don't believe me.

I'll count to three.



Your wife's calls and texts, all here.

Boss, know who she's in contact with?


Is this chen ruoxi?

Yes. Who's calling?

My wife has found a confidante.

Can't do dinner again tonight.

Something's come up. Instead, meet you at 8:30, usual place. We'll catch a film.

You know the place?

Have a seat. Sister -

I couldn't help you this time. My treat.

Young chen, you're a decent person.

You know who that last caller was?


It's proof of my love for shen.

Because of ye lanqiu I did something that stupid.

I care so much about him but he no longer cares about me.

Worse than infidelity, he blanks me.

He never even tried to explain about ye.

So you're not gonna let this go.

I used to play piano in a hotel lobby. He'd come and listen.

At first, he was so good to me.

Really wonderful.

You've been eating sichuanese.

Yes. So what?

You were eating it with chen ruoxi.

I did nothing so wrong to merit being spied on.

Why were you with her?

You wouldn't believe me.

Mo xiaoyu, is this a game?

Just watch me crush her.

You're a powerful man.

You could crush anyone you chose to.

We're on the same page at last.

I'm still very curious.

What do you two talk about?


You have my full attention.

I told her to let you off the hook.


To let you off the hook.

Mo xiaoyu you asked her a little reporter, to let me off the hook?

You've stepped over the line.

I forbid you to contact her again.

I already reactivated your credit cards.

Glad you're back.

I worried - didn't eat a thing all day.

You worried about me?

You're worried for yourself.

You're afraid if I die you'll be blamed.

You're right. It's blackmail.

I even got myself a gravesite.


What the heck?

Wake up to yourself!

This is all on account of a rich old man?

You want to die, fine.

Then do it.

Listen, I still have two days.

Best do it under my watch.

So, die. Go ahead.

I'm telling you hit me, pay the price.

Come, collect your money.

You gotta tell me why you're firing me.

You know you're breaking the contract?

You really want to know?

I fear it'll damage your self-respect.

Tell me.

You're a coward.

You wanted a reason why I'm letting you go.

Will that do?

Two more days.

Hold on.

Listen, you really hurt me just now.

Compensation for emotional trauma.

Where we going tomorrow?

How do you know I still want you?

Didn't you just pay me in full?

We'll go someplace even more crowded.

Don't look so nervous, okay?

Someplace rural.



She's pissed off.

For me?

To pay off a debt.

Keep it safe. Don't tell anyone.

What're you two up to?

Something happen, Yang shoucheng?

Didn't we agree to meet at 8:30?

You've never stood me up before.

Where were you?

Who were you with?

A woman.

Yang shoucheng, listen to me.

If you're telling me you're in love with another woman.

Then stop right now.

She's my client.

She's not well.

Love life's a mess, wants to top herself - am I supposed to do nothing?

Here's my pay.

I still have two days.

If she stays alive, my work is done.

And if she dies?

I won't let her.

If you weren't such a good man, would I love you so much?

Don't get up.

I wish I could stay in bed.

Bye. Be good.

She's not missing.

She's eloped.

At least these photos tell the world ye langiu's not your mistress.

There's something you don't know.

She borrowed a million yuan from me.

Even I lose my head now and again.

"The hero falls before the beauty" zhang mu, find her, tell her she's fired.

Change the office locks.

I want to see the sunrise tomorrow.

We'll be gone overnight.

The number you have dialled cannot be reached at the moment...

Where do I sleep?

Relax. There's a place for you.

Leave me - I'm getting changed.

I forgot my phone. Lend me yours.

The number you dialled is busy...

Yang shoucheng.

Come with me.

"Ye lanqiu says they're a couple the number you have dialled cannot be reached at the moment...

"Yang shoucheng"


You there, Yang shoucheng? Call me back.

Hello. Who's this?

Is that jiaqi?

Where are you?

Where are you? I'm out on a job.

Hurry home. I left my phone in the bathroom.

Hold onto it for me.

Jeez, and now the phone. Cousin - your heart shelter client is ye lanqiu!

You're an exciting one.


Ye says she's on with you.

Your photos are all over the net.

Hurry back, cousin. Or there'll be murder.

Game's up. We're busted.

The net's full of photos and news about us.

They say I'm your boyfriend.

My girlfriend will have seen it.

I have to go. You'll be safe here.

Catch the sunrise yourself.


I'll never be able to explain this!

Just two days more.

If you hadn't gone to the agency no one would've caught us on film.

Look at the trouble you caused me.

You're a real jinx, you know that?

I'll never prove my innocence now.

Stop yelling at me.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry - what good is that?

It doesn't solve the problem.

I can explain. I'll go with you.

You - you'll explain?

That'll only make things worse.

What's wrong with me?

Am I a hooker, a thief, a murderer?

Why can't I go?

We've nothing to hide.

I'm just your employer.

If I knew you were this sick, I'd never have taken the job.

I am sick.

Advanced lymphatic cancer. Happy?

You think I want to go?

Show this to your girlfriend. It explains everything.

Why are you home?

Whose mobile is that?


Give it to me. Give it.

Come out here.

Cousin asked me to get it.

Why didn't he come back himself?

He asked you to do it - why?

I want to see the sunset tomorrow.

We'll be gone overnight.

I see why he asked you to get it.

"Client wants to see sunrise can't make dinner again. Back tmr."

Did you know he wasn't coming home?


When did they start seeing each other?

I don't know.

Yang jiaqi, consider this:

From now on, you are an unemployed homeless person.

Ruoxi, there's something I didn't tell you.

He was there when I recorded her apology.

Then you had me meet you at that school.

Honestly, I dunno what happened after.

Anything else you're hiding from me?


He said this was for the loan.

What sort of work...

Earns that much money in just a few days?

I've searched the net.

There's no "shelter for the heart".

There's only one possibility.

She knows you broke the bus seat story.

Shoucheng is your boyfriend.

It's revenge.

According to informed sources...

Use "disclose" here.

The man with ye lanqiu...

Is the boyfriend of TV reporter chen ruoxi...

Who broke the story about the bus.

Ye lanqiu is taking revenge.

Explosive revelations from another source:

The caller to the station that night...

Was mo xiaoyu, the wife of shen liushu.

Unless driven to despair by a mistress, who'd expose a husband to ridicule?

Female compatriots take note

when busy at work or home...

Beware morally corrupt types like ye lanqiu.

An auspicious date.

An auspicious date.

We're a team.

I have another announcement.

Beginning today, miss tang will be my pa and executive secretary.

It's my old name card.

But the contact details are the same.

If anything comes up, call me.

Our company is going...


This chen ruoxi is over the top.

Miss ye steals her boyfriend so she uses public resources for revenge.

Villifies miss ye - and drags the company into it as well.

To purge the media of such scum is only right.

I was forgiving at first.

I thought, let her off this time.

Let her keep her take for the video.

What I don't get is why mo xiaoyu got mixed up in this sordid business.

Does your wife really want to leave you?

As if she'd walk away from wealth and luxury.

So why involve herself with chen ruoxi?

Women. She'd like to see miss ye skinned alive.

Should we try to recover the money?


Forget it.

I detest taking back a gift to a woman.

Ruoxi. Can you hear me?



It's fine.

My girlfriend says I can stay with you.

Thank her for me.

Where's your family?

Dad died, mom remarried.

So after sunrise tomorrow, we go to the hospital.

Your work 1s done tomorrow.

None of your business where I go.

I know you're home.

I know you're angry.

But I have to stay with her till sunrise.

When I get back, I'll explain everything.

We're signing with stone.

I never dreamed I'd be the boss of a multinational.



why is the jewellery box empty?

They belong to me.

I can put them where I like.

They're yours.

Treasure them.

Shen I've a question.

What is it that you treasure?


My success.

Congratulations on another success.

At this romantic moment, over wine I thought you'd say you treasured me.

You're just sour.

Let's be honest, okay?


Can you please tell me...

The truth about you and ye?

Haven't I answered that?

I said I don't need to steal around.

We should go.

You can take a taxi.

I'll say goodbye to you here.

Why not at the hospital?

I don't want people seeing us together again.

I want everyone to see me at your side every day for your treatment.

Car keys.

Wait here for me.

Oh, right. Here's your ID.

You didn't get your money back.

I trust you.

I'm going in.

Who're you looking for?

Ruoxi, come here.

Was this transferred to your account?

Yes, it was.

You accepted it.


It didn't disadvantage the station.

I did some brainstorming for them.

Someone has reported on you.

They used their name.

They say you took a bribe.

We need to establish the facts.

You agree that's correct procedure?

Can I ask who reported this?

You know a miss tang, tang xiaohua?

Director, I can return the entire amount.

If only it were that easy.

Who's tang xiaohua?


Don't butter me up. Who's tang xiaohua?

A classmate.

She introduced that job.

I'm asking where she works?


Yang jiaqi what'd I do to make you hate me?

To make you help them frame me?

Sister, what's going on?

As if you didn't know. You don't know?

I swear, I really have no idea.

As if I could still trust you.

Yang jiaqi I never want to see you again.

Boss the police are on the line.

Line 1.



Are you the ceo of situo, shen liushu?

I am.

Is ye lanqiu your employee?

She was.

Are you Yang shoucheng?


Do you know ye lanqiu?


Xiaoyu, ye lanqiu is dead.

Xiaoyu why do I feel that all this...

Has been aimed at me.

How did she die?

Don't know. I'm going there now.

Xiaohua miss ye is dead.

The cause of death has yet to be determined.

You and zhang mu should come with me.

Tell Yang jiaqi...

To come with her camera.

The deceased jumped 40 meters to her death.

Her note indicates it was suicide.

Is this her handwriting?

Yes. May I photograph it?

This is her diagnosis.

We found it in her bag.


Director shen considering everything that's happened

up to today...

Is there anything you'd like to say?

I knew you'd wait at motel.

But you needn't wait any longer.

Thank you for these last few days.

I've been in turmoil.

But now I'm clear.

Rather than wait fearfully for death, I'd rather face it.

Please take 1,000,000 and the rest of my savings and donate it to those in need.

Sell my home in the country too.

Thank director shen for me.

Yang shoucheng -

I love you.

I only regret

this love came so late.

I've followed your instructions and sent the suicide note to chen ruoxi.


Who's this? What's this about?

You're ye lanqiu"s murderer.

Ruoxi ye lanqiu is dead.

How'd she die?


She had cancer.

I asked tang xiaohua why they entrapped you.

She said as a reporter, you used...

Public resources for private ends. You caused her suicide.

They wanted to punish you.

I had nothing to do with it.

I have footage from the death scene.

And an interview with director shen.

I've got to edit the footage.

See you, ruoxi.


could you give me ye's apology?

I want to put it on the net.

I shot it.

I'm putting it in the program.

The most distressing thing is despite all the years she worked for me at such a critical time in her life she didn't consider me a friend to confide in.

I feel terrible.

I'm proposing to my board we set up a foundation in her name to help people in despair.

I owe her so much.

I can never repay the debt.


It'll make you feel better.

I feel better already.

You mean not only did she love you...

You loved her too.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologise for love.

Come to bed?

When did you fall in love with her?

When I knew I'd never see her again.

I see.

A doomed love.

As a woman, I'm a real loser.

Nothing I can do

will give me a way to make the one I love, love me back.

Don't feel guilty. Don't feel bad.

It's best to face up to the truth.

You supported me for three years.

I did nothing for you.

I'm no good.

I'm the failure. Nothing to do with you.

Cheer up.

You lost your job. I lost mine.

You lost the one you love. I did too.

I want to start again.

Let's have a farewell drink.


sir, the movers have been here.

Your wife took all her things.

She's gone too.

What? I don't understand.

She left divorce papers on your bureau.

All that reminds me of better days...

I've taken with me.

Because they are proof that we once had...

Those loving times.

"The blooming of lanqiu

"open weibo."

Turn your head, turn.

What is it you'd like to say?

I want to live every hour every minute every second

Every day.