Celebrity Sex Tape (2012) Script

Their meat is almost falling from the cupboard.

Do not be embarrassed to clan. Lower your voice.

Seriously, your vagina is as falling.

Someone needs to fix this thing before they eat your shorts.

Silence, idiot ... We will listen.

What are you talking about, fags?

No, you must be making a mistake, we're not gay.

You were looking at me the rear is not it?

I was not looking. Well, at least I'm not gay.

Fuck you

What about? Yes The literature book English until page 435 All the author's interpretation Yes, let ...

The football team will not let me be be somewhere else other than the field our pleasure Which is why I want to give you guys A sample chat my gratitude, something like Something special for being so contingent yes consistent Yeah, whatever.

You'll love it Can we play the next semester?

What was I? Yes, they were about to give us $ 300 for the job.

Yeah, whatever ... had thought this time He could be something instead of money No way, man. You said 300

Anyway, yeah, so ...

I did some flames and as they All I can do you enter boys, in what promises to be Wait ...

The best party of the night ... tomorrow night Yes No thanks We are listening No Yes No Yes Well, yes. Maybe you have heard Hollywood Hills

Anyway, my boys working on the door and I can not go because ...

Well, I'll put my balls in the ass their mothers.

Anyway ... as It is the largest number of vaginas that iran to see in one place, guaranteed.


Yes, no lies, man.

Yeah, thanks for the offer, but want the money.

The money ... ok, well ...

It's your choice, old. But I thought maybe they wanted to pull and Go to a party before they graduate Or die

Instead of staying home with their great amusement nerds Doing what is old. Ok, go for the money. waiting

An opportunity like this only presents a once in a lifetime You let us stop paying 300 How dollars that's a chance?

Jealous of you catch drunk bitches and girls who are delayed?

Let's not play games, we have contact physically, not digitally.

We speak Albanian No girl wants to be in the same place at the same time where we are we Especially at a party I will not go, old, there is no way.

Dude, do not blame me just because your girlfriend decided to close her vagina and give the key to God You had to say ... I'm not going alone, you are going to go.

Well, then I'm not going and I missed $ 300, that's great.

Well, I'll go with the Clan. Does the clan?

Yes, let's see ... Kwan barely speak English.

The condition of not Marcus allowed to talk to girls.

Doug has a restriction not to approach to all Los Angeles Campus And I'm sure that includes this Look, I'm sick of you complaining all times.

You have to throw Whatever No, no...

Just because my grandmother knows better pull your girlfriend has an excuse not to be an idiot.

Forget my relationship ... look, or you're single or not.

And if you go I will laugh like shit when you return

Speak of the devil and she appears Mormon in his costume ...

Shut the fuck up, man.

No, man, it's time to take on it and move Your virginity is not going to rejuvenate Hello Hi Ed

Goodbye, Ed Fucking fagot

Well, I was wondering if maybe we could Nona go to tonight and maybe spend time with them Do not know, Kim. What do not you know?

I think maybe we should talk Ok what happens?

The same thing has been happening for the last 3 years.

Does the sex thing, again?

Look, I know it's not a record, but I have to desfogarme.

Desfogarme? Do not wanna go to college virgin You know what? Just come back to movies porn and your hand lotion Let Emily out of this Ross, just meet me in the youth group tonight.

well Maybe then we can touching with clothes on

course Well, see you later.

Hey, get to work.

I'm not paying 4.99 minutes just to know them better.

There's nothing wrong with that can spend money where I work Now chupense tits

Kwan Ho, come on.