Cell (2016) Script

Terminal a of Boston international airport.

Transportation between terminals...

Take your laptop out of your bag.

The Boston police department requests that for your safety and security and per faa regulations...

I'll be home in a few.

Get off in about an hour. Space cadet, get me a...

To go in this quarter.

They need to score on this drive.

Don't lie to me, okay?

You sound like one of my kids.

Gate number 26.

Miss Lauren goodwin, please report to gate number 26.

Back to the huddle.

Second down and nine from their own...

She's so annoying.

Elizabitch, get your bony ass over here.

What is going on? Don't hang up on her.

Your baggage can be claimed at carousel number three.

Please see a gate agent...

Put security cameras in the whole house.

Except for the bedroom.

Christie wouldn't go for that.

My pool cleaner's even gone rogue.

No, I'm serious.

Yeah, it's jumping out of the pool on its own.

There is a flight 3598 to Manchester, New Hampshire.

Your gate number has been changed to gate a6.

The flight will depart on time at 4:15 P.M.

Passengers on flight 3598 to Manchester, New Hampshire, your gate number has been changed...

Hello? Hey, it's me.

Just got off the plane. What are you doing?

What am I doing? I'm picking up Johnny at school.

I'm getting a sitter from the bus stop.

Going back to the lab because we got completely slammed.

Sharon, they made an offer.

A big, big offer.

For all the rights to "night traveler."

We're talking about graphic platforms, virtual reality, algorithms, interface user stuff, i don't know.

That's amazing, Clay. Congratulations.


Well, you know, it's a big deal, yeah.

So are you going out to celebrate tonight?

Celebrate? Celebrate, no.

Yeah, this is a big night for you.

I just assumed you'd want to celebrate with someone.

Not really.

So you're not with someone?

No. No.

There's nobody.

Hey, is that dad?

Can I talk to him?

Hi, dad. Hey, buddy.

How you doing? We did the parachute drill today.

Yeah. You put a little parachute on your bat.

I swear, my swing is like 100 times faster.

That's great.

Are you coming home?

Yeah, yeah, soon.

I just want you to come home. Ah, shit.

Hi, shar, it's me. Yeah, I ran out of juice.

Listen, there's a flight to Manchester that leaves in about an hour.

Clay, you've been gone for over a year.

I love you, but it's not that simple.

I'd like to see my son.

Shit. Your time is up.

I need more money. Hold on. Please deposit...

What's wrong with you? Stop it!

Get off him! What are you doing? Get off!

Get off of her!

Stop that!

Go! Go! Go!

Oh, my god, Chloe.

Hey, hey, hey, don't touch her.

I'm not gonna touch her. She might be contagious.

I need to call 911, though.

Hello? Hello?

Let me see your goddamn hands! Get your hands in the air!

Why'd you do that? What, are you gonna shoot everybody?

What the hell is happening? Who the hell knows?

Quick, let's go. Don't use your cell phone.

Why? They did.

Help me!

No, no, no. Bro, stop, he's normal.

Hey, hey, hey!

Come on. Let's go, bro.

Bro, come on.

- Don't use your cell phones.

We've been trying, but we can't get a signal down here.

We need to get out of this airport right now before it burns to the ground.

Get out of here? We ain't going nowhere.

Is there a driver on this train?

That'd be me. Can we leave?

No. Oh, no.

Central shut down the power, emergency brakes came up, and this train can't move more than 50 feet.


We could walk. Walk?

Walk? Ain't nobody walking.

What did you say? We could walk.

I got maps of the system and I got all the maintenance tunnels with the exits marked.

We can walk right out of here.

That's a brilliant idea. You're my new best friend.

What are you gonna do when the t starts running again?

Let's go.

You don't want to come, you don't got to come. I don't care.

You guys are idiots. We're safe right here.

Only if this lasts less than 24 hours.

What do you mean? The groundwater.

The sewage workers pump out the groundwater.

If nobody's Manning the pumps, whole system floods.

All of this will be underwater.

You'll be forced into the terminal or back out in the streets.

And if Boston is still burning or if what he's saying is true...

Don't listen to him. We're not gonna be down here that long.

Do you want to stay here or do you want to go?

It's gonna blow over.

These things always do. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Can I come with you?

I'm not gonna stop you. Yo, awesome. Deuces, man.

You don't even know him. Adios.

You think this is happening everywhere or just here?

We'll know in a little while.

We lose power, means it's happening everywhere.

Nobody's Manning the power stations.

Probably running for their lives like us.

Wonder how many folks were on those things when it happened.

A lot.

Too many. Like everybody.

And those that didn't get it the first time got zapped when they tried to call 911 or their families.


I'm tom mc court, by the way.

Clay riddell. Good to know you.

Mike mattick. They call me dj liquid.

Keep moving. Dj.

I got to get to Kent pond. My family is up there.

I've got a wife and son. You know, in New Hampshire. Kent pond?

You got anybody you need to check on?

I got my boo. Did you say "my boo"?

Yeah, what you got, huh? Come on, come on.

My man, he done left me, so i ain't got nobody. I live alone.

Yo, I got service. What does that mean?

I don't know. Put that thing down.

Are they normal?

They look normal to you? I don't know.

You want to take that chance? What's abnormal?


Shit! Come on! Come on!

Come on! Run!

Come on, man. Come on.

Come on! Give me your hand. Give me your hand.

Come on. Come on.

The dumpster. The dumpster.

I got it. I got it.

Go. Go.

Hold it.

I know her.

Okay, what floor? Two.

Okay, go. Go.

- Shit, hurry up!

Hurry up.

Yeah, dead.

Think it's safe to text?

I'm out of juice.

I've got to text my family, see if they're okay.

Can I borrow your phone, please?

It's all jumbled up.


Why don't you stick my phone in the freezer?

It makes the battery last longer.

Probably need it to check the signal.

If we don't make any calls, it should last for a few days.

You draw all these?

- Yeah.

My graphic novel.

I was thinking about that poor kid down in the tunnel.



God damn.

You know, if we're going to survive this, whatever it is, people are gonna have to put aside their finer sensibilities.

If they can't, they're gonna die.


She sound normal? Hello?

Please, someone be there. Are you normal?

What do you think? Open the damn door.

Okay. I live upstairs.

Yeah, I've seen you before. I'm Clay.

Tom. I'm Alice.

I think you guys should close the blinds. I don't think that's smart.

You guys should close the blinds.

I don't think it's gonna be good if somebody sees us in here.

He's gonna close them. Tom, you close them.

See, he's closing them.

Are you hurt? What do you mean, am I hurt?

Are you physically injured? Can I help you?

I killed my mom.

I killed my mom.

I want to get out of this dress because it really smells.

Like blood and sweat and my mom's perfume.

My girlfriend might have left some jeans.

I think they'd just about fit you.

And I have pajamas. I have plenty of pajamas.


Yeah, I'm just tired.

Here, do you want to maybe...

There's still some hot water if you want to take a shower.

Uh-huh, okay. Thank you.

Listen, tom, I'm gonna head north to Kent pond in the morning as soon as it gets light.

I think you and Alice should probably come with me.

Clay, I'm really sorry about your family.

Don't be sorry because there's nothing to be sorry about yet.

My kid had a cell phone, but he never made calls.

He just texted, you know? Liked games.

But my wife, she had one and i called her right before it happened.

When I met you. So I don't know if she was on it.

I just want you to know I'm real glad I ran into you today, tom.

You okay?

Oh, um, I found these in your pocket.

Hope you don't mind.

No, no, no, no.

Here, maybe drink something.

No. Do you want something to eat?


If you guys go somewhere, can I come with you?

Hoping you'd say that.



I'm gonna try and get some rest now.

Yeah, we'll be here.



Some kind of terrorist attack or some shit, do you think?

I don't know, man.

Well, whoever it was, us three are like bugs who had the dumb luck to avoid the stomp of the giant's foot.

They're like birds.

They're acting like a flock of birds.

Well, I don't like it.

I don't like this flocking thing at all.

I mean, whatever it is, I've just got to get to Kent pond and find out about my wife and son.

If you guys don't want to come, I totally get it.

Hold up. Hold up.

Oh, shit. What?

I don't know. Should we go back?

Oh, my god! Help me!

Help me!

- Oh, Jesus.

- Oh, god!

Should we help them? No, no, no, no.

Nothing we can do. We go back or we go right now.

No, go, go, go. They're not looking.

They're not looking. Go, go. Go.

Where they all go?

Maybe we got lucky and they all dropped off, you know, when they lost the signal like at the train station.

Tom. Tom.

Always considered myself a pacifist, but I wouldn't mind having a pistol right now.

Um, guys.

I don't think that's a good idea.

I go in with my hands raised and just say I want to talk.

Maybe ring the doorbell. What's the worst that can happen?

I'm a black man with a crowbar.

I'm not walking over there.

Okay, how about that one?

Oh, that makes all the difference in the world.

Oh, my god. Oh, my.

Why don't you take care of Alice?

I'll get what we came for.

Here, take this.


What? Look at you.

Yeah, basic training. You never forget.

Grab some ammo.

How do you load these things?

You guys, there's someone out here.


He's by himself.

Close 'em. Close the drapes.

Hey, are you okay?




Oh, shit.

I guess they don't all travel in flock...

Fuck this.

Let's go. Let's go.

What the hell?

Well, it looks like when the sun goes down they're programmed to pack it in.

It was like they all did it together.

Like it was an automated response or something.

You know what I don't get is how they all knew exactly where we were that fast.

I mean, it's not like they were watching us or anything.

Not with their own eyes anyway.

Not with their own...

So you're saying when that kid saw us, they all saw us?

How else do you explain it?

So now they're psychic? Telepathic.

Like maybe the pulse flows through them like they're this big, organic, you know, network.

Like a hive mind.


You got anything better?

What makes you think they're still there?

I mean, no matter what or how it went down, don't you think they might have bailed?

If they're safe, they would have left a message.

Lost most of my money in the great collapse of '08.

And I lost my emotional stability in the great divorce of '09.

You know, at the time, I thought that was the end of the world.

Whoa, what is that?

You hear that? Yeah.

It's music.

Greetings, gentlemen.

Miss. Welcome to gaiten academy.

If you folks need a place to stay for the night, we have plenty of rooms.

The boys who didn't have cell phones have all run off.

The ones who did have them...

Oh, we know about that.

I'm Jordan. I'm a scholarship boy.

I lived in holloway. Good for you, Jordan.

Yes, sir. That's what the head said, too.

Charles ardai. Headmaster.

Quite a problem these cell phones have caused now, isn't it?

The devil's intercom is what I used to call them.

Nice. It's apt.

What's with the music?

Did you ever play musical chairs as a child?

Yeah. Well, as long as the music doesn't stop, we've got nothing to worry about.

We'll have a quick peek, then we'll go over to cheatham lodge for dinner.

It's not 200 yards to tonney field, I promise.

Holy shit.

Is the music coming from their phones?

Don't worry, they won't wake up.

How can you be so sure of that?


What the hell are you doing?

No, no, he's calm. He's calm.

I could put my sword cane right through his throat and he wouldn't try to stop me.

Nor would those around him spring to his defense.

Of course, if I tried it in the daylight, they'd tear me limb from limb.

The music comes from their mouths, too.

It's not hardly a whisper, but you can hear it.

Come here. That's got to be your imagination.

There's no way that they're actually talking.

Come listen.

It's like they don't breathe.

I can hear it. I can hear it.

How is that even possible without a transmitter?

They are transmitting. It's a new skill they seem to have picked up.

And they're changing at an alarming rate.

Can we please move this conversation inside?


We cannot overestimate the developmental leaps we're witnessing here.

They appear to be eusocial.

Like a colony of bees or ants.

They act for the good of the group as a whole.

There's no competitiveness, no selfishness.

In fact, they may be the next stage in human evolution.

Every human on planet earth will be part of one giant organism.

No individuality. No privacy. Come on.

No war. No resource depletion.

No conflict. No, thank you.

As to what they're doing at night as they lie there so still, open-eyed and listening to their music, we think they're rebooting.

Yeah, I mean, they might as well have

"software updating, please stand by" blinking on their foreheads.

You mean they had their brains wiped?

Yeah, I mean, what is a brain?

It's just a big old hard drive.

Organic circuitry.

No one knows how many bytes.

Like, giga to the power of googolplex, let's say.

An infinity of bytes.

If your brain were an info strip on a hard drive, it would say something like 2% in use, 98% available.

Holmes, you astound me.

I love cybernetics. Ah.

Cyberpunk fiction, too. William Gibson.

Neal stephenson, you like him?

Neal stephenson is a god.

Yeah, he's pretty good.

Right now the nights are ours.

But what happens if they decide that they need less sleep?

What happens if they decide to grow against their digital lullabies?

What happens when they're not afraid of the dark?

What are you suggesting?

I think what's happening now is more than temporary anarchy.

I think it's the start of a war.

It's going to be a short but extremely nasty one.

But what does one do in a war?

One kills one's enemies.

Well, even with the guns we have, it'll be slow work.

We have a gasoline pump in our little motor pool.

Gasoline may serve to end their lives.

Hold up. You want to napalm them?

We have a sprayer truck that we use to keep our playing fields very green.

I want to wipe them out.

I agree with him. I think we should wipe them out.

The ones on the soccer field.

And I don't want to do it for the human race.

I want to do it for my mom.

As many as we can, as fast as we can.

Before it's too late.

We sure we want to do this?

Oh, yeah, for sure. Let's go.

I'm sure.


Holy cow.

All right.

Do you like first-person shooter games?


Pretty freaked out, huh?

I'm fine.

How about you?

Freak city.


We have a problem?

No, no, no. It's great.

Put it in a lower gear.

Yeah, it's not like I've done this before, all right?

Just put it in a lower gear.

Yeah, we were just on somebody's head or something.

All right. They're coming back.

No, you've had enough of that to be dui. You know that, right?


But it won't really count after the mass murder, you know?

No one knows better than me that you can't stop progress.

But still, you're never too old to fight it.

- Uh-oh.

Holy shit.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Shit, the truck. Get down!

Alice, you all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.





Help. Help him.

Somebody help him.

Tom. Clay.

Help him.



Come on, buddy. Come on. It's okay.

All right.

What is that? Yeah, I feel it, too.

It feels like rage.

We got to go right now.

Do not withhold your mercy from us, o lord.

May your love and your truth always protect us.

For troubles without number surround us.

Our sins have overrun us and we cannot see.

Our sins are more than the hairs of our head and our hearts fail within us.

Be pleased to save us, o lord.

O lord, come quickly to help us.

May those who seek to take our lives as this life was taken be put to shame and confusion.

May those who desire ruin be turned back in disgrace.

May all those who say to us, "aha.


Be appalled by their own shame.

For here lies the dead.

The dust of the earth.



You, too? Yeah.

I thought when you get older, the nightmares go away.

No, they still happen.

They just grow up, too.

There was this really creepy, disgusting guy in my dream.

He was dirty. Yellow teeth. He had on a red hoodie.

What? Long hair.

Does he have a tear on his cheek?

In my dream, he was poking my neck with a knitting needle and calling me insane.

In a red hoodie?

Pushed me in front of a speeding train.

The guy in my dream, that's the character from my graphic novel.

You know, my comic book, "the night traveler."

He's the guy in the drawings on your wall of your apartment?

Yes. He's a, you know, prophet of the apocalypse.

So you saw all this shit coming?

Hey, it was just a comic book, man.

Unless this is just all my goddamn dream.

You may have had it first, but you're definitely not the only one.

It's getting dark. Let's get out of here.

Yeah. Yeah, I don't want to sleep no more.

"Kashwak equals no-fo."

"I heart kashwak." What does that mean?

Maybe no-fo means no phones.

Like a dead zone. No cell phone towers, so it's safe.

You can't assume that. It's too early to think we know the rules.

Open up! We're Americans.

Happy hour start yet?

Ooh, company.

You're cute. You're cute.

You, sir, are very cute.

Thank you.

And you, my love, are to die for.

No phoners come through here.

Phoners don't like English food.

English people don't like English food.

Hey, I do, mister. All right, all right.

What the hell is kashwak? What do you guys think that is?

Oh, you know kashwak.

Up in Maine.

It's an unincorporated area they call tr-90.

Kashwakamak lake.

Everybody's going there. Everybody who hasn't been pulsed.

We're going. We're leaving tomorrow.

Thanks for letting us come in tonight.

Mmm, we're happy you're here.

We're really glad you're here.

You think Bob Dylan's a phoner?

That's a good one.

There's no... there's no telephone songs on here.

That would... that would be apropos, right?


Oh, d2. D2.

That's like the devil of ego, right?

The vanity of super individuality.

But the other one was this one called arama.

And he was, like, a demon of big data.

Of numbers, of abstraction.

Right? You know what I'm saying? Yeah.

You with me? You with me, Geoff? Hell, yeah.

When I came home from Vietnam, you know, I was lost, drifting and...

Somebody reached out their hand and they saved my life.

They might be dead now or even part of the flock that's trying to pull me in.

All I know is that I didn't survive a war and all the rest of it just to get pulled in by this fucker or his flock.

You know, the first time i saw his face, it wasn't dreams, it was in his house.

On the wall. You drew him.

I'm not the first guy to draw a devil on a piece of paper.

The devil? Yeah.

How's it end? I never finished it.

I mean, it's like a serial graphic novel.

Didn't really end. It was just a game and a story.

Just a game? Mm.

Good always conquers evil.

Now, I believe that.

You know, and I saw you with your son once, too.

And I always wanted that.

Anyway, I saw you leave your apartment with that woman and I just really hated that.

Liz? Liz.

Hated that.

Always seemed like you were pissed at me.

I never knew what was up with you.

You'd give me that death stare.


I give everyone the death stare.

But I know you love your family.

I've seen you with your son and I know that shit happens with couples, just...

You're gonna find him, Clay.

You're gonna find him.

You think?

You are.

We were traveling in the dark and that was really, really dark for me.

'Cause I had him. And I had her.

I had some bullshit job that I hated doing graphic design for some stupid company.

But I hated myself for not having the balls to do what I wanted and I hated Sharon for loving me when I hated myself and all these warped, convoluted feelings.

Sometimes I'd get home from work and I'd change into my rock and roll t-shirt and I'd go to the bar and smoke weed and listen to Norwegian death metal like some teenager who wanted to blow up his high school.

It was pathetic.

Then one day I just split and moved out.

And do you like being there?

First night I was there, i knew it was a mistake.

Very first night.

I called Sharon the day of the pulse.

I couldn't tell her i missed her and that I wanted to come home.

I said I want to see my son.

See, I had to prove I was right and to prove I was special, you know?

I mean, probably just wanted her to be proud of you.

Well, be great if that were true.

I think I was just an asshole.

Here. That's what you look like.

Human beings are the religion of the angels.

And that is an angel in exile. What do you think?


Get out of my fucking bar!

Get off!

Get off!

Hold on, tom!



Grab my blanket.

It's okay.

Keep that over her.

It's okay, baby.


Grab underneath her. Come on.

Help me bring her up. Help me bring her up.

Bring her up. Okay.

Let it snow.

'Cause then we can build a fort.

Or a leaf.

Or a bird. We can build a bird.

We can make a snowman.

Or we could play the slinky one.

I'm so sorry, buddy.

You know, back in the tavern, they attacked at night.

The head said this would happen.

He also said they'd find new ways of maintaining their numbers.

You saw what happened back there, right?

They're not just killing anymore, they're recruiting.

The pulse is coming from their mouths now.

They don't need phones anymore.

Well, well, well.

The President of the Internet said you'd be coming this way.

And, well, here you are.

Who are you?

Why don't you put your shotgun down, my friend?

I'll be happy to tell you who I am.

I'm ray huizenga from groveland, mass.

This young lady here, Denise link from haverhill, neighboring town.


But our names don't actually matter anymore.

What matters... what matters is what we do.

And what we do, hmm? We kill phone freaks.

Yeah, yeah, we kill them.

Just like you.

The second time in nashua, we used dynamite from a construction site shed.

Ray knew how to rig the dynamite from when he worked on a road crew.

That's when we started seeing those kashwak no-fo signs.

Kashwak. They're telling people it's a no-phone zone, but that's a lie.

The area got an Indian casino built there last year and finally put up a cell phone tower.

The phoners are trying to draw us there in our dreams, but it's a trap.

Yeah, and the dreams started coming after we blasted.

I mean, we blasted. That first flock, we blasted them.

You know, powerful dreams. Powerful dreams, like...

We've had them.

Always that phoner. The phoner in the red hoodie.

They call him the president of the Internet.

Yeah. Got to be taken down.

I mean down. Like, down, like...

Like right there.

We've got to take him all the way down.

You know what I'm saying? You take him all the way down.

If you kill him... you kill him... You put him in here, the rest will... they'll surrender. They'll quit.

They'll stop. Just... poof.

But it's not gonna be easy. Know why?

Know why? 'Cause they get inside of people's minds.

They get inside of people's minds.

They get inside your mind, ray?

No, nothing in my mind. Because I stay up, hmm?

I've been awake, what, four, five, six... Six days now?

That's great. It's true.

She sleeps in there, I'm out here guarding.

I'll pace all night. I'll be all over this park.

Mary had a little lamb. She's my Mary. Aw.

It's not my kid. Not my kid. No.

But she's my Mary. I'm looking after her.

That's great. Sounds like you guys are in a good place.

Oh, yeah.

But you know what? We can resist as long as we stay awake.

Staying awake is key. We just stay away from the flocks.

How you plan on doing that?

Oh, we got ourselves a canary in a coal mine, my friend.

Hey, Denise, you want to show them and I'll finish cooking the burgers with your son?

My brother's doing more to help me out now than he ever did when he was human.

I still hate to see him like this.

He's a phoner? Yup.

Yeah, he's like a little calf that broke off from the herd and got lost.

On its own, he's nothing.

He just sits here and waits for them to come back and find it or else he dies.

God, he hasn't been eating.

Come on, don't do this to me.

If a flock passes within a mile or so, he starts coming to and acting up.

The closer they are, the crazier he gets.

That's why we got him covered up.

We don't want him showing them where we are and bringing them down on us.

Come on, don't do this to me.

Sometimes I think he can still recognize my voice.

You think they can be rehabbed? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Are you coming home? Are you coming home?

What the hell's going on? Are you coming home?

I have no idea. He never said anything before.

Are you coming home? Are you coming home?

Are you coming home? Are you coming home?

I just want you to come home.

That's Johnny's voice. No, it's not.

I just want you to come home.

Do not listen to that shit. Are you coming home?

You know that is not your son.

Clay, no! Hi, dad.

No! No! No!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

He was my brother. He saw us, that means they saw us.

He'll lead the rest of them to us. Come on.

Hey, we all need to go now.

Come on. Everybody to the truck.

Clay, come on.

Why are we stopping, ray?

No, it's too late for me. It's too late for me because they're in my head.

At first it was in my dreams, but now I'm seeing stuff when I'm awake.

Things that aren't there.

You haven't slept for a week. Maybe you were hallucinating.

I'm hallucinating because that asshole in the red hoodie is putting thoughts in my mind.

And what the Prez wants, he's not gonna get because you're not gonna let him.

They thought it was me, but it wasn't me.

It wasn't me, it's you. He was wrong.

You're the man, my artist. You are it.

What's that around your neck, ray?

I don't like it that you're holding on to your kid because your kid is done. Your kid is done.

You know it in your heart that your kid is toast.

Your kid is toast. No, I don't.

I don't know that.


Here. Here.

I'm passing the torch. I'm passing it on to you.

When the time comes, call the number on the slip.

You'll know the time. I hope you know the time.

What time is that, ray? The end of the road time.

The end of the road. Mmm.

No other options.

Ray, what's that around your neck?

This, my friend, this is gonna... Ray.

This is gonna blow my mind. You better step away, my friend.

Okay. Hold on. Step away, Clay!

Stay here. I'll be back.

No, no, no, no. I'm going with you.

No, no, no. Just stay with them.

I've got to do this alone.



Get off.

Get off.


Is that...?


So what you got there?


Ray gave that to me.

Right before he blew his head off.

He told me to call the number when the time came.

When the time came?


When's that?

Last stop.

End of the line.

That's what he said?

That's what he said.


Seemed like a reasonable man.

Did you know there was a bomb in here?

No, or I wouldn't have ridden in it.

So did ray tell you this thing was full of c-4?

There's enough plastique in there to blow up this whole fucking block.

Oh, my god. Here, this is Sharon's wagon.

It's in the garage.

I'm going to kashwak.

Are you out of your mind?

Did you not hear what Denise said?

It's a trap. We've been through this.


Come on, man.

If you're going there, you're not coming out.

It's a suicide mission. You're gonna die.

I got to find my kid.

I got to know one way or the other.

Oh, god damn.

Take this.

I want you to spray paint t, j and d for tom, Jordan, and Denise on the side of the road every couple miles.

If you go off-road, dirt road, put it up on a tree.

Always on the left-hand side of the road

'cause that's where I'll be looking.

Look, don't go.

It's stupid. You're gonna die.


You remember the story of orpheus, buddy?

Orpheus traveled to the underworld to find his loved one, bring them back to earth.

You're not orpheus.

Take care of yourself, brother.

Be right behind you.

All right?

Take care of tom.

You know, you're about the best friend anybody could ever have at the end of the world.

Well, let's hope it's not quite the end.

Good knowing you, Clay riddell.

Good to know you, tom mccourt.

Take care.

You better find us.

Sorry about your wife.

Kashwak, please! Pull over!

Please help us! Please help us! Please!

Take us with you!

Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad.

Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Johnny!

Johnny! Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad.

Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad.

Hi, dad. Hi, dad.

Are you coming home?

Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad.

I just want you to come home.

Johnny! Johnny!

Are you coming home? Are you coming home?


Look, dad, there's another.


I'm so glad you get to meet my friends, Johnny.

Are they gonna be my friends, too?

You bet.

What's the name of the place we're going?