Chai dan zhuan jia (2017) Script

It's loose Chill, I'm not done Would I let Boss down?

It's true My brother only trusts you Right

He tells me "left", I go left He tells me "right", I go right Why doesn't he trust me?

Like "lefty-loosey, righty-tighty"

Your left may not be his left Your right may not be his right Busy talking?

Let's move, one to each car Get going!

HEY The guy my brother trusts Yeah?

He wants you to join him Okay

Go ahead They drove off in three taxis with bombs in each one Where did they go?

Unsure Two Toyotas, one Nissan

"DB 2436"

"EC 6678"

"FA 969"

Why does my brother trust him, not me?

I don't trust him at all Peng Hong is very cautious I don't know his plan yet Stay in touch He made three car bombs All three are taxis There are over 20,000 taxis in Hong Kong Here are the license plate numbers

Have a drink, let's celebrate first

We lost the GPS signal of JS Keep tracking Have you located the three taxis?

Not yet, sir

We'll be rich!

Hey! Stop there!

All Units, Heung To Bank Gold Vault is being attacked Sir, Heung To Bank is being attacked All units, take action Yes, sir

Bring another cart

It smells great

Don't lose them

Crash into him... Go ahead


Slow down...

Let them catch up Yes Let them catch up They're coming

Brother, did you see that?

I did it

Calling Control. Officer down Hurry

All units, stop Do not enter the car park Beware of car bombs

Go around to block them

What the heck?


Put your gun down Put your gun down I order you to put your gun down Police Put your gun down Put down your weapons, freeze I said, put your gun down

Get out of the car Hands up Turn that way Stop Set him free, he is our man My elder brother will come and save rne

Traitor He will never stop hunting you down He definitely will come to save me Take him away He won't let you off the hook

They entered the pedestrian tunnel Roger, we'll go block them from the front

Scumbag Scumbag

Sir, a bomb!

Listen up Please put your cell phones in the locker together with any flash drives or lighters Thank you very much Thank you, sir Plastic explosives, as its name implies, can be formed into different shapes, making them difficult to be detected Even x-ray machines cannot detect them One kind of plastic explosives is Composition C-4 Its power of damage is greater than TNT Its explosive velocity can be up to 8km per second This is a dummy of the American-made model MKII fragmentation-type hand grenade It weighs 600 grams and is filled with 60 grams of TNT It has a safety pin inside If I pull it out and let go The striker spring will bump against the detonator inside ignition will occur, the grenade will explode in a delay of 3.2 to 4 seconds with a lethal range of 3 meters Yes If the hand grenade is held in hand with the safety pin removed then the grenade will not explode, correct?

Correct But I am curious Why wouldn't you let it go?

It's not a girl's hand But in case you're so unfortunate to be holding a hand grenade without a safety pin Remember

you must hold on to it like a girl's hand Don't let go so easily Thank you We, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, work in teams of two during operations This is Superintendent JS Cheung He is Bomb Disposal Number One As Number Two, my job is to assist Number One to complete the mission as safely and quickly as possible If a hand grenade lands in front of me but it doesn't explode after 4 seconds what shall I do?

You should thank God and run away No, it should be run first, and then thank God

Officer Cheung Today is your lucky day Every day is my lucky day I like more academic girls Hello My handbag was just here Give it back to me Sweetie, we didn't take your handbag My ID card, money, everything is inside It's very important I understand, but I really didn't take it Then where is my handbag?

Go look somewhere else

Stop Boys and girls, attention please If anyone finds a yellow handbag...

Officer Cheung, maybe you should take her away You can't drink until you're 18 Show me your ID card

Are you going there?

Who is she?

Officer Cheung from EOD brought her here ls he from Anti-vice?

Why would he bring a drunken whore here?

How would I know?

Officer Cheung, she's coming to Please be kind Don't call her a drunken whore Sorry, sir You were so excited you forgot I am in the chat group too She is drunk but not a whore

Diameter: 14 (inches)

Length: 44 (inches)

It's a war-time aerial bomb filled with TNT Model number M64 With a nose fuse Standard weight is 500 pounds This device can destroy a tank That's true And it's very unstable Immediately evacuate nearby residents Expand lockdown area to 100 meters Yes, sir

Everyone, please stand back a bit Don't obstruct police from working Officer Cheung, your tools Thank you Officer Cheung Will you put on the EOD suit?

You said it could destroy a tank so, why bother?

Ben, I will drill the nose fuse now Roger

Ben I've injected Type 3 fuse coagulant into it The fuse should be stabilized Iam starting to remove the fuse Roger

Don't be chicken, it is stable I'm not going back to HQ Tell the boss After my vacation, I'll go see him with my report Yes, sir Thank you I must go Bye, Officer Cheung Bye Boys and girls, please behave Come here Miss Li Don't play on the road It's very dangerous Good girl Come Let me give you a "like"

Thank you Daddy Bye Where we go playing?

Are you a parent?

Hello, Miss Li Bye Bye Bye Do you come to file a complaint against me?

Miss Li Bye How come you know I teach here?

I forgot to tell you I'm a cop

Officer Miss My name is JS Cheung Officer Cheung If those parents found out I got stinking drunk in a bar and was brought to a police station I don't know what they'll do I'm normally not like that You don't have to tell rne I really don't mind

I've been separated for six months and just signed the divorce papers I went to the bar just to drown my sorrows Then I wanted to see if I still "got it"

You can just let me off up ahead It's okay Where are you going?

I have time to give you a ride No, thanks I don't want to...

But I do No I don't want to get involved with a taken man I'm not

You don't believe me?

In tonight's mission, an undercover officer helped us raid an armed robbery organization We arrested two suspects We have issued a bounty of HK$5 million for the arrest of the other suspects

I will wire $50 million in to your Cayman account After I get the money in a month's time my team will have trickled into Hong Kong

And now, our EOD bomb disposal expert Superintendent JS Cheung, please

Please say a few words, Officer Cheung

Many people ask why I joined EOD including my girlfriend I told her a story It's called Long ago, a group of mice wanted a way to go out of their hole to find food without being eaten by the cat outside Finally they had an idea:

Hang a bell on the cat Every time they hear the bell they would stay in the hole, and all will be well But the question was which mouse should hang the bell?

As they were discussing that, a little mouse raised his hand and said, "I'll go"

Everyone was curious:

"Why you?"

The little mouse said in its heart Righteousness takes priority over life Therefore I chose to be this mouse

Bomb disposal is not something you can just do It is divine providence

I am very grateful to God for letting me make the right choices in every mission I am very grateful to God for allowing me to use my life to protect others' lives

Hey, girlfriend Do I look good dressing up in uniform?

It's okay You still look like a bomb disposal expert Officer Cheung They don't serve coffee Drink this instead Thank you Thank you Congratulations, Officer Chung JS Congratulations Today you've finally waited long...

What was that?

I was talking gibberish Stop that crap Let's drink to a pretty woman first Officer Cheung seldom brings girlfriend What is your name?

Carmen Carmen It's Miss Li She's a teacher A teacher!

Yes A match made in heaven Of course In any case, congratulations Congratulations Cheers Congrats to Officer Cheung Cheers How long have you known each other?

About a year You've been tight-lipped I was afraid you'd steal her

I'll drop by in a few days Great I'll cook some special dishes for you Bye, Carmen Bye-bye Let's go

Oh my God!

It's Officer Chow's car Fire!

Here is the report It is C-4 explosive The initial estimate is that the bomb was attached by magnet to the car But it was not a time bomb nor triggered by starting the engine but by short-distance remote control The killer was at the site At least not far away He wanted to watch Officer Chow's car explode We think the motive was revenge When I was undercover back then Officer Chow was my handler

At first, he wanted me for the UC assignment but Hong was famous for explosives so he found you in EOD Peng HOW Well I'll get him caught If it's really Peng Hong He'll will come for you anyway You took my place back then I must ensure your safety now I'll assign 24-hour protection for you I can take care of myself

Yes All right I'm on my way Hello?

(Beware of Bomb)

I am so sorry...

It's very dangerous here Please leave the premises now Excuse us, please leave the premises now Attention, all units. Evacuate everyone now...

No one is allowed to enter the blockade Attention all units...


Run! Get out!

Evacuate, go Keep moving, everyone leave Allow the fire trucks in...

Mercury detonator, how creative Use the electronic x-ray machine Yes, sir This is the primer

This square should be C-4 Not suitable for on-site neutralization It is a timed Improvised Explosive Device of very high lethality When will it explode?

The timer is blocked I cannot see it well Any plan?

Go closer to get a better look

Officer Kong, I am now going to examine the IED I'm handing on-site command to Number Two, Ben

Power on

Here are the tools


How filthy

Hurry It will blow up soon

One-thousand-one One-thousand-two One-thousand-three Ben, I estimate the IED will explode in 10 minutes It may be dangerous to move it I'll take care of it now

I will coagulate the mercury with low temperature to stop the explosion Prepare the liquid nitrogen Yes, sir Liquid nitrogen, now Now Attention all units

100% evacuation is mandatory

There's someone up there. EOD suspend Officer Cheung, suspend action Trespassers on site

I'll Wait Hurry up It will blow soon

We're here to shoot the bomb

Out of the way Get out of here EOD, confirm evacuation is complete Officer Cheung, evacuation complete

Good job But it's not over yet

Clear Roger Officer Kong, the device has been disarmed Do not remove the blockade until further notice CSI colleagues, you may begin to gather evidence

If you put a time bomb here what time would you set it at?

Of course at lunchtime Why?

There are most people here at lunchtime The bastard who put it there would want to create the most casualty But it isn't crowded at the time the bomb was set Thank you

Who called the police?

A man called the police All he said was

"There's a bomb in the Gloucester Road Garden"

He may have set the bomb Calling Officer Kong Hazardous object at the courthouse front door

Allow rne

C-4, at least three pounds of it The circuitry is very complicated If it explodes all the glass in the nearby buildings will shatter How much longer until it explodes?

Three minutes There's still time Let's go Officer Kong Bomb, make way Make way, now!

Give it to rne Let's go

It's my first time drifting with a bomb in my arms

Will it blow when it's shaken hard?

No C-4 is very stable It won't blow even when shot at I've drive faster, then Sit tight


Make way Get out of the way Wait Wait What's up?

Wait There's no time Wait... Let's go Wait Wait a moment Ready?





You wanted a picture to post on Facebook?

As a souvenir Are you nuts?

Two bomb threats in a row He is provoking the Police We've found out the call to the police was made from a phone booth at the Garden Both bombs and the murder of Officer Chow look to be the work of one person I suspect it is the fugitive Peng Hong I worked with him for two years Knowing his personality For sure, there should be more to come About the bomb discovery case yesterday I have made it first priority for my men to crack the case as soon as possible The Police never allow anyone to undermine the security of Hong Kong

You didn't sleep?

I dozed off for a while

Sleep some more I go make you breakfast wake you up when it's ready

You're up?

I am making you breakfast in bed

Let me help

You'll cook?

Egg (bomb) disposal expert

I've watched a lot of superhero movies Girlfriends of superheroes never end up well That's right It's a hard life Sorry You know I've just divorced I don't want to walk out from one nightmare into another one

I've thought about that for you Why don't we... just let it go?

Great We can still be friends

Like this? Or ordinary friends?

Ordinary friends

Okay, I'll leave after breakfast

Do you still want breakfast in bed?


Don't miss the laser beams Ready 1, 2, 3 Lily, are you having a good time?

Very much so Told you We're not those shopping tours, and have lots of time for taking photos Thank you That's my job to make you happy Mr. Chan, did you take your medicine?

I was having such a good time I forgot to take my medicine Get in the bus. I'll get you some water You're so nice You're most welcome We'll cross the harbour and go back to the hotel now Okay...

Let's go, Chuen Sit tight...

Mr. Chiu Yes Let's go to my friend's bar on Hong Kong side and watch the game there My son will treat this evening Great We're all retirees You have a job, so you pay Thank you You're welcome

Uncle Chiu

What do you think?

I wish I had a son like you Let me see You heard that?

What are you doing?

No need to ask It must be my birthday gift, right?

No Thank you, son It's not

Mr. Au An accident just happened inside the Tunnel

We will now close the Kowloon-bound tube

My boss just told me There's been a problem inside this Tunnel So they will use the one-tube-two-way operation You can imagine You have two nostrils, one is stuffed up Of course it won't go as freely as usual Sorry that we have to spend some time here

Traffic jam again?

It's early, we have plenty of time There are three cross-harbour tunnels in Hong Kong This Cross-Harbour Tunnel, the Eastern and the Western Harbour Crossings It's cheapest to take Cross-Harbour Tunnel The Eastern Harbour Crossing is more expensive But the most expensive is the Western Harbour Crossing It is so expensive we call it the Tycoons' Tunnel

Finally we're inside the Tunnel We'll be there soon Everybody enjoys the trip

I'm in place COPY

Block the Tunnel COPY

Who taught you how to drive?

Sit still Get back in your car

Nothing serious

Go Go Get out of the car Go

What's going on? Let's go

Stay in your car Back in your car, now Don't move

The Tunnel has been blocked They all have guns

HEY What are you doing?

I said, get back in the bus!

Where are you going? Sorry...

Sorry He don't (doesn't) speak English He don't talk (doesn't speak) English Get him back in the bus now Okay...

Back to the bus What's going on?

Get in the bus

Get in the bus Get back in the car

What's going on?

What's up?

Don't you move Don't think about it Get back in your cars Be quiet...

I said, get back in the car Stay in that car Put your hands on the wheel

This is retired police officer 58698 Iam trapped in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel There are dozens of armed men Their motive is still unclear They're coming


And yours?

Phone Hurry Come on...Mobile Listen carefully My name is Blast I have hundreds of hostages here and lots of explosives Look at me...

Look here Your turn, look at me Look here How are you?

Come on, say "Cheese"

Look at the camera, look at rne

They are putting something on the emergency doors

Emergency call service has received dozens of calls The telecommunications company has verified that all are come from the Cross-Harbour Tunnel A retired police officer also called we believe that he has become a hostage The man in charge called himself "Blast"

We are not sure yet if he is the suspect of Officer Chow case or the Wanchai explosion case I suspect the container truck accident in another side of the Tunnel is part of the pot The driver is Au Kam Keung His record is clean He is a delivery guy But the order was made under a false name

Sir Sir, this way please Iam CIP Regional Crime Unit YW Kong This is Senior Assistant Chief of Police HF Wan We request this office as our Command Center and want to meet with your engineers

Wait here for my command Yes, Officer Cheung

Nothing much is happening for now Iam Yes send the draft to the papers, be quick We have some terrifiying and terrible news There has been reported terrorists attack here behind rne in the Kowloon Tunnel...

Sorry, sir Camera Two Zoom in for a closer look

That's him, Peng Hong

That could be plastic explosives He's showing it to us on purpose before he destroyed the surveillance cameras The Cross-Harbour Tunnel was built using the caisson method and made up of 15 double-tube segments Its total length is 1.86km Between the two vehicle tubes is an engineering tube for maintenance Along the Tunnel there are 15 emergency doors that connect the two vehicle tubes ls there a drainage system or air vent that we can use for an attack?

There are hundreds of hostages inside Their safety is our first priority Officer Kong someone just ran out from the tube on the right

Who are they?

Our colleagues in Maintenance They must have been hiding in the engineering tube

Go... Let's go...

Move out! Let's go!

Get back in the car...

Watch out


Clear out

All units, cover Officer Kong

Officer Kong, get in the car

Drive, hurry

Hold fire, back off

This is Police Commander HF Wan I want to talk to Blast I am Blast We need to talk You're in no position to negotiate with me I have hundreds of hostages here What do you want?

You have a bomb disposal expert, right?

His badge number is 63489 I will only talk to him About 15 minutes ago at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel toll plaza there was an intense gunfight and an explosion suspected to be caused by terrorists As of now, we don't have any figure on casualties but I just saw several bloodied policemen

(Be careful)

Police do not deny it may be the work of terrorists We don't know exactly what they are aiming for There are numerous armed policemen ready for combat

(I believe you can)

Don't move

All these years I've thought of you every single day And you?

Did you think of me every day?

Surprisingly, we meet here

Why did you change your name to Blast?

People like us always rush about or around must change their names sometimes I've forgotten my original name Robin Hood That's a good name Easy to remember Let's go

Stand here Don't move You owe me too much You must help this time

Kill him Halt Stand still Stand still No, please No I beg you, no -1 I beg you No -2


Officer Wan, it sounds like gunshots inside

You wanted to arrest me, now you want to kill me?

Let me go see Stay calm If they find out we're all cops it will be all over What do you want?

I tell you

There is 1,000kg of C-4 explosives here Go out and tell those dogs I want the Government buy back the Western Harbour Crossing within the next 48 hours Otherwise, I will kill the hostages and blow up this Tunnel I have no time for jokes I will tell them your request after you release the hostages What are you talking about?

You come in empty-handed I didn't get anything and you ask me to release the hostages?

I'll stay So what?

Look around, many hostages died because of you It was you who brought my brother into jail It's time for you to bring my brother back to me now for a family reunion


I'll bring your brother here then you release 100 hostages women and children

I promise you I want to see Biao before 12 o'clock If not I will kill one hostage every ten minutes

Work started on this Tunnel in 1969 At the time, the cost was about $300 million But building a tunnel at the same location today we believe the cost will be several billion dollars But if they...

Any reply from Authority?

Continue If they really blow up this Tunnel after the explosion Victoria Harbour will become extremely muddied It takes at least six months for the mud and dust to settle back to the bottom of the sea Assuming there is no navigation by water at that time If they really blow up the Tunnel it will cause at least hundreds of billions in financial losses over the next several years ls there any study of how much damage this Tunnel can sustain?

Most structures in Hong Kong can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 6 But if the Tunnel was under highest explosives the case would be different C-4 is a high-grade military explosive containing Hexogen If its power is concentrated

1kg can blow up a five-storey building


Is enough to blow up the whole Tunnel Officer Wan There is a website called "Robin Hood Actions" it has uploaded hundreds of photos These three are retired colleagues of ours This police office has just gone off-duty They are father and son Peng Hong is heartless He can never be Robin Hood

Yes, sir Thank you, sir

For the safety of the hostages The Security Bureau has confirmed to release Biao Hong

Due to the concern that the two Harbour Crossings may become the next target Police have shut them down now EOD officers with accoutrements have entered the Tunnels for surveillance Currently, all three cross-harbour tunnels are closed to all traffic except police vehicles Because of the nature of the event, the MTR will run through the night tonight Officer Kong Our staff is escorting Biao Hong coming out He's very quiet He doesn't like to talk He loves to stay in his cell alone at his free time A year ago he found religion

It's been a long time Let's talk inside

At least tell me where we're going Your elder brother is back Your brother has seized the Cross-Harbour Tunnel He says he will release

100 hostages if he sees you I don't want to see him I...

I'm sorry...

Sorry Sorry

I really don't want to see him

Yes I did many bad things I deserve this punishment I admit that But now I've changed I'm not who I was before I've become a better person now I've learned many things I don't want to see him I cannot see him I'm afraid to see him I beg you I beg you, please don't bring rne to see him I know..

My life for 100 hostages, I...


Officer Wan Our vehicle was hit by a drunk truck driver An officer is badly hurt And Biao Hong?

Biao Hong is also hurt He must go to hospital Delay Peng Hong

Speak The pick-up of Biao Hong was held up I don't speak to peons Get JS Cheung to speak to rne

There's been a car accident on our end Your brother is badly hurt I must send him to hospital, understand?

Iam telling you Dead or alive If I don't see Biao by 12 o'clock I will kill hostages

Go to hospital Bring him out Come out

Officer Wan, someone is coming out of the Tunnel

Don't shoot...

No Don't shoot Don't shoot Don't shoot No...

In ten minutes, if I don't see Biao I'll kill the next One

They've killed a hostage Bring Biao Hong immediately

Lift him up

1,2,3 Move back, go

Two more minutes

Biao Hong is here He said, Biao Hong is here Biao Hong is here

Peng HOW Your brother is here

Get going Okay Get out Go!



Get out Don't shoot I'm a hostage I'm a hostage Hold on

He wants to Facetime with the man in the ambulance Officer Wan, we've checked him out Nothing suspicious

Release the hostages now

Get out What are you doing?

We're letting you go Can you let my wife go too?

Only you can go Daddy“.

Get out Sit tight Be brave Don't take my dad!

Mind your own business Go Go this way

Go this way Now we can see dozens of hostages have been released The police on site are leading them out of the blockade The hostages are trickling out of the tunnel No hurry One by one

47, 48

49, 50 Officer Wan, he's only released 50 hostages That's not enough All young men Look at me Peng HOW You promised to let 100 hostages go You bring Biao in alone and I'll release 50 more

Come and help Come and help Come here

Biao Biao Hang in there I'll get you out soon

Let the hostages go

Release 50 hostages

You may go I'll contact you

Stay inside the car Okay Stay inside the car I'll give you money, please let me go Please...

Please You come out Now Now...

Get out No, I must stay and take care of them Go Please let rne do my job Please! It's my duty Get out Get out Where will you take him?


Come out Go

Keep going Hurry Don't look back Hurry It has been three hours since the Tunnel Hostage Incident began The police are revealing very limited information in order to protect the safety of the hostages Some people have discovered a website called "Robin Hood Actions" that has uploaded photos of possible hostages Some family members are at the police station Let's look at the Kowloon entrance of the Tunnel

Yes Iam very happy to be reunited with my brother I will let go one more hostage for you Don't shoot

He's one of us I have a bomb tied to rne Everyone, freeze Stand still

Iam JS Cheung of EOD

Iam UI 19472

Don't worry The timer isn't on Stay calm Very calm

I'll keep that for you EOD support Officer Cheung Yes, sir

Officer Cheung ls it hard to disarm?

Don't worry I'll do my best I've been professionally trained You can tell me anything directly Wait for your orders here There are four groups of explosives on you So there are 16 different combinations That means I must cut 8 wires and they all must be the correct ones Officer Cheung Flashlight

I'll start now Yes

You're quite calm My dad taught me not to be afraid of anything He's a policeman too He taught me to have courage in everything

Officer Cheung, the timer has started What's wrong?


ls it hard to disarm?

How can this be?

Is it hard to disarm?

Ben Retreat 50 meters Officer Cheung, there's not enough time Retreat 50 meters Yes, sir

Retreat? All units, fall bk 50 meters Everyone back up 50 meters, now!

Hurry! Retreat 50 meters How can I help you?

Or shall I just stand?

Move back!

Everyone stays calm The cars at the entrance are full of gasoline Have the Fire Brigade on standby Iam very calm now How can I help?


Officer Cheung, must go Out of time now!

I'm very calm I'm fine How much time is left?

How many wires?


I beg you Save rne please, I beg you Please hurry...

You are a policeman You have responsibilities Stay away from people Don't go near cars Stay where you are to minimize casualties Understood?

You are a policeman You have responsibilities Stay away from people Don't go near cars Stay where you are to minimize casualties Understood?

Yes, sir Do you know, you are a policeman?

Yes, sir Do you know your responsibilities?

Yes, sir Tell me, what are your responsibilities?

Say it Iam a policeman My responsibilities are to stay away from cars stay away from people to minimize casualties

Iam a policeman Stay away from people Stay away from cars to minimize casualties

That day, I watched as you arrested my brother Now you know how helpless I was, how hopeless I felt

Officer Wan A grief counsellor has been sent here Tell him to leave

Take him away I said, "Go away"

I don't have any mental problem Why would I need a psychiatrist?

I've seen Psychiatrist before It doesn't help

I understand What do you understand?

Since Peng Hong escaped I had nightmares every night of my men being killed by bombs Recently I've dreamed of Officer Chow

Do rne a favor Keep it to yourself I don't want to be an "office" Officer yet

What a narrow escape!

Don't forget to buy a lottery ticket Officer Excuse me, I need to piss so badly On our way, sit down first I can't had it anymore I must go now What are you doing?


Head down Get down Head down Sit down! Don't look!

Everybody down!

Yes Thank you Something's happened to the bus with the hostages Those scumbags are mixed with the hostages

3 injured policemen are on the way to Accident & Emergency They are preparing to retreat They may have other arrangements Can we quit dragging our feet?

Take action!

Besides the hostage issue We still have to confirm the location of the 1,000kg of C-4 Those explosives could be in one of the trucks Or both I think Blast used the trucks to block both the entrances on purpose because C-4 has directionality If both sides explode at the same time, the power of the explosion is pointing to the middle of the Tunnel when two shock waves collide There is a good chance the Tunnel will break apart

Interpol has responded The photo we sent to them two days ago of the bomb Officer Cheung took in Wanchai, has a similar design to the device used by terrorists to attack a bar in Djakarta last year Intelligence shows that Peng Hong had been in the Golden Triangle delivering morphine and heroin for drug dealers He has a crew of mercenaries Who cares about the faraway Golden Triangle Let's deal with the Cross-Harbour Tunnel first

Sorry, Sir Before sunrise, try your best to lift the ban of both the Eastern and Western Harbour Crossings Otherwise, when morning rush starts Hong Kong will be in disorder

Have some water Take your death offerings Take your death offerings

The Cross-Harbour Tunnel Hostage Incident is in its tenth hour As yet there is no sign of resolution As we can see on screen the police have reopened the other two Harbour Crossings but roadblocks have been set up at all entrances All vehicles going into the Crossings must go through the surveillance Buy back?

The market value of my company's tunnel is estimated to be about $10 billion If you want to fully acquire all the shares in the market and get it done within 48 hours The only way is to buy at any cost If the share price of Man Chung shows extraordinary movement would you apply to the SFC to suspend trading?

Why would I suspend trading?

As the Chairman of Man Chung my top priority is my shareholders' benefits And besides this would be good bullish news Of course Mr. Yim, you are the biggest shareholder Would your benefits be your top priority?

If Man Chung's share prices rise sharply and you'll look to sell a great deal of stocks please notify the police as soon as possible If the Government is determined to buy back I also hope to find out as soon as possible Chet Sock This morning the five major securities firms have issued many At-Auction Orders and buying back Man Chung shares at high prices Since the market opened, Man Chung's share price has soared Let's take a closer look into the case Obviously, the Tunnel Incident has a great influence on the market Man Chung owns the Western Harbour Crosssing and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel is being attacked the traffic flow at Western Harbour Cross Even if the market has a strong reactioning is increasing significantly to catch up with the stock of Man Chung it would be quite normal Last night, some colleagues were already planning to start stocking up Look at the trading volume this morning There should be lots of speculative trades for the prices to soar in that way So in your judgement will the SFC demands a suspension of trading?

This is just a one-off incident The SFC can only demand an explanation from Man Chung They have no right to suspend its trading

Give it to rne

It's worthless Sir take mine, it's new Take my watch

Give it to rne

This watch is for you

Why are you giving a watch... to someone who does not have time?

You have plenty of time Some of my men have left last night along with the hostages They will arrange helicopters to pick us up What if we can't leave?

If we really can't leave I'll blow up this Tunnel

Brother Stop that Turn yourself in, please I went through so much to get you out hoping to have a reunion That's what you wanted Do you care about my needs?

Since childhood, you just think of what you want We did whatever you wished What about me?

Have you ever asked what I want?

I don't want to go with you I just want to go to hospital Do you know what you're saying?

You are my only brother Dead or alive You must stay with me It's a must Peng hong...

You go to hell I am not leaving with you Go to hell

Go to hell Go to hell Go to hell...

Save them...

At 3PM today Some families of the Tunnel Incident victims are petitioning at the Central Government Offices to demand the immediate rescue of the hostages As the Police are behaving passively it is believed the government is helpless in this matter Affected by this incident the Hong Kong stock market has taken a downturn The Hang Seng Index had dropped about 1,000 points But the day's turnover had reached a record-breaking $16 billion

40% of which was from the trading of Man Chung Man Chung is the owner of the Western Harbour Crossing Man Chung bucked the trend and soared today When the market closed, the stock soared nearly four times


Boss, when will I get my money?

I will wire the final $500 million to you tonight But I would like to have the stock price to go up even harder

Officer Wan Blast has posted a message He said if we don't cooperate they will kill hostages and even blow up the whole Tunnel If you're calling for Carmen this is Carmen Please leave a message after the beep It's rne I'm just calling to say hello

Your girlfriend looks so graceful and elegant Where is she?

In Hong Kong Do you remember how good I was to you before and what had you done in return?

What do you want?

I want you to remember for the rest of your life how you betrayed your brothers On the day we robbed the bank vault My men and I taught you how to make a car bomb and put them in three taxis You, such a dedicated traitor must have told your bosses the three license plate numbers Do you still remember those numbers?




2436 EC

6678 FA 969

Officer What happened?

Here's what happened:

The taxi driver stopped his car and ran off I thought he went to the restroom but he still hasn't come back Sir Sir Thank you

Freeze Don't move

Calling control hand grenade was found in Shek Mun gas station Keep at least 100 meters away from the gas station Prepare me a sand bag trench Evacuate everyone nearby No problem What happened?

I will cut your wrist and ankle straps and take you away from the gas station Hold tight onto the grenade Don't let go and you'll be fine. Understand?

Do you understand?

You will be safe

Hold tight

Let go

You're fine Be brave I'll get you out of this

When they are ready I will go with you Together, we will put the grenade in the sand bag trench and run Are you clear?

I can't do this You can if you trust me You can if you trust me The trench is ready

We will do it together

Can I really do it?

Trust me

But what if?

Do you have anything to say to me?

What do you want me to say?

Those words that women want to hear

I will take the tape off I will count:1, 2, 3 Release the grenade and we'll run ls that clear?

All right



3, let go


We must find another way instead of waiting

Watch for the right moment and make a move

This is Day 3 of the Tunnel Hostage Incident Per "Robin Hood Actions", the website probably set up by the criminals, the ultimate goal of the criminals is the Government buy-back of the Man Chung-owned Western Harbour Crossing Or they will blow up this Tunnel Thanks for your hard work...

Excuse rne Mr. Yim...

Sorry but I have no statement to make Has any authority mentioned to you about the buy-back of the Western Harbour Crossing?

Sorry, no comment Mr. Yim, in this hostage crisis how much blood money did you make?

Which paper are you represented?

I am a legitimate businessman You know I can sue you for libel Mr. Secretary It is said the government has bought back numerous shares of Man Chung through five investment banks How would you respond to that?

Mr. Secretary, please respond Thank you I doubt about the source of these rumors And I have nothing to comment regarding those issues Once again I state The government will not yield to any vicious power Looking at the trades yesterday and this morning Man Chung's market value has hit 20 - 30 billion If one had invested in its derivatives the returns would be incredible!

Here is a new job for you

You will be all right I have to go back to the scene now Wait for me to come back

Okay I wait for your return and tell me those words

Alright. I have to go

Take care of her for rne Yes, sir

ls your girlfriend okay?

She's fine Any new plan?

For me, I definitely would make a strong assault You must think I am insane

Don't shoot Please don't shoot Come out

Robin Hood says, wire $1 billion more to his account What?

Hurry up Do you need another shot?

Don't, please

Done Banked into your account already

Open the door Open the door

Are you ready?

Yes, the choppers are coming COPY

General, we are setting off in an hour When you enter the uncontrolled airspace, my men will take care of you COPY

They are coming to pick us up You'll see hot nurses soon

It's Blast Officer Cheung This is the remote detonator for the whole Tunnel In 60 minutes it will blow out In 20 minutes two helicopters will pick us up If you try to stop us I will kill the hostages As long as we safely leave Hong Kong air space I Will switch off the remote But when we board the helicopter I must take a few hostages with me and one of them is you JS Cheung

Island units, stand by Island units copy



Back off Drop the remote Back off unless you want to die Drop the gun Shut up Drop the remote Come on if you have a death-wish Drop it now Stay back if you wanna live Drop the remote Shut up Come on Come on Come on over if you want to die Come on Come on

Hand over the remote

Blow it up Do it All right

Everybody can go except you

Sorry, Boss I came here for the money, not to die I'm out

Get him back


Island units, go!


Take back the remote Sir, please go out We can handle the situation here

Get back...

Go towards Kowloon

Go Go...

Move towards Kowloon Move

Squat down Squat down

Single file Slowly Slowly

Don't Shoot


Out of the car, move that way


O Lord, forgive my iniquity

Be careful



Continue to evacuate the hostages

You shot my leg, so I shot yours Get down


I'll kill you, traitor to your brothers I was never your brother You are a thief I'm a cop Even if I died ten times over I would still arrest you Traitor I'll kill you today If I cannot get away I will take you outwith me

Get out!

Get out!

Get out, scumbag Come out!

Come out!

Scumbag Stop Scumbag Stop Freeze We are running out of time The remote has been destroyed Evacuate everyone

Ben The bombs cannot be stopped I will go to the Hong Kong entrance You examine the truck at the Kowloon entrance COPY Move it, quickly Be quick, go

Come down Give me your hand

Hurry to evacuate Evacuate everybody from here Hurry up

Under the truck

Get out quickly, we're running out of time And you?

Evacuate everyone, quickly Hurry Everyone out This way...

Hurry up Come here This way One by one Sir, what about you?

Hurry up This way...

Calling Ben Have you found the detonating device?

I've found it, it's under the truck I don't know how to disarm it


Ben Look at your phone

Do you have the same device?

Yes, they are the same Give me a minute

Calling Officer Wan Roger ls the tunnel engineer still there?

I'll get him now Get the tunnel engineer Hurry up Yes, sir

Attention, all units Everyone must leave the Tunnel immediately Attention, all units Everybody must leave the Tunnel now

Evacuate Evacuate now Evacuate Evacuate now Yes, Officer Cheung?

1,000kg of 0-4 can blow up the whole Tunnel

How about 500kg?

Can the Tunnel sustain the explosion of 500kg?

Can the Tunnel sustain the shock wave?

It should not affect the infrastructure Thank you

Calling Ben Roger, Officer Cheung I don't have a clear view of the device I only see a red wire and a yellow wire

Would you pick the red or the yellow one?

Officer Cheung, Iam afraid I'll make the wrong choice All right Then I will choose

I will count to three I will cut the yellow one If it doesn't explode follow my lead to cut the yellow one ls that clear?

Officer Cheung...

If there is an explosion cut the red one ls that clear?

Yes, sir

Ben I will start now





Through the efforts of all units of the Police This Cross-Harbour Tunnel Hostage Incident has come to an end In this incident the police rescued 468 hostages Unfortunately, 38 hostages lost their lives in the incident The Police killed 43 criminals

18 policemen died in the line of duty As for the Tunnel...

I am very grateful to God for letting me make the right choices in every mission I am very grateful to God for allowing me to use my life to protect others' live