Chain of Command (2015) Script

Man, sometimes you just gotta have time to reconnect.

I'm glad you're back for the holidays, bro.

Yeah, me too. Me too.

We were worried about you over there.

You guys ever think about going back?

Hell no. Not me.

It's crazy, but... sometimes I miss it.

You guys ever hear from Ross?

Not a peep.

Let's have a toast to James.

Cheers. Cheers.

My little brother is back.

Now I gotta deal with this "little brother" shit again.

You know, I feel a bit...


Hi. Hey.

Surprised to see you here.

The last time I talked to you, you said I was tops on your list of regrets.

Yeah, you still are.

Okay. Don't be offended.

So how is it being a famous journalist?

You see, I've been following your career.

You know, it's work, and it takes up all my time.

I have a deadline tonight, actually. Really?

I just came by to see you and say hi.

Well, I'm glad you did.

I'm glad that you're back in one piece, but I'm going to get going.

You sure? I'm sure.

Take it easy.

I told you not to call me here.

Whatever, man.

Damn it.


Everything okay?

Things are good. I need to get going.

Come on, man. I know that look. Talk to me.

What's up?

I might be in some trouble. What kind of trouble?

I can't go into it now. Hey, Walt. Walt?

Walt, Walt, hold on, man. Talk to me.

I'm gonna take Sally home. Then I'll come back so we can talk.

I promise.

Come on, Sally.

Check this out.

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Hey, Sally. Jim... Jimmy!


They... they killed him. He's dead! They killed him.

He was her husband.

Sorry about what happened, miss.

I need to ask you some questions.

Is that him?


Jimmy, it's Cliff, man. You gotta help me, man. They're after me.

Who... Cliff, where are you? I'm at my apartment, man. Just listen.

We got mixed up in some shit in a bad way, man.

What's goin' on? Fuck! Fuck, they're here.

Look, I don't have it, all right? I told you...

Hey, Cliff? Cliff? Shit.



Okay, so who are you?

I want some answers. I ain't tellin' you shit.

How about now? I hope you can do better than that.

Shit! Is that better?

God damn it, you've done it, motherfucker. Oh, shit.

God damn.

Who do you work for? Suck my dick.

You ain't got to talk to me like that, brother.

I ain't your brother. Your brother's dead, motherfucker.

Hello? Hey, Ross, it's Jimmy.

I need you to meet me at the café.

I'm sorry about your brother.

I can't imagine the pain.

Why Walt and Cliff?

Who'd want them dead?

Your guess is as good as mine. I mean... anything I say will be pure speculation.

When... when you got to Cliff, was he gone? Yeah.

Hey, do you know a guy named Bill O'Brien?

O'Brien? Yeah.


I haven't seen or heard a peep from him in the last two years.

I mean, what would O'Brien have to do with this?

Well, he sent Cliff a message.

Jimmy, I know you and I know that crazed look in your eye.

You gotta let the cops deal with this.

Man, they killed my brother, Ross.

You think I'm gonna let that slide? No, somebody's got to pay.

And you think that's a good idea?

You could be opening up a whole new hornets' nest.

Hornets die.

And I don't run from fights.

You're not in the war anymore.

That's a matter of opinion.

Jimmy, listen, you have to be smart about this.

Hey, man, whoever did this, if it's a war they want, I'll bring it to their doorstep.

You tell him I get what I want or he gets nothing.

You heard me... I get what I want or he gets nothing.

Yeah, all right.


We have a real problem.

I like problems. What sort of problem do we have?

It's the extermination kind.

So you know what you're doing here? You're asking me to get involved.

Oh, yeah. Precisely.

You know I'm not cheap.

No, you're not.

I know that, and I'm willing to pay a premium to get the job done right.

Look... we have a very delicate matter that's become way too conspicuous.

I need you, and I can't take any chances.

This have anything to do with those two guys that were just killed?

Tip of the iceberg.

I can look around.


Who is this? This is Cliff's friend.

Okay, "Cliff's friend," why are you answering a dead man's phone?

Why are you calling a dead man?


Hey, listen, why don't we meet in person?

That barbecue was the first time I'd seen Walt and Cliff in a while.

Hopefully going through Walt's stuff will shed some light on this thing.

Just leave it right here.

Hey, hang in there, trooper. All right? Right, thanks a lot.

Yeah. You know, I'm here for you.


How you holdin' up?

I'm just trying to keep it together. Listen, I'm trying to get to the bottom of things.

Did Walter ever tell you anything? Anything out of the ordinary?

I'm really scared, though.

I got a visit at 2:00 this morning.

From who? I don't know.

Four or five guys in black suits. They just invited themselves right in.

I thought they were going to kill me.

Well, what did they want? To question me.

What did they question you about?

Random stuff about Walter.

What I knew about him outside of our relationship.

How well did I know Cliff?

Did you tell them anything?

No. Nothing.

I played dumb.

This is too dangerous. We shouldn't be talking like this.

Hey, look, this conversation never happened, okay?

Thanks, Jimmy.

He's a special-forces major, paramilitary operative, trained in counter-intelligence.

Expert in guerrilla warfare.

Boss says he's one of the best-trained assassins he's ever seen.

Successfully completed seven covert ops.

Watch out for this guy.

Lieutenant, good to see you again. Ray. Wish I could say the same.

I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

Take it how you want to.

So Ted's bringing in his number 1 clean-up man.

Who else has the credentials to clean up this shit stain?

I wouldn't exactly describe it as that. Well, I would.

A large-scale operation like this that goes compromised draws a lot of attention.

Mr. Bomer can't afford to be in the spotlight.

Your involvement just makes things messier.


I fix problems.

So Ted's briefed you on everything?

I wouldn't exactly say he briefed me on anything.

I usually like to fill in the blanks myself. So fill in the blanks.

I'll fill in the blanks. I'm still trying to figure out how $40 million just up and vanishes out of an account without a fuckin' trace.

Inside job, double-cross.

The men responsible are dead. The men responsible are dead?

That don't make me feel any fuckin' better, because it doesn't solve the problem, Lieutenant. It don't bring the money back.

Someone out there knows where it is.

It's just a matter of time... before we get to them.

Well, I'm bein' told we still have a couple of blood-suckin' mosquitoes out there buzzing around, creating problems that we don't need.

James Webster, Sam Thorne. Both under careful surveillance.

They're under careful surveillance?

That doesn't inspire me.

What are we supposed to do? Just let 'em run amok?

They'll be dealt with at the appropriate time.

You served with Webster, didn't you?

You're friends with Webster, aren't you?

And you know better than anybody, we can't afford to have any loose ends.

You understand that, correct?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

This isn't about friendship. This is about $40 million that's gone missing.

You're goddamn right it is.

Don't make a move. Hands up.

Turn around.

Who are you?

Murray. Murray Simms. Who do you work for?

Murray, who do you work for?

I work for Agent Conners, all right? This is all Agent Conners.

Okay, who does he work for?

Murr... Which kneecap, left or right?

Come on, man, I got a family. I got debt. I got things going on in my life.

They just told me to tail you around and see where you go. That's it.

Murray, you wouldn't be lyin' to me, would you?

Look, they don't tell me anything.

They just say where to go and who to follow, and that's it.

Okay, Murray.

Hands down.

Chin up, close your eyes.

And count to 60.


Hey. Hi.

Come in.

How are you?


So what brings you by?

Well, I heard about what happened and I was in the area.

Yeah. Come on in. Make yourself at home.

You ready?

Like I said, I heard about your brother.

I don't know what happened, but... I'm gonna find out.

Wait right here. Sure.

Don't move.

Good morning. Good morning. Sorry to bother you, but we received some complaints about a gas leak in some of the lines around here.

I don't smell any gas.

Well, we can't take any chances. We're checking every house in the area.

You're on my list of homes to check.

Oh, boy. Well, how long will this take?

Not long. We're just... we just want to be cautious.

Yeah, better safe than sorry, right? Exactly.

All right, well, come on in.

Kitchen's right over here. You got it. Thank you.

Like I said, I don't smell any gas.

So far. That's a good sign.

You... back the fuck up.

Gas company?

Then why the fuck do you have a...

It's a friggin' radio, dude. What's up?

Buddy, drop it.

I said drop it.

Clear the chamber.

You fuckin' prick.


What in the hell have you gotten yourself mixed up in?

Everything moving along as planned?

Another shipment due in Friday night.

What do you got for me? A couple of warm bodies.

About fuckin' time. How'd it go down?

No, both our guys. Jimmy's still at large.

What? You fucked up? Yes, sir.

Listen, you finish this... or there's going to be two more dead bodies in the morgue.

This something we need to talk about?

Thanks again for the first aid. Yeah, of course.

Hey, listen, again, I'm really sorry about Walt.

You be safe, okay?

You be safe too.

I'll try.

Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Come on, Sam.

Hello? Hey, Sam, it's Jimmy.

Hey, Jimmy. Is everything all right? Well, two guys just tried to kill me.

Oh, shit. Are you okay?


They got the worst of it.

You and me, we're the only people we can trust.

"Access denied."

Okay, how about...


Okay, how about...



What the fuck?


Hey, guys, I'm sorry I'm late. Been having car trouble.

Look who dropped by.

Alex. Is this some kind of joke? What's going on?

Look, I can explain.

I didn't see him. I didn't know what was going on.

Giant black guy jumps out at me, gun to my face. What am I gonna do?

I fucked up. Yeah, you fucked up.

And everything we do is about accountability.

I've learned it firsthand, as has Conners.

About 20 years ago, I worked for a general who recruited specific kinds of soldiers... soldiers that were fearless, soldiers that didn't give a shit, soldiers that when you told them to do something, they did it.

We were on a mission... dropped in on a Taliban-controlled village.

The goddamn devil was waiting for us that day.

We lost three men in the first minute. Hellfire coming from every direction.

I watched the detach commander take a round in the back.

He was laid out on the sidewalk... look at me...

Helpless, everybody pinned down.

So I did what I had to do.

I walked out there and got him, walked into sudden death.

Took a round in the shoulder. Took a round in the thigh.

Took a round in the goddamn gut.

But I did my job.

I got him, no excuses.


I could just kill you right now.

I fucked up. Okay? I know I fucked up.

Murray, can I count on you?

You can count on me. Give me another... You really think you deserve a second chance?

I do, please.

You do?

I believe in second chances too.

Show us your loyalty.

What's this?

Take it!

And shoot her.

Shoot her. No.

You know I love you. Alex, you know I love you, baby.

Murray, put the gun down. Put... Murray, put the gun down.

Pull the trigger.

I can't shoot her.

I've always been a coward. No!

Come on, let's go get this guy. Make it quick.

Hey, this way.

That way!

Where'd he go?


This is a major clusterfuck.

Hey, give it a little time. It was messy when you brought me in.

This housecleaning has to happen faster. Where are we with this?

Get your goddamn hands off of me. Are you questioning my tactics?

I'm not, but the natives are getting restless.

Look, I have people that I have to answer to as well, and we've got agents dropping like flies. It's too messy, Ray. It's not clean.

If you've got a better idea, I'm all ears.

What about James Webster? Why is he still walkin' around?

Slipped away a few times, but I'm working on something.

He is not a guy you need to worry about.

Don't you disappoint me, Ray. Don't you disappoint me.

I'm counting on you. Have I ever let you down?

No, and you damn well better not do it this time.

Then let me do my job and stop fucking with me.

Well, I just spoke with Ted Bomer.

Got an earful. He's losing his patience.

So am I.

I've no idea where they hid the fuckin' money.

God damn, it's messy. Really messy.

I don't give a damn how messy it looks.

Yeah, but looks are perception. That's what Ted has to go on.

Well, that's... that's not what it is.

Listen to me, that's what it looks like.

Do you understand me? You need to turn this thing around.

Don't you think that's what I've been trying to do?

I don't know what you've been trying to do, but the devil's in the details.

You ever think about changing your tactics?

You got any ideas, let's hear 'em.

The play here is really simple. The operation's already been breached.

You can't control that.

It's about damage control and containment.

Now we turn up the heat.

Webster and Thorne slipped away. We focus on family and friends.

Every man... I don't give a damn how hard you are... has a breaking point.

That's where we start.

What if he doesn't bite? He'll bite. You're damn right he will.

Think about it... Webster wants revenge for his brother's death. He'll bite.


Thorne's the lesser of the two evils, right?

Damn right he is. We turn the screw on Thorne, we break him.

You weren't followed, were you? Of course not.

What's going on? And have you heard from Ross? Does he know anything?

Well, if he does, he's not saying anything.

Why didn't Walt come to you when this first started?

Well, he obviously didn't want me involved.

There has to be somewhere we can turn, you know, to get support.


Who's involved? Who can we trust? How far does it go? We don't know.

We don't even know what "it" is.

I'm done with this military shit. Yeah.

I just want to collect my pension, disappear, and never be heard from again. Is that too much to ask?

It just doesn't work that way, all right? I paid my dues.

I got one eye left. What more do I have to give?

Sam, I can't use you if you're gonna start losing it.

Why us? Why are they comin' after us? I don't know.

I'm trying to connect with some guy named O'Brien.

I believe he's involved, and he can give us some answers. He was a friend of Cliff's.

How do you know he's not just a hitman pretending to be Cliff's friend?

No, no, he's really Cliff's friend. Okay, well, let's go find him then.

Just right now he's on the run, but I will track him down.

I hope so. Look, I'll be right back. I gotta hit the latrine.

Sam, lock the door.

You know, you picked the wrong outfit to be trusted.

Who sent you? Talk.

You gonna give me the silent treatment? Sam, needle.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait.

Who's trying to kill us?

If I say anything, they'll kill my family. Then I'll just kill you instead.

Wait. No, wait!

You better give me something.

Okay, look, all I know is somehow the military guys are involved.

They're smuggling drugs, and I don't know anything beyond that.

It sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Give me some names.

I told you everything I know.

Somebody sent you to kill Sam, didn't they?

Who gave the order?

I've... I've said too much already.

Well, maybe next life, you'll be an honest cop.

We'll get through this.

Hey. Like a Bud, please.

Okay, boss.


Keep it.


I was wondering if I could ask you a question.

I'm looking for a guy named Bill O'Brien.

A mutual friend of ours told me that this is one of his hangouts.

Who's asking? Oh, I'm Jimmy. Jimmy Webster.

Sorry, boss. I can't help you with that.

Oh, okay.

He ain't around here anymore.

Why's that?

I think he went back to Ireland.

Back to Ireland? Okay. What you want with O'Brien anyhow?

I just need to ask him some questions. Then you can ask me.

But you're not O'Brien, are you? And you're not welcome here.

Okay, what? Is this your way of asking me to leave?

No, I'm telling you to get the fuck out.

Look, man, I'm not going to leave until I finish asking my questions, all right?

Then I'm gonna ask...

Could you just stop?

Okay? Look... please just tell O'Brien that Jimmy Webster is looking for him, okay? Nothing big.

I'll let him know, boss.

Thank you.

You know you're asking for trouble riding around in a car rented in your mother's name, O'Brien.

What the fuck do you want? That's simple. Some answers.

Put your gun down. I'm on your side.

And how do I know that? We're both friends of Cliff's.

Why didn't you speak up in the bar? Look, man...

I'm just freaked out right now, all right?

Christ, man.

You always go waving that thing around like that?

Pretty much.

Too bad about Cliff?

Hey, and sorry about your brother.

I met Walt through Cliff. Good guy.

How do you know Cliff?

Me and Cliff were drinking buddies all through basic.

He's mentioned your name in passing a couple times.

So how'd you get mixed up in all this?

One day Ross showed up and offered me what I thought was a great opportunity, be part of some secret-operations force.

My chance to kick ass.

I was 18 fuckin' years old. How could I turn him down?

Travel, chicks, anything I needed.

So what's this thing all about? Collateral damage.

Smoke? No.

Collateral damage for what? The operation.

Look, dude, you're being too cryptic. You really don't know, do you?

Operation echo. A drug-trafficking operation.

Ross is one of the major players.

He's been bringing dope into the country by the loads for years.

Think about it. Opium production in Afghanistan is bigger now than ever.

Ross was there from the start.

Built up connections over there, knows all the key players.

Well, how do Walt and Cliff figure into this?

I hate to break it to you, but they were part of it.

I knew Walt was hiding something from me, I just didn't know it was this dark.

So, what went wrong?

They got over their heads.

We all did. And Ross isn't the same guy.

We all wanted out, but we were in too deep.

Ross said anyone turn their backs on the operation would pay the ultimate price.

That's when Walt decided to blow up the whole operation.

Real clever guy, your brother.

He managed to find where Ross kept his money and stole a shitload of it.

Did you see this money? No.

So this whole thing is all about money and drugs?

Unfortunately, yeah.

So where is Ross running his operation?

Out of a warehouse in the industrial district.

Take me there.

You sure you don't want me to come in with you?

No, we got it covered.

I just need you to keep an eye out.

Just give us a call if Ross comes back. You got it.

You stay here. I'll take care of these guys.

You got no arguments from me.

Come on, let's get it done.

I hope you found what you're looking for.

Shit. Son of a bitch.

Come on, James. Answer the damn phone.

Answer the fucking...

Give me the phone.

Out of the car, asshole.

I know you're in here.

I know you're in here!

You're right.

Put the gun down.

And that knife of yours.

You used to be a man of principles. What the fuck happened to you?

What can I say?

We all make different choices that lead us down different paths.

So you choose a path of drug smuggling, have my brother killed, and don't think I'm going to come after you?

You must be smoking your own shit.

You're just a minor inconvenience.

Oh, am I?

Your brother took my money. He told you where it is.

So just give it up.

Put 'em down. Put the guns down on the floor.


Or the lieutenant gets one in the head.

Now you stay right the fuck there.

Or everybody gets a bullet.

Shit, Sam, where are you?

What are you doing here? You fucked up again.

We got O'Brien at least.

"Got O'Brien at least"! What a consolation.

Shit, our main covert got away again?

Is the motherfucker that elusive?

What can I say? He's no slouch. We trained him well.

I don't think I need to tell you the ramifications for this type of fuck-up.

I don't need you to tell me either.

I already know.

But I know what I've got to do to fix it. Well, I'm glad to hear you say that, because I was beginning to think I was standing here talking to a dead motherfucker.

Is that the case now? You're damn right.

Go on, put one the fuck in.

When the time comes, you won't see it coming.

I'm looking forwards to it.

I got a family in the house.

I had a family, too. That was taken away from me.

Now unless I get some answers, I'm gonna bring your family into it.

Now do you want that?

Who was the trigger man?

I ain't tellin' you nothing. Okay, let's meet the family.

Okay, it was Hammond!

He killed your brother.

Look, I told you what you needed to know.

Thank you.

Still doesn't save you.

Jimmy... you really look exhausted.

I think I found the guys that killed my brother.

No way.

Walt and Cliff got mixed up in some major drug-smuggling operation with Lieutenant Ross.

He'd been smuggling large amounts of opium into the country using dead soldiers' bodies and coffins as a shield.

Nobody's checking.

The dope hits the warehouse and Ross distributes it all over the world.

Apparently, some of the dope money wound up missing, and Ross thinks Walt and Cliff took it.

Do you have any proof?

I'm getting there.

Hey, listen... if something should happen to me, I'm gonna need you to take this to your superiors and break the story.

Yeah, of course.

Where can I find your pal?

And don't lie to me.

What happened to you, man?

I mean, you were the one who preached loyalty.

The cost of doing business. Cost of doing business?

You were one of us.

Get over it.

You're the only one that Jimmy cares about right now.

He is going to fight you to the bitter end.

Listen to me, you one-eyed piece of shit.

You're the bait that's going to get my money back.

Sam, where the hell are you? Sam's preoccupied right now.

Ross? Where's my fuckin' money?

Where's Sam?

If you hurt him, I'm just gonna... Too late for that.

The only question is whether he's going to walk or be carried away in a box.

I want my money.

This'll all be over soon.

You're going to get me my money or your friend's going to pay the ultimate price.

Put him on the line. I need to know if he's still alive.

Talk. Jimmy.

Hey. Hey, Sam, hang in there, man. Jimmy... these guys... they're not...

You've got two hours.

Ross, leave him out of it. This is between me and you, okay?

This isn't a negotiation. You either comply or he's fuckin' dead.

Now here's what you're going to do.

Webster's approaching.

Hands where I can see 'em.

What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

Where's the money?

It's in a safe place.

Where's Sam?

Bring him out.

Hey, hey, go easy. I said go easy. Fuck "easy," asshole.

Sam, you okay? All right, buddy.

Here's how this is going to work.

You tell us where the money is, then we release your pal. Simple exchange.

No. You're going to let him go first, he's going to drive away in my car, then I tell you where the money is.

I laid out your options.

If I go with your options, there's a likelihood that me and Sam are dead.

That's the chance you're going to have to take.

Couldn't save your brother, but you can save him.

Look, you let him go, we all walk away, nobody gets hurt. That's the deal.

Ice him. Come on, no.

Do it. What...

I'm gonna kill you today, Hammond.

Copy that, we're on our way.

They got him.

Welcome to hell.

Yours or mine?

All about how you look at it.

I'm looking at three dead men.

Funny. But what's coming is far worse than painful.

I can deal with pain. How about you?

I'm a glutton for it. Good.

Now where's the money?

You looked up your ass?

You hit like a bitch.

You know, icing your brother... was cake.

He never saw it coming.

But you have been a real pain in my ass.

Just won't die, will you?

Then again, we wouldn't be here sharing this quality time together, now would we?

Untie me just for a second. Man, come on.

Let's make it fair.

Fair? That's where pigs get ribbons. It doesn't work that way.

But I'll do something for you.

Let's switch tactics.

Ray Peters. Isn't this a little below your pay grade?

Don't get me started about pay grade.

Why you slummin' with these clowns?

You talk a lot of shit, bein' in a bad position.

Hammond? Get me a knife.

James, I'm tired of fuckin' with you.

And I'm gonna ask you one time where that money is, and you gonna give me the answer.

Now where's the fuckin' money?

Get the bitch.

Well, well, look who decided to join the party.

Be a shame... if the only family you had left got harmed in a horrible way.

Look, let her... let her go, man. Let her go, you hear me? Let her go.

You just killed that woman, James.

Cut her up.

You know what I'd find really entertaining?

Watching you as I bleed her... No, hey, hey, hey! Hey, no.

No, look, just don't do that. Then tell me where the fuckin' money is!

I don't know. I don't know.

I... listen! I do not know.

My brother was killed before I could find out. That's the truth.

I'm not buying it, Webster. You said you had it!

Now where the fuck is it?

I only said I had it to keep Sam alive, as a bargaining chip. I don't know.

Look, I'd tell you. Look, just take me, leave her.

Lieutenant Ross is about to arrive.

All right.

All right. I'll give you one last chance... to think it over, but if I don't get what I want, her pretty little head comes the fuck off!

You two sit tight.

Sally, I am so sorry.

They shouldn't have brought you into this. You have nothing...

Look, all they want... Sally, look at me.

All they want is me. I'm going to get you out of this, okay?

Trust me. Trust me.

I'll get us out of this.

He's one stubborn fuck.

Don't worry about it. We'll break him. Yeah, all right. I'm gonna check on him.

What the...

You stay right here. I'll be back for you.

Happy to see me, Ross?

You were the best soldier in our squadron.

I learned a lot from you.

You both disgraced your country.

Hell, for years, I fought with pride for this goddamn country.

We all did.

Yeah, we all did. And as soon as you return from combat, you quickly realize there's no appreciation for vets.

No work, no housin'... shit.

Cuttin' back on our health and pensions.

They treat prisoners better than they treat us.

Is that what you tell yourself? Is that what this bullshit's all about?

No, James, it's about the money.

Man, how do you live with yourself?

You look in the mirror and like what you see?

I sleep well at night. That's good, 'cause you're gonna get plenty where you're goin'.


That's for Walter.

So you're sure about this?

Because once I bring this to my boss, there is no going back.

I'm all in.

Lieutenant turned drug smuggler?

I'm sure this is going to cause a tidal wave of controversy.

What's wrong?

Something just occurred to me.

What on earth is going on?


Here it is.

This is the money.

He put it in an offshore account to throw them off.

So the money was real?

Look, he put it in my name too.

Walt, you had this thing planned all along, didn't you?

So... what now?

Well, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans of America is about to receive a nice donation.