Chak de! India (2007) Script

New Delhi's National Sports stadium.. The stadium is filled to the brim.

Only 2 minutes left in the World Men's Hockey championship.. lndia is one goal behind Pakistan.

Vijay, pass it here! lndian captain Kabir Khan, Asia's best center forward pushing his team come on! come on!

Suspense in the audience.

Tension on the faces of the officials..

Like every lndia-Pakistan match, this match means so much more than the game itself.

Only 1 and a half minutes now and lndia will have to fight quickly to save itself.

Ball with Pakistani defender Waseem.. Scoop!

But lndian defender Uttam Singh snatches it.. lndia is now on attack!

And a penalty stroke for lndia..

A breath of life they desperately need..

But who will take this stroke..

Ball! Ball!

Saini has the ball, but captain Kabir is taking the stroke himself..

Maybe a good decision. lndia's best player is its last hope..

coach, is this the same team that defeated Pakistan last year?

No comments.

Do you not think our team is taking it too easy?

Please, please, no comments.

Hey, look, it is Kabir! Kabir!

He is here! Kabir.. Kabir.. Kabir, do you have anything to say about such an embarrassing defeat?

Do you really believe Pakistan's performance was better?

Maybe. - Why did you take the penalty stroke yourself? l made a mistake Rumour has it that the Pakistani players are your good friends.. you were the only lndian to congratulate them after the match..

Excuse me!

People are saying.. there is a rumour that you.. or someone else in the lndian team has deliberately thrown this match?

Excuse me!

Do you think we lost because someone sold out?

What! What did you say?

Kabir Khan, has someone sold out their team?

Sold out! You piece of..

How dare you..

How can you disrespect the media!

Disrespect the media! You son of a.. come here.

You do not know how to treat journalists!

You bloody -.. sold out

come back here!

You just witnessed a frustrated captain of the loosing team attack the media violently.

His outburst cannot hide the fact that there.. definitely something fishy going on.

We have our answers.

But it is now up to you to decide whether Kabir Khan has played dirty with the country or not.

Satyavrat Yadav, National Stadium, New Delhi..

News from the world of sports.

Pakistan has become the new Hockey World champions after defeating lndia by one goal.

Today the chairman of the Hockey Association denounced Kabir Khan, declared he did his country wrong.

And all this is thanks to you.. the lndian public.

We have two special guests..

Down with Kabir!

What do you think? Did Kabir Khan fix the match?

Do not know if he fixed the match, but we lost because of him.

And what would you say?

These people should be hung upside down.

And you?

These kind of people should have moved to Pakistan during the partition.

Down with Kabir!

The public is upset with the team's performance.

And Kabir Khan has conveniently disappeared.

He was not at the hockey stadium, nor the Sports Authority of lndia campus.

Where is Kabir Khan?

Do not look back mother, let us go.

How can l not, Kabir..

Your grandfather saved every penny to build this house..

Your father's first pay check went into making these windows.. l stepped into this home as a young bride..

Whatever happens, l know all these people will stand by us, trust me.

My master TRAlTOR

Do not look there, son.

You can close your eyes if you can not bear to see it.. l want to see everything.

TRAlTOR come son. Let us go!

The third colour of your being, that was l Papa, papa, l want to see what a traitor looks like. come, see!

Your tune was the rhythm of my life Just some food for the road..

Do you want us to be thrown out of the neighbourhood?

My divine master, you are my pride My master, my life is yours to take

So, what have you decided?

Uttamji, you are always harping on the same thing.

What should we do about the coach?

Hey, why don't you become their coach?

The Women's Hockey World cup is just three months away.

The team cannot just go without any training..

No matter how much you train them, they will loose..

The lndian Women's hockey team has never achieved anything and it never will. lt is a government trip.

Why do you not go as their coach?

The team will be out in a couple of matches. Exit!

You and your wife could enjoy a holiday.

l do not get it - why do you not take women's hockey seriously.

And we do no get why you take it so seriously.

Uttamji, lndian women are born to cook and clean.

They cannot run around in short skirts.

How can an Association member say such things? lt is because we are in the Association and have travelled around the world, that we can say such things.

Look, you have done your part and selected the top 16 lndian players.

Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Jharkand, Andhra, Railways.

You have even been to remote Manipur and Mizoram.

But now where will you find a coach? From the moon? ls this also the girls' fault?

No, lt is not the girls' fault. lt is the fault, of people like you with expectations from them.

No sponsors.. no viewers.. no TV coverage, nor media..

Now which coach will want to jump into this mess to ruin his career? ls there anyone? No one.

There is one man.




Kabir Khan.

The Kabir Khan who..

Yes that one.

Since when has he developed an interest in women's hockey?

He even left men's hockey years ago.

No one has seen him for six-seven years.

You can see him now.


Outside. ln the reception.

Do not attack the opposing team's goal but their minds.

You will win the goal automatically.

Sir Hmm?

You have been called inside.

Sir Kabir.

How many years has it..

Seven years, three months.. ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

7 years, 3 months, 1 4 days.

What.. what were you doing all these years? l was preparing for this meeting.

He wants to be the coach of the lndian Women's Hockey Team.

You are not a child Mr. Kabir Khan.

You know in a country like ours, a women's team exists just as a formality, not a reality.

Your reputation is already..

And you wish to redeem your name by coaching this team.

A team that is not fit to play against European high schools.

This is exactly the team l want. l do not understand.. l do not think you would.

So shall l consider myself hired?

ln any case, you do not have another coach.

l have done all l could, but you should think about it. l have.

Kabir this not a team. lt is a graveyard.

Why are you burying in it?

This team will never get a better coach than you.

But think about yourself. l am thinking about myself.

You have changed. You have changed a lot. l have not changed. Nothing has.

You know we did not lose that match because of you.

You did all you could to score a goal against Pakistan But they scored against me, my team, my country.. and my family.

Everybody is allowed one mistake.


Kabir, why have you come back?

To help this team to win the World cup.

Which is impossible.. ls what needs to be done. when are your 16 girls coming?

They should reach here tomorrow morning from their respective states.

States.. nothing has changed.

There were states then, there are states now..

There you go..

Well ma'am, once again it looks like the Association has dumped all of lndia on us.

So these are the best?

That's what they say.

Wasn't she the goalkeeper for the Railways?

What was her name?

Vidya.. Vidya Sharma.

Heard she got married and quit hockey?

Well she's here..

1 00 rupees? My foot! ls the meter for decoration?

The meter is broken, you will have to give me 1 00. l will give you 1 00 slaps! What sort of talk is that?

The kind you will understand! Take the 50 or l will shove the hockey stick!

Don't get angry.

Your head will explode one of these days.

But grandma, you are not saying anything to him. ls he my baby or are you? l am. So? cool down, come, come.. drink it in.

Hey! What the.. you brats!

Hey Komal!

These pansies! Thought l'd show them how to play!

You haven't come here to play with boys!

No.. just wanted to check out whether these Delhi dudes can play.

There's no way l'm letting my girl play in a big city like Delhi. come on. Let's go, get back in the car Oh come now! We have come this far..

Let her do what she wants. After all, she will be playing a home maker for the rest of her life. l will never give up playing!

Oh yeah? What will you feed your husband when he is hungry?


Enough! l don't want my girl playing hockey.

Once she slips out of our grasp, who will ask for her hand?

Let them try!

Gul, your grandfathers, your father, your brother all have excelled in this game, my dear.

Now it is your turn. Don't let the lqbals down.

Name please. Ho?

Ho? Name. What is your name?

Soimoi. l asked for your name. Not your medical condition.

Soimoi. ls that your name? Ho.

Ho again? Your full name.. name! Name!

Soimoi Kerketa. She doesn't understand English.

And you are? Rani (Queen)

Have you escaped from an asylum? What do you want?

Rani Dispotta.

Are you from the travelling theatre?

The stadium won't be a?ailable till the new year. Go away!

Ghamorni.. state board.. Jharkhand..

Oh dear!

These two are hockey players!

Ho, ho, ho!

Name? Nethra Reddy.

So you are a Madrasi?

Telegu. Tamil.

Not Tamil, Telegu.

Same thing. What's the difference between Tamil and Telegu?

The same difference that is there between Punjabi and Bihari.

Oh really? can l go?


Ho ho!

Man! Look at that vanilla ice cream amidst all this chocolate!

Must be heading to a disco or a nightclub..

Looks like they lost their way.

You think they are players?

Definitely players. But not here..

Ya? Wonder what the going rates are..

Why don't you ask them? They won't get our language anyway Hey, how much are those melons for?

What the.. They understand Hindi!

Thought they were chinese or Nepali..

Molly Zimik, Manipur. Mary Ralte, Mizoram.

Wow! You have come from the furthest reaches of lndia.

You are our special guests. Welcome!

What.. are you not happy?

Would you be happy being treated like an alien in your own country?

Bindia, Aliya how are you?

Pretty fit.

How's your injury Gunjan?

An injury madam will take its own sweet time to go.

You are the senior players. Behave like one.

Be respectful around the new coach.

Respect, madam, will take its own time to come.

Sukhlal! Become older!

My name is Kabir Khan. l'm the coach of the lndian National Women's Hockey Team.. which l have been told are you girls.

All the players here, Krishnaji?

Yes sir. Only one's missing.. Uh, Preeti Sabarwal Reporting time was 1 0 am, wasn't it?

Excuse me!

ls this the registration for the women's team?

The registration for the lndian National Women's team is over.

Bloody hell! l'm Preeti Sabarwal.

Bloody hell Preeti Sabarwal! You are very late. Try next year.

Sorry? Next year.

Sorry? Next year!

Everybody, fall in line please! come on everyone, line up.

She is a good player, sir. l will be the judge of who is a good player or a bad player Krishnaji.

Thank you.

You.. you can't keep out a state team captain..

Which state team's captain are you? chandigarh ls this the chandigarh team?


But l'm a captain of a state team.

And l'm the coach of the lndian National Women's Team. l cannot hear or see the names of states. l can only hear the name of one country - lndia.

And in that team, there is no place for late comers.

Everyone understand that?

OK.. OK, kit up.

Kit up and do 1 0 rounds in exactly 7 minutes. lf you are done in 7 minutes, come join the team. lf not, take the train back to chandigarh.

Sir, 7 minutes!

Sshhh, Krishnaji.

Now each player will step forward and introduce herself.


Balbir Kaur, Punjab Again.

Balbir Kaur, Punjab Again.

Balbir Kaur, Punjab Break away from the team and step aside.

Komal chautala, Haryana Out!

Molly Zimik, Manipur Out!

Nethra Reddy, Andhra Pradesh Out Rachna Prasad, Bihar.

Nichola Sequeira, Maharashtra Out Vidya Sharma, lndia

Hmm? Vidya Sharma, lndia Once more loudly.

Vidya Sharma, lndia Thank you. You are on the team.

Anyone else who is playing for Punjab, Himachal, Tamil Nadu, Railways?

Understand this once and for all, because l won't repeat it.

This team needs only those players who first play for lndia, then for their teammates, and then if they have any life left, for themselves.

Not those who are playing for a Government job or a Railway flat. Hmmm?

Ho! Ho?

Let's try one more time. come, please.

Balbir Kaur, lndia Komal chautala, lndia Molly Zimik, lndia Nethra Reddy, lndia Rachna Prasad, lndia Nichola Sequeira, lndia.

Vidya Sharma, lndia Gul lqbal, lndia Rani Dispotta, lndia Soimoi Kerketa, lndia Raynia Fernandes, lndia Mary Ralte, lndia Aliya Bose, lndia Gunjan Lakhani, lndia Bindia Naik, lndia

Preeti Sabarwal, lndia

come on, move it, move it

Didi(elder sister), didi! You are Bindia Naik, aren't you?

You hold a National record of 42 goals!

So? l am so happy to meet you!

Yay! Go dance then!

On the list this is my bed.

There's the list. Go sleep there.

Forget it Molly! correct.

Hello! l am Nethra. Vidya. l know. You saved 4 goals in the South Zone tournament.

Didn't save them, just happened somehow. lt was all luck.

Only good players have good 'luck'.

Whoa.. what's this?


What is this?

'Moke daayar se laglak'

She is saying a branch scraped her while travelling on an elephant.

You came to Delhi on an elephant?

No, only till Gha-morni. (morni peacock)

Peacocks? What peacock? Peacocks, elephants..

You live in a zoo?

Jharkhand. We are from Jharkhand. [Jhadi=bush]

Oh! Lots of bushes there?

Jungle. lt is a jungle there.

Jungle? Are you Junglees?

You eat snakes and scorpions? l hope there aren't any in your bag?

Are you upset?

Alright! Here you sleep on the floor.

What are you doing? Sorry?

Nothing to be sorry about.. move this..

What the What do you think you're doing?

This is my bed.

Did you not see this big bundle here?


So? l put it here first, so the bed is mine.

Just because you dumped this bundle, it is your bed?

Of course! Haven't you ever been on a state bus? l have reserved this bed first! lt is mine on the list.

Oh you.. what the..

l will smash your face!

Hey kid!

Get here. c'mon!

There is a time and place for every fight.

Save this one for another day when you have the upper hand.

Get out! come. Be on this side with us.

The travelling theatre would have been better!

l am told that from the 250 million girls in this country you are the 16 best hockey players.

You're lucky, but also unlucky.

Because now l'll be the judge.

For me, you are only 16 girls who dabble in hockey.

Don't expect anymore. You'll regret it.

Ten kilometers. Everyone come on! come on, girls!

Training us for a marathon or a match?


Running at 4am won't make us better hockey players.

How dare he treat national players like this! We're not kids.

Does he think we don't know how to train?



Take your positions. What's going on?

What's the problem?

You are playing right in.

But sir.. l think you will play better as right in.

But.. l have always played center forward for our Haryana team..

Ok, go! Play for the Haryana team. Everybody in position!

What is it? coach sir has instructed me to play on the forward line.

Go home and play.

Listen push her out and take her place.

But the coach has asked me to play in this position.

So if the coach asks you to jump in a well, you will?

But the coach..

Look, coaches will come and go. But you will be with us, right?

Yes, but coach..

See, she's leaving to drink water. Grab her place.

Don't take my name.

What's going on?

l play forward every year.

Yes but in this team you are the centre..

This team or that team it doesn't make a difference. lt makes a difference to the team.

You're a senior player, a strong player.

The team needs you at centre half. Go to your new position.



Out. What..

Sit out and let the others play.. Out!


Good goal! very good Preeti Sabarwal!

come on everyone, back to one!

Komal! Pass the ball! l'm free, dammit, pass the ball!

Komal! Komal!

What was that? l scored a goal sir!


But you didn't see what that girl was up to! l saw everything that's going on here.

When she scored the goal there was no one around her, But when you scored, she was there.

And the only one in the scoring position ..


Everybody can only see the Memsahib but are blind to her faults.

The British have gone but left behind their Memsahibs in cities.

Just step in my ?illage once! lf l don't tie you up with the buffalo's tail, you can change my name. coach took Memsahib's side.

He's only a coach, not God.

come let us rest for a while.



So chowmein! Get angry once more and They will pour chilli sauce on you and chew you up.

come, come here!

Take it, take it, take it, damn you!

Moka! Moka (Pass to me!)

Stop it, stop that, stop the ball..

You piece of.. go kill yourself or l will kill you.

The bloody..

What happened?

Did you not see? This witch let them score a goal!

You know she can not understand Punjabi.

She should have learnt it before coming here!

She was only supposed to have learnt hockey. Which she has.

Apologize to her. l have never apologized not even to my father!

Out.. What!

Out! Out!

Why do you not tell her off?

She is not worth talking to l have always said do not play with Junglees!

You look very angry.

You looked like you would break her head..

Should l break yours?

Sir, how long should these girls be benched?

Don't know. l do not think anyone can teach these girls to play hockey together.

Teaching them hockey is a long way off. l need to teach them something else first.

Good evening!

What is going on?

New sleeping arrangements?

Old.. according to the old list.

So? Tell them the list tore.. come on, go to your old place.

No girl will stay with another girl from her own state. lt is the coach's order.

So let him say it. Who cares?

Everyone else has agreed. lf you have any problems speak to the coach.

Bake in sun all day, switch beds at night.. ls this a National camp or a refugee camp?

Why doesn't he make every one sleep on the benches?

How are you? l have had enough, please come back. l can not come. lt is uncle Samir's sister's wedding. Mom and dad asked me to call you.

Rakesh you know this is the National camp-

But vidya..

Look, family comes first, games later..

But, father-in-law..

Look, you insisted, so we let you play.

Now we are calling you, so come back by the next train.

Yes.. but l..

Rakesh please understand. l cannot come. l have waited a long time for this camp.

Vidya, you are a saint. But l am not. l cannot keep waiting. The wedding is day after tomorrow. come if you want or forget it.


They wanted a traditional daughter-in-law..

..grandchildren, the whole work from me..

..but all l have is this hockey stick.

Oh! ls this how you scare them away?

lf you want, you can go home for a couple of days. lf l go now, l will not come back. lt is either this side. Or that.

But.. When you were getting married.. l told them everything. They were thrilled then.. l had a job thanks to the sports quota as well as a government flat.

So now?

They have gotten used to the flat,.. they want somebody who will take care of it.

You think lt is crime to play hockey in this country?

No, no you can play politics, cricket.. you sure can play cricket!

But hockey?

lt is a little difficult.

Have you heard of Mohammad bin Tuglaq? ls he cute?

He was an emperor five hundred years ago. crazy guy! Drove everyone mad.

Stopped making gold and silver coins for copper ones.

Out in five years.

That is how this coach is going to go.

Thinks he can do anything. lf you have such a sharp brain, why do you not use when you play?

He will be out in a few days. The Association will kick him out.

The system does not work like this.

The name suits him Tuglaq.

Molly, Balbir, Komal,

Bindia, Aliya -

You are benched.

So till we do not play by his rules he will not let us play.

Tuglaq has lost it.

Alright. We are no less.

We will now play only at the tournament.

Sir! Hey sir!

Sir, l would like to play too.

Ok, Ok.. l am really sorry.


Hey, ok enough.. come on, accept my apology

Accepting it, or should l hit you?


Really sorry.

Actually, she is not a bad player.

When she whacks the ball hard, it takes four girls to stop it.

Admiring your enemy?

Please do not pull my leg, didi.

The coach has already stopped us from playing.

And then..

Oh man..

Oh.. oh!

come didi, let us play.. lf we play, we will play in our own positions. Shut up and sit down.

God, look there is bull chasing her..

You've already scored your forty two goals. l haven't even started.

Sir let me also get a pardon from the memsahib.

Hey missy, do you want to accept my apology?

Or do you prefer going to the jail? What?

Look, if you do not pardon me, l will fight you.. in the fight either l will smash your head or you will smash mine and we will have to go to jail..

Anyway.. so tell me do you accept my apology or should we go to the police?

Time is up. come on!

Krishnaji, is anyone injured?

Ok, now we will reverse the play order.

Defenders will attack and attackers will defend.

Sorry sir!

Go attack! Ball on the centre.

With all your heart! come on!

ln the World cup final, the team lost to Pakistan.

Wasn't he the team captain? captain?

He was Pakistan's captain, in an lndian uniform.

What are you saying? lt is not only me. Everyone says so.

So how did they make him the coach?

This is lndia. Anything is possible.

He mentioned taking us to the World cup.

He has already sold his country once.

This time he may just sell us as well!

You guys will keep scrubbing shoes for the rest of your life. come, see who is downstairs. Who?

Take a wild guess ls it a film star?

Abhimanyu Singh!

You are kidding!


Go see for yourself. Bro is here to meet someone.

He maybe your 'brother'!

But who is he here for? come! Let us see!

Let us go

She is a sly one.. did not tell anyone she is his fiancee.. coach has given her leave till tomorrow morning..


Leave till tomorrow morning.

Why, whatever will they do all night long?

lt is confirmed.

They are making me the Vice captain.


Really? l do not believe this! l knew it. How long will these clowns hold out.

Vice captain of the lndian frikkin cricket team!

Now you watch how l teach all these seniors.

You see who rules this team now!

Get out of the way everyone! lt is my turn now.

Why do you not quit all this now?

Quit what?

Your silly stick and ball game come on baby, forget about it now.

Forget about it and do what?

Do what? Live it up!

Be with me! Travel the world with me.

Live life king-size, with the King.

As the wife of the vice captain of the lndian cricket team!


Oh, forgot to tell you.

Had a chat with your dad over drinks yesterday. l told him l am all for it.

He said we do not want to delay it anymore.

So it is all fixed.

Anyway, my career is all set.

And what about my career?


What about my career?

What career?

Abhi, l am in the lndian hockey team Yeah but that is not a career, Preeti. That is just a stupid game.

So is cricket Preeti! l know you like to think of your little dribbling and stick work as a big thing.

But let us face it it is not exactly cricket is it?

Look at her enjoying herself!

Damn it, let us go play.

come on, we have been rotting on this same bench for the last 7 days.

We are players, not Association members who sit around. come on. come on!

l will show him my game! lf he is not forced to make me a forward again, my name is not Bindia Naik.

Or his is not Tuglaq.

Sorry sir, it will not happen again. We are sorry.

Sorry Ok, you can play center half.

Thank God sir. The situation is under control now.

No, Krishnaji. lt is just about to go out of control.

Right! Left! Right! Left!

Faster! Faster! Faster! Run faster! Move.

Faster! Faster! Run faster! l mean FAST!

Right, left, right! To the ball!

Ok, let's go! Right! Left!

Pass the ball! Make a pass! Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass PASS!

Thank you.

Trap and pass! Move the ball ahead! come on, move it!

No player will keep the ball for more than 5 seconds. can you count? 5-4-3-2-1 !

Faster! Faster! Run faster! l mean FAST! Quick, quick!

Faster, faster, What is your problem? Do you not see the ball, or are you afraid of it?

Want to practice with a tennis ball for a few days?

Left, right, left! Leave the ball, sit!

Go, right!

Go to hell!

Trap, look and pass! Stop, look and move it ahead..

Do not move yourself forward. Move the ball forward!

Do one thing pick up the ball.

PlcK lT UP! Put it in your pocket and go home.

Go play on the chandigarh team from tomorrow. No need to play here.

And you! What are you so angry about?

Raise your game first and then raise your voice.

Once more if l hear you shout out, you will be out!

Hey you! Why are you the center half?

Because you are the senior most player in the team.

Your job is not to push the forward line but to teach them.

And one more thing.

There can only be one bully in every team.

And for this team, it is me.

You! call this a pass?

You are only good enough to plough fields in your village.

Forget about hockey!

And why are you standing around? Go get the ball!

Right, left, right, left, right, left! Relax!


Krishnaji! Give her water and take her out! Quickly!

So! You are lndia's best players!

You will go to the World championship! Hah!

To raise lndia's flag!

The Association is right.

How will this lot ever play hockey!

They cannot play as one team.

How the hell will they ever win a World championship!

What are you staring at? She is unconscious not dead!

Krishnaji! Take her away! Out!

l had said it on the first day.

This team needs only those who first play for lndia, then for their team mates and then if there is any life left, for themselves.

Let's start again.


So! Did you see what happens when you let the coach think he is God!

The blood will not stop. l warned you guys.

Do you want to eat something?

Wake up at 4am, run for 20 km. And on the field, he does not let us play.

What kind of a camp is this?

Does it hurt a lot?

Here! lt hurts here.

He insulted us!

Hit with the ball!

He knows damn well you cannot speak English.

But you have to learn it!

What you have not learnt in your whole life, learn it in a day!

Else get out of the team.

Hey, he cannot throw you out!

Do not worry, l will teach you.

How can he cut you out of the team?

What do you say Aliya?

No freedom to eat, to move around and when we play, he insults us.

This is not a primary school. Each girl is a National level player.

A champion from her state that is why she is here. lf there is any failure amongst us, lt is him.

Sold his team out in the World cup!

Was thrown out of the team, the country.

What else can l say? l am ashamed to say any more.

Does it hurt?

l have a spray..

How is Nethra?

OK. The doctor says she will be back to practice in a couple of days.

Practice? Have you lost it?

From now on, there will be no practice!

There will be no practice from tomorrow!

Look here..

You look here! We know you like him but you should also realise that the team is on this side.

lt is time you choose which side you're on.



l have thought about it.

Now only the Association can decide how this team should run.

The way teams have always run in this country.

Or the way Tuglaq wants it!

Let us sign this.

Now, it is either the coach or our team.

Sign this, Gul!


Hmmm? Have some..

Wasn't that too much?

They are girls after all. How much can you push them? lf you look for the strength of boys.. l am not looking for strength. l am looking for team spirit.

You do not need strength to make a team. You need team spirit.

But sir, at this rate, you will become their enemy. lf by making me an enemy they can become a team, then it is a small price to pay, Krishnaji.

Why are you not on the field?

What is the matter?

The team does not want to practice with you.

What rubbish!

We want a new coach. l will give you one -

Why Krishnaji? Why will you hit us?

We are not the ones who sold our country!

Quiet! Sir!

7 years.

After 7 years l came back to hockey, with the belief that this time l will beat the one thing that defeated my team once and for all.

But today, once again, l have lost to it.

You do not have a problem with me.

You have a problem with the fact that instead of making you play against each other, l am forcing you to play with one another.

Because l have forced you to think about..

..your team before you think about yourself.

Forced you to play for lndia before you play for your own state.

Fine. You have won. l have lost.

But l am not sorry loosing to you. l am sorry l have lost to my country.

Which even after taking my blood, sweat, my love,.. life, does not believe that l played for it once.

And l will play for it all my life.

l resign as the coach of this team.

Please, just think it over, Sir.

You have worked so hard.

Today is my last day in this camp.

Before l leave, l am taking the staff out for lunch.

You are welcome to join us if you wish.

No obligations.

Hi beautiful! come on, join us babes! Hey come on!

She's red hot ya! Hey baby, hey!

Harassing girls, are you? Try it!

Hey! Hey, how..


Hit him!

Do not let him go!

Not from behind. Have guts to attack from the front.

You see, in hockey there are no cowards.

ls this a team or an army of devils?

l told you, Krishnaji. lt is not strength, but spirit that makes a team.

For the first time, l have seen team spirit.

Sir.. l was just.. just trying to say that.. l mean.. let sleeping dogs lie.. l mean..

Hey tell him!

Sir what she means.. what we all

Tomorrow morning, 5 am sharp. l want everyone on the field.

chak De! lndia (Go lndia!)

come, come, come.

We will run two more kilometers today. come on guys!

Do something, do something My veins are bursting O please do something Do something, do something For talk and sermons bite the dust lt is time to do something Be stubborn if that is what it takes Do or die all is at stake!

chak De! lndia (Go lndia!)

ln the fighting kite, in the riot of might ln the games and the fair, in the bumpy trains so bare ln the sweetness of sugarcane, in the clothes of the rich or vain Seek and you will find, heat that bricks bind A colour has emerged, and it is spreading converged This colour of the reign, is embedded in your veins Stand immovable, invincible, obstinate in times of trouble Scraped and scarred, move on even if marred

Be stubborn if that is what it takes Do or die all is at stake!

chak De! lndia (Go lndia!)

How can you go? Why?

Because we are getting married!


You can not go on the 25th, we are getting married on the 2nd What? l have fixed the dates after discussing it with your parents And me? Do you not need to discuss this with me?

What is the point of discussing it?

You want to get married to me, do you not?

But, not like this! l need time.

What for? l am playing for the World cup, Abhi!

Have you gone insane?

You want to postpone our wedding for the World cup?

What if it was your World cup?

That is a totally different. lt is the cricket World cup. lt is really important.

This is really important.. for me More important than our marriage? l have to go. Good night!

Go. Go play the World cup.. lf you loose you will become my wife. lf you win, you will become my wife.. lt is not like when you come back, the whole country will remember your name.

One thing l promise you Mr. Abhimanyu..

This will definitely happen.

The team is shaping up well, sir.

The captain of this team will be Vidya.

congratulations, vidya!

Give it a break. l have nothing to say to you.

For the first time something good is happening. Take part in it.

You already did!

The way Bindia is using her brain..

Do you think it is right for her to be on the team? l do not know Krishnaji.. but it is also not right.. keep the most experienced player off the team. l do not think we can.. deal with her

We cannot win without her either. ls this not your World cup silver medal?

What are you doing with it?

Trying to scrub it into gold. lf l ever need to sell it in the flea market, at least l will get a good price.

Mr. Kabir, it is best if you forget about the World cup.

And tell these girls as well.

The ones who you have given such high hopes too.

But our deal was to train this team for the World cup. lt was not like we signed on a legal document you cannot hold us up to it.

You discussed it in front of me, Mr. Tripathi.

We will discuss it in front of you once more.

Look, on one hand, there is the lndian men's team which at least gets a bronze medal.

And on the other, there is this team of misfits.

But this team is ready for the World cup!

Tomorrow if they are ready for the moon, we should send them? Huh?

This team can not go the World cup. lt is decided.

Be honest. Tell us you are taking money..

..from the Women's team to give to the Men's team.

You guys are athletes.

Why do you want to get involved in things that do not concern you?

Shall we?

But Mr. Tripathi!

Let us have a match.


Yes. Let us have a match. Between my team and your team.

You mean Men's team v/s Women's team? l mean between my team and your team.

lf we loose, we loose. But if we win, then - World cup.

Think about what you are saying, Mr. Kabir.

Do not make Pandavas' (lndian mythological characters) bet You will be left standing naked. lt has already happened to you once.

All right. Day after morning.

But we need time to train!

Day after yes or no?

Mr. Tripathi.. - Day after morning. We will meet on the field.

Even your team needs to practice come out..


We will never win. And by some chance, if we do.. chance! Huh! lmagine how many goals we will loose by.

And once we lose, it is over forever!

What have you done, sir?

We are like sitting ducks.

Ducks? l have belief in this team.

Does this team believe in itself? come on! Let us go.

Look, you are not playing against these boys. come on, get ready! Hurry!

Do not think here let me have it.

Do not think you are playing against 16 boys.

You are fighting everyone in this country who thinks girls can never match up to men, cannot hold a job as well as a man, cannot make decisions like men..

You are fighting each fool who has forgotten that if a girl has given life to him, she can do anything. Anything.

lt is a huge match perhaps bigger than you or me.

And that is why l should be telling you play fearlessly, play together, play with all your might, play like this, play like that.. but l will just say one thing

chak De!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Good morning sir!

But sir! That was a foul!

Very good! Well played!

Good job boys! come on! come on girls! Well played!

Don't tire yourselves running! Smaller passes!

Should we stop if you have had enough,..

..Mr. Kabir? Or do you still want to play?

The match isn't over yet.

Your girls could not even reach the boys' half.

You cannot expect anything from them. Mr. Yada? what..

Well, he's right Krishnaji.

We always said it - These are good old fashioned lndian girls -

How will they run around in shorts and mini - skirts?

Yes, Mr. Yadav, tell them like it is.

What can you do? You will fall flat on your faces, you'll see!

Oh, Mr. Yada?! You have fallen! Will you get up by yourself?

Or should l ask the girls to give you a hand?

Oye! chak De!

Attack, girls!


Go Komal!

They played well! Good defence!

Good job! Well played girls!

Should we (send them) sir? Send? Where?

Oh, this?

Yes.. send them Yes! Kabir! World championship!

When could l imagined that this would happen When did l ever believe, but it has, it has indeed happened Pinch me, l am not in my senses Hold my feet, they are soaring in the air Are my feet on the clouds, or is this a land of illusion Now it has taken off, our boat has taken sail

lt is the taste of the sky, after eons My trembling heart beats hard, is it day or night?

You have finally been magnanimous, God! Thank you!

Are my feet on the clouds, or is this a land of illusion Now it has taken off, our boat has taken sail

The mates have embarked, the paths are unknown But we can do it, l know there's a way The dreams we saw blindfolded, we live today Are my feet on the clouds, or is this a land of illusion Now it has taken off, our boat has taken sail

Greetings from Kapil Verma!

Welcome to Melbourne's State Hockey and Netball centre! ln the World Women's Hockey championship, today lndia are playing 6 times World champions Australia.

The teams are greeting each other -

Australia exudes the confidence of World champions..

The teams pay their respects to their flags..

A deep sense of pride in the eyes of coach Kabir Khan and his team..

Excitement in the stands..

Teams are raring to go and the match begins!

Australia has the ball.. Back pass!

A long scoop, straight to lndia's 25 yard line..

Left the lndian defenders behind.. cross pass.. and GOAL!

And perhaps the fastest goal in the history of the World championship!

From the very first minute, there's pressure on the lndian team.. lt is alright! Lots of time. come on! coach Kabir trying to bolster his team.. but one more strong attack from Australia and goal!


The witches kick! Hey, that's not fair! Anyway.. lndia, Australia's goal.

Hey! That big moose kicked me hard, did you not see that? lndia, careful!

Balbir! Don't argue! Just play Go get your eyes checked! You need glasses!

Be careful! Australia's ball.

l'll show you!

Hey, that's completely wrong! Totally unfair!

What is she saying?

Go back to your goal. - How go back to your goal! Wrong decision is there! calm down! Wrong! Wrong!

Sir, what is she doing? She will get a card! lf you open your mouth one more time, you will be off. Go back to your goal!

You go back, you idiot!

A yellow card and the way out for Balbir.. and a penalty corner for Australia.. could be dangerous for lndia

What a pig headed referee? ls she a pig headed idiot or are you? We are left with ten players now!

Krishnaji, give her water..

And penalty corner specialist..

..Abernathy has been waiting for this moment.

Push, trap, hit and goal!

A last ditch attempt to save the match by coach Kabir Khan..

Didi, where should l hit it?

Any where you please Didi, please!

Don't ask me. Go ask your captain?

Seems a move is made between senior Bindia Naik and Soimoi but..

some confusion between the players.. and once more Australia scores

And in the second half, Australia 5, lndia - 0

lndian centre forward Preeti Sabarwal on attack.. with her is Right in Komal chautala.. Preeti! Pass! both playing the World championship for the first time.. proving a challenge for Australia..

Preeti's off! Dodges one defender, another one.. keeping the ball for so long..

Komal's ready.. but Preeti.. doesn't pass..

Komal pass!

What are you doing, Komal! Pass!

Pass Komal! No one on this side!

A precious opportunity lost because of..

..the lack of coordination between the lndian forwards..

And the old lndian attitude strikes again!

Good save, good save!

Yeah? They are playing defense.

Get the coach to use the Dutch tactic..

Ho! Ho!

A minor confusion.. Looks like Soimoi does not understand the referee..

And one more penalty corner for Australia.

Match over! Australia - 7, lndia - 0. A shameful defeat for lndia..

Well played! - How did you ever make it to the World championship?


Bindia.. What were you up to?

Me? Where?

What were you doing on the field?

Nothing You are not going to play any more in this championship!

What's so special about her?


Tell me, what does she have that l don't?


Your captain, Sir.

lf we have to get down to it, why don't we just spell it out?

Neither of us is naive here neither you, nor me..

l can do all that she is doing to be a captain..

And much more..

Now tell me, why can l not be captain?

You have just answered your question.

A team that is not fit to play against European high schools.

And you wish to redeem your name by coaching such a team.

..Association denounced Kabir Khan declared he did his country wrong.

These kind of people should have moved to Pakistan during the partition.

Someone has sold out?

Papa, papa, l want to see what a traitor looks like.

Down with Kabir Khan!

Allah.. bring me strength and bring victory closer

After such a debacle in the first match itself.. is almost certain that lndia will be out of the championship.

There is one chance of survival - defeating England in tomorrow's match.

But looking at lndia's form it is highly unlikely.

Very good! Pass to Aliya!

come here! come here everyone! OK!

Now we are making the same mistakes again. Water..

So, set piece A6 From Balbir to Rani,..

..Rani to Molly, Molly to Gul, Gul to Preeti, Preeti to Komal, from Komal back to Preeti, ..

..from Preeti to Komal again and Komal to goal..

Set-piece A6 does everyone remember?

Yes sir! Good! Repeat it!

Preeti to Komal, Komal to Preeti, from Preeti to Gul to Komal.. uh..

That's B6 l will beat the crap out of anyone who cannot remember.

Balbir.. lf you do not control your temper,..

..the situation can get out of control. OK?

Yes sir. - lf it becomes a team of ten again, there is no hope. ls there anything left, now? Plenty..

Ok, let's begin all over again. Everybody!..

..20 minutes more! concentrate on defense! Go!

Full power! Play with all you've got!

Greetings and welcome to the World championship .. Melbourne where England is playing in Group A for 2 points, but lndia is fighting to stay in the championship.


Let's go!

The UK coach has promised to beat lndia by..

..even more goals than Australia.

Maybe that is why there are not too many spectators around.

UK has gone on the attack immediately lndian players struggling..

Half press forward!

Komal chautala blocks..

Great job Komal!

Balbir, Soimoi! No6

Today lndia seem to have better coordination..

..but the UK forwards attack once more -

And lndia saves! Yes! Good!




Keep calm! l got hurt here! Ok, fine, guess it's a part of the game That's rubbish!

Good Balbir!

Thank God, she didn't hit her!

20 minutes left in the first half England gets a penalty corner.. could be dangerous for lndia.


And lndia has made no mistakes. l am confused. Which one of them is Didi?

chak De!

Second half lndia has not given up any goals.

But hasn't scored any either.

Preeti come on! Fall back! On the double!


Well done! Well done Gunjan!

Last 3 minutes of the match.. both teams goalless.

England is trying hard to score..

But lndian defender Soimoi has the ball.. Soimoi to Mary.. to Preeti.

Pick it up! Pick it up!

Preeti l'm free! Pass!

Pass Preeti..

And goal! Unbelievable!!!

Wow! What a goal, Sir! She made the British ..

..forget their English! Great job Preeti!

Jesus! Bloody hell! What was she doing?

Last 20 seconds of the match..

And with this final hooter, the unexpected has happened! ..

..lndia has defeated UK by 1 -0 Managing to stay in the championship.. and get a new lease of life!

Well played! congratulations!

Well played! Well done! lt's a good thing .. controlled your temper, Balbir!

Let's go girls! come on!

The future may be unclear but for now,..

..lndia has retained itself in the World championship.

lndia v/s Spain!

Do something, do something My veins are bursting O please do something A superb goal by Komal chautala!

Do something, do something For talks and sermons bite the dust lt is time to do something Be stubborn if that is what it takes Do or die, all is at stake chak De!

chak de! Ho chak de lndia!(Go lndia!)

Keep it up!

Didi, can l get some water?

Shall l give you a kick instead?

Give the battle cry of war and give it again and again..

Don't lag behind in the race, my friend, let them pull you back as much as they can Won't budge an inch. Bull headed, you think? Yes l am!

The scraping, the squeazing, grating of life, be done with it!

Preeti has sprinted ahead. Buck up Komal, Get even in the next match.

Do or die, all is at stake chak de! Ho chak de lndia!(Go lndia!)

Surprising everyone with its sudden rise, Kabir Khan's team is playing a match that..

..may stop it in its tracks tomorrow. lf lndia wins, lt enters the semi finals and if.. loses, it is out of the World cup.

Tomorrow lndia plays Argentina, a team well known ..

..for its rough play and injuring opponents.

Hey! lt is a foul!

One second! She's hurt! Krishnaji, go to her!

Gul are you alright?

Water! Here drink this! Stretch, stretch..

From this moment on, l don't want to see the ball in our half.

Balbir, you play your game. l'll -l'll beat these girls!

So beat them. lf they hit one of us, you hit 4. lf they hit 4, you hit 8.

Rough them so bad that they're scared of picking up a hockey stick again.

Sir- - Don't let them dare come in the way of Preeti, Komal, Nethra.

Attack them. Don't stop attacking them till they break.

Or you break!

Forward up!


chak de!

Yes! Yes!

The lndian team coached by Kabir Khan has reached ..

..the semi finals of the championship.

We are in the semi finals!

Did you ever doubt it?

But now lndia will be up against South Korea ..

..a team that hasn't let a single team reach its goal.

Man to man marking?

Ya. A player behind each player. This is Korea's game.

We will be paralysed by this game, leave alone scoring goals.

Who can crack this kind of game?

There is one player.

You were right. You do have something that she just doesn't.

And that no other girl on this team has.

Take this.


Because right now lndia needs its most experienced player.

Only you know how to break man to man marking.

The match is about to begin. Go.

Go and break it.

As expected, Korea's man to man marking..

..has paralysed the lndian forwards..

Aliya Bose, Preeti Sabarwal, Komal chautala - no player can move an inch..


Substitution! No.5 Bindia Naik on field..

There's a sudden shift.. the game seems to be changing direction..

Defenders Bindia Naik and Gunjan Lakhani are on attack -

They are playing in a unique style.. Korean players are confused..

And goal!

chak de!


We won! lndia has reached the World championship Finals!

By the sound in this stadium, you can guess what ..

..the state of the lndian team must be.

And what state its coach must be in.. who couple of months ago was stopped from bringing his team to the championship.

Who could have guessed that one of the world's best center forwards would score such a smashing goal in World hockey without even lifting a hockey stick or entering the field..

Hi Bill! Well played!

You are definitely going to be the Highest ..

..Scorer of the World championship.

But you have got competition. See! 8 goals. Komal's ahead once more You idiots! You have your own World championship going on.

Hello.. Sukhlalji! Speak up!

Amazing Krishnaji! These devils have been raising quite a hell!

With your blessings, Sukhlalji The travelling theatre had come by, didi.. l made it very clear to them that this is ..

..the lndian women hockey team's ground. lt is waiting for its team. l'm not going to give it out to anyone..

Now there will only be hockey practise here.

Hello, here! Speak here! Oof!

Hello! l am really missing your curd rice, Sukhlalji. lf you guys win the World cup, child l will make curd rice for you all my life.

Don't lose now. Don't lose.

We will not, Mr. Sukhlal. We will lose our lives, but not the game. l was your third colour once Your tune was the rhythm of my life You were my master, you were my pride My master, my life is yours to take What are you doing here, sir?

Look. lt is the first time l've seen a foreigner raise the lndian flag.

We have reached the final. ls it a dream?

What do you think? lt must be a dream.

lt is your dream, isn't it?

My master, my life is yours to take Thank you very much for being here ..

..Tonight is the night for an official reception for the finalists.

The Federation of lnternational Hockey is holding a dinner in their honour.

So that tonight they can forget about winning or losing and just celebrate that they are the two best teams in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the six times..

..World cup champions, the team from Australia.

Oh.. Sorry! Best of luck!

Yes, yes.. Happy Diwali!

What's she saying?

She's saying.. watch out for the fireworks tomorrow - Excuse me!

Do we have to wear this? lt is a pain..

Do you care for a drink? No, thank you

What is it Nethra?


What is it? What do you mean? l mean why did you call me here?

Me? You're the one who called me Did a mad dog bite me? No way l would call you! l have called you.

You.. but why sir?

To tell you that tomorrow we are going to lose the finals.

What? Why?


Because tomorrow, two of our players

are going to play for Australia.

No, no, sir, it is not like that..

What do you think? That the Australian coach and team are blind?

You think they haven't figured out that lndia's ..

..main forwards do not pass to each other?

You think they will not take advantage of this fact?

Sir, whatever l do is for the team..

Komal, you cannot fool me, at least do not try and fool yourself.

You fought with you father, mother, brother, ..

..your village to come here and play hockey,.

But now you are playing at something else. Even you know this.

Tell her sir. She's the one who started it all.

And you are the one who will finish it tomorrow? ls that the plan?

And you, Preeti Sabarwal,

chandigarh captain..

You lost your senses to join this team..

But now you have lost all sense.. Why?

Neither of you is a child.

You know very well that if you do not play..

..together for the same side tomorrow, we will never win the finals.

Once upon a time, an lndian team had lost a final.

You don't know what it is like to bear that cross..

But when you do, it will be too heavy to bear.

Neither of you has the strength to bear it.

Nobody has the strength to bear it!

You both know what the problem between you two is.

All l know is that whether you both play on our side or not, the rest of my team will play together against Australia.

And if necessary against both of you as well.

The ball is in your court.

Do you want to play with your team or against it.

Whatever happens, l will score the most goals..

What are you trying to prove? l am not trying to prove anything, Komal. l just want to show a foolish boy what a woman is capable of. l will score the most goals, no matter what happens.

l want to see you try and do it.

And tonight is the night that everybody has been waiting for.

The night of the Women's Hockey World championship finals.

A match that is completely unexpected.

Because tonight we have current and 6 times World champions Australia playing against lndia - a team that has risen like a juggernaut.

A team that has won the hearts of many with its ..

..dazzling display of determination and skill.

But winning hearts and winning the World cup are two different things.

And this is the ordeal by fire of coach Kabir Khan's team.

By what strategy, what skill, what magic will this team from lndia beat the game of the six times World champions..


Seventy minutes.

Seventy minutes is all you have.

Perhaps the most important seventy minutes of your life.

Today, whether you play very well or badly, you will always remember these seventy minutes for the rest of your life.

Today l won't tell you how to play.

All l will say is:

Go! And play for all you're worth in these seventy minutes.

Because in the days to come whether life goes well for you or not, whether you have something to call your..

..own or not, whether you win or lose, these seventy minutes are something ..

..that nobody can ever take away from you.


So l thought, l will not tell you how to play today's match.

You will. By playing it.

Because l know that if in these seventy minutes, each player of this team plays the best hockey of her life, then not even God can take away your seventy minutes.

So go!

Go and steal those seventy minutes from yourself.

From your life. From God.

From anyone who did not have any faith in you..

Go and steal your seventy minutes.

chak De!

Go Aussies!

come on girls!

Towards the left side!

ln the very first minute, lndia has shown that it will not play this match as an underdog team.

Just how important this goal was for the team's psyche, is reflected in the look of pride on coach Kabir Khan's face.

What the hell just happened?

They have changed something. Find out what it is.

Australia's counter attack -

And save!

Australia is not a team to take things lying down.. and its the attack could be a danger to lndia..

Gunjan to Komal..

Komal pass!

Nice dodge..

Komal! Pass to Preeti! Pass!

Preeti Sabarwal has scored 8 goals in the tournament,

Half time

And somehow lndia has managed to hold on to its advantage.

But the second half has always been Australia's strong point.

Australia's strong attack.. lndia under pressure..

Reverse hit.. and goal!

A pass.. Move with them!

Once more, Australia on attack..

Push.. and goal!

lndia-1 , Australia-2.

Only a few minutes left and Australia's..

..strategy is to not let go of the ball.. and kill lndia's chances of scoring an equaliser..

Australia has the ball.. but lndia has snatched it!

Go Komal!

come out! She won't pass!


Show the idiot!

Thank you!

Move back!

Emily! Get out there!

come on! There is still time!

And end of extra time.. smiles in the lndian camp Because now they will face the Australian team in a tie breaker..

For lndia it means a genuine chance to win this tournament.

Because now, the winner will be decided by a penalty shoot out.

Each team will have a chance of hitting 5 penalty strokes..

And the team with the most goals will become the World champion!

Didi, now everything is up to you.

Save us Vidya didi!

Preeti, Aliya, Bindia, Mary, Nethra.. come! Quick! come here girls!

You girls are taking the penalty.

Remember one thing - don't attack the goal but the goalkeeper's mind.

You will win the goal automatically.

We can win it. come on girls! Well done!

Sir, if Komal can take my stroke..

Komal! Quick!

Preeti wants you to take her stroke.

Alright, let's get this going! come on everyone! All the best!

Australia-2, lndia-2. lndia's first striker is right out Nethra Reddy from Andhra come on Nethra!

Goalie ready?


Striker ready?

And lndia has wasted its first chance.

Every missed stroke can prove costly.

Now it is Australia's turn. Defending the..

..lndian goal is Vidya Sharma, lndia's captain

Australia's No. 1 Sarah Abernathy.

Goalie ready?


Striker ready?

And goal! A swift ground shot that can leave any goalie stumped. lndia-2, Australia-3.

Aliya Bose.. come on Aliya!

Another miss!

Opportunities wasted and the cup grows further away

Striker Sheryl Jones..

Goalie ready?

Striker ready?

And another goal!

Australia is growing stronger..

Now to stay in the game lndia will have to stop every stroke..

..and convert every stroke into a goal.

At this crucial moment, we have Komal chautala..

centre forward from Haryana and the team's right in.

come on Komal! Just hit it!


A beautiful strike and goal! lndia manages to save itself.

lndia-3, Australia-4 Vidya Sharma ready once more..

Rachael Taylor ready.. No room for mistakes..

And a great save!

lndia-3, Australia-4

There is still hope for lndia, but to win, it will have to convert the next two strokes into goals. lndia's next striker, penalty shoot out specialist - Mary Ralte.

A great scoop and goal!

Making lndia on par with Australia..

But Australia has two more strokes and..

..lndia, one. come on Vidya didi! Save it

Australian striker Emily Jones.

lndia's last chance.. lt is imperative to score and that is why experienced Bindia Naik will take this stroke. come on Bindia didi!

Maybe this is what they call experience!

We come now to the last stroke of the penalty shoot out. lf Australia scores, the shoot out will continue.

But if vidya saves the goal, then this lndian team will make history.

lndia-Pakistan Just one penalty stroke between lndia and the World championship.. lndia is one goal behind Pakistan.

But captain Kabir is taking the stroke himself..

Why did you take the penalty stroke yourself?

You do not know what it is like to bear that cross..

She will hit on the left her stick is turned to the left.

But her foot is facing right She will hit right.

Left, no right, no left.. Oh my God!

She is going to hit straight into the goal!

Vidya! Look at me!

Look at me, Vidya

My master l was your third colour once You were my master, you were my pride My master, my life is yours to take

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, we ..

..present to you the new World champions, Team lndia..

Jaya Hind! (Hail lndia)

By becoming World champions, the lndian Women's hockey.. has made every lndian's heart sing And the man who gave lndia this victory is none other than Kabir Khan, one of Asia's best center forwards.

The thrill of our ?ictory is singing in the blood ..

..of thousands of lndians waiting here at the airport for the man of the moment - Kabir Khan.

But he does not seem to be here in this moment of glory..

Where is Kabir Khan?

What do ex - players have to say about the man ..

..who returned to the game after 7 years?

As long as players like Kabir Khan exist,..

..lndian hockey can hold its head high.

Brother Khan has proved that there is no greater motivation..

.. than playing for your flag Kabir Khan - the spirit of lndia! Kabir Khan - the pride of lndia!

The credit of winning this trophy, is being ..

..given to the team's coach Kabir Khan And what does the man on the street have to say?

There can be no one more respected than the man ..

..who raised the status of our National game.

He makes you feel proud to be an lndian. - ..

..Kabir Khan has showed us all who a true lndian is Kabir Khan - the spirit of lndia! Kabir Khan - the pride of lndia!


chak de! chak de lndia!(Go lndia!)

chak de!

O chak de! l was your third colour once Your tune was the rhythm of my life You were my master, you were my pride My master, my life is yours to take

So Preeti has no clue that you are going to propose .. her before the entire country?

No, she has no idea.

What if she says no?

Preeti.. will you marry me?

Preeti, tell us, will you marry Abhimanyu?


She's only joking. Move!

What was that?

The truth.

Where are you going?

To my team.

But what about us Preeti? You and me?

Us? We never existed Abhi.. it was only you..

But now even l exist. l don't need to be your wife.

Have a good life, and learn some sportsman spirit if you can Preeti has refused. What is your plan now?

This is for you.

How are you mum? How are you dad? l just want to say one thing Komal. lf l ever stop you from playing again, just give me a couple of whacks with this very stick.

No dad!

No, Komal. lf anyone else's father stops..

..her from playing, whack him as well!

When his daughter makes a name all ..

..over the world, he will forget everything.



Madam? Mr. Sukhlal! call us an army of devils, Mr. Sukhlal.

Now that the rest of the world calls us by that name, ..

..why are you shying away from it?

What do you want 400 rupees for?

Just because you brought me to the airport, .. can't charge me whatever you wish!

Don't get so angry! You are going to ..

..self destruct with anger one of these days!

Here, drink some water! Be calm!

And brother, please don't charge us extra. come along peacefully now. You won't get anywhere by having such a temper. congrats Vidya.. Thank you! come on, everyone is waiting for you, especially Dad.

He says that his daughter-in-law