Chalard games goeng (2017) Script

Improved and corrected English translations by zer0_

Now, let's talk about the STIC test

or Standardized Test for International Colleges, which tests for general knowledge and it is used to apply to bachelor programs in the U.S.

This year the association overseeing the examination has uncovered a cheating scandal, which has led to the exam leaking in in various countries in Asia.

Further investigation is pending...

11 00:01:38,460 --> 00:01:39,990 My name is Rinrada Nilthep.

I'm in Grade 12, class 3 at Krungthep Thaweepanya School.

You can call to check my school records.

The STIC exam isn't beyond my ability.

BAD GENIUS Student Portfolio: Ms. Rinrada Nilthep This student has achieved a 4.00 GPA in Grade 7, Academic Year 2011 GRADE 9 Straight A's since Grade 1.

Honor student since Grade 7 to Grade 9.

Came in first place in the school district's Maths Competition.

National Crossword Champion.

There's also achievements in sports... this one is...

For swimming.

That's fine, Vit.

This is more than enough.

No need to ask whether we would accept Lynn or not.

The important question is... do you want to study here?

What do you say, honey?

I don't have to decide now, right?

It's not that I don't want to study here.

It's just that my old school is more suitable for me.

If I move here, my Dad will have to pay 150,000 per year.

How is it 150,000?

One semester is only 60,000, so it only comes up to 120,000.

Correct. However, my Dad taught at my old school, So I can go with him to school every morning.

If I study here, I'd have to take the skytrain including calling motortaxis from the station to home is 80 baht everyday...

for 8 months, which is 170 days, excluding holidays.

It's approximately 13,600 baht per year.

There's also lunch, At my old school it only costs 20 baht for 2 sides with rice.

Here it's 35 baht.

I'll also have to buy new school supplies and uniforms.

I think all in all... it might not be worth it.

Gold medal in maths.


I can afford it.

No, you can't.

What if we let you study for free?

Vit, I'll add free lunch as well, okay?

We want you to see that we value geniuses like Lynn.

Is it worth it now?

Worth it.

Worth bringing all this.

It's worth it, right?

Letter of Authorization Lynn

GRADE 10 Alright, done.

One second!

This ID is gonna be with us for 3 years. 71 00:05:24,920 --> 00:05:25,980 You gotta look good.


You just moved here, right?

I'm Grace.

I'm Lynn.

What are you doing?

Can I have a look?

Take off your glasses.

Trust me.



Smile. C'mon.

Okay. Ready 1... 2.


You're next. Quickly.


My ID number is after hers, so we sat next to each other for 3 years.

Actually, Lynn and I are really close.

But everyone says Lynn's a genius. But I'm...

I'm good at extracurricular activities.

Sometimes, people might even call me stupid.

The Headmistress came up with a new policy this semester.

To be in a school play, you need at least a 3.25 GPA.

Why? Am I too stupid to be in a school play?

I think... acting is harder than studying.



Look, I've been tutoring with Mr. Sophon for weeks, but I still don't know shit.

And maths really pulls my grades down.

The answer is C.

What! You got the answer just by glancing?

Upside down, too!

It's super easy.

"A union B, intersect with C." Do the one's in the parentheses first, then "intersect with C" is just whatever's left in C.

That's the answer.

Oh! I get it.

Scholarship kids really are smart.

Another one?

Lynn, will you be my tutor?

Why not?

If you teach me, I'll buy you a milkshake after school every day.


You'll get to review the lesson every evening.

Not enough.

What about...

If you agree, I'll get to be your first student, Mentor Lynn.

Mentor Lynn.

Mentor Lynn.

Mentor Lynn!

That got me.

I'll teach you all of this today.

Grace told you I helped with her studies?

That's right.

But tutoring my friend isn't wrong, right?

MIDTERMS It's the moment you've been waiting for.

Pass the test paper.

That's enough. Take a deep breath, clear your mind.

It's already crystal clear.

Students, you may start the exam.

Maths60 questions / 30 marks


I've warned you before, it's not that easy.

If you know you don't understand and you still didn't come tutor with me then.

Don't come to me now.

It's too late.


The paper is exactly the same as Mr. Sophon's sheets!

Yeah! You can do it, right?


Why not? I already taught you!

I can't remember.

What are you talking about?

No talking, no cheating!

I will not tolerate any misconduct in my exam room.

Ms. Rinrada Nilthep Grace.

(INAUDIBLE) Answers.

Do I have to write my name on the scrap paper?

Of course!

Have you never taken a test?

Sorry, sir.

Student Report Card

3.87! 3.87! 3.87!

What did you get? What did you get?

4.0, no sweat.

Are you free tomorrow? Let's celebrate.

Sure. Where?

Let's got to Pat's then.

It's convenient.

You have a swimsuit, right?

Pat, will it kill you to just get in pool like a normal person?

Nope... but it's not cool.

I got water in my ear.

Mr. Pat, dinner is served.

Just leave it.

Babe, I'm cold.


Are you coral watching, Grace?

To be honest, I've told Grace to invite you over to my place a bunch of times.

We're all in the same class, but we hardly ever talk.

But Grace though, always Lynn this... Lynn that.

Shut up.

Are you jealous?

Grace says that you're good at everything.

Without you, her grades wouldn't have improved.

I even told her that...

I want to have a friend like you.

I've seen you with a bunch of friends.

You're right, but no one lends me their eraser during exams.


Why? You want to be in the school play as well?

Smart people like you don't understand.

Idiots like me, we all want good grades.


Hey, babe!

Dad said if I don't fail this semester he'll will get me a new car.

Sounds good?

I know that we aren't tight... but if you agree...

I'll pay you 3,000 per subject.

This is per person.

Per person?


What do you mean?

I've got 5 more friends.

What if the teachers find out?

Don't worry about that.

All my friends can be trusted.

And all my friends are willing to pay.

Think about it, this is only one subject.

And each semester has... how many subjects, Grace?

Not including PE...

13, right?

So each semester, you'll get...

13 times...

234,000 baht.

Nice digits as well: 234,000.

In exchange for your brains.


Call it even for the school's 'tea money'.

What tea money?


You really don't know?

Everyone pays.

The stupider you are, the more you pay.

I paid 400,000.

And this dumbass donated 20 iMac's to the library.

But I got a scholarship.

The scholarship is for studying.

Don't forget about the maintenance fees.

Receipt: New Student Fee - 200,000 baht

Divorce Papers

What mood are you in?

You know, I was going to sell it to buy a new car.

Since you never play it anymore.

I just remembered yesterday was Mom's birthday.

Why did you want me to move to this school so much?

Most students from this school get scholarships to study abroad.

I wanted to give you opportunities your old school couldn't offer.

I'm not like Mom, you know.

Have you ever thought that I might be happier at my old school?

Three points.

Don't be too loud and disturb the neighbors. Eat dinner.

I'm going to bed.

Okay, I admit I paid Lynn.

But paying her for piano lessons... isn't against any laws, right?

Or is it?

Will you send me to international court?

Have you ever heard that classical music helps with the brain's development?

We'll use 4 songs to represent A, B, C and D.

Memorize my right hand movements.

This is A.

Remember that it starts with the pinky and finishes with the thumb.

This is B.

B is 4 3 2 1 3, repeated twice.

This is C.

This one D.

I'll give you 3 answers and skip 1.

I'll repeat this pattern.

So that the scores are scattered.

This'll keep the marks in check, and not alert any teachers.

You must complete every question that is the multiple of 4.

I'll start giving the answers at 9:15 a.m.

Meanwhile, complete the remaining questions.



This shirt is expensive.

Are you getting rich from teaching piano?

You can wear new clothes too, you know.

They tease you at school that you're a scrooge.

I wouldn't mind a new pair of trousers too.

"Classical Piano Lessons by Mentor Lynn"

More people want to join your piano class.

Congratulations to Scholarship Students, Academic Year 2013



Stay tuned for Teen Genius after the break!

It's true that Lynn and I study at the same school.

But we're not friends.

Actually, we're rivalries.

What's wrong, Bank? Are you nervous?


Did you have noodles for lunch?

How'd you know?

You've got some on your shirt.

Dirty and wrinkled.

Here. A wet wipe.

For your shirt.

Hey! If we win we'd get 5,000 baht!

We'll actually get less than that.

With 3% tax deduction: which is 150.

So it's only 4,850 or 2,425 each.

It's still a lot.

It's enough for a salmon buffet.

If we win, you wanna go this evening?


I don't like eating outside.

It's a waste of money.

What are you laughing at?

Nothing. You sound just like my Dad.

Is that good or bad?

Of course, It's a good thing.

Messy hair, wrinkled shirt. Exactly like him.

What? I'm just gonna fix your hair.

We're going on TV, the least you can do is look good.

Looking handsome.



Final question.

Tell me the Pi value with as many decimal places as possible.


That's enough, that's enough!

And the winner of this week's Teen Genius is...

Krungthep Thaweepanya School!

I'm really awestruck. How did divide the Pi value so quickly?

I didn't divide it. I just memorized it.

You memorized the value of Pi?

I used to play memory games with my Dad.

Pi's value, names of people, and reservoir names.

Brilliant, this is why you're our scholarship student.

Have a seat.

I didn't ask you to come only to praise you.

I also have good news for you.

Next year, the Singaporean Embassy is offering scholarships for Thai students.

No strings attached. It's a full scholarship.

You can study a bachelors and finish with a doctorate.

Considering your grades, behavior and determination, There's only you two who are the school's best representatives.

There's a catch though.

Each school can only send one student for the scholarship.

But that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Yesterday, you two were teammates.

But from now on, you're now rivals. Isn't this fun?

Little Bank Laundry Service

The washing machine broke again.

I can't finish the laundry in time.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Your hands are all calloused.

It's understandable if you think I cheated... but thinking that Bank would cheat too?

Aside from my father, Bank is the only other honest and hard-working person I've ever known in my entire life.

Hey, Bank!

What's up, Tong?

Did you finish studying for the exam?

Me too, man.

I was sick and didn't finish studying.

Exactly the same, Go finish studying.

Dude, please help me!

Let me copy you.

I really can't fail this time.

I've tried... but this piano code is just too hard for me.

What piano code?

Oh-- No-- It's nothing.

Hey, I won't copy you for free.

I'll pay you.

3,000 baht, enough?

Letting me copy won't lower your marks.

Wait! Listen to me!





Damn it, Bank! Can't you help a friend?

You're goddamn heartless!

Hurry, hurry.

Today you're all taking the test together.

Don't sit next to your classmates.

All right, you may start your test.

Grade 11, class 1 Grade 11, class 4 Grade 11, class 3 Grade 11, class 6

40. Your exam paper is set 1.

Sir, how do we answer question 40?

There are two sets of test papers.

Just answer according to the one you have.

A. Set 1 B. Set 2

Be careful of Tong copying.

Lynn! Which set did you get?

So, which set?

Set 1.

Leave set 1 here.


Row 3.


Crew cut with glasses.

He's copying Rinrada, she's sitting next to him.

I'll take care of it.

Don't worry.

You can go.

What now?

30 minutes left.

A. Set 1



Switch the papers.


Banjong Wongpoom

20 minutes left.

Lynn. Lynn.


Should I erase your name and write mine instead?

No! Just sit still.

10 minutes left.

Last 5 minutes.

B. Set 2

Time's up.

Stop writing!


Put your pencils down!

That's enough!

Don't you already have enough A's? That's it!

[Jeez, the teacher's playing hardball.]

[That was close. Thank you, Mentor Lynn]

Is it worth it? Being this risky.

Well, it is 3,000 for 25 per person.

What do you think?


You didn't write your name on the scrap paper.

Rinrada, Grade 11, class 3 and Banjong Grade 11, class 1, report to the Headmistress's office immediately.

I assure you.

If you don't believe me, then have Tong retake the test.

You'll know the truth.

I've called the both of you in... because Thanaphon said there's been some cheating.

There are 2 sets of test papers. There's no point of cheating.

I'm giving you a chance to tell the truth.

Banjong, did you cheat?

We'll find out soon enough.

Thanaphon and Rinrada, you're excused.

Banjong, you stay here.

Lynn, don't leave yet.

How did you do these problems on your scrap paper?

Since these problems are not on the set you got.

Please don't get caught us.

Don't worry about it, The Headmistress probably wants to discuss about the scholar--

We have evidence that Lynn completed her friend's paper.


Explain why you did it.

If you don't, then I will expel you.

For the money.

Tong tried to hire me to do his test.

3,000 baht.

I'm very disappointed in you.


I accepted your daughter because she's an honor student.

But it's not just about being an good student, it's also about having good discipline.

You're a teacher, you should understand.

Completing your friend's exam paper is cheating.

It's a gross violation of school policy.

To be honest, I could expel you right now.

Seeing that this is your first time, I'll just cancel your scholarship.

Yes, ma'am.

To be honest, having Tong and Lynn retake the test should be enough...

Remember Lynn.

School is a place for studying, not a place for making money.

What are you laughing at?

Where are your manners?


Mr. Pravit, you're a teacher, didn't you teach her manners?


I don't think I'm the only one who uses the school to make money.

What do you mean?

I'm talking about the 'tea money' that my Dad paid.

It's not called 'tea money'.

It's the school maintenance fee.

Isn't school maintenance fee included in the tuition fee?

Stop, Lynn! That's enough.

Please let her study here.

I'll take care of the remaining tuition.

Let's go.


I have one condition.

You're banned from the Singapore Scholarship.

Okay, okay.

Let's go.

What's the scholarship have to do with it?

It's true that I let my friend copy me, but I've never copied anyone.

All the grades that I've gotten reflect my actual abilities.

These abilities, other students have them too.

There's also people who deserve this scholarship like Thanaphon.

If you can't accept this condition, then you can resign.

All right, Mr. Pravit?

Yes, ma'am.

Let's go, Lynn.

Good luck with the scholarship.

Well, if you found evidence...

I guess Lynn really did cheat.

But I have nothing to do with it.

Being an honor student doesn't mean... we have the same behavior.

Ms. Rinrada Nilthep

I knew it.

I knew you didn't do it just for 3,000 baht.

Piano lessons?

Did you ever think that it'd actually be better to actually tutor them?

But the Headmistress cheated us first.

How can you call it cheating, when I paid willingly.

My friends also paid willingly!

Can't you see you did wrong?!


I'll take the blame.

It's my fault.

Who am I to blame?

If I can't raise my daughter to be a good person, then why should I go ask for scholarships for my daughter?

I'll sell the car to pay for the rest of the tuition fee.

As for this shirt...

I don't want it anymore.

About going abroad, just forget it!

You're not going anywhere.

You're staying here with me.

Return all the money to your friends by the end of the semester.

You can think that Lynn is a bad person, but to me... she's truly a good friend.

Sorry for being such a crybaby, but I'm not just acting.


So? Does it look refreshing?

Not bad.

I'm casting is tomorrow.

You didn't call me just for this, right?

How are you guys getting along?

You can take care of yourselves for last two semesters, right?

Pat and I have other things to worry about.

Has Pat told you, yet?

We just got back from France.

The trip was so fun!

Yeah, 'cause you left your son behind.

Well, I've got to go shopping too.

Mom. I got you something too.

Pat. Yes?

Go fetch a red wine in the cellar for me.

Why don't you ask the housekeeper to do it?

Yes, sir.

Grace, would you like any more dessert?

No, thank you.

We invited you over today because we would like to thank you.

Thank me for what?

For helping Pat with his studies.

You have no idea... how disappointed we've been over his grades.

But ever since Pat's been seeing you, he's like a totally different person.

I think you're better than all those famous tutors.

To be honest, we've been planning this for some time.

We wanted Pat to study at the same university as I did, at Boston.

But looking at his previous grades...

I knew he wouldn't make it.

So, I thought that... you should go with him.

So you can help him study there.

Sounds good, right?

Don't worry about the expenses.

Share the living expenses with Pat.

As for tuition fees... if you need any help...

you can let us know. Anytime.

I've some information for you already.

You can take a look at it.

If money isn't an issue, say yes, all right?

You know of the STIC test, right?

It's like GAT/PAT, used to apply to American universities.

It's the same test at the same time, worldwide.

I need to take the STIC... and I need to take it within this year.

If not...

I won't be able to apply to the university in time.

I've already been busted once, Grace.

I'm not comfortable asking you for help either but we really don't know what to do.

But Pat said he'll pay you 600,000 baht.

Could you return this to Pat?

Yes, alright.

Could I borrow a pen and some paper as well?

"I really can't help you guys this time. Sorry!!"


Hi baby, I'm so glad that you called. Hi Dad.

It's so bright there. What time is it?

It's noon, Dad.

I hope you have a lot of fun in Thailand!

Can you see what's time it is here? Can you see?

Why it's so dark there?

It's nap time here.

Okay. I've got to check in.

Okay. Can I call you back later?

Good night.


Time zones.

The STIC is taken at the same time and date worldwide.

This means countries here will take the test earlier than the rest.

Simply, If you two take it in Thailand while I fly over and take the test somewhere earlier.

Like Sydney, Australia.

4 hours ahead of Thailand.

I will get to see the exam first.

Complete it first.

And send you guys the answers, along with the others taking the test in Thailand. As many people as we want.

Oh my God.

Not only will you get enough to pass for university, but we can also get more money from other clients.

After deducting the costs, we'll split the profits.

Is it too risky?

What risk? It's not risky at all.

Who is this?

This is Mentor Lynn.

This is the only way that I can earn enough money to go study with you without asking anyone.

Oh, I forgot to mention...

I'm going to Boston with you guys.

Going together will be so much fun!

The job for you two is just to find clients for us.

As for the exam, I'll take care of it.


Before we go looking for clients, Now that I understand this time zone thing, but I'm still confused as to how the hell are you gonna give us the answers?

Write them down?

Memorize them.

The best way is to memorize it.

It's the safest way and it leaves no trail.

Sorry. Are you part of the X-Men?

The STIC has over 100 questions.

Are you gonna remember all that?

I can.

If there's enough time.

The problem now is that after I finish the test... there's only so much time.

The most I can remember half of all the answers.

Only half?

There's only one person who can help.

But he wouldn't do it.

What's up, Mom?

I'm done.

Mrs. Rut's house?

Can it be another day?

Tomorrow... I have the scholarship exam at 8:00 a.m.

Hmm, yeah.

Hey, you!

Your basket grazed by mirror!

If you said sorry--

250,000 for a passing score... that's not expensive for you, right?

The tutoring fee for the STIC is way more expensive.

We'll need approximately 30 clients.

If more than this, it will be risky.

Anything less, it won't be worth it.

I've got almost 30 people in my STIC group chat.

If you can get them to join, you'll get 5,000 baht discount per head from your full payment.

But wait a minute.

You must make sure no one else knows about this.

Especially, that loser Bank.

Don't mind that dumbass.

He won't say shit.


Didn't you hear?

That dumbass picked a fight in the wrong neighborhood.

He's beaten up pretty badly.

The best part is... he didn't make it to the scholarship exam.

Seminar: To Becoming Number One in Education - 2B COME WON I believe that everyone here wants to pass the STIC for a brighter future you are hoping for.

Shit, it's Steve Pat.

I have a way for us all to get satisfactory scores.

The only things you're allowed in the exam room is a 2B pencil, eraser, exam ID, and passport.

Communication devices are definitely not allowed.

So the phone that I will be using to send the answers back to Thailand, will be hidden inside the toilet tank in the washroom.

I'll try and send the answers in between the breaks.

The exam is split into 3 parts, with 2 breaks.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

How will the clients use the answers in the exam?

Not everyone can remember like you.


Everyone will receive a 2B pencil with a barcode stuck on it.

The different widths of the barcode will represent the answer choices.

Starting from the left to right.

The thickest is A, then B, C, and D.

Sounds cool, huh?

But there's more.

The 4 pencils will represent the answers for the 4 section.

And the numbers next to the barcode are for grid-in questions.

For the essay part, they usually use published articles.

I'll send you the keywords and you can Google them.

Hey, it's mine.

It fell.

Hey, I'm saying for the essay. You'll have to write them yourselves.

In short, on the exam day, everyone will leave the meeting point before 7:30 a.m. to arrive at the exam centers on time.

We will provide motortaxis for you to take you to the exam centers.

Finally... everyone will have to pay in cash within the next 2 weeks.

Otherwise, the deal is off.

I'd also like to emphasize that what we are doing here is highly confidential.

Any questions?

If there aren't...

I will end the seminar now.

We will become one, to be number one in education in education.

We'll get the scores needed to get in any universities.

We choose the university, the universities don't get to choose us!

Whoa. That's rough, "Little Bank".

What's up?

I'm sorry.

That you missed out on the scholarship.


On that day...

I really didn't mean to.

I don't know if you meant it or not.

What I do know is that you are also responsible for what happened to me.

I have a proposition for you.

What is it?

Taking an exam.

Taking an exam or cheating an exam?

To me the word "cheat" implies someone doesn't benefit.

But we will get money, and the others will get good scores.

It's a win-win.


To be honest, we're both are losers here.

We're not born to win like Pat or Grace.

We must try harder to get what's ours.

Look, what happened to you?

It's not the same.

You cheated.

I was just unlucky.


But don't you see? Even if you don't cheat... life cheats you anyways.

This is Grace's address.

I'll see you tomorrow if you're interested.

Honest Commerce Printing Honest Commerce Printing

Sit here, please.

Aren't you gonna take a seat?

Here is what's gonna happen First... we'll fly to Sydney and take the STIC together.

Hey, Lynn.

You're missing a document.


You remember that show, Teen Genius?

They want me to compete in Sydney.

They need your bank statement for visa purposes.

Who are you going with?

With Bank.


It's not just the two of us, there's a teacher too.


You and I will have to memorize the answers, half each.

Don't forget...

Bank memorizes the first half, and Lynn memorizes the second half.

Section 1 has 52 questions.


SECTION 1 52 Questions SECTION 2 44 Questions SECTION 3 16 Grid-in Questions As for the last section, you need to leave the exam early to send the essay question in time.

Time's up for section 4. Start the essay.

Memorizing the question and key words shouldn't be a problem for you.

But the hard part is they won't let you leave early.

To avoid any suspicion, you have to act sick.


I can throw up.

Do I have to puke now?


How much am I getting?

1 million.

What about you guys?

2 million.

What do you say, Bank?

Everything is in your hands.


We got it!

Right on time.


You should've just said yes from the beginning. Such a poser.

Hey, guys!

See you tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m., my ass.

The flight's at 11:00 p.m.

What's the rush?

There is one more thing we need to rehearse.

Please stop.

You just can't keep on grilling the weakling!

You must be enjoying... seeing innocents cry like this.

That's too much, Pat. Way too much.

I've used up all my cards.

You guys are acting as if we are really getting caught.

I told you I understand... if you get caught, we'll blame only you.

Last question before heading to the airport.

Last question.

In character.


What if Bank gets caught?

What will you say?

That's even more far-fetched.

I've never been friends with him.

I've seen him around school for 4-5 years.

I've never seen him with any friends.

He looks like ass.

And he's a weirdo.

Outside of school, he even got beaten up and dumped in a landfill.

Are we done?


Bank, stop!


I said stop!



What the hell is wrong with you?

You're the one who told me to say this.

So, why are you mad at me?

Pat, stop.


Bank, that's enough.




You what?! never... told anyone that I woke up in a landfill!

Now you know what I'm mad about!

All of you set me up, right?

You guys set me up so I wouldn't get the scholarship, right?

You were all in it, right?

You guys knew, right?

You knew, right?

You knew, right?

Why the fuck aren't you answering?

Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank.

Calm down, Bank.

I don't want to fucking hear what you have to say!

Bank, stop! Let's talk this out. Let's talk this out. Let's talk this out.

Calm down. Calm down.


I'm sorry, Bank.

I'm sorry.

I didn't think they'd be so rough on you.

Bank, hear me out.

You're still taking the STIC, right?

Fuck the STIC!

Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank. Listen to me.

You listen to me!

I only have my mom.

She's like a hunchback, doing laundry.


I'm not rich like you.

That scholarship was my dream.

The dream for my mom to live comfortably.

And then you came.


If I don't pass the STIC, my Dad will kill me.

Please, Bank.


I win, you win. It's a win-win for the both of us.

Bank, I beg of you.


You should send those thugs to beat up your Dad!

Why do you say shit like that?!

Didn't you tell me that you needed him?

And if I didn't play dirty, do you think he'd help you out?


Wait, let's talk about this.

Were you in on this?

I really didn't know.

Please try to understand Pat.

He did it because he wanted to help with your plan.

Without considering who would get hurt?

The Future of Laundry

Grace, refund the money.

I'm out.

Wait, Lynn.

Calm down.

Okay, I respect your decision.

If you're out, I'm out.

No more clients, okay?

It'll just be the 3 of us, like we originally planned.

Don't you understand?

I said I'm out.


I guess that's it.

I just have one request, Don't be mad at me.

If I had half your brain, I wouldn't do something this stupid.


Flight leaves in 3 hours.

Let's get going, Lynn.


I'll go through with it.

At least there's money in it.

I won't get beaten up for free.

What if I told you that...

I don't wanna do it anymore.

I'm not asking you.

The only reason I'm here is because of you.

The only reason I ended up in a landfill is because of you.

The only reason all of this shit is happening is because of you.

Don't you think you're also responsible?


Here's your phone.



I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?


Your nose.


You know...

I've never been abroad before.

From tomorrow onwards, we can go anywhere we want to.

Come on, let's take a selfie.


This year, the STIC test is cancelled in the many countries across Asia.

Such as China and Korea.

This is because the College Board has acknowledged the STIC question were leak prior to the test date.

This year the College Board has to increase security procedures for the test.

To ensure no more problems.

All applicants.

Please gather here.

Come on guys! Wake up!


Congratulations. You are the last group of people who can go inside and take the test.

Anyone who gets here late will not be allowed to do so.

All your belongings, especially mobile phone, must be kept here.

We will collect them downstairs.

All test takers, Please make sure to fill out every blank space with your information in your answer sheet.

Section 1 will be a reading test, consist of 52 question.

You will have 45 minutes to complete them.

Starting now!

5 minutes left!

Time's up!

Please put your pencils down.

Your answer sheet will be collected while you're on your 10-minute break.

Honest Commerce Printing

The first break is from 5:15-5:25 a.m.

[We're ready.]

I need to take a sh--.

What you are doing man? What the-- What?


[I want another million.]

1 more million? You ass!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!


[What happened, Bank?]


[Transfer the money into my account within 5 minutes]

[Otherwise, I'm not sending you the first half of the answers]

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

What the fuck?

Ask him! What the fuck is wrong with him?!

Pat, Pat. Calm down.

I can't calm down!

Fuck you, Bank!

[This is Grace. I thought we already agreed about the money.]

[First million is for hiring me]

[The second million is for getting beaten up.]

[This is all I've got.]

[You'll get the rest when you send the rest of the answers.]

The exam will start in 1 minute.

Please return to the exam room.





Now it's fair game.

Let's get back to it.

You may start section 2 now!

Time's up for section 2.

You may start section 3 now!

Time's up! 10 minutes for the break.

[Next, grid-in answers]

Whoever is in there. Please step outside.

Can you hear me?

Step outside, I said.


Someone has reported to us that you are in there for too long.

Come out.


Get. Out. Now.

Can you hear me, boy? Get out! Now, I said!


Someone in there?

Please come outside, now!

You exam is about to start. Please go back to class.

(IN ENGLISH) Thank you.

Look at me.

I'll give you a chance to tell me everything!

What did you do?

What did you do?

Speak to me!

This doesn't have anything to do with you. Go back to your test.

You may start section 4 now!

10 minutes left!

For Sale

Don't we need to leave here before 7:30 a.m.?


It's 7 a.m., you're not paying enough!

I've already paid you everything.

Essay section starts now!

What's wrong? Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Come on. Are you okay?

I feel sick. Can we go home now?

If you leave now, your exam score will be cancelled.

Do you understand?


It's 7 a.m., why haven't they sent the rest of the answers?!

How do I know--


Is Lynn here?

I can't get in touch with her.

I haven't seen her.

She told me she went to Sydney for a competition.

Oh yeah.

No wonder why we haven't seen her.

I'm sure she'll bring back a medal.

But I found the permission letter at home.

I called, but no one answered.

So, I came to the address on the sheet.

Can someone tell me what Lynn is doing in Sydney?


Roger that. I can't see her.

Okay, okay, I'm looking. Checking.

Yup. She's not here mate.

Keep looking. I'm coming up.

Did you find her?

I'm out.

If you don't answer me, I'll go straight to the Headmistress.

Tell me, what are guys you up to again?!


Lynn and Bank are dating!

They went on a secret trip.

Lynn was afraid you wouldn't let her go.

So, she lied.

I really didn't know how to stop her.

I think it's best you talk to your daughter, sir.



Sir, Love is a beautiful thing.

What's the matter?

It's 7 a.m. already.

The motortaxis are leaving.

They're saying we passed the agreed time.

You explain to them what's going on Because I don't know a damn thing!

I'll talk to them.

What's with your leg?

It's almost 7:30.

Where at the barcodes?

I already paid the money.

What's the wait? What's the wait?

You'll get there in time!

I promise. Pat!

Pat! We're out of stickers.

Here you go. 500 each.

We'll leave soon. We'll leave soon.


(IN ENGLISH) Hey! Can you open the door?! Can you open the door, please?!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It's almost 7:30 a.m., Grace!

Do we have all the answers?!

No! 6 left.

Why it does say EDGE? Huh?

It says EDGE!

What's EDGE?!

There's no reception.

What happens if we don't make it?

And the money we paid?

We won't make it!

If we don't make it, we want our refund!


Did you get it, yet?



These 3 go to the Bangkapi exam center.

These 2 rows to Suttisarn.

Did you get on, yet?

You didn't put your helmet on, put it on!

One set each, pass it on.

One set each!

We're ready!

Hurry up!

Wear your helmet!


Are you okay?

(IN ENGLISH) No. I'm sick.

This doesn't matter.

You have to come back to the test center with me.



I'm from the embassy.

A Thai student confessed to using his phone as a dictionary.

We're resolving the situation.

(IN THAI) What will happen to him?

They'll probably cancel his scores.

Worst case, he'll be banned from the STIC forever.

As for you, they'll be questioning you. If there isn't anything else, you may leave.

Just wait here.

I'll go talk to them.

Hold on.

What's the matter?


May I use the toilet?

Of course.


Welcome back. Welcome back.

Mentor Lynn's FC here!

Thanks so much, Lynn.

We're celebrating at my house tonight.

Celebrate what?

Did you know that Bank got caught?

And my scores were cancelled, Pat.

Well... we'll look for another exam center for you.

If you don't retake the exam, you won't be able to apply to university in time.

Hey, Lynn.

You have to retake the exam.

Pretty please?

I've changed my mind.

You've already got the scores you needed.

But, we can't go without you!

You do know, right?

That university exams aren't multiple choices anymore.

Even if I went with you, you wouldn't be able to copy me anyways.

I'll get back on my own.

Where's your boyfriend?

Where is he?

I wanted to invite him for dinner.

Where is he, huh?

Why didn't you tell me about him?

Dad! Huh?

I have a confession to make.

What is it, honey?

What is it?

Why do you choose to study in Education?

I want like to be a teacher, like my father.

So, I can use my knowledge in the best way.

Do you have experience in tutoring or have you taught anyone before?

Yes, I have.

I scored 1,460 points on STIC Being a teacher isn't just about being good academically.

Do you think... you can be a good example in other things as well?

[Lynn. When are you coming?] [Bank's taken his share, come get yours]

[Come quick, we already miss you]

I'm not going to lie.

I've done a lot a bad things in the past.

But I will use them to teach myself and others.

[Lynn left the chat]

It is such a waste, To be honest, with your knowledge and abilities, You can apply for scholarships to study abroad easily.

Aren't you interested in any of them?

I think... there's someone else who deserves it more than me.

Student Expulsion Letter: Thanaphon Viriyakul

Bank: [Meet me at my place tonight.]

Come in.

The store looks fresh, Little Bank.

Oh wait, it's Mister Bank now.

You laundering money?

You were expelled from school because the embassy reported you, right?


What's next?

That's the reason why I asked you over.

Did you apply for the GAT/PAT exams?

I have a proposition for you.

I have a fool-proof plan. Much safer.

We can get the answers out to more people.

More importantly, there're more GAT/PAT clients than STIC clients.

But this plan...

can't be done without Mentor Lynn.

How much more of this do you need?

If your cut wasn't enough... my cut is still with Pat.

You can go get it.



It's not about how much money we got.

It's about, from now on, how much more we can make.


From my calculations.

This round... there's at least 10 million in it.

Don't you think it's worth the risk again?

You were there.

Even if we get caught, it doesn't mean we go to jail.

To be honest, Lynn.

Why would you endure studying for 4 years for a 5 figure salary?

When you can earn millions right now.

Why work a stupid desk job?

That's probably because for me, no amount of money is worth it.


If you don't do this...

I'll tell everyone that you're the mastermind behind the STIC scandal.

I guarantee you.

You'll be banned from studying abroad just like me.

Fine. We're even then.

It won't just be you!

This includes Grace, Pat, and all the clients who took the STIC too.

Think about it... if the board finds out, they might even cancel all the scores in Thailand.

One last thing, Lynn.

Your Dad will be so disappointed in you.

Don't be afraid, honey.

We'll get through this, no matter what.


Smile with me.

Ms. Rinrada?

You once told me... if we win, we win together.

If we lose, we lose together.

I won't be the only one taking all the blame.

If you won't do it, I'll make sure you go down with me!

What do you say, Lynn?

What's it going to be?

Everything is up to you now.

You're right. Everything is up to me.

We are here to record your confession to the suspected cheating on the STIC test.

So, are you ready?