Challenge of Five Gauntlets (2018) Script

(wind howls)

(wolf howls)

(dramatic music)

(solemn music) (child laughing)

(child laughs)

(swing squeaks)

(swing squeaks)


(mysterious music)


Her SaO2 is dropping, it's a concern we have to watch closely now.

(solemn music)

As I'm sure you're aware, today was Susie's last treatment, I was hoping to give you good news but I also won't lead you on pretending that I may know answers that I do not.

So what are you saying exactly?

With where Susie's illness stands now and the rate at which it's going, she has about eight weeks left to live.

So what, there has to be something we haven't tried--

Michael-- We can do it.

There has to be something, right?

She's three years old, we cannot just give up.

Michael, we're not giving up.

We've exhausted every medical treatment we have in our arsenal, everything.

Medical miracles can happen and have.

We're just supposed to wait for a miracle then?

I'm saying continue to love your child and fight along with her.

I'm very sorry.

(solemn music)

(keyboard keys clack) Crenshaw's barely alive.

(character screams)

(mysterious music)

What are you doing?

I'm just looking at alternative medicine.

It seems we've been through it all, you know?

But we can't just stop looking for something.

I'm gonna go down to the library tomorrow for awhile.

Do you, do you think there's hope?

That we'll find a cure?

I don't know.

But I'm gonna try looking at case studies, unexplained illnesses, whatever I can find.

We'll figure this out.

We have to.

(somber music)

(inquisitive music)

(birds chirping)

(tool clacking)

(tool clacking)

Hi, the Historian Institute of Pennsylvania sent me to here.

My name's Michael, Michael Chancellor.

Now I'm looking for a Kane Galloway, is he here, available or?

You'll find him about 200 yards up that way.

All right, thank you.

Hi, I'm looking for Kane, can you help me out?

I'm Kane, is there something I can help you with.

Yeah, the Institute sent me here.

I'm Michael Chancellor, they said I'd find you here.

I'm looking to hire you to find something for me.

It's a very specific item that relatively impossible to locate.

What is it you're looking for?

My daughter, she's battling a very serious illness.

So you're looking for a doctor?

She's dying, Mr. Galloway.

She's been through every medical treatment possible and we're running out of options and there's very little time left.

I'm desperate for anything and that's why I'm here.

What is it that you're looking for?

Buddha's Tooth.

Buddha's Tooth?

It's said to have healing powers to whoever holds it in their hand.

It's our last hope.

I don't know where else to turn and I'm begging you, please, please.

Buddha's Tooth is a myth, you need a mythologist and I locate relics, Mr. Chancellor.

I don't understand, so you're saying--

I'm saying Buddha's Tooth is a myth, not real.

And I deal in reality.

So you're saying you won't help.

I'm saying you're chasing a ghost, Mr. Chancellor.

It's a waste of time and efforts.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a deadline to meet.

It's our last hope.

I'm sorry to hear about your child.

Kane? Yeah.

He left this for you.

(ominous music)

What ya think, Dad?

(knocking on door)

I'll get it.

(mysterious music)

Not gonna lie to you, I've read a lot of strange stories regarding the Tooth.

Stories about it being protected by gatekeepers.

Things that are just too impossible to be true.

But, on the chance that it would heal my daughter, they have to have a price.

All of those are blank to cover your expenses and for acquiring the Tooth.

What do you feel our first move is?

It has been said that the Tooth travels around between multiple keepers.

It never stays in one place for very long.

My first move, I'm gonna pay a visit to someone I think can help.

(peaceful music)

It's good to see you, Master.

I see you have kept up with your training.

Did you think I wouldn't?

You still have much to learn, Kane, there is no ending.

It has been years since you were here.

I gather that you are not here to train.

I apologize for my work consuming my last three years, but yeah, I came to ask you for help finding a relic.

Oh, what is this you seek?

Buddha's Tooth.

Ah, Cane, Buddha's Tooth is heavily protected.

Very secretly hidden, that Tooth is not to be just given.

I'm not looking for it to be given, I'm taking it.

Taking it back to the States with me.

Kane, tooth is not for the taking.

Why do you seek this now, my son?

It's not for me.

A young child's very sick, her family came to me for help finding this item and then bringing it back to them.

The Tooth is said to have healing powers.

Yes, that is a legend.

Can you help me?

You will need transportation all over the world.

Let me pay a visit to an old friend who owes me a large favor but know this, to get Buddha's Tooth, you'll need to become legend.

(easygoing music)

(patrons chattering)

I'm looking for Ruby.

Help you find something, old man?

Maybe the potty?

I'm looking for Ruby.

Well she aint' here and you better get out of here before you get hurt.

(flesh thudding)

(flesh thudding) (man groans)

(man shouts) (man grunting)

(wrist snapping) (men shouting)

(Ruby claps)

Sang-Jin, here I thought you were dead.

Ask your friends.

Come for a drink?

I came to collect a favor you owe me.

It's on me, my old friend.

I'm a busy girl.

My import export business is booming, my friend.

Precisely why I come to you now.


International transportation.

You have your own private plane, I assume.

I'm proud of you, Kane.

The knowledge you have gained here, certainly did not go to waste.

Perhaps, mentally, even more than physically, your honor, most noble mission here, Kane, but understand the dangers.


[Sang-Jin] Your life will be in great danger throughout.

Many have met their demise seeking the Tooth's powers.

The gatekeepers are there to see its powers do not fall into the wrong hands.

Mine aren't the wrong hands, Master.

I understand, but they will not.

This map will put you to one gatekeeper.

Upon defeating him, there'll be clues to the next gatekeeper.

There are five gatekeepers.

That is your gaunt list to achieve the Tooth.

[Kane] Thank you, Master.

[Sang-Jin] I wish you success.

Just know.

[Kane] Know what, Master?

[Sang-Jin] Not achieving the Tooth means you have died at the hands of the gatekeepers.

(motorcycle rumbles)

You must be Ruby.

Sang-Jin speaks very highly of you.

Good to know.

There's something else good to know.

He's the only reason you're here right now.

Not exactly running official business.

Everything under the radar and not only does it need to stay that way, I like it that way.

You do anything to compromise me, you do anything to compromise my business.

Just don't.

I'm not here to make your life difficult, just need transportation fast.

That's it.

That I can do.

Load your bags, I don't caddy to anyone.

[Kane] Hey.

You know there is something I do know.

I heard that even doing this favor for Sang-Jin that you'd still owe him a thousand times over.

(dramatic music)

(water rushing)

(suspenseful music)

(gate keeper speaks in foreign language)

(Kane speaks in foreign language)

(speaks in foreign language) I speak the English.

Can I help you with something?

I think so.

Mm, American, yes?

You come long way to visit lonely cabin in woods.

Come, let us let Mother Nature be and take shelter.

Please, your name.

[Kane] Kane.

It mean little fighter, yes?

Please, sit.


It will help take sting out of cold.


Toast to your travels, Mr. Kane.

Mr. Lo Chen, wonderful man.

Years ago when Russia and China have good relations.

Give me opportunity to train with the best of the best.

Train hard, train often, Master Wu would say (chuckles).

Develops character.

Yes, he was right, he was always right.

Good times.

To Master Lo Chen.

So comrade, tell me.

Brings you all the way out here?

A young girl.

Go on.

I'm seeking a powerful relic, one that could heal her.

(man sighs)

I see.

(ominous music)

The Buddha's Tooth, an item of much power.

Many have come before you, seeking for it.

Let's just say, they never left.

I admit your cause is more noble than theirs.

But, I believe death is this child's destiny.

A Tooth cannot stop destiny.

Maybe for this child it can.

(gatekeeper sighs)

If I could help, I would.

But I have been sworn to protect this relic.

And if you use it, it could have, how you say,

effect of butterfly.

It's very dangerous.

Who a, I to choose who benefits from its power.

Who lives, who dies.


I'm not asking you to choose.

I'm asking you to help.

Maybe it can't save everyone, but if it can help one child live to their potential, isn't that enough?

I understand your sentiment, my friend.

But I must disagree.

You should leave.

I'm not leaving without it.

(gatekeeper sighs)

Then perhaps, you don't leave at all.

(men grunting)

(flesh thudding)

(bottles clinking)

(wrist snapping)

(pan clunks) (gatekeeper grunts)

(gatekeeper screams)

(glass clinking)

Believe this is what you're looking for, comrade.

(men grunting) (flesh thudding)

(men grunting) (objects clunking)

(pan clinks) (gatekeeper screams)

(gatekeeper groans)

(ominous music)

(gatekeeper shouts)

(pan clunks) (gatekeeper groans)

(pan clunks)

(ominous music)

(phone buzzing)

Site 7E.

Douglas, it's Kane.

Kane, where are you?

Listen, I'm gonna be away for a few weeks.

I need you to take the lead while I'm gone.

I can't keep the foundation away from here forever.

Yes, yes, you can, Douglas, I need you.

I'll be in touch.

Kane, hello?

(plane blade whirring)

You get what you're looking for, chief?

Not yet, it's a work in progress.

Yeah, well, hopefully we're not just wasting time and fuel.

How do you know Sang-Jin?

You mean how does someone like me know Sang-Jin?

I didn't mean anything, I was just curious how the two of you would've crossed paths.

I was in the right place at the right time.

Relax, he's still who you think he is.

I would never doubt that.

I was at a Chinese market.

Some punks cornered me and tried to knife me over 15 American dollars.

And there he was, just like a superhero.

Needless to say, they didn't get my $15.

Just the hospital.

Well I'm glad you're still here.

For you?

For you.

He saved my life that day.

We kept in touch here and there.

He disapproved of my business, that I know.


Hm, probably thought I was running drugs.

Which I don't.

So what do you run?

Everything else.

(dramatic music)

(water rushing)


(animals chittering)

Whatever it is you seek, you will not find it here, American.

Nothing more needs said.

(intense music)

(flesh thudding)

(flesh thudding)

(Kane coughs)

(flesh thudding)

(dramatic music)

(heart pounding)

(water rushing)

(suspenseful music)

(Kane grunts)

(flesh thudding)

(Kane blubbering)

The map, where?

(animals chittering)

(tense music)

(plane propellor whirring)

Yeah, I'm off to Japan, I'll get there late tonight.

Susie's stable for right now.

She just saw her doctor, he said nothing's changed.

For better or for worse.

I'll be in touch shortly.

What can I do to help?

Stay positive.

That's not what I meant.

I know but that's what I need from you the most.

That's what she needs from you the most.

I'll talk to you soon.



Please hurry.


What now?

We have to hurry.

Looking at the coordinates, if we hit the jet stream just right, we'll be able to cut our travel time by a third and save on a lot of fuel.

When can we leave?


(dramatic music)

You're gaining quite the reputation and quickly, American.

Please, sit, relax.

(bird squawking)

Your name?


Ah, the little fighter.

An appropriate name it would seem.

Did your mother speak of your name's meaning?

I wouldn't know. Oh?

My mother died giving birth.

To you, a little fighter, in more ways than one.

You come seeking the Tooth, yes?

It has been some time since a challenger came.

Individuals that make it here for the Tooth, do not leave.

I sense you have a vulnerable reason for wanting such a powerful item.

I sense it strongly with you.

While I do not know you, there's an ancient Japanese saying I will share.

When the character of a man is not clear, look at his friends.

My master is Sang-Jin.

You must be hungry.

(tense music)

Sang-Jin, a true legend.

Please tell me how you come to know him.

I was born in China, my father traveled all over the world for his work.

Yet, wasn't ready to be a father.

Sang-Jin took me in as an infant.

His generosity, compassion, the life lessons he taught me, I could never repay, only honor.

So you know not your (speaks in foreign language)?

(speaks in foreign language)


To Sang-Jin.

You do not enjoy a fine wine, Kane?

Sensai, I don't need served, please allow one of the ladies to enjoy my drink.

(mysterious music)

(woman gags)

I underestimate you, little fighter.

Sang-Jin has taught you well.

Shinobis are mercenaries, not known for a code of honor.

That is true.

Deception, an assassin's best of friend.

It seems our paths were destined for physical combat.

But my time of underestimating you is now over.

No doubt.

Sang-Jin will be very proud.

It is getting late, let us retire for the evening.

Servant Nisaki will show you to your chambers.

She will make you very comfortable.

She is at your command.

We shall meet at sunrise on the north premise.

Nisaki will see to it you arrive.

Enjoy your evening, Sensai.

Before your retire, your meal, though it was cooked to perfection, what did you add to it?

A spice mixture, cinnamon, dried plums, garlic, it's used to eliminate bacteria or toxins.

(mysterious music)

(solemn music)

A valerian tea before bed, Master?

No thank you.

It will help you relax before a challenging day.

No thank you.

I understand.

What can I do for you?

A massage perhaps, something else?

Let's just get some rest.

Your journey ends 200 kilometers to the north.

It was an honor to meet you, Master.

(tense music)

To see you end today, I feel the universe will suffer with your loss.

Let's hope the next individual seeking death will think more clearly than you.

(dramatic music)

(gatekeeper shouts)

(swords clank)

(fighters grunting)


(tense music)

(waves crashing)

(somber music)

Be ready to fly out in about an hour.


I never ask people anything.

I tell them, but that's my life and just the way things work for me but I have to ask you something.

Why are you doing this?

I wasn't gonna do it at first.

The relic I'm after, the Buddha's Tooth, it's a myth.

The little girl's family obviously was desperate when they came to me and when you're desperate you can believe or want to believe crazy things.

What changed your mind?

They could've went about it several different ways or tried to, but they believed in me and what I can do.

That belief in me, that's what changed my mind.

That doesn't mean the Tooth isn't a myth.

No, but now I believe, I believe it can't be a myth.

And you could die whether it is or isn't.

Seems others believe it isn't a myth either.

So risking your life is worth that?

I'm not sure I understand it all or even want to.

But I do know, I don't wanna see you die either.

(gentle music)

I need you to hold it for me and don't let go, okay?

(car rumbling)

(solemn music)

I'm glad to see you back so soon, Kane.

Your journey was a success?

[Kane] It's only a success if I know the girl's okay and I don't know that yet, Master.

Kane, come sit with me.

(suspenseful music)

The outcome may not be what you want, Kane.

But I want you to be prepared for this.

Prepared for?

The Tooth is a myth, the healing power is legend.

Perhaps not reality.

Should a young child pass from this life, her eternal reward is greater than what's here.

I know that, Master. (phone buzzing)

I'm sorry, Master, please excuse me.


I'll be there shortly.

There's been a problem, I have to go.

I'll be back soon.

Safe travel to you, Master.

Susie's body temperature melted it while she held it in her hand.

But look, there is this little piece of paper that was inside the Tooth.

I can't read what it says but perhaps you can.

Can you read it?


What does it say?

It says I have work to do.

(mysterious music) (propellor whirring)

(birds chirping)

[man] Stop there, my friend, I'm not hiring.

Workload is covered for now.

I'm not looking for work.

Ryku said I could find you here.

(tools clank)


Crazy woman, aye, but a very dangerous woman.

Speakin' her name, I'm surprised you're standing in front of me right now.

If she had her way, I wouldn't be.

I don't have much time.

No one has all the time they need.

A Tooth that can never be defeated, my friend.

Come, share a brew, my friend.

Easy, friend, I know why you're here, but I can't help you out here, come.

(upbeat music) (patrons chattering)

And I said that's not my donkey!

(man laughs)

To risking life and limb for what we love.

Hey, drink up, you never know, it could be your last.

These guys are on their best behavior, they're normally a little more rowdy.

You commended their attention, that's a good thing.

Instant respect, a great trait to wield.

There is always a few bad apples though.

(flesh thudding) (men grunting)

(laughs) Clowns, the lot of them, but then again, you don't go to battle to shack with a handful of goldfish.

I know why you're here, my friend, let's take a walk.

(tense music)

Sure the journey's been taxin'.

You're on a journey that doesn't fright men, it ends men.

And I'm many a men at that.

Took an oath many years ago to protect the Tooth.

What is your oath, American?

What do you really fight for?


I see, well, I know not if the Tooth holds the powers that people seek it out for, but I believe, I believe.

(items clunking)

Here it is.

It's a shame you'll never know what it means.

(dramatic music)

(flesh thudding)

(gatekeeper grunts)

(flesh thudding)

Don't do this, my friend.

(flesh thudding)

(mysterious music)

Get up.

Get up.

[Ruby] I hope you know a lot about voodoo.

[Kane] Well I've been fortunate in my travels to interact with lots of beliefs.

Let's just say with what I know of voodoo, I packed a lot of sea salt.

(tense music)


I have to hurry.

This is the end, isn't it?

No, I need a ride home.

Be careful.

(dramatic music)

(motorcycle rumbles)

(bell rings)

I do, papa.

What'll it be, brother?

Sticks, stones, roots, bones?

A power perhaps to fill the ache in your heart or is it something else you seek on your journey?

A relic, perhaps.

Please, have a seat.

You come with a pure heart, yet you know what the gods have destined.

I'm not here to stop you on your journey for what you seek.

I'm here to stop you from acquiring what you seek.

Here, brother, you'll need that.

I come from a different belief system.

Keep it.

Beliefs are meant to be challenged, questioned.

Very well, brother, you know what must be done.

(mysterious music)

And you know I must stop you.

I believe this one is yours.

(ominous music)

(foot clunks)

(Kane breathes heavily)

(dramatic music) (flesh thuds)

(men grunting)

(man shouts)

(flesh thuds)

(men grunt)

(man screams)

(tense music) (men grunting)

(man screams)

(man screams)

(ominous music) (animals chittering)

(mysterious music)

We are looking for her parents?

They all stepped out to get something to eat.

They should be back shortly.

How's she doing?

We're just trying to make her comfortable right now.

It's been a peaceful morning.

Are you a friend of the family?

You look familiar.

I'd just like to sit and stay a few minutes.

Yeah, of course, there's coffee if you're interested.

(solemn music)

(door clunking)

So how's she doing?

You don't know?

Know what?

I called and texted.

Oh, please go to her room right now.

The doctor will explain it to you.

Oh god!

Come on!


Hi, Mom, hi, Dad.

(peaceful music)

I really have no explanation for this right now.

Susie is the picture of health, a miracle, really.

We'd like to monitor her for a few more days just to be sure.

Yes, yes, of course.

The nurse will be along to check her vitals in a bit.

I'll leave you alone now.





You have visitors, you wanna see them now?


(gentle music)

Always sharp, Master.

Never sharper.

Father Time's taken a beating for sure.

Father Time may win the last fight.

I will make sure he has a losing record when he does.

You have to teach me your ways, Master.

So you've come to train.

I can't improve without practice.

This is true, white belt, black belt, it doesn't matter, learning is endless.

I'm happy to see you, Kane.

Let's train.

(majestic music)

(dramatic music)

(solemn music)

(intense music)