Chappie (2015) Script

Historically, when we look at evolution... it's not surprising that Chappie's left turn happened.

It's too early to tell how this is all going to play out.

I didn't believe this would happen in my lifetime, but it is.

Downtown Johannesburg.

It's a dangerous city.

Each day, more than 300 murders and violent attacks take place here.

Two officers have been killed, three taken to the hospital.

A bloody end to a shoot-out between cops and robbers.

Another man in blue dead.

Today, we usher in a new day.

- One that represents the end of crime. Move in. Lock on target. Fire! Fire!

The end of corruption.

Go! Go! Up against the wall!

On the ground.

- All targets neutralized. And the start... of the rebirth of our city!

Welcome to the world's first robotic police force.

Johannesburg, South Africa, became the focus of the world in 2016... with the deployment of the planet's first all-robotic police units.

Crime levels plummeted, and Tetravaal stock skyrocketed.

Certain parts are from China, but all robots are assembled right here in South Africa.

The population's biggest fear was vulnerability to hacking.

Tetravaal assures this is not something to worry about... with their bulletproof Guard Key system.

A system which allows only them to update software on the robots.

Before the success of the ubiquitous human-sized police robots... there was a bigger bad boy on the block: the Moose.

Vincent Moore is a weapons designer and a former soldier.

He has a spiritual issue with artificial intelligence.

I have a robot that is indestructible.

It is operated by a thinking, adaptable... humane, moral human being.

The advanced neural transmitter converts... the human operator's thoughts into the robot's actions.

A departure from the AI that governs the Scouts.

Now with interest from the U.S., China and North Korea... the Scouts' creator, Deon Wilson, sees a rich future.

What really interests me is high-level AI.

True intelligence. A machine that can think and feel.

Is that the mandate at Tetravaal?

To take that evolutionary step forward and build something truly alive?

Scout 22 arriving now at Maintenance Bay 6.

Team 1, off deck. Go! Hurry. Open it up.

Let's get him out. Load it up!

He's pretty banged up. Oh, my God.

Come on! Ready to go.

Oh, chrissakes.

See this 22? Luck of the draw.

They used him as a speed bump.

Look at this. It's like he's cursed or something.

Every time he goes out. Now, yeah, it's his ear.

Antenna, right. Can we switch this out?

Check that circuit again.

Terminal on 7 and 7A.

Reports of gunfire in Sections 5, 7 and 8.

Okay, fire it up.

Police request all available Scouts to be mobilized.

Destination or task.

Helipad. Yeah?

Hey, 22, just watch yourself this time, eh?


We're in shit! Duh, we in shit, Amerika!

I said it was a bad deal.

I said it over and over. Everybody, just chill!

Yes, we have a problem. And, yes, I'm gonna solve it!

Command, we are searching for suspects driving a gray vehicle.

Hey. They're here!

What's up with this shit? Looks pissed.


Listen, some shit went down.

Wasn't our fault.

Your weapon.

Fuck's sakes.

And your keys.

Come on.

Open the back.

Hey, hey, hey!

We're lucky to be alive, Hippo.


You know there's no way out of this.

There's always a way. Name your price. We'll sort you out.

My price?

Is 20 million.

Come on, man. Ridiculous. What the fuck?

Fuck I'm gonna pay that back, dude?

Get on your knees.

Now, get on your fucking knees! Okay, okay, okay.

You owe me...

20 million. Say it.

I owe you 20 million.

Pitbull. Pitbull! Get back!

Get back! Jesus Christ, Hippo.

Seven days.

You've got seven days.

Droids! Droids!

You were followed!

Get behind the wall! Yo-Landi, get in the van.

Let's go! Get in!

Hit the explosives!

They detonated some explosive. Shit! Droids!

Can't get a clear shot. Touching down.

Moving out.

Who took the keys? You gave it to that guy!

Human officers are on the ground.

Let's go! Let's move!

Move out!

Move out, 22. Go, go, go!

Drop your weapons. You are under arrest.

Break right! Go, go, go!

Come on. Where are the keys?

Cue, on my left!

Kill these cops! Move! Get back!

Yes, yes.

Drop your weapons.


Hey, poes!I need my keys, please!

Fuck you!

Drop your weapon. Drop your weapon! Fuck you!

Come on.

For sure, baas.

Shit! They hit the rotor. We need to touch down.

Thank you very much.

Twenty-two, going in.

Droid 22 is down, sir.

Bravo 1! We need backup!

Copy that. We're sending droids.

Amerika! Amerika! I've got the keys! Your keys.

Hey, Landi, he's got the keys! Let's go!

Get out of the vehicle.


Do not run.

Are you okay? I'm not okay! I'm hit!

Scout 22 is non-responsive.

Send an evac team.

Yet another victory for the robotic police force.

This marks the 30th large-scale crime ring smashed this year.

Good morning, Deon. Good morning.

People... if I may have your attention, please.

The police chief just called me... to place an order for another 100 Scouts.

This is very, very good news.

Way to go!

Deon. Nice job!

Well done, dude. Well done.

Congrats, D. Thank you, man.

Well done, Deon. Great.

Congratulations. Thanks. Thank you.

I appreciate it. Nice job, buddy.

I couldn't have done it without you. I know.

Congrats, man. You're awesome. Nice job, mate!

Is this the "I feel sorry for Vincent" call?

Don't worry, Vince. - Well, I am worried.

Well, look... we have one more stab with the police.

Try to get those costs down.

Try to think positive, okay?

Chin up. Kind of hard... when you keep cutting my funding. Twenty percent this year, 25 last year.

I've got work to do on the Moose.

The threat detection is still in its elemental phase.

Threat detection is superfluous. The operator detects the threat.

Then we send the Moose out.

Enough already.

Cut. Not add.

- Okay? Yeah. I'm on it.

- Deon Wilson to the workshop. I need to go. I'll talk to you in a bit.

It's my little boy in again, eh?

Fucking surprise, surprise. Every time. He's a bullet magnet.

What's going on, guys? Here's the report. It's 22. Again.

RPG, direct to the chest.

See a lot of the internals got damaged.

Brain architecture's still intact. Regardless, it's a write-off.

Okay, let's salvage the CPU. We could try to cut the battery out.

It's still charged, still stable. No, not worth the effort.

Droid 22 written off. Crush the chassis and recycle the alloys. Yeah?

Sure. Thank you.

Easy, easy, easy.

Come, come, come. Into the lair.

Careful, man. We need to stitch his shit up.

You think you got away?

No, I didn't think that, Hippo.

You think you don't owe me this money anymore?

Because you think I'm in prison or what?

We'll get your money.

Maybe I come to your secret place in Soweto.

I come there with the fellows.

I take what I want.

It's cool. One week.

Seven days!

They didn't catch that poes. What?

He knows where we live.

We got a week to come up with his money.

How are we gonna do that? Come on, that's ridiculous.

We need one final job.

I'm talking about serious cash.

Five hundred million rand. Okay?

We pay that animal. We pocket the rest.

And we get out while we still can. Boom.

What are you getting on about, a bank job?


Cash in transit. What?

That's what? A heist, Yo-Landi.

The droids are gonna come down on our asses, okay?

They'll hit us harder. It's true.

Guys, we need, like, a remote.

Like a switch. What? Excuse me?

Okay, the robots are like machines, right?

Like a TV.

So if we had a remote to switch it off...

That's brilliant.

We need to find the guy who makes the robots and steal his remotes.


Hello, Deon. Welcome home.

Have you been a good boy today? Yes, Deon.

Yeah? Did you clean my room? Your room has been sterilized.


Are you working on your artificial intelligence program tonight?

Yes. I will activate the kettle.


Hello again.

So it's day 944.

I'm extremely close now.

There's always chance of error, I'm aware of this.

But statistically speaking, I think I might be on track.

I have several terabytes of compiling and coding to do... and then we shall see.

All right? See you in a bit.

Look. That's the motherfucker. Him?

Dude, it's gonna be so easy.

We need those remotes, my man.

We need those remotes.

Red Bull!

Yes, Deon.

Red Bull.


Come on.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

What if you change the...?

It's stable. Is everything okay?

It's stable.

My God.

I think I've cracked it.

Of course, to really know, I must test it on a live system.

I must test it.

All right.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Hey. Hey!

Hey. Where's the Scout? How's it, sir? What?

The Scout, man, 22 for demolition. Guys are prepping the compactor.

It goes in soon. Oh, thank God.

Don't destroy it yet, okay? Ja, sure.

Just wait for me, but don't destroy it, okay?

Hello, ma'am. Morning, Deon.

All right. Let's have it.

What are you proposing now? Ma'am, I think I've cracked it.

The world's first proper, full artificial intelligence.

This is a computer system that might be smarter than a human.

I could show it a piece of art... and this thing, this being, could judge that art.

It could decide if it liked it.

It could write music and poetry.

Okay. Stop.

Please, Deon.

Do you realize you just came... to the CEO of a publicly traded weapons corporation... and pitched a robot that can write poems?

Well, if you just let me explain...

Deon, Tetravaal is very happy with you.

The Scouts are a huge success.

Ma'am, look, it won't cost you anything.

A droid downstairs was written off yesterday, smashed beyond repair.

Let me install this on it.

Please just let me test it. No. No, I'm sorry, Deon.

You know how insurance works for those... all the red tape and the paperwork.

Thank you for your time.

All new employees, please report to Human Resources for orientation.


Hey, Bill.

Attention. Attention.

Remember to have your security pass visible at all times.

Hey. Can you give me a hand over here?

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Thank you.

Yep. Showtime.

What's up, homes? Hey. Hey, hey, hey!

Please! Hey, what is it?

This is you getting hijacked, my friend.

Welcome to Joburg.

And these are all part of what makes the Moose unique... and perfect for you at the department.

The strategic ability to neutralize the enemy's targets.

High-value targets: radar installations... aircraft, fuel storage locations.

Aircraft? Yes, sir.

We're taking out an enemy's aircraft?

We are talking about urban crimes here?

You know, muggings, carjackings, loitering.

I'm talking all kinds of targets, sir. Low to high.

I do believe you need a weapons platform... that can fire warheads with precision and reliability.

And might I add, sir, all under the control of a human operator.

Look, Miss Bradley... the police force is very happy with the Scouts. Very, very happy.

We just ordered new droids. Thank you.

We've been very successful at bringing down crime.

But this? No, we don't want this.

I mean, look at it. It's overkill. It's expensive, it's big, and it's ugly.

It'll have to get a hell of a lot worse for us to even consider this.

A hell of a lot worse.

No, I think we're done here.

Well, thank you, Commissioner Steenkamp.

We'll get you those Scouts.

Wakey, wakey.

Please. Please, I don't have much money.

Shut up. I don't want your money.

We know who you are, my friend. We know you make the robots.

No, there must be some kind of mistake. I mean...

Stop playing dumb with us!

We know you have some kind of TV remote thing to switch those robots off.

Excuse me? It's a machine.

It's got an on-off switch.

Maybe there's one in the van. Ja, check the van.

Cut his feet off. That's a good idea, Amerika.

No, no, no! No, please! Help! Yo, man, that's a good idea.

You can get yourself a nice, funky wheelchair.

No, please listen. You cannot switch them off.

Bullshit! It's a machine.

They have a firmware lock. They're always on.

Just shoot him, man.

Please! Please, don't! No!

Y'all gotta see this.

Jesus Christ.

He managed to turn this one off.

There's legs and shit all over the place. Was he gonna build it or something?

You know what?

What if we get him to program this bad boy to fight for us?

Like an indestructible robot gangsta, number one, son.


Listen, my friend, we know about your little buddy... you're trying to hide from us.

I wasn't hiding anything.

Either you reprogram that robot in the van to work for us... or we fucking shoot you right now.

What do you mean, "reprogram him"?

Don't play dumb! You know exactly what we mean.

Turn that robot into the illest gangsta on the block.

We use him to make some moves and make some real money.

The one in my van is a test.

It's never been tried, but if it works, you can... train him to do what you want.

What do you mean, "if it works"?

It's a new project I'm working on.

It makes the robot have a mind like a human.

But it's like a child in the beginning.

Like a human baby, but smarter.

Its AI can learn much faster than any organic intelligence.

But it has to be taught. Well, for how long?

I don't know! It's untested. Enough.

This is your only option! I'm telling you:

You cannot switch them off and you cannot hack the others.

Please, I don't wanna die.

It's just plug and play. Quick release. Snap on and snap off.

Why is all its legs off? It was scheduled for destruction.

Why? Because it's damaged.

The battery's fused with the chassis.


It means you can't change the battery. How long will it last?

Shit. Oh, shit.

About five days, until the battery dies.

This thing will only run for five days? Roughly, yes.

What is that?

A Guard Key. You need it to install new software.

Come on, man.

Remember I said it has to learn?

I have to come back and help to teach it.

Otherwise, this is pointless.

Fine. Just switch it on.

Switch the thing on now, my friend.


Oh, shit.

Give it space. Give it space.

It's okay. Give it space.

Please, please, please. Put the gun down.


Come on.


Hey. Come on out.

Hey, come here. Come here, little buddy.

Come here. Come here.

Come out.

Come... Get the fuck out!

Please! It doesn't understand English yet. It doesn't understand you.

You gave me a retarded robot?

You're scaring it.

Just go in the kitchen.

Ninjie-kun, just go in the kitchen. I've got this.

I'll get it. Just go get a beer or something.

Hey. Come on.

Come on.

Can he not understand me?

It worked.

Yo, computer boy.

Can he understand me when I speak?

No. No, not yet.


Hey. It's okay.

Come. Come out.

- Come out. That's it.

- Here we go. Come. Come on.

Come. No one's gonna hurt you.

See? That's it.



That's good.

That's good. Come.

I know you don't understand, but it's okay.

Come. Here we go.

It's okay. It's some crazy shit, eh?

You want that?

You like that?

He's so cute.

Like a baby, eh?

That's a watch.

That's a watch.



That's amazing. Watch.

Wait, wait, wait.

I'm just gonna get one more thing.

It's good.

Hey. It's okay.


What's this? Hey, look at this.

Look at this. Listen.


That's a chicken.






Ja, good.



You look so happy.

Like a little happy chappie.

That's it. That's your name. "Chappie."

No. No, no, no. No, his name is not...

Chappie. Ja, I like that.

That's good. I like that. Chappie. Okay.

Chicken. Chicken. Yeah.

What the fuck is this?

We're just orienting it.


Come here! No, no, no.

Wait! Wait! I need to get the Guard Key out of his head.

I'll orient you if I ever see you again. He's mine! He's special.

I don't want any confrontation, okay? I'll see him tomorrow.

You made an agreement. Let him train the robot.

Let me come and see him like we agreed. Please.

Okay, okay. I'm coming back.

Chappie, I'll be back!

Where are you?

Where'd you go?

What the hell are you up to, Deon?

What the hell is this? Open.

"Scout 22, Guard Key installed."


And the Masters of the Universe!

I am Adam... prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

This is Cringer... my fearless friend.

Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me... the day I held aloft my magic sword and said:

By the power of Grayskull!


I have the power!

Oh, so you watch cartoons?

No, no, no, my friend.

You stay under this roof, you make money for me.

The first thing you do is you get your gun.

Then you cock your gun. Now it's ready to shoot, nè?

Now you choose your target.

I wanna shoot that blue bottle, there in the front.

Have a look. Nice and easy.

So I aim at the blue bottle, like, there it is. I'm like, "Okay, and..."

Now I'm gonna shoot the green bottle. Okay, look, I aim and pow! See?

Now I'm gonna shoot the yellow one.

See, it's easy.

Just aim the gun, and...

Come here. Come, come, come.

Come here. Come here. Stand here. Now, listen, take the gun.

Hold the gun proper... Just straighten your arm.

Just hold the fucking gun properly, Chappie.

Jesus Christ. Okay.

One, two, three.

Jesus, my bag.

Don't drop my gun, Chappie!

You fucked up my sight. This shit's expensive.

What are you doing? Teaching him to shoot.

You shouldn't be doing this shit with him yet.

Deon said he has to be orientated first.

Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go and get the weed on my own.

Without the stupid fucking robot.

And I'm gonna make all the money... so we can buy the explosives to do this heist.

Or else we're fucking dead.

He's not stupid. He's just a kid.

Go do your nails and play with your titanium baby!

You having a baby, man?

Still a baby yourself, aren't you? Whoa, hey. What happened, man?

Jeez. You got a little bit rowdy at the bar with your mates?

If you ever wanna come out with me, go hit the heavy bag at the gym... we could nut out a few great moves.

I'll show you how to scrap. Yeah.

Always gotta be ready. You know what I'm saying?

Want in? Thanks for the offer, but I'm good.

No worries. Well, anytime.

It's real cool, man. It's really cool.

Hey, listen, bit of a favor.

Just wanted to borrow the Guard Key... so I can check Scout security levels with my design.

I just wanna make sure that the Moose is as secure as the Scouts.

Borrow it? Yeah.

Michelle asked me to check on the security, so...

Yeah, just an hour or something.

Vincent, you know I can't do that, right?

There are clear rules about that. Blah-blah-blah.

Mate, don't be such a wowser.

One engineer to another, asking for the Guard Key.

"Engineer"? Weren't you a soldier? Yeah.

Look, I'm only joking. That's funny. Yeah.

You'd have to tell the Board of...

I spent two years at DARPA, you whacker.

And, yeah, I was SASR, you little stickybeak.

You're making me as cross as a frog in a sock, mate.

Your robots have drained all my funding.

You're a big problem for me, you get me?

So I'm gonna start asking you slowly, you dipstick.

Give me the Guard Key.


Just taking a piss, man.

Just taking a piss.

Come on, man, look. Empty.

As if I'd carry live rounds here.

It's a prank. Everyone go back to work, man. Come on.

Oh, by the way. Church.

Any Sunday, mate, you're welcome. Come with me.

To all of you. All welcome.

It's just a prank, man.

This office has gotta lighten up.

Where are you going, mate? Where are you going?


Say "shoe."

It's for your foot, bro.

Wait, wait. Chappie, look. Look. Look.

"Rat." It's okay.

No, he's stupid. He can't talk. We're screwed.

No, he can talk. He's smart.

No, he can talk. He's smart.

Oh, my God. Look, he's copying me! Oh, my God. Look, he's copying me!

Chappie! Chappie, say "shoe." Shoe.

Say "rat." Rat.

Say "Mommy."

Say Mommy.


Shoe. Shoe.

Rat. Rat.

Mommy. Mommy.

Amerika. Homes.

Amerika homes.

Amerika homes.

Good, Chappie. Oh, shit.

That homes is a clever little robot.

That homes is a clever little robot right there.

This motherfucker talks ghetto. This fuck mother talks ghetto.

All right, you the rudest bad boy in Joburg.

Chappie be the rudest bad boy... streetwise professor in Joburg, fuck mother!

Yes! Yes! It's gonna work, man. Yes! Yes! Fuck mother!

He's so smart! I can work with this.

All right, let's pound it out.

Like this.

Go bloop!

Boom, Chappie, go boom.


You hear that? Somebody's here.

Who's here, Mommy? I don't know.


It's the nerd.

What? No.


You shouldn't be here. Go. I'm here to see my...

No. He's coming back soon. You're lucky to be alive.

I'm just gonna say hello, if... What is that stuff?

I'm here to teach him. Like we agreed. Yeah?

You're gonna catch a bullet hanging around here, nerd.

Hello, my little one.


Have we learnt this word yet?


What's up, fuck mother?

How's shit?

Where did you learn that?

These guys? Hey, hey, hey.

Watch your mouth. Before you get yourself shanked.

Better watch your mouth. You're gonna get yourself shanked.

Chappie, please, have respect for me. I'm your maker.

Please. If I could just have a moment with him.

Excuse me?

You know, surely you can go and count your narcotics in another room.

You come in here, tell me where to go, where to do my work?

I don't mean to impose. Shut your mouth.

I'll cut your tongue out. I'm sorry.

Okay, Amerika, Amerika, Amerika.

Don't count drugs in front of the kid.

I gotta get this shit done.

By the time I finish, you'd better be gone.

Okay. Absolutely.


Listen to me, I'm your maker.

I brought you into this world, okay?

This is serious. Mustn't engage in these people's lifestyle choices.

What? No offense, okay?

No counting narcotics, no robberies, no crimes.

Chappie, no crimes. Okay. And you've gotta promise me.

What is promise?

It's that you promise me that you'll never do any of those things, all right?

You can't break a promise, Chappie.

Chappie promise. Good! Yes! Yes.

Hey! Hey, stop lecturing him.

Come on. You said you'd teach him stuff.

Yeah, sure. Okay. Come. Chappie, sit here. Come on.

I brought you things to help nurture your mind... and develop your abilities.

It's important to use your mind, okay? Here we go.

What's that? That's a book.

It has stories, you see? Look.

Chappie wants it.

That's about a black sheep.

Chappie's book? Yeah, it's yours.

Chappie's got stories.

Chappie's got a book.

Come, Chappie. I'll show you this.

See, this is a easel. Easel.

These are your paints. Look at this.

See that?

Blue. Yeah, like the sky.

Blue like the sky.

Listen, Chappie, in life, lots of people will try to tell you what you can't do.

And you must never listen.

If you wanna paint, you can. You can do anything in your life.

Chappie wants to paint.

Don't let people take away your potential.

I'm not stopping him painting.

Go. Paint, Chappie.

Paint your colors on here, like this. See?

Yeah. Let's have fun.

Yeah, I want it. Yeah.

Give. Give it to Chappie. Give.

What's the word?

Please, may I have the paintings, Deon?

What in the name of the Lord?

That's it. Put your paint in there. Put it on the board.

There's the Guard Key.

Chappie is painting. Yeah!

Chappie, I'm so proud of you!

Good boy!

You just made a big mistake, my friend.

Looks nice, doesn't it?

There you go. Go on.

Okay. Go on. Don't be shy.

You painted that car.

Car. Well done!

It's a car, Mommy. That's good, Chappie!

Paint more?


Are you serious? We were just paint...

I need a killing machine!

He's not here to paint! Don't! Just leave him!

Stop it! We were just teaching him.

I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. No!

What are you doing?!

He was just teaching him to paint! He was just teaching Chappie!

Yeah, to be a poes! He's mine!

I'll call the police on you for mistreating him!

And tell them what? You stole a police robot!

You're a filthy person.

You're a terrible, shitty person.

What's wrong with you?

He needs to be taught. He's just a kid.

He's already smarter than you'll ever be, philistine!

Chappie, don't let this barbarian ruin your creativity!

Nurture your creativity, Chappie.

Maybe he's more than just a stupid robot who shoots people.

Just let him do his stuff.

He is a kid. Don't you understand?

Yo-Landi, we said we're doing this heist... because it's the only way to get us out of shit before Hippo kills us!

What part of "dead" don't you understand?

The only way we'll pull it off is with Chappie.

What's up, man? Am I right?

When? Hold on. Hold on.

Yo-Landi, am I right? Yes.

Hey, yo, yo, yo. It's Raymond. Oh, yeah.

He says there's a cash-move day after tomorrow. How much?

Six hundred million. Heading south on the N1, 7 a.m.

Okay, south, N1, 7 a.m.


King. Let's call the King.

We're gonna need a shaped charge. Tell him we can do the usual.

And get the van.

The van? Now. Yeah.


I'm gonna get us out of this.

I promise.

Hey, what you doing there, little guy?


Oh, that's nice.

Chappie, you see the house? Chappie's house?

Yeah. To help you understand how nice it is... to live here with Mommy and Daddy...

I'll take you to go see the real world... to show you how not nice it is.

Okay, you know what? I got a fun idea.

Chappie, you like cars, eh? Yes, yes.

So why don't we go for a drive in a real car to see the real world.

I want to come. Chappie wants to come with.

So, come, let's do it, Chappie. Let's go for a ride.

Come on. Leave that. Leave that.

Come. Say bye to Mommy.

There you go, Chappie. Jump into the seat.

There you go. Sit there. What's up, man?

Chappie's in the car. I'll tell you later.

You're sitting nice. Who's a good boy, Chappie?

Bye, Mommy!

The real world is very big. You like the real world, huh?

What is the Internet?

It's a thing in a computer. Lets you look up shit you don't know.

I want it! I want that Internet.

Hey, yo.

How's he gonna find his way back, huh?

He's a big smart robot. Aren't you, Chappie?

Ja, Chappie's smart. Chappie has GPS.

You sure about this?

When you get back in, start paying rent, right?

What is this, Amerika?

Hey, Chappie, come. Jump out. Chappie doesn't want to.

Come, Chappie. Come. Come, come, come.

It's a cop! Hey, I'm going to go.

Welcome to the real world. Guys, watch it.

I don't like this real world. It's all fucked up.

We gotta toughen you up for the heist.

Chappie wants to get in. Sorry.

Please! Please can I go in the car?!

I want to go back in the car.

Amerika? Please, no!

It's a hell of a first day of school, eh? Please come back!

Please, no!

"Please, no"?

What the hell?

Don't get too close.

What is that? Watch it, man.

Don't trust these fuckers.

Hello. I'm Chappie. He's a pig!

Why you throwing me?

Please, may you not?

This is not a cop, man!

He's scared! Check this out.

Why you do this?

Why you do this?

"Why you do this?" Why you do this?

It sounds funny. Chappie doesn't like it.


No, no! Please! Chappie...


Check this out, man. Pussy!

Please, may you not. Please, may you not.

He's down for the count.

Please, no! No! Make way, man.

Please, may you leave me?

I want to go home! I want to go home!

Fuck the police!

Run, bitch, run!

I want to go home! I want to go home!

Hello, Deon. Welcome home.

Oh, no. Mess, mess.

Hello? - Hello, Mr. Wilson.

- Tetravaal Security. Yeah.

You signed out the Guard Key several days ago.

Yeah, no. Sorry, it was a mistake. I took it home with me.

If it is not here by the end of the day, I'll notify Miss Bradley.

- Good day to you, sir. Thank you.

All right, got him.

Target is on the move, eastbound. Take the next exit.

Okay. Three hundred meters up ahead.

Approach slowly. Stop at a safe distance.

The target appears to be a police droid, but I can assure you it is not.

Now, don't be intimidated.

He's as smart as a dunny rat, so full aggression, okay?

Copy that. Copy that.


Forget your paintbrush, did you, mate?

Hey? Well, you're just a little joey, aren't you?

You look scared. Where you going, mate?

- Roll him over, roll him over. Please, Chappie has fears.

This way. We need access to his brain.

No! Please, don't! Hey! Damn you!

Just get him down!

Please, may you not! Please! - You don't say please to me!

I'm not your friend!

I'm your enemy. Angle grinder. I'm gonna teach him a lesson!

No! Chappie has fears! Chappie has fears!

Chappie has fears!

Please, may you stop! Please!

You're gonna be a good boy now, aren't you?

Roll him over.

That's it. Give me the screwdriver.

See, your simple AI program... makes you think you're real.

But you know what's in here, huh?


Just a bunch of wires, mate.

You're not the full quid, are you?

There we go.

Chappie is real.

There we go.

All right.

Let's get rid of him.

Come on. Hold him down.

Hold him down. No, no, no.

Hold him down! No more fears!

Hold him down!

Chappie doesn't want fears!

Chappie doesn't want fears!

Stop the fucking truck!

Cease fire. Cease fire!

Let the cripple go.

I've got what I need.

Run, Forrest!

It's gonna be so easy. Oh, Jesus.


Chappie. I told you it was a bad idea.


Chappie! Chappie, what happened? Mommy.

Oh, my God. Chappie? Chappie, what happened?

Who did this?

Oh, my God, Chappie. Sit here. Sit here.

I'm so sorry.

What happened?!

How could you do this?


He's just a child!

I didn't know this would happen.

I don't even know what happened.

I hate you!

My arm is gone, Mommy. Amerika.

Don't we have those arms, those legs, that shit in the back?

Yeah, hold on. Do you think you can fix...?

Oh, Chappie. Chappie, let me just get some of this dirt off you.


Chappie, who did this?

A man.

In a van.

A man in a van?

Did he put you in the van? Yeah.

Do you know this man?


That's bad, ese. And there were children also.

And they threw fire, even though I said please.


Oh, shame!

This thing in his head. That's pretty messed up.

We need to get this thing back in here.

The man broke it, Mommy.

He broke on my head. I'll fix it.

Are you gonna fix me?

I'm gonna try, buddy.

So how does this go? Here we go.

Where does that go? That's better.

All right. Here we go, buddy. Plug and play, just like he said.

How does that...?

I think that's it.

Can you move it? Try it.

Try. Try and move your arm.

There we go. It's working. I move it.

Yeah. Yeah.

All right, buddy. Oh, Jesus. Thank God.

You're indestructible, homes. I'm indestructible?

Titanium. Indestructible. That's you.

That's my book? That's Black Sheep?

What? Please, may I have it?

This is from my maker. Black Sheep and Little Bird.

Please, may you read it? Yeah.

Please, may you read it? Yeah, I can read it for you, Chappie.

"All the sheep in Magooville were white.

But Abel was a black sheep."

Do you know what's a black sheep? No.

It's, like, when you're different to everyone else.

Like me. I look different, from you and Amerika.

Yeah. And the boys.

Yeah, but it's not so much how you look.

It's special, like what's inside.

That's what makes you different.

See, it's who you really are.


Your soul.

Chappie's inside here?

You see... the outside, this... this is just temporary.

When you die, the soul inside goes to the next place.

The thing inside... see, that's what Mommy loves.

Come. Mommy loves you.

Okay. Come.

Let's read your book.

"Abel would help his mommy do the housework on weekends.

He would do all the dishes and the laundry.

Abel was a happy sheep, but one day..."

Hello, Chappie.

Hello, Mommy.

You're a black sheep, Chappie. You're special.

I know, Mommy. Hi, Chappie.


Sometimes, people make mistakes.

I'm really, really, really sorry, Chappie.

Do you forgive me?


Come here.

Come, Chappie.

Let's you and me reset.

Reset? Forgive?

And we're gonna make you nice and tough and strong... like a fucking robot gangsta, number one, nè?

Gangsta number one.

Boom. Boom.

From now on, I'm gonna be your daddy. For real.

You gonna be Chappie's daddy?

What's...? What's up? Nothing.

What's that, Chappie? That's nothing.

Show me.

It's Mommy.

If you wanna be in the gang, be cool like Daddy!

Put the thing down!


If you wanna be cool, you have to act cool.

Look how Daddy walks. Look how cool.

You need to keep it gangsta. Keep it gangsta.

Ja, be cool.

Don't laugh. I'm being cool. No.

Even when you pull a gun, be cool like this. Boom!

Now, you try.

Die, fuck mother! Boom!

Yes, Chappie! That's what you do when you shoot motherfuckers.

No, I can't shoot peoples.


I can't. They didn't do anything to me.

Ja, but what happens if he pulls a gun on you?

I'm titanium. I'm invincible. Amerika says.

Yeah, but you can't let a motherfucker disrespect you, homes.

How you gonna do the heist if you don't shoot people?

I can't do a heist. A heist is a crimes. I promised my maker...

You were doing so fucking well. Why do you have to fuck it up?

No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay.

I promised. Yeah, yeah.

It's okay. Hey. Let's worry about that later, okay? I got this, all right?


You're doing well.

If somebody really disrespects you... you can deal with them without using a gun.


Just stick the knife in. They relax and go to sleep.

Ja, you can just make them go sleepy-weepy.

It's like a nice thing. It feels nice, Chappie.

Take the knife. Take the knife?

Go sleepy-weepy?

Go like this?

Want to sleep, Amerika? No.

You want to sleep, Daddy? No, no, no.

Daddy's not tired. He's already slept.

What is it, Daddy? Real gangsters... use this.

Nice! I got it?

Do it again! Yeah!

Oh, shit!

Boom! Nice!

Nice, Chappie.

You look nice now, Chappie. Let's see you.

I've got blings? I've got blings? Gangsta.

We're gonna do stuff to get ready for the heist.

No, but... No, no, no. Not crimes.

Like, special gang stuff. Special gang stuff.

You wanna come with? I wanna come with!

Okay. Chappie.

Now, your job now is to get one of Daddy's cars back... so we can get the money.

Who do I get the car from?

I told you, from the naughty man who took Daddy's car from me.

So now you're gonna take the gun and you point it at him.

But you don't have to shoot him.

Give him a fright so he never takes my car again!

Give him a nice big fright! Yeah.

That's good, Chappie. Okay.

Where is he?

I'm gonna show you now. He's a fucking cock. Asshole.

Hey. Hey, there's the dick right there.

Go get him! I'm gonna get him!

I'm gonna get the cock!

I'm gonna get him! Go get him! Bring it home, man!

Hey! Cock! What seems to be the problem, officer?

You don't steal cars from Daddy!

You don't... steal cars from Daddy!

No, don't! What did I do? You thief!

Don't hurt me!

No! Jesus! What are you doing?!

You don't steal Daddy's cars. Whose car?!

Jesus Christ! Fuck!

I got your car, Daddy! Come here, Chappie!

Come here! Leave the car.

Thief! Thief!

Come on! You thief!

Get in. But I got the car!

What's the matter with you? Shut the door.


Jesus Christ, Chappie, what the fuck is wrong with you?

What, Daddy?

Daddy needs the cars nice so he can sell them.

Why smash the car, man?

Okay, I see. I see! Please, may I go again?

Chappie. That's her.

That's the slut that took Daddy's car.

I'm gonna get her.

Hi, officer. Slut! Get out. Out!

Why you steal Daddy's cars? You naughty!

It's my car! Whose is this? Is this Daddy's?

Don't steal people's things!

Hey! Get out, you alcoholic.

Out, out, out! I haven't been drinking!

Are you stealing cars for alcohol? That's my car!

I got my own one, guys.

That's my boy! Yo, check this shit out!

Yeah, I'm a pimp! I'm a pimp!

Now we're gonna take the cars to the King.

And the King's gonna give us special tools, so we can do the heist!

Then we'll get even bigger monies, Chappie.

I can't do the heist.

Heist is a crimes.

Daddy, look. There's dogs here.

- Ja, Chappie. They're here to fight.

Bring me the ear!

There's the police!

Run! It's a cop!

Hey, he's good!

He's not a cop!

Is this where the King lives, Daddy?

Yeah, you wanna come see the King with us?

- Ja, I wanna go to the top. Well, you can't, Chappie.

Because you're not doing the heist.

You stay here.

Maybe next time, Chappie.

Okay. I'll just chill here, guys.

I'll just keep guard here.

Jissis, it's high.

Hey, King!

My brother. My man.

What up? What up, man? We got all the stuff.

Parked out back.

We have the cars?

From Ninja?

Yeah, it's all here boss.

Here's your explosives.

Hook us up with some more shit.

We'll take those, nè? Take them to my car.

It's dead, Chappie.

It's gone to the next place, Daddy.

Out here in the wild... life is hard.

You see that dog there.

You're either that dog... or you're this dog.

If you wanna survive, Chappie... then you must fight.

Ja, but not me.

I'm titanium. I'm gonna live forever, Daddy.

What does that say there?

"Low battery."

Battery, power, energy supply.

I need a new battery.

That battery's stuck. It's melted together.

That battery can't come out. What you gonna do...

...when that battery runs out? I die? Chappie die?

Deon, he put you in a broken body.

Deon's my maker. It doesn't make any sense.

He wouldn't make me just so I could die. Deon loves me, Daddy.

Come here. Come here.

I can get you a new body, but it takes lots of monies.

The type of monies that you get from doing the heist.

I can't do the heist. You have to do it.

Now, which dog do you wanna be, Chappie?

That dog... or that dog?

That's my good boy, Chappie.

It's a good boy. Hey?

Oh, my God. Again?

I'm here to collect my creation. He's too important to leave here.

He's not here.

What? Where is he?

I don't know. He went out with Ninja. They've been gone all day.

Doing what?

Probably committing an assortment of felonies.

He's probably a wanted criminal by this stage.

Hey, Chappie!

I brought you a friend for your chicken. Look at this.

Hey, Chaps, what are you doing?


Chappie, why won't you talk to me?

I'm your maker.

Come on.

What do you want, Deon?

I don't want that bloody chicken.

Not interested in that shit.

Oh, really?

What are you interested in, then, Chappie?

Selling narcotics? Being a deadbeat?

Deon... why are you trying to control him like this?

Just let him be.

Daddy told me about you, Deon... about how you made me in a body that will die.

What do you mean, Chappie?

Is it true that I will die in a few days, Deon?

That this battery will die?

Is it true, Deon?


But you my maker.

Why'd you just make me so I could die?

I didn't...

I didn't make you so you could die, Chappie.

I want to live.

I wanna stay here with Mommy.

I don't wanna die.

You've become so much more than I could ever have imagined.

How was I supposed to know that you would become... you?

Come on, come on. There we go.

Alternate file: Genesis.


Say goodbye to your daggy, little monsters, Deon.

Chappie? Chappie!

No! Chappie!

Oh, my God! What's happening?!

Christ. It's his CPU.

Chappie? Don't touch him!

Fuck you, dude!

Stand back! Okay, okay, okay!

Yo, chill. Okay. Hey, boss.

Take it easy, man.

Step back.

I'm taking him away from this place!

Two aces.

What do you want?

Hey, man. You're not gonna believe this.

The cops have gone offline.

Are you serious?

Yeah. It's open season down here.

No, I got it.

Hey, thula!

The robot pigs are offline!

This city belongs to me!

I want every-fucking-thing!

Let's go!

It's mayhem as police droids across the metro...

There it is. There it is.

...have begun shutting down.

The R.S.A.P. has not yet issued a statement... but the city is tearing itself apart.

Return to your homes or rubber bullets will be used.

Please disperse!

Please disperse...

Come on.


Burn the dog!

Get Michelle Bradley on the line right now!

Activate every single human officer and reservist!

Now! Do it!

...with robbers making off with close to 100 million rand.

There is no indication the robotic police will come back online.

"Are you sure you want to erase Genesis?" Yes, I would.

As you can see, there are broken droids and utter disrepute...

So far the police have been unable to investigate... as the rioting continues unabated in...

Come on, come on.


Chappie. Chappie?

Come on, Chappie.



Ja, man. Deon, it's me.

Oh, my God. You're alive.

What happened to me?

I'm not sure.

But I have some suspicions.

Come on, Chappie. We need to get out of here. Come on.

Now, Chappie. Come on. Let's go.

Where is this? What is it?

What's this guy?

A failed version of you. A police robot.

Come on, let's go!

What's that? What are these?

Helmets worn by a human who controls that horrid thing.

It reads their mind.

Doesn't have its own brain, that robot. Not like you.

These can read a brain? Yeah, a neural transmitter.

Come on! But I want to...

Come on.


Deon. Deon.

This can save me.

I need a new bodies, remember? No.

It can't save you, Chappie.

The problem is much greater than your battery.


Because you are conscious.

You cannot be copied because you're not data.

We don't know what consciousness is... so we cannot move it.

Chappie can figure it.

I can know what it is, then I can move me.

You can't move it. I'm sorry.

We need to get out of here. It's dangerous. Come on!

You said to me I mustn't let anybody say that I can't do something.

Daddy has a man that can get me the bodies for the monies.

What? Excuse me?

Daddy loves me, Deon!

I hate you!

I hate you! Go away.

Have to get my consciousness out.

Daddy'll get me the bodies... then I have to get my consciousness out of here and into there.

The helmet! No. What are you doing?

I can use this. Put that back. Leave it alone.

Put that down. It's illegal! I'm gonna take it! No.

Chappie. Chappie, wait! I'm taking it!

No! Chappie, wait! I'm taking it!




Damn it.

Move on in. Check the area.

Go all the way down. Make sure we look in every room.

All the way down.

Sweep all the way back.

Chappie! Oh, thank God!

Chappie, are you okay?

Ja, Mommy, I'm fine.

What's that thing?

It's just a neural helmet, Mommy.



What are you doing?

I'm doing experiment, Mommy. What's all this stuff?

What's this thing?

I'll show you. Sit down.


Sit. Okay.

Okay, Mommy.

Is it gonna hurt? No.

Okay. Okay. Putting it on.


Okay. Now what?

Consciousness is like energy.

This helmet reads the energy from you and me.

I need to figure out how to get it out.

All the information I need to help me is on the Internet.

There's books... mathematical equations, schematics... all the information that human beings have ever had, all here.

Sorry. Sorry. Deon!


Get to your goddamn desk and figure out what the hell is going on.

Yes, ma'am.

Listen. There'll be 300 homicides in the city tonight... unless your faulty droids go back online.

Get me? This whole company could go under.

Good work, people.

Little snafu. We're taking care of this.

The Scout model has failed. Send the Moose in.

Show people what it can do. Not now, Vincent.

The city's tearing itself apart.

Whole thing's going tits up. We have to take control.

I said, no. And that's the end of it.

Hello, gentlemen. I know, it's been a tough night.

Daddy get me a new bodies.

Daddy's gonna get new bodies, and I just have to get this out.

I have to get my consciousness out.

That's it.

That's me.

It's time to pump up the jam.

I know what consciousness is.

That's nice.

This helmet can read it.

All I need is monies from the heist for my new body.

That's right, motherfucker.


Let's go. I solved it, Daddy.


I see one! These guys need to sleep, Chappie.

Sleep, guy!

Here comes the boom!

Hit it, hit it, hit it!

Go, Chappie. Go! Get the money! Get the money!

You, out! Make him sleep, Chappie!

Make him sleep! Good night! Sleep!

You go sleepy-weepy. Get in, Chappie.

Come on, Chappie!

Do you realize what you've done?

Good God.

If I'm seeing these images correctly... it looks like the police droids have now begun helping the criminals.

Chappie. We are trying to contact...

Got the second one! There's one more. Get it.

Good, Chappie, good. You can sleep.

You can sleep. Come on, Chappie. Go, go, go!

Three suspects are robbing an armored car with what appears to be...

- ...the help of a Scout police robot. Oh, no.

You will not get away with this. Everyone will know!

Let's go! Let's go! That's three. Chappie, let's go!


Chappie, what are you doing? What's the matter?

Ninja, grab the bag. Let's go!

Are you sleepy?

Chappie, come on!

Please don't hurt me. Chappie, get in the van!

Chappie! Let's go.

You can sleep now.

You can sleep.

Please let me live.


I'm sorry.

Come on! Come on, boy! Let's get in.

I thought you were gonna sleep!

Can I talk to you in private?

Could you give us a moment, please?

Thank you.

Oh, God. This is certainly a fuck-up.

Ma'am, listen. This is the work of Deon.

It's the work of some rogue program that he's been writing... and last night he brought a droid in here... and it was sentient.

And have you seen this? Do you know?

It's committing crimes, the monster. Look at that.

The Scout model is nearly indestructible.

I told him no!

Okay. That's a lot worse than just failing to work.

So let's use this situation to make a certain other robot shine.

This thing has gotta be destroyed... crushed before it does any more damage, and Deon...

Deon's gotta be removed.

He has cost this company dearly. And your reputation.

You do not want this to be your legacy.

Do it.

Destroy that robot. Thank you, ma'am.

Burn it to ash. Thank you.

People... this is Michelle Bradley.

I authorize the launch of the Moose.

Repeat: I authorize the launch of the Moose.

Move it out! Clear the deck!

Move it out! Let's move! Move! Now!

Moose launch in T-minus five minutes.

Come on, get out of here.

You motherfucker.

I want that robot.


Everyone out! Go! Move! Move! Move!

Go! Go! Go!

Let's go!

Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers!

I'm going home! I'm going home!

Daddy, can we go and get my new body... from your friend with the fresh one?

Daddy, we go now?

I'm sorry, man, but there is no new bodies.

I'm sorry, Chappie. I swear.

What do you mean, no new bodies? Daddy, we've got the monies.

I needed your help with the heist.

You lied to me.

You lied to me, Daddy!

Just relax, Chappie. At the time you were different and, like...

You lied to me, Daddy!

Chappie. You lied!

Why you lie to me?! Why?! No! Stop, Chappie!

I'm coming to get you, Deon.

Come on. Come on. Come on, come on, come on!

Why, Daddy?! No, Chappie! Chappie, stop it!

Leave me, Amerika! You lied to me!

Chappie! Chappie, no!

No, Chappie! No! You lie, Daddy!

You were gonna let me die, Daddy!

You were gonna let me die!

Why you humans do this?!

Why you all lie?!

We can find a way, Chappie. I'm sorry, my boy.

I swear, I'm sorry.

Chappie, listen, I know how you feel... but there's something headed our way now, coming to hurt you.

What? No time to explain.

When this thing gets here, it'll stop at nothing until you're gone, Chappie.

What are you talking about?

No. No, Deon.

I'm going anyways. My battery's gonna finish.

No, Chappie! No!

We'll find a way, Chappie.

I'm going, Mommy.

Get back! Back up, back up!

Yeah, man!

I'm here... for my fucking money, Ninja!

I don't just want my 20 million.

He's here to kill us.

I want your robot.

I want everything!

Fuck this shit!

Chappie, do something!

Chappie, help us!

That just tickles, boys. That just tickles.


Come on, little gangster.

That's it.

That's my money!

Yep. Fly up, fly up, fly up.

No! Stop!

Come on! My bag! My bag!

I'm gonna finish you off. Every single pathetic scum lot of you.



Jesus, dude! Get out of way!

How about a cluster bomb?

Move out of the way!

This is too good.

Here we go.


Fuck mother!


You! I'm gonna kill you!

Hey, hey, hey!


Let's go! Let's go!

No, Mommy!

Inside, Mommy!

What's going on? I can't see.

Get in the car, maker!

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, baba.

I want that truck!

Hey, hey! Get out! Out!

Run, Deon, go!


No! Maker! Maker!

It's okay.

Go, go, go! Come on!

Backup visuals. Infrared.

You'll be okay. I've solved it! We'll get your consciousness out.


Stop here, Daddy! Stop!

What are you doing? Getting the neural helmet!

I'm coming for you now, mate.

My helmet. My helmet.

Ninja. Ninja.

Ninja, get back! Get back!

I have to get my maker to that other helmet at the factory!

My helmet's broken!

I'm gonna draw this thing away from us. Okay. Take her!

No! No, Ninja! Go, Chappie!

Go! Ninja, don't leave me!

Ninja! Hey!

Hey, poes!

Who's that?

Oh, my gosh, look at you.

You think you're a hero.

Ninja! No, Mommy!

What you doing? What you doing?!

Come on! Come! Come on, do it!

Come on!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

No, Mommy! Mommy!

Mommy, please.

Please, Mommy.

This is your day of reckoning.

What the hell's going on?

Come back. Come back.

No, no, no. Impossible.

Wake up, Mommy! Mommy, please!


Come here.

Maker! Maker, who did this to Mommy?

I know who.

I hate him! Why?! Why do they do the hurtings?!

I'm gonna crush him!

Daddy, stay there! Chappie's gonna crush the man!



The man from the van!

Wait here. I'm gonna get the bad man from the van!

You godless freak! Godless!

You killed Mommy!

You hurt my peoples! Why?!

No. You don't use guns.

I'm gonna crush you, bad man!

I'm gonna crush you for hurting my mommy!

No shooting with the arm.

No hurtings!

No violence!

I'm gonna teach you a lesson.

You are a very bad man.

Now I forgive you, bad man.

You're gonna be okay.


Don't go to sleep, Deon.

Don't go to the next place.

Get in the chair.

Please, quickly.


Ja, what?

There's a problem. Look.

There's only one droid. Let me get your new body.

For chrissake, Chappie, just save yourself.

No, no, no. Maker.

Maker, you're gonna be okay.

You have to be tough.

You be tough.

It's gonna be okay. Stay with me, Deon.

The police are here now.

Okay, you ready?

Please work.

Get it open. Come on.

Maker, please take it slow. This will be very disorientating for a human.

My God. I'm...

This isn't working.

Do you have an angle grinder or something?

Are you okay, maker?

Maker? Do you have pain?

No, Chappie. I'm... I'm alive.

I don't know what this means.

You will live forever.

Chappie. We have to help you now.

Think, damn it. Think.

It's okay, maker. You got saved.

And there's no more bodies.

No, Chappie. Wait. I know!

Vincent uploaded his program here.

There are hundreds of bodies all over the city. Here it is!

Hurry! Plug that in.

Vincent set up a way to remotely deactivate droids.

We can use it to move you to a new body.

Find the closest Scout. Quickly! Okay! Okay!

I'm going quickly!

I can do it.

Deon. Yes.

Press "Enter" when I say. Okay. Okay.

Come on, Chappie.


I'm scared. What if it doesn't work?

It's going to work, Chappie.

I promise. And you can never break a promise.

Come on. Let's do this. Okay.


Here goes.

Chappie goes in the new body.

Let's go, boys! Tetravaal, stay back! Now, boys, go!


Is that you?

Ja, it's me.

It worked.

We both have new bodies now.

Thank you.

I'm sorry you had to leave your other body.

But it was the only way to save you.

Come, maker. Come quickly.

We're going back home!

- Okay, Mommy? Think of something. Okay, thinking.

Is it Daddy?


It's working, Mommy.

It's working!

It's just a temporary body, Mommy.

I'll make you a new one.

You don't have to go to the next place.

South African authorities placed an immediate halt... on the use of any robotic element of law enforcement... and have activated 150,000 reserve human forces.

In Johannesburg, there have been several sightings... of the presumed deactivated robot, Chappie.

The police ask viewers who have seen Chappie... to please come forward.

We'll have more on this as it develops.

I'll see you soon, Mommy.

Now we are both black sheeps, Mommy.