Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Script

We'll catch them on the reach, Sam!

The reach is ours, Charlie!


MAN 1 : We're going over!

Whoa! MAN 2: Watch it! Watch it!

We're cutting inside!

Inside what?

Hike hard, Sam, hike hard!


What are you doing?

Take the tiller! Head as far up as you can.

We're gonna go over! l'm not strong enough!

You're gonna have to be, Sammy!

CHARLIE: Here we go!

We're coming for you!


Yeah, buddy! yes!


CHARLIE: We got them, buddy!

Tess! He's doing it again!

CHARLIE: Come on, Sam!

God, that boy is just too good!


CHARLIE: We're gonna catch them, Sam!

CONNORS: Come on, let's go!


Bear off when l say, Sam. When l say.

Charlie, look! But we're gonna hit it!

Man up, Sam!

Bear off when l say! When l say, Sam!

Come on, Sam!

No way he's gonna make it!

SAM: Charlie, we're gonna hit it!

We'll hit the boat! Charlie!




Sam, we did it! We won!





WOMAN: St. Cloud boys, Iet me take your picture.

Hold on a second.


You've got to look good. This is for the newspaper.

You look good. Ready? Sexy poses.

Sexy pose.

Congratulations, boys.

Thank you. Thanks.

Give it to me.


BEN: l really thought you had them this time, Tessy.

Next time.

Ooh, thank you.

Charlie, l just wanted to say great race. You really closed out, Thanks, man.

Yeah. You know, they won't let you pull stunts like that in college races , St. Cloud Yale-Stanford, third race this season.

Mark it down on your calendar, St. Cloud, (WHISPERING) 'cause that's when l'm gonna smoke you.


Come on, Sam. Don't look at me like that.

Oh, l guess there are some things you can't buy, Connors.


Where do you think they're going, Charlie?

Everywhere, Sammy.

They're going everywhere.

Don't wory, that's going to be us one day.

You and me, bud. Setting sail at sunset cannons,

CHARLIE: It's not like it would be the end of the world. l'm just saying, l could work for a year, fill the coffers, and then go to Stanford.

You said yourself it was too expensive, even with the aid, Mom. l didn't say it was too expensive. l said it was expensive.

Mom , I don't want you having to work double shifts at the hospital all the time.

You got in fall, so you go in fall.

You can't put life on hold, Charlie. It doesn't wait for you.

l want to be there when you spank Yale.

CLAIRE: l do, too. l want to be there when he spanks Yale.

Spank it!


(SIGHS) Eveybody's dressed so fancy.

You look beautiful, Mom.


PRINCIPAL: Charles Percival St. Cloud, captain of the sailing team and winner of the Keating Scholar-Athlete Award.


Charlie, baby, Iooking good!

Congratulations. We expect big things from you, young man.

Expecting big things myself, sir.

Stop it.

Straighten up, Iook sharp.

This suit's so lame.

SULLY: Sammy!


SAM: Put me down, Sullivan!

GREEN: Sammy's on a rampage.

SAM: Don't make me hurt you, Green!

GREEN: Come on, what do you got?

Come on, come on, come on.

SAM: You want to tap out?

We made it. AIl right, All right.


Hey. Kegger at the point tonight.

Your attendance is required, okay? It's our last hurrah.

We're gonna have hurrahs all summer long.

We ship out next week for boot camp. Everything got accelerated.

Next week? Hoorah.

SAM: No. l'm gonna puke.

(SULLY LAUGHING) l'll be there. l'll be there.

Don't mess with me, Green.

You're late.

Oh, yeah, l couldn't find my glove.

You're late, Sam. Do you want to make Majors next season?

Yeah, l'm gonna try. Yeah? You're gonna ty?

Yes, definitely, yes!

'Cause l don't want to waste my time here with you.

Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yeah?

Okay. Then l'Il make a deal with you. l'll practice with you for one hour every day, right after l get off work, up until l leave for Stanford.

l'll meet you at sunset cannons every day.

But if you keep me waiting like this just one time, the whole deal's off.

No, l won't. l won't.

You'd better not.

No. l swear. No, l won't,


Then let's do this.



What? Fundamentals. Get over here.

Put your hand out; palms up. you see these wide seams?


That's the correct way to hold a baseball. l didn't know l was gonna get to go to baseball camp this summer.

That's because rich kids go to camp, Sammy.

Do you have a trust fund you're not telling me about?

Not really. No.

No, you don't.

But you know what you do have?

Good looks? No, you got me.

Get back over there. Hustle, (DOOR CLOSING)

Hey. l pulled an extra shift. You are on Sam duty, Mom, l have plans.

Make sure he gets in bed at a decent hour.

Mom.,. l'll bring you donuts for breakfast.

Make mine chocolate! Okay.

Hey, wait!

CHARLIE: Hey, Sam!

SAM: Catchl Go!

How could you let that go between your legs?

I could play better than that!

CHARLIE: Hey, buddy, your dinner's ready, okay?

Sam, l'm putting your dinner in the oven, all right?




Jeez! What the.,.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? You're on Sam dutyl No one babysat me when l was 11 , Sam.

Look, it's the 7th-inning stretch.

Can you please just get me to Tommy's by the bottom of the 8th?

No. It's not exactly on the way, Sam.


Sweet ride.

You're going out like that?

Crucial game.





Hey, keep an eye out for cops,

Hey, keep an eye out for cops.


Sammy! Cheer up.


Come on, Sammy. Sammy, baby.

You just can't wait, can you?

Sully and Green Ieave for basic training in a week.

No, Charlie, l mean to get out of here.

Come on. l'm gonna see you all the time.

That's what Dad said.

Yeah, but l'm not Dad. l'm not gonna ditch you, Sam. l'm not gonna ditch you.

Cheer up, man.

Not an option. You got one second to cheer up.


You're lucky that wasn't my throwing arm.

Or what? l'd have to kick your ass.

Hey, what are you doing?

Ow! My nose!

Shut your window, man. l feel a draft.

Dude. Watch it, punk.

Calm down, l'm driving! l'm driving, l'm driving!

Sam! l'm driving!


Come on.






Mom's gonna kill us!

Don't worry, l'll take the blame.

God, l hurt so much.


SAM: What's that?

CHARLIE: They're looking for us.

Who? l don't know.

SAM: Whatever happens, please, just don't leave me, okay? l won't.

Charlie.,. Charlie! l won't.

(SCREAMING) Charlie! please don't leaye me!

I won't!

MAN: Give it up, The kid's flatlined. He's a lost cause.

There's no such thing as a lost cause, Quiet.

Come on. Come on.

My word.

Thank you, Jude. Hey, Hey. Hey.

Welcome back. Where was l? lt's okay. Where was l?

You've just got to relax. Where's Sam?

Everything's okay, but you gotta stay still. Where's Sam?

You got to stay still. Okay?

Shh, Everything's okay. Sam?

Hey, Sam?

Sam! Sam? You've got to rest.

Come on, come on.


(CRYING) No! No! No, please! Stop! No!

That's my brother! Sam! l can't leave him. l can't leave him.

Oh, my God, l'm sory, Sam!

No! Sam! l'm sorry, Sam.

MAN ON RADlO: Dispatch, be advised, 351-BT, from fatality accident.

One conscious, one DOA.

REVEREND: Through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God, whose mercies cannot be numbered, accept our prayers on behalf of the soul of thy servant departed and grant him an entrance into the land of light and joy. and the fellowship of thy saints, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Most merciful Father who has been pleased to take unto thyself the soul of this thy servant, grant to us, who are still in our pilgrimage and who walk as yet by faith.,. SAM; (WHISPERING) Charlie. in glory everlasting,... through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Charlie? lf you want to drop the glove in now?


l can't.

Charlie. l'm sory. l've got to go.





You're late. l thought we had a deal.

We do.

We do have a deal.

We meet here evey day at sunset cannons.


l promise.

l promise.

(OVER RADlO) Good morning, Quincy. This is meteorologist Banner Gwynne.

Now, for all you sallors out there, we have green flag wind conditions this afternoon, so today is the day to get out on the water.


You all right, boss man?

Right. So them geese are back, and they've done nasty things to my grass again.

And they've crapped over every headstone in the whole place.

That one's the leader, Him.


Hmm, Do the best you can with the grass.

Yeah, well, the best l can do is to shoot the buggers, Charlie.

You want to run around Seaside with a rifle, Alistair?

What about a high-powered crossbow?

(SIGHS) You remember Mr. Cosimono?

We put him in over Peach Tree Hill about a month ago?

Yeah, the dead guy, Yeah.

He's coming up. Why?

Because the police suspect his wife may be responsible for his untimely demise.

(CHUCKLING) You're joking. l shouldn't laugh. It's not funny, Oh! Speaking of untimely demise, it's me and Cindy's anniversary tomorrow night.

We're going to Maddie's. Want to come?

Yeah, l'Il try. Will you actually ty, though?

(TESS SCREAMING) 'Cause last time you said you'd try, you didn't really try, did you, Charlie?

You just ended up staying here.

And this time, Cindy has arranged a little friend to meet you.

Are you even listening? No, of course you're not.

You got that glitch in the sprinkler system fixed, didn't you?

That would be a no. But it's not my fault this time!

Don't look at me like that. It's actually not my fault. l called the sprinkler guy, and he said he couldn't come till next week.

So l was like, ''All right, cool. Come next week,''

But more important, all right, listen to me about this.

Cindy's got this mate over staying, and she is a waitress at the Red Dog lnn.

Charlie? The Red Dog Inn.

You know about the Red Dog Inn, don't you? Mmm-hmm.

AIl right. Okay. So we've been telling her about you, and she really wants to meet you, all right?

TESS: Hey!

Who's got the green thumb? What?

The garden around my father's grave needs to be completely replanted.


And maybe you could do it!

Any flower preferences? TESS: Yeah, living. l prefer living flowers.

Good, l'll get right on that.

(STUTTERS) Yeah, that'll be great, getting flowers.

Sorry. Thank you.


ALISTAIR: Anyway, so she's a little bit naughty, a little bit saucy, a little bit promiscuous.


The waitress, Charlie! Please keep up, mate. Red Dog Inn.


Hey! Hey!

Hey, buddy.

Hey, can you read signs? No rubbingl

lf l was going to rub one out, l wouldn't do it in a graveyard, St. Cloud.


People are always tracing these headstones.

Lieutenant Sullivan.


At ease.

You haven't changed, St. Cloud, How's your mom?

She moved to Portland.

Hey, were you here when they brought Green in?

Drove over a land mine. He was a real mess, Not by the time l saw him. Everybody looks great after. l'm glad to hear there are some perks.

Hey, what's with this stuff all over the stone? lt's the geese, man. There's something corrosive in their shit.

Don't worry, l'm on it.


l wish l was there with you guys,

(SIGHS) l'm glad you weren't, Charlie, Yeah. l'm glad you weren't.

You don't have to go right away.

Got to face it sometime.

AIl right. l'Il say hi to Sammy for you.

He's not there.

GIRL 1: l don't get it.

GIRL 2: He's totally cute.

GIRL 1 : Puppies are cute.

He's weird. He's misunderstood.

He works in a graveyard!

Yeah, wounded.



You're funny.


So, maybe you want to take me out on your boat sometime, Charlie?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. l love sailing.


Well, maybe l can take you out sometime, too. yeah!

Enjoy your toy plane, Charlie, lt's not for me. lt's for the geese.


GIRL 3: So, what do you wear on a sailing date?

GIRL 1: l wouldn't put too much thought into it, seeing as he hasn't been sailing in five years.


So, what's new in Quincy?

Not much.

Man, you got it!

Great, let's go hit the lake, No. Not till after practice.

Back up, back up. Get out of here.

Please? Can we just go now?

What's our deal, Sam?

(SIGHS) We practice evey day at sunset cannons, come rain or shine, come hell or high water.

Yeah, that's the deal. Let's go. Grounders.



What's wrong?

Nothing, Remember, two hands.

Don't sit back like that. Charge.

Something bad.

(SIGHS) l didn't want to tell you.

Sox lost a home-and-home to the Yankees.

l'm kidding, dork.

l saw Sully today.

Did he say anything?

About leaving?

CHARLIE: You know Sully. l think he was good with it.

I think he really missed Green. l think l'd miss you.

A little bit, Maybe.

But you don't have to.

Because we got this thing wired, (CHUCKLING) Yeah.


AIl right, you ready?

Here they come. lt's about to get bloody.

lncoming! Whoa! Retreat!


Excuse me.

You all right? l'm sorry.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, my Lord, Charlie St, Cloud.


I brought you back from the dead. Does that ring a bell?

You're the paramedic. l'm the paramedic.

Florio Ferrente. It's so good to see you.

You want to grab a cup of coffee? Catch up? l can't, man. l've got to get back to work. l'm sory.

You can't have a cup of coffee?

So, what.,.

What have you been up to the past five years?

Are you in love? You married?

No. It hasn't happened yet.


You're sick.

Yeah. l got the big C. l'm sorry.

Nah, don't be. l have no regrets. l lived a full life.

ls that really a consolation?

That's the only one there is, Charlie.

Plus, l got to witness a miracle.

How many people can say that to Saint Peter when they reach the pearly gates? Huh?

You were a complete flatline.


And then.,.

You must think about why.

Why what?

Why you?

Why did you get a second chance? God just doesn't show off.

There's got to be a reason God gave you a second chance.

Well, if there is one, l haven't figured it out yet.

Yeah, well.,. l don't think it's gonna come to you working in a graveyard.

You're a young man.

You should be out in the world living your life, Don't squander this gift you've been given.

FEMALE REPORTER: One of Quincy's own, she will seek to become the youngest skipper ever to compete in the grueling VELUX 5 Oceans race around the world.

Eveybody's excited, This is a first for the town.

So, one of you tie the main down.

And l need the cockpit tidied up.

She was fully at whole speed going downwind, handled super light, No, whether l win this race or not, let's hope that l do, right, Tink? l mean, Coach?

(CANNON FIRING) No, but whether l win it or not, it will not be because l didn't have a great boat.

Thank you so much, guys.

SAM: That girl is gonna sail around the world?


SAM: Is that the girl? She's hotI She's all right.

''All right''? Is there a swimsuit shot anywhere in there?

What are you gonna do with a swimsuit shot?


Come on. you want it?

Give me the magazine. Sam, you're gonna wreck it. l'm totally gonna wreck it. l'm gonna wreck it repeatedly, Charlie.

''Tess Carroll,''


Well done, Charlie. Mature.

You only left me with the cover page.



(LAUGHING) l cannot believe that you're here!

(IN HIGH PITCHED TONE) Hello! Hi. lt's our anniversary! Yeah.

No, not our anniversary, because we're not going out, but me and Cindy's. l wouldn't miss your anniversary, man. l know you wouldn't and it means a lot. What's that? Nothing.

You all right? Yeah.

What are you doing? Doing a bit of drawing?

Very nice, Come on inside. It's gonna be well fun, mate.

ALISTAIR: (SINGING) ''This man's just got to go!'' declared his enemies But the ladies begged "Don't you tey to do it, please"

No doubt this Rasputin hed iots of hidden charms Hey! Hey, Cindy!

Happy anniversary, Thanks.

He's really talented. Oh, l know.

Come meet Rachel.

Right now? Yeah.

Rachel, this is Charlie, the one l told you about.

Hi. Hey.

Cindy said you wouldn't show.

Only because we never see you out at night, Charlie.

Ever since the werewolf bite, l tend to only come out during full moons.

The moon isn't full.

Then I guess it's your lucky night.





Let's hear it for Cindy!



How's the weather looking, Coach?

Look. Low-pressure system coming down from Alaska, See how tight those isobars are on the back of the depression?

Not good.

That means more wind.

Too much wind. This test run can wait.

The electronics aren't even installed yet.

My boat gets shipped back east in a week. l need to get out on the water.

Look, obviously l'Il stay clear of the storm.

Didn't you used to be Charlie St. Cloud?

Charlie! My man. Been a long time, huh?

Come on. Jagerbombs, now. Let's go.

Hey, why are you so interested in that loon? l'm not. l ran into him for the first time since high school the other day and.,.


And he flummoxed me.

TINK: Listen. Eveybody in town knows this St. Cloud kid, totally certifiable.

When we were growing up, Charlie was unbeatable on the water even got himself a sailing scholarship and eveything.

Glory days, huh, Charlie?



No, that's okay, man. l'm good. Thank you.

Come on, St. Cloud, don't be a woman. Have another. lt's not like there's a big demand for you as a designated driver.

So take the drink.

Wait, Charlie!

Come on, take it easy. l'm fine.

You want a piece of me, you pathetic townie creep?

Your boy just saved you from a beating.

No, you're probably right. l'm sory, man. How is everything? How's Goldman Sachs?

I heard the layoffs have been pretty brutal.

Just a better opportunity to weed out the weak.

Yeah. But you're good, right?

You still have full dental and everything?





TESS: Hey!

What are you doing? l was just looking at your boat.

l'm sory if l scared you.

You don't scare me.

l'm harmless, l promise. l'm not...


You didn't seem so harmless up at Maddie's.

Yeah, that. l can explain that.

Yeah? Yeah.

Connors is a dick.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah. AIways has been.

You don't remember me, do you?

Yeah. Yeah, l do.

You do? l do. l already replanted all the flowers by your father's grave. No!

High school.

We took an AP class together. And you don't remember.

Of course l remember you!

You sat at the front of the class.


Had your hand up the entire semester.

Busted. Yeah.

And you won the Commodores' Cup. Yeah.

You got a big sailing scholarship to Stanford, right? l deferred.

For a while.

Anyways.,. l should get going, l guess.

Yeah, it was.,. lt's good catching up.




Flukes. Like a whale tail. Uh-huh.

Can l show you something?


See, there's a.,.

There's newer technology. You can fabricate organic lines.

This would completely change your boat, There's no drag. There's virtually no cavitation, Yeah. l know. l wanted to do something similar.

But everyone told me structural stability was more important.

That doesn't apply here.


Because this eliminates direct stress on the keel.

That's basic! Are you serious?


Anyways.,. ls that my boat?


You drew my boat.


Good luck with the race, and be careful out there.

Thank you.

TINK ON RADlO: How's my girl?

TESS: Bored.

Thet's what I like to hear. Where are you?

I was just passing Whidbey Island, heading into Puget Sound.

Okay, good girl, Keep going southeast.

That storm's rolling in, Iooking really haiy.

Aye-aye, Captain!


AIl right, If you can't make it through a little low-pressure system, then you have no right being in that race, Come on!

Come on.

Come on.

(GRUNTS) This is what you were made for.


CHARLIE: The first leg is an all-out 8,000-mile sprint to Cape Town.

Boom shaka-laka. l would kill that. You would never catch me.


No, I don't feel like retrieving balls today.

See, rounding Cape Horn is where it gets tricky, The southern seas are tough for even the most experienced sailors because of the,.. Blood-sucking Sea-Monkeys.


Of course, the (WHISPERS) icebergs.

You could never do this race.

Why? Why can't I do the raše? lt's a solo race. You couldn't take being alone for six months.

No way. l could do it.

What? If it wasn't for me, you could go?

No, Sam, l didn't say that. l just said l could.

I won't, of course, but I could.

Don't let me stop you.


Getting angry? Trying to bring the heat, Sam?

The heat? Tha't not heat. You want heat?

Bring the heat, Sammy, Let's go.

So scared.

Come on, Sam, Falling asleep here.




(LAUGHING) You okay?


(GROANS) Strike.


Did you see that? There's lightning!

Let the Mud Games begin! Let the Mud Games begin!




Hey, guys.

How long are we gonna do this for? Hmm?

This isn't a game.

Get out of here! Get out of here!

God, what the hell are you doing?

Hi. Hi.

l'm sory about the noise. l apologize. l just got carried away,

Hey! You did a lovely job with the flowers, No, I'm fine. I just hit some rough weather last night.

Have you had that looked at?


No, It's fine. I just need some sleep. I'm fine. l could clean it up for you and see if it needs a stitch. lt's pretty... It's kind of gross.

l'm right down the hill.

A little sting now.

Is it fatal?


AIl done.

You don't need stitches.

Not a stitch? No

It was a drunk driver wasn't it? l'm sory. What?

Your brother. ls that why you gave up sailing, Stanford, eveything?

Christ, that was tactless. l'm sory. l must be concussed or something.

No. No.

Maybe we could talk. Another time.

Yeah. Yeah, l'd like that. l'd like to talk with you sometime, Charlie. Yeah, maybe when l get back.

ln six months.

(SIGHS) Come on, l can do this. l can do this.


Hey! Hey.

l know how to cook.

TESS: Yeah?

I mean, would you please have dinner with me tonight?

At my place?

Charlie, in a few days l'm going to get in my boat and sail away for six months. Six months.

So, not really much of a prospect, am l?

Are you a good cook?



Beer or wine?

Surprise me.


AIl right, l will.

Well, you have to make her pizza, (LAUGHING)

Okay. What? pizza's delicious. l'm not arguing. l think pizza is delicious.



Remember me telling you that l kissed Jenny York?


Well, l lied.


Believe me, you're not missing much.

ls she a Sox fan?

Absolute fanatic.

Really? l hate baseball. CHARLIE: You're insane.

You don't agree?

Well.,. lt's so boring!

Agree to disagree.

Come on, They stand around for nine innings, and they don't do.,. What about golf?

Golf? Yeah, or shopping?

Football. That's my sport.

Oh, come on. Oh, please!

No way, Yes!

You didn't strike me as one of those chicks who likes neckless 'roid-heads, Well, l do.

Come on, hairier the better. yeah. More wine?

Yes, please.

Are you moving?

No, that's all Sam's stuff.

I couidn't get rid of my ded's stuff, either.

This one over here contains thousands of vintage Red Sox baseball cards.

Really? Yeah.

Why the obsession with a team from Boston?

According to Sammy, our dad played for the Red Sox.

Did he? No.


He tried out for the Triple-A team in Pawtucket.

That was the last we saw of him.

Can l have that sketch someday?

lt's yours now.


So, l haven't shown you my route. (GROANS)

You're limping.

Yeah, l told you, l got tossed around pretty good on my last sail.

So l'm starting in Boston, and then l'm going to make my way south towards Brazil.

And then l'm going to go

through the.,.

Charlie, what are we doing? l don't know.

No, l.., Charlie.,. l leave in a week. l know. l think l should go.

Can l walk you?


Come on, let me walk you. No, Charlie.


it really is eveything. l'm sorry.






TESS: Come find me!


l found you.


What are these?

Burn marks. lt's where the paramedic shocked me.

They're beautiful.



They saved your life.

They're beautiful.

This doesn't change anything.

TESS: l knew you'd find me!

Here we go!



CHARLIE: Hike! Hike hard!

lt's choppy.

Whoa, hey!


Thank you.

For what?

For this.

Stand by to come about!

Aye-aye, Captain!


CHARLIE: Sorry. It's been a while. lt won't happen again.

''trust your heart if the seas catch fire

''and live by love..,'' ''by love though the stars walk backward''

How did you know that? l heard you read it.

Were you at my father's memorial?

Oh, my God.

lt's E.E. Cummings. lt was my dad's favorite.

l like it a lot. l don't understand it at all.

(LAUGHS) lt's about taking chances.

Sailing around the world.

l wish you could come with me, lt's a solo race.

So you could be part of my support team, l could see you for a couple days. l can't.

Why? Come on, you don't have any holidays? l just can't.

You just can't.


l just can't.


Oh, shit. What?

Nothing. l left something at work.

What? Well, hold on, l'll come with you, No. l won't be long. l'll meet you at the cottage.


Sam. Sam!


Sam, stop!


You're late. l couldn't.,. l couldn't help it, Sam. l knew you'd be late. l could.., l could feel you forgetting me.

No, Sam. lt's like, without you, l feel myself start to disappear.

Be nothing.

There's nothing to be scared of, Sam.

Do you want me to go?


Then why did you bring her?

l didn't mean to spy on you.

Charlie, it's okay.

Sam and l made a deal.

Charlie, you don't have to explain anything to me.

No, we made a,.. We made a pact.,. You don't.

..,that evey day at sunset l would meet him here.


l can't lose Sam, Tess.

l can't lose Sam.

Let's go.

No. Let's go.

The more l'm in your world, the less l can be in his.

Charlie, at some point we all have to let go.

l can't lose Sam, Tess.

Goodbye, Tess.

Good luck with the race.

You didn't die in that car crash, Charlie.

Actually, l did.

CHARLIE: l can't come to Cape Town because evey evening l play catch with my dead brother in the graveyard.

But l'll be here when you get back, Tess.

Because, of course, l never leave.


Come on. Let's go for a walk.

Bobbo! Come here!




Charlie? l never can tell if your machine has picked up. it's your mom.

I just reaily miss you.

Give me a call sometime, okay?

I love you.


You all right, boss Man?

You look dirty, mate. What happened to you?

Please say you got laid at least.

ls that a no, is it? Oh, well.

Thanks, babes.

Can l have your attention?

TESS: Bobbo!

Julie, can you get Bobbo?



We've got a boat missing out of Quincy Harbor.

Whose boat? lt's the Querencia. Tess Carroll's boat.

She was out sailing during the storm three days ago, There's been no contact since.

She was out sailing during the storm three days ago.

Three days ago.

TESS: (ECHOlNG) Is it fatal? l just hit some rough weather last night.

Yeah, I got tossed around pretty good on my last sail.

HODDY: The Coast Guard's overextended, so we're asking for volunteers to join the search.

lt's too late.



TESS: Why are you the only one who can see me, Charlie?

I can see you because I can see Sam.

Sam's dead.

Your boat never came back, Tess.

You never came back.

(CRYING) No, l.,.

You're in between now.

No, l lied to Tink. l lied to him. l.,.

I sailed stralght into the storm. l remember,.. l remember l saw the old Cape Flattery light.

Everyone sees the light.

No, you didn't.,. l've seen that light, Tess.

Charlie, l'm getting cold. l'm scared.

l wanted you to find me.

That's why.,. That's why l came here, 'cause l wanted you to find me.

You were supposed to find me, because you're supposed to help me.

(ECHOlNG) You were supposed to find me.

I cannot be dead. Please, Charlie, find me.








She's dead, that girl.


She took a boat out in that storm.


She never came back.

You still got me.

Yeah, l know, man.

l know.


WOMAN: Mr. St, Cloud? l'm not on duty.

This is a personal matter. l'm Carla Ferrente. Florio was my husband. l tried calling earlier. He.., He died last night.

Florio wanted you to have his medallion.

Are you sure? l'm sure. He said it was the answer for you.

To what?

''Why you?''

That's it?

That's it.

l've never seen one of these without a cross. lt's not Christ, It's Saint Jude.

Jude is the saint of all lost causes.

There's no such thing as a lost cause.


Well, that's what my Florio used to always say.

God just doesn't show off.

There's got to be a reason God gave you a second chance.

You're not dead.

I just really hate geese, mate. I just hate them.

They're dirty, they crap everywhere.

Where's Tink?

You fueled up? Let's go.

What are you doing, man? Hey, hey!

Get your hands off my boat! In case you haven't heard, the Coast Guard called off the search.

Well, then give me your keys. l'm taking your boat.

The hell you are. l know where she is, Tink. Do you? l know where she is! That's it, whack jobI Go back to your coffin before l.,. l know where Tess is, Tink!

And she's running out of time! Charlie! Shut up!

Charlie! Go. Go back inside.

He's not worth it. She's running out of time!

Tink, we're going, all right?

What are you doing?

Sorry about that.

The key's in the ignition, all right? Go.

Go, go, go, go, go, Quick!

Go, go, go, go! Go! (ENCINE STARTINC)

Stop right now!

I don't think he's gonna make it. you son of a bitch!


Oh, he made it.

Stay down, stay down, stay down.

TINK: You frigging nutjob!

ALISTAIR: Relax, relax. Calm down, all right?

Calm down! Where are you two taking my boat?

Cape Flattery.

That's 20 miles from Tess' last known position.

But it's exactly where she would have been if she sailed straight into the storm, Tink!

She's about to sail around the world.

She would have wanted to test her boat in heavy weather, You didn't even know her, St. Cloud.

How could you possibly know what she would have done?

Because it's what l would have done, Tink.

That's what any sailor would do.

TINK: l'm good. l'm good. You all right? l'm gonna let you up, all right?


TINK: All right. AIl right, Charlie. Say you're right.

Say she wanted to test the boat. Okay?

It doesn't matter

'cause we both know that no one can survive for three days in these cold waters.

Just listen to me, Tink.

She's alive.

She's alive.

She's alive, Tink.

Flattery Light!

What time is it?


We've covered eveything up to Spike Rock, Let me grab the wheel. Come on, l got it, lt's my boat. l know what to do. Come on.

Come on.

Keep your eyes open.

Get some rest.

lf we start now, we could make it back to Quincy by sunset,

What is it you do in the woods every night, man?

lf l told you, you wouldn't.,.

You wouldn't believe me. l would believe you.

You're my mate.

You know, she might not even be out there.

What's up, Charlie?

We going back? Or are we moving on?

l'm going to find Tess.






Forgive me, Sam.

l love you, Charlie.


Over there! Outer rocks! That way!

ALISTAIR: Just bear right, all right? Slow down.

We should be coming up on it.

We're clear on the starboard side.

AIl right, that first one's going past us now.

There it is!

TINK: Goddamn it, Tess!

CHARLIE: It's at 10 o'clock, about 10 meters off. l can see it, l can see the base! l'm bringing her back.

ALISTAIR: Bear right, mate! Bear right!

TINK: l got it, l got it, l got it.

Get as close as you can!


TINK: Hey! Charlie, what are you doing?

Charlie! Charlie, the water's like ice! Don't be an idiot, mate!

Please wait for the Coast Guard!

If we wait, it'll be too late.

You won't last long enough to save her, mate, Please!

This is why l was given a second chance.

No! Wait! Charlie!

We need immediate medical assistance for one,..

ALISTAIR: Two! He just dove in!

Make it two people!









SAM: Charlie!

CHARLIE: I won't!


TESS: Come find me.

MAN: Sit tight.

Sit tight!



Never steal another man's gin.


Water. Yeah, all right.


Welcome back. How you doing?

How is she?

Yeah, she's good, mate. Yeah, she's good, She's recovering.

Doctor said she had hypothermia.

And when you hugged her, your body warmth kept her alive.

Look, well done, mate. Proper hero.

l heard you were back home.

lsn't this Bemelman's old boat? lt's mine now.

They were gonna strip it for scrap, so l took it off their hands.

(EXCLAIMS) l always loved this boat.

Well, l'm gonna fix her up, make some modifications.

Oh, yeah? Some flukes?

(LAUGHS) Yeah.

Some flukes.

You know, that was the last conversation l had before l woke up in the hospital bed.


Yep. Well, unless you include Tink's radio chatter. Which l don't.

You have a good memory.

Well, there's one thing l'll never forget. lt's that you saved my life, Charlie St. Cloud.

She's a blue-water cruiser. Where you headed?


As soon as she's sound, l'm gonna sail around the world,

Well, good luck.

Do you want to go for a spin?


No, not today.

Come on, Tess.

You're gonna have to get back on the water eventually, l will. l will.

lt's not the water that l'm afraid of, Charlie. lt's you.


The way you make me feel.,. l don't know, l've been having these visions, or maybe dreams, but they're more vivid than any dreams that l've ever had, And.,.

And you're in them.

And we're in them, And.,.

Never mind.

They're not dreams, Tess.

They're memories.

''trust your heart if the seas catch fire

"and live by love though the stars walk backward"

How did you know that?

lt's E.E. Cummings, It was your dad's favorite. lt's about taking chances.

Just take a chance, Tess.

TESS: My legs are still a little wobbly.

No worries. (TESS EXCLAIMS)


l miss you.


SAM: l'm okay, Charlie. l'd give anything for you to see me, what l'd have become.

But no one ever gets to see what could have been.

Sorry l had to break our deal. lt was time. l mean, it's beyond anything we ever imagined, Charlie.

l hurt as bad as the day you died.

You hurt because you're alive,

We'll always be brothers. promise?

Every day?

Come rain or shine? Come hell or high water?

l promise.


l'm gonna pretend l like that,