Charlie's Angels (2019) Script

I think women can do anything.

Well, I mean, just because they can, doesn't mean they should, right?

Think about women fixing cars, driving a taxi, installing some drywall.

Why not? No.

Look, trust me.

A girl like you, you don't really want this.

A girl like me? Mm-hm.

I mean, I want all my options available so I can decide for myself.

Ah, Miss Independent.

That's right.

That's me. I love it.


Come here. Hm...

Oh, mm...

Except you're sitting here, eating my food, enjoying my view.

By choice.

Mm, I chose you to join me.

I chose to make you notice me. Ah, mm-mm.

That is not your choice, Sabina. Mm.

That is God's gift to you.


But don't you think it's sort of what you do with those gifts that really matters?


Every one of us. Mm?

Men, women.

We all just wanna fulfill our potential, live our heart's desires.

That's the kind of world I wanna live in.


Well, my world is me making millions with you by my side.


It's just that I'm so good at so many things.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Like what?

Well... Hm?

At my job, it's actually considered a huge advantage to be a woman.


Yeah, if you're beautiful, nothing else is really expected of you.

And if you're not, you're pretty much rendered invisible.

And in my line of work, Mm... invisibility, low expectations... they come in very handy.

Housewife, sounds like.

Nothing wrong with being a housewife.

Just not my choice.

I don't speak Portuguese. I know.

Yeah, that's it.

Did you know... What?

That it takes men an additional seven seconds to perceive a woman as a threat compared to a man.

Isn't that wild?

Who are you? Who, me?

I'm just the decoy, stud.

How many? Nine!

Send the lot.

You stole aid money from women and children and refugees!

It's called embezzlement!

"Embezzlement"? That's fancy.

You must be the accountant. Who are you?

Open the safe.

Oh, baby, baby, you swiped right!

I'm your girlfriend now!

Everything on the bottom row. Let's go.

You're not cut out for this. I recommend a new line of work.


Evening, Angels.

Well, all this looks very promising.


But what about Australian Jonny?


Oh, you're gonna regret this. Yeah.

I was gonna give you the world.

The thing is, is you just talk way too much.

You're super clingy and come on way too strong.

You are the most incredible woman I've ever met. I know.

So that's four months' surveillance, two countries and the most embarrassing date I have ever been on in my life.

Are we good? I will address this to the U.S. Justice Department, along with, uh, all your new friends here.

We're good to go. Sweet.

I'm out of here, man. I'm gonna take a week off, party my ass off on a Thai beach.

Jane, you should give it a shot: beaches, letting someone play with your, uh...

I have fun in my own ways.

Oh. Cool.

You sharpen your samurai swords at night?

Cosplay Catwoman?

I'd actually pay to see that.

Occasionally eat gluten at night and feel...

That was fun.

So who were they?

You were in the presence of Angels.

But the question is, Jonny... who are you?

Hey, Ingrid.

You are late. Mr. Fleming is waiting.

Oh, wasn't the meeting set for 9?

Yes, 9 a.m. is when the meeting starts, which is exactly now.

Have you ever spent time with him? Mr. Brok?

No, of course not.

He had me over to his château, which is in France.

And we were sitting there, and I'm asking him, I said, "Mr. Brok, have you ever heard of Humphry Davy?"

And he says, "No." Oh.

I say, "Have you ever heard of Joseph Swan or Alexander Lodygin?" "No clue."

So I say, "Okay.

Uh, what about Thomas Edison?"

"Well, of course. Who hasn't? He invented the light bulb."

Right? But guess what? Uh...

So did those other three guys.

Before Edison.

But Edison was first to market.

Do you see my point?

We have a product that will revolutionize the power industry.

But we have to be first.

The time is now.

And that's what I told Mr. Brok, and he agrees with me.


I... Elena, thank you for coming in.

I love how this conversation went.

Technically, I haven't said anything.

Let's not get caught in a game of who said what.

Mr. Fleming, I know how important Calisto is, okay?

I'm the lead programmer on it. It's my baby.

Yeah. But as I wrote in my report, right now there is a possibility for the harmonic range to be reversed.

We both know how dangerous that could be.

Well, I mean, you don't know what I know. Heh.

Y-you know Julio? The second engineer?

He's actually still in hospital after a brain seizure, and he was only partially exposed during a test.

Allegedly. Allegedly.

And Julio was an idiot.

All I need is root access and time to permanently fix the flaw in the blockchain so it will stay safe...

Ingrid, can I get a cappuccino?

Okay. I read your report.

I've had others read your report.

We just simply disagree with you.

Has Mr. Brok read my report? I think that if he read...

Let me be crystal clear here.

We have developed Calisto for five years, and we are going to market.

It is safe and it is ready, and that's what we're telling Mr. Brok.

And you are telling Mr. Brok nothing.

Look, Elena, you're much too smart to keep pushing this forward, aren't you?


I knew who Humphry Davy was. Good for you.

You dropped something. Oh, no. That's not mine.

Well, I don't litter, so it must be yours.

You might need it.

Bosley, 001.

You old codger. You really thought we were gonna let you just sneak away quietly?

You didn't have to.

It's not just me.



Hey! Bonjour. Buenos días, señor.

Buenos días. Gang's all here.

We all wanted to wish you a happy retirement.

Thank you, Bosley.

And you, sir. Bosley.

Bosley. Thank you.

You! You've had one hell of a run.

It deserves to be celebrated.

I even put together a little walk down memory lane.

Shall we? Ha, ha! Oh, no, no.

Here it comes.

Oh, yeah! Ha, ha!

Fresh-faced Oxford graduate. Yeah!

Oh, Lord. I dug deep. Look at that.

That's not a disguise.

You clearly had a lot of fun over the years.

You know, life was good in those days.

Where did you get that suit?

Monte Carlo.

It really happened. There's the proof.

Well, when you opened the European offices, you took the Townsend Agency international.

None of us would be here without you.

Yes. Especially me. Thank you.

Well, I'm very touched. Thank you. All of you.

Say a few words. Come on, speech, Bosley. Speech!

Oh, no. Speech, speech, speech!

Speech, speech, speech!


Well, frankly, I am overwhelmed.

I'm grateful... for all the work that we have done together.

And, you know, Charlie wasn't sure that we could replicate the success that he had here in California.

But we made it work... That's right. a world that was really not ready for the Angels.

For 40 years, I recruited them, I trained them... and I'm so very proud of them.

Bosleys... you keep them safe. Will do.

Hear, hear. We will, my friend.

And so for me, as Charlie said, time to make an exit stage left.

Wha... Ah, speaking of Charlie...

Hello, Bosley.

Hello, Charlie.

If you look around this room, old friend, you'll see the men and women who will carry your legacy into the future.

Your leadership and commitment is unparalleled.

We owe you a debt we cannot repay.

So instead, we got you a watch.

A watch? Yes.

Oh! Thank you, Charlie.

Enjoy your retirement.

You deserve it.

A toast!

You really like to party.

It's the day drinking. That's what I like the most.

You're not bad either.

To Bosley.

To Bosley! To all of you.

♪ This speech is my recital I think it's very vital ♪

♪ To rock a rhyme, that's right On time, "It's Tricky" is... ♪ Thank you. That's it. Please move. He's coming.

For sure. Are we ready? Thank you.

That was a sick flow, bro.

Oh, shut up, shut up. You really went for it.

There's two seats over there.

♪ It's tricky ♪ ♪ Tricky ♪

♪ Tricky ♪ ♪ Tricky ♪ Langston, shut up.

Everyone, please help me welcome our founder, our benefactor, Alexander Brok.

Mr. Brok, you have set the highest standards for innovation.

I believe that I, along with a little help from my team, have met that challenge.

Today, I instructed the Hamburg power utility to disconnect this building from the electrical grid.

But we are far from powerless.

Mr. Brok, would you grant us root access?

Hello, Alexander.

Root access granted.

Calisto, turn on the lights.

Calisto, pair with sister devices.

Calisto, full power.

Brok Industries can power the world.

So you went with rare-earth magnetics in the end?

Ah, yes.

Inside a cyanide crystal matrix.

It's kyanite, but... Kyanite.

Um, may I? Please.

You delivered on the safety protocols?

Oh, absolutely. Calisto only talks with electrical circuitry.

The current never touches people, pets, plants.

It's smart, and it's safe.

Although, uh, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention one small thing.

It can be manufactured in pastel colors for the ladies.


Ah, well, this is it.

We can bring clean energy to everyone.


Calisto is the future.

And I am holding the future in my hands, finally.

Good work, guys.

Good work.

Come on, let's celebrate. Drinks in the bar!

Keep your form. Block.

One, two.

Let's take this one off. Make it tighter.



Paris is not so bad, right?

Did you take the apartment with the good light?

Yes. But if you get me a plant...

I'm just gonna kill it. Of course.

D'accord, d'accord.

I'm ready for a new assignment.

Listen, I've set a meeting with a new client.

A corporate whistle-blower.

Putting a team together.

A... A team? Yes.

Hey, Bosley.

You wanted to see me, right? Ah, yes.

Oh, hey.

You're the former MI6 ninja.

Is it June?

Oh, Jane.

Oh, Jane. Jane. Not the month.


Sabina. It's Italian.

Oh, are you Italian?

No. I... Maybe...

We have a situation in Hamburg, a new client.

Hamburg. Interestingly, not where hamburgers were invented.

That was in Frankfurt, where frankfurters were not invented, which...

I don't think that this is... I'm sorry. I'm vegetarian.

Thank you very much. But I recall hearing you two worked well together in Rio.

I recall her pushing me off a roof.

I recall it was time to go.

Heh. That makes sense.

Who's the client?

Follow me.

Elena? Hi.


Uh, Mr. Bosley?

Just Bosley. Thank you for seeing me. Um...

Would you like anything? Uh, espresso, bitte.

Merci, ça va.


COS perimeter check.


I have less than no idea what that means, but you are good up here.

I would say, the coast is clear.

Yes, exactly.

I have thought about this a lot.

All we have to do is get it to Mr. Brok.

And I have tried to contact him.

Well, it takes a lot to come forward, and I appreciate your courage.

You sure you wanna take this risk?


Okay, we can help you.

It's just getting out of hand. Stop it, you're so cute.

I gotta get a dog.

I can't sleep at night, knowing and not being allowed to do or say anything about it.

I can fix it, but I just need the opportunity.

I believe you. Were you able to get the evidence?

All my reports, all my data.

What can I bring you?

Your check, sir.

Was that the signal?

Elena... What's happening?

You need to go to the ladies' room.

No, I'm fine. Thank you. Quickly.

Hey, what's happening? Jane?


Hello... Oh, shit!


Ah! Shit, shit, shit!

That's my gun.

Sabina! Hurry!

Go! Go!

Yeah! Evac the client! That's what I was gonna say!


What's going on?

Oh, God. You're not a waitress? No.

I'm Jane. Nice to meet you.

Did you bring the big gun? In the back.

Can you move your feet? Oh, sure. Mm-hm.

Oh, do you know how to use that?


Oh, my God! Is he shooting at us?!

Hold on, ladies. Whoa!


Is that a tank? Oh, my God. Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

I think we lost him! Bit much for just this girl, no?

Who is this chick?

Who am I?!

Who are you?! Who is he?

And why is he shooting at us?

Keep it steady.

Oh, my God. I'm gonna die.

Oh, no! He's back!

Oh, my God!

Oh, shit!


Stay low. Stay low.

Do a J-turn on my mark. Ready.



Stay down!


Hey, I said, stay down!

Hey! Stop moving!


It's tuna.

Unless it's cheese, and it's not good.

How about you? You hungry?

Charlie sends love, Angels.

Who is she? Who is she?

Hey, she's in shock, and she smells like puke.

Who are you?

I'm Bosley. Bosley?

Bosley's a rank in our organization.

It's like a lieutenant.

The real name of the man you met was Edgar Dessange.


Jane, I'm really sorry.

I know how much he meant to you. Oh, I don't need a hug.

Well, I do.

He was my friend too.

Hugs work.

Okay, let's get you cleaned up.

Come on.

Is that a stolen car?


Bosley, 342. Open Safe House 6.

Boz, who else knew we were meeting with Elena in Hamburg?

Well, protocol would be not to tell anyone.

Why do you ask?

Well, Bosley...

Edgar thought...

Okay, you didn't see this guy.

He was a pro, and he brought a lot of firepower for such an easy target.

Yeah, he was so extra, right?

I could take that girl out with a flyswatter.

He rocks up in this urban assault vehicle.

So we're thinking what? He was...

Maybe she was being watched... but what if we are?

And by who? Hey, you guys. All cleaned up.

Feeling better? Yes, thank you.

I'm kind of getting this, you know.

You guys are like lady spies and...

I just need you to explain who this guy is and why was he shooting at you. Oh, you.

He was shooting at you. Jane.

At me?

Oh, God. Hey.

Okay. Just have some tea.

The shooter's a ghost. Facial recognition's popped him in a few places over the years but no name, no record, nothing.

He's got friends in high places.

I'm gonna kill him. I'm obliged to remind you, Charlie frowns on revenge, Jane.

So, Ms. Houghlin, your file says you are a systems engineer on the Calisto project.

Uh, you know about Calisto?

We know about a lot of things.

That you graduated top of your class at MIT, you take Krav Maga, you ride your bike to work.

You think yellow is one of your colors when, in fact, it's no one's.

That you could be dating more if you played up the cheekbones in your online profile pictures.

What we don't know is why someone wants you dead.

I know it can be fixed.

Let's take this one step at a time.

There's a flaw in the system.

What's the flaw?

Calisto can be weaponized.

I mean, I can fix it. But right now, any decent hacker, curious or criminal enough, could turn Calisto into an EMP on the human body.

An electromagnetic pulse.

A brain seizure, essentially.

Yes. See? I know stuff.

It disrupts the neural networks and looks like a stroke or an aneurysm.

So it can be used without a trace of evidence.

A perfect assassination machine.

Yeah. And it can be triggered remotely across the network that I created.

Dope. See, that is what you can do if you pay attention in school. Who knows about this?

I filed a report after it almost killed my colleague during a security test, but I think it was buried.

My report, not my colleague. No.

Julio is fine. He, uh...

He just can't speak or see color anymore.

It's not in production yet?

No, we're behind schedule, but there are six prototypes in the Brok facility vault, plus the one at my lab that I was using to program the fix, which...

Let's get those prototypes out of there.

Uh, I'm sorry. Can we just hit pause for a second, please?

Does your company have a website with an employee directory with photos?

Yes, but Brok Industries is equipped with insane security.

There's no way... There we go.

Do you think she still has security clearance?

If she doesn't, we'll know the threat comes from within, so either way...

We get the information we need. No, no, no.

No, no.

Ooh! No.

No, no, no. I...

Huh. Hm...

Bowl cuts. Bowl cuts.

Bowl cuts.

Bowl cuts.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Just trying to get to work, Ralph.

Well, I gotta do my job too.


New look, huh? Mm-hm.

I like it a lot.

Aren't you holding people up, Ralph?

Well... you have yourself a good day.

And don't... Don't forget to smile, yeah?


How...? How did you even get in the...?

Oh, God. What did you do to Pradeep?

Pradeep Prasad.

Nothing. Pradeep's fine.

I nabbed his ID card from the gym this morning.



Hi. Hi.

And Sven?

I compressed his carotid and deoxygenated his brain stem.


Well, that sounds painful.

Yeah, it's like taking a nap.

You smell burnt toast, then everything goes dark.

Hey, don't worry, he's gonna wake up.

Heh, unless he doesn't.

What...? We should go.

If we're in the building when they do their sweep, we're going to German prison.

Hm, and then it's schnitzel. All the time.

Not such a bad deal, actually.

Sabina, you get Calisto from the vault.

Elena, you get the prototype from your lab.

I'll keep security distracted.

Okay. You ready?

Yeah. High five. Girl power.


Thank you.

No puking.

Buggy piece of shit.

Whoa... No.

Boz, you with us? I'm here. What do you got?

Calisto's gone. It's not here.

Someone beat us to it.

The plot thickens. Can you get an ID?

There we go. Some guy. Peter Fleming.

Let's see what Elena comes back with.

Hold up. We might have another problem.

Your boy Pradeep just showed up.

Pradeep didn't spin?

But he signed up for the Groupon and everything.

Well, he's here.

Ralph? Yeah?

We've got Pradeep Prasad here.

The system says he's in the building.

Yeah, there's a glitch.

The computer thinks Elena Houghlin is...

Right now, I'm sending you an image of Elena Houghlin.

Get it to all our guys. I want her detained for questioning. Yes.

She's in her lab.

Let's go.

And here comes the cavalry.

The heat is assembling, ladies.

Oh, they know.

All right, meet me at the pickup.

Sabina? This one's real hard.

I need you to exhibit some attention-seeking behavior.

I have so many ideas.


Where is she?

Where is she? I don't know.

Wait, wait, wait. What?

Now I got her. Where?



Guys, she's on 11. Level 11, women's restroom.

Hi. Uh, who are you?

Shh. Sit down. Hands where I can see them.

Are you with Health and Safety?

God, these things are impossible to open.

Um, you're really not supposed to be touching things in here unless you're supposed to be touching things in here.

You put your mouth on it.

Twenty billion bacteria reside in the human mouth.

You're adorable.

Jane? Jane, is that you flirting?


Stop! Hey!


Oh, come on.

You ready?

Hey! Hey!

Sorry! Hey!

Oh, my God!

Get back here!

Who has eyes on her?

She set a fire on four.

We are following her to three.

Let's go, guys! Come on. Three? She was on 11.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

What did you...?

Hold this. Okay.

Oh, that's... That's not you.


Hold this. Okay.

Can you unzip me?

Yeah, yeah. Uh...



You don't want your...? Keep it!

Hello? Hey, Susan.

Mr. Fleming would like you in the lab right away.

I'll be right there. Okay. Thanks.

Did you see her? Yes.

Not on-screen. With your eyes!

You go there, you go there. Now! Okay!

I'm out.

I'm out.

Main lobby. I see her! Where?!

Lobby level. Lobby level!

Let's go, guys. Come on!

Put your hands where I can see them.

Get on the ground! Now!

Let me see your hands!

Do it! What for?

I don't know. I don't know! Ah!

I don't know what for. What are you looking for? Ah!

Sorry, Susan.

"Susan Olsen."

Put all the exits on lockdown. Sweep from the bottom up.

Jane. I got it.

The unit's gone. We need to go. Someone beat us to it.

Are you kidding? They were stolen?

Oh, no, no, no! Oh!

Oh! God!

Any ideas? Is there another way out?

Wait, wait. I can hack this.

Turn it into an EMP, overload the electronics in the door.

Won't that kill us in the process?

It's short proximity. We should be okay if we keep our distance.

How far? Uh...

Here is far enough, I guess.

You guess? Do scientists usually guess?

Of course. It's the first step in the scientific method.


Calisto, short-range power burst.

Okay, it's powering up. It's powering up.

This should work.

Ralph. No.


I have time. No.

I have to. I have to. No. No. Stay here!

Ralph? Ralph. Get over here now.

There you are. Ralph, it's about to blow.

I can't stop it. Get over here.

You think I'm gonna listen to you?

Ralph, come! Get over here now! Put hands where I can see them!

Let's get out of here. Do we need that?

No, it's useless now. Then leave it.

Move it or lose it, ladies. Let's go. We gotta go.

Come on, come on. Get in.

Do you think Ralph's gonna be okay?

Oh, yeah. I'm sure he's fine.

He seemed fine, right? Yeah.

I'm sure... I'm sure he's okay. I'm sure he's fine.

Oh, well, that's a shame.

Obviously, this is a disappointing setback, but we have time.

Do you know what? Just get John on the phone.


Well, then wake him up.

Everything all right?

Can I have your phone?

Bosley, 342.

Welcome to the Berlin outpost of the Townsend Agency.

Is there food? I'm starving.

All women are starving all the time.

Mi chico. Here they are. Welcome back.

Mi amor, como estas?

Very bien. Good.

Cool. Well...


You owe me a burpee now, okay?

Hey. Bombay sister. How are you? Master.

Good to see you.

This is Elena. Pleasure to meet you.

Saint. Wow.

Wow. You have this beautiful energy.

Thank you. Yeah.

Oh, Jesus. Oh, wait, what?

Oh, my God. Yeah, um... Oh, no.

I would love to apply a firm touch to your back.

Do you consent? Yeah, sure.

Okay. Just let me try to find this.

Oh! Oh. Oh, yeah.

Oh. Good?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Amazing.

Displaced rib. Very common.

If you ever need additional adjustments, I'm here for you.

The Saint takes care of our health and well-being.

Keeps us in fighting shape Yeah. Well, I try.

He feeds our mind, body and soul.

Oh, should we take a moment to remember Edgar?

I prepared a mini feast to honor our beautiful friend.

I got Pecorino Nero, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Manchego, and, of course... Thanks.

He loved Brie. Yeah.

Ah! And wine. Especially wine.

Wow, I thought you guys were gonna serve, like, bean sprouts and wheatgrass.

Eating is all about the intention you put into your meal.

If you honor the cow, the cheese is gonna be good for you.

By the way, I understand the circumstances that brought you here have been stressful.

So stressful. If you ever need to talk, I'm a licensed psychotherapist.

Wow. I can really see why you guys call him...

The Saint. Yes. Okay.

Oh, electrolyte-enhanced water? Mm, fine.

Oh, and also try this. It's really good for your breath.

Oh, thank you. Good.

I sent the ID of the last person to access the vault through our search system, ran every CCTV and security cam in Hamburg.

Fleming. That's my... That's the guy that buried my report.

Hm. Look. There.

He was at the airport five hours ago.

So he's left Germany. With the case.

He knows exactly what Calisto can do.

He knows what it's worth on the black market.

If he's selling it, he'd want you out of the way.

I'm broadening the search. I'm sorry.

Fleming tried to have me killed?

Maybe. Maybe at the direction of a buyer.

Bad guys don't like loose ends, you made a fancy new toy...

But I worked for him. I mean... he flirted with me.

Oh, honey.

A man can love you and want you dead.

Ha, not me.

There was a gunfight at my wedding.

Wait, you're married? No. I was the better shot.

All right. I need cheese.

"Cheese." Is that a code for something?

Yes. It's code for "I'm 40 and single, and I have a cheese-size hole in my soul to fill."

I also have vegan ice cream for your soul.

You really know what I need.

I should have just gone around Fleming and not followed some stupid chain of command.

Gone directly to Brok. But, no, I just rolled over.

You're probably the last people that would know what that feels like.

I grew up with major abandonment issues.

It led to some pretty self-sabotaging behavior, which landed me in various institutional facilities.

Charlie bailed me out.

And if it wasn't for Charlie...

I'd probably be dead or back in prison, so I feel you.

I pretty much grew up on the corner of powerless and ashamed.

Wait. You grew up on Park Avenue. Aren't you an heiress?

More money, more problems.

So, what about you? How did Charlie find you?

Jane is former MI6. Youngest recruit ever.

You worked for British intelligence?

She said "former."

I also followed the rules.

The chain of command didn't work out so well for me either.

Ralph's dead.

I killed Ralph.

I'm... I'm a murderer.

No. No, no, no.

Collateral damage.

I wouldn't take that on.

The point is, if Calisto falls in the wrong hands...

I mean, we have to get it back before it hurts more people.

Well, now's our chance.

Mr. Fleming just cleared passport control in Istanbul.

Oh, no. No.

What's your problem with Istanbul?

I got food poisoning from undercooked lamb and yogurt sauce I left out, but then I got hungry.

What about you? Not that.

Will you excuse us?

We'll be right back.

I wanna be sure that assassin stays away from us.

We should keep this quiet until we know who all the players are.

We don't know what this Calisto is or who wants it, so let's play it safe.

What about Ralph-killer in there?

Take her to the closet, gear her up.

And if anybody asks, we're going to Brazil.



What about Elena Houghlin?

I think you know what to do.

I took it apart.

Nothing. No tracker.

It's not emitting any signals.

What had you worried?

To be honest, I don't know.

A feeling.

Something in the bones. Hmph.

Old habits.

Perhaps it's simply that you miss the job.

We all get old, my friend.

Retirement is not a death sentence.

Says the man who refuses to retire.

Mm, come on.


Something in the bones, indeed.

Who would do this to you?

Someone who knows I'm on to her.

Thank you.

Look at this.

This is the closet of my dreams.

And I just get to take whatever I want?

Borrow. Oh.

Is that an actual rule?

Okay. So you wanna start with a protective base layer.

I recommend a beaded camisole. Yeah?

Oh. Some kind of polymer material.

Uh, bulletproof, composite body armor.

It was originally developed as a protective layer for spacecraft.

Yeah. And it's a bra that doesn't dig. Progress.

How we doing down here?

Ah, we're still in the first closet.

There's another closet?

Hm. Armory open.

Jane, I wanna show you something.

Whoa. Come on, check it out.

Here, try these on. Oh, thank you.

Why? What do they do? Whoa!

What do they do? Whoa.

Huh. You're younger than I thought.

I've lived hard.

Think you can put that MIT degree to use with something like this? What is it?

Universal Interface. Lets you hack into almost anything.

Mm-mm, not almost anything. Everything.

So here's the new baby. What's that?

High-velocity rifle, customized to fire tranquilizer darts.

The load: nonlethal, fast-acting, very potent.

Jane, you have a new cuddle buddy.

Oh, Jesus.

Shall we fit Elena with comms?

I think so.

Oh, that in-ear radio thing you guys have?

Ah, even better.

It's a subdermal transmitter.

Works through bone conduction. See?

So I'm getting a tattoo?

Uh, no. Tattoos are earned by Angels over time.

You'll get a less permanent version.

Yeah, comms are concealed in the link.

As long as you have it on, you can hear us.

Cool. Hey, can I take these mints?

No. Avoid the mints.

Actually, let's just stop the touching around here.

You know, some of this blows up. Oh.

This place is amazing.

It's the crossroads of the world. Danger and money.

We need to figure out where Mr. Fleming's meeting his buyer and get Calisto back before it becomes every bad guy's favorite new weapon.

Like suitcase nukes. Pet tigers.

Jet Skis. Sea-Doos.

Cars that go fast really furiously.

So how do we find him?

Well, we're off the agency's grid here, so...

How do we find him? We hit the streets. We go old-school.

We sling some bills. We get violent.

I feel like a tiger today, maybe a leopard.

But either way, I am down to get wild.

I might have a contact here.

An asset from when I was with MI6.

Uh, "might" as in?

As in she definitely lives here, and she definitely hates me.

Practice your English?

Good morning. Good morning. Well done.

Candy! Candy.

Still spoiling the local kids?

You. Get away from me.

Fatima, wait. Please, just talk to me.

Talk to someone else. I can't get involved with you again.

Fatima, please wait.

I waited for you already.


And I wasn't there for you, but I don't work for MI6 anymore.

I work for these people now. I don't care.

I don't help you.

You know why.

They are very well-funded. Non-governmental, NGO.

They can get whatever you need to get up and running today.

No waiting. No broken promises.

Thank you.

It's only tea.

What do you want from me?

Have you seen this man?

Maybe... you know someone who has.

Please. I can help you.

Rebuild the clinic.

You can help me now? I'm sorry.

I believed them when they told me my asset was safe.

And I believed you, but I lost everything.

I had to turn away unwed mothers I could no longer help.

I know.

It's why I quit.

But let me rebuild our trust.

I brought you the usual.

It's right outside.

Show me.

I can get you another shipment in six months.


So how long will it take for your sources to find our guy?

Because we really need to...

Is this what the doctor ordered?

Okay. Let's get this off the street.

All right.

Good job, Jane.

Your man is in a hotel. The Pasha Hotel.

The Ibrahim Pasha?

Do you know anybody who can get us into his room?

Of course.

I will take the van too.

Of course.

Pasha. Let's go.

Let's learn all we can about Mr. Fleming's trip to Istanbul.

When Fleming goes out, we go in.

Double his devices. Gather all his communications.

The when, the where, the who.

He's been looking at property in Costa Rica.

And he's got an offshore bank account.


What about me? What should I do?

Seeing as you're supposed to be dead, why don't you relax.

Fleming could recognize you, and we can't risk it.

No, thank you. Full.

Let's get in there.

Jane, he's almost there.

Sabina, text him now.

Sir, is everything all right?

No, I can't find my hat.

Let me help you with that.

Your hat. Thank you. Yes. Thank you.

Have you seen my phone?

Your bag. Oh, thanks.

Oh, there it is. Thank you.

Alrighty, here it is. We filtered his communications, and it seems Mr. Fleming is selling Calisto tomorrow at the Turkish derby.

Veliefendi Hippodrome.

Of course, this particular racetrack is popular with a syndicate of wealthy businessmen.

No doubt with connections to international arms deals, drug trade and...

All parties who might be interested in Calisto.

Familiarize yourselves: syndicate members, wealthy horse owners expected to attend.

Flag anyone Fleming could be in business with.

I wanna help.

Look, I am not just some frightened girl in your witness protection program.

If you need help getting in and out of someplace, I can do it.

I can hack any system, and I can do it fast.

You need me, Mrs. Bosley.

And don't tell me I can't do it because I know I can.

I am... I'm done sitting still. I'm...

I've had a taste. I want more.

I want in.

You know, I once saw a really fat baby giving Eskimo kisses to a kitten.

And that was more adorable.

Also, it's implied that you're coming because you're in this briefing.

Yeah, she gave you the universal hacking tool and the bracelet, right?

Mm-hm. Yeah.

But how'd that feel? It looked like it felt really good.

Felt nice. I was just gonna give you the tablet once I was done. Mm.

Uh, carry on. Great.

As I was about to say, there's a lot of ground to cover, so we're gonna need to spread out.

Elena, you'll be our eye in the sky.

The track's mainframe's located just inside the press box.

We'll get you in. You hack into the security cameras.

Watch for Mr. Fleming.

Jane's on crowd control.

Turkish derby attracts thousands of spectators who need to be scanned and assessed.

Start low, go high.

From your nest, you can provide tactical support.

Take out any threats to the operation.

Sabina, you'll run the ground game.

Once the target's on site, you make the grab.

We need Fleming, his buyer and Calisto.

No loose ends.

I'll take care of the transportation and prep for extraction.

We're taking everybody out of there with us.

I have just the vehicle to do it.

Okay, and I'm in.

Hey, Jane.

Ah, there you are.

Comm check. Sabina.


Jane. Good.

Elena. Good.

Don't talk into your bracelet.

I just missed a superfecta.

Better luck in the third run, I hope.

Hey, what's your bet?


The blue one.


Six minutes to post time. Anybody see anything?

Nothing yet.

Jane, you got anything yet?


Excuse me, who is that?

Alim Hassan.

Qatari prince.

Oh, "Qatari prince." Yeah, serious money.

"Serious money." Owns hundreds of horses.

"Owns hundreds of horses"? Yeah.

We get it. He's rich.

Is he the buyer?

I don't have an angle.

Sabina! Fleming.

That's him. Light blue suit!

Yeah, he's here.

That's definitely him. Sabina?

Got him.

He has the goods.

Moving in.


In my sights. Boz?

The ride is ready.

He's talking to somebody. Gray suit.

Is that the buyer?

It's the assassin. Bae showed up.

If you think you're killing him before I kill him I'll kill you first.

Take the shot, Jane. Bag him.

In the car? All right.

Oh, shit. They're in the Mercedes.

There's no sale here. We gotta go! Get down here.

I'm coming!

Shit, shit!


Get a tracker on that Mercedes!

On it!

Come on! Hyah!

Come on.

Coming in!

Come on. Move, move, move.

Come on, Elena! I'm coming!

Go, go, go!

Come on!

Giddyup. Sabina!

Hey, guys. Get in here.

Okay, punch it.

Here we go! Great job! Whoo!

How did you...? I didn't know you could jump horses.

More money, more horses. Huh.

Can somebody please track this mofo?

We cannot tail him in this.

Hold on.

They're headed north out of town.

We've left city limits.

There's nothing out here but a rock quarry.

Bring up the specs.

I'll circle until you signal.

The sale will definitely go down here.

Let's take everything. We don't know who's in there.

I-I think I'm a little overdressed.

Okay, um...

You need this.

I see a way in.

Ja... Jane! Jane!

Come on.


In your dreams.


Hey, he's gonna wake up. Come on.

You've got all the dots.

I signaled you, you went rogue.

Should we toss him? Yeah, let's do it.

Man. Whoever Fleming's in business with, he is in way over his head.

Seal that gate. Lock them in.

Then lock yourself in here. Okay.

These are for you.

They are not mints.

You got it? Not mints.

Let's go. Lock this. Not mints.

No, I know. Lock it!

Okay, the gate is locked. Only other exit is up three stories.

Nicely done, Elena.

There he is.

Mr. Fleming. Yes.

That's Australian Jonny.

Didn't we hand him over to the Americans?

Well, he's here.

If you think you're gonna kill me before I kill him...

What was the thing you said?

So, uh, you are...?

I represent a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous.


Let's have a look. Of course.

Guys, that's Calisto.

There we go.

The money?


Plus wire transfer.


But before we close the deal, my employer would like a little demonstration just to make sure the devices do what you say.

You want me to kill somebody?


No, I don't, but my employer insists.

So, yes. Pick anybody.

Obviously, don't pick me. Uh...

Sidam, go get somebody. Uh, no, no, no.

Uh, I-I-I gave you the report.

It's all outlined in there, so that was never part of the deal.

Well, Mr. Fleming, it is now.

Look, it's a complicated process. Obviously, I don't...

You don't even know how it works, do you?

It'll require root access or a world-class hacker.

Whoa, whoa!

What are you thinking? Bloody hell!

That was not part of the plan, Mr. Hodak!

Damn it!

Boz, Fleming is down.

The assassin works for Jonny Smith.


We need to engage. Ready for exfil?

Let's get out of here! Someone grab that. Get me out of here.

Boz, they are leaving.

Go, no-go?

Where the hell is she?

I can't see her anywhere.

It won't open.

Well, then fix it.

Go upstairs and fix it.

Oh, no. Guys, someone's coming.

He's headed your way.


Up there! Shit.

Find them! Oh, my God. Guys?

Go! What's happening?

I'll take the assassin. Cover me.

Go. Go, go, go!

Oh, Miss Independent.

Um... Uh, just a minute!

Um, ocupado.

Whoa! Oh...

Who are you? Gah! Oh!

Stay away. I know Krav Maga.

Where you learn? Shopping mall?

One! Two! Three!

Krav Maga! Yeah.

Don't shoot.

Jonny Australia, the pleasure is all yours.

Come on.

Jane, where's that sleepy-neck button?

I'm a little busy. Figure it out!


Elena? Help me!


Thanks, Elena.

I have dreamed of this moment since the day I met you. Except your hair was longer.

But I like this too. This is great.

Hey. Don't even think about it. You want to run away with me?

Oh, you're so desperate.

Hey, stop right... Elena!

I want to live to see you again!

Close the gate!

Too late!

Jane, where are you?!

The assassin's getting away!



Who are you?

Elena, stop this thing!


Give me the case!



Hold on! Elena!


Oh, God. Oh, no!

Come on. Elena? I need you, man! I need you!

Sabina, stay to the side!


Get me out of here!

Stop it!


It's about to get very crush-y in here!

Jane, we need you!

I've nearly got it!

Jane, hurry!


I'm on my way.

Sabina, reach up.

Jane! Jane!

This one! This one! There!

Oh, thank God.

Oh, God.

You all right, Sabina?!

Yeah. Better late than never.


Oh, it's the wrong side.

Hey, did the rookie just tranq herself?


Where's your boyfriend?

Hodak. The assassin? Gone.

Took Calisto with him.

Where's Jonny? He scurried off.

He's a little bitch.

Where's Boz?

We probably shouldn't be caught standing over a dead body.

Not dressed like this, no.

Is she dead?

You want to touch her?

Come on.

Touch her.

She feels alive!

You woke her up.

Hey, you.

Are we on a boat?


Bosley! Boz?

Mrs. Bosley?


Do Bosleys usually leave?

No, this is all wrong.

So she's gone? Well, we were made, so maybe she wanted to do a sweep.


Or she's...

What? No. Boz was the first Angel to be promoted to Bosley. She's one of us.

She would not be the first Angel to turn.

It's happened. You know the history.

It was her idea to steal Calisto from the lab.

Exactly. But Fleming beat her to it.

It's been our mission the entire time to get this thing back, and it just keeps slipping us, like...

We're better than that. It's... It's her.

Fleming's dead. Calisto's gone.

And so is she.

Jonny said he represented somebody...

What if it's Boz?

That's my room.


Charlie sends love. You're in grave danger.

Get out of there now! Guys?


Elena, stay down! Stay down!

Elena, stay down! Stay down!

I'm Bosley.

Let's get you out of here.





Hey. Sabina.

She means a lot to you.

We're new friends.

I think.

It's been a really tough week.

I can't lose her too.

What are you doing?

Oh! Oh, God.

Ow! Oh, God, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Why are you crying?

Oh, I'm not crying. Heh.

Well, you are. That's...

That's what's...

Okay, fine, yeah, I'm crying.

But I didn't think that you... cared about me.



Because you don't think I have any feelings.

No, I...

I can be really annoying.

Most of the time.

You can be so annoying.

I don't try to be. It just sort of...

I don't have the filter thing people have.

Hey. I don't know what this is made of, but it saved your life.


Where's Elena?

I don't know.

We have to find her, so I called in for some help.

Because I got blown up? Yeah.

But also because... you convinced me I don't have to do everything by myself.

Well done.

Hello, Angels. You owe me an explanation.

This is not Brazil.

Hey. I brought supplies.

Homemade kombucha with probiotics.

And the best part...

I brought a friend.

You. You trai...

Hey! Jane.

I'm not the mole.

Then why are you here?

The same reason you are.

I should be dead.

She called me right after you did.

I have an herbal compress for the bruises.

Nobody wants that. Okay. Keep your bruises.

So then who?

Make yourself at home. Thank you.

I had some clothes sent up.

Take your pick.

Um, why so formal?

I'm sorry, is this another headquarters?

Have you heard from Jane and Sabina? Will they come?

So inquisitive.

Curiosity of a cat.

Or a ferret.

It's the scientist in you, isn't it?

Just trying to understand my situation.

You wanted an audience with Mr. Brok to discuss Calisto.

Well, soon you'll have one.

But Calisto's been stolen now, so I...

Well done.

Satisfying when a plan comes together.

We'll give you some privacy.

Oh, my...

No way. Oh, yes.

I've been tracking him for weeks.

When he landed in Istanbul, I knew I needed to get to him before he got to you.

Boz, they are leaving. Go, no-go?


Damn it!

I'm sorry I left the quarry, but... more sorry I was too late.

I just can't believe that. A Bosley?

Mm, you had no trouble believing it was me.

You heard that? Mm.

Australian Jonny.

The one that got away. Yeah, again.

The last time we saw him, we were in Rio, and then... You pushed me off a roof.

You have got to get over that. Oh, my God.

I am. Just processing.

So then the last person to see him was...

Was Bosley. Exactly.

When Jonny didn't make it to jail, Charlie suspected Bosley had gone rogue.

It turns out he's building his own network, selling his services to the highest bidders.

He's using us to date criminals now?

Yeah. Jonny, Mr. Hodak, that assassin, they work for Bosley.

He always seemed like kind of a weirdo.

Freaky. English.

So Bosley has Elena. Mm-hm.

Do we know where? Of course we know.

There's trackers in most of the clothes.

You have a lot of leather jackets at your apartment.

See, I told you it was borrow and not take. Shh shh...

Brok is hosting a party at his compound. Elena's there.

Every year, he brings together the wealthy and beautiful for his annual Vision Party.

This year, he's planning to present Calisto to investors.

Why would Bosley want to take Elena to Brok?

Bringing the Birdman back to Alcatraz, I guess.

The who?

It's a movie. Burt Lancaster.

Birdman. Michael Keaton.

No, Michael Keaton is Batman. No, Ben Affleck is Batman.

I mean, is he?

Am I the only person here who knows who Burt Lancaster is?

I'm concussed. Doesn't matter.

It's an old movie. It's from... How old are you?

How old am I? What? That has nothing to do with it.

I don't have your references. There are film buffs of all ages. Let's go get our girl.

What do you want with me?

Did you raid your mom's closet for this?

What else of hers do you play with?

I've spent an entire career estimating the talents of women.

And you, my dear, are marvelously clever.

You betrayed them.

You betrayed the Angels.

Well, I no longer work for the Townsend Agency.

I was retired.

So you are going to show me how to hack this and reprogram root access... to me.

You thought Fleming could do it.

He always had a habit of claiming credit he didn't deserve.

How long will it take? Forever. I'm not touching it.

Ha, ha, you think you have a choice.

It's adorable.

They'll send... They'll send love.

They'll send love.

Ooh, feisty. You've been studying.

I hope they come.

The compound has nearly 60 rooms on four levels.

There's 36 security guards contracted for the party, plus Brok's private crew.

That's my song!

Oh, did you want one?

I'm good. Okay, let's do this.

Elena's being held on the top floor, northwest corner.

She's our priority.

Oop! Hey. This is a private floor.

I'm just turned around. This place is huge.

I was looking for the bathroom.

It's just that I really need to pee.

Am I in the wrong place? I thought may...

Sweet dreams.

We're in.

Why are you doing this?

To neutralize an enemy discreetly and anonymously.

That's a gold standard in my business.

What you deem a flaw, I deem a gift.

One that not only provides power... but confers it as well.

Whoa, what are you doing in my office?

Mr. Brok? Oh, my God. Thank God. Please help me.

What is she doing here? These men...

John, I'm a little confused. I thought you handled her.

Handled me?

It was you?

You wanted to sabotage me.

What were you expecting, flowers?

A handwritten thank-you note?

Get rid of her already.

Actually, I believe that she can still prove useful.

Do you even know who he is? Yes. My global security chief.

John's just recovered Calisto from Peter Fleming, that shortsighted, greedy traitor.

They killed him. They killed Fleming.

Whoa, whoa, la-la-la-la-la!

This is the problem with you, right?

You keep telling me shit I can't know.

Plausible deniability. You ever heard of it?

You're a terrible employee.

Yeah, and who cares if people die, right?

As long as the investors are happy.

Grow up, little girl.

Calisto is about to change the world.

If you want to bake a cake, you got to break a few eggs.

It's omelet. If you're gonna compare dead people to eggs, could you at least use the correct phrase?

I shouldn't be here, ha, ha. You're a security threat.

You take care of her and finish what you started.

That's exactly the plan.

Oh, excuse me. I have a party to host.

Yo, Tats, move. Take a seat, Mr. Brok.

Uh, no.

Sorry, what the hell's happening here?

Oh, my God.

Let me out now.

Sorry, you work for me.

All right, all of you work for me!

You dumbass. Ha, ha.

Why are you laughing?

You idiot.

They're stealing Calisto from you.

They're gonna use it as a weapon. To assassinate people.

Beep, bop, bloop.

Bloop, beep, bloop, boop, boop!

That ought to do it. I think so.

If you would grant root access, please, Mr. Brok.

Heh, you're crazy. Heh, heh.

I'm not giving you my access.

You could alter the blockchain.

You could ruin it. You could literally ruin everything.

Ow! Ow!

Our intention is for Calisto to be released into the market as planned.

In fact, the more units there are out there for me to hack into, the better.

Don't do it. They've killed everyone who knows about this except you and me.

Mr. Brok is complicit in the deaths of two people.

Oh... Now, I am very happy to inform my former colleagues in law enforcement.

Hello, Alexander.

Root access granted.

♪ All I do is win, win, win ♪

♪ No matter what Got money on my mind ♪

♪ I can never get it off ♪ Do you want to answer that?


♪ All I do is win, win, win No matter what ♪ Yes.

♪ ...on my mind I can never get it off ♪ Oh, great. It's an attempted access alert on my personal safe.

You're up, my dear.

Go to hell.

Well, let me see if I can change your mind.

Perhaps if I gave you another delightful surprise.

♪ Ah ♪

Langston. Oh, my God.

He's been in there all the time.

You hid a person in my Louis XIV?

What is wrong with you?

No sense of humor, that's your problem.

I was hoping it would be you.

Bitch. Fair warning.

Since we last met, I made a friend.

Jane, what's the update?

Yeah! We're almost done with him.

You sit tight.

Switching root access.

Name and thumbprint.

John Bosley.

Hello, John. Root access granted.

Done. Good girl.

I'll have to check, of course, that it's actually working.

Calisto, short-range power burst.

No override. Ah, whoa, whoa!

What are you doing? It will kill us.

Don't be daft. It will kill her.

And what's-his-name. Not us.

We're gonna be downstairs enjoying your party. Come on.

You want me to go down there and pretend everything's fine?

Everything is fine.

You're gonna disrupt the power industry!

Go, you.

You know, retirement is better than I expected.

I'm so sorry, Langston. Oh, God!


That guy is a total dick.

Did you get it? Yeah, girl, I got you.

Of course I got it.

Have fun, guys.

See ya!

Excuse me. Sorry! Hey.

Whoop! Yow!

This is your party, Alex. Enjoy it.

The world is on fire, Alex.

But I'm sure your generation is gonna figure it out.

Hey, help us! There must be a key somewhere.

You see, it was my mentor, Edgar, who taught me how to win a fight.

You thought you beat me twice before? No.

I was learning.

You've got seven moves, Mr. Hodak.

I know them all.

Seven moves... and a fragile ego.

Why is this happening?!

Got her. Good job.

Yes! Oh, ho, ho! Sabina! Oh, my God.

You came for me. Look at you.

Why is that thing doing that? Oh, that? That's nothing.

I just programmed it to light up and make noises.

You two, with me.

Directly to the exit, please. Get this man help.

Calm down. Get out. Everybody go.

Just get out.

Do you really think you'd kill me, old badger?

You know, Rebecca, I really did.

My name is Bosley, and I'm gonna kick your ass.

You expect me to go quietly after 40 years?

This is what I do.

You're outmanned, Angel.

You always have been.

Kill her.

Send the love.


You've been busy.

How did you...?

It's just business, John.

He's with me now.

I see.

You know, I built this agency from the ground up.

It was supposed to be mine after Charlie died.

I was pushed out.

What did you expect me to do? Take up gardening?

You thought you made us. We made you.

Yeah, we trusted you, you dick. Good nigh...

I was in the middle of my speech.


All right, well...

Sweep it clean, Angels. Good job.

So you want to go to California and train to be an Angel?

What? I...

Really? You...

Oh, my God. We are recruiting you.

To be an Angel like... you and Jane? Let's go.

What do you think we've been doing?

I don't know.

I thought you were smart.

Isn't that your thing?

It's done, Charlie.

And I decided what to do with Elena Houghlin.

What's that? She's our new recruit.

Good. Thank you, Boz.

Good. Thank you, Boz.

I appreciate the call.

I appreciate the call.

What do you do in California? Ever jumped out of a plane?

I don't really do heights. Oh, um...

Have you swam with sharks? Hey! It's you.

How long can you hold your breath?

Sharks? Not long.

Oh, hey. Hi.

What happened to you?

Wait, you guys know each other?

Yeah, I was eating a sandwich. Yeah.

I came in, and you gave me the... The phosphorus.

That's my favorite chemical.

Because you were... Exactly, mixed with...

Um, did you...?

Did you do that?

Oh, uh, yeah.

I think he, uh, finally got the point.

Is that a pun? Because you impaled him?

Are you doing, like, a joke thing for the handsome nerd?

Of course not. I mean, it's working, if that is what you're doing.

So if I'm trying to get in touch with you, how would I do that? Oh, don't worry. I'll find you.

You did that?


Elena Houghlin.

Kelly Garrett.

Welcome to the Townsend Agency.

You lifted coming into the last corner.

You got to trust it. Go again.

Hands up. No fear.

Fight through the pain.


Try to last 90 seconds this time.

You must clip the wires in the correct order, or you will...

Done! ...blow up.

Good job not dying, Houghlin.

The rest of you, clean up and start again.

Houghlin, get up! Let's go! Ten seconds to jump!

Everybody up! Okay.

I'm not freaking terrified at all! Let's go!

Heaven above, watch over us today.

Don't make me a literal angel.

I've been training for this moment my whole life!

All right, recruits! One final challenge!

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg made this jump in '99...

RBG is an Angel?

Forget I said that!

Let's make it happen!

Be the love!

Go, Chloe, go! Let's go!

Get out of there! Let's go!

Where do you think you're going?

You need to land this bird, Houghlin.

I hope I see you on the ground.

I really, really do.



Shit. Okay, okay.

Oh, my God.


Oh, I've missed her! Yes, yes!

That's it, baby! Bring her down!

Yes, yes, yes! Yeah!

Woo-hoo! Yes!


There she is! Yes!

Good job. You did it!

Thank you for coming.

Of course you did. I landed.

Dude, we weren't worried.

A little worried. I know.

Let me smell your breath.

She didn't even puke! Oh!

Oh, my gosh.


Okay! Sign the chair, make it official. Don't think about it.

Here we go, here we go. Shots, shots, shots!

Please, please, please. Yeah!

You made it through training.

Okay, I'm so nervous, you guys.

Oh, my God! Here.

Oh, shots. I need it. That'll help.



You ready? Ass in the chair, lady.

Let's go. Okay, okay.

Oh, God. Guys, I think I want mine there.

Is that a good place? I don't think that hurts as much.

That's very sweet. Okay, on a scale of one to 10, how much does it hurt? Be honest.

Just tell me. I no longer feel pain.

Less than a bullet, more than a piercing.

Great. I have no reference for that. Thank you.

Good morning, Angels. Good morning, Charlie.

Elena, congratulations.

Thank you, Charlie.

All right. I'm ready if you are.

Hell, yeah. Give me my wings.