Chek dou (2015) Script

Miss Yuan, something is fishy.

12 bodies, 13 sets of DNA.

A flight attendant is missing.

According to our initial testing, we found traces of ZPF on the uniform.

It is an advanced fabric used only by U.S. paratroopers.

This is where we found the missing DNA.

Please come this way.

Where's the car?

I have seen it.

I have a feeling something big is coming down.

Anything else I should know about?

The radiation data is normal.

Send everything to the Blue House in Korea.

Also... meet me at the airport right away.

Xiao Zhang, I'm going abroad.

There are 9 of you. I'm counting to 9.

If nobody opens the door to the isloation room, I'll kill all of you.


2 You came to the wrong place.

The cubes infused are not in the isolation room.

Don't give me that.

Now there are 7 of you left.

I'll count to 7.


2 Don't kill me. I know where they are.

We're 30 minutes late.

Lieutenant Park, we can't wait any longer.

Give him 5 more minutes.

It's time. Shall we start?

Go ahead.

Where is Papa?

Hold him for me.

Min Ho,

we're about to start.

Let's go.

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to Myeong Gun.

Happy birthday to you.

Please blow the candle...


Didn't we say tomorrow morning?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Choi.

Time is tighter than expected.

You are crashing a banquet you're not invited to.

Where are your manners?


I'm sorry.

Please wait outside.

Yes, Sir.


Before we got married, I knew what you have done for the country.

I meant to give this to you tomorrow.

Make sure you bring this back.

Don't worry about us.

Take care of Myeong Gun.

Professor, the Police need your help.

Mr. Lee, we're not yet done with the drill.

What's the drill for?

Why me?

I'll level with you, Mr. Lee.

I don't like working with your department.

Everything is confidential.

How can I work with you when I don't know anything?


The NIS suspect their most wanted criminal, a man called Helios, and his assistant The Messenger have stolen cubes and a mobile device.

According to the intel intercepted by MI6, the device will change hands in Hong Kong.

The specialists from Korea are on their way here.

Now you know what I know and it'll stay that way.

This is all confidential.

You have a right to know since we recruited you.

You're only a physics professor, not Snowden.

Wait for me over there.


Colonel Choi, thank you for your help.

It's my honor.

We're still waiting for someone.


Colonel Choi, thank you for your help.

I heard today was your son's birthday.

I sent a gift over to your house.

You're very kind.

I've checked up on you.

Honestly, I must apologize to your family on behalf of my father.

This country is heavily in your debt.

I don't know what to say.

Woo Cheol is one of our finest agents.

He will protect you.

Work with each other and come home safely.

I'm entrusting the safety of this country and the entire northeast Asia in your hands.

We'll do our best.

Mr. Lee.

Please put your mobile phone and personal belongings here.

Thank you.

Over there.

This is CIP Wong Kin Chung.

In addition to me, he will also liaise with the running of the task force.

All of you, these buyers are sneaky.

We have zeroed in on two locations.

CIB is already at work.

But before we head out, I'd like to hear the assessment of the Hospital Authority.

Mr. Wong, according to your initial risk assessment, it's an overload on our health care system, but we'll do our best.

The paperwork from Customs is almost ready.

50 swimming pools under LCSD are ready.

The Fire Department doesn't have enough manpower and equipment.

We'll work with whatever the Force can give us.

All I can say is... we'll do our best.

Is it that bad?

You knew when you came to me.

It'll only get worse.

Anymore input?

Hello, I'm the consultant on this task force.

I'm Professor Siu Chi Yan.

Judging from these pictures, you're treating this like Daya Bay.

Good thinking.

DC8 is a portable weapon developed by the Koreans unilaterally.

We have no clue how powerful it is.

I personally think, it's an extremely deadly device.

If our friends from the Hong Kong Police are confident they can stop this deal, let me give you some friendly advice.

During the interception, do not shoot the weapon.

Nobody knows what will happen.

It'll impact its stability to say the least.

Once you intercept it, ship it out at once.

For the sake of the safety of Hong Kong citizens, DC8 must go.

Forget detonation.

Even a simple leak given the current setup and training, Hong Kong simply cannot handle it.

If shit happens and someone is held accountable, it'll entail more than you saying we'll do our best and a job transfer.

Start Beep 2 According to the International Covenant, you can't have access to both sets of activation codes.

Woo Cheol, you'll keep one set.

I sent the other set to our agent stationed in Hong Kong.

She knows her way around and will contact you upon your arrival.

Yes, Sir.

Nice to meet you.

He's with the Hong Kong Police.

Welcome to Hong Kong.

Watch what you say.

Fan Ka Ming, CTRU.

Mr. Fan, I'm Choi Min Ho from NIS.

This is agent Park Woo Cheol.

You are welcome. Please come this way.

According the U.S. and U.K. intel, and our own investigation, we believe the deal will take place in 3 hours.

Excuse me.


General Lee told me to contact you.

Listen, I just got a reliable tip: the buyers changed the venue to a parking lot in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Okay, thank you.


Mr. Fan, I just found out the venue was changed to Tak Hing Street in Jordan.

Mr. Lee, we'll be ready in 10 minutes.

Mr. Fan, this is...

You're Choi Min Ho?

You look younger in the picture.

Did you just call me?

General Lee called me and wanted me to drop everything at the magazine.

I'm Agent Sin Mi Kyung of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I'm sorry, but how old are you?

It's because of your reputation that you haven't been frisked.

Thank you.

But I don't know who the fuck she is.

You have your bodyguards, I have mine.

I don't trust your bodyguard.

I don't like strangers.

Not even my reputation?

Do you mind?


Not until I see what's in the box.

No money, no box.

Whose fucking rules are you playing by?

My fucking rules.

10% to anyone who opens the box.

My business, only one rule counts.

The highest bidder wins.

I already have someone offering more than you.

If it wasn't for your reputation, I would not be here.

Or perhaps I was misinformed.

Trooper Ready.

Ranger Ready.

Unicorn Ready.


Take the Boss.

Go and check that out.

Get the guns.

Back out. Back out.

Officer down. They outgun us.

We need backup.


Mr. Fan, please allow Woo Cheol to join in the action.

As observers, you have no jurisdiction here.

Does that matter? What if something goes wrong?

Tam, keep an eye on them!

Yes, Sir! Please stay back.



Four officers down.

Get them out.

Frankie, cover me.


The cops are here.

Lower your weapon.


Hit the ground! 9 o'clock, cover me.



Fuck you.



Watch out.

Colonel Choi, the weapon was hit. It fell on the ground.

Yes, it was hit.

Let's do it.

Eyes are connected to the NIS office.

We can start.

November 6, Hong Kong 06:10.

Choi Min Ho of NIS to authenticate the weapon.

Weapon in question is placed inside a brown leather bag.

We must separate the weapon from the bag in order to authenticate the weapon.

Before you saw the weapon, you refused to assess its power.

If anything goes wrong with the weapon, everything you see now will all disappear.

Judging from the appearance, the device is a 90% look-alike of the DC8 prototype.

It appears the device has not been activated.

To play it safe, I suggest we authenticate it online.

I agree.


Except for online, there's no other way to authenticate it?

Mr. Choi, the notification from NIS never mentioned authentication meant activation of the weapon.

Mr. Lee, if this device is a fake, going online will do no harm.

If this is indeed our missing device, I can use the activation procedure to reset it to shutdown mode.

It's definitely safer than doing nothing.

Mr. Choi, I agree you should proceed with authentication.

The Police escort motorcade is ready to leave once authentication is complete.

Confirming mobile device DC8.

We begin authentication procedure.

The computer confirms this device is the DC8 prototype that was missing 16 hours ago.

Activate selection mode.

We have chosen "termination" mode.

First online authentication of DC8 complete.

Built in CPU is linked up to tablet PC.

Terminate detonation complete.

Good work.

Didn't expect our countries to team up in this regard.


Task force is ready to move the weapon.

How did it go, Mr. Choi?

We have confirmed this is our missing device.

The motorcade is ready.

Thank you.

Sorry, the weapon stays here.

Mr. Song?

You're making my life difficult!



The Koreans authenticated that thing.

Why won't you let them take it away?

This is not Lost & Found.

It's a matter of national security.

I need you to work with me.

If you keep the weapon in Hong Kong, how can I work with you on that?

Mr. Lee, there are certain things, because of your rank, I'm unable to share with you.


Like I said, it's a matter of national security.

China and the U.S. don't see eye to eye on many issues.

I'm sure you know that. I believe... the situation will change after this.

The Koreans confirmed the weapon and reset it to safety mode, right?

Just help me keep an eye on it.

I don't want any screw up.

This is 300m from the intel center and 500m underground.

It's the safest place for your weapon.

For now, we can only use wireless radio to communicate.

This is outrageous.

Why can't we ship the weapon home?

We're under house arrest?

The Security Bureau has spoken to the Director of NIS earlier.

That's bullshit.

NIS never agreed to let you detain the weapon.

We're going by the law, Mr. Consul.

What law is that?

The Central People's Government shall be responsible for the foreign affairs relating to the HKSAR.

Article 13 of the Hong Kong Basic Law.

The International Law should be applied in an international incident.

Please calm down, Mr. Consul.

We're looking at the big picture.

Shipping it out is the right thing to do.

But going by the Basic Law is not wrong either.

Is that his idea?

Pardon me.

Can I just say something?

Don't forget you're from Hong Kong.

As a physics consultant, technically, we're detaining a mobile weapon that the Koreans have unilaterally declared safe.

Do you know how dangerous that is?

We know it's a weapon of mass destruction.

Why do you want to keep it?

It doesn't make sense.

Except for political reasons

I see no other reason for it.

Will you do something so stupid?

This is not the first time I worked with civil servants, but this is the first time I get to see how members of this so-called task force... before and after this gentleman showed up, your attitude did an about-turn.


Hold on.

Would you like to hear what Mr. Song has to say?

After the proper diplomatic mediation, the weapon will be escorted out of Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Police and our Ministries of Foreign Affairs will handle the handover.

This is it.

Just like that?

Whose side are you on?

It's not about taking sides.

It's always about taking sides.

It's whether or not you have a conscience.

Don't forget... you're from Hong Kong too.

I'm only following my orders.

No one has used that tone with you before.

Still pissed?


Mr. Lee told me all members of the task force must stay at the intel center until this whole thing blows over.

But he was the first one to leave. How irresponsible.

And that Professor...

You call this a task force?

What a joke.

Shall we have a little pep talk?

Can I help you, sir?

Eric Lee to see Martin Koo.

What's so urgent?

You must have heard about Tsim Sha Tsui last night.

How bad was it?

We intercepted a weapon of mass destruction.

It's in a vault.


Tell me all you know.

Everybody out.

For the past decades, the U.S. has always objected to any weapon development by other countries, all in the good name of maintaining international order, when in fact, it boils down to protecting their own vested interests.

You won't give it, but people want it.

It's all a matter of supply and demand.

Spare me the political analysis.

Can you make contact?

You already have the weapon, why do you need to contact him?

The U.K. and the U.S. are pointing fingers at us, but Hong Kong is unusually quiet.

No news is good news.

There's something wrong when everybody shuts up.

You have any idea how many eyeballs are on Helios?

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you.

Take off your shoes.

I'm sorry.

Forget it.

Of course not.

We haven't been properly introduced.

Song An.

Song as in the dynasty, An as in saddle.

This is my assistant Yuan Xiaowen.

You understand Putonghua?

Thank you.

Nice tea. It hits the spot.

I know you're a busy man, but I didn't know you're that busy.

But still, please keep an eye on DC8.

Its safety is very crucial to what we're about to do.

Eric Lee promised me I could freely come and go at the intel center.

As for how often I check DC8, I don't need you to tell me.

Of course.

Hong Kong is the intel center in the Far East, but it has never been under attack, right?

I want to keep it that way.

I'm sure you do too.

I chose to settle the matter via diplomatic channels.

First, I want Korea to review the situation and find out why their security system is so fragile.

Second, I want the buyers to realize the odds and back off.

What do you think?

Arms dealing in the black market is only a form of smuggling.

It hardly qualifies as terrorism.

But we must take precautions.

If these people choose to do their business in Hong Kong, I want to send them a message. Where are we?

Hong Kong, it's part of China.

To oppose Hong Kong is to oppose China.

Do you understand?

When you came in, you must have seen the placards outside.

Like I always tell my students, we must defend one core value:

to respect people's freedom of speech.

Have some tea, Mr. Song.

A gentleman can agree to disagree.

I don't think your way is the only way to keep Hong Kong safe.

You must have your doubts, Professor.

Tell me how this sounds to you...

The safety of a region in terms of the overall interests of the whole country will crash and kill if you fail to manage it properly.

My job is to ensure the safety of your car as well as the citizens of Hong Kong.

How does that sound to you?

Mr. Song, I'm afraid your methods are not quite in sync with international convention.


It appears to me Mr. Lee found the right man.

Scholars can be such a pain.

Are you sorry for what you've done?

I wouldn't have come if I wanted to escape.

The deal should have happened already.

The weapon is in a very safe place.

Yeah, in the hands of the fucking Police.

My brother died because of you.

Mr. Big, we all know the risk in this line of business.

We stole the device and cubes from two Koreas.

It's my responsibility to make sure your weapon is fully operational.

It hasn't changed.

DC8 is the smallest weapon ever built.

It's an unprecedented breakthrough in physics.

Without proper activation, DC8 is no more valuable than dog shit.

Then let's kidnap another fucking scientist, activate the bomb now.

There are only five scientists in all of Korea who have the expertise to activate this device.

So it needs to be done delicately.

Why the fuck didn't you tell me this beforehand?

The less everyone knew the better, which was fine until the bastard Chinese governor Song screwed everything up.

Helios has never been caught before that.

I don't want that to change now.

We're all working for the Majesty, isn't it?

We help your organization get what you want: the power to play God.

Don't let my brother's death be in vain.

How much time do we have?

30 minutes.

How many in your party?


You're so thin. Have you eaten?

Of course not.


How are you?


And you?


Of all the godsons, only you would buy me pills for my stomach.

Still don't want money for it?

I got paid already.


What would you like?

Pig knuckles. On a hot plate.

I've been keeping tabs on you.

That's why I tell the boys...

Don't go to Hong Kong this week.

I quit.

You still have my stuff?


You're going to war?

Are you guys hungry?

I think your companions don't like to mingle with people like us.

Not at all.

Please don't take any offense.

They're both afraid of large crowds.

Call it middle-aged shyness if you like.

Is the weapon safe? Is it still stable?

I heard it had sustained considerable damage last night.

I'm impressed by your intel.

Intel is my trade. You know I'm the best.

They're paying a lot of money for the cop who killed the brother.

If I can get information on who the cop is, can you tell me more about Helios?

Allow me and my business to offer you and your boys a little friendly advice.

Do not turn Hong Kong into a battlefield.

I don't care how you do it.

Get this bomb out of my city as soon as possible.

You got it?

Please take a look at this.

What is it?

You wanted me to dig up everything on Helios.

The Japanese Imperial Household Agency gave him that name.

12 years ago, someone broke into the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and stole one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan, the jewel Yasakani no Magatama.

He became an international arms dealer after he left Japan.

The U.S. suspects he has, over the past decade, orchestrated at least 3 arms deals in Asia.

He managed to get away every time.

It's possible Hong Kong is one of his bases.

With someone good at attack, his enemy won't know what to defend.

With someone good at defense, his enemy won't know what to attack.

You mean...

Tell the weapon experts in Beijing to stand by and be prepared to come at once.

We have some information from the CIA regarding Middle East.

They have got some mass destructive weapon they are using against civilians.

This is all the information we received.

Excuse me.

No problem.

Eric, someone is rounding up firearms in Macau and shipping them to Hong Kong.

Something came up at the university.

Can I call my secretary Angela?


Put it through.

Mr. Fan, we're underground. Can you hear me?

Go ahead.


We'll start the safety check.

Mr. Fan, I have a reading of 1250 mSv.

My assistant is down.

Call the Fire Department and get an ambulance right away.

Do you copy?

Tracy, call the Fire Department and get an ambulance right away.

Yes, sir.

Have you contacted Colonel Choi?

Their phones are off.

Control is trying to locate them.

Here's a graphite case that can last 3 hours.

I have another one.

As soon as you find them, ship this thing out right away.

It's not going anywhere.

This weapon is leaking.

Do you care about the lives of Hong Kong people?

This is precisely what I'm doing.

Have you forgotten what I told you?

Mr. Fan, I don't care anymore.

There's nothing I can do.

The weapon specialists from Beijing will be here soon.

If the professor doesn't want to help us, and I mean "if", give us a bit more time and we can take over.


Professor. Shut up.

I know. Enough.

I can't accept him.

I can't work with him.

I know.

So stubborn!

Sorry, we're closed. Come back at 6.

Are those the books for the restaurant or from the arms deals?

How long has it been?

Almost 20 years.

The day you opened this joint, I didn't have time to drop by.

You head up a department now?

And I thought you had retired.

You know I always do the cooking.

Let's cut to the chase.

How nice of you to drop by. Have you eaten?

Let me fix you something.

Sit down.

Two nights ago, we busted an arms deal.

Both parties should be rather antsy by now.

My informer tells me the buyer is so pissed he ordered firearms from Macau to go to war with the Hong Kong Police.

I can only think of you, who can fill such a huge order in Macau.

Where is Helios?

Mr. Lee, you lost me.

I'll make it simple for you.

After I stepped inside this restaurant, nothing in here belongs to you anymore.

Including your life.

You work hard to give your family the good life, right?

If you touch my granddaughter, I guarantee you'll die horribly.

If you come with me quietly, I guarantee your family will be safe.

They're taking Sophia to Hong Kong.

Once she gets inside that car, she'll be blamed for any deal that goes sour from now on.

She will never tell on us.

It's the rule, what we believe is not what other people will believe.

When she decided to go with Eric Lee, she was prepared to die.

Don't move!

Calm down, Mr. Lee.

Take her away.

Sin Mi Kyung, since we left the temple, you wanted us to keep our phones off and took us around in circles.

What's going on?

Our DC8 has alerted the UK, US, China and half of Middle East.

Because it's detained, they say in addition to Helios, at least 3 other parties will launch a terrorist attack on Hong Kong.

If we hand over the cop who killed the Middle Eastern buyer, they'll tell us where to find Helios.

That's simple enough.

Explain to Inspector Fan, and tell him to do the trade. What's the problem?

Are you suggesting we betray the Hong Kong Police?

Use Inspector Fan to exchange for unconfirmed intel?

Inspector Fan is a cop.

He should be prepared to die for his country.

If I were in his shoes, I would have done the same at all costs.

This is not about trading one life for another.

This is about trustworthiness.

What you're doing is no different from those criminals.

Sacrificing one life can save many others.

Didn't you say we must get the weapon back?

Even by force?

I have deployed my men.

Why are you so indecisive all of a sudden?

I only told you to get ready just in case.

Just in case?

If the informer is reliable, we missed Helios by a few inches.

We would have let the generals down.

How can you face them?

Hold on.

Can I say something?

Colonel Choi, your decision is immature.

Turn your phones back on.

There's something wrong with your weapon.

Everyone must report back to the intel center.

Chinese weapon experts are coming to Hong Kong, arriving in 30 minutes.

I'm sending you a file.

When you see the breaking news, forward it to CTRU.

When the Hong Kong Police intercepted DC8, we have examined it carefully.

The bullet did not damage the inside.

After authentication, we activated the insulation mode.

It's impossible to have a radiation leak.

You're saying...

The Professor is helping us.

We sent her blood sample to the lab.

We'll know in 8 hours if she's the missing flight attendant.

Drink some water.

How old are you?



You should be sensible.

You still have a choice.

Either, a life sentence, or, help us find your boss.

Forget about turning state witness and a reduced sentence.

You squeal on him and you walk.

I'll send you wherever you want to go.

Mr. Lee.

Think it over.

We're at the race track right now.

Allegedly, there was an explosion 20 minutes ago.

Over 20 people were injured.

The bomb squad has been summoned to the scene.

As you can see, many racing fans...

Somewhere on the stand behind me Exploded.

This is just the beginning.

Hand over the weapon and the hostage in an hour to Causeway Bay on your own, or else start preparing for massive casualties.

If you wish, with an invitation from your Chief Executive, our PLA in the Hong Kong Garrison can be deployed.

Do you realize you're out of control?

Listen... before you have a grasp on what's going on, we have already declared war on Helios.

If you compromise, he'll turn Hong Kong into a hub for arms deal.

You want that?

Hold on a second. I actually got another solution.

According to my informer, he can give me the whereabouts of Helios if we give him the officer who shot the Middle Eastern buyer, who happens to be Inspector Fan.

Is your informer clean?

He was the one who told us the location of the deal two nights ago.

I killed the guy.

I don't really mean to hand you over.

But if we make contact, maybe we can find Helios.

Can you manage?


Wai Yip. Yes Get 2 teams ready to go with me for the handover.

Yes, Sir.

Professor, Mr. Choi, please double check DC8.

Where are we going?

We're going to Macau.

Thank you, Professor.

For what?

I come from a family of scientists.

I'm willing to swear by my family and my brother's name this is the safest weapon ever built.

I already told Eric Lee.

I'll leave after debriefing you upon your return.

The sooner DC8 leaves, the sooner Hong Kong will be safe.

Do what you have to do and you'll be doing us a favor.

Even inside the graphite case, absolutely no more collision.

Handle it with your utmost care.

Lieutenant Park, I have something to do. I need your help.

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Choi.

Stay calm.

Any monkey business from you,

and you're the first one I'll shoot.


Saad, I brought them here.


Say it.

Change location.

Sunshine Plaza on Jaffe Road in Wanchai.

Listen up everyone, new location.

Sunshine Plaza on Jaffe Road in Wanchai.

Go around it.

Stay close to her.

Lock down the building.

The hell with procedure. Shoot her on sight.

Yes, Sir!

Can you talk?

I'm still in Macau.

The informer is dead. We have trouble.

But don't worry about me.

How are things on your end?

We have DC8 now.

Professor Siu said the Korean consulate was in an office building in Admiralty.

Sending the weapon over there is too dangerous.

He gave us the address of a pier.

I'll text you later.


I'll call Consul Kwon for back up, and hurry back to Hong Kong.

But I'll be a bit late.

One more thing, it's very important.

I want you to spread the word.

DC8 is back in our hands and we have left.

So no one will give Hong Kong further trouble.

Will do.

Is this the right way?

We're almost there.

Something is not right.

Is this the right location?

Yes, according to the GPS.



Who are these guys?

Let's split up.

No, we stick together.

Can you manage?



Hang in there.



This... hope.

Mission... we must complete our mission.


Hang in there.

Hang in there, Colonel.

Buck up.

Mr. Song, we checked.

Xiao Yuan is missing.


Fan, we have a mole.

Go check everyone's phone and email records and their whereabouts after we left HQ.

Mr. Lee, over these two days, only Professor Siu had made a call from here.

Hello, Angela? This is Professor Siu.

Do something for me.

Ask Mr. Lee about the theses by Year 3 students.


Also, sort out the papers on my desk.

I only want to keep nos. 5, 6, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Toss the rest.

Ask Mr. Lee about the theses by Year 3 students.

Also, sort out the papers on my desk.

I only want to keep nos. 5, 6, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Toss the rest.

Ask Mr. Lee about the theses by Year 3 students.

Also, sort out the papers on my desk.

I only want to keep nos. 5, 6, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Toss the rest.

"Where's Mr. Lee now?"

Professor, the Police need your help.

Everything is confidential.

How can I work with you when I don't know anything?

For the sake of the safety of Hong Kong citizens, DC8 must go.

The Koreans confirmed the weapon and reset it to safety mode, right?

Just help me keep an eye on it.

This is all confidential, Before you have a grasp on what's going on, we have already declared war on Helios.

If you compromise, he'll turn Hong Kong into a hub for arms deal.

You want that?

Professor, Mr. Choi, please double check DC8.

Do you need help?


If I'm wrong, you can take the project from my computer.

If I'm right, you can have my office.

Mr. Lee, do you need help?

Looking for me?

14 years ago when I was transferred to the Crime Unit, my boss told me on my first case that Police officers were only human and they would make mistakes.

He must have thought very highly of you.

He wanted you to bust one of your own on your first case.

But he picked the wrong guy.


I have a habit of suspecting everyone.

You must be very unpopular.

The worst.

I cracked the case and busted my boss.

Because he tried to make his subordinates take the rap.

Since I came back from Macau, I've been thinking... why... why is it whatever we do, Helios is always one step ahead of us.


The Americans and Koreans failed to nail you all these years.

I feel so honored.

You knew I was Helios, and yet you came alone.

Song An is still around.

No matter how certain I am, I don't want him to crack this case.

Your personality is your downfall.

You want to be the Commissioner?


He was still copying my homework in high school.

But don't tell anyone.


No reason.

It's just a deal.


you made one fatal mistake.

You shouldn't have hit a woman.

You better apologize.

Where's Myeong Gun?

Thank you very much, Colonel Choi.

We should...

Good work.

I'm sorry.

I failed to protect Woo Cheol.

Colonel Choi, thank you for your good work. Welcome home!

Colonel Choi Min Ho reporting to the General and NIS Director.

Mr. Song, here's our findings.

Professor Siu Chi Yan is not Vietnamese Chinese.

According to INTERPOL intel, his 2 messengers and a black market buyer called His Majesty were last seen in Estonia.

This is where we suspect they concluded the deal on DC8.

We analyzed the data Mr. Lee left us, we believe Helios' next target should be in Kyoto.

The train for Demachiyanagi Station is arriving on Platform 2.

Mr. Song, we're ready.

You know Italian too? How erudite.

Almost didn't recognize you without the vest.

Professor, you're a hard man to track down.

But you still found me.

Helios deserves his reputation.

You didn't come all this way to give me a compliment.

We found the buyer.

Mr. Fan also helped me find your assistants.

They haven't contacted you for so long.

What if they betrayed you?

We have something you don't.

It's called trust.

You're harder to catch than I thought.

My messengers stole 16 cubes from the ceramic factory.

If they don't call me within 20 minutes, the other cubes will be detonated in Hong Kong.

There were no cubes, right?

When I accepted the order, I've been thinking where to crash that Korean plane carrying the mobile device.

With someone good at attack, his enemy won't know what to defend.

With someone good at defense, his enemy won't know what to attack.

How long has Xiao Yuan worked for you? 8 years?

You haven't made contact for so long. Don't you suspect her?

You have more than 2 messengers.

"According to the assessment by military specialists,"

"detonating such a highly concentrated cube"

"can wipe out a radius of 300 km."

"Detonating 8 of them"

"will wipe out an area 4 times the size of Hong Kong."

"The battle against Helios..."

"...has just begun"