Cherry Tree (2015) Script

CHERRY TREE Translation and Review by Angel.


In the dark days of the late Middle Ages the town of Orchard was plagued by a coven of witches.

The coven believed if they could find a maiden to bear the child of Satan they would become the greatest of witches.

One among them believed she could do more...

She tried to cheat the Dark Lord but destroyed hersef, and the coven when she failed.

Today the Orchard Coven is the stuff of folk tales and ghost stories.

Though some say their spirits linger in the twisted roots of an evil Cherry Tree...

That is really good.

And are you like being a hockey coach?


The girls love to play, and if they are happy, I am happy.

It can be tricky, though. I pity the boys trying to date them.

But on the pitch they are actually great.

Getting out all their frustrations...

I suppose.

Something likes that.

I cannot.

I am sorry.

It is so good to see you.

I need to go.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

Beneath this magic tree given to the first witches... by the Prince of the Underworld. We will bleed this body of its life.

We reach out to his realm with this special gift, enchant this fruit and grant us your familiars.

They will be our bond with the world beneath,

give us that power.

Give us your flavor.

Death is the beginning of everything.

Death is the beginning.

Death is the beginning.

Orchard got its name because it is located in a fruit farming area.

The town was also founded by a Utopian cult... this was later linked to witchcraft.

Eleanor Young was the most famous witch.

She said have given an enchanted Cherry Tree... as a gift from the Underworld.

The roots of the tree were nourished by the blood of human sacrifice...

This in turn gave her the power to use its magic.

She also used its wood and fruit to perform her spells and glamour's.

The story goes that she was arrested and convicted of witchcraft but, when they tried to burn her at the stake the fire would not light.

Nice block. All in a day is work.

Eventually she was banished from the town.

Hold on, Brian.

Is there something going on?

I asked a question.

Okay, carry on Brian.

He is not bad, is he? - Thank you, Miss.

Shame about the hair.

Eleanor Young's legend features strongly in local folklore but, there are, in fact, no records that exist to prove she ever lived and, no one ever had found the magic tree.

But many people in the 16th century... were accused of witchcraft, and communing with evil spirits.

They were often burned at the stake with little proof of guilt.

Communing... Is not that like an orgy?

You know, I think that does mean "orgy", yeah.

People, please.

Can we just concentrate on folklore?


Faith? Amy?

I will see you both after the class.

Okay, girls, line up!

My name is Sissy Young, I am your new coach.

Now, I know the loss of Miss Hunt last year... must be very difficult for all of you and the things will never be the same.

However, I know that she would not want you to live in the past.

She would want you to train hard, and play to the best of your abilities.

So, let us honor her memory, and play every game this year to win.

I have two places available on the senior team for the match on Friday.

Let us see you play.

- Ah! Sorry.

Comedians, cut it out.

What is your name? Faith Maguire.


Let us go!

That is not where your sani-pad goes, Faith.

Can I have your attention, please?

I have made my decision for the senior team line-up for the game on Friday.

Caroline St John and Jennifer Engels, you will captain the team as usual.

What a shame, the fifteen-year old virgin did not make it.

Shut up, Caroline.

I am not finished, girls.

I like to reward talent, therefore, I am pleased to announce... the first place on the subs bench will be Faith Maguire.

You know Brian has a huge crush on you.

Brian Kelly?

He is cute.

Well! You go out with him then.

That is my plan.

Are you going to help me or what?

Because I am a mechanic now.

Whatever just come and help me.

Lift that up.

Well done, Faith...

Best hockey player never get a match.

Just piss off. Could you?

Congratulations is not making part of the team.

Virgins and retards tend not to fit in.

No, no, no. - All right, girls, that is enough.

Save it for the hockey field.

Shake hands.

Jennifer, Caroline, I am sure you have somewhere to be.

Come on! Let us go.

We have another senior match on Friday.

Will you play?

I love to play.

Come on!

Hey. Hey, Faith.

Where is dad? He is just...


Have you taken your meds since this morning?

Thank you.

I am fine.

I am fine, come on!

We have a hearse waiting outside, if you need it.

Very funny, smartass!

You should not be learning stuff or something.

I have news. Yeah?

Got put on the senior hockey team today.

That is amazing.

No frauds.

Dad, at least try to look after yourself, I am worried about you.

Do not be, do not think about it. Think about your birthday.

Let us have a party.

Goodbye! See you.

Hey Faith.



Hey Brian.

I was looking for you after the class. You were.

Yeah, I was just wondering like, if you have got time or whatever.

Do you want to go see a film? Or get a pizza.

I just do not think Amy would be very happy with it.


She is not my girlfriend.

Yeah, but she is my friend and she likes you so, sorry.

Cool, yeah.



That is my dad.

That is our house.

Okay, cool.

I am very flattered.

Well, look, if you change your mind I will be standing right here.


Are you okay Dad?

Dad, can you hear me?

Thanks, Brian.

All right.

See you.

He is going to need a lot of care over the coming days.

Yeah, I know.

I pass out over there, did not I?

Hey Dad.

How are you feeling?

Yeah, fine.

Doctor Slater.

Faith called me.

You are going to need to take some rest for the next few days.

I will see you soon.

Faith. Yes.

They are calling me.


I have to go.





Save me.

Remember you have a doctor's appointment this morning.

I know. Are you going?

Yeah. Good.

Wish me luck for my big match. - Break a leg.

Preferably not one of yours.


This leukemia therapy was a long shot, Sean.

It was working.

The balance between the red and white cells had restored.

However, not anymore.

I am sorry.

How long do I have?

Three months.

Probably less.

I can arrange counseling.


Good luck, Faith. Good luck, Faith.

Jennifer, Faith, come here.

You are on the same team today, okay!

All right, let us go.

- Kill! Kill! Kill! Come on!

Orchard! Orchard! Orchard!


Dad? Hey.

Dad, why are you here?

I just thought I would come and see you play. I am the boss, I can do that, you know.

What did Doctor Slater say?

You know the usual stuff.


Look, let us talk after. Okay!

It is fine. Come on! Faith.

Go on, you are holding up the game.

I talk to you after. Okay!

Hey Faith, come on!


What is the fuck Faith?

Claire, it is I.

Is everything okay there?

Yeah, I am on my way.

I have just got a thing with Faith.

I will see you soon.


What did she say?


We are going to fight all the way. Yes.



Are you okay?

It is... my dad.

I thought he was better.

I would like to show you something.

It might help.


It is quite a house.


It belong on the family a long time.

This way.

My great aunt.

We were very close.

Do you believe in magic Faith?

I do not know.

It is a strange question.

It is a very strange world.

Not at all of this is benign, beautiful in its own way.

I cannot believe this is under your house.

I knew you would like it.

I do not like it.

What for is it?

It is a haven for people like me.

At its heart is a Chamber...

Where we are safe to practice our craft...

Nothing can enter from heaven, or hell unless we allow it.

This place is a gift from the Lord of the Underworld.

Here, we serve him and us celebrate his glorious reign.

In return...

He rewards us with his dark powers.

However, he demands complete devotion.

In addition, if you defy...

He draws down his terrible rage.

We are near here.

There are forces in nature that people rarely see.

Some call it magic.

It is sacred and righteous.

These are nature's familiars.

They help us to reach from this realm to the other, in addition, use the power that lies there.


You see!

Death is the beginning of everything.

Can you cure him?

That is why I showed you.

Will you?

Power comes from desire.

How strong is your desire to save your father?

He is all I have.

Will you help me?

I would like something in return.

I want that you to have a baby for me.


I am fifteen. I...

You will think about it.

What if I have this baby?

I will cure your father.

What will happen to the baby?

He will be mine.

And, my dad would be cured.

Everything is connected.

Everything has to be tallied and paid.

If you give, you will receive too.

Your father is going to die, and if you want to change the course of nature... you have to honor that cycle.

It is your choice.

I have no choice.

I have never done it.

With who would I do it?

Come on! There is nice young men everywhere.

You are young and beautiful.

What is wrong with that?

Your birthday is coming.

That is the time.

Hi. Happy birthday.

Thank you. It is good to see you.

Jeremy. Happy birthday Faith.

Thank you. Many happy returns.

How are you? Very well.

I will see you in there, okay? Okay, darling, see you in there.

How are you, Jeremy? Hello, how are you?

Hi, sweetheart happy birthday.

Thank you.


Sicilian lemonade, nice tries.

There you go.

Thank you.


Jennifer mentioned it was your birthday.

I wanted to give you this.


Save them for later.

I am Sissy, by the way. Sean. Nice to meet you properly.

Small world. Yes, it is.

This is Jeremy.

Hello Jeremy. Sissy nice to meet you.

Excuse me! Yes.

So, are you having a fun? Yes.

You are a terrible liar. Terrible!

You will be glad to know this is not your real party.

Really? Really. Amy is going to take it from here.

And Brian. - And Brian.

It has all arranged... Go out and have a good night.

I love you. And I will see you later.

I love you. Yes.

All right, happy birthday sweetheart. Bye.

See you. All right, bye.

Thank you. Take care.

Take this.


It is so much funny!

Where are we going?

Watch your step. Watch your step. All right, just through here...

Two seconds, Okay. Are you ready?

Are you ready? Yes, yes, yes.

Are you ready? Are you sure? Yes.

Happy birthday!

My humble abode.



Are you all right?


It is nice out here, is not it?

Sorry, I am excessively good at ruining special moments.

Unless, you want me to keep talking...

I can also do that because I got plenty to say, If that works for you, I do not know, maybe.

Maybe not.

Hi Brian?

Are you having a good time?

You bitch!


Sorry, I...

It is fine.

Would you be happy?



It is nice.


God! Mrs. Fincher.

Sissy is here.

I reject the good.

I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

Come amongst us now.

Take our brother's hand.

Today he falls, tomorrow he was done.

Faith! Dad.

No! No! No!

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

Dad. Hey.

That is a lot of food.


Feel a bit hung-over after the party.

It is good I have got an appetite.

Do you have a fun?

Yeah, it was great.


You are sick.


That is good.

Take this, pee on it.

Tell me what it says.


What do you think are you doing?

Changing a bulb. What does it look like?


You are part of this.

That has fucked up.

If you say so.

You will give her this. Tell her I am pregnant.

You should be happy, your Dad has cured.


How can I be pregnant so soon?

I know, right?

Where is the fun in that?

I need to talk to you.


Amy. Amy, please. Come on!

I suppose you are looking for Brian.

I have not seen him, so you should go fuck yourself.

Hey Claire, what is up?


You tricked me.

My dad is still sick. He was taken to the hospital today.

Come in, Faith. I am pregnant!

Your father was cured, I promise you.

You have to rely on me.

I need go to the bathroom.

It will be over in six weeks.

And then another seven months of...

No, you are going to give birth soon, Faith.

How is that possible?

You will see.

What am I going to tell my dad?


For now.

Do you understand?

He better is healed.

Excuse me, can I just...? Just one second, please.


Dad. - I am all right.

I am all right, really.

It is just some sort of dizzy spell.

I did some blood tests and it is all right.

Come on! Let us get out of here.

Are you all right?

Faith, listen.

There have been reports of a lunatic escaped from an asylum.

He was last seen driving up the Orchard Road in an old red car.

You are a dick.

I have news.

The hospital just called.

My last blood test shows no sign of leukemia.

I am in remission.

Hey Faith, great news about your Dad.

Yeah, it is incredible.

Are you joining us? No rest for the wicked.

Faith, look that I bumped into...

Hey Faith.

I would like to make a toast.

To life!

It never fails to surprise us.






I am sorry.

Sit down.

I do not know what to say.

I am... I am just feeling so good lately.

I am pregnant, Dad.

Is this a joke?

Do you want to tell me about it?

There is nothing to say.

I am pregnant, I just thought you should know.

You are sixteen, Faith.

Who is the boy?

Are you going to tell him? No.

I am recovering from a serious illness, Faith.

What if it comes back? What if I die?

That will not happen. You do not know that.

I do.

I need to think about this.

You should not have told him.

You should not have to fuck him.

You know, Sean is a... He is a handsome man.

Be heartbreaking if he were to get ill again, would not it?

What do you think would happen to the baby then?

I will do what I want.

All right, Faith.

Look on this.

It is Brian. Yes.

Did you do this?

When you two were together.

He was possessed by another being.

Tends to be an overwhelming experience.

The thing is he was gone. Sean was dead.

For him to be alive again someone else have to die. It works that way.

You said if I had a baby... I did, did not I?

Before you get too upset about it, remember this is what you wanted.

Shall we stick to the plan from now?

Hey Faith. Is everything okay?

Well! No, not exactly.

Can I help you?

Could you come over tonight?

I need to talk to you about something.

Okay! Great! Thanks.

He should be back soon.

Never strays too far from home on his day off.

Do you want some tea?

Thank you for coming over.

I wanted to ask you, if Dad and I could go away.

Would you look after the restaurant for us?

Probably heard I am...


None of my business...

She is an obstetrician.


Is there someone here?

It is time to go now.

I am staying here, thanks.

Are you threatening her?

You have no right to be here.

It is unfortunate that you are here, Claire.

I want you to know that I am truly sorry.

No! No! No!

No! No! No! No!


Get off me!

You are halfway through on your term, Faith.

You need to sleep now.

Dad? Dad wakes up.


Dad? Please. Please, Dad wakes up, please!

Dad, I have to go for help.


I will come back for you, I swear.

Jeremy, downstairs.

That is not what I asked.

Jeremy, everything is ready.

I mean every single thing is ready.

No! No! That is not good enough.

You go back, check everything and come back here.

And, you tell me that everything is in the place.

Six weeks, six days, six hours.

We have to be ready.

She is very close and she is going to wake up soon.

Come here.

Mrs. Fincher, can I go to the bathroom, please?

Two minutes.

Where have you been for three weeks?

How long are you pregnant?

Three weeks. Why are you pregnant?

Where is Brian?

Amy, I am in trouble.

No kidding.


Faith, you are my friend.

Here, put this on.

How do you know I was in detention?

Smart guess.






Amy. Amy. Amy.

No! Get off me!



Fuck! Fuck!

Amy, the baby is coming. The baby is coming.

I have to push. I have to push.

Okay! Lay down.

Are you okay?

Water. Get me some water.

Water. Water.

Damn it!

Get me up. Get me up. Get me up.


It is all right.

Give me your weight.

I need to push. I need to push. Okay, okay, okay!

Take off my pants. Take off my pants. Okay, okay!

Good girl, okay.

I am here. I am here.

I am here, Faith. I am here, Faith.

Again, again, and again.

My God!

Just keep pushing.

Keep pushing, Faith. I cannot.

Come on! Keep pushing. Come on!

Hang on!

I need to get some stuff to look after you.

If I go to the shop. Will you be okay?

Thank you.

It is nothing.

Be back soon.




We had an agreement, Faith.

I cured your father, now you have to give me the baby.

If I kill him, it is for good.

Have it your way.


Good girl.



Dad, are you okay? Did they hurt you?

Dad? Dad, it is going to be okay.

It is going to be okay.

Here is our future.

Our key to the dark life. Get off.

Dad? Dad Gets up.

His blood will set us free.

In addition, bring the Underworld to our service.

Our time has almost come.

Dad, are you okay? Dad?

We must make the final sacrifice.

Jeremy, what are you doing?

Jeremy, no!


Get out!

Dad...? Dad...?


She cheated us, Faith.

She cheated you and me.

Now she plans to kill the child.

Do not let her to do it.

I cannot enter the realm Chamber but you can.

You can save him.

You must save him.

Brothers and sisters!

We end the journey tonight.

When I came back among you. We reached down to the underworld.

Beneath and drew up its power.

It is familiar.

They served us and we served their master.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I bleed this body to free ourselves from want to be.

No more mortals, weak and cowed.

We will walk the night, strong and proud.

Death is the beginning of everything.

Death is the beginning of everything.

Death is the beginning of everything.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

We are going to bleed you and your baby.

You fucking bitch!

We gave him his child, now I sell myself.

I will drink his child's blood in addition, I will transform.

I will become Queen of the Underworld.

Join me, and let our bodies rot and die.

And, in the first rays of the day will come... our new skin will change forever.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I reject the good. I reject the light.

I embrace the dark. I embrace the night.

I will bleed this body of his life.

To free us of what we used to be.

No more mortals, weak and cowed.

We will walk the night, strong and proud.

- Death... is the beginning!

- Death... is the beginning!

Death... is the beginning!

- Death... is the beginning!

Death... is the beginning!

Death... is the beginning!

- Death... is the beginning!

- Death... is the beginning!

Of everything!

Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!

No! No!

No! No!

Why are you not dead?

Are you stealing my property?

How could you kill a baby?

The child's blood was imbued with the power of the Underworld.

When the sun rises, the process will be complete.

We will renew, and the day and the night will be ours.

We will be the greatest of witches.



The child's remains must stay inside the Cherry Tree.

Give him back!

Stop her!



You have to return to the Chamber.

You could save him.


You cannot save the child.

Without the fruit of the Cherry Tree.

You have to return to the Chamber.

In addition, face the witch.


I knew you would come back to me.

You cannot leave here, Sissy.

He is out there...


I know you are afraid, Faith.

However, we did this together.

You asked me to cure your father, and I did.

If you had obeyed me, things would be so much better for you.

They still can be.

Talk to him.

Why would I do that?

You have everything to gain.

I admit. I... misjudged things.

However, I have to...

I have truly to admire you.

Together, we could do anything.

We could have everything.

He is withdrawing the gift of my familiars.

You could stop him.

You have taken away everything I have ever loved.

I am just taking it back.

Enjoy the Hell!

Come on! Let us call him.

However, it is haunted. Do you remember?

That is why, we have got to, right?

Come on! It will be cool.

Trick or treat!

Wow! Do not you look so scary?

Would any like a carrot?

No? Well! Maybe I have something else inside.

I will look.

Who is that?

That is Sally.

She is too scared to come in.

That is a shame, Sally, because I am out of carrots.

However, I have some chocolate.

Here, try some one.

It is homemade.

Cherry flavor.

Are you a witch?


However, my son is the Devil.

CHERRY TREE Tranlation. Review. Synchronization by Angel.