Cheung gong 7 hou (2008) Script

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Good morning, sir!

Dicky Chow!

Just look at yourself. You're covered in dirt.

I just... Don't move!

And don't give me the usual routine.

Why are you always so untidy?

What's the matter, Mr. Cao?

Explain yourself!

Let me talk to him.

Where did the dirt come from, Dicky?

Well, on my way to school, I slipped and fell over.

Don't your mom or dad bring you to school?

Mom died a long time ago and Dad's very busy.

What does your dad do?

He's a coolie.

I'd like to meet him one day. Would that be possible?

I don't think he has the time.

When he's available, then. Will you let me know?

Go clean up before class starts.

Thanks, Miss Yuen.

I want to be a superstar.

Like who? Nicole Kidman.

She gets $20 million for a movie.

I wouldn't mind being her either.

I want to be an entrepreneur.

What kind of business?

Any kind, as long as it's really big.

Big business always pays out.

Why not?

I want to be a poor person.


My dad says if you have integrity...

...don't bullshit, don't fight, and study really hard...

...then people will respect you even if you're poor.


Don't come over here!

Put it down!

Go back to your seat!

The name of this amazing dog is CJ1.

It was developed jointly by U.S., French and German scientists.

Imagine! Jointly developed!

Do you want a go? Yes, please.

Back off, loser!

There are only two in the world.

The U.S. President's daughter has the other one.

What are you doing? Eating noodles.

Stand up!

No matter how much you eat, you are doomed to be a dwarf.

Now get lost!

The quality of the students in this place gets worse every day.

What have we here, another alien?

What are you doing? Eating rice.

You're just like a huge tub of lard.

Maybe you should go see the doctor.

You eat so much. It's horrible!

Someone call the police to shoot this monster!

Eat to death! Giant monster!

What are you doing?

Bullies! Heroes don't hit women.

Not you again!

Ignore him.

Go away, poor boy. We don't want you around.

Go away, poor boy.



You've been sent off the field too?


Did you forget your sneakers?

I brought them, but I didn't wear them on purpose.


Because I wanted to be with you.

Are all your shoes like that?

Yes, they are. My dad gets them from the dump.

Your dad's so nice.

He is, actually.

But I so much want a new pair...

...because I really love sports.

I'd like you to keep the old ones.


Then we'd be punished together, forever.

Get that panel up there.


You. Hurry up.

You're no longer needed. Go home.

Hey, boss?

With it being so hot right now, my son can't sleep.

I need to buy an electric fan.

Can't you keep me on?

You should be paying me back instead.

I paid all the bills when your wife got sick and died.

Look at yourself. You'll die before your debts are repaid.

You're starving yourself so your son can go to that fancy school.

If my son can go to public school, why can't yours?

Well, I want him to have opportunities.

I don't want him to end up like me.

But you have to have capability.

He's highly capable.

I'm talking about you, not him.

All you have is a casual job with no prospects.

How are you going to cope?

I can manage. You can't manage!

I can. You can't!

I can manage.

Very well. Block B. Foundations.


If you want to die, I can't stop you. Shame on you.

You're back.

Can we have dinner? I'm starving.

Just step back a bit.

What's going on? Turn round.

Come here.


An electric fan!

That's so great! Is it real?

We finally have a fan!

Now sit down and let me turn it. Quickly, Dad!

Dad, did you find this in the garbage?

No, I bought it.

It cost a lot of money.

You were ripped off!

No, it was fine when I bought it.

So how come it's not working now?

Dumbass. Use your head next time.

"Dumbass"? Where did you get that from?

A guy in my class.

Oh, really? Well, let me tell you...

...we may be poor, but we don't use bad language.

We don't steal. We don't rob.

We don't take things that don't belong to us.

You must concentrate on your studies.

I didn't study at all when I was young and look where it's gotten me.

We're having an apple today?

Yes, we are.

But put it down now.

Finish your dinner first.

Hey, Dad, my sneakers are worn out again.

Will you buy me some more?

I need you to get me a better pair, or I'll be sent off the field again.

Got it. Don't worry.

You're still eating! Lay off the cockroach.

You can get it after you've finished.

Nice. You've improved.

Not bad.

There have been many sightings lately of UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects.

What happened to the can'toons?

They'll be back in a minute.

Could you please tell us what happened?

I saw a flying object.

It flew from here to there with a "whew" sound.

Can you describe the object in more detail?

That object could really fly!

Though it wobbled a bit.

I suspect it had crashed before.


Yes, like a car crash. It might have been broken.

I took a picture of it.

What kind of camera did you use?

It was expensive, but I can't possibly tell you the make.

Did this particular flying object make a sound?

It made some "whew" sounds like I just told you. "Whew." Do you hear me?


Don't run off like that.

Dad, this is called a CJ1.

Everyone at school has one. They're great!


Let's go home. Put it back.

What's the matter?

Why can't I have it?

We'll buy it after I get paid next month.

Now, put it down.

Let go!

Didrt you hear me? I have no money.

If you buy me this, I'll never ask for anything ever again.

I beg you.

What about this one? What features does it have?

Let go.

Let go!

Let go!

Let go!

Come back!

Sir? Do you wish to buy that?

Come on, Dicky. Don't cry.

Stop crying now.

Good boy, stop crying.


Are you Mr. Chow?

I'm Miss Yuen, Dicky's teacher. Good to meet you.

Miss Yuen. Good to meet you too.

Is Dicky well-behaved at school?

Yes, he's quite good.

He's in a really bad mood right now.

I know. Kids just want every toy they see.


Just happens I didn't bring any money today, so...

Dicky, go to your dad.

Come here.

I'm sorry, Mr. Chow. Don't worry. He's like that.

In fact, I'd like to do a home visit.

He did tell me, but I'm very busy at work...

I believe that a good education doesn't just rely on the teacher.

That's why I'd like to involve you.

It'll be good for him.

Ah, yes. I see.

Dicky, I need to go now.

Don't be so grumpy. And listen to your dad, okay?


I must go. Okay.

Bye, now. Bye, now.


Look at me.

I have something way better than CJ1.

Do you want to see it?

Are you sure?

In that case, I'll throw it away and get back to work.

Goodbye, sir.



Where's this amazing toy, then?


What's so great about that?

It's fun. Look!

It doesn't look that fun to me.

What do you think?

Actually, I agree. It's no fun.

Never mind. See you tomorrow.

What's that thing you're holding?


It looks like rubbish.

Says who?

This is way better than CJ1.

So, what's it called?

It's called CJ7.

Pathetic piece of crap.

Your dad found it in the garbage.

Don't talk about my dad like that! I'm going to beat you up.

Oh, yeah?


How many times do I have to tell you?

We might be poor, but we don't fight.

You really disappoint me.

Look at this. Your uniform's all torn.

What was the fight about?

They were laughing at me.

What about?



If you're not going to tell me...

...then I have no choice in the matter.

Last chance!

It's moving!

There are ghosts.

Ghosts? Where?

There. In the ball.

Don't change the subject!

You think you can run rings around me, but you're not as clever as you think.

Your uniform's a mess. What will you wear for school tomorrow?

Do I have to go hunt for another one?

I'll deal with you later.

There's a ghost! Hanging over there!

Help! Ghost! It's horrible!

There's a red ghost hanging there!

Hanging! Too horrible!

Calm down!

It's a broken lamp. Can't you see?

Not again!

You're a ghost too.

Stop shouting! I'll send you outside if you don't stop! Understand?

Are you on drugs or something?

What are you doing?

Please don't lock me in!

There's a ghost. You have to believe me.

Let me out!

Please let me out!

Help me, Lord.

Learned your lesson now? Yes, Dad.

Will you behave yourself now?

I will. I really will.

I have to get back to work.

Okay! Off you go. Bye!

Are you from outer space?

Have you come to invade Earth?

I think you might be an alien toy dog.

My name is Dicky.

Can I call you CJ7?

If you wag your tail, it means you like it!


The apples in our house are always rotten.

So how come this one's not?

You know magic?

Wow! It's so sweet. You really do know magic.

I'm going to be rich!

If you can beat the most vicious dog on Earth...

...then you really are a superdog from space.


Oh, my God!

I have a test today and I've been playing with you instead of studying.

But I really want to get 100. Can you help me?

What's that you're making?

Dicky Chow.

Why are you wearing those glasses?

My eyes hurt. Do you want to take a look?

No, I don't. Sit down.

Begin writing now!

Sorry, sir. There was a fly.

A fly?

Sorry, sir. There was a fly.

I now have the results of today's test.

And for the first time, Dicky Chow got 100.

Thank you, sir! Hold on a minute.

I want to see those glasses.

Those super-glasses were fantastic!

It's P.E. Next, so I'll need super-sneakers!

This is so exciting.

Excellence at the high jump...

...requires talent, hard work..., a good night's sleep...

...and finally, respect for your teacher.

This is my personal record.

So far no one has bettered it.

I have new sneakers today, sir.

Sir! He just broke your record.

Dicky, it doesn't ring true that a kid can jump that high.

Be a good boy and do it again.

Dicky Chow. What are those shoes you're wearing?

It's none of your business!

This is too much.

You drove me to this.

Come down!

Dicky! Are you out of your mind? I...

Over here. Catch him!

Come to your senses, Dicky.

Miss Yuen, bitterness, like the sea, is boundless.


Dicky Chow! How can you jump so high? Come down this minute!

How on earth can you sleep like that?

Wake up. It's nearly time for school.

What do I have to do to get you up in the morning?

It was all a dream?

You're real.

I'm getting ready right now!

Dad, I'm going to get 100 on the exam today.


I'm going to get 100!


Yes! All on my own! 100!

That's great.

If you can beat the most vicious dog on Earth...

...then you really are a superdog from space.



So, what happened back there?

You're supposed to be the superdog from space.

Don't tell me you were just pretending.


I have to get 100 on the exam.

I need you to work your magic for me.

Come on, now. Please! I'm not joking.

You have to give me magic weapons.

Time's up.

What? But I haven't started yet.

What's with the turd?

Turd? It's not that!

Shows how much you know!

You set me up!

I'm going to kill you!

Give me the magic weapons now!

Why, you...


Please, sir. Can I say something?

No, you can't.

You are a poor student.

You are always dirty, and you are very wicked.

You discredit the school.

There's nothing more to say.

Now clean him up!


Please come out.

Why would I be mad at you?

We're good friends.

The turd wasrt important.

I've seen it all before.

Let's just forget it ever happened. Okay?

In fact, I love you very much. Do you know that?

CJ7? Come here.


I'm going to stab you to death!

Rubbish dog from space. You're low-tech and boring.

I got blamed and laughed at. And all because of you.

If you're just an animal, then say so! Don't pretend you have magic powers!

But did it ever say that?

Did I get it wrong?

Have I made a mistake?

I know I've made a mistake!


Hey! Wait!


Dicky! What's happened?

CJ7 has disappeared.



I'm sorry. I missed you so much.

I thought I'd never see you again.

And you're not angry with me.

You two already met?

Is it a toy?

Yes, it is.

And it can walk and move its eyes?

Where did you get it?

Someone at school lent it to me.

Where's the cover?

Where do the batteries go?

It doesn't need them. It's high-tech.

I've never seen anything like it before.

Did you see that?

Yes, I did.

It's all bendy.

Don't! I have to give it back soon.

It's fine.

What are you doing, Dad? Nothing!

See, I told you it'd be fine. It gets its shape back. Look!

This is fun.

No more squeezing it! That's enough!

Everything is high-tech nowadays.

Basically there's no future for uneducated people like us.

Dad, I don't want to lie to you, so...

...CJ7 came out of the ball you gave me.

It came from outer space.

How many times do I have to tell you?

We might be poor, but we don't lie...

...we don't fight...

...and we don't take things that don't belong to us.

Study hard and be a useful person in the future.

It's so hot.

Well, I'll be... The hottest night and it starts to work. Lucky, or what?

I'm off to school now.

Have you got your lunch box? Yes, I have.

Hey. How was the exam?

How come your head's gone red?

You don't look so good today.

Didrt you sleep last night?

Get inside and go to sleep.

You! Stop!

What's that thing inside your bag?


I need to check your schoolbag!

What for?

I don't have to tell you that.

Let go!

What's that?

Let me see.

Give it to me! Let me see first!

Give it to me! Don't pull!

Get it!

What is this weird thing?

Don't touch it! Give it back to me!

Get the tool box!

Open it up and look inside.


Let him go!

Can't do it.

Try this.

No! Don't do that!

It's not working.

How is that possible?

You won't do that to my thing!

So what? Going to hit me?

You won't know what's hit you!

Let him go!

You let him go.

You let me go first.

I don't want a fight.

Don't force me to do this!

Are you okay?

I'm fine. Thank you.

You're welcome.

What's going on here?

Why were you fighting? Tell me!

You're going to stand here until you tell me!


I knew you'd be okay!

Stop. Don't.

Good boy.

What is that thing?

Look! CJ7, sit!

That's cool.

What else does it do?

CJ7, happy face!

Angry face!

Sad face!

Saw a pretty lady!

Your apartment's on fire.

But you just won the lottery!

Oops! The whole family is dead.

You've got 100 on the exam!



Wow, fireworks!

Where did you get it?

I want one too.

I can't tell you that.

But I want to thank you for not telling Mr. Cao about this.

Of course not!

We don't discuss our business with adults.

You have my word! You have my word!

Hey, you're amazing. Do you want to be on our judo team?

They'd all make fun of me.

They wouldn't dare.

Would you make fun of her?

Look at this. My son got 100 on his exam.

That's a great kid!


Look! Get away!

He got 100.

Boss. My kid got 100 on his exam.

So he cheated.

What makes you say that?

My sors really smart, but even he can't pass without cheating.

So how can your son get 100? Hard to believe, dickhead.

You're not serious.

Look at the ink. He got zero and changed it to 100. He's a liar.

But he's not like that. I know him better.

Your son cheated.

I can't let you say that. He cheated!

I'll hit you if you say that again.

Your son cheated.

You hit me? Just you try!

Your son cheated! You hit me?

You're fired!

Your son cheated!


Get inside.

Tell the truth. Did you cheat on your exam?

No, I didn't.

I think you got zero, then altered it to 100. Is that right?


But that's not the same as cheating. I didn't want you to be disappointed.

What's wrong with you?

It's so tough to send you to that school.

I'm sorry, Dad.

I'll say it again. Even though we're poor...

Okay! I know!

You're so annoying. Can you stop going on about it?

I changed it. So what?

If there's nothing else, I'm leaving.

What are you doing?

Why are you taking my things?

If you can't work hard, then you don't get to play.

Give it back to me! No.

Why are you taking my stuff?

Why? Because I'm your father! And I can!

You're bullying me. I don't have a dad like you!

You always get zeros. I don't have a son like you.

Leave me alone!

Say it again!

Leave me alone forever!


If you can use your own brains to get over 60...

...then I'll leave you alone forever!

It's a deal! It's a deal!

I'm going to get that grade. Just watch me!

We'll see about that, Zero Hero!

That's not fair! I'll show you!

Don't bother me anymore!

What are you looking at?

Mr. Chow. Miss Yuen.

Is something wrong? Please come in. I won't, thanks.

But Dicky forgot his lunch box today. Could you see that he gets it?

Sure. Let me ask someone to open the gate.

No, please don't. If his classmates see me, he'll never live it down.

How come?

I have to go. Wait.

Dicky told me everything.

He was just being temperamental.

If you'd allow it, he could come to my house after school.

We can talk about what happened.

And there's another exam tomorrow, so I can help him to review.

What do you think?

Oh, thank you. Thank you!

You're welcome. It's nothing at all. I appreciate this so much.

It's just a small thing. Nothing, really. It's not nothing.

The thing is...

I can't give him very much myself, and that makes me feel very guilty.

But if you were to help him study, I could never repay you.

You really don't have to. It's the least I can do.

Then I'll leave him in your hands.

Sure. You just leave Dicky to me.

Thank you. You're welcome.

How's the boss feeling today?

You dare to come back?

I have to. I need to eat.

I know I have a big mouth, but I think we understand each other.


I shouldn't have said that about your son. Let's forget it. Here.


But he really did cheat. Who doesn't, sometimes?

The kid is very smart. I know he'll be successful.

I pray to God that you're right.

So take it and buy him some candy.

Hey! This is far too much.

Use it for books, then. Or school fees. But now get back to work.

Today must be my lucky day.

I thought you'd never pass.


Thanks, Mr. Cao.

What's happening?

Where's your safety belt?

What's going on here?


Give me your hand!

Reach out! Give me your hand!

Why haven't these been moved?

What was that? Hey! Be careful!

I'm so sorry.

Dicky, you have to come with me.

Is this your house, Dicky?

Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?

Dicky, I'm going to tell you something.

There was a terrible accident, and your dad passed away.

There are some things we can't control. Do you understand?

Don't talk anymore, miss. I want to sleep.

Please leave me.

Dicky, open the door.

I'm sorry.

Miss Yuen...

...l'm very tired.

I need to sleep.


My dad won't leave me alone.

He'll be home when I wake up.

I need to sleep now.



Why aren't you in your pajamas?

Hey. What's up?

Dad, don't ever leave me.

I'll listen to you...

...l'll study hard...

...I won't bullshit...

...I won't fight...

...and one day I'll be a really useful person.

That's good.


How are you?

What's that noise?

Yeah, what is it?

Why are you so tired, CJ7?

What's happened to him, Dad?

Maybe the batteries have run out.

It wouldn't look like that!

But it's very high-tech.

The new term starts soon...

... and we have a picnic before going back.

Everybody's very happy.

Storm Dragon doesn't fight anymore...

... because he's fallen in love.

Maggie likes me best...

... but my love is Fanny.

And she loves me very much too!

Johnny always takes what's mine.

Maybe he'll stop when I tell the teacher about him.

Every pupil has his own true love.

And so has my dad.

It's just amazing. When we saw you in the hospital you appeared to be quite...

Dead, yes. But now I'm right as rain. Not even the doctors can explain it.

And how have you been since then?

Well, I do have a bit of a problem.

What kind of problem?

I'm far too handsome.

Very funny.

I mean it.

It's not easy to win a girl over...

... especially if you're not that funny.

But Dad won't give up. He's my hero.

You don't think I'm handsome, Miss Yuen? You can't be serious.

I'm so lucky that I still have you, CJ7.

Every day, while you sleep...

... I close my eyes and count to three...

... hoping when I look again, you'll wake.

I want you back so much. Where are you, CJ7?

One, two, three...

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