Chhapaak (2020) Script

We want justice! We want justice!

Public anger is on the rise following the brutal rape of a medical student on 16th December.

People across ages have taken to the streets of the capital city demanding the strictest punishment to the perpetrators arrested by the Delhi Police.

From my heart to your heart, Raging through me and you No matter who ignites it, This fire must be kept alive!

It's probably the first time that Delhi has seen such an emotionally charged public protest.

The crowds are undeterred by the presence of security forces.

Their rage and resolve continues to grow.

We want justice, hang them!

Beat us a hundred times, we'll still turn up in thousands and not turn back.

No... Don't touch it, Uncle! It's expensive!

Please understand, Uncle.


I'm sorry Sir, we can't cover you right now.

Please step aside. Come this way, Uncle.

Amol Dwivedi?


Amol, we were at the editing workshop together.

In the journalism course.

Right. How are you?

I've been following your campaign... You're doing great work.

Well, acid attacks don't get noticed like rape does.

But Uncle just doesn't get it!

Malti's Petition has brought a lot of attention to acid attacks, right?

Where is Malti? Is she here?

Why so negative, Amol?

Everything begins with the first step, right?

I'll track down Malti.

Stick around, results will follow.

Let's go.

Sticking around will get us killed. We must leave now. Come.

Cynical as always?

Come, let's go!

Make sure you buy tickets.

How many of us?

Eleven. Eleven.

All routes must be diverted today?

Yes, there's a blockade all the way from Red Fort to India Gate.

They had it coming. This government should fall.

It just might if the girl dies...

Why punish the ones who are alive?

Madam, I can barely recall the salesgirl from last month...

You're asking me about 8 years ago!

That salesgirl was attacked with acid, Uncle...

Right outside the market.

Her name was Malti.

How can you say you don't remember?

I'm sure you have some contact of hers.

Check your records please!

They lived in the servant quarters of Bungalow number 35.

Manohar Lal passed away about 4-5 months ago.

They moved away after that.

I already told you over the phone, she doesn't want to speak to the media.

They have been through enough already.

Ma'am believe me, I'm an ethical journalist.

I won't misuse her contact.


Ma'am, after the Nirbhaya case it's become even more crucial to bring Malti's story to people.

You have a steady hand.

With 5-10 days practice, you'll be set.

Can you do manicures?


It's so tough to win clients' confidence these days.

There's so much competition!

This girl who worked for me opened her own parlour last month. Imagine!

The problem is, Malti...

People expect beauty at a beauty parlour.

Excuse me.

Why did you quit studies after high school?

Thank you.

Sir, can I get you something? No, not now.

You didn't mention in the application about your... you know...

There's no category for Acid survivors, Sir.

Had there been, I would have mentioned it.

Have you tried applying for jobs at restaurants?

They have vacancies for disabled people now!

Good morning ma'am. Two aloo tikki burgers please.

They've taken Rohit for a test again.

The doctor says I need to get checked for TB too.

If not me, at least listen to the doctor.

If you stay here day and night, you're bound to fall ill.

Papa would have never allowed Rohit to stay here.

It's not that bad.

If your father was around, we wouldn't even have managed this.

He'd drink away all our money. Don't start now, Mummy.

Shiraz Aunty!

Why don't you call back, Malti?

I was going to, Shiraz Aunty.

I've come to the hospital with food.

I told you we should shift Rohit to a better hospital.

You've already done so much, Shiraz Aunty.

This hospital isn't all that bad.

I know how bad it is.

Okay, listen...

There is this journalist - Alka.

She wants to meet you.

She's been after me for weeks.

Will you meet her?


Shiraz Aunty, I'll call you back.

Here, I'll do it.

This doesn't hurt anymore.

The Justice Verma Committee submitted its report last month.

It takes a hard look at violence against women.

Do you feel it will draw attention to the issue of acid attacks?

It would be great if it does.

The Verma Committee proposes a separate section of law for acid attacks.

And for punishment to be increased.

Isn't this a big victory?

It would be, if the law is passed.

Alka ma'am, can I get a job at your office?

I can work on computers.

Work as a receptionist, attend calls, answer emails...

Yeah sure...

I'll go to the office and find out.


So, Malti...

Your Petition demands a ban on the sale of acid.

You took this important step...

And it's been 7 years since. Nothing has moved.

Acid is still sold freely.

Can we stop now? I have a job interview.

Sure. Thank you.

Have you heard of 'Stop Acid Violence'?


There's this man called Amol Dwivedi.

You should meet him. Will he give me a job?

Not sure about a job... but a lecture, definitely!

Alka said you run an NGO. Can I get a job there?

Who Alka?

She's a reporter with AajTak.

Your friend... Right.

What kind of work can you do?

Office work.

Will you be able to manage an NGO's work?


Look, we work to help Acid Survivors and this kind of work requires a certain ethos.

Only a sensitive person can handle this job.

Believe me, some people get alarmed just looking at their faces.


And the salary won't be much either.

You'd be better off working at a call center!

Mr. Amol, can you hear me out... What do you do currently, by the way?


Nothing. I have to go to court off and on...

So I had to quit my job.

Court? Why?

There's an old Petition of mine.

What Petition?

To ban Acid.

Petition... Malti?


I'm so sorry!

Please come. Let's meet in the office.

From providing moral support to making them self-reliant our organization Chhaaya supports acid-attack victims in every way possible.

Yes... This campaign needs support.

It needs funds.

It needs good people like you.

Our Vice-president Manish Kumar will explain the entire process to you.

Yes, it's all fully transparent.

All details are available online.

Okay... job done!

Is there no interview?

Consider it done.

You tell us when you can join.


You can put today's date on the joining letter.

I'm applying for a personal loan.

I'll need it for documentation.

Joining letter.

I'll be back. Okay.

Thank you.

You took us on quite a ride!

We've been looking for you for a while.

Chhaaya needs you.

What would my salary be?

Look, consider yourself a founder... not an employee.

You've come to the right place. Now just dive right in!

Shall we?


They're back from the hospital.

They found accommodation close-by.

Thank God... they can't make her travel in this grueling heat.

Yes, we've fixed a call-time of 4 pm.


Just a little more.

There're only two spoons left.

Chhaaya has managed to collect 25000 rupees.

We'll deposit the advance at the hospital tomorrow morning.

The operation won't be delayed. Don't worry.


Her exams were round the corner.

She left for her math tuition at 4 am.

She must have barely reached the turn when we heard her scream.

She came running, covering her face...

"Baba! Someone threw hot water on me!"

Her skin was blue and blistering.

We instantly realized... this wasn't hot water.

But why did he do this?

He was her classmate.

He'd try to mingle with her.

She didn't pay any attention to him.

God knows what went through his mind.

He just splashed her with acid... To punish her!

A smile defaced Wiped out of sight In the sprinkle of a spark In a splash, all erased...

The face fades Like a fallen pawn Like light smothered by the dark In a splash, all erased...

Neither love, nor longing

No promises to be kept

Neither love, nor longing No promises to be kept A handful of darkness The eyes are intent A smile defaced Wiped out of sight In the sprinkle of a spark In a splash, all erased...

The face fades Like a fallen pawn Like light smothered by the dark In a splash, all erased...

A meaningless fetish

Raging smoke without fire

A meaningless fetish Raging smoke without fire The mind is delirious The thoughts are dire A smile defaced Wiped out of sight In the sprinkle of a spark

In a splash, all erased...

All is scorched...

Everything is erased...

What happened, dear?

How did this happen?

Please keep your distance. She is prone to infection.

Tell me, child... Sir, please.

Ask her who threw the acid.

Please, you have to stop this. Look at her!

She is not ready for any statement. Please make him understand.



Blue... stole...

Whose phone is this, beeping non-stop?


Hand it over.

We'll need it for the investigation.

Bike and a blue stole...

Whoever did this...

We won't spare him.

Sister, eat something.

Just a bit.

I've been working as a cook for Shiraz Ma'am for about 5 years now.

We live in the servant quarters of her bungalow.



Malti's age.


She's in Class 12, at the Rajakiya School.

With Rajesh?

It's a girls' school, Sir.

If she's in a girls' school why is her phone full of messages from boys?

Akash. Rajesh. Dilip. Prashant. Pankaj. Vijay. Sanket.

Her phone is full of boys.

How is that relevant to the case?

This is Archana Bajaj. Our lawyer.

Let us have a case first, madam...

Right now we're looking for a needle in a haystack.

Leave him, sir!

Leave him, sir! Get lost.

Grab him. What happened, sir?

Mummy! Sir I didn't do anything!

Listen to me! Mummy!

What's happened? Where are you taking him? Leave him!

What has he done?

Blue stole...

Take Mummy along as well.

Sir, listen to me. Sir! Please leave us.

How old are you?


18, and already done Mummy proud?

I haven't done anything.

Are you Malti's boyfriend?

Ask your questions. Just don't strain the patient too much.

Bring her in.

Was it this blue stole?

Bring her closer.


I'm Rajesh's mother, dear!

He hasn't done anything. Please tell them!

Alright, enough.

Okay then... We'll keep looking.

Is he your relative?

No. But he's like family.

Works in the neighbourhood.

Is that so?


But how did you become friends?

You're in a boys' school, and Malti's in a girls' school.

My friend's girlfriend is her friend.

Ripened too soon, haven't we?

Sir, I haven't done anything!

Then who has?


Full name? Bashir Khan.

Age? 25.

According to my school records.

I'm actually 30.

And do you know how old Malti is?

What do you do?


I work in a boutique, at Golf Lawns.


Sorry, I read your private messages.

"A word with you is my only respite..."

"In thousands there is but one night..."

"When you lift your gaze to meet my eyes..."

"In that one moment, I own the skies!"

You're a poet in the guise of a tailor.

She's a friend of mine.

We've been friends for 2 years.

We're like family. I look out for Malti...

I want to protect her from bad things.

Babbu knew about us.

Rajesh didn't like my closeness to Malti's family.

That's why he's trying to frame me.

Where were you at the time of the attack?

At school.

In Ghaziabad.

The cell tower at Humayun Road shows that on the 22nd at 10.30 AM Babbu's phone was at Mayur Market.


On a bike...

Blue stole...

Threw acid from a glass...

Parveen threw it.


Imitiaz's wife.

Who's Imtiaz?

Babbu's... brother.

Where are you taking him, sir?

Well done!

When did you last see Parveen Shaikh?

Haven't seen her for about 10 days.

We were out of town. We just got back yesterday from Saharanpur.

Her house has been locked for 3-4 days.

How could you not tell?

He visited your home regularly, hung out with all of you...


Shiraz Ma'am, Malti was fine there...

She would have died there.

You're spending so much money for us...

If she doesn't get proper treatment now, her whole life will be ruined.

Now don't do all this. Go to her.


He has confessed.

It was Babbu and Parveen on the bike.


I haven't done anything.

Here it is.

First, we'll work on the eyes... around the eyelids.

Then we'll reconstruct the mouth and release the skin around the lips.

Then we'll get to nose reconstruction.

What kind of nose would you like, Malti?

Long or sharp?

You better tell us now.

Don't complain later that we flattened it!

Mrs. Agarwal...

It's important that Malti see only her new face now...

After the surgery.

Go... get money from home.

Get lost!

Baby boy's afraid to go home.

After all, there's a monster in there!

Why bring my family into this?

How dare you talk about my sister!

Listen... leave him... leave him!

Leave him... leave him!

Go leave your sister at a circus!

Let's go.

Let's go.




Open your eyes, child...

Now shut them.

Now blink.

Are you going to put everything away?


I have no nose... no ears...

How do I wear the earrings?

Throw this radio away too!

Has the correspondence course started?


It begins next month.

But she doesn't seem too interested in studying.

Call her here.

Come, get up...

Shiraz Aunty is calling you.

Archana Madam's here too.

Come on.

Hi Malti.

We were thinking... Let's give up on the case.

Because Babbu's won anyway, right?

He's out on bail.

There's a wedding in his family.

His life hasn't come to a standstill.

And look at us...

Lying in bed, hiding in defeat.

This is exactly what he wanted!

Now even if we do send him to jail, what's the point?

You've lost even before beginning the case.

Will you come out now?

Do you want to fight?

Completing your education will give you confidence.

Your chances of getting a job will increase.

Now tell me...

Who all are going to complete their studies?


The dawn, once grey and pale Now awash with a gleaming ray

The dawn, once grey and pale Now awash with a gleaming ray The breath, stifled in knots Now beginning to exhale...

Beginning to exhale...

Once frozen in an icy dark Now softening in the warmth of day The breath, stifled in knots Now beginning to exhale...

Beginning to exhale...

Papa, I don't want to go for counseling.

Why, dear?

What happened?

I want to learn stitching from Sharma Aunty.


Have your drink.

I won't tell Mummy.

Light will find a way To arrive and stay To vanquish the dark And paint a new day Eyes stripped of dreams Now have hope in their gaze

The breath, stifled in knots Now beginning to exhale...

Beginning to exhale...

You do realize you're overreacting, right?

Suhasini Iyer is considered one of the better judges of the Sessions Court.

You've done it all wrong! Alright, sit! I'll redo it.

Is the height of both braids fine now?

Has she ever interpreted the law outside of set precedence?

But that shouldn't affect us.

Archana, we will win this case. The evidence is in our favour.

I know. You've messed it up again! Okay, I'll do it again.

No, you just don't know how to!

I keep telling you. Tea for the ladies!

Should I do your braids?

Okay, come.

Let's see!

Thank God!

Thank God, there is evidence.

But that will only establish the crime... Not the punishment.



If I throw this hot tea on you it would be a crime under the IPC Section 326.


And if I throw acid on you instead, it's still Section 326!

Got it?

Whether it's hot tea or acid the sentence for causing 'Grevious Injury' is only 2-7 years.

That's the maximum punishment you get in that Section.

So Babbu would get a maximum sentence of 7 years.

And within that, he'll surely spend 4 years going in and out on bail.

For good conduct, he could get 6 months to a year shaved off.

So in effect, he'll probably serve about 2 years in prison.

So not even 7...

The punishment for destroying someone's entire life is just 2 years.


Hello Malti, how are you?

I'm okay, Didi.

What's happened? Is your phone not working?

Your first hearing is right here.

I know.

Okay, let's go over this again.

The Defense Lawyer will say that you never saw Babbu's face...

I did.

He'll say - 'Then why didn't you name him in your initial statement?'

I did. No one understood...

What if the Defense says that Rajesh threw the acid. What will you say?


Rajesh is my boyfriend.

He was...

Why would he do such a thing?

We were just friends.

But according to the police, you gave a statement saying Malti is your girlfriend.

I never said that.

Your Honour, please note.

Your Honour, the witness is recanting from his earlier statement.

You know Malti, don't you?

Yes. We used to go to school together.

She studied at the girls' school nearby.

And do you recognize this man?


He's not going to break.

But the police say you gave a statement saying that my client Bashir Khan threw acid on Malti?

Look carefully...

I gave no such statement.

Your Honour, no more questions.

Your Honour, I would like to present the logs of the search conducted at Ms. Shaikh's home, from the police case diary.

I don't know how this stole came into my house.

The police probably planted it in my trunk. I wasn't home, you see!

But tell me, Ms. Shaikh... if you didn't do anything, why were you absconding?

I... I got scared.

Your Honour, if Ms. Shaikh is innocent, she should have nothing to fear.

Objection, Your Honour.

One cannot establish someone as guilty on the basis of their emotional state.

She has falsely accused Babbu!

I thought she might get me framed too.

Then why does her stole have acid burns on it?

Hey, can't you hear? That stole doesn't belong to me!

What about her hands, Your Honour? They belong to her, right?

These are pictures of Parveen's hands, about four weeks after the attack.

They're oil burns. From long ago... Got them while frying food.

Your Honour, the Forensics report clearly states that the scars were caused by a corrosive substance.

Hot oil isn't a corrosive substance, Your Honour.

But the report doesn't specifically say that they're acid burns either.

Your Honour, the facts are being twisted!

The forensic report clearly states that the burns were caused by a strong corrosive substance such as HCl - Hydrochloric Acid, HNO3 - Nitric Acid or H2SO4 - Sulphuric Acid.

What did you use?

Objection, Your Honour. Objection sustained.

Miss Bajaj, please? Sorry, Your Honour.

Your Honour, the report also confirms that these burns are recent, not old.

We'll discuss this point further, at the next hearing.

Your Honour.

Don't worry. I'll make a request for bail.

My client needs to attend to an important family matter...

He's been in jail for 3 months.

He is asking for bail. I understand.

Your Honour, please reject this bail request.

The accused is fighting a charge of acid throwing.

It could have taken my client's life.

He is facing 307 - Attempt to Murder.

Your client is sitting right here!

Your Honour, how is 307 valid?

Please, Your Honour.

Can you provide a surety of 100000 rupees?

Yes, Your Honour.

Okay, let me take it under consideration.

Should I burn it?

How are you, Rohit?


Your brother Babbu's getting married.

Do come.

He remembers you a lot.

He'll rot in hell, the scoundrel!

What is he trying to prove, getting married?

Enough now...

He's only got bail. He hasn't been acquitted.

He'll be back in jail soon enough.

Right, Archana Madam?

This is the second time he's got bail.

Now until the verdict is out, it won't be easy to send him back to jail.

It would be so good if Acid stopped being sold.

If you didn't have it, you wouldn't throw it.

I agree that merely banning the sale of acid won't curb the crime.

Hence, the first plea in Malti's Petition is an amendment in the IPC.

Ms Bajaj, Acid attacks are undoubtedly a heinous crime.

But what you're asking for... how will you achieve this on the ground?

I don't know how practical a blanket ban is.

Your Lordship, if we can ban the sale of eggs in Rishikesh...

Why can't we ban the sale of Acid in the country?

Your Lordship, it's very easy to throw acid...

And just as difficult to get the attacker punished.

Because Section 326 - Grievous injury doesn't take cognizance of this crime's severity.

These sections are outdated.

I urge this court to amend the appropriate sections according to the intensity of the crime.

Fair enough.

But we cannot take this decision without the Government's approval.

Which we all know is not the easiest task in the world.

This bench admits this plea.

Let's revisit this plea in three months' time.

And let's include the Solicitor General at the next hearing.

Whenever we talk about violence on women why do we instantly ask for a change in laws?

We all know that just changing laws won't change people's mindsets.

Will banning knives stop murders?

You're right.

Which is why, along with amending the law, we are also asking for a ban on the unchecked sale of Acid. Next.

But can this really be enforced?

Can a household item like this be banned instantly?

Industrial use makes sense. Why do you need Acid at home?

How do you clean your toilets?

Yes, asking for a complete ban on Acid is ambitious, but also important.

Next. Ms Malti...

It's being said that your attacker knew you for many years.

He even wanted to marry you, and you met him often too.

We were family friends. We all knew him.

If he was a family friend, known to you...

Why would he suddenly attack you with acid, for no reason?

What does that mean? Is it her fault?

Ms Malti, your boyfriend Rajesh has claimed that you were just friends.

Is that true?

I... I haven't spoken to Rajesh...

Malti, can you show us your face...

So that the public can see the severity of the attack?

What plans of marriage? I mean, have you thought of settling down?

What kind of questions are these?

How many more surgeries?

Depends. Five to seven.

Does it frighten you?

Not as much as Court.

Actually this surgery is special.

We'll take skin from your back and graft it on your face.

So the skin looks even.

From here to here, we'll use a single piece of skin.

One even skin, all over.

This should really improve your face.

Doctor, can you fix my ear this time?

This surgery is a little specialized, dear.

We'll work on the ear the next time?

You wait outside, Malti... I'll just come.

Is this going to be complicated? It is a complicated procedure.

The surgery will be completed in 10 days and 3 stages.

Malti will be in the ICU for 5 days.

And she will be on a ventilator.

It is complicated, but it will be worth it.

I'll serve Shiraz Ma'am mangoes and come.

You're serving her the same mangoes that she gave us?

You could have bought some sweets?

She passed somehow!

Thank God! They might not have given her a fourth chance!

Now... College?

High School is enough for us.

I want money.

I don't have any. Go home.

Everything is for Malti...


Go home. There's a box in the cupboard.

You'll find 100 rupees in it.

How did you not realize that your son is so unwell?

Intestinal TB. Second stage.

Meenakshi has come from Archana Ma'am's office.

I need to go sign some papers. What papers?

For the case.

Which case is this now?

Don't start off, Mummy.

Don't we have enough troubles already?

Your brother's sick, Dad's an alcoholic...

And you want to save the nation!

Do you want to run around courts all your life?

Only the privileged can afford to do this.

You're leaving now?

It will be dark by the time you return...


What worse can happen now?

She's angry, right? Let her be. She's worried.

You focus on your work.

After four years, we have finally got a hearing at the Sessions Court.

Barely two weeks are left...

Archana Ma'am, I want to ask you something.


This case - it'll be over now, right?

Why, what's happened?

Actually, Mummy's right.

These legal battles, the media... I don't think I can do this.

Okay... then who will?

I mean, there are so many problems at home...

Malti... Do you know why Babbu has been granted bail again?

He is going to have a child.

After the Sessions Court, it will be the High Court.

After that, the Supreme Court.

There's a long way ahead.

Get used to the noise.

We will have a lot of fun without you!

I hate you.


I don't get it, you know.

Why was Malti tolerating him? She should've just slapped him!

If she had slapped him and then Bashir Khan had thrown acid on her, you would've said - Malti shouldn't have aggravated him.

Broken beer bottle with acid stains.

For the beer bottle, the Defense will surely say it was planted by the police.

In such cases, always keep supporting evidence ready.

Babbu's confession...

Which the Defense claims, was extracted via third degree treatment.

Then comes, Malti's statement.

And why is Malti's statement so important to this case?

Not you. Sukesh?

Ma'am, because in this case the victim herself is an eyewitness?

Hence the court will give maximum weightage to the victim's testimony.

Very good!

And finally, our trump card... Babbu's cellphone record.

At the time of the attack the accused's phone was at the crime spot. At Mayur Market.

Again. Evidence will establish the crime.

We need to focus on the sentence.

Not 326, we must constantly underline Section 307.


In light of the evidence presented, this Court pronounces Bashir Khan aka Babbu guilty under IPC Sections 307 and 120B.

For being an accomplice to a horrific crime like an Acid attack, the Court also pronounces Parveen Shaikh guilty under IPC Sections 307 and 120B.

The Court sentences Bashir Khan to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 75000 rupees.

And Parveen Shaikh to 7 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of 50000 rupees.

Your Honour, you know 10 years is not enough...

Ms Bajaj, I thought you'd be happy.

10 years for an Acid attack is unprecedented.

Pardon me, Your Honour but this case was so severe that...

Your Honour, my client Bashir Khan would like to appeal for leniency.

He is also ready to give the complainant 100000 rupees as compensation.

And... We'll meet in High Court, Miss Bajaj.

This judgement is historic...

For the first time in an Acid attack case, a Sessions Court has given a 10-year prison sentence.

Now we hope that our Petition comes up for hearing soon and the laws are amended as well.

Ms Malti, Bashir Khan offered you 100000 rupees as compensation.

Why did you refuse it?

Accepting his money would mean forgiving him.

He scarred my face...

Not my spirit.

The dawn, once grey and pale Now awash with a gleaming ray The breath, stifled in knots Now beginning to exhale...

Beginning to exhale...

Open up... And begin...

A new sky is unfolding within...

Open up... And begin...

A new sky is unfolding within...

Look, it's simple.

There's a whole universe out there beyond social media.

We want to mobilize the youth... Let's go to Delhi University.

Gargi, Miranda House...

Let's go to girls' colleges and talk directly to the young women.

We could also perform street plays to stir up the people.

This isn't enough. We need more money.

Look, we can't spend more than twenty thousand on any campaign.

Amol has put a cap on the spends.

Amol Sir. You need to crouch lower. I can still see your ears.

Hmm... Did you say something?

The same old story again!

If we advertise poorly, our communication won't be strong.

So be it.

Those who want to contribute, will do so because of our intention; not the fancy designs of our campaign.

And the focus should be on the cause... right Manish?

No... I mean, Malti has a point too.

Our communication needs to keep up with the times.

And, to bring in funders, our messaging must be crisp.

Look, this money is first and foremost for the Acid Survivors.

We can get donations by posting on social media too.

Manish, send me Suresh Paswan's bank details-

I need more funds! You won't get more!

Campaign with the resources we have, or let it be!

We've collected 60000 rupees for Chitra and Suman.

Both the sisters are admitted in hospital.

We've organized accommodation for their family too.

The operation must happen as soon as possible.

We need to go to the hospital and pressurize the authorities.

We need some sensible volunteers...

A team of four must be present at the hospital in advance.

Malti, your phone has a camera, right? You can record on it.

Sorry Deepa, I'm going home.

Hello Mummy... I'll be late today.


Aren't your hassles in court enough? Now this too!

Mummy, two sisters were attacked. They've come all the way from Patna to Delhi.

Got your salary?

It'll come.

Sister, we need to shift them to the burn ward.

Ma'am, you're not even wearing gloves!

I'll be back. Sis... Sister!

They belonged to an upper-caste.

All four...

They would taunt us and say, 'Low-caste folk can't be software engineers'.

They were sexually harassing us, sir...

At night, they climbed onto the roof of our house.

It was a thatch roof, so it gave way easily.

They had brought Acid with them...

They threw it on both of us...

The face fades Like a fallen pawn Like light smothered by the dark In a splash, all erased...


A smile defaced Wiped out of sight In the sprinkle of a spark In a splash, all erased...

We reached Patna hospital somehow...

And the guard shooed us away.

He said - "This hospital isn't for low-caste people like you."

Had they admitted me... my face could have been saved!

A handful of darkness The eyes are intent A smile defaced Wiped out of sight In the sprinkle of a spark

In a splash, all erased...

Everything was erased...

"Such monsters should be killed."

"Stop Acid Violence - Chhaaya, you are doing a great job."

"Congratulations to Chitra and Suman for successful surgery."

Wow! Show me... How many likes did it get?

Over a thousand.

Oh my God!

"How can one human being do this to another human being?"

"This is bar... baric."


Bar-baric means?

Hmm... Very bad, I guess.

"These girls look like freaks."

"Their lives are completely ruined."


Your face looks so good. I want mine to be like that too.

We'll get surgery done for you. Gradually, it will improve.

How many surgeries have you had?

Seven. Seven!

How? I'm still struggling to manage money for my second.

You'll get 300000 from the Victim compensation scheme...

Oh yes! This time I'll get a face exactly like Alia Bhatt!

But when will the money come?

I had asked Amol Sir. He snapped at me, and how!

"Get lost! Going on about the compensation scheme!"

"Am I the government? How would I know?"

You're mad!

Only you get away with saying anything to him.

Aren't you afraid of him?

Why should I be... Is he the government?

The neighbours called. They're asking us to reduce the volume.

No alcohol?


That's all that is missing!

Amol Sir, where were you?

Everyone's been trying to call you.

326 A and B!

Cut the cake!

Tell me something, Ms Malti. What's 326 A and B?

What do they mean?

Amol Sir, why are you doing this?

No, please explain to us why we're celebrating 326's birthday.

Amol Sir, the IPC has been amended.

Acid attacks now have a separate section under law.

Isn't that what you... what all of us wanted?

Oh... So, the penal code has been amended and that's enough?

The attacker will get a 10-year sentence and the victim will get compensation?

Wow, very good!

Come on everyone... stop playing NGO-NGO, and go home.

Our work here is done.

Now that there's a new law, the crimes will automatically stop! Isn't it?

Acid is sold cheaper than cola in this country.

Your Petition has been stuck for 7 years... And you want to celebrate?

Acid is still not banned. Get it?

Amol Sir, you know what your problem is?

You behave like you've been attacked with acid...

But the Acid was thrown on me, not you...

And I...

...would like to party.

Don't overreact now.

Come on, Amol Sir. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs.

Everyone is calling you and you're sulking here. Not done.

I don't want to come. How can we party without you?

According the court records, and as far as I recall...

Two years ago, back in 2011... this bench had put forth some directives.

Every state was asked to submit a proposal to regulate the sale of acid.

A period of two months was granted. It's been two years.

So far, we haven't seen any concrete report on the Ban or the Compensation.

Are you likely to present something today, Mr Solicitor General?

Yes, Your Lordship.

Luckily, the Home Minister met the concerned Secretaries of State a month ago.

There was a meeting on National Security.

We also discussed the sale of acid.

What do you mean, 'also discussed'?

Why does it sound like the government isn't taking this issue seriously?

Apologies, Your Lordship. That's not what I meant.

Anyway, please continue.

Your Lordship, we request the court to grant us another date.


The Chemicals Minister couldn't come today.

It's like we are running a school!

Why is he absent?

His son is getting married.

I'll tell you what...

If, by the next hearing, all the States do not present their proposals before the court...

Then this bench will not hesitate to give a final decision on learned counsel Ms Bajaj's petition.

Is that clear? Yes Sir.

One bottle of acid. Sulphuric or Hydrochloric?

Which one's deadlier?

Today, Manish from 'Stop Acid Violence' went to a store near our office Thirty. and bought a bottle of acid.

No one stopped or questioned him.

Bought for just 30 rupees, this bottle of acid stands here so innocuously...

Like it has no idea of the violence it can unleash.

Last week at a Mumbai station Pinky Rathore was attacked with Acid in broad daylight.

Not a word or warning...

Someone tapped her shoulder, hurled acid at her and disappeared into the crowd.

The entire Chhaaya team has left for Mumbai to stand in support of Pinky Rathore.

If you would like to help her please contribute funds using these bank details.

Pinky Rathore's family will be truly grateful for your support.

Tickets, please.

We'll spark off a rebellion!

We'll whip up a furore!

Our destinies lie in our hands...

We ain't flowers but firebrands!

Yes Amol Sir...

We need to complete the formalities according to hospital procedure.

We won't accept Pinky's body until we meet the Chief Minister!

Her face, lungs, heart... everything was burnt with acid.

No one came to see her.

She kept writing till her last breath, asking just one question -

"Why did someone do this?"


Has the Government made any decision?

Will you transfer the case to the CBI?

When will the Victim compensation be given, Sir?

We met Pinky Rathore's family and have given them our assurance...

To have faith in the Government.

We've assigned this case to the Crime Branch and we believe the attacker will be caught soon.

Dreams and desires Are all extinguished

The will to live Now entirely demolished

All is scorched...

Everything is erased...

The Home Minister has announced a compensation of 200000 rupees for Pinky's family.

On the demand for a ban on acid, he had no response.

What are you doing here?

Nothing, really...

We have to leave for the station.

This was Pinky's room...

You know, I actually feel a little jealous of her...

She died...

Why jealous now?


She escaped the ordeal of courts and surgeries.


I'll give you my sympathies in the train.

Now come on.

Actually... I needed to talk to you.

I hope you won't get me wrong.

Okay, let's reach Delhi first.

What's the matter? Tell me...


What is it?

You're not proposing to me, are you?


I'll have to quit this job. Babbu has appealed in the High Court.

Mummy's always worried.

The salary isn't paid on time... Even we aren't paid on time.

I know.

But my brother's hospital expenses are so high, and...

I thought you were different from everyone else.

That you understood the cause. I do understand!

But I can't do this now...

Then what was the Petition all about?

A sham?

Let it be...

Do whatever you want.

"I thought everything would be fine now."

"I'd earn well."

"Send you money and pay my brother and sister's fees too..."

"And ease your burden..."

"But look what happened, Papa!"

"I just want to know who did this, and why?"

"Papa, please appeal to the police"

"that the culprit be sentenced to death."

"Papa, I don't care how my face will look..."

"Just save my life, please."

"I'll work, earn and make everything okay."

"Just save me..."

"Please get me a good doctor, Papa..."

End quote.

The letter Pinky Rathore wrote to her parents after the attack.

Should be anytime now...

Your Lordship, studying the background of acid victims and survivors reveals that most of the attacks were on girls who wanted to study or make a career.

Whenever a girl tried to better her social status, she was punished for it.

She was shown her place by dousing her with Acid.

What drives such an act is impossible to explain.

But to regulate the sale of Acid, is possible for this bench.

We cannot bring Pinky back...

But we can definitely try to ensure that other girls don't suffer like Pinky and Malti did.


Ms Malti, Ms Archana... Thanks to your Petition today the sale of acid has been regulated across the country.

How do you feel?

The judgement has arrived.

Archana Ma'am has called us.

Now can we celebrate the ban?

♪ A retort for every quip ♪

Turn there...

♪ Smiling away the pinpricks too ♪ It's been regulated, not banned.

♪ These ties run free of knots ♪

♪ It's the words that entangle you ♪ But... haven't you resigned?

Well, Chhaaya needs me right now.

♪ So much they manage to say ♪ What are you doing, man?

Here! Turn here!

Now take the next turn.

♪ What needs to be said Is what's left to say... ♪ I need to send an interview byte to the channel.

The camera operator's busy. Is that why I've been called?

Fine! I'll record it myself!

Take this turn ahead...

Damnit! Stop it, man.


There's a celebrity travelling with us.

And you have no clue which way you're going!

Riding a rickshaw and you don't even know the routes.

Twenty's enough!

Don't you know 'Left' and 'Right'?

Wasted my time with your 'turn here - turn there'!

Move your foot!

Listen... I'm heading to Uncle's. Ma is waiting there.

Please come forward, Honourable Ms Malti!


A bit to the side...

The other side!

Don't you know 'Left' and 'Right'?

Come on, it wasn't that funny.

Okay fine - move to the right.

What are you doing?

Let it be! I can't do it in front of you.

Why? Come on, let's start. The first question...

The Supreme Court has ruled that the sale of Acid must be regulated in the country.

Are you happy with the court's decision?

Yes, I'm happy.

There's a long fight still ahead. You can't look so happy!

But I am happy, what do I do?


The sale of Acid has been regulated, not banned.

Now all schools, shops, industries etc. have to register the sale of Acid or else pay a heavy fine.

So Acid hasn't been banned. It will still be sold.

After a struggle of seven years, we've only won half the battle.

We still have a long way to go.

But Malti, your Petition has initiated a significant step in Acid Violence Legislation.

The foundation of this Petition is Archana Bajaj Ma'am.

Right from the outset, she has believed that to stop this crime we need to understand its roots.

Malti, those who threw acid on you...

Do they know that you are spearheading this campaign?

I don't know if they're aware of it.

It's good if they are.

She is very good.

She is.

Why did you refuse Alka's offer?

Jeetu, you go... I'll manage.

This is a great chance for you... To become a TV anchor.

People will know you, and through you, they'll know of our cause.

But I am working for the cause here.

But we can't pay your salary on time. Then you have problems at home.

You know... it's all before you...

Ever since I quit journalism, I haven't been able to buy myself a new shirt.

This path isn't easy.

I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

You're not uncomfortable at all.

You say whatever you like, you do as you please.

Did I say something wrong?

No... but that day outside the court?

The entire media's gaze is on you.

You can't just jump up and hug anyone!

I didn't hug just 'anyone'.

I hugged someone who was special...

This stuff belongs in the movies.

We're here to work... let's stick to that.

If someone loves you silently, why is it a problem?

You carry on with your work.

In the shade of a shared pain

They embraced each other

Who once were strangers

Now walk on together

So much they've managed to say So much has now been heard

Only the eyes will speak further What remains unsaid What remains unsaid Is what's left to say...

Malti... we're ready.

Hello and welcome to The Delhi Daily.

I'm Malti Agarwal, and today we'll talk about Child Rights and Protection...

Good for her. But she still doesn't answer her phone.

She doesn't think much of you... Whatever.

Okay, should I call her about the High Court hearing, or will you?

You do it.


Come on, eat something.

This is a good hospital...

Trust me, Rohit will soon be back home, healthy.



Malti Madam... You've become such a star. You never answer your phone!

Come on, Archana Ma'am...

Felt good to see you on TV. You made me proud!

It's all because of you Archana Ma'am.

I had completely given up.

All the TV interviews have made you a smart speaker!

Okay, the High Court's date is drawing close.

These could be the final hearings.

You're so busy these days, you may not remember.

How can I forget...

Well, I'll be happy if you do.

Babbu's shadow has followed you for too many years now.

I thought you said you don't like expensive gifts.

You alone have the right?

To love 'silently'?

Will you take me for the hearing?

I can't just take anyone now, can I?

Well, I'm not just 'anyone' now, am I?

You said it yourself...

I'm 'special'.

I want to see him.

What's there to see?

I want to know why he did it.

If you figure it out, explain it to me too...

There's evil in each of us... that is certain.

But how does one succumb to evil so completely that they totally lose control?

Because it's also certain that Acid poisons the mind first...

then comes into the hands.

"There was a glass in the hand, and acid in the glass..."

This detail isn't present in any of Ms Malti's statements.

She said this for the first time in the court.

Your Lordship, the Defense Counsel is overlooking Malti's physical and mental state at the time.

In such a condition, it's difficult to give a statement or remember every small detail.

This medical report states exactly that, Your Lordship.

Alright, fine. I assume she was better when she appeared in court.

In court, Ms Malti testified that my client had worn a helmet.

Then how did she recognize his face so clearly?

The helmet didn't have a visor, because of which the attacker's face was visible.

Also, my client knew Babbu. He wasn't a stranger.

So it was easy to identify him.

The Sessions Court records also state that Malti did not identify my client in her first statement.

She named my client only in her second statement.

Your Lordship, the Sessions Court records clearly state that Malti named the defendant in the hospital, but no one understood it as her speech wasn't clear.

If my client was guilty, why would he come to visit Malti in the hospital after the attack?

Perhaps the defendant wanted to check if Malti had seen him or not?

Whether she would identify him or not?

Human behaviour is unpredictable, Your Lordship.

Two people could behave differently in the same circumstance.

The point I am trying to make is that Malti is the sole eyewitness to this attack.

And there can be no stronger evidence than her testimony itself.

And we shouldn't rely solely on her testimony, because she has been continuously changing her statements.

Your Lordship, I request the court to allow Malti to say something.

You should've let me stitch your first outfit.

I'd have made sure it fits well.

It's Mummy's...

I used to think you're still a little girl.

But you're quite a woman now.

I'm getting late for my tuition, Brother...

Come, I'll drop you.

I'll manage... Come on, sit.

I drop your mother to the market too... Come.

Hey, this is really spicy!


Okay, no further from here.

Just till there.


Why are you walking so fast? Slow down...

So shall we meet in the evening?

What will I say at home?

That you're going for tuitions.

Hey you! Who are you? What's happening here?

What's up, Uncle? What's up? I'll tell you what's up!

Brother! Brother, please!

And you! Shameless! You come home with me...

What's this... how can you force her?

You want me to show you how? Do you?

Rajesh! You go...

'Rajesh, you go'... So much concern for him?

Sorry, Brother.

Get lost, dipshit!

Don't be seen around this colony again! Brother, please!

Should I tell your father about your antics?

Don't tell him... please... He'll break your legs. Understand?

Don't tell Papa... Brother, please.

I'm not your 'brother'... got it?!

I'm NOT your brother!

Is there any dessert?

Have sugar. It's the month's end, we can't afford dessert.

'I Love You'



You quit school?

I told you, you must complete your studies anyhow.

Shiraz Aunty...

You can open up so many avenues for yourself, Malti...

It's not what you think.

Come. Let me show you...

The classes begin on the 1st.

The bookshop was just an excuse.

I'll be India's next Idol, Shiraz Aunty!

'I want to marry you. Give me an answer now.'

Bye. Take care.



You have big dreams, don't you?


Want to make your parents proud?



Upholding the lower court's decision... this court rejects the Defense's appeal.

And under Section 307, sentences the guilty Bashir Khan to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment and orders him to pay a compensation of 300000 rupees.

Old paths long and lost Have now found a new way What remains unsaid Is what's left to say...

Only the eyes will speak further now...

What remains unsaid Is what's left to say...

Let's take a selfie! Come.

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You look so pretty! Come take a selfie with me.

Wait, wait... me too!

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