Chilsu and Mansu (1988) Script

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Chilsu and mansu produced by Lee woo-suk planning by Lee Kwon-seok

original play by oh jong-wu screenplay by choe in-seok directed by park kwang-su cinematography by you young-Gil light by Kim dong-ho music by Kim soo-chul

sound recording by Lee young-Gil

ahn sung-ki park joong-hoon bae jong-ok

Hey! Hey!

It's a civil defense drill! Hurry up!

Let the children go first.

A little to the left.

Be careful! Quickly! To the left!

To the left... left!


Here, let me try.



Video game

Sir, here's your order. Sorry.

It took longer than I expected because of the civil defense drill. - Thank you.

Sorry. It's okay.

Please take a seat. We'll bring it out to you.

How much is it?

4,000 won. 4,000 won.

Can I pay for it tomorrow?

Don't bother. You don't need to pay for it.

Please, can I have a coke?

Didn't you just say you didn't have any money?

One regular coke.

You pig!

Welcome to burger king, may I take your order?

Three hamburgers and three cokes, please.

Three hamburgers, three regular cokes!

That will be 3,300 won.

Thank you and enjoy!

Wow, it looks just like you!

Do you go to art school?

Thanks for the drawing.

So, what are you studying at school?

Why would you want to know that?

All right then. I'll draw you a nude next time.

Here you go, park. Good work.

You're back now? What took you so long?

I got stuck in the middle of the civil defense drill.

You lazy moron! The drill ended hours ago!

I'll be off now.

Next time we get busy, come give us a hand again, all right? - Sure, just let me know.

So I bumped into this girl on my way back after the drill.

Just look at those clothes. Preening like a peacock.

Isn't that what you do for fun? Bump into girls on the street?

Mr. Kim, you think I could maybe get an advance on my paycheck?

An advance? You're kidding, right?

How come there's only change? And what's this receipt for?

What? Burger king?

Oh, I had a coke

at burger king.

A coke? You bonehead! So you like embezzling company funds?

You idiot! Why are you hitting me?

If you need to say something, just say it instead of hitting me!

Look at the mouth on this guy! Hold on!

We live in a democracy! Who in his right mind would work at a place where he gets beat up this way?

You know what? I quit!

You must take me for a real loser since all I do is paint these crappy billboards!

What? What did you say?

Do me a favor. That's not the way to live, all right? - What? What did you just say?

I should have known, associating with someone like that!


Mr. Kim!

I hope you have a nice life, painting all these shitty billboards!


You son-of-a-bitch! Stop right there!

Stop! You'd better stop!

Hey mister!

Why are you calling me "mister"?

Older brother then.

I had a dream we were working on something really grand together.

Like what?

Never mind.

You going home? Yeah.

Bye, I'll see you around.

Oh, I take this bus, too.

Brother. “What?

Just trying it out, since you told me to call you "brother."

Stop sucking up, you're creeping me out. You don't have to work today?

Oh, I...

Um... brother? What?

I just felt like saying it.

Where do you live? How about you?

Oksu-dong. You? Oksu-dong?

I live in oksu-dong, too.

That's some unlucky coincidence.

By the way, your boss seems real cheap.

You have no idea. Anyone else would have quit a long time ago.

Hey, chilsu. Yes?

I just felt like saying it.

I'm going this way. Really? I'm going this way, too.

Oh yeah?

Brother! What do you want?

Well, you see. I... brother!

Just call me "mister." I quit my job at the theater.

So what?

Well, from working with you, you seem really...

You seem really nice, mister. Just get to the point. So what?

You think I could be your assistant?

L, jang chilsu, won't let you down. Once you get to know me, you'll see I'm a real decent guy.

Trust me and you'll see.

You can't trust and see with people. It's the other way around.

They say a moment's decision will determine the next ten years.

If you decide to go with me, there will be nothing but happiness for ten years.

All right? Come on, brother!


Hey, how old are you anyway? Brother.

People look at my pretty face and assume I'm a lot younger.

But if I'd gotten married when I was supposed to, I'd have kids in elementary school by now.

So how old are you? Twenty-two.

You ever used a rope harness before?

If you're not careful you could fall and end up kicking the bucket.

Listen when I tell you, the best thing for you is to go deliver food for a Chinese restaurant.

That suits you better anyway.

It's safe and you'll never go hungry.

You can just munch on the tangsuyuk the customers don't finish.

Why are you being like this?

I may not look it, but when I was in the army I was the assistant instructor for guerilla warfare.

Of course I've used a rope harness before.

Just call me the dongducheon Tarzan.

Dongducheon Tarzan!

Have you even been in the army? Be honest.

You were in the civil defense corps, weren't you?

Hey, you've heard the saying:

One good civil defense soldier is just as good as an air force officer.

Don't underestimate me.

I've got dreams, too, you know.

Hey, are your parents still alive?

What does your father do?

Tell me for real, have you been in a rope harness before? You really think you can do it?

How many times do I have to tell you? - All right then. Let's try it out for a few days and we'll see.

When the rain falls on the dark sea...

Where is the water and where is...

What's alive...

And what's dead...

Chilsul! Yes?

Just felt like saying it.

Brother! Don't you have to go home or something?

It's really late. Is it okay if I spend the night at your place?

Well, I guess there's no reason you can't.

Hey, you find it hilarious that I'm scared to death?

Hey, dongducheon Tarzan!

It's your first time in a harness, isn't it? No, it's not!

I just don't feel good today, that's all.

You'll see tomorrow.

Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie, isn't it?

That's crazy.

What is it? Is something wrong? No, it's not that.

It's just... the drawing. What drawing?

Never mind.

Oh, sorry. I have to be somewhere else right now.

I'm afraid I have to go.

Sorry, I don't have any time right now.

Why don't we... next time... okay? Well, I...

Oh, what are you doing here?

Imagine running into you like this!

We ran into each other during the drill and now here.

So it's already two times that our paths have crossed.

When that happens they say it's meant to be.

Why do you have to hit me like that?

Please, give me the drawing. Sure, sure, I'll give it to you.

But on one condition.

Why don't you buy me a cup of coffee?


My name is jang chilsu.

You said you go to art school, right? Yes.

Are you majoring in nudes?

I draw them sometimes. If there's a good model.

Please give me the drawing.


Oh, is this it?

The clothes are nice. Well, you've got a nice body.

If you want, I can put you in a bikini, too.




Which reminds me.

Do you know the deep meaning behind a green carnation?

The meaning behind a green carnation?

Well, what is it?

There's no such thing as a green carnation!

Oh! My class at the english academy is starting at six.

Really? English academy?

Yes. I thought it would come in handy. Conversation english.

Plus, I have a lot of spare time since I'm on summer break.

You mean you're learning a "style" where you do some "free english talking"?

Pardon me?

Why are you laughing? Is there a "problem" with what I just said?

Today around 3:30 in the afternoon at an apartment in dongbuicheon-dong, Seoul, 35-year-old choi jeong-il from gwangyang of jeonnam climbed up a 50-meter chimney and created a big disturbance for two hours, demanding that his runaway wife be found. Persuaded by the police...

Crazy bastard.

The employees at chuncheon hallym college are demanding a 13.6% increase in their wage rate...

What a crock of shit.

But negotiations with the school could not be reached...

They filed for a strike with the gangwon-do regional labor relations commission and have entered a no-time-limit strike...

The library, cafeteria, and most other businesses on campus are closed.

Today the air force is carrying out takeoff and landing drills on the emergency landing strip on the pangyo singal section from 10 am. To4 P.M...


You're back again?

My brother who lives in America said he would send for me soon.

But I didn't want to bother my relatives until then.

Actually, I don't have a place to go. You know how I quit that theater job.

So is it okay if I just stay with you from now on?

Boy am I tired!

Hey, what are you doing?

Around 1:20 in the morning in a residential area in eunhaeng of seongnam in gyeonggi-do...

A 27-year-old man from taepyeong 3-dong of seongnam tried to steal a car...

Do these boneheads ever sleep?

Who is it? It's me!

You're back! What are you doing?

Don't you remember? You said I should stay with you from now on.

I did? Yup.

So I'm moving all my stuff here.

You said you were emigrating soon, didn't you? - Yup.

Hey, you any good at boiling instant noodles? Instant noodles?

Instant noodles is my middle name. My nickname is also dongducheon instant noodles.

For three years in the army, my commander didn't even eat out because he wanted to eat the noodles that I boiled.

Weren't you in the civil defense corps?

Hello? Hello? Burger king, right?

You know han jina, jina han?

Hey, jina please.


Jina! It's for you. I think it's an American.

An American? Yeah.


Hello? Hello?

Oh! Miss han! How are you?

This is chilsu jang.

I am telephone you in the campus.

You know? Yeah.

And the, I wanna see you tomorrow again, okay?

Stop it. I'm busy right now.

Okay! Okay!



She said okay!


She said okay! She said okay!

What? I can't hear you, you idiot!


I can't hear you! What?

I can't hear you!

What? I can't hear you!

Thank you.

You're different from how you look. What do you mean?

Your english is very good.

You think my "face" doesn't "match" english?

Oh, that's a big problem.

Why? You see, I'll be leaving soon.

I need to work on my english. Hmm, this is going to be a problem.

You're going to study abroad? In America?

Isn't it better to go to France if you're going to study art?

It's because my brother lives in Miami beach. Miami beach!

Oh, I think the movie is starting.

Let's go. Here, could you hold on to this?

Do you have any money? Money?

Come on, I'll pay you back once I get to America.

Come on!

Once I settle down in America, I'll sponsor you myself.

What are you spending all your money on these days?

Haven't I told you?

I picked up this college girl named jina.

A college girl? Yup.



Why couldn't I pick up a college girl?

I'm good-looking.

I've got a killer body! I'm bright.

And cute! That's right! I'm cute!

I'm friendly.

Didn't you see the way the girls stared at me earlier when we were walking past ewha university?

Or did you think they were looking at you? Yeah.

Girls. You get them with this...

Or with this...

Or with this.

I've got everything except money.

That's why if you lend me some money...

Come on, just this once.

That's right, like an artist. Something different.

Just say you're my senior at my school.

Yeah, a senior at my art college.

That's right. Just say you're from France. A French painter.

All right, all right. I promise, just this once.

Okay, thanks. I'm leaving it up to you!

He's brilliant. To the point that he seems a little strange sometimes.

Oh, here he is. Meet the French painter park mans...

This is my friend.

I'm han jina. Hello.

Jina! Oh! Will you excuse me for a moment?

What are you doing here? Good thing I ran into you.

Kyeongmi called me. Yeah?

She said she couldn't get a hold of you.

I heard you're meeting prospective marriage partners these days. - Yeah. Oh, he's just a friend who goes to art college.

And that man beside him is a French painter...

Oh, that's great!

I came here because I have to write an art appreciation report.

He's cool. Can you introduce us? Sure.

So what kind of paintings do you usually do?

Self-portraits. Self-portraits?

They say that artists who paint self-portraits are extremely lonely. Is that true?


Instead of just drinking, let's all go dance!

Yes, teach us some dance moves you learned in Paris!


Come on! Come on!

Please don't bother him.

He likes to drink and think about art and his work.

Is that right? Oh, really?

Then why don't we go and dance? Sure, sure.

We'll be back soon.

Hey! Is it all right for me to leave now?

No, you can't go now! You're the real star tonight.

You're looking very sharp tonight. Park mansu, the artist.

But brother, all I've got is 3,000 won.

Do you think you could lend me some...

You never quit, do you?


Thank youl!

Hey, isn't there any soju?

Oh, it's because he only came back to Korea recently.

You'll be drinking a lot of soju from now on, so why don't we just drink beer today?

Whiskey? Yes, how about some whiskey?

Maybe some whiskey on the rocks? Whiskey?

Don't you kids ever study? Or do you just waste all your time at places like this?

What? Whiskey?

Didn't you say you had an interview to go to? Yes, you did. You're going to be late.

I don't have an interview. Hurry, you're going to be late.

I said all I want is a bottle of soju!

Hey, hold on! Hold on!

Let go of me! Hurry, let's go.

Chilsu, why don't we get out of here and have some soju with some golbaeng-i?

You can go now. Try to understand.

He's led a solitary life for such a long time.

My friends aren't narrow-minded.

So don't worry. I had fun today.


I have to go.

Good night!


I'm going to go crazy. Don't.

I don't want to

but that jina... man...

She's driving me crazy.

You know what she said to me? It's unbelievable.

She said she wants to quit school and move in with me.

So I wanted to ask you...

Let me guess, you need more money? No.

Is there no work again tomorrow?

We have a repair job tomorrow. Oh yeah?

Park mansu art institute

Let's go!

Let's go!

The tall buildings keep blocking the sky.

Those I long to see have gone and disappeared.

The tired trees along the street, they don't say a word.

Inside the dust shadows are all they can see.

Oh, have I changed? Or is it the world that has changed?

Even the people sound strange.

My path seems so far away.

The tall buildings keep blocking the sky.

Those I long to see have gone and disappeared.

The tired trees along the street, they don't say a word.

Inside the dust shadows are all they can see.

Back home, the mountains were nice and the water was nice, but as time goes by they disappear into the forest of buildings.

Those I long to see where have they gone?

The night rain falls and the neon signs cry.

I gotta go take a piss.

Just piss a little bit at a time and let it dry.

Hey, we may not eat any better than animals but we should take one hell of a piss at a luxurious place.

I really gotta go.

Okay, hurry up then. All right!

Oh, I really gotta go.

This is nice, too.

The design is very pretty.

Hello, nice to meet you. Mom!

So0 this young man is chilsu? Yes.

Oh, he sure is handsome!

Excuse me, what are you doing here?


Is that you, boss? It's me, park mansu!

It's just I haven't heard from you for so long.

Yes, I hope to hear from you soon. Good bye now.

Hello? This is park mans...

I was just wondering if there was any work.

Yes, please let me know.

What are you looking at?

Yup, fifteen.

That's right. I was the one who sent them.

No, how could that be? I sent them.

Okay, I told you I got it. Yup, yup, okay.

Is that you, mansu?

It's been a long time. It sure has.

Hold on. Oh, good timing.

Director Lee, I think I've mentioned this guy before.

This is a friend I used to work with.

Mansu, say hello. This is director Lee of new arts construction.

Nice to meet you, I'm park mansu. I've heard of you before.

Take a seat.

So how are things these days?

Director Lee, mansu here does first-rate work.

Do you think you can pull some strings?

We are short of workers... Sure, I'll see what I can do.

Great. It's a done deal once director Lee gets involved.

You still visit your dad sometimes, right?

Oh, director Lee.

I heard you got a new bid to paint some apartment buildings?

You're going to use our paint, right?

Park mansu!

Information seminar for dispatch workers fo the middle east information seminar for dispatch workers fo the middle east park mansu information seminar for dispatch workers fo the middle east yes.

A rising leader in construction! The global korea/I Mr. park mansu, your passport wasn't issued.

It looks like there was something wrong with your background check.

Why don't you go see the representative over there?

Park yeongjae. Yes.

Jeong taewu. Yes.

Lee dongshik. Yes.

It's a real problem that the party for peace and democracy always wins 100% of the votes from gwangju to honam.

Who's running this time? Which party is he from?

Apparently he's put in a lot of money, but is that everything?

They say you won't get elected if you spend a billion won, but you will if you spend about two billion.

Then does that mean anyone with money can become a member of the national assembly? I don't think so!

Then I could, too, if I just had some money!

A national assembly composed of just the ruling party is a dead shell of a national assembly! The opposition party...

Hey lady, turn the news on again, will you?

Who said you could turn off the TV like that? Why are you watching this crap?

Mr. park, why don't you stop drinking now, all right?

How much is it? It's 2,000 won.

If you're drunk, why don't you just go home and screw your wife and call it a night instead of touching someone else's TV?

Are you talking to me? Mr. park, please, just let it go.

Why don't you stop drinking? I think you've had enough.

Did you just swear at me?

Do you know who I am? I'm park mansu, you assholes!

Stop it, please stop! - You think you're the only one who's ever had a drink?

Okay, that's it! You're really going to get it now!

You have a problem? Who the hell are you?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Mr. park! You going to beat me up?

What? Quick, grab his arms!

You're not going to stop?

What did you say? That's it! That's it!

Stop it! Stop it!

Just like what those men said, it was just one unlucky, isolated incident.

I mean, a few bottles of soju and some sidedishes come out to 10,000 won at most.

It's just the cost of a drink, no? That's not the problem here.

Hello. Yes?

What happened? What's your relationship to park mansu?

I'm his guardian...

Actually, he's my guardian.

The fight he got into earlier isn't so much of a big deal, but there seems to be a problem. So why don't you head on home and wait for him there?

If it turns out to be nothing, we'll release him right away.

So when are you leaving?

It should be all right.

What are you talking about?

Oh, to America?


Hey jina. What?

I have something to tell you. What is it?

I don't know. I just feel a little down.

I want to go home.

There's something I need to tell you.

What is it? Just tell me here.

How can I at a place like this?

I want to go home early today.

Then do you have time tomorrow? Tomorrow?

No, I can't tomorrow.

Mom and dad invited over the man I'm getting engaged to.

I'm s 0 rry!


You're back!

When did you get out?

Are you okay?

Are you hungry? By the way, your family sent you a letter.

I'll be gone for a few days. What?

I have to go to base. Why?

I have a lot of work to do today.

I really had a good time.

How do you feel? Fine.

Are you sure? I feel okay, too.

See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

Bye, bye. Bye, bye.

Get out! Get out now!

You think I struggle like this so that I can watch you act like a whore?

Even you, even you want to fool around with a big-nosed bastard?

Never! Never!

Over my dead body!

Get out! Get the hell out!

Oh, who's this? Is that you, chilsu?

How many years has it been?

You came to see your dad, right? That fool's not home.

He probably went to the bar next door. Just my luck.

I meet a man late in life and look at the sorry shape he's in.

Is that your son?

Give me another bottle!

Why do you need to drink that much every day?

You've had enough already. - Is it because you think I won't give you any money?

What are you doing here?

Didn't you leave so that you wouldn't ever have to see me again?

Did you run out of money?

Excuse me!

Can we have another bottle here?

You shouldn't let him have any more drinks.

I'll drink it, so please give us another bottle.

Could I have a drink?

Go ahead.

It's your money and it's your body, so who's to tell you no?

You look good.

I sometimes wondered if you were going hungry somewhere.

After mother passed away, you pretty much did what you wanted.

I should have died a long time ago.

Your sister's gone to America.

Your mom's dead.

And you left.

There's still no word from older sister? That bitch.

Who knows if she's dead or alive in America?

There's a lot of interest in our situation and there are many people who are willing to help.

If we could submit a petition and get him a special release on parole...

Even if it were only two or three days, it would be nice if we could spend his 60th birthday together.

Why don't we file a lawsuit instead?

They say that he could get out permanently if he receives a fair trial.

They had him locked up for thirty years. Do you think they'll release him after they've put him on trial?

We could get a lawyer who can help with this kind of case!

Maybe the priest or friends... It's useless!

They make all the calls and they're on the same side. We would just be throwing our money away!

But wouldn't it be so nice if he could get out?

All 1 wish is for our family to have one meal together.

Please stop! Aren't you tired of all this?

Brother! It's different this time!

It's not like your father has many more years to live.

A prisoner of conscience is also a political problem.

You must have noticed how the papers cover that subject a lot these days.

You've become very clever ever since you started working at the factory, haven't you?

All your talk of unions and whatnot.

But you don't know anything... this isn't something that can be figured out by taking legal action.

You may make enough money in Seoul, but father is serving his time in penal servitude, living as honestly as he can.

You think you know everything?

But what do you know about him?

Why don't you just send some money home regularly? - Please stop!

Is it because father is getting in the way of you making your money?

Why do you always think everyone's after you?

You stupid girl! The world isn't like that! You think things would somehow be different for you?

What is the matter with everyone? No one cares!

Don't you even feel sorry for mother,

every time he had to move prisons?


Ah, what the hell?

Aren't we ever going to work?

There's no work. - Then how long are we going to sit around like this?

Do whatever you want. Go and find something else if you can.

No, I'm okay.

So... I went to my uncle's house.

My brother sent a letter, saying he would send for me soon.


spring is almost over.

What are you going to do about jina?

I'll have to go to America first and then sponsor her.

We're going to get married in Miami.

That's nice. I guess. It's all right.

What the hell?

Hello? Yes, hello!

What? Oh, of course!

Yes, thank you very much!

Yes, yes. I'll see you tomorrow then!

So we've got new work?

The very existence of our company depends on this job.

So I asked around and Mr. Lee recommended you.

I know I didn't treat you very well when we first met...

But I guess it's... what do they call it again? It's a "give and take."

Mr. Lee, we barely managed to land this contract, so it's important that we hurry.

That deadline... We really need to meet it.

Oh and especially that chest, that's the real symbol here.

It needs to be sexy. It's okay if it's a little risque.

And the colors should make anyone want to, you know, slurp, slurp, take a little drink.

Just as Mr. Lee said, the art work is important for this job, but the deadline is also very important.

Supervisor park, we're leaving it in your hands.

Yes, sir. Mr. park, we trust you'll do a good job.

All right, let's begin.

Mr. park, let's call it a day and go home.

Is jina here? Jina?

Oh, jina quit.

Damn it.

It's windy and cold.

I'm hungry. And tired.

And bored.

Do I have to make a living this way?

I miss the Miami sun.


Chilsu? What are you doing here so late?

I... I'm leaving for Miami next week.

What's that? You don't need to know.

Lucky you.

At least you get a ton of letters from home. Shut up.

I have a confession to make.

The truth is... Just go to bed.

What's the matter with you? No music today?

How's it going with jina?

Mr. park! Is it art that you're doing or work?

Hurry up!

That asshole! He doesn't even work and all he does is yap and nag.

Mr. park! I have to go to the office.

Since the day has gotten longer, why don't you work late tonight?

Oh and make sure you clean up when you're done!



Why the hell did you go up there for? That dumb monkey.

Be careful!

They won't give me life insurance, but don't worry!

What a view!

Give me a sip, too.

I read the letter you got from home.

You little bastard, I see you have a nasty little habit.

I'm sorry.

Brother, you said once that you were just a life that hung at the end of a rope.

It feels like the rope that our family has been clinging to has finally snapped.

The three-day parole we worked so hard to get so that father could celebrate his 60th birthday, well, father himself turned it down.

I understand him, but at the same time, I was so heartbroken that I cried all night.



I have a confession to make.

A confession? Are you a man or a girl? You drunk or something?

Actually, the whole sponsorship, it was all a lie.

My father was a house boy.

Well, he isn't anymore.

He still lives in dongducheon, but he doesn't do anything.

After mother passed away, he remarried.

Now he leeches off my stepmother.

I have no future.

Jina and I broke up.

She's engaged.

She's engaged to someone cool and successful, someone with money and education.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied about moving to Miami.

I'm a liar. That's who I really am.


Every important, educated, successful, rich bastard in Seoul!

All of you! Listen up!

Let me tell you a little something!

While I'm up here, I'm going to tell you a thing or two!

You assholes! Are you listening to what he's saying?

I'm park mansu! And I'm jang chilsu!

I have nothing to say and I have a lot to say!

Is that how you're going to act? Is that how you're really going to be?

How do you live with yourself?

You think you'll be forgiven if you go to temple?

You expect to go to heaven when you live like that, you bastards?

We're watching you!

What are you doing? What are you doing up there?

Is it right that the one who struggles every day eats the least?

You sneaky bastards! Look!


Hey you! You'd better come down!

Come down right this minute!

You two! Please come down!

Do you see the commotion you've caused down there?

What is the meaning of this? Come down now!

What are they saying?

It looks like they're swearing at us. Crazy bastards.

After all I've said, they still don't understand?

Why are you swearing at us?

He's got a petrol bomb!

Look at those idiots run away.

I think they're the men who are working on the billboard.

What are they doing? Maybe they're trying to commit suicide?

It looks like some kind of labor dispute.

I have to go down and report this.

What happened? We're still not really sure.

So what's happening?

Two people went up with the custodian right now.

But it looks like a sit-in protest.

A sit-in? Yes.

It's causing a lot of traffic, so make sure you figure this out fast.

Yes, sir!

What's going on? Sirl they're the painters who are painting the billboard on top of the building.

The painters?

It looks like a sit-in or suicide attempt that's related to a labor issue.

What? They're holding petrol bombs.

Petrol bombs? - Notify headquarters and call the ambulance.

Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Look! Did something happen?

Are they looking at us?

Let's go down. Go down? Why?

Did you do something wrong? No.

What's going on? What company are they from?

Are they students? Have their identities been confirmed?

We don't know anything yet. So there's talk that it may be a parasuicide?

There are no specific details at the moment, so please be patient.

Is it true that they are armed with petrol bombs?

Please, be patient. We have no details right now.

How can you not know anything still?

Please tell us!

They seem very anxious and jumpy, so make sure you don't agitate them.

Try to calm them down and get them to come down on their own.

Yes, sir!

And you. Yes.

Get the ambulance ready. Yes, sir!

Hello! Hello!

The two gentlemen on top! Can you hear me?

What is he doing? Hold on.

He looks like someone high up! Can you hear me?

If you can hear me please wave your hands.

The two gentlemen on top!

He's calling us the two gentlemen on top.

The two gentlemen on top! Violence is not the answer!

Violence breeds more violence! Please come down and we can discuss the matter together!

What? When did we ever use violence?

I guess it could look that way to them.

Because of you, many citizens are being inconvenienced.

Before the problem gets any bigger, please come down!

It's dangerous up there!

What are they saying?

I don't know. They seem agitated.

What if they end up falling off?

Just leave us alone!

What did we ever do? What did we ever do that you treat us like this?

Please hold on! Let's think through this calmly!

Please calm down! Life is precious!

What benefit would you get from acting like this?

Why can't you just leave us alone? What did we ever do to you?

We're not going to commit suicide!

I think there's been a big misunderstanding.

I want to go down. Hey, be careful!

You are young! Why are you doing this?

Hold on! Suicide is violence!

Who said anything about suicide? Why are you doing this, why?

We're just outside the gangnam bus terminal in front of the covent tower.

Two young men are currently on the billboard on top of the building, staging a sit-in demonstration.

The cause of the demonstration and the identity of the two men are not yet clear.

We will update you as soon as we have the details.

We are live on location.

Thank you for your troubles. I'm the director of new arts construction.

Here's my business card.

You see, glamor whiskey is... Do you know those people up there?

Well, those people are not our company employees.

They're just contractors. I'm terribly sorry.

Could they be dissatisfied with the company?

Oh, no. Certainly not.

That one there, he's holding a petrol bomb.

A petrol bomb? A petrol bomb?

Hey, isn't that supervisor park and director Lee?

That's the boss?

Park mansu, why are you doing this? What are you doing?

Do you really want to ruin this company?

Hey, park mansu! You'd better stop now! You can't do this!

Look here!

I'm sorry! - Why are you upsetting someone who's about to commit suicide?

Mr. park mansu! Mr. jang chilsu! Please try to calm down!

Has new arts construction mistreated you?

Get the rescue team in position. Yes, sir!

Rescue team, get in position!

It's always like this. Why can't they just leave us alone?

You'd better not come up!

What kind of nonsense is that?

Please calm down! We will send up a rescue team!

Please calm down! That's very dangerous!

In spite of the continual persuasion by the police, the two young men who have been identified as painters still refuse to reach an agreement.

Their exact demands are not yet certain.

Meanwhile, the police have deployed a special rescue team...

If they're going to jump, they should just jump already.

They must be so desperate to do this!

Should we just jump?

Are we going to spend the whole night like this?

It looks like they want us to jump.

I'm cold and hungry and I really need to take a piss.

Detective Kim, take a look!

What's going on? You'll find out later.

They're coming out.

Please, what's going on? What's going on?

Name: Park mansu birthdate resident registration number

What the hell is your problem?

Turn it off! You'd better turn it off this second!

Or we're going to jump! We're going to jump!

Turn it off! I said turn it off!

Special ops on standby. Wait for my orders.

All right, Mr. park mansul!

We know everything about you!

But your father is your father. You are not your father.

Try to look at society in a positive light.

Society looks bright or dark according to how you look at it.

No matter how much trouble your father has caused in the past, should you, the offspring, also become a bad apple to this society?

You can begin anew!

I will help you.

Mr. jang chilsu, Mr. park mansu, I will personally help you.

Please stay right there. Don't move.

We will... You'd better not come up!

Send up a rescue team.

What should we do? Do something!

What the hell did we do wrong?


I'm going to jump! Don't come up!


Brother! Let me go!

Brother! Watch out! Come this way!

Watch out! Watch out! Come over here!

Let me go!


Calm down! Calm down!

Brother! Calm down!

Watch out!

Watch out!

Brother! Brother!

Brother! Brother!

Move! Move out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Is there an update?

Has he died? Is he seriously injured?

Has this man suffered any injuries?

The joy of love that knows no sadness.

I've been alone, so alone all my life.

Where does my life come from and where does it go? Nobody knows.

The pebbles scatter on the ground,

They wash themselves in rain and wind, they wash away.

I will never cry again, not until the flowers bloom on that mountain far, far away.