China Salesman (2017) Script

China salesman.

That's good. Show him the guns.

Susanna. I have a spare car you can use.

Thank you, Michael.

But you know, there are certain lines we'd better not cross.


I take it back.

Ah, my friend, Mr Carlos!


Kabbah, this is what I've found about the Mengtulu Kingdom, from the largest libraries in the world.

Although your ancestors lost their country 200 years ago, and nearly became extinct, the Mengtulu warriors galloped across Africa 2,000 years ago, leaving a glorious page in history.

Our people are not extinct!

We're now spread all over Africa.

For sure, I can recover our nation.

But I need your help.


Welcome back to my country.

Let me tell you, the sunshine, the brightness, the sand, everything...

Prince Mengtulu.

Where there is a dream, there is a future.

Hi, Michael, how are you? Good, good, good.

This is Kabbah.

On the house, gentlemen.

Thanks. I don't drink.

All right.

Men of the Mengtulu Kingdom used to be warriors who could hold their drinks, and the alcohol prohibition is forced on you by this country.

I do not drink.

The rule here is that you can't leave until you drink.


He's worried that you will report him to authorities for selling alcohol.

Well, I will not report him, but I will stick to my faith!


No alcohol? Then drink this.

I must say, I appreciate the offer, my friend, but a rule's a rule.

I do not drink!

What's that? What's going on?



Forgive my people. You see?

How you doing, sweetheart? Everything good? Happy?

You all right?

You're a bunch of arseholes. Get the fuck out of here, all of you.

You served me pee! You die!

Kabbah. Let's go.

Motherfucker, you drink piss!

You'll have to sign here. Just there.

Director Omar. Hello, Miss Ruan.

This is my new colleague, Yan Jian.

We called this special meeting to get your feedback on the bidding requirements.

We'd like to have an open discussion.

As long as your requests are reasonable, we'll make changes in accordance with international practices.

As you all know, CDMA and GSM are the two main standards nowadays in the wireless telecommunications world.

However, according to the bidding rules, only CDMA standard is accepted.

This is obviously unfair.

Competition is the foundation of all business principles.

Even though, being a European company, we agree on entering the bidding using the CDMA standard.

With the rapid development of wireless telecommunications, new products come out every 18 months to replace the old.

The competition is ruthless.


Are you determined to put DH Telecom at a disadvantage?

To the extent you want to get rid of our relay tower receivers as an initial investment!


I totally... agree with Miss Susanna's principle in the standard selection.

As Susanna is the expert from ITU, she'd have heard the latest news.

Ten days ago, ITU released a report predicting that 3G digital communications will take over the world.

3G standard is the upgraded system, combining the strengths of CDMA and GSM.

Based on this, wireless communication will be upgraded into 4G, 5G, 6G, or maybe...

Are you... Are you suggesting 3G as the standard?

Yes! Exactly.

Yesterday, LK Telecom Group in Europe opened a three billion euro bid, and set 3G as the standard.

As Susanna wants this bid to be in sync with the latest technology, I suggest we change the standard to 3G.

But I'm not sure about the product's stability and its completeness.


So, er... what do you all think?

No problem, it's perfect for us.

Now it is settled.

The standard of the bidding is 3G.

The time of the bidding remains the same.

At eight am on July 31st.


How can you make a decision on this without consulting us first?

We had a deal. You're just playing along.

Of course, I can make the decision. You son of a bitch!

You're nothing but a liar. You just made a fool of us in there.

In case you haven't noticed, you're no match for that Chinese guy.

Hi, Michael.

Hello, beautiful.

Sir, are you looking for Mr Omar?


He has gone south with the president. He won't be back for a few days.

That Chinese guy is in over his head.

Don't get upset with him.

He's not worth it.

I'm not upset with him.

I... I just can't figure him out.

Hey, Ruan Ling, how are you?

Lauder, just leave me alone.

Good idea.

Yes, yes, yes!


Hey, Michael.

This is the jammer you wanted.

And best of all, it is absolutely untraceable.

Good job.

Your package arrived!

'DH Telecom Test Machine'

'Certificate DH Telecom'


How are you, sweetheart? Great.

Little busy right now. OK.

Yeah? We've learned that DH has a new enhancement programme.

They can beat MTM by one second in connecting time.

So what do you want from me? Name your price.

Get the programme.

All right, consider it done.

Whoever needs to initiate the relay tower system will need my fingerprint for access.

We're done for today. Already?

Yep. See you tomorrow.

Do you know why DH developed so fast?

Because everybody in the company works so hard, and they don't mind to work overtime.

Listen, if I were you, I would just focus on the bidding.

Besides, not everyone wants to do overtime.

OK, you can go ahead.

Susanna, your fingerprint.

Susanna, your fingerprint.

Susanna? Can you hear me?

Where are you?

Stop it! Stop it! Why do you want to kill her? Let me go!

Susanna, what's going on?

What's going on? Let me go! Save the little girl.

They want to sacrifice her! Don't cry.

Let me go, stop!

What are you doing? Go!

Get out of here! Get out of here! Get in the car!

Here! Get in the car!

Go, go, go, go! Go, go! My daughter!

Go, go, go, don't worry about me!

Go, go, go!

Let's go!

Go left! Left, left!

Left! Left! Go!

They have taken away my daughter!

You barbarians!

Why do you harm a child? Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Why do you harm a child? Pull me down!

I didn't want to hurt the child!

Save the girl, please, save the girl! I need help here!

Girl, please! Come here, come in!

Hurry, help her.

She's bleeding.

Lady, don't worry.

It's an injury caused by an excision, she'll be all right.

What? Incision?

Didi, are you fine?

Daddy's here.

Let the Chinese man go!

If you have to punish someone, punish me.

Sheik Asaid. Didi, she is OK.

They meant no harm.

Is that lady there? Put her on the phone.

I'm Asaid, Sheik of Uhdan tribe.

We have different religions and customs.

Though we misunderstood each other, I would like to thank you for your kindness.

How is Mr Yan Jian? The Chinese gentlemen?

He is fine.

He will be back tomorrow.

Don't worry.

Mr Duchamps.

Don't worry, the police have been paid off.


What DH is doing is unethical, and goes against basic business principle.

There are standard guidelines, but it's not written down.

However, no matter what, you can't be seen to favour the Chinese.

They ought to be disqualified!

Susanna, I don't play favouritism when our national interest is at stake.

But this is business.

Without competition, it's impossible to get the best product for the best price.

Er... Let's forget about these pictures.

Hello, I want to buy some goat's milk. OK.

No doubt, having five world renowned companies for the mobile telecom bidding here today is not only a sign of affirmation as well as hope for the future of this country that has just endured suffering and hardship, but it's also an honour.

Whoever wins here today, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of this country and its people.

However, only two companies have been selected for the next and final phase.

The last two companies that are entering the final phase are...

MTM Telecom...

and DH Telecom.

Now, please turn on your server, please turn on your host machine, and set the frequency from 1880-1920 megahertz.

And set the number to 88669977.

But now, let's see what this China salesman will have for us for the main course.

Miss Susanna, while yes, I'm a China salesman, why don't you call me Mr Yan or Yan Jian?

You have my name in front of you.

That's the least that you can do to show respect.

We're at a global mobile telecom bidding, here, and only technology matters.

Please, don't mistake this as a class for etiquette.

Whoever wins the bidding, wins respect.

Why are you so sure that we can't win?

You'll see, I will make you call me Mr Yan.

Now, DH. Start the test.

Mr Elephant. Is your nose itchy again?

Miss Cobra, I just sneezed.

Mr Elephant, is your nose itchy again?

Miss Cobra, I just sneezed.

Don't worry, my dear. I will send you the remedy right away.

Thank you, I'm feeling much better.

Miss Susanna.

In addition to the given frequencies, we also have a backup.

No one can jam this.

Sorry for the interruption. Spot check!

Who's Yan Jian?

Yan Jian, you have violated the laws of our country, and are hereby under arrest for drinking and hiding alcohol.

This is not alcohol, it's... it's goat's milk!

Goat's milk? Get him up. Goat's milk!

I was set up. Trust me! Let's go. Let's go.

I said I did not put alcohol in there! I said I was set up. Trust me!


The capital is in chaos.

The civil war is unavoidable.

This is Andy Nelson, reporting live from the capital.

The new leader of the South, Vice-President Togar, was killed.

Yeah, the Balour government murdered him.

And we must avenge him, blood for blood!

Do you have proof? Shut up, you fool!

You shut up!

You wanna die?

Mr Duchamps, is the news you got reliable?

Yesterday afternoon, Togar flew from Uganda in a helicopter.

The helicopter crashed on Mount Aboutogou, and Togar died in the crash.

Togar wasn't killed in the helicopter by Balour?

The war between the North and the South is inevitable. This is your chance!

You will not only restore a tribe, but also build a new country.

People are sick and tired of war.

They're more willing to sit down and talk now.

Once the country's communication collapses, and no one can talk to each other, then the door of our success will be wide open.


It's OK, it's OK.


You can't make Kabbah do this!

You know how much money is at stake!

Why are you doing this?

Philip, you are too shortsighted.

How much money can you make from a telecom contract?

This country has rich oil and rare mineral reserves.

But the Chinese are ahead of us, exploiting them.

Moreover, there is money to be made from arms sales.

One missile is worth all the equipment here.

But, no matter what, you can't start another war!

Philip, this is not my personal decision.

But we need to renegotiate how this country's resources are distributed.

Who are you working for, besides MTM?

I have many identities. I have a mission.

You're despicable.

MTM doesn't need any warmongers.

I'll expose you. I will tell everyone the truth.


President Balour just received an emergency call from the president of Uganda.

Uganda has lost contact with the helicopter of Vice President Togar, at 6:30 pm on July 30th.

The armies of several nations have now launched a search in the area where the helicopter might have crashed.

The local UN personnel have also joined the search.

Kabbah. The curtain is up.

In 15 minutes, all the sat phones in this country will be blocked except ours.

This is new frequency. Only you and I know it. Remember this.

I call you but you never call me.

We can confirm that...

Destroy them all.

Now, let's show respect to our leader.

We must avenge Togar!

Mr Omar! Director Director Omar!

This is Isam.

The captain of Presidential Guards.

The leaders of the South are in the middle of an emergency meeting in Niusete.

At nine am tomorrow, they will inform President Balour of their decision by telephone.

The call will be recorded and broadcast worldwide.

But the entire telecommunication network is down.

No phone lines can get through.

As of now, even the satellite lines are gone.

The president has ordered Isam and I to have the line restored between the North and the South ASAP.

Director Omar, why can't they just send a telegram?

No, the people of the media need to hear the voices of the two leaders.

Director Omar, let's check out the server first.

My God, Michael!

Are you OK?

They killed Philip. What?

What? What?

Isam. Isam.

This is Balour.

What is the situation?

Very bad. All servers are damaged.

The wires are broken in many places, and all the phone lines are down.

Do everything you can to restore the network before nine am tomorrow.

Director Omar, can we pull our experts? They're all here.


We can't stay here! I wanna stay here and help...

Those who are willing to help, please, stay.

Otherwise, we will escort you to a safe area.

OK, let's go! Quickly! You save countries.

This is an emergency, so please, everyone, work out a plan.

How many soldiers do you have?

Can you stop the shooting outside? Otherwise...

Maybe... Er...

Maybe there is another solution, regardless of the gunfire.

Who are you? A China salesman.

China salesman? What is he doing in handcuffs?

We... We could connect the wireless with landline.

Use switch technology control units.

It might be able to work, even with damaged wires.


It's all down.

It doesn't work.

This is an emergency.

Hello? Kabbah.

Knock out all three relay towers at the North-South border.

Especially the one in the Abeynee.

You can make the call now.

Hello? Hello, Fatima.


Please inform the president that everything goes well here.

It's not getting to the South.

It's not going through to the South?

No need to call, let's just fight with them.

General, it must be Balour, for sure.

But we must figure out the cause for General Togar's death.

It must be the three towers at the North-South border.

We're getting no signals from there.

Those receivers might be damaged.

Can you fix it, Mr Salesman?

I need someone to go with me.

I can't activate the receivers without her fingerprint ID.

I'll go. I'm happy to do what I can for this country.

You don't have to say anything.

Whatever you did wrong, I will get you a presidential pardon.

I promise. It was only milk in the bag.

I need no pardon.

I have only one request.

Under these circumstances, I hope you would consider cancelling today's bidding and holding it in a month's time.

Hm? I'll tell the president.

According to today's test, DH made one mistake after another.

You're out! MTM is gonna win the bid.

You won't get the order, even if you repair the telephone lines.

What are you talking about? The bidding is still not finished.

But you've already made up your mind?

This is unfair! It's more than fair!

How can DH compete with MTM? Your technology is way behind.

You're such an opportunist.

I'd rather give DH another chance.

I can fix the problems at the tower myself. I don't need another person.

What do I need you for? If not for your fingerprint?

Susanna, Yan Jian.

The people need you right now.

More will die with every second of delay.

Listen to the gunshots and screams.

Can you please put your differences aside? Hm?

We can confirm now that, due to low visibility, a helicopter crashed into the Amatuogu mountain range.

On board the Uganda presidential aircraft were Dr John Togar, his six colleagues, and seven crew members.

They all died in the crash.

The Southern People's Liberation Movement is holding an emergency meeting in Niusete.

You lost the moral ground when you took advantage of the loopholes in the bidding regulations.

You and your company still want to be a respectable player in the business?

Hah. Keep dreaming.

Being the person in charge and getting involved with a client, who really is on the shaky moral ground?


Go, go!

Move back! Back!

Watch out! You have to watch out!


Sir, a large number of reinforcement troops are approaching us.

We're pulling out.

We're moving to the third tower.


Seems like you've been in a battle, sir!

Do you know the enemy? I have no idea.

We have to repair the... this relay tower.

I need you to stay here and to protect this tower.

OK, sir. Be careful.


Director Omar, the first relay tower has been activated.

We're heading to the second one. Very good.

General, we still can't get hold of the president's office.

Everybody, pay attention.

We are crossing the Southern border.

If anything happens, do not fire back.

Copy. Copy, copy.

Sir, I hear movement.

Northern troops! Take positions! Man your guns!

Let's go, let's go!

Move! Move!

Hold your fire!

Do not fire without my command. Yes, sir!

What should we do? We are running out of time.

Even if we win the battle, we will face their reinforcements.



Do we have anything with a UN symbol on it?

Or a... a Red Cross flag?

I think with that, we might be able to pass the checkpoint.

Yeah. It might work.

Hey, guys, find anything with a UN symbol, or anything with a Red Cross on it.

I couldn't find anything.

We didn't find anything, sir. Go!

I got this.

Chinese flag.

Chinese flag? Yeah.

Are you suggesting we're gonna use it?

I doubt it can work.


Maybe. Maybe.

Captain! Captain! Map!

Stop! Stop!


What are you doing?

Stop it!

Hey, stop it!


Yan! Hey! No!


Hold fire!


Get the pickup. Pickup!

Go, go, go! Quick, quick, quick!


Remove your hats. Hide your ribbons.

Don't make a move without my command. Yes, sir!

Yan Jian! Get on the truck!

Don't worry about it. Slowly.

Come on.

Yes. Director Omar... we are heading to the third tower.


Yan Jian.

Thank you.

There is the third tower.

We can restore the connection in an hour from now.

Susanna, what happened? The tower just got blown up!

How bad is it? The tower is completely gone!

Susanna! Susanna!

Hello? Ugh!

This is the only tower between the North and the South, and no other options!

Everybody out! Go search!

All clear, all clear. OK, continue, continue.

Copy, copy.

Excuse me, ladies. Can I please talk to you?

Did you see what happened here?

Is this your goat? Madam? Excuse me?

Go, go, go, go!

Move forward, move forward! Annihilate them, now!

Get in the car! Susanna! Come on, come on.

Hold on!

Hurry, hurry!

Get out! Get out of here! Run, run, run, run, run! Run, run!

This way, this way, this...

Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

Get away from me, you bastard!

Get away! Let me go!

Yan Jian! Susanna!

Where are you?

Yan Jian. Susanna.

Where are you?

Captain. It's hopeless.

It's impossible.

Impossible. Yan Jian!

I know you can do it!

You are our only hope!

Captain... it's impossible.

It's over.

It's over! Over!

Yan Jian! Come out! You must come out!

We still have hope... as long as you keep trying!

Yan Jian! Yan Jian!

Yan Jian!

Yan Jian!

Go, go! Run him over! Go!

Omar, any news from Isam?

No, Mr President.

We still can't get hold of him.

Sir, we have to stop! Sandstorm is coming!


General, it seems like the sandstorm won't stop soon.

It's impossible to fix the landline in this kind of situation.

Prepare for the battle! Yes, General!

There are many reports of cars burning, looting, rape and murder in the capital and around the country.

Many are killed. Civil war seems unavoidable.

Thank you for saving my life.

Yan Jian, stop blaming yourself for lsam's death.

OK, let's stay focused.

We have to get lines reconnected.

The relay tower is destroyed.

It's simply not possible.

You must find a way. I know you can!

It's impossible to restore the landline.

We already have three divisions up in the front.

We can take over one third of the southern land.

Susanna, there is a tower at Uhdan tribe.

How far is Uhdan tribe from Niusete?

80 kilometres.

The maximum transmission distance between the two towers is 60 kilometres.

There's an extra 20 kilometres to cover. It's impossible.

How long do you think this sandstorm will last?

It may stop before daybreak.

There is a possibility that... the sandstorm may cause an unusual disturbance in the ionosphere.

This may increase the transmission distance of the signals to make up the 20 kilometres difference.

But maybe not.

The signals may be on and off.

It's all in the hands of God.

In the hands of God, indeed.

Hello. Can anybody hear me?

This is Yan Jian.

We have found a solution.

Let's meet at the Uhdan tribe.

Hello? Hello?

Susanna, I have something to ask you.

If we release the source code, will you give the contract to us?

What are you saying? The source code is the core of a telecom.

I'm sure they won't do it.

What if I can do it?

Wait till the war is over.

I'll do all I can to convince DH to do this.

I'm sure we can do it.

Though your idea is really annoying, I have to say, it's great.

General, here is a satellite photo of the plane crash site.

Obviously, it got hit by a missile.

Only Western countries have this kind of missile.

So, it may not be the Northern army.

Sheik Asaid! We must protect this tower.

Otherwise, the civil war might break out again.

Please, it's our only hope.

I heard the news about Togar.

I can't use my sat phone right now.

Someone does not want peace in this country.

You go ahead!

I'll take care of those guys. Thank you.

Hey. Take this.

Lucky charm.

Stop! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Please don't die!

One more shot, and we will kill you all!

We have nothing to do with Togar's death.

We are running out of time.

Let us to send our troops.

Sir, the helicopter is coming towards us!

We are UN peacekeepers.

We can't get involved in the war.

What else can we do for you?

Sir, please fly south for 20 kilometres.

Trust me, our chopper will soon become the tower that you need.

Thank you.

Mr President, reconsider it.

Many innocent people will die.

Connect the North and South, now!

Mr President, please give the command. We are running out of time.

Connected, connected! Connected!


Mr President, call from South.

President Balour, we now know the truth about the tragedy.

We will abide by the peace agreement.

Let's work together, act with reason and restraint.

We will stop any attempts against peace.

We have to protect what we have achieved so far.


Mr Kir, again, your decision has saved our country.

Thank you.


We did it! Fantastic!



Wow! Peace!

We made it! Yeah!

We will abide by the peace agreement.

Let's work together, act with reason and restraint.

We will stop any attempts against peace.

Stop! Who are you?


Stop! Stop!

Sheik Asaid, we got the guy who blew up the relay tower.

Stop! Let him go!

Sheik Asaid, he has killed so many innocent people!

Why set him free? The war is over!

We should stop killing ourselves and let go of the hatred!

My son, some say the Great Rift Valley is a beautiful scar on the face of Africa.

Others say... she is the most tender vein of Africa.

Let it go.

You will find peace wherever you may be.

Within 24 hours of the restoration of peace process, this courageous China Salesman has demonstrated impeccably the superiority of DH's technology and products.

He completed the bidding process with grace under fire.

I announce, therefore, the winner is...

China DH Telecom!


Good afternoon, everyone.

I'm Tony Harwell.

I'm MTM Telecom's attorney.

My client has filed a lawsuit against DH Telecom for intellectual property infringement and fraudulent business practices.

My friends of the media, the evidence is right in front of you.

Follow me, please.

Michael! You're such a liar!

Director Omar and Susanna are my witnesses.

They can prove it. MTM.

What are you doing, Michael?


The facts are clear.

DH doesn't have the required 3G wireless technology and capacity.

Thank you. It seems like DH is in crisis since the lawsuit may extend worldwide.

It will be a serious problem for DH...

Michael, have you got the enhancement programme as you said?

It is not here yet.

Get it as soon as you can.

Make sure it can cut the missile launch by one second.

General, it will be here.

I promise, you will get something.

Mr President, Yan was the hero who saved the country.

You have the power to stop the lawsuit submitted by MTM.

I can't.

This is politics now.

We are not afraid of any pressure from Western countries, but... we don't want to give them any excuses to attack our government and cause instability.

I am sorry.

Hi, Michael. I quit. You can have your money back.

Lauder, in your entire professional life, this is such a small job.

You ought to finish what you have started.

That's your style. No way.

I know all about you.

You were a mercenary in Africa for years, bootlegging, arms smuggling...

Listen, man, I don't care who you are or about your veiled threats.

When I say no, it means no.

Who are you?

Mr Yan Jian, are you awake?

Why am I here?

What happened?

So... you're awake, Mr Yan Jian?

Thank you for saving my life.

You don't have to thank me. It is Lauder who brought you.


Hi, Michael. You got a lot of nerve comin' here.

Lauder, you broke your own rules.

You'd better cough up the programme that you grabbed.

Fuck you!

Mr Yan Jian, I heard that DH has been dragged into a lawsuit by MTM and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

I like you, young man. Would you like to come work for me?

Mr Carlos, DH... won't go bankrupt, and I... won't leave DH.

No problem.

If you change your mind... give me a call.

I'm sorry, Sheik Asaid.

I really couldn't do it.

Mr Carlos is the head of LK...

the biggest European telecom company.

Few actually know who he is... and even fewer... get to meet him.

Can you still drink?

Come with me.

Lauder... you make your own price.

You know... we've been friends a very long time.

I trust you. Fill in your own figure.

I have a business associate I have to consult with.

What are you doing? Hey!

My bag!


Sheik Asaid!

Sheik Asaid! Sheik Asaid...

Sheik Asaid!

You can't die! You can't die!

They are after you.

Yan Jian, they are after you!

You have to leave.

You can't... You can't die!

Sheik Asaid!

Fuck! Fuck!

Oh, fuck!

Don't worry about DH showing their source code to the court.

They'd go bankrupt before they could win the lawsuit.

But if they make it public, it means we will lose the lawsuit, and that could be the end of the Western telecom industry as we know it.

DH can do so, to get out of the dilemma, but we are bound, because our government is so controlling, and won't allow us to release ours.

Hey, boss, nobody is here.

Maybe DH headquarters hasn't seen Yan Jian's proposal yet, so... we need to find Yan Jian... and kill him.

Don't forget, we have to get his enhancement programme.

Susanna... Yan, is it really you?


I can't believe it's you.

I have to do whatever it takes.

I need to release DH 3G source code, to show our transparency.

You can do it.

I know you can.



I need your help!

You son of bitch! What are you trying to do? Kill me?


Shut up! Get back to work!

Kabbah, you are lucky to be alive.

But if you stay in such a shithole,

you will die... sooner or later.

Come on.

Let's get out of here.


Mr Duchamps, I don't want to recover the land of my tribe any more.

I don't want it.

You don't want to rebuild your tribe through war.

I understand.

But I don't think you want your people to be homeless like you.

I can give you a lot of money.

Enough to buy you a huge tract of land.

You can get them together.

You can give them a home.

A good life.

This is the encrypted email you sent to Zheng Ming.

There is a logic bomb in the enhancement programme.

You know how to open it.

What if I say no?

I don't want to kill you. I just want money.

Start it now.

This is not competition.

This is robbery.

Africa belonged to the West.

We brought modern civilisation here.

Its present and future belongs to us.

You are not welcome here...

China Salesman.

Is slave trade a part of your civilisation?

And spreading war and hunger part of your democracy?

Zheng He's fleet from China reached the shores of Africa hundreds of years ago.

They only left friendship and peace!

They did not take an inch of land or a single person as a slave!

Great speech.

Kabbah, it's time for him to get some fresh air.

You will be punished, Michael!

You will be punished!

You're helping Michael and killing your own people!

Is it for the money or something else?

I'm doing this for my tribe. Jump!

Your tribe? Uhdan tribe?

They killed your Sheik Asaid.

Sheik Asaid is dead? Who killed him?

Michael did! He shot him!

How stupid! You've been fooled.

I have the proof! Right here!

Right here! This is his button!

Kabbah, where is the Chinese guy?

He jumped.

Now he's gone.

Hey, why don't you guys speak English?

They will savagely kill Yan Jian.

Is he safe? Where is Yan Jian?

I know where he's headed. You can help him.



Sir, are you here to retrieve the DH source code?


I'm sorry, you're missing authorisation from the board.

The authorisation is en route.

Can I sign for it?

Susanna, this is company policy.

Here is the authorisation letter from our board and the certificate of the file number from our European office.

Check that.

All right, please sign here.

Sir, how can I help you?

Routine check.

Kabbah, don't worry. You'll get paid.

Are you trying to film the explosion as insurance?

Mr Duchamps, I want to keep this as a souvenir.

You know, I had a dream last night.

I dreamed about the land that my tribe is going to be living on.

It's a beautiful land.

That sounds like a wonderful dream. I'm sure it will come true.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the reception.

I'm no longer used to giving speeches at big occasions.

However, I'm here today because of an intelligent and brave young man.

I believe that this young man... will be the next leader of the telecommunication revolution!

Who's this young man? Which young man?

Who is he? Who could that be?

Now, I've invited him here today.

I hope he won't miss this historic moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you buy a house, but someone else held the keys, and had the power to change the keys, that would feel more like a hotel than a home.

Yet that is precisely the reality of the mobile telecommunication world today.

We build the networks, the providers hold the source code.

We have neither privacy, nor freedom.

Now... on the screen, you'll see the source code of DH Telecom's 3G programme.

This is the result of the hard work of numerous engineers of DH Telecom.

These are the lock and key of our house.

With the leadership of this extraordinary young man, DH Telecom has handed these back to us, making us the true owners of this home.

Carlos, you traitor!

Let's remember this great decision!

Let's remember this great day!

And now...

I'd like to announce the winner of the three billion euro LK Group project...

China DH Telecom!

Congratulations, Mr Ma.

Thank you! I realise this is quite a surprise.

Thank you for having faith in this young man!

Thank you!

Excuse me.

Ladies and gentlemen, the man of the hour has arrived!

He did not let me down!

He did not let us down!

Let's all welcome Mr Yan Jian...

the great China Salesman!

Kabbah, kill them all now!

These bastards don't play by the rules.


Blow them all into pieces!

Very soon. Very soon.

Yan Jian, I knew you'd make it.

Thank you.

I'll take it. OK.

Let's all toast to Yan Jian.

Don't move! There's bombs all over the place.

Remain calm and you shall live!


It's enough!

Are you still manipulated by Michael?

Do you want more people to die?

Somebody has to die! Someone has to!

Take my life. You saved me.

It's yours to take. You will see who dies soon enough.


Kabbah! Kabbah!

Is this how you repay me?

Is this how you repay me? Look at me!

You are a disgrace to your people.

Don't forget what you are fighting for. Don't forget that.

If you kill me, you'll get nothing!

You'll get nothing! You'll get nothing!

You stay out of this!

Do you really want all these people to die?


I have sinned! I am a sinner!

I have sinned against the Uhdan tribe.

I have sinned against Africa.

I have sinned against the ancient Mengtulu Kingdom.

Brothers and sisters, let go of your dreams of recovering the ancient kingdom.

Let go of your hatred.

Yes, let it go... and you will find peace wherever you may be.

Please, just let it go.



Kabbah, put the gun down.



Call for ambulance. Call for ambulance. He's down. He's down.

I repeat, he's down.

Sir, you are under arrest.

Yan Jian was under arrest for fabricating documents and illegally releasing DH 3G source code.

Two days later, he was released without charges.

Later, he turned down the offer of a promotion from DH, choosing instead to return to Africa and continue advancing the African mobile telecommunication market.

Releasing 3G source code, not only broke down the long-term monopoly barriers and unseen rules of telecommunication industry, but also boosted global mobile telecommunication development. Whether we are in Europe, America, Asia or Africa, and whether we are rich or poor, very soon we will all enjoy the same technology. Our dream of a global village will come true. DH soon won the intellectual property lawsuit, and several years later, quickly became a world class transnational enterprise in the telecommunication technologies.