Chino (1973) Script

CANARY JONES, GUIDO & MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS: ♪ Never had no home my own

♪ Just the fields that lay around

♪ For miles

♪ As my life goes trippin' on

♪ I make some friends

♪ But must move on

♪ Move on

♪ Freedom is on a rainbow, my boy

♪ Take a ride, find your rainbow, my boy

♪ From nowhere you came one day

♪ And you said you'd like to stay

♪ Mmm-mm

♪ All day long we'd ride and ride

♪ And all together side by side

♪ You and I

♪ Freedom is on a rainbow, my boy

♪ All my troubles, all my strife

♪ Tried to build a better life, to live, to live

♪ Crumbles round in hate and fear

♪ Man's the king of all he sees

♪ And my kingdom is my horse

♪ And me

♪ Till the day a stranger comes

♪ And wants my kingdom in the sun

♪ That day

♪ Freedom is on a rainbow, my boy

♪ All my troubles, all my strife

♪ Tried to build a better life to live, to live

♪ Crumbles round in hate and fear

♪ But it's hard for you to see

♪ When I say I'm leavin' to

♪ Be free

♪ Everything that's ever been

♪ And all the things you've ever seen

♪ Move on

Hold up! Yes, sir. My name is Jamie Wagner.

I'm lookin' for work.

You sure look in funny places.

You ran away from home, boy? No, sir.

Climb down if you want. Food's cookin'.

Mister, maybe I'd better be pushin' on, you know?

I gotta be somewheres.

Ain't no somewheres around here to go to.

I gotta get at the Nancher...

I gotta be at the Nash ranch.

Too far. You'll not make it tonight.

They expecting you?

No, sir.

Nobody sits down to eat around here without he tends the stock.

You'll find hay and a lamp in the barn.

You set fire to the place... and I'll roast you over the ashes.

Roast me?

That's a pure Indian thing.

Well, he don't scare me... much.

Don't worry, I don't eat kids like you.

Not when I got a good side of beef hangin' outside.

If you're still scared of me, boy... you can spread your blanket out there in the shed.

Hell of a lot warmer in here, though.

I'm sorry, sir.

I answer to Chino.

Yes, sir.

Pretty near got stomped to death by a bronc once.

Never did learn nothin' by it, though.

Still work at the same fool trade.

You ever work horses?

No, sir.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Attaboy. Easy.

Back, back.

Back, back, back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Back, back, back. Whoa. Whoa.

Back, back, whoa.




Easy. Whoa.


Good mornin'.

You're late gettin' started, ain't you, kid?

Had to clean up.

Boy, I can't pay you nothin' for the work you're doin'.

Just earnin' my way for last night's bed and board.

Boy... if you wanna leave your horse rest a day...

I'll lend you a mount, and you can ride off with me.

I gotta fetch in a mare. Yes, sir.

This here's Buck.

Mount him.

Are you afraid of old Buck?

No, sir.

Well, then ease up.

Ride him around a bit.

Well, I see you didn't come off.

He's a real gentle horse.

Old Buck, gentle?

He's about as gentle as he wants to be.

That horse is pure mustang, boy.

He seems to ride gentle for me.

Boy, what day is this?


I clean forgot about that buyer.

I gotta drive these horses to town.

Can I help?

Don't need it.

I'd sure like to ride Buck some more.

Well, just stay outta the way.

Two hundred dollars, Chino. Right?

Buenos dias, Indio.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!



Buenos dias, senora.

I can read your dirty mind, Indio.

Stop it!

MARAL: Ricardo.

If you please, Mr Jensen.


Thank you.

Howdy, Lemoine.

Jesus, Chino, you stay in town for five minutes...

Ah, you didn't hear what he said? No.

Who's this?

He's a stray. Name's Jamie. Uh-huh.

Lemoine, keep this for me till morning, will ya?

Stayin' in town tonight?

Yeah, I'm tired, and feel kinda thirsty.


Take the horses to the livery stable and buy yourself a decent meal.

I'll be at the Eagle Bar.

Don't make no more trouble, Chino.

I'll do my best. At least I don't come to town often.

Town couldn't take it often, and neither could you.

You work for him?

Sort of.

You stay with Chino, I don't make trouble.

In this territory, there's a law for a boy that don't take care of himself.

I can take care of myself!

Oh, no, no, no, Chino. No, no, no.

No, please, no, no. Not here.

No, no, I just got through fix... fixing it up from the other fight.

No, there are other bars in town.

Hell, Pete, there's nobody here now.

Oh, please, please, take the bottle, and... and take it some other place, yeah?

I'll just sit over there and drink it. Yeah.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Guess I will drink it someplace else.

Damn it, Chino!

You leave now!

This is for damages.

I came in for a bottle, Pete. Oh, yeah.

What happened, Chino? We're goin' back to the ranch.

Good thing I was here to help with the horses.

I've taken those horses to town by myself... a hundred times without any trouble.

But you didn't help out too badly.

Now, to get to the Nash ranch... you go right down this here canyon... about a mile, you come to a fork.

Take the left one.

And, after a while, you'll see some wagon tracks.

You follow 'em, take you right there.

You know, Chino, I could grain the horses.

Clean the stables, too.

Give you more time for the important work.

Winter's comin'.

You're gonna need a lot of wood. And I could chop kindling.


I think maybe that horse of yours could do with another day's rest.

What do you think?

Yes, sir!

Whoa, now, whoa. Hold that horse down.

I'm not in the mood for games.

You wanna do some work, you put that saddle back on Buck.

What's this mare you're after?

Brood mare. Carrying a late foal.

I want to get her back before she drops it.

Do you do that with all your mares?

Hell, no, this one's somethin' special.

Is she a mustang?

Pure through.

All iron and guts, and shaped like a barb.

Boy! You oughta catch that one!

That's Flag. He's my fortune.

Raised him from a colt.

What a beautiful horse.

I got papers on him go all the way back to England.

Probably has his mares bunched back there.

You wanna get a look at 'em, go up on that ridge.

But take it easy. You might spook 'em.

They're a little wild, and shy of strangers.

Boy! The mare's not here.

I'm gonna try and track her down.

Is it all right?

Yeah. It's a he.

Got me a fine stud.

He acts as if you're its mother.

Guess I'm gonna have to be.

She's had a bad accident.

Get your pillow and put it right in front of the stove here.

Here ya are, boy, that's gonna be your bed.

Get a fire goin'. Heat up some water.

What do you think of "Banner"?

I'm gonna name him Banner.

Flag was his sire, and Banner's a good name.

That is a good name.

There you go, my boy.

I got him.

Now, he don't need no more Mama than that.

You sure don't look like the Mama sort.

I guess not.

Took me three years to pay for Flag.

The blood that's in this foal is everything I worked for.

Kinda makes up for a lotta hard times, in a lotta towns where I wasn't welcome.

I'll be his Mama.

But you tell anybody that, and I'll cut your ears off at the roots.


I'm lookin' for Maral.

Well, I'm Catherine Maral. Can I help you?

Oh, would you like some coffee, and wait?

You his wife?

No, I'm his sister.

Sure don't sound like him.

Well, Mr... Valdez.

Mr Valdez, I'm his half-sister.

Father married twice, and my mother was English.

Yeah, like they say, you can always pick your friends... but you can't pick your relatives.

What... What do you have against my brother?

Who is here?

You put up that fence?

Yes. Why?

One of my mares cut herself to pieces on that goddamn wire.

I had to shoot her.

In the spring, I'm moving over a thousand head of cattle to new graze.

And I wanted it enclosed.

The wire cuts me off from the wild horse range.

That's my fence on my land! That land is open range!

Not according to the legal survey.

The Maral land right extends to around fifteen miles north of here.

If you don't like it here, I will give you a fair price for your horses and equipment.

You understand?

Is that true, what he says about the survey?

Yes, I'm afraid it is.

Mr Valdez?

Could I come out and look at your horses?

What? Your horses.

Can I come out to look at them?

What for?

I'd like to ride while I'm here, and I've heard yours are the best.

I'd like to buy one.

You come out, I'll have one for you.

Hey, hey, foal. Hey.

Good morning, Mr Valdez. I'm ready.

Yeah, I can see that.

And I can see you brought a nurse with you.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa.

She's such a beautiful horse. Her name's Paloma.

When can I ride her?

Well, she's been out on the range for about a month.

I'm gonna have to, er...

Now, what the hell is that?

That's a side saddle.

A side saddle?

You mean to tell me you're gonna put that... on the side of a horse?

No, Mr Valdez, it goes on the back of a horse.

My right leg goes around that hook... and my left one comes up against that one.

I can ride beautifully like that. You'll see.

No, not on one of my horses, you can't.

But I wear a skirt. How else can I ride?

I can loan you a saddle, but the clothes are your trouble.

Thank you, Mr Valdez.

Good bye.

I'll think of a way to do this properly.

Goodbye, Jamie. Bye, ma'am.


She shouldn't say words like that.

What words?

Well, she said, er...



What's wrong with legs? She's got 'em, ain't she?

I reckon.

It's just not a word that a high-class, decent-trained lady like her should use.

Why not?

They're not supposed to. Isn't considered proper.

And a man should be awful careful what he says around ladies, too.

Hell, how you gonna learn a lady how to ride a horse... if you can't tell her what to do with her legs... or where to put her hands?

I don't know.

I guess you can say "hands", all right.

It's the parts they cover up you can't talk about.

Yeah, but... never paid much mind to women, anyways.

I got more important things to think on.

You do?

Ain't you?

Oh, yeah.

But I think about women every now and then.

Not me.

I ain't never gonna get mixed up with womenfolk.

Well, what a man says, and what a man does... doesn't always end up to be the same thing.

Let's go. We got work to do.

When I get set on this hammer-head, jerk the gate open.

Yes, sir.


Me and that damn Black never did get along.

You gonna bust him?

You know what that means, bustin' a horse?

Show him you can't be thrown, right?

No, that ain't all of it.

Bustin' a horse means just exactly that.

You bust him.

And that takes all the spunk out of a horse.

And it breaks him.

And I ain't about to break a Valdez horse.

Guess me and that Black... we just don't like each other.

You got scars all over ya, don't ya?

Where'd you get that one on your back?

If I told you, I suppose you'd believe me?

Yes, I would.

That's a hell of a thing to say, boy.

How you know what it is I'm gonna tell ya?

If you said it, I'd know it was so.

Only a damn fool makes up his mind about a thing... before he knows what it is.

Anyways, bunch of Indians stole my horses once.

I went along and stole 'em back.

And, while they was chasin' me...

I came off my horse, and got run over.

Why didn't they kill ya?

Hell, boy, they was my friends.


Good morning. I'm ready for ya.

I've been workin' the kinks out of her for the last couple hours.

Well, mount up.

You won't be needin' that.

Well, I'll be damned.

You made yourself a pair of pants!

Mr Valdez, would you please help me up?


Don't know why anyone would want to ride a horse... when they can't even get on one.

Take her around, then.

Ease up!

Miss Maral... you ain't a wood Indian... and you ain't a sack of potatoes, neither.

And that's no dumb head-stall kept hack you're on.

That's a Valdez horse! You don't wanna fight her... and you don't want her packin' you like you was a bedroll, either!

I do feel a little strange, sitting a horse this way.

Well, you looka little strange. Pull up.

Well, now, the first thing you gotta remember... is to squeeze the horse with your, er...

What do you call that? My knee.

What do you call that? That's my leg.

And that? What?


That's my back.

Those parts are all covered, ain't they?

Well, of course they're covered.

What would you say if I was to say...


Are you all right, Mr Valdez?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Don't know 'bout that boy. I'm gonna have to have a talk with him.

Now, as I was saying, you squeeze the horse with your knees, and you put a lot of your weight in your legs.

Now, try it again.

It does feel more comfortable.

CHINO: Well, you don't look more comfortable.

Your knees, your knees!

Try to put some of that weight in your legs.

Oh, that's terrible, terrible.

You're still bouncin'.

I have to bounce some.

Yeah, I guess so. You got a lot of bouncy parts.


I guess a woman just wasn't made for ridin' horses.

Mr Valdez, you are crude, insensitive, and vulgar.

You're not a man at all, you're a horse!

I'll send Cruz back to pick up Paloma.


CHINO: Jamie? You might still have it on your mind to find a job with one of the other ranchers around here.

But, you gotta know, hirin' season's over.

I'm sorta used to havin' you around.

I'd like to keep you on.

I'll pay ya ten dollars a month.

Ten dollars?

Ain't that enough?

You'll see, Chino. I'll be worth it.


You know, Chino, Christmas is in only two weeks.


We oughta have a tree.

You know, a real Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree?


Didn't your family have a tree where you come from?

Jamie, where I come from, there wasn't enough trees around to out any down.

Well, apart from that mustache, Mr Valdez... you even look like a horse.

Sound like one, too.

And, needless to say, you scrub your back like one.


Just turn around, and get on out.

Oh, I don't think so, Mr Valdez.

Now that I'm here, I think I'll just keep you company... and have a cup of tea.

Don't keep no tea around here. Coffee will do.

Don't mind me, Mr Valdez, I've seen horses wallow in water before.

Continue with your bath.

It looks like such fun.

That a fact? Well...

I'm through, so if you'll hand me that there towel...

Of course you're not through.

You didn't finish washing your back.

I think I'll help you.

Boy! Jamie!

You're not frightened of me, are you, Mr Valdez?

You know, if you call me "Mr Valdez" one more time, I'm gonna yank you in this tub with me.

Oh? Well?

Well, what do I call you?


Miss Maral, what are you doin' here?

Well, my brother gave me a saddle for myself, and I brought it up to show you.

Is that all?

No. I wanted to ask you something.

I'd like to continue with my riding, but...

Well, if I'm as hopeless as you say I am, then there'd be no point in continuing, would there?

Well, now, I didn't say "hopeless".

What I said was, er...

I said "terrible".

Well, that's all right, then, isn't it?

You can get out of the bath, I'll make some coffee, and we'll talk about it.

That's amazing! He comes when you whistle.

I raised that horse from a baby.

Do you ever ride him?

There're some horses, Catherine, that just weren't meant for saddle.

Let her go, Chino!


Hell, if I do that, I'll just have to catch her again.


Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Ooh, whoo, whoo!



I'm gonna have to do my work without bringin' you along.

I'm very sorry, Chino.

I can't understand why you get so upset.

I was gonna turn her loose and mind my knot, anyhow.

I couldn't stand to see her so frightened.

Felt as if it were me.

You ain't got any of your brother in you at all.

I guess if you had, I wouldn't have all this feeling for you.

Let's go.

Oh, no!

Nice foal.

Very fine looking.

First one, huh?

First one born on this range.

Your roots begin to take hold.

Yes, it's coming along.

The wild horse man, making himself a home.

Pretty soon, you'll have curtains in your windows.

Do you like it here?

Well, it's got good grass, good water.

Get to the point, Maral.

All right.

Listen very carefully.

You are not ever to see my sister again.

What's she got to say about all this?

Nothing. I say it!

You try to see her again, I'll burn your place down and run you out.

If you're through talkin', I got work to do.

Chino, as long as you're on my land, you do as I say!

You go near my sister again, I will finish you!


Come here, girl.

That's a girl.

Come here.

Come here. Come here, girl.

Come here, girl.

Come here.

Come here, girl.

Come here, come here. Come here, girl.

Come here, girl. That's a girl.

Come here, girl.

Good horse.


We got some packin' to do. We're gonna take a trip.


You take good care of your ladies, now!

That's the way the Indians bury their dead.

They'd rather be close to the sun... than have dirt thrown in their face.

You take these horses off to the side. Hurry, now.




That there's Little Bear.

I scalp him every time, but he never gives up tryin'.


Ah, Jamie.

Don't let it bother you none.

They don't see yellow hair much.

Some of them even think it's good luck.

When they get the pack off the horse, you picket them.

I got work to do.


Me... Jamie.

Zhamie. Yeah.

What's your name?

Oh yeah, it's a good name.

Very nice.

Very nice. Good.

Want to trade?

Good knife.

Two blades.





Come on in, boy.

Couldn't get to sleep over there.

Thought Indians were supposed to be quiet?

Take that there bunk. Thanks.

Chino, were these the Indians that run over you that time?

Yeah, very same ones. Used to live with'em.

The way that happened, long time ago, comin' north from Texas, I was searchin' for a place, just about the way you're doin' now.

I was comin' through this rough country... and fell in with a band of Cheyenne.

The way they invited me to stay, I couldn't do otherwise.

You mean, they captured you?

Well, ain't nobody knew that for certain.

Anyhow, I liked the free way they lived, so I stayed on, and we became friends.

Why did you leave? Jamie, these Indians are dyin'.

Won't be long, there'll not be many left.

Nor men like me.

Anyways, I wanted a place of my own... and I got one now.

Also got a problem.

I'm up here to kinda think things out.


How long are we gonna stay?

We'll leave first thing in the mornin'.





Look like moccasins.

Well, I traded my bolo knife, you know.

That, er...

The good one I had.

It was this Indian girl that made 'em.

You came out here to grow up, didn't you, Jamie?

Yes, sir.

And you're growin' up, ain't ya? Yes, sir.

Wear 'em.

Here's your tree. Gosh!

You get cleaned up, now. We're goin' into town.

What are they doin'?

Oh, they're actin' out somethin' that happened a long time ago.

You see them there statues?

That's Joseph and the Virgin Mary, lookin' for shelter.

The Christ child's about to be born.

Posada te pide, amando casero, por sélo una noche, la Reina del Cielo.

Mi esposa es Maria, la Reina del Cielo, y madre va a ser, del Divino Verbo.

Eres ta José?

Tu esposa es Maria?

Entren, peregrinos, no los conocia.

Why don't you go over and make yourself some friends?

We ain't got much time.

Your brother came out to the ranch to see me.

I know, Chino.

He warned me to stay away from you. Oh, I don't care.


I've been thinking.

And, er... I made up my mind that...

you and me oughta get married.

Oh, Chino!

I'll take the other door.

I'll talk to the priest, take care of everything.

You better leave now.

See you in church, the morning after Christmas.

All right, that's it! Everybody to jail!

Boy, you better go back to the ranch and take care of things.

You won't see Chino for a while.


Sheriff let me out for Christmas.

Well, I'll be damned.

I've seen a Christmas tree or two in my time, but that's about the prettiest.

Got somethin' for ya.

Made it myself.

That's a fine piece of work, Jamie.

Got something for you, too.

Boy, this is ten times better than my last bolo knife.

This turned out to be a good Christmas.

I bet it's even better than the one Maral's got.

Even though he's got all that money, and a big house and everything.

Well, this house ain't big, Jamie, but it's solid.

And I built it myself, too.

But now that I'm gonna get married...



I'm gonna marry Catherine, Jamie.

About time I raised a family as well as horses.

That means you're gonna be goin' over to Maral's to live.

What would I do a thing like that for?

Well, you're not gonna bring her here.

Why, sure.

A woman goes where her man is.

I know the place needs fixin' up.

All's I gotta do is add a room or two off the bedroom.

Then I'll get me one of them big Franklin stoves, so's that she can do some bakin' as well as cookin'.

Put a couple of hide rugs down on the floor.

'Course, I need a new bed.

And, 30's she won't have to boil her clothes, she can use this trough here.

I'll get her a new washin' board... and one of them clothes wringers.

I guess I better go put Macho in the stable.

Where's Chino? I'm waiting for him.

Go home, Catherine. You are not to marry him.

You're just my brother. You can't tell me what to do.

If you insist, I will kill him.

So, it's your choice.

But you remember, in the future, my life is my own.


You have to forgive me, Father.


If I see you on my land after today, I won't stop the whip... until you're dead.


Let's go!

I'll get the sheriff! I'll get the doctor!

Just help me get to the wagon.

JAMIE: Little Bear!

Little Bear!

Little Bear!

Chino's hurt!





What's wrong?

I thought you were dead.

I don't die that easy.

Jamie, you did the right thing, bringin' me here.

You go back to the ranch and take care of things.

I'll be there.


Picked up your hat in town today.

Chino? Chino, what're you gonna do?

Well, right now I'm gonna have a cup of coffee... and tomorrow, we got work to do.

They say, in town, if you stay here... they'll run you out, even kill ya.

No, they won't kill me.

And I've left a lot of places in my time, Jamie... but only when I wanted to.

She shouldn't have done that. It's not fair.

Jamie, don't say anything more about it.

That's all over.

Chino, what is it?

There's something wrong.

That's the first one, Indian! Your stud horse is next!

Why, Chino?


You go on back. Get your stuff packed.

There's the stud!

Let's go get him!

Venga. Venga!

Take him.

He's shootin' his horses!

No, he's spooking them.

If he doesn't keep them, nobody does.


I'm leavin'!

Just say the word, and he's a dead man.

Put your guns down.

It's over.

Jamie, you can have Buck.

But keep in mind he's a Valdez horse.

If you're leaving, I wanna go with ya.

No, Jamie.

We go different ways. You got your own life.

Goodbye, Chino.

CANARY JONES, GUIDO & MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS: ♪ All my troubles, all my strife

♪ Tried to build a better life, to live, to live

♪ Crumbles round in hate and fear

♪ Man's the king of all he sees

♪ And my kingdom is my horse

♪ And me

♪ Till the day a stranger comes

♪ And wants my kingdom in the sun

♪ That day

♪ Freedom is on a rainbow, my boy