Chloe (2009) Script

I guess I've always been pretty good with words.

In my line of business...'s as important to be able to describe what I'm doing... it is to do what I'm doing.

When to say what...

...what words to select.

Some men hate to hear certain terms.

They can't stand specific moves...

...and then they can't live without others.

It's part of my job to know where to place my hand... lips, my tongue, my leg...

...and even my thoughts.

What kind of pressure, for how long, when to stop.

I can become your first kiss...

...or a torn-out image from a Playboy magazine...

...that you found when you were 9 years old.

Am I your secretary or am I your daughter?

Maybe I'm your seventh-grade math teacher you always hated.

All I know is that if I do it just right...

...I can become your living, breathing, unflinching dream...

...and then I can actually disappear.

Dr. Stewart.

Your last appointment's ready.

All right. Thanks, Julie.

When was your first period? i was 14.

-And what's your occupation? -i'm a dancer.

Oh, yeah? What kind?

Classicai ballet.

-You use any form of contraception? -No.

-So you wanna have a baby? -No. Not at all. No.

You don't practice safe sex? i've never had an orgasm.

From intercourse?

We're okay. Thanks.

i've bareiy ever had sex.

There's something about it i don't get.

Well, an orgasm is simply a series of muscle contractions.

That's it. it comes from manipulating the clitoris.

There's nothing mysterious and there's nothing magic about it.

-i'li give you some iiterature, okay? -Okay.

-You can get dressed now. -Thank you.

Here we are at scene two...

...where Leporeilo catalogues Don Giovanni's conquests.

Country by country...

...age by age, shape by shape. is she sweet or cruei?

A peasant or a princess? Single? Married?

As he says, "It doesn't really matter. She wears a skirt." if we look at the title of this aria, which is...?


And what's he saying? Sir. in italy, 640, Germany, 231 , Spain, 1 003.

Lovers that Don Giovanni took in Spain alone.

A very busy man.


A few of us would like to take you to dinner. Can you come?

Thank you. i'd love to. And i'm honored. But....

Today's my birthday. i've got a flight back home in an hour and a half.

Hi. How are you? Did you get a drink?

-Sure. -Oh, good, you did.

Oh, presents go in my office, okay?

You realize i'd have to kill you if you ever did this to me.

You are a very brave wife. i changed my dress 25 times.

-You look beautiful. -You look amazing.

-What time's he supposed to be here? -His flight arrived 40 minutes ago.

So any minute now.

-Here you go. -Thanks.



Your dad's gonna be here any minute. Join us.

Where did the boy who used to run into his mommy's arms go?

His girlfriend is probably going down on him.

That's a horrible thing to say to a mother.

He's doing a lot better.

-Yeah, he is. -Trina.

Trina. This is Catherine. Our hostess and my office mate.

-Hi. -Hi. Lovely to meet you.

-What an amazing house you have. -Thank you.

That's probably him. Quiet, everybody.

-Heilo? -Hey, Catherine.

Hi, honey.

-Are you home? -i'm gonna be a little late.

Well, i talked to the airline. They said that your flight ianded. i missed it by a few minutes.

You said you couldn't pick me up at the airport, so....

Well, do you know when you'il be home?

The next flight isn't for two hours. i don't think l'll be in before you go to sleep. i'm so sorry.

Catherine? Sweetheart?

We'll see you when you get back then.

Looks like the surprise is on us.

He missed his flight.

We could charter our own flight and surprise him down there. i have to admit this wasn't part of the plan...

...but no reason to stop the party. Right?

Michael, your friend'll have to go home. it's late.


i'm sorry.

-i guess i should have toid you. -Yeah. You shouid have.

But then it wouldn't have been a surprise.

Jeez, at my age.

You know i try and ignore my birthdays, Catherine.

-it's so bloody-- -Embarrassing?


Your presents are in my office. i got you a bottle of Scotch. i'll be a bit late again tonight.

More boring curriculum committee crap.

Yeah. But you're not late now. i'll pick up a coffee on the way.


Michael, your mom's in the hallway and she just saw me naked.

Jesus, Michaei. This is not okay. i just got here.

You're lying. i should probably go home.

Look, Dad knows.

Your father knows about this?

She's in my house all night and nobody teils me?

Anna. Her name's Anna.

Are you using protection?

We use condoms.

This is not happening every night.

You understand me?

-See you later. -See you.

-Bye, honey. -Good night.

Over here.

-Hi. -Hi.

-Hi. -You changed your hair.

Yeah. David hasn't noticed.

Because he likes it down.

-How do you know? -All men do.

-They imagine it wrapped around-- -That's enough, Frank.

Here, piease.

-Sorry, darling. -Hi.

-Hey, David. -Hey, Frank.

So? i'm Delia. i'li be your waitress.

-Thanks. -What can i get you?

-What do you like to drink, Delia? -Me? i like the Maybach vineyard. it's a very intense...

...pure and deep taste.

-i guess i better have one of those. -Good choice.

-And you? -i'li have the same.

Where's the bathroom? Frank.

it's over there.


Are you okay?

Yeah. l'm fine. Thank you.

Can l do anything?

There's no toilet paper in this stall. i have some.

Here you go.

Men are such asshoies.


-Thank you. -You're welcome.

i think you dropped this.

Oh, that's not mine.

Take it anyway.


i want you to have it.

i have to get back to my husband.

We're playing Spot the Hooker.

That's pleasant.

This is a nice hotel.

There's a lot of horny and wealthy out-of-town businessmen.

This is a sexy situation. They mix in with the normal people.

Well, they are normal people. i don't know how normal they are.

You ever been with one?


What am I saying? it's not a habit.

-i liked paying. -Spare me.

When you want dusting and cleaning...

...with no emotional repercussions?

You wanna avoid rejected women coming after you?

You pay for it.


Did you find that waitress sexy?

Which one?

-The one you were flirting with. -Oh, come on. i was being friendly.

People are usuaily so rude to service people. i know. So you like to be extra nice to make up for it.

-Did you run to catch your plane? -What?

Well, you only missed it by a minute, you said, so you must have run. it was a few minutes.

Did you intentionally miss the flight from New York?

What difference does it make if i missed it by mistake or intentionally?

Well, you said it was a mistake. And it was your birthday.

Surprise birthday.

Neither intentional nor by mistake. it's just what happened.

Did you go out for a drink?


-What would you like? -i'li have a chardonnay, piease.

Do you wanna buy me a drink?

What do you like?

What are you having?

-Here you are. -Another chardonnay for her, please.


i don't usually meet with women.

Coupies, yes, but....

A single woman.

-There. -Thank you.

i think my husband would like you.

Do you choose his women for him?


-He can't come in himself? -No.

Why not?

What's your name? it's Chloe.

My husband's cheating on me.

At least l think he is.

i wanna find out.

See what he does if you present yourself to him.

Most of my clients are married.

He's not the client.

What does he look like?

He's tall, strong.

He has chestnut hair.

He's very handsome.

David usually has lunch at the Cafe Diplomatico.

And he's almost always reading the newspaper.

If he asks what I do for a living...

...what do you want me to say?

Say you're a student, studying to be an interpreter.

Do you speak any other languages?

-Some Japanese. -Okay.

Excuse me. i'm sorry. Can I borrow your sugar?


Thank you.

Did you not recognize me? i wasn't sure.

i saw him.

Just like you said, he had his newspapers right there...

...and i went up and asked him for his sugar.

And he pretended to read his newspapers.

And he got up and came over to me and asked me if l was a student.

And i said that I was studying language... you told me to, Japanese.

He asked me if i couid say something in Japanese...

...which made me blush.

And i ended up just saying, konnichiwa.

Then he asked me what my name was, l said Chloe.


That's okay.

Nothing happened.

Except that he approached you and he spoke to you.

Pretty girl in a cafe.

He barely flirted. He was just friendly.

He's cute.

How do you do this?

i try to find something to love in everybody.

Even if it's a small thing.

Something about the way someone smiles.

There's aiways something.

There has to be. i try to make myself generous. i do things i don't wanna do. i think about what not to criticize.

And the strangest things come back to me.

-Like? -You.



Yeah, people like you waik into my life.

The money's in the envelope.

i wanna do this one more time just to see what he does.

And then we'll stop, okay?


Look, Michael, it's not like we're engaged, okay?

If there are other guys, it's got nothing to do with you.

All right. i need to see you, okay? This is-- This is weird.

You are seeing me. i mean-- i mean face-to-face. This is--

-This is fucked. -I know but, look, we are face-to-face.

Let's just--

People don't just break up with each other out of nowhere.

-i know there's someone else. -I just-- I don't think that....

Graduation's coming up, Michael.

I just-- I don't wanna feel tied down by you or anything.

Fuck. Mom.

-Who are you on with? -One of my students.

We're done anyway.

Our little boy's being dumped.

How do you know?

i don't know what bothers me more...

...that he's sleeping with her or that he isn't.

Did you speak to him?

He doesn't talk to me.

Catherine, this is gonna be okay. i don't know how to be his mother anymore.

He's gonna be fine.

He's in therapy. He's gonna be....

Did you know his girlfriend was sleeping over?

Come on. You remember what it was like.

Hey, what do you say we--? What do you say we taste this?

No. I have a headache.

-Well, take an Advil. -i did.

Take two.

Oh, boy.


Thank you for the Scotch.

And thank you for the fecking party.

i love your smile.

No, you don't.

When did we stop picking each other up at the airport?

i don't know.

And waiting for each other at the gate? i'm trying to remember when it happened.

-When they upped security. -i'm serious. i don't know.

We just got so busy.

What? i've got 30 papers to read and comment on by tomorrow.

Yeah. You should-- You shouid get to work.

-Are you okay? -Yeah, of course.

Yeah, Dad. it's kind of crazy, you know, when Anna and l met... was like I've never really feit that way about anyone, you know.

She totaily just kind of-- i mean, you-- Dad, do you feei that way, like, about Mom?

Like, was that how it was when you guys met? i used to make you tell me that story over and over about how you two met.

She was the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen.

That she was everything that you weren't....

-There you are. -Hey.

They're amazing.

Sorry. i think-- i think I was going through...

...some weird form of insecurity or a midlife crisis or something...

...but let's just forget this whole thing happened.

But, I already did.

-Forget it? -No. i already saw him.

You saw him? Where? i was at the cafe and i approached him like you asked me to...

...and we went to iunch.

You-- Wait, you had iunch with my husband?

Yeah, it was a picnic, kind of.

We bought some sandwiches.

And then I asked him about his teaching...

...and he started talking about his music.

And he kind of stared at me.

And then what?

And then he asked me if he could kiss me. i didn't ask you to do that.

But then he said he could not kiss me because he's married.

-You see? At first he was hesitant. -At first?

And then he asked me...

...if there was somewhere he could kiss me where no one would see us.

And i said to him that we should go to Allan Gardens.

You know that place down the street...

...with the big greenhouse?

Do you want me to stop?


We walked through this big, long corridor...

...with all these exotic flowers.

There was nobody around.

I love Allan Gardens.

It's always so warm.

And the air just feels so beautiful.

It's like you're suddenly in a different country. i know there's a place in the back where they keep tools and stuff.

No one ever goes to that section.

It's like a secret hiding place.

He brought his mouth up to my lips and we hovered there for a long time.

i could feei he was excited through his pants.

That's enough.

You were supposed to meet up with my husband...

...and see what he did and then report back to me.

i don't really know what you want. i shouldn't have involved you in this. i made a mistake.

Damn it.

God, I'm so sorry. i was just trying to get out of this spot. is your--? Is your bumper okay? i'm sorry. Would you mind moving up just a iittle?

Do you carry that bag with you in your car?

You never know when you might need it.

Actually, let's not cut it. Sorry. i'm gonna-- i'm gonna take them off. it's--

Just hold that to stop the bleeding, okay?

i'm sorry.

-is it gonna scar? -No. it shouldn't.

We were hidden deep in this forest...

...of exotic plants and trees.

And we could hear voices in the distance...

...but we were pretty sure no one could actually see us.

And i pushed my hand down his pants and l felt him.

And then I moved my hand lightly on him.


And then I kept doing this.

Moving my hand on him in his pants.

And he said to me:

"I can't come. l can't come. i have to go to work."

But l didn't stop.

And then I bit his tongue.

And then-- Just then, he came in my hand.

And then what?

And then he had to go to work so he walked away.

i don't wanna be rude.

i want you-- i want you to be ciean.

-i mean, l know you are clean.... -Oh, I-- No, l've got tests.

All of them, like HlV, STDs.

-And then show me the results. -Okay. Yeah.

Can l help you? i'm looking for Catherine.

Dr. Stewart is in with a patient. When's your appointment? i don't have one. She and i are friends.

Okay. Well, she should be out soon.

-Would you like to sit down? -Okay.

Hi, Michael.

-Your mom's still in with a patient. -i just need to pick up my tux. it's in her office. Exciting recital tonight, huh?

Yeah. i need to copy some music.

Your mom is Dr. Stewart?

My mother's your gynecologist?

You iook like her.

Me? No, i don't-- l don't think so.

Yeah. The same iook in your eyes. i mean, not really the color or the shape...

...but the look.

And your lips too.

i'm Chloe Sweeney.

Michael Stewart.

Nice to meet you.

Are you a musician?

No, it's just what you're supposed to do, i guess.

Study music. i wish someone had given me lessons. i love music.


Raised by Swans.

You never heard of the band Raised by Swans?

-No. -You'd like them. i think you'd really like them.

That's it for my appointments, right?

Mannie's Motors cailed, your tune-up's finished.

-Okay. Right. Right. -Alicia called about lunch at 2.

And your son is in the back making copies.

Hi, doctor.

Here you go. Full work-up.

Okay. Thank you for bringing them by.

-Can l talk to you? -No, i can't. l'm jammed. if you could call and--

Yeah. Quickly.

That's my son.

-You didn't speak to him, did you? -Came to tell you about this afternoon. it's today.

-Today? -Yeah. After lunch. Okay?

You got my tux?


-i'm excited. -About what?

About tonight. About seeing you play. i put a good-luck note in your jacket.


-Thanks, Mom. -You said it.

She iies in bed night after night...

...tries to imagine life where she sees her kids every other week.

And she says she can't do it.

So she's staying with him.

At this point, apparently, she's just surviving.

Maybe she'll ask him if he'll go to couples therapy....

-Who was that? -A patient.

-What's going on with you? -Nothing.

Listen, i understand.

Especially with David missing flights, busy on his--

David is fine. We worked it out. He's-- He missed his flight, that's all.

He's not the most organized man.

No. I'm talking about you.

Who have you met?

I? Nerd.

Oh, God, no.

You have affair written all over you.

i have this pregnant patient...

...who panics every time she gets a kick or a cramp...

...because, reaily, she's terrified about being a mother.

So l've decided to hold her hand through this.

But l realiy need-- i need to cail her back.

We're finished, right?


Thanks for lunch. Bye.


No. No. Not there.

Sit in that chair.


Go ahead.

We met in the park again.

This time, he didn't bring sandwiches.

We checked into this room.

He put on the news...

...pretended to be interested. i sat down next to him.

He turned and looked at me.

Kissed me.

Whispered, "Let's fuck."


He couldn't get it up.

We tried a few times.

He was really embarrassed.

But l told him it didn't really matter.

That I liked it.

That it meant that we couid just wait a littie bit longer.

And at that point, he was fully dressed. i was completely naked.

Does this turn you on?

He wanted to stay dressed.

He sat right over there on that bench.

He told me to get between his legs.

i put him in my mouth and then he got hard.

Are you okay?

i think I'm coming down with something.

Did you see a doctor?

No. it's nothing. i'm taking zinc.

Did he come in your mouth?


i pulled him out of me, put a rubber on him. i straddled him.

And he came almost immediately...

...after he entered me.

i put my tits in his face.



Do you wanna count it?

No, it's okay.

Do you think the zinc realiy works? if you take it early enough, yeah.

What kind of perfume is that?

it's lotion.


We used to do everything together.

We couldn't stand to be apart.

Even for an hour.

We'd wait for each other outside of appointments...

...just loving those moments of waiting until we could see each other again.

Touch each other. i loved his hands.

They used to grab me everywhere. it used to be that way. i used to be younger.

Have you ever had that with anyone?


Do you still love him?

i don't know.

And one more thing.

He said it's the first time he's ever done this.

Well, that's a line.

Jesus. i don't know whether to be relieved or just go hang myself.


i can't-- i can't--

Excuse me.



Your beautiful son.

He's you.

No, he's you. You know that.

What is that?

You're wearing perfume. it's lotion. i like it.

Professor Stewart.


-How are you? -Good.

How does he do it?


Touch you.

Oh, God.

You can stop here.

This is where you live? Which one is your house? it's back there.

This is to take her home.

Please don't see my husband again.

Hold on. i-- i have something for you.

i want-- i want you to have this.

No. I told you, that's yours.

No. This is-- This used to be my mother's.

And i want you to have it.

Did you drop this on purpose?

i wanted to talk to you.

i have to go.

Do you wanna see me again?

i don't know. l--

We work in the same neighborhood. i'll see you on the street, right?

You'll see me on the street? i didn't mean it that way. i mean-- it just....

That came out wrong. i'm just-- i'm exhausted.

Who is it?

Are you in love? if l were, would it make a difference?

Of course it would make a difference.

Are you in love?

You've been out all night. i'm under interrogation.

Yeah. That's right. i forgot. You're discreet with your women.

You don't come home late, you have it down with them. i like women. i appreciate their beauty, intelligence.

-Does not mean I'm screwing them. -How do you think l feel?

When I come into your office...'re instant messaging with a student? i make myself available to my students.

That's how i gain trust. That's how i teach.

Oh, God. You won't admit it.

-Admit what? -Do you know you flirt...

...with every single goddamn woman you come into contact with?

All i know, you could be fucking them all!

-i'm not having an affair. -Stop it.

Go to your room.

You're teiling me to go to my room?

Michael, just leave us alone for a minute.

-You can't control me. -Michael, that's enough. i can't wait to get the fuck out of here.

i was held up at the hospital.

Are you okay?

-Are you okay? -Yeah.

There was a cail from Mrs. Beatrice.

-She's concerned about her therapy. -Okay.

Mrs. Carmichael has a yeast infection again.


And these just came for you.

And there's an urgent e-mail as weli.

i'll be right there.

Oh, my God.

This is Chloe.

Where are you?

I'm in your waiting room. Didn't you see me when you came in?

Smell them.

What are you doing? i'm sorry.

No. i'm sorry.


You're amazing.

You're so beautiful.

But we've taken this as far as i want it to go.

i liked it.

Last night.

Yeah, l liked it too. i can't say that I didn't.

i don't want this to be over.

And i don't think that you want it to be, either.

You want money?

it's not about money.

You accepted money from me... when did this not become about money?


This should take care of everything.

This isn't a business thing. This was so real and you know that.

What about last night? i touched you and l--

How do l get through to you?

This business transaction, which is what this was, is over.

Now, please, you have got to get out of here.

Come on.

i'm so sorry.

-Right here. Right here. -Shoot.

-Come on, right here. Pass it. Pass. -Come on.

-Come on. -Stewart.

-Two minutes, tripping. -You gotta be kidding me. Shit.

Hey. i brought you that CD that we talked about, Raised by Swans.



i downloaded all their aibums already.

But you didn't download the case or the artwork...

...or the CD that you can keep forever and hold in your hands.

i hate the internet.

Nothing is private.

Nothing is real. Like this, me meeting you here.

The penalty box.

Do you have a page?



Yeah. i know. I saw it.

That's how i knew that you had a game today.

Nice picture. i don't really photograph well.

Yeah, you do. i like that picture of your mom.

There's not a picture of my mom on there. isn't she in the background when you're getting that award?

Yeah, but she's out of focus.

Yeah, she is. i notice everything.

i'll see you.


-Mom? -Jesus.

-Where'd you get this music? -From the store.

-Did you talk to that girl? -What giri?

-in my office? -What are you talking about? is she here? Where is she?

What the fuck are you do--? Are you fucking insane?

i don't know. l don't--

-i don't know. -Oh, my God. i don't know. l'm sorry, honey. i'm--

I told you not to call my husband. i didn't call your husband. He calied me. i-- i wouldn't-- i would never contact him.

He-- When he calied it was like there was-- it wasn't about sex. it was something emotional.


He said that when he touches you...

...he feels like he's cheating on me.

Isn't that crazy?

Did you hear me?


Meet me in an hour at the Cafe Diplomatico.

-What's going on? -You wanna order? i'm chairing orals.

This is not gonna take long.

-Coffee, please. -i'm having cognac.

Hennessy for my wife.

What is this? i wanted to give each other a chance to lay things out straight. i want to tell each other everything.

The truth.

is there something that you wanna tell me?

-Me? -Just tell me.

-About New York? -Okay.

i lied.

i didn't want a birthday. i didn't want another year...

...closer to retirement. So i stayed. i had a drink. I had three.

You had a drink with Miranda.

-You did. -You listened to my messages.

What did you do with her?

-Now you're spying. -i plan your party for months. i secretly call each and every one of our friends. i spend thousands of dollars on a cake, a caterer and flowers. i act like some superhuman and you're screwing an 1 8-year-old.

Because I am a fucking idiot.

-i didn't screw her. l flirted with her. -You are so full of shit.


What? Who was that girl?


She was nobody.

it's over.

-That's it? -Yes.

Well, wait a minute. You--

You came here to lay the cards on the table. i'm the only one who's admitted anything. i can't explain it. it was so sudden. it was so unexpected and it's over now.

And i'm supposed to be happy? i'm supposed to be happy you had your midlife crisis fling? it wasn't a fling.

Jesus, Catherine.

How many times have I been tempted?

And i never did anything about it. Never once.

-No. But you wanted to. -i'm human.

Could you say you'd be any different? i have never, ever wanted to be with anybody eise.

You're lying to me.

You're fucking iying.

You took me from work.

You brought me all the way down here to be honest with each other.

You told me nothing.




Sorry, pal. i'll tell you. She said that her name was Chloe.


A girl. l asked her to do something. To tempt you. i wanted to see what you were doing. i thought you were having an affair.

-i'm not cheating, Catherine. -i know. l know that now. i know, but at the time she said she slept with you.

-This is ridiculous. -She took my money...

...and she lied about sex with you.

And i'd meet up with her and she'd teli me--

She'd tell every detail.

-Like what? -Stories.

She said it started with a picnic in the park.

And Allan Gardens in the conservatory.

She said she kissed you and she could feel you getting excited. it was-- it was confusing. It just--

But it made me feel closer to you.

You become more beautiful every year.

Every gray hair, every line.

Everything that happens to you makes you so much more desirable...

...and i feei like if you were to blow on me l'd vanish. i'd disappear. i feit so invisible and so old.

i slept with her.

You and i used to make love three times a day.

And then every day.

And then once a week.

And then Michael was born and then we became parents...

...and we were best friends.

And i didn't know how to go from being your best friend to being your lover.

You stopped touching me.

David, i couldn't look at myself. i didn't know who i was. i think I'm 1 9 and then i look in the mirror...

...and i'm this person that doesn't know how to seduce you.

So show me around the house.

i don't wanna leave you. I'm late, they're gonna kiil me at school. i'll still be here. i'll wait for you at home. i'm sorry.

For not trusting you.

Hurry home.

Where's your parents' room? it's upstairs.

What are you doing?

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me.

Who has the authority, be it moral, spiritual or artistic, to tell a story?

Historical transposition is tremendously complex and....


Shit. Shit.

-Come on. -Michael, get out of here.

-Come on. Let's go. -Michael.

What, you think that you can buy me...

...and i'm just gonna go away, just like that?

You think you could put money in my hand...

...and i would go and take care of myself?

Michael, i don't want you to hear this. Come on.

-Get out. Get out. Please go. -What's going on?

i don't want you near my son.

-Mom! -He's not yours.

Your husband isn't yours. i'm not yours.

We're not just here to do as you say.

When you pay us and when you want us...

...and when to dispose of us. i understand. i brought you into my marriage.

But you need to stay away from him. i feit you in him.

-in his eyes. -Mom! in the tiny littie things that he does. i actually think that he could be, like--

He could be a good boy for me to start dating.

My husband's gonna be home any minute.

David. it's fine then with David, huh? is it working out for you? i did my job.

Let me get you dressed...

...and i'll drive you home and we can talk there, all right?

You iiked it. i'm sorry i misled you.

No, you're not.

-Excuse me? -No, you're not sorry.

-You shared your secrets with me. -Okay.

We made our own world together. You didn't say no to anything about me.

-You made me fall in love. -i didn't mean that to happen. i feit something, but for my husband.

You wouldn't have your husband if it weren't for me.

-Come on. Let's go. -Don't you get what i did for you?

How can you be doing this to me? How am i worth nothing to you?

God. Oh, God, you're bleeding. Please. Please let me take you home.

Please stop.

You're beautiful.

You must know that.

You really are.

Tell me-- Tell me what you want.

i want you to kiss me.

-No! -Oh, my God!