Chongqing Blues (2010) Script

Excuse me. Where's Jin?

On the second floor. Thanks.

Excuse me, where can l find Jin?


How many years has it been?


14 years already...

lt's like you just disappeared.

All those years and not a word from you.

How have you been? l remarried. l have a son. He's seven. lt's good to have a son at your age.

As you get older you need a family.

l just... l just got back from the sea.

As soon as l heard l rushed back here.

Have you seen Yuying?

Not yet. l don't know her address. l came straight from the airport. l wanted to know what happened.

This thing... lt's been some time now.

The company tried looking for you.

They knew you were at sea.

The company helped Yuying.

They took care of your son's funeral.

He died so suddenly.

Why did it happen?

No special reason.

Something to do with his girlfriend.

Excuse me.

Does Li Yuying live here? Who?

Li Yuying.

She's in that apartment.


l'm sorry. l'm too late.

Can l... Don't come in!

l've come to see our son.

Here, see your son!

Who are you? What do you want?

Who are you?

Who is he? l've never seen him before. l don't know him either.

Yuying, open up. lt's me.

Get out!

Both of you!

Sorry. l came to ask her something.

Police shoot to death mall hostage- taker

Just press here to play.


Dongrun mall hostage crisis video


You haven't called. l know.

Things have been chaotic. l meant to call after l got settled.

How are you?

Is the kid okay?

He's playing.

On his own. l'm sorry. l never expected this.

Explain it to him.

What good will it do?

We'll talk later.

Take care.


Lin! Come in!

Be right with you. l still have work to do.

You know me. lt drives me crazy until l can work it out.

You haven't changed. l never change.

New clocks?

Newly collected old clocks.

Even their time moves slowly.

Here we are!

Eat up, Lin. lt's nothing special.

Join us. l'm waiting for the soup.

Tell Hao to come in and eat.

Okay. You two get started.

Let's drink.


Come in and eat! l'll eat later.

Come and eat!

Hurry up! The food's getting cold! l've almost finished.


She wouldn't let me in.

l can imagine.

But l meant the wine.

She has a man.

After you left...

...she stayed single.

Five years ago...

...she met this guy.

What does he do?

He has a clothing workshop. And a daughter.

Business isn't good.

Since she started working there,..

...all he does is drink and play mahjong.

Yuying does all the work.

When you went over there,.. could she have let you in?

And the kid?

Who can handle kids these days?

Neither Bo or Hao got into college.

They spent their time slacking.

lt's just that... l can't remember what Bo looked like.

When you left, he was...




...this is Lin Bo's father. Remember him?

He wants to know a few things about Bo.

Weren't you two always together? Talk to Mr. Lin.

Where are you going?

To finish my game. What game?

Stay here! l asked you a question!

Get back here and talk to Mr. Lin.

Talk about what?

He never cared before. Now he's a good guy?

Who do you think you are? lt's okay.

Can you believe this kid?

Totally hopeless!

The 18 Stairs.

The whole city is being redeveloped.

They'll start here soon.

Let's go. l'll take you over.

Yuying, are you busy?

Business is good, is it?

Lin didn't know you had this place. l brought him for a look.


When you have time,..

...pick out some clothes for Shuping.

Have you seen her clothes?

She's still wearing stuff from the last century.

Sure. Tell her to drop by. l will do.

You get her sorted out. l'll be going now.

Yuying, l need to talk. l...

l just can't accept this.

l heard he had a girlfriend. l want to meet her.

Can you help me contact her? l know this hurts. l just want to know why this happened.


Otherwise, l won't be able to live with myself.

l just want to talk to you...

What can l...

l'm that boy's father.

Can l help you? l have some questions.

Why did he do this?

What was his motive?

Captain Chen.

Look at this.

He says he's the boy's father.

Didn't his parents already sign off?

There's another father?

Sorry, the case is closed. lt's out of our hands.

Don't get me wrong. l just want to know what happened.

The newspapers covered it all. l know it was all in the newspapers. l just wanted to meet...

...the officer who shot him.

Sorry, that's impossible.

Go home.

Out of the way, please.

Excuse me.

Can l ask you something?

A few months ago,..

...there was an incident here.

A young man...

You mean the hostage- taking?

That guard over there.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Can l have a word?

Six months ago...

...a young man stabbed you. l'm his father.

l'd like to ask what happened.

l've been questioned several times.

l work at sea. l just got back from a long voyage. l'm not clear about what happened.

Don't be nervous. l don't want anything else. l just want to ask what happened.

Ask what?

Just what happened.

Don't worry. l'm just asking.

That day...

...l was at the cafeteria...

...eating with some co- workers.

While we were eating...

...our supervisor reported an incident... the cosmetics counter. l saw a young man...

...with a knife about this long.

The girl was on the floor.

There was blood all over the floor.

l was going to try to subdue him.

But just as l got to him...

...his knife...

Do you have a photo of Bo? l want to see him.

Just one.

l don't have a single one.

l just want one look.

Huang Feihong!

Bruce Lee!


Dig in.

How's it going?

l need Hao's help.

Hao? l want him to help me to enlarge...

...Bo's picture from the video. l want a closer look.

What for?

When they talk about Bo,..

...l only see his shadow.

My son can't just be a shadow. l don't like this feeling. l'll tell the little runt.

No need, l'll go.


Does Lingzi work here?

Lingzi? That's her over there.

Washing hair.


Sorry to bother you.

Six months ago,.. the mall,..

...a young man stabbed you. l'm his father.

Come over here.

l want to know what happened.

That's all l want. l just want to know what really happened. l've been over this several times. l don't know anything.

Long, help this customer. Sure.

You're really the boy's dad?


Lingzi told me what happened. lt's been a long time.

She doesn't like to talk about it.

l'm really sorry.

That was my first day at work. l saw a young man...

...looking at cosmetics in my section.

Men rarely shop for cosmetics by themselves.

So l kept an eye on him.

He suddenly disappeared.

l thought he was shoplifting.

l went over to him...

...and l saw the knife.

l got scared and l turned to run.


Xiaowen. l... l've stabbed someone. l'm not lying. l mean it!

What did he look like?

Very skinny.

Aren't you his father?

You don't know what he looks like? ls this a scam?

How much? 18.


What now? You got your photo. l heard Bo had a girlfriend.

Can l have her number? l don't know her.

What's your problem? l want to speak to her.

Just one more favor.

Hello. ls this Xiaowen?


My name is Lin Quanhai. l'm Lin Bo's father.



Going to pick up the kid?


When are you coming home?

Things aren't going smoothly. l might be here for a few more days.

Let me get things sorted out. lt's been chaotic. l can't see straight for the moment.

- l... l have to fetch the kid.

I'm already late.

Go ahead.

Can you make the picture clearer? lt's too blurry.

Screen captures from video are all the same.

The bigger they are, the blurrier they get. lt doesn't matter.

Just enlarge his face.

How big?

As big as you can.

The bigger, the better.


About Bo...

There's nothing to talk about.

Hao, who's that?

Lin Bo's dad.

Bo had a dad?


Please give this to Officer Liu.

Oh, it's you.

We already explained this to you.

He can't talk to you. We have strict rules.

Don't get me wrong. l'm the boy's father.

He was the last person to see my son. l just want to talk.

Leave it here if you want. l can't guarantee anything.

Excuse me.

Where does Zhu Qing work?

ls Dr. Zhu Qing here?

Dr. Zhu Qing?

That's me.

You're really his father?


You work at sea.

What do you do? Ship's captain?


How did you know?

You're older than l imagined.

Did Lin Bo...

...hurt you?

Hurt me?


He didn't hurt me.

That day l...

He didn't really hurt me.

l was off duty that day. l went to the mall to shop.

Stay away!

Stay away.

She's lost a lot of blood.

Lie down flat.

Stay awake.

Who are you?

Help is on its way. l'm a doctor!

Will they die? Yes, if they keep bleeding!

You! Call an ambulance!


Stay away!

Stop! Stay back!

lt all happened so suddenly.

Before l knew it, l was a hostage.

Hello, Xiaowen. l've taken someone hostage. lt's serious this time.


Xiaowen, can you come over? lf you don't come, l might kill her!


Xiaowen, listen. l need to see you. l need to see you, Xiao...


The phone is off.

Then he sat there, silent.

For a long time.

Since he didn't hurt you...

Why, in the end, did they... l feel... shouldn't have ended like that.

His girlfriend wanted to break up with him. l tried to help him get over it.

He wouldn't listen.

l'm hungry.



We need to eat.

You can't keep on like this.

What do you want to eat?

Noodles. l want noodles.

We'll get them to bring some.



They brought our noodles.

You knew Bo better than me.

So l...

l really need to hear it from you.

After all...

l show you respect as my father's friend.

But as Bo's friend, l don't even know you. l know.

He and Xiaowen...

How long did it last?

They met online.

A year? Maybe two.

Bo always brought her along.

We hung out together. l warned Bo.

She was a student, not suitable for him.

He wouldn't listen.

He fell for her like crazy.

Once he made me go to the zoo with him.

We sneaked in at night.

He wanted to steal a bird.

What are these things?


Can we catch them? Of course.

They look really scary.

Don't worry, l checked.

Emus are harmless and docile.

Let's catch that one. lt's smaller.

No point catching a small one.

You're crazy.

Will we go to jail? l'll just borrow it and return it tomorrow.

No one will know. Don't worry.

How do we get in? l figured it out, see?

Let's go where there's no railing.

We can jump right over.

ls this girl worth it?

l said take a small one, not a big one.

Let's go.

Let's go. There's a good girl!

Come on, come on...

That's it.

Here we go.

That's it.

Watch out for the police.


All because Xiaowen said she liked that bird.

Fucking crazy!

ln that case, why did she break up with him?

l don't know.

Go ask her. l'm going to work.

l'm telling you.

Never let two men live under the same roof.

When a son grows up, he's no longer a son.

Hao said he was going to work.

Where does he work?

That kid...

He never tells me anything. l heard it from other people.

He learned how to dance.

He dances.

He dances at clubs on weekends. l thought about it.

So be it. lf he can earn money to support himself...

...l should be thankful.

Why are you following us?

Need the photo enlarged again?

Am l bothering you?

l have nothing more to say.

Don't get me wrong. l just wanted to see you guys.

Did Bo...

...go to that club too?

Yeah, why?

No reason.


Take me to see Bo. l'm begging you.

No matter what l've done... it right for it to come between me...

...and my child?

Your son kept saying he wanted to find you...

...that his greatest wish...

...was to go sailing with you.

l thought...

Don't all rivers flow to the sea?

l threw his ashes into the river... he could look for you.

So his wish would be fulfilled.


What happened?

He felt ill this morning. We weren't really concerned.

But by noon it got worse.

What did the doctor say?

Brain hemorrhage.

We were lucky.

The doctor said the area is small.


lt's Lin. l've come to see you.

Jin. lt's Lin. l've come to see you.

Can you hear me?

What did you say?

What did he say? New Year's.

He's said it several times.

He wants your family here for New Year's.

Right, Jin?

l understand.

At New Year's...

...l'll bring my family.

My son will come and meet you.

And Hao.

Don't worry.


The doctor said...

The doctor said...'ll be fine.

You'll be fine.



Oh, Xiaowen. Hello.



Bo said that as kids we lived on the same street.

We used to see each other every day.

But l don't remember it.

Then l moved away and he never saw me again.

He knew my name was Xiaowen.

So he went online...

...and searched for girls named Xiaowen.

He'd chat with them...

...and ask if they'd lived on that street.

How could he be sure? l mean,..

...what if you used a different name online? l asked him that.

He said he was sure he'd find me.

Later, why did you...

Did you no longer love him?

He did so many things l didn't understand.


l wanted to leave him for a while.

Do you have a photo of him?


He didn't like photos.

He said...

...that taking photos...

...was a laughable attempt to cheat death.

Did Bo ever mention me?

That doctor came to me too.


The one Bo took hostage.

They were together for 5 hours.

Right until the end.

lf you don't treat that wound it'll get infected.

Who did it?

l did.

What's your name?

Lin Bo.

How old are you?


Got any hobbies?

Video games?

Don't you like them?

What do you like?

The sea.

Why did you leave them?

He said...

...that he was ten years old...

...when he last saw you.

We were in there a long time.

Police negotiators came.

l'll help you. l'll call your girlfriend. l'll get her to come over. lt's no use. Her phone is off.

l never understood why she never came.

What about your parents? Call them.

Who else?


Do you have friends?

Your friend...

...didn't answer either?

l was already afraid of Bo.

But l didn't know what to do.

Love and reality are so far apart. l didn't have the heart. l knew how much it would hurt him.

Then, about 6 months ago...

...we went to Rizhao.

My first time by the ocean.

l can hear it!

Look, it's that white line there.

Come back here.

Come back!

You'll be eaten by sea monsters!

What did you say?

What do we do now?

We wait. l want to see the ocean.

What time is it?

Four o'clock.

The sun's almost up.

What do we do now?

We wait.

Where else can we go?

What are we waiting for? The sunrise.

He suddenly wanted to go. l didn't know why.

Hao told me later.

He wanted to set sail with you.

So he went looking for you.

But you'd already left.


Who's he?

Bo! l'm talking to you.

See the resemblance? To whom?

To you?


What's your name? Little Lin Bo.

Little Lin Bo?

Where did you get a little brother?

See. She says we look alike.

Call me big brother.

Who says so? lt's only your names. l say we do.

Where's he from?

Come and play with your big brother.

Why are you taking him with you?

Do you know him? Are you crazy?

l'm begging you. You can't... lt's none of your business!

Come with me!

Then he wanted to leave. l said we could leave in the morning.

But he insisted.

And he wanted to take that boy with us.

His way of thinking scared me.

So we left.

Will he be okay? Don't worry.

Leave him alone a while. He went too far. l want my mommy, l want to go home.

You know the way? We'll take you.

Where has he got to now?

Call him again.

ls it ringing?

His phone is off.

Two rooms. 24 yuan.

Your keys.

l'm afraid. l'm afraid.

l can't go on like this with Bo. l really can't.

l found out later...

...that the child...

...was Bo's half-brother.

He's your other son, right?

He went looking for you. lf you weren't there,..

...he'd take the child.

What he didn't have,.. one could have.

l knew that if l left him,..

...he'd lose the only thing he had left.

He had nothing.

Not even his best friend.

We shouldn't see each other again.

l've seen you twice. l was there when you came to the station. l've seen you too.

On the station's honor roll. l didn't expect you to call. l'm breaking the rules.

Why do you want to see me? l'm not sure.

Perhaps just a father's instinct.

l wanted to meet the man who took my son's life. l was doing my duty.

Did he deserve to die? l only came to tell you that l was doing my duty. lt was very simple.

You could have subdued him.

He was just a kid.

Those situations are difficult. l spoke to that doctor.

They were getting along.

There's no way he'd have hurt her!

lf you're going to be like this, l'll leave.



Officer Liu. l got upset. Sorry.

The situation...

...had already dragged on too long.

Negotiating was getting us nowhere.

The hostage was in mortal danger.

We had to take action.

Hello. Here are your noodles.

Were you nervous?

lt's my job.

l get nervous.

Whenever things get dangerous at sea,..

...l always get nervous.

Every decision or command l make...

...affects the lives of my crew. l want to bring them home safely.

So l get nervous.

l don't know what to say. l'd put this behind me.

But then you came to the station.

Watching you leave,.. all came back to me.

So l wanted to meet you.

Maybe it's good for both of us.

Thank you.

The doctor said...

...that if we'd found him any later...

...we'd have lost him.

l almost lost my dad.

Ever since l was little...

...l've really hated him.

l was sick of him.

All he was good at...

...was coming home and yelling at mom and me. l despised him.

But today l was scared.

Afraid l'd be like Bo...

...and have no father.

Bo hated you.

He told me.

But l know...

You're the one he missed the most.

His last phone call was to me. l only saw it later. lt's not that l didn't answer. l just didn't see it.

Since he was little Bo had tagged along with me.

He followed me everywhere. l was his only friend.

When he most needed me...

...l didn't help him.

lt's so painful.

lt hurts so much.

lf only l'd answered... lf only l'd...