Choosi Choodangaane (2020) Script

Please listen to me for once.

Everyone here at the wedding is looking at us.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

I'll do whatever you ask me to do.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


What? Are you watching a film?

Haven't you pleaded a girl? even when it was not your fault? You never said sorry, Oh! Really?

I don't understand, fools into saying sorry, how girls trick us for every small fight, everytime.

It's not my fault here, Boss.

I mean, I'm partly at fault here..

Okay, It's entirely my fault!

Still, she isn't ready to listen to me. I told her I was sorry a hundred times!

It's the same story since my childhood.

Even though it isn't my fault, all the time Listening to people tell me it's your fault I'm getting so irritated!

It's me Siddu.

4th class B section. Now I'm studying in Delhi Public School. Roll number 56,

Take this chocolate. both share it into halves and eat. After the match, we'll

Siddu... Catch...

Siddu... Catch it.




You nerd glasses! We lost the match because of you!

It's not my fault. He eat away my chocolate.

See this. Even my nose got hurt. for a bloody chocolate... You duffer, lose the cricket match. You made us all It's not my fault...

I knew you wouldn't study.

Is that your exam rank or phone number?

You took coaching to get into IIT,.

But you couldn’t even get a seat through EAMCET!

Look, it's not my fault here.

I insisted to pursue C.E.C. You forced me into M.P.C, even though I at least got qualified in the exam. shampoo out of the bottle due to pressure. One of my friends, he drank You did us a huge favor! Thank you.

He tried to crack it at the least. Leave it.

That's why he's turning out that way. Yes. You've been talking like this.

He will pick up. Leave it. I know about him.

My mother. scolding me is her main profession.

She works as a bank manager. As a hobby, Why are you pressurizing him?

My father. he intervenes and gets yelled at too. whenever my mother starts to scold me, chores in his free time. He does the household I could say, Wife's husband...

No.. No. Some other word actually...

Okay, a house husband!

Look here and answer me. What you are looking at over there?

I always knew it, you’re not capable enough.

So, even before your exam results came out, in the management quota. I purchased an Engineering seat for you What? Engineering? I want to pursue something creative, I just cannot pursue Engineering, like I belong to a herd of sheep.

What is this Siddu? you can use it to go to college. I bought a bike thinking Aha! Bike!

Yeah, bike. mustache or beard yet, He can't even grow a You are spoiling him even more. and you are giving him a bike!

See, how he is behaving. What's the point about the beard?

It's all because of you. This is too much.

What will he be responsible for? He'll be responsible.

What is this son?

Mom scolds me for everything. What else do you expect? grow a beard or mustache? Is it my mistake to not be able to I don't want to do engineering.


Then, what you want to do?

I don't know.

Okay, do one thing.

Get into Engineering first. about what you want to do next. While at it, slowly think It's simple right?


You don't need to thank me. Go enjoy the ride! Thanks, Dad.

Did you handover the bike to him?

It's a waste of buying a seat for him! How will he focus on studies?

Oh! take it easy.

We have just one kid. live peacefully! You don't even let him Do whatever you want.

Waking up long after sun rise to watch sun in the clouds.

See that.

Go on the day.

Love you daddy Bike is very nice daddy. Do you like the bike?

Yeah, daddy. Super choice. Like the color?

First take a helmet. having fun and roaming are the only things now. Getting moustache, Getting what we want by hook or crook.

Let’s write the poem of freedom and love.

Don’t you worry?

Let’s take the path of your choice.

Don’t know whether right or wrong but it’s my theory.

Waking up long after sun rise to watch sun in the clouds.

See that.

Waking up long after sun rise to watch sun in the clouds.

See that.

Let’s drive in to the day of today’s world.

Getting moustache, having fun and roaming are the only things now.

Getting what we want by hook or crook.

Let’s write the poem of freedom and love.

Don’t you worry?

Let’s take the path of your choice.

Don’t know whether right or wrong but it’s my theory.

Bro, where is first year class room?


Settle down everybody. Good morning students.

I'm your C language lecturer. to write everything from operating systems C was the basic language programmes like Oracle database. To complex C is a god's programming language. It's said that, C is the base programming language. One can say, grasp the knowledge of others... If you know C you can easily science to mechanical students? Why is he teaching computer computer science class. Because this is a I'm a mechanical student. How can this be a computer science class? in the wrong classroom? You mean we all came and sat Shit! how do I go outside?

The base for programming...

Who is that?

Who is that? inside the class room. Cell phones are not allowed

Fluid mechanics is a branch of science..

May I come in Sir? late for the class? First day of college and you're Go and sit.

Okay! where was I?

Fluid mechanic is a branch of science.

Which deals with behavior of fluids.

It's not Yogi. It's Siddu. Hey, Yogi.

Oh! I am Siddu. I meant, I'm Yogi.

No. Are you on Facebook? girls? What about Twitter? Then where do you search for You don't know Twitter? What is Twitter?

Stay updated bro.

Yeah. This is a Mechanical Engineering classroom, right?

Are you sure?

Have you seen them?

They look like heroines in old dubbed films!

Girls in Mechanical Engineering are just like that.

Why did you get that doubt?

Computer class earlier by mistake. Nothing much, I went into the How did the girls look there? What? Computer Science class?

I didn't notice. even the girls. Then what did you even see? You didn't see what class it is or cat on the wall while coming. I don't know. I saw a black Students take down the notes.

[Lecturer teaching the notes]

What are you writing so eagerly?

Don't we need to? can just take photocopies of that. The first benchers are writing. We Take it easy.

[Teaching continues]

Yeah, Okay.

Yeah. Have you seen the match yesterday?

Hey, Hi bro.

-Thank you. Hey Swetha, nice dress.

You know my friend Rishi right? Who is she? to go to school in the same bus. Rishi, Swetha and me, all of us, used Oh!

Hello brother, Namaste.

Not everybody dude, wouldn't know one or two people. Dude, do you know everybody here?

Hey, are you guys juniors?

Come here, both of you.

Okay, let's go. Oh my god. Seniors dude.

That's enough. Get lost.


What's your name?

Good afternoon sir! Good afternoon sir! percentage, and sex. Hey, tell me your name, Yogi, 80 percent, male.

20 percent dude? What about the remaining


Siddu. What about you?

Oh! Siddu.

You go to that green dress girl there, and all the details. Get her name, bio data Okay, sir. Okay? Go now.

Hey, you go and bring us Samosas.

Go Idiot.

Will meet you in class.

Hey, I've seen you somewhere before. Excuse me.

You came into our class and ran away, right?

I don't remember.

-Why? Could you please tell me your name and branch?

Ragging! The seniors there wanted me to find out and get back to them.

Aishwarya, C.S.E. 800492…

Even I never told you to give it to them.. They didn't ask your number.


Hey, What are you doing?

Yeah. You?

I didn't study, so prepping for it. There's exam in an hour. from library books? Is it okay to tear papers Is it okay, If I fail?

Good point. with a lot of effort from sometime. I have been writing cheat slips May I also follow what you're doing?

Sure, god bless you!

You will also fail on the mechanics exam right?

110 percent. go and take the tickets. I will go park the bike. You Oh! Okay sir. tea without buying tickets or what? Will I pass time by selling Sir, parking fee Rs.20 Ok.

Thank You. Hmm. these twenty rupees? What should I do with Hey, what are you doing here?

You? Me, Kung Fu Panda.

Me, Gabbar Singh. how you did you write your exam? Gabbar Singh, the questions on the exam weren't from those. I took some cheat slips but Everybody can't do it. Cheating is a talent.

Why don't you teach me then?

I'll teach you later. I don't have time now.

Okay, bye. Bye.

What happened dude? Shit!

I poked myself in the eye. What happened dude?

Let me see.

Hey, hey, hey, dude! Siddu is so cute, cute..

What are you doing man? said that, "Siddu is so cute". It's not me dude. Your fan, a girl What are you talking about? Fans of me?

It hasn’t even been three months since college has begun, -Who's that girl dude? -you have fans and a following already? Great!

Look! That’s the girl! A girl in Computer Science is crazy about.

Really! Her?

Did she really say that about me? her if you want to. You can go and ask

Next time I will. I'm not wearing a nice shirt this time.

Chill dude. Oh! It's like made for each other?

I am the next player... pass the ball.

You thought I was that cute?

I don't know.

Yogi told me.

Ok, then ask Yogi.

Hey, Siddu.

Go and bring Bombay Rava. You mom wants to eat Upma.

Even you. You look so cute.

Yogi told you this as well?

No.. no. I'm telling you this.

Thank You.

What are you doing? what more?

Thinking about you.

Hey, Still you didn't go?

Your mom will kill me.

Fine. I'll go.

What should I do now?

Immediately come and meet me.

To bring Bombay Rava. Dad, where are you going?

You can tell me, right? I'll bring it.

Hey. Bye.

Why did you run inside? Hello.


Come. Yeah. I'm waiting down here.

Hey, my friends are here.

Wait in the side alley, I'm coming.

Hey, you actually came over because I asked you to?

Either ways, I would've come.


Hey, do you like me?

I won't tell you.

I'll tell you, I like you.

Hey! Umm..

This is for you.

I like chocolates? Hey! how do you know Every girl likes chocolates. other girl to you. Oh! So, I'm like every No... no. You are very special. you also like me, right? Along with liking chocolates,

and go out with me? Will you bunk college tomorrow Hmm.

His phone is not connecting. Where is Siddu? he went to get some photocopies aunty. We had an exam tomorrow right, And he’s been doing that since morning?

It tastes like muddy water. What is this dude? tender coconut in mud water. True bro. It's like someone mixed Hi. Hey, Siddu.

Hey, Yogi.

friend doesn't like me. Sid, I think your He didn't even say 'hi' to me.

It's okay. I'll go.

You enjoy with him.

Wait I'll go talk to him. Hey, it's not what you think.

What? Hey Yogi, wait.

She felt hurt. Why didn't you say hi to her man?

Is it a problem if I didn't wish her? hi, Hello, Namaste, Come, I'll wish her now saying Vanakkam, Adhabarse.

Don't overact!

What's your problem with her now? You rooted for us get together.

It's with you. My problem is not with her. else other than her. You don't see anybody or anything You are clinging to her like a monkey.

You want me to cling to you or what?

Just leave me alone, that's enough. Not needed dude.

Get lost. No one is bothering you. Get lost.

morning. I couldn't answer your call, Really! I went to my cousin's wedding in the I'm sorry, Aishwarya!

No Siddu! You’ve changed, you’re not like you used to be!

I’m exactly like how you told me to be! What do you mean by changed? and I also grew my beard because you asked me to. I even wore the shirt you gifted me

Aishwarya, please I'm sorry.

Tell me where I went wrong. At least talk to me.

There’s nothing left to tell you anymore. It’s all done. We’re over.

I'll do whatever you want me to do. Aishwarya please don't say that.

Give me one last chance.

My dad got to know about us. for me inside the car. He is very angry and he's waiting Let me go.

I'll speak to him. without even getting to know me? How can he reject me Please leave it. He won't accept us Siddu.

It's all over.

Driver, let’s go.

Hey, Yogi.

Why did you call me dude? permission to do this? Did Aishwarya give you Oh! that's great. Enjoy man! She broke up with me, dude.

I can't live without her dude. I'll do anything to get her back.

She's not your type. Chill dude. I've told you many times.

I have to talk to her. Even she must be missing me.

I have to talk to her.

Yes, It's like she is waiting for your call.

Dude, listen to me. about the guy after a breakup. No girl will think Facebook and all of it. You can check. She must've even blocked you on WhatsApp,

Even my call is not getting connected to her. Yeah, dude.

I know it dude. After a breakup, the guy from their memory. they will completely erase and prepare for your exam tomorrow. It's enough. Don't waste your time

Time up.

Sir... just two minutes. when you were not able to write anything in 3 hours. What will you achieve in one minute,

Hey, hey.

You tore your exam papers apart and walked out?!

Why? he pulled the sheet and then I tore it apart. When the exam time was over, Vasu, are you listening to his words?

Are you able to understand him?

I thought of sending him to the U.S. according to your wish mom. Everything won't happen disappointments in life. There will lot of with you every time. For me, it's a disappointment It's not even for one time.

Moreover, he got angry...

Where are you going?

Meena, will you stop?

Hey, Siddu.

Go and tell him.

What happened?


Can you buy me a DSLR camera? I want to be a photographer.

Hi, I'm a wedding photographer now!

Let me take the photos. Hey, wait sir.

Hello sir, even I'm doing the same thing.

Hm. Madam, smile please.

and click photos of beautiful girls. I wanted to become a fashion photographer You have been taking good pictures. Hey, photographer.

We are looking for matches for my daughter.

Please take some good pictures of her.

The grooms should love her instantly.



Very nice.

like a business, doing an M.S or an M.B.A... My friends are pursuing different things an apartment for themselves, got settled bought at least a car or by getting married through arranged or love, each week and a movie for a month. and are enjoying their life, going to a dinner my friend who is happily getting married. In the same way, I'm clicking photos of Look here.



Great, look at each other.

Hey dude, Siddu.

Yes. You’re doing a good job with the photos?

I should look like a hero in the photos.

Got it? Aha.

Shall I replace your face with Vijay Deverakonda’s face using Photoshop?

Cool down bro! Take it easy! drinks back there. My uncle arranged Go and have some drinks. Go.

Hey Chandu, where did you go?

Hmm, to the buffet.

Oh! good. You clicked the photos there right?

Then? No.. No.

You also go and eat. I went to eat Biryani sir. It's superb.

At the end of the event nothing remains for us.

Go and cover at the bride's side, it's about time she'll cry.

It's okay. I'll go.

One Whisky please.

Yeah, correct. The side vignette is best effect for this picture.

Take this. half of the payment that we agreed upon. What is this dude? You are giving me only that much at least. It's enough. Be happy I'm paying you I asked to cover for my wedding photos. Dude, as you are my friend Who's photos did you click bro?

I don't even know who those people in the pictures are!

Did you take the photo of me tying the knot? you was obstructing, what would I do man? The priest had covered You should've kept jumping in the air and covered that. fire and covered it. Or you should've thrown the priest into that no witness to the fact that I got married. Because of you, there is My wife is calling.

I'm leaving.

See you.

Did he give it that easily?

Give me the money. I told you. You lost.

Give me the money. I don't have.

Oh! My poor dad's money. Give it to me.

Hey. Hello.

Yogi, what up bro?

When you return from the U.S?

Just two days bro!

I packed all my stuff and came back. care of the business here. My parents asked me to take I'm just passing my time doing random things. What are you doing dude?

Okay. Come, I'll introduce you to my friends.

Ha! that's secret. How did you convince him?

This is Sunny, she is Shruti. college friend right? I used to tell you guys about my Siddu right?

Yogi told me. Have we met before?

Oh! Nice. We were roommates in the U.S.

I'm a photographer. What about you? What do you do bro?

Didn't you watch my films? I'm a Hero.

Ha.. Ha. Ha..

Why are you laughing guys? called "Sacrificed Love" Recently I did a movie It's a block buster hit in industry. Ha.. Ha. Ha. parents no one had watched that film. Please, except us and your It was in the theaters for two weeks in my village. Hello excuse me, It's just one theatre in your village. Oh!

What's the need of bluffing to us? That too it's your uncle's.

Can you please divert the topic? That's okay.

I beg of you.

Do you want to join us? Hey! We are going to another party.

Maybe some other time. Actually I have work.

Okay, It's your bad luck.

No dude. I have some work. Why don't you come, dude?

Party all night.

Okay. Go ahead.

Okay. I'll call you. We'll meet next week.Bye.

Hi folks good evening. and we got Shruti on drums tonight. And I'm Raghav,

[Voices of band]

from Siddu to Shruti tonight. Alright, we got a small dedication And It says, You told me you are busy, you liar. but I surely dedicate a song, We're not sure, what the song is, from you to Shruti.

Alright boys, here we go.

One, Two, Three, Four...

[Singing song]

[Singing continues...]

Hey, busy bee.

Tomorrow 4 P.M, Hummingbird.

I don’t know of anything other than a world of music.

It's my life.

I've seen all your movies.

-Thank you. I just love your work. director for one your films. I have a strong desire... to work as a music male and female music director? Shruti, what's the difference between a Hmm.

I don't know. male music and female music, right? Nothing, because there is no Exactly. this opportunity to you? So, why should I give Sir, why not?

I'll compose a tune and send it to you.

Give me a chance only if you like it.

Okay, fair enough.

I'll call you if I like it. Send me a romantic song.

Okay sir.

Sir, Please intimate me either ways.

Or else, I'll be waiting for your call.

Okay. Okay, I'll intimate you even if I don't like it.

I'll compose the tune and send it in two days.



Something is stuck to your face.

So many people use this on me. Oh! come on.

Sir, really something is stuck.



Okay, bye. You carry on.

This is the problem with girls. but they never come on time. They fix the time themselves, Do I wait or leave now?

I'll seem desperate if I wait, fool if I leave. And I'll seem like a Have you been waiting for a long time?

No, I just got here.

Sorry, I forgot about our meeting.

I remembered seeing your text.

-What do you want? One cappuccino please.

I've actually seen you somewhere.

When did you send me a friend request? at Arun's wedding? What you are doing tell you about me? And what did Yogi coffee or for an interrogation? Did you invite me for a So, what do you do? No, just asked you casually.

I'm a music composer. called lose control. I'm a part of this band And, I'm a drummer. Wow.

What about you? as yours, Well my profession is not as cool I'm a wedding photographer.

Trying to pursue fashion photography though.

" They are fighting...

In your head...

In your head...

Zombie.. Zombie...


What's in your head...

In your head...



I'm sure. I love this song.

Okay, I'll leave bye. Ha. Ha.

Hey, why so soon?

Will you give me your phone number?

So you don't get late. I'll message you the next time Take it down.

But, morning, good night, If I get messages like "Good What are you doing, What else"... number instantly. I'll block your Okay. Okay deal.

Hi Yogi. Hi Uncle, Hello Uncle.

Hi, Hero. recognizes the hero in me uncle. You are the only one who He's not recognizing you, he's mocking you.

I just referred to you, that's it.

You are still here. What uncle?

Aren't you going to hospital?

I gave a day off to the patients.

Come up. Guys, what you are doing here?

Thanks dear.

We are trying hard to laugh. Wait, uncle is cracking jokes.

Wait, I'm chatting with your friends. Hmm, come up.

Please don't bore my friends. You can chat with your friends.

Come up. We are even uncle's friends.

She will fight again. Carry on, carry on.

Bye uncle. See you uncle.

See you guys later.

Hey, Yogi. What you are doing dude?

I met Siddu. Yeah.

Hm. I just went for a coffee. For what? itself, don't play with him. Hey, I'm telling you now I just met him for a coffee. Hey, come on. you should've got a call from Siddu by now. Actually,

Yeah. It's him. Siddu?

Hey, you wait. Hmm. Give it to me.

Yeah, tell me dude. Hello, Yogi.

Today, I met Shruti. a very bad girl. Don't hang out with her. Dude, I warn you she is Me! Ha.. ha.

Okay, dude. I'm telling you for your own good.

Whatever you say is final.

What are you doing dude?

Okay bye. Dude, I'll call you again.

He will never call you again. I told him how dirty you are.

What you will do then? Dude, if he likes only dirty girls?

You shut up idiot. Ha.. ha..

Hello. Hello.

Why are you laughing?

Why did you call me?

I just wanted to listen to your voice.

So, I need to talk to you for that?

Ha. Ha. Not needed. Sing a song.

You touched my weak point. song, I can't say no at all. If anybody asks for a Oh!

I'm waiting.

[Singing a song]

[Singing continues]

[Singing continues]

Tomorrow. When do we meet again?

Okay done.

What's he is up to?

He said he'll meet tomorrow.

It's his bad luck tomorrow.

I won my heart in acquaintance you.

My destiny got changed with your call.

I forgot all my exhaustions being together with you.

I’m inclining towards you even I’m with a crowd.

I won my heart in acquaintance you.

In your vicinity, no past will come.

No marks will stand on listening your voice.

Meeting your, I know the depth of myself.

Stepping with you, I forgot all my weariness.

I’m inclining towards you even I’m with a crowd.

My heart overwhelmed as It remains in-erasable love.

Dad, he is Siddu. My friend. Yes.

Sit down. Hi, sir.

Dad, my friends are waiting upstairs.

Yeah. Siddu!

He is a photographer dad. So, what do you do?

Ha ha. Yeah.


College. Where did you guys meet?

friends in college, Uncle. Yogi and I were Oh! nice.

Dad, how many questions?

My friends are waiting.

Ha, you carry on.

Yeah see you. Okay see you.

Let's go.. let's go. come on...

Hmm. Bye.

[Background song playing]

[Background song playing]

Come, we'll sit outside.

[Singing a song]

Shruti... according to our Hindu mythology. Do you know, All these stars are wives of the moon?


How many wives you can handle?

Hmm, three maybe.

Only three?

I only have three bedrooms in my house. where will they stay? if it's more than three, Yeah. It will be a problem. where they will sleep? If some guests come over, next to your wife and adjust. If it's me, I'll sleep then it'll be a problem. If it's Sunny or Yogi, Yeah. So think about that.

Actually a guest bedroom is needed.

So, let's send the third wife away.

And if you have to work, where will you do that?


I need a room for my computer, camera, rigs, stands.

So, let's send off, the second wife also. for your work right? I mean you need privacy It's true. That' why.

Actually one wife is enough.

If someone is next to me on bed, I just cannot sleep at all.


Yeah. Do one thing. one wife also. Send off the remaining Yeah. Yeah.

Then I can happily sleep, alone.

Ha. ha ha..

I didn't do anything. What? Am I single again? all the wives. You had sent away I didn't do anything. I don't know.


in your entire life? How many girls did you push away I can't talk about my past.

It was a crime and horror story.

Ha.. ha..ha. You can't take it.

Trust me. to my flashback, If you compare it Your stories are nothing at all.

I have a bloodshed flashback.

No way.

Yeah. Bet. Let's see then. Bet?

Okay. This beer is for the winner. recharge for a girl's phone everyday. I used to do Rs. 99 You know what, again gave me a missed call in return I used to recharge for a boy who message me all day. One girl used to of what he did all day. One boy used to send me pictures Even when he was in the bathroom. because I drank alcohol. One girl broke up with me drank more than he did. One boy broke up with me as I broke up with me. A girl who I loved for four years my best friend. The boy who I loved dated

Thank you. You won.

Who is that loser?

Who chose another girl over you..

I'm feeling jealous of you.


You live life on your own terms.

You don't care about anyone's opinions.

You’re very cool you know.

You also live as you wish.

Oh god! My mom will kill me. restrictions for you? Doesn't your dad put any Dad is the coolest.

Hmm. He gave me a lot of freedom.

But he wants to know, who my friends are, What I'm doing, Oh. And everything about me. entrance for the penthouse I live in. That's why there is no separate Hm. Common entrance from inside the house.

What about your mother?

She is no more.

She passed away ten years back.

It's okay. Oh! I'm so sorry.

I got used to living, without her.

Why did you want to be a musician?

Music makes me happy.

I found my soul in it.

Oh! My parents wanted me to finish my Masters That's why I did my Masters Now I'm doing what I love.

I wish my parents were like yours. to act as per her wish. My mom wants everybody My mom and I fight everyday.

That's why I moved out of the house.


I got into Engineering because my mother forced me to.

I didn’t like it, so I dropped out of it.

My dream was to pursue fashion photography, but I’m doing wedding photography.

No matter what I plan, the people around me won’t let it happen.

My life is very complicated Shruti.

Life is very simple.

You should never plan anything in life.

No matter what happens, you should enjoy it.

I really wish I met you much earlier...

I had a girlfriend while I was in college.


She was the first girl who fell in love with me!

When Yogi told me about her, the first time in my life. I felt very special for One day, I went to see her at her hostel.

She stood there in the balcony.

Without any worries, enjoying the cool breeze.

Tying her hair up.. there like an angel. She was standing I knew what was on her mind instantly.

She was thinking about me for sure.

In that exact moment, I fell in love with her.

But, she broke up with me.

She broke my heart.

I wanted to spend my life her.

Did anybody ever break your heart?

Stop here. Stop stop.


Okay bye.

Hmm. Shruti.

It's okay. I'm sorry.


Is it fine?

Why are you laughing?

That too, showcasing all your 72 teeth.

Go away. Set the light dude.

Oh! feeling shy? feel that shy. Even a bride doesn't Something is happening in your life.

Hello. hi, Siddu. Hello Shruti.

Tell me. Need to tell you something.

Okay. Come to coffee shop tomorrow.

See you.


Aishwarya? Shruti. hi, hi. hi, hi.

Where have you been?

I'm living in Australia.

My parents called me home to see a potential match.

For you?

Yeah, for me.

And also for the groom coming to see me.

So getting married and settling down?

Yeah, boring plan.

I'll meet you again. My friends are waiting.

Yeah, go on.

Yeah. Aishwarya!

It's okay. I'm sorry.

Bye I'm sorry too.

You know her right? Aishwarya.

Siddu's ex-girlfriend. at Arun's wedding right? Like Siddu, all you too saw me

But, do you know when I saw Siddu for the first time?

Shruti, you're always stuck up with music!

It's time for class. Let's go.

class even on the first day? Won't you listen to the I can't listen to the lecturer.

You listen and write the notes. questions before the exam. Just give me the important That's enough.

Settle down everybody. Good morning students.

I'm your C language lecturer.

Excuse me! to write everything. C was the basic language program to operating system. To write everything like complex Aishu, look he is so cute.

No. He is not cute.

Just listen to the class. grasp the knowledge of others... If you know C you can easily science to mechanical students? Why is he teaching computer computer science class. Because this is the I'm a mechanical student. How can this be a computer science class? in the wrong classroom? You mean we all came and sat Shit! How do I get outside?

Dealing with the C programming Language. of programming is... The base or father Who is that?

Who is that? inside the class room. Cell phones are not allowed

Hey, please. I'm not lying. Don't lie..


Please bring me a coffee.

Why do I have to bring it?

Don't you want my notes?

Are you a junior? Excuse my one coffee.

Yes, madam. What are you looking at? Pay the bill.

From tomorrow she will pay our bills.

Very good girl. Okay mam.


Bro, give me four samosa.

Good morning mam.

Yeah. Are you a junior?

Okay What are you looking at? Pay the bill.

Okay, madam. Bro, from tomorrow he will pay my bills.

Aishu, did he speak to you?

Seniors sent him to get some details. What did he talk about?

Did he tell his name? He asked my name.

Did he tell his name, tell me? What the problem with your choice?

First give me the coffee.

Tell me.

Oh god. Tell me. Tell me.

Hey, don't bother with attendance.


You told me that you were a senior! You cheat.

Did I? You assumed it.

You got ragged by a junior. Yuck.

Leave all this. Give me my Rs. 20 back.

I won't. Do whatever you want!

Do you understand? I'm from mechanical.

Be careful with me. We are not soft natured like computer science students.

Go away dude. outside of the college. Be careful with me Don't warn me.

If you are still here, I'll smash you.

Get lost.

Thank you.

You are so cheap dude. you are looting my sipped coffee? For Rs. 20, This is for my friend. Not for me.

Who is your friend?

Is he good looking or does he look like you?

You don't have any shame.

That's my friend.

Yes. The blue shirt guy?

Yeah. He is your friend?

Siddu. What's your friend's name?

Give it to Siddu as a treat from me.

You waste fellow. Get lost.

I’m right behind you.

Did you even look just for once second?

Do you even look back for once? I stood behind as I can’t face you.

Didn’t my looks hit on your back at least a little? come towards your breath? Didn’t why breath and longing Don’t you even notice..?

I’m right behind you.

Did you even look just for once second?

Guys with you are my friends too.

Why couldn’t there was amity with you...

But why couldn’t there is no talk with you. Talking always naughty things about you.

You will also fail in mechanics right?

110 percent.

and roam around canteens and theaters? Hey, do you always bunk college Like you came here to study!

Gabbar Singh, Gabbar Singh.. Which film?

He is on the way to do something.

I'm going to Kung Fu Panda. What about you? watching cartoon films? Shit! You are like as big as a rock but you're Did your friend Siddu come with you? That's okay.

Yeah. He came. about Siddu. Do you like him? You are blushing a lot when you're talking Oh! Really. He is so cute, right?

Hey, no-no. Come, I will introduce you to him.

What? I'm wearing a bad dress today.

My dress looks bad. sexy dress, I'll introduce you. Then tomorrow come wearing a tight Bye. You idiot. Go watch the film.

Remember it, tight dress.

Excuse me.. excuse me.

I don't want it. Do you want popcorn?

I got tickets for Gabbar Singh. There are no tickets for Kung Fu Panda.

Hmm. Let's go. Come on. Gabbar Singh! How come?


It's started. Go go go.

The screen is on this side. Where are you looking?

I know right! Then look at the screen.

Why are you looking at my face?

I am haunting my dreams don't know why.

There, Siddu is playing basketball. Aishu Aishu.

Shall we go there please?

Like you've never seen boys before? Why are you so eager?

Even Yogi is there. That's not the point.

See. we need to make them run after us. As girls, But we shouldn't chase them.


Do you even look back for once? I stood behind as I can’t face you.

Didn’t my looks hit on your back at least a little?

Didn’t why breath and longing come towards your breath?

Don’t you even notice..?

seeing each other? So, you and Siddu Oh! Blushing a lot.

Okay okay control.

Was it you who told Siddu about me?

Yeah, it's me.

It seems he knows you too, right?


What the hell?


Shruti, wait.

Siddu and you? What's going on between That's it. Nothing. We are just dating.

Just dating?

Are you kidding me?

So? No, he came and asked me.

So what?


We will talk later.

You know I like him right?

I thought you are my friend.

Even he needs to like you back right Shruti?

So I said okay. He said he liked me. then I wouldn't have talked to him at all. If he said he liked you, You are such a bitch Aishwarya.

Get out. Both of you.

How dare you call me a bitch?

Bitch, bitch bitch. What else do I call you?

He doesn't even know who you are. assuming things You loved him in your imagination, And you're now shouting on me.

Who is the bitch here? You or me?

But you knew, I loved him, right? May be he didn't know me.

So, what will you do now? me who loves you and not Aishwarya? Will you go to him and say that it's That's your idea? And then you think he will come to you?

I am not you, to do that.

I won't come between you guys. You know what?

Our friendship is over.

It's not my mistake.

He never even saw you.

He saw me.

He liked me, not you.

Are you okay?

Where did you disappear earlier?

I went to talk to Aishwarya.

We had a big fight.

What happened?

It seems Siddu and her are dating.

Just dating.

Yeah. Do you mean Aishwarya?

About what? Wait, I'll speak to him.

And say, "There a funny fool in C.S.E, She is crazy about you!

You need to love her instead of Aishwarya"?

You think then he'll leave her and love me instead? about was Shruti and not Aishwarya. Hey, I will tell him that the girl I was talking Please, I've already made a fool out of myself here.

Don't tell anyone anything.

What should I do now? Okay I won't.

I need a help. handsome than Siddu. Find me a guy, more Now itself. Urgently!

Funny fool. Hey! Don't you have any shame?

Okay, let's go to the canteen.

I'm in the mood. Let's go. I'm not in the mood.

I'll buy you a 'Dil Kush', come.

Hello. middle of the movie? Why you leave in What happened! Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You are crying right? how you liked him that much. Move on dude! I don't understand I don't know.

I just liked him.

For the first time, I liked a guy.

What do you want me to do?

Oh! please don't cry.

Wait, don't cut the call. I'll talk later. Bye.

What the hell?

Aishu, really?

Fine, leave it.

Just don't tell anybody. are cheating on Siddu. I can't believe you Shruti, it's none of your business.

If I don't? Leave him.

I'll tell Siddu about this.

Screw you. Just go to hell. Aishu, don't hurt Siddu.

Aishwarya broke up with Siddu. Have you heard?

It was because of Aishu's parents. Why?

in the Texas university as well! Hey, I got admission Really? Let's go to Texas baby!

Ha.. ha. Ha.. ha.

After three years, I saw him again.

Your Siddu is there.


There. Where ?

Thinking about your flashback? What about you?

Not at all. a long time ago. Siddu has became history to me I'll go and meet him. your friend to me. At least now, introduce Aishwarya's friend. Also, don't tell him I was she would've told him about me. I don't know what all were both friends in college? Why didn't you tell me that they I told you right, She asked me not to, dude.

Why Shruti didn't tell me about it?

Why are you feeling bad for that now? This has happened while we were in college.

I need to talk to her urgently. Where is she? she went to the Airport. Virat Kohli is coming, so her at the party this evening. You can talk to Virat Kohli comes to town? How does it matter to her if Because Virat Kohli is her boyfriend.


Shruti has a boyfriend?

Are they here already?

There. Hi.

This guy is Virat Kohli?

I don't know. Still, they didn't come!

Hmm. Hi Yogi, Hi Sunny.

What's up hero? Hey Hi.

Good to see you, man. Don't you have shooting?

No at all possible for you. A big set is being built for me. next to me right in front of him? What's this? She is sitting taking care of Shruti. Thank you so much for It's not enough. for sticking with her for this long. We need a heavy drinks party You, shut up.

It's tough with her bro. You see her.

[Friends chattering] Virat Kohli.. Virat Kohli.

[Friends chattering] Even his name is not original.

[Friends chattering] Does that face really need Shruti?

Oh! yeah, Virat this is Siddu.

Siddu, this is Virat.

Shruti told me a lot about you. Oh you are Siddu.


So, what do you do Virat?

I'm a VFX engineer in L.A.

I heard you are a photographer. you are very talented. Shruti was mentioning that He is actually very talented.

Okay, I want Dosa.

[Friends chattering]. Shruti told him about me, [Friends chattering] But why didn't she tell me about him? more about me than him? Does that mean she's thinking

[Friends chattering].

Anything is fine. What will you eat?

[Friends chattering] Okay then.

[Friends chattering] right in front of him She is moving so close to me, Sunny, what you will eat? and showing so much concern for me.

No. Shall we order spicy mutton biriyani?

Even this item is also good.


Hey, What's this cake for?

Is it my birthday or what? What's the occasion?

Shruti is now a music director. Hmm!

Music director!

Thanks, Virat. It's not a big deal.

Of course it's a big deal.

When did it get confirmed?

Why haven't you told us? Recently. bullshit but you won't tell these things! You'll tell us all the Leave it dude.

cast me as a hero in your film? Why don't you tell them to Why? Don't you want your movie to be hit? I won't.

[Friends chattering] She gave the cake to Virat in his hand.

[Friends chattering]. But, she put it in my mouth....

Nice, give me another one.

Oh really. Oh shit! Now I understand this!

[Friends chattering]. Shruti also likes me.. to get rid of Virat. She is asking me how

[Friends chattering]

Don't worry Shruti.

Thanks. I'll be there for you.

Virat let's take a selfie.

Come. You guys go ahead.

It's okay, carry on.

He needs to understand that I'm the hero. Will maintain little distance.

This is my Shruti bro!

Shruti didn't utter a word. All the way, how to tell Virat about us. I think she is worried about

Thanks man for the ride.

See you. Anytime bro. See you.

Don't waste this time.

Tell him. This is the best opportunity.

What is he saying?

No idea.

Sir. Siddu.

This is your first project. your future will be superb. If you utilize it nicely, this opportunity. Thank you so much for If you do this ad good enough, Manappuram jewelers, Kalyan jewelers, and also...

Oh! Lalitha jewelers.

Imagine, you getting these clients! opportunity for so long. Sir, we have been waiting for this kind of Proud of you my boy. All the best. thank you so much. Thank you, sir, We will take a leave sir.

Hello Shruti. hi. Hey Siddu.

Hey, take it. This is for you.

Chocolates? chocolates right? Every girl likes I don't like chocolates at all.

Okay madam. Next time bring me a whisky bottle.

Hmm. Shruti.

Say it. I need to tell you something. from the past few days now. I mean, I wanted to say this Hmm.

What happened? Umm, that.

What's happening?

Shruti, I searched my entire life.

And I found you. For a perfect girl. what I'm looking for. You even better than minute of my life with you. And I want to spend every Thinking how grateful I am.


Will you marry me?

[In telugu]:Will you marry me?

Yeah, yes.

Shruti, congrats. Oh!

Hey, Shruti.


Congrats man.


It's so beautiful

[Shruti and Virat chattering]

No no. Do you want to have some? and eat everything. My friend will come

What happened to you dude?

It's time to celebrate. Shruti is getting married.


Did you like it?

Hey, Virat. named is Virat Kohli? How come your in Punjab are Virat. One out every five people And my last name is Kohli.

Is Virat Kohli your relative?

May be, I wish.

Congratulations Shruti.

You got the guy wanted.

And Virat, like the most in Shruti? Tell us what you Hey, leave it, dude. What are you saying?

Dude, I eagerly want to know.

Look at them.

Shruti, she is beautiful Beauty?

What's special in her? So many girls look beautiful.

She is also talented.

Is that a talent? Playing drums in a club?

All the drunk people there simply clap, no matter what she plays. even when they are drunk. They enjoy her music Because, she plays it with a lot of passion.

One day, she will be a big music director.

I'm sure.

Wow, Virat Kohli hits a six.

So sweet Virat.

Hey, you better be silent.

Sure. I'll just be back.

What happened to you? Siddu stop.

Come inside.

I won't come.

Sleep here and leave in the morning. Siddu you are drunk. you and Aishwarya were friends? Why didn't you tell me that He can't keep anything to himself. Yogi told you about it? college right? Why are you getting angry? Siddu, we didn't even know each other in Now we know each other, right? had a big Punjabi boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me that you I didn't feel like it so I didn't.

Siddu, come inside.

Hey, today our Siddu behaved very oddly.

He got drunk a lot, right?

What happened?

Did he say anything to you? tell him about Virat. He got angry as I didn't Then why didn't you tell him? That's all.

But it wasn't possible. Actually, I want to telecast it on the news.

Do I need to keep telling about this to everybody?

Anyways, he would've got to know, right?

I think he has feelings for you.

Did he say anything to you?


He didn't to me also.

Then, how do you know?

I know about him.

Did you see, how he behaved?

I'm sure, he has feelings for you. become a feelings expert? Oh! When did you See dude, I have to use the loo urgently.

Now tell me my feelings?

Ha.. ha.

Does it translate to 'liking', if one gets angry?

He will get angry for little things also. Even I know Siddu. about Aishwarya and Virat. If I would've have told him reacted like this. He wouldn't have You leaked it and made it a mess.

Hey, whatever. all your mistake. According to me it's scene for a small reason. You are making it a He got drunk.

That's why he reacted like that.

Hey Siddu, happy birthday. Hello.

Come home in evening. Let's party.

-Thank you. Enjoy your food, Sir.

Yeah tell me. Hey Yogi.

Okay. Today is Siddu's birthday. Come home.

Hold it.


Hey, give me the camera.

Hey, Chandu.

What have you done? Focus is not working.

Focus is working bro.

Adjust your glasses, it will be fine.

Don't I know how to use the focus? You mean I don't have focus?

Do you mean, I'm blind?

I didn't say anything.

You are yourself thinking all those things.

I'll kill you.

Okay okay. Shut up and work.

Take this.

Adjust your hair like this.

That's it. Super.

hi dad. Hey.

Happy birthday my son.

Thanks dad. did you decide to remember the house? What son, Happy birthday.

Wait, I'll bring the sweet.

Happy birthday.

Yeah. Is he your son?

What is he doing?

Now he is into wedding photography. He completed engineering. week in my relatives house. Oh! there is a marriage next Can you ask your son to take photos?

Oh! god.

Yeah, He is a good-

You can look for a good photographer. I can't take good photos aunty.

Yeah. Did you study engineering?

Didn't you get any job in the I.T field?

That's sad. Maybe he didn't focus. I mean, I can't focus on anything properly aunty. no other choice, so working on this. I failed my Engineering and had Sorry. What is this?

Why is he talking like this?

Any problem?

Didn't my mom tell you? I'm slightly insane aunty.

This is why I don't come home. she makes her friends also scold me. Not just mom, you since you got home? Did I even talk to Okay. Excuse me, please go for now.

Dude, you are coming right? Okay, I'll come later.

What's his problem? Don't bother me. I won't come anywhere.

Hey, Siddu.

I'll call you later. Hey Virat, I'm kind of busy.

Ok carry on.

Okay bye.

What are you doing Shruti?

Today is Siddu's birthday dad.

He is coming.

I'm baking a cake. don't go anywhere. You also please Hmm.


Excuse me. when a girl is greeting you. You are not reacting ugly or you must be gay. It means, I'm either And I'm definitely not gay. No, you are very pretty.

Then what's the problem?

Today is my birthday.

Hey, It's your birthday. the birthday boy is having. Excuse me, repeat whatever And one Martini for me please.

Thank you. Happy birthday.

So tell me. it's your birthday? Are you not happy This is my worst birthday so far.

How about, I make it the happiest?

Shruti.. Shruti... Shruti.. about me, you know? How girls are crazy Siddu is not coming now.

So what, hero is there right?

Hey, anybody need an autograph?

I knew he wouldn't come.


Did you eat the whole cake by yourself, pigface?

What happened? for so long right? Guys, we have been friends Have I ever baked a cake or bought gifts, for any of your birthdays?

Do you know when my birthday is?

No, I don't remember.

Then why are you rubbing it on my face? gift for herself on my birthday. Last year she made me buy a Nothing. What happened now?

Are you sure?

I said no issues. How many time you will ask?

I'll speak to you later. You guys carry on.

What you will do alone?

We will hang out for a while. You also come with us.

I'm not in the mood. I won't come.

Shruti. hi.

Happy birthday. What are you doing here?

Okay thanks, bye.

I even messaged you. Your phone got switched off.

I have been waiting since 6'O clock. What are you doing?

Who is that? Baby, is that the Swiggy guy?

Oh! sorry. Umm, friend? and disturbed you. I came at the wrong time It's okay. It's not what it looks like.

Why are you explaining it to me?

Do whatever you want! It's your choice.

Shruti! Come on. Don't waste your time with me.

Shruti wait, listen to me! Please go, carry on.


I'm so stupid. Why did I bake a cake for this idiot.

Goodnight aunty. Hi aunty. Had your dinner?

Yogi, I need to talk to you urgently. Hey Shruti.

Baby, who is she? Where are you getting all these girls?

Baby please. I'm leaving.

I have work. Shruti what do you want now?

Hey, wait. I won't go until you listen to me.

What is she doing here baby? Yogi... baby for 10 minutes. I need to speak with your Go and watch T.V.

What the hell?

Get lost. Baby, just 10 minutes. We will send her away.

Okay tell me.

I went to Siddu's house.

He was in his shorts with a girl.

What did you do then?

I came here.

Then why you are bothering me? You left his place?

He is different from you.

What do you mean different?

Different means different.

Go and die everybody. I can't tell you.

I seem like a dog to you all right? we need to take another girl's help. To get over one girl, Shruti got Virat.

So why can't I be with another girl?

Sorry, I can't do this.

Shit! go to hell.

You are such an as*.

I knew you were gay. Sorry.

Such a waste of time.


Do you know what happened, oh anguish heart?

With whom this outbreaks?

this unsettling challenge? What you expect to gain at last with with the wound no eyes can see? Until when you will be like this, To where you are pulling yourself down with this flurry...

Do you know what happened, oh anguish heart?

With whom this outbreaks?

As you can’t accept the truth why you rail at your dreams?

This heart becomes useless right?

With this burning breath did your raising Anxiety cools down?

Until when you will be like this, with the wound no eyes can see?

It's nice. Good job.

Thank you, sir. Thank you. just because you composed a sad song. You don't have to be sad, No no. I'm okay.

Yeah, I'm fine. Are you sure?

Riya, this is bridal collection.

When the groom is about to tie the knot, The excitement, A little fear, that little shyness, I know. You take photos.

Touch up.

I asked her to pose with a shy expression. What is this?

She probably doesn’t have shame, just go click her photos as it is.


Riya, Generally a bride feels little shy.

So what? you pose this confidently. The feel is missing if Who is the manager here? Oh! god. how the ad will come out. You see, It will be fantastic. Manager, manager!

Yes madam. Coming.

What happened madam? a fashion photography project? You got a wedding photographer to do Give me a minute madam!

Sir. Hey Siddu, what are you doing? client because of you. We may lose the Madam, he is a new guy, He doesn't know much so...

I'll set this right. You can have a drink or coffee. to be a fashion photographer. You know what, you're not fit and household functions. Go and shoot marriages You know what?! I'm a wedding photographer, And I'm happy about it!

Marriage is a lifelong memory.

There are real emotions.

There are no fake emotions out there. people don't look at it for more than 10 seconds. No matter how big a hoarding they put up of you, No one will even remember your face after that. children, But my photos, are shown to their through an entire lifetime. Grand children and generations My albums are stored securely in their cupboards.

It is not about what one's profession is, But it's about how much one values it.

You don't have to, I'm leaving!

Who are you bringing in?



Siddu, what are you doing here?

I need to talk to you. I'm getting disturbed a lot because of you. you like or else you just ignore me. You come and talk whenever Shruti, please! Is it all according to your wish? because of you. I'm not able to concentrate on anything So I need to say sorry to you right now? Oh! Because of me?

Sister-in-law. No.

Everybody is waiting down. Varsha.

Get ready and come down. hi, I'm Varsha. Who is she?

Me?! Virat's sister. You?

What? I'm an insane man!

I'll be there in 10 minutes. Varsha, you go down.

Oh my god.

I had no idea they were coming here. here without your knowledge? Oh! The whole family got Tell me what's your problem? Siddu, don't make a scene.

Why are you playing with me? played with my feelings. You came into my life and as I chose to love Aishwarya over you? Are you taking revenge over me by revenge and playing? Shut up. What do you mean comes to your mind? You're gonna say whatever me and marrying him? Then why are you confusing I didn't confuse you. because you lack clarity. You are getting confused, You kept me in the dark and lead me on. without even thinking, shamelessly, when he asked you out. You got ready to marry him with other girls right? You also hooked up when I told you about Aishwarya? Why didn't you say anything, and that you loved me in college? That you two were friends, Why should I? It's my decision.

You are selfish.

And it got shattered because of you! Fashion photography was my dream forever. all the failures in your life? Why are you blaming me for Yes, you are the reason!

What did you want to tell me about?

What are you saying right now?

Don't you have focus in life? Don't you have clarity over anything?

Shut up!

Get out of here Siddu.

I'm leaving. Go!

Get married to him!

Wish you a very very happy married life. Congratulations Virat.

Come on Siddu.

Where is dad?

He went for tour on some work.

When he will come back?

Maybe tomorrow.

Where did you move my old cameras to?

I cleaned them and kept it somewhere there.

If I am not at home? Will you throw all of my stuff, Hmm.. anything for you to eat? Shall I prepare Why are you pretending to love me?

What son? Why are you angry?

What more has to happen? Did anything happen? has happened. What you have been ranting since my childhood I'm a big failure! cope with you daily. I left home unable to Now what have I said?

What's left to say right now? since my childhood. You have been saying things Even dad never had peace of mind, because of you.

We will be peaceful without you bothering us.

Sorry son.

Oh! shit.

Mom, sorry mom..

I shouted in anger.

I was wrong.

I'm really sorry. No mom.

Forgive me.

Mom I know Mom.

Don't cry, mom. Pease. I'm really sorry mom.

Mom no Mom. You're right.

It's my mistake mom.

You each day. I got distant from you scolding I made you leave home.

Understanding my mistake, I wanted to get closer to you. But, You never even gave me a chance.

Sorry, mom. I said it in an anger No son. I didn't mean it, mom.

You and dad,.

I know Mom. I can't live without you two.

I know Mom.

Without scolding me for the first time. What mom? You are making me cry I've never seen you cry.

Don't cry mom, please.

No son. I'm sorry.

I don't know who to say.

I love you so much Siddu.

You are the only one child we have.

Why son? Thanks mom.

That too right now. For telling me that you love me,

You can’t notice your boon and when did you left that?


Hello, we are searching photographer for our fashion magazine.

Do you have any interest? fashion photography. I'm not doing weddings are there. Tell me if any I became like a statue.

Did it listen the calling.


Your photo came in the magazine.

Very nice. with the wound no eyes can see? Until when you will be like this, To where you are pulling yourself down with this flurry...

Do you know what happened, oh anguish heart?


Not even answering the calls. Dude, where have you been.

So? Got a wedding invitation.

What happened dude?

You don't understand it yet?

I like Shruti very much.

I want her. me completely, it's her. If anyone understands my life with her. I want to spend So now, She is getting married!

Feels like my life is going away. me, everything? Why do you both tell Have you said this to Shruti?

I went to tell her the other day, But, I had a fight with her.

It's all done. Now I lost her.

That's okay. Leave it all.

Bye. Are you coming to the wedding or not?

Do you know what happened, oh anguish heart?

With whom this outbreaks?

What you expect to gain at last with this unsettling challenge?

Until when you will be like this, with the wound no eyes can see?

To where you are pulling yourself down with this flurry...

Everything is fine?

To where you are pulling yourself down with this flurry...

Do you know what happened, oh anguish heart?

Seven cross.

Strong man on the moon?



Do you want to drink coffee?

What son?

What's up? Hi dad.

Yeah. Mom.

You are giving coffee to dad?

I'm seeing for first time.

What daddy?

Since when does mom love you this much?

Hey. together for this long without love? Do you think that we have been Fights will exist if there is love.

If there is no love, there is no fight.


Hmm. See this.

Hmm. Eight down.

Seven letters.

What went up the hell?

I don't know.

Ha.. ha. Jack And Jill..

Okay. Jack And Jill.

What did you want to tell me?

What are you saying right now?

Siddu right?

dating my best friend. The boy I loved ended up

I wish I had met you much earlier.

A girl in Computer Science is crazy about. Look! That’s the girl!.

Did anybody, ever break your heart?

Virat! Shruti doesn't love you!

Siddu, what are you doing here? You can't get married to her!

She is not Shruti.

Please leave.


Get out. Congratulations, happy married life.

Oh shit.

Virat, who is he?



Virat weds Smruthi?

It's not Shruti?

Why? I came here thinking it's your wedding!

Did you come for the free food?

Or did you want to scold me again?

Shruti.. Shruti..

I don't know how to express properly.

But you can shout properly. blame someone for everything properly. You know how to The wedding are watching us. Shruti please. Everybody at I hurt you a lot. I'm sorry.

But look at another thing. I always wish for one thing I have no focus.

I'm an Idiot. life, I got the focus. Just when you got into my I knew what I wanted in my life.

I can't believe, with you in front of me. I looked at Aishwarya my feelings genuinely, Never once did I express about your feelings. Never did I try to know all my failures, I blamed you for I took all my frustration out on you.

Scold me. Beat me up, But please take me back.

Forgive me.

You're a useless fellow Siddu. fell in love with me. You saw me very recently and Do you know when I saw you first? the very first day and fell in love with you. I saw you in our college on

Do you remember this?

What's this?

The girl you saw that day in the balcony, thinking about you, the girl who was to spend your entire life with, the girl with who you decided

It was not Aishwarya.

It was me.

I've been in love with you for the last eight years.

I've tried to express to you so many times.

But my bad luck, it never happened.

You loved Aishwarya in college, and you broke my heart.

When she was romancing another guy, her break up with you. I blackmailed her and made I could've done the wrong thing, But I just want to protect you.

I couldn't tell you I liked you.

My heart broke once.

And if it happened again, I couldn't take it.

tell you I'm a fool I came to I'm the biggest fool in this world. But I just got to know that, Give me one chance. you in my entire life. I won't look at any other girl except I promise.

How did Virat Kohli get out? Shruti,

I can't accept this marriage. Sorry, -Please, you leave. Uncle, but why?

Virat. I can't give Shruti to Why did you do this?

Did you intend to go ahead with this marriage?

from some embarrassment. Thank me. I have saved you you loved in college right? This Siddu is the Siddu Hmm.

You confused him, What Siddu saying is correct. by accepting this Virat's proposal.

You brought his family to the house.

Go and say sorry to Virat.

Clear your confusion with Siddu.


my point was correct. First time someone has admitted that I love uncle!

You fool.

Hmm. Shruti you had a crush on me right?

Did you used to collect paper cups I dropped here and there? the plastic wrappers and now in Salarjung Museum. Yeah, all of them are My destiny got changed with your call.

I forgot all my exhaustions being together with you.

I’m inclining towards you even I’m with a crowd.

I won my heart in acquaintance you.

In your vicinity, no past will come.

No marks will stand on listening your voice.

Meeting your, I know the depth of myself.

Stepping with you, I forgot all my weariness.

I’m inclining towards you even I’m with a crowd.

My heart overwhelmed as It remains in-erasable love.