Chosen (2016) Script

A man aged 49 was arrested yesterday afternoon a restaurant after opening fire.

There are 14 dead including 3 children and 4 serious injuries ...

On Wednesday, a dozen businesses were looted and numerous broken glass still litter the sidewalks.

After a police officer has shot a black man unarmed, the city experienced two nights of riots.

Are you there, Daddy?

Who's there?

Soy yo, Max.

Hello Daddy.

I prefer three hours too early one minute late.

Mom told me to come.

Can I come back tomorrow. Do not go!

Your mother should know that I have better things to do.

Your turn.


If you see a good move, it's even better.

You must deploy all your pieces.

Oh, that changes everything!

It was good.

But you did not play a little fast?

I knew we had to open this door.

I need you to help me.

Do not you guys supposed to do their own homework?

I'm too bad. He wants to use a thousand words!

I can not do it. You're right.

If you tell yourself you can not, you will not be able to.

Do you have a title?

My hero.

Why should I know about heroes?

Maybe because you were in the war ...

What do you know exactly about the war?

A bit.

A bit? Yes.

Did that teach you in Hebrew school?

A bit?

They spent a lot of things in that "a little" you know.

You have to help me.


I do not know.

There may be someone ...

But it was a long time ago.

That does not matter, just someone you met.

Was it before coming to America?



If you want to hear this story,

let me tell it.


The important is...

The man I'll tell you the story.

That man lived ...

in the city of Debrecen ...


Do not you want to work?

You understand me?

What do you say?

August 1943, labor camp, Debrecen, Hungary.

And this man so special,

I was nobody, he was an ordinary man.

But the circumstances were extraordinary.

To work!

Su nombre era grandson.

He was a good worker.

Young and strong.

She itched stones from dawn, under the scorching sun.

Quietly it did as he was told.

Its true nature is kept it to himself.

No no.

What you helped? Yes.

And I had to wash my shirt was covered with mud.

He was a religious man.

He was a lawyer.

He could have become judge or mayor if he had not lived in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Judith is here.

Hola grandson.

How are you today?

Have you created problems have complicated life and life to everyone?

What do you mean?

You go in one direction when everyone goes to another.

Listen out...

I do not need you, You do not need me.

What I do with my life not concern you.

If you continue juntándote with those guys ...

Grandson, por favor.

Is my sister.

Just he came to say hello.

I am sorry.

See you tomorrow.

All those guys and I ...

We are your people.

And you're a coward for questioning.

Do you still believe in justice?

You're no longer working with judges and politicians.

They will not be accepted at City Hall.

You're no longer a lawyer.

Pikes stones.

This is a war.

We have to fight.

She heard the F TS The German army is in full defeat.

I do not want to talk to Judith or any of them.

We must also think of it.

I love you.

I also.

Sonson loved his city and his country.

And above all, to Florence, his beloved wife.

His childhood love.

Even the most envious souls admit that I could not be happier.

but... war transforms people into savage beasts.

The city had become a place of suspicion, distrust and despair.

Only in deep forests, they could be free again.


It is very difficult to talk about this.




You told me not to come ... but it is important.

Admiral Horthy returned from his trip.

He was received by the Germans.

The Kallay Minister resigned.

Go on.

Hitler gave the order to invade.

Trains will lead us in the fields.

Germans come.

Everyone was afraid.

People had to show their loyalty to the Germans.

Get in women first!

They were asked to hurry up that would give them jobs.

They promised to deal with those who remained.

They promised everything to get into the trains.

Some believed they would return to Hungary after the war.

Others did not know what to believe.

Leave your luggage they will be returned later.

The brother was against his brother, father against son.

A pass through and on her back.

The latest news?

After putting Jews in ghettoes, the rise in trucks.

As in Poland. Let us not be pessimistic.

And the Russians?

They have captured radio messages.

They could be here in two months.

Germans and we have exterminated.

In addition, the Condors do their best to help.

I heard some Nazi officials.

Police said here ...

It was more cooperative than anywhere.

You have to find a way to escape.

Here, London ...

Two hours ago, the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces in Europe He has given news of a new landing.

British forces, the United States and Canada They have landed in Normandy.

General Eisenhower It's great news!

An order given as: "Paris"


By the time they get here, it will be too late. who joined the camp Theresienstadt.

Where is the headquarters of the Nazis?

Next to the plaza.

Show me!

What do you have?

¿Sr. Kovacs?


Is she going to be okay?

How long will it be here?

Sorry, Sonson.

It is breast cancer.

I'm an old friend of your family but drugs are scarce at this time.

Trust me. I will do everything I can.

Come on! Come on!


I saw you come from the forest, the other day.


Judith said you're the best lawyer in Hungary.

We need people like you, smart.

I have no interest in being involved in this.

Do not stop!

Put it there!

My wife is very ill.

She needs me.

Here, London!

This is the speech of the BBC.

These are the news.

The Germans have intervened in Hungary following the refusal of Prime Minister deporting Jews from their country.

Seeing this gesture as supporting allies the Germans resumed control of the country. with aggressive new laws against the Jewish population they have been established.

From today, all Jews must wear the yellow Star of David.

Their vehicles were confiscated, and their phones cut off.

All Jewish businesses were closed and broken windows.

I wish I could take you home.

Can I have some water?

We must go now.

I hide in a blanket.

Y escape.

Or, it could ... become small.

Become small.

And get into the pocket.

You do not have pockets.

I do not have pocket?

Oh, no, I do not have it! I am going to make me one.

I just want to go home.

You have to go to work.

You could come to work with me.

You should come. You do the heavy lifting for me.

You're good?

Sit down!


I am sorry. Get away!

Calm down.

Breathe slowly.

By the nose.

I'm sorry, but because of the new regulations, I can not give you more treatment.

What regulations?

There is nothing I can do.

You. Are Jews.

I am sorry.

The time has changed.

Here's a little meat, you will regain strength.

Go to bed.


Do you have secret dreams?

Yes because?

To me...

I wish we could do something for all those people.

I have something to ask you.

I want to end my life ... without pain.

You'd better get some rest.


I want to die without pain.

You will not die.

You're just a little sick.

I am sorry.

I did not mean to hurt you.

You can not.

You can not hurt me because I love you.

More than anything.

Just take care of Judith.

It's a good girl.


Take care.


I promise.


For the first time in his life, he did not know what to do.

Paris awaits.


Well, bakers, plumbers, cobblers and their wives they rebelled.

They took to the streets to build barricades ...

Hands up! Do not move!

In front of the wall!

Up the hands!


Against the wall!

They're surrounded!

They are resist and shoot them!

Are there other rebels hiding in the building?



Move on!

Do not touch me!

Leave her alone!



Come on!


Over there!


Kill them!

Run! Come on!

Catch for those bastards!

Get them!

Hurry up!

Come on!

Get them!

I'll come back for them!

It is impossible!

We can not leave them there.

Do you want to attack?

How many guards are there? Four five?

Zoltan, One just does not have the opportunity to succeed!

I know someone.

He can help us.

Let's free them!

Come on!

the Gestapo ...

He asked me to give them all Jewish prisoners.

Is it urgent, sir?

In four or five days.

I think that given the current military situation, the Gestapo have other priorities.

Are you ready to disobey his orders?

We could say that the Resistance attacked the truck and we kept women here to eliminate the rebels.

Just a few days.

Very good.




They found our hideout.

Condors are girls.

We do not know what they will do with them.

We need your help.

If we leave them in their hands, they will kill them.


Florence is dead.

Nobody can do anything for her now.

We need your help.

It is not only against the resistance.

They arrest everyone.

Judith have.

I appreciate your kindness.

Thank you.


I deal with the suitcase.



I can help?


Rolf Of Pagans.

Your name?

Who's in charge here?

Just who is in charge here ?!

Name and rank!

Name and rank!


Who's in charge here?

Name and...

Thank my Lord.

I understand.

Thank you.


Who's in charge here?

What is the name and rank?


Brings together the prisoners.

The SS comes.

Is the SS?


My name is...

Mi nombre es Rolf Of Pagans.

General secret service.

Who's in charge here?

¡Heil Hitler!

Who's in charge here?

I, sir.

Name and rank!

Captain Havas, sir.

Capitán has,

soy Rolf Of Pagans General secret service.

Yes sir.

We are here to assist.

Capitán has, Do you know the guidelines stating that each prisoner It must be treated humanely?

Yes sir.

Always we treat all our prisoners ... according to these guidelines.

Is a lie.

These men are criminals, they are animals!

Shut up!

Let her speak!

These unfortunates.

They raped.

They are wild, all of them.

Is that true, Captain?


You can not accept ... the word of a Jewish ... against the word of a ...

Condor officer.

What I said is true.

They are animals, rapists!

I'm looking for a woman.

Judith Bartosz.

Is a...


I know.

They took elsewhere.


They did it.



I do not know what you're talking about.

We treat all our prisoners ...

in strict compliance with the law.

What does this mean, General?

All are under arrest.

Get moving!

Get moving!

On knees!


I have to obey the orders of my superiors.

I did nothing.

Judith Bartosz, where is he?

I do not know.

Judith Bartosz, where is he?

You're making a big mistake.

Tell me, or I'll shoot.

Nazi taken away.



With the deportees.

With the guetto, with those who were deported ...


We must finish the fight.

Who are you.?

What will they do with me?


Let's go before they reach the Condors!

They're coming. They come now.

Okay, take your positions!

Come on!

Come on! Sit down there, Robi.

By my side!



Wait for my order!

And no matter what happens, keep shooting until the last bullet.


Wait for my order to shoot.

In position!

Keep up!

¡They shoot!

Keep up your positions!

Open the gates!

Come on!

Open the gates!

Go Go! Outside!



Come on!

Look at me!

What you think?

What do you think of these heroes?

Those games that you play ...

They are not heroes.

The real heroes, They are fighting with sticks.

With his fists.

And really suffer.

They fight.

They know how to fight.

Are you going to leave us?

I have to do it.

I made a promise.

Go to this address.

Should be able to help.

Who are they?


Polish resistance.

They have information deported convoys.

Adiós, Grandson.

Continue your fight, my friend.

Thanks for all your help, my friend.

This is a quick evacuation for your personal safety ...


We Betar fighters, Revisionist Zionist movement,

in the name of Vladimir Jabotinsky, We promise to fight to the end.

We never give up. We never give up.

And we will give our lives for honor.

... where new apartments completely renovated, they await them.

We are ready to go.

TAKE your stuff and get out of here!

Come on!

I will take a look.

Do not make noise.

Stay calm. They will return soon.

A normal man would take a month to go de Debrecen a Polonia a pie.

Sonson did it in eight days.

He could have gone to the end of the world to find Judith.

Alive or dead.

Aronson, the leader of the Jewish ghetto.

He was given the order to evacuate 62 Jewish families ... before the end of the afternoon.

He knew what it meant to "evacuate".


And it also meant that his wife and children, They would be on the same train if he did.

Ezra brother ...

Good Morning.

Aronson, what I can do for you?

Colonel Forbach ordered to evacuate the building tonight.

He requested 5,000 victims. And you gave twice just to save your own skin.

If you do not give what you want He will kill us all.


Sit down and stay there!

Do not move!


Aronson, you, leader of the Jewish council, you are charged espionage and treason.

I saved 50 people. They have killed 1,000, but I saved 50. Look, your cousin is here!

Everyone is here!

It condemns you to death.

Listen to me.

I'm not ... Yes you are!

Do not! I beg you!

After eight days of walking, Sonson reached the Polish ghetto gates.

Can I help you? I'm in the ghetto.

I have to go to the ghetto.

German police said ...

I entered the ghetto.

Ve al final, and register with police from the Jewish ghetto.

Thank you.

Mi nombre es Grandson Kovacs.

I was told to come here.

The sister of my wife ...

He was deported from Hungary.

Who you are?

Busco Judith Bartosz.

I was told to come here and ... ask them for help.

Do not you know?

A glass of water please.

Where did you get that?

My friend, Jeno told me that ... you could help me.

So I can help ... if you help me find Judith.

You climb poorly, todos moriremos.

It will come out well. How do you know?

I know.


By order of Colonel Forbach, We took this Jew to headquarters for questioning.

Where is the order?

Oh, of course.

It's good?





¡Heil Hitler, Coronel!

I am the general of the SS, Ludwig Von Manheim.

Department Coordinator Mr. Himmler.

This is a letter from Mr. Himmler.

Relevádonlo of duty for failing to complete the deportation of the Jews in eastern Poland.

You must hand over command of guetto and all operations to me.

At your service, general!

Within 48 hours, you need to ... report to Berlin with his subordinate officer.

For now...

I inform how many people are in the ghetto, soldiers ...

The state of our reserves, weapons, ammunition ...

Yes sir.

Very good.

Come on!

Currently there are 49,000 Jews in the ghetto but we expect more today.

Some young women in Slovakia.

They give the opportunity for our soldiers have a little pleasure.

Slovak Prime Minister pays us to bring these Jews to Auschwitz but we in principle on the morale of our troops.

Tell me, Will the Minister of Slovakia's military?

No, sir, is one of the leaders of the Nazi party.

It is highly reliable for the Reich, is our ally.


Right now I have 285 soldiers under my command, and 42 Jews in the ghetto police.

All with great loyalty to me.

And weapons?

We have 855 weapons and enough food in our warehouses.

Not feed the Jews to weaken them and make them easier to transfer to Auschwitz.

Thanks for accuracy, Colonel.

Where are the records of transport of the Jews?

They are sent directly to Berlin, of course.

¡Coronel Forbach!

Coronel Forbach, Captain Hohberg, delivering 1,800 Jewish women from Slovakia.

It was supposed to be 3,000.

Some resisted, sir.

We had to remove them.

Oh, Colonel ...


You're under arrest. Under arrest?

It must be a mistake. This telegram, It comes from the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin.

You. Have seized gold, silver and antiques and ...

He sent his wife.

But they were of the Jews!

They were of the Jews, not the Reich!


Do not pretend not to know the law.

The entire property stolen from the Jews, It belongs to the Reich.

This is a very serious crime.

Llévenselo! ¡General!

Is incredible! This is outrageous!

It's a conspiracy! You can not do this!

It will pay for this, general! It's a conspiracy!

He's going to pay for this! I'm going to report it!

This is treason!


I will appeal to HQ! Close the door!

It will not happen.

What do you think doing here?

I do not know.

Are we deport Auschwitz?

¿The Auschwitz?

It's what they do to the Jews.

Do they? Yes Yes!

Men, women, children and even babies.

I thought the Germans were civilized.

I also.

We had the opportunity to leave Germany, but now look at us.

Do not worry, brother.

I am of the Betar.

And he.

You want to act?

If we do nothing, we will all die.

Come to the synagogue this afternoon.

Betar takes control of the ghetto.

All young and healthy They should join us and help us win this war.

But how?

How are we going to defeat them?

We will not sit back waiting for the arrival of the Russians.

We fought.

And we will fight again.

For for! Do not shoot!

I'm with you.!

The plan worked.

We headquarters.

I will warn others.

Like a wounded animal death, destroying everything in its path, Germany withdrew from Poland.

Sonson and his army of insurgents should try to hold until the arrival of the Russians.

It is understanding.

Our troops are growing.

Men and women like you.

They are leaving their towns and villages to come and fight with us.

Now we control the guetto.

Come on, we have work to do!

I am confident we will succeed.

We will succeed.

And now?

Do they have weapons?

Some rifles, pistols, shotguns, bread knives ...

Everyone has something.

I had my contact with the Polish resistance.

You can refer to Judith.

South trains go directly to the fields.

I am sorry.

We will prepare.

The Germans will be there in the morning.

Keep your firearms loaded and ready to fire.

Shoot wisely.

Make sure that every bullet count.

Our enemies are outside these walls.

They want to kill us.

I know you're scared.

But we must be brave.

They should not decide our future.

Today, we who decide.

Take up arms and fight.

Infantry and armor coming from the south!

Many men and tanks.

To your positions!

In 5 minutes, will be here.


'Watch back!

Seek shelter!

Save ammo!

Put on cover!

Do not expose!

Come here!

Les will face in the square!

A tank comes right!





Do not just stand there! Retire!

Keep up your positions!


Come on!

Come on!


¡Grandson, Vuelve!

Here, London! Here, London!

Come on!

Come on, stay with me!

Stay with me! I had no pocket!

You will do me a pocket.

¡Doctor! ¡Doctor!

Save it! I'll try.

I will do everything possible.

Save it.

I can not do anything.

You. Are Jews.

Come on!

I love you. I also.

¡Grandson, Despierta!




¡Grandson, Despierta!

¡Grandson, Despierta!

It's me.


I escaped from the train.

And I hid.

Then I learned of the revolt.

So I came with others.

¡Ezra! ¡Ezra!

I'm out of ammo!

I have to join them.

You're good?


I have to join them.




Come on!

It Go, go, go!

Keep going!

Come on!

Hands up!

Grandson, ¿estás bien?


Sonson killed his last German soldier on May 16, 1944.

There is something in all of us.

One thing that helps us to behave in extraordinary ways.

To Sonson, this was ... his immense and undying love for his wife, Florence.

He just wanted to go home.

People proudly saluted him when he crossing the street.

Children begged him to play with them.

We miss you at the ceremony.

They say you were sent by God.

I'm just an ordinary man.

An ordinary man.

She was his only link to the woman he loved.

Now, I would never take his eyes off her.

What you came to see?

Life goes on.

It's getting late.

How did you meet him?

Were you in Poland?

My story is not so interesting.

Come on, your mother will be wondering where you are.


I have to go to rest.

Come back and I'll tell you another story.

Could it happen again?

It's possible.

That's why you have to be strong.

In the fall of 1947, Sonson and Judith emigrated to New York.

They had two daughters, Florence and Lisa.

Max is the son of her youngest daughter, Lisa.