Chosen Few (2020) Script

Which girl?

I can't see anything.

Go back to this one.

What is your name?

Anyways whatever it is. Come.

Open the door.

Just open the door.

Open it.

Open the door.

Come on. Come out.


Nobody will utter a single word.

Come on. Come on.


-Bathroom. -Hmm.

Oh shit!

-No one here. -Hmm.

Omkar, they are escaping, run downstairs.

Sir, I think this is the door.

Sir, it is very strong.

Push it.

Come out.

Look, we won't harm you.

-Let go. -Okay?


-Let go of me. -We are here to help you.

-No. -Please.

-I don't want to stay here. -Where will you go?

I just want to go from here.

-Why do you want to leave? -I don't want to stay. I want to go.

-No, you will stay here. -No. I want to go.

We will help you out.

No. I want to leave.

Where do you want to go?

I don't want to stay here. I just want to go.

Whom will you go to?

I want to go to Anita.

-I don't want to stay here. -We'll bring Anita here.



I want to meet Anita now.

I don't want to stay.

I don't want to stay here. I just want to go.

Think. Just think...


Sir, this girl feels like she's the one who's...

...trapped and her friends are the ones who are free.

Haven't we been planning this for a month now?

Actually,... we went in the evening, the back door was closed.

Three girls landed back in prostitution.

Do you understand, Omkar?

We could not find anyone. Neither the guy nor the girls.

Is he invisible like 'Mr. India'?

Where did he go?

Keep the search on. Nobody is going home until and unless we find them. Understand?

Sir, can we take the help of this girl to find the others?

Yes sir.

He is right. It's a possibility.

I don't want 'this' cleaning.


I don't want to get it cleaned.

They want to kill me, sir.

They think that I'm responsible for the girls running away.

I did not lead the girls to run away.

Those girls...

...that Jugnu, bastard...

...he absconded with them.

They think that...

..I'm responsible for ending their business.

But that's not the truth, sir.

Whose business got closed?


He said the girls were his relatives, so they could stay with him.

But Jugnu...

Jugnu was his errand boy.

He used to look after all the girls.

Sir, they have a huge demand for young girls.

As they don't speak up.

That is why the customers prefer them.

They do anything they want to.

He used to do odd jobs for the girls.

But he was really smart.

He is not around otherwise you would have seen him.

Sir, this is what happens.

They show us this gold and lure us into the city for this business.

See this, sir.

Are you purchasing it for your mom?

Why? It's not good?

This one?


Yes, madam?

Show me this.


It's good.

Girls should look very attractive and sexy.

-Getting it? -Yes.

Yes. Pack this Pack this.

What else?

And show some bras.

What's the size?


Tell him.

I'll show you.

This one.

Is it perfect?

Okay. Pack it.

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

-Happy Birthday dear Preeti... -Sani.

Happy Birthday to you.

May god bless you...

-Happy Birthday Preeti. -Thank you.

-Cake is delicious, right? -Yes.

Happy Birthday.

Come in.

Don't you have any other girl?


No. Just like that.

Only she is available.


What happened?



You like Madhuri?

Are you here to talk to me about actresses like Madhuri?

Don't waste time, let's just do it. Come on, let's do it.

Yes. We'll do.

You sit there. I'll...

-First tell me your name? -Anita.

-Let's do it. -Yes. We will.

Go and lie down there. Let me undress.



What happened?


You didn't enjoy it?

No, no. It's done.

If you can give me the change.

Anyway, I'm a regular customer, I come often.

Jugnu knows me well.

-You know me right? -Yes.

It's okay. You can keep the change with you. No worries.

-Who's he? -I know him.

There's nothing to worry about.

Sorry, sir. I made a mistake.

I got scared and couldn't see anything.

We will have to send someone else.

It will take time to rebuild trust.

Madam, what if Anita herself refuses to come with us?

It has to be worked out.

No one else can do this except you.

Okay, sir.

-Just try once. -No.

-No. -What no?

-Just try. -I don't know how to play this.

Just try it once.

There's nothing wrong in trying.

Now play.


Look at Sani...

Why do you have to take such a big risk.

Ma'am, this isn't a risk.

And ma'am, even the counsellor has recommended it.

Has the counsellor ever been a part of a live raid?

No, ma'am.

But ma'am...

Sani wants to meet Anita.

She can meet her after the rescue.


Not now. Can I talk to you later?

Missing Jyoti (light), age 12, height 4.8 feet, weight 40 kgs, missing since 15 April 2017

Yes. Tell me.

Is it?

Tell me when.

Day after tomorrow?

I don't get it.

You are the police.

You are an NGO worker.

Is your NGO okay with this?

I mean...

Come on!

All of you don't know how to do your jobs.

And you expect me to sign on these papers so that... can use the girl for your work.

How can that be?

And what if she panics in the middle of the rescue?

And who's going to stop the same people who...

...trafficked her once from trafficking her again.

Ma'am sorry, But Sani got trafficked earlier because she belonged to a poor family.

So how's it different now?

Maám, there was no one to help her understand nor to protect her.

-But now she has us. -Yes, ma'am.

And I assure you ma'am.

No one can touch her.


Sani looks a little nervous.

What happened my child?

-Everything okay? -Yes.

-Are you scared? -No.

-Are you nervous? -No.

Police uncle is with you.

-Sheila aunty is also there. -Hmm.

-And she herself is a brave girl. -Hmm.

Do you want to say something?


My friend Anita, she does everything Jugnu says.

That's how she is.

Okay. You don't worry about that. We'll look into it.



If I sign it, I have to answer to a lot of people.

You and I have been appointed in these position... that we can protect people in our society.

Ma'am, if Sani goes with us then our entire operation would be catalysed.

Ma'am, it will be easy to identify those girls.

Sir, it's all clear


Stop! Stop! Stop!

There is police outside!

Rane, come quickly.

You guys check here. I'll check ahead.

-Give me the torch. -Here it is.

Come on. Come with us.

-Hey Khadkar? -Yes.

Hold him.




-Let's check in the bathroom. -Yeah.


Close it.


No one is here.


Sir, there are no girls here.

Then where are they?

Sir, I have quit that business.

I don't do all these things.


Again you had them run away!

Come here Rane.

Sir, there is no pipe and no place to get down.


Come out.

Don't get scared. Come.

Be careful.


-Come. -Be careful.

We are here to help you.

Look, don't get scared. Come.

Come. Come.

We are here to help you. Come.

Don't worry, Sani.

If not now then we'll find her later. Okay?

Do any of you know Anita?

Do you know her?

You know Anita?

Where is she?


-Anita. -Oh my god!

-Anita. -Anita.

-Sapna. Pooja... -Anita.

Come out.



Let's go Rane.


I guess he escaped.

Once again?

Let's go.