Christmas Tradition (2020) Script

So did you guys know that there was once a reindeer who saved Christmas Eve?

Do you know how he saved Christmas Eve?

He saved Christmas Eve with his red nose!

Was he sick?

No, he wasn't sick. It was just a really special nose.

When my nose is red it's because I'm sick.

Is that so?

Yea, it gets really sticky and slimey and it's really hard to breathe.

Well, this nose wasn't sticky or slimey. It glowed bright, like a flashlight, but brighter.

A nose can't glow daddy!

Yea daddy!

This one did.

So... bright!

And on one stormy Christmas Eve Santa couldn't see.

The snow was thick and the wind was harsh.

And so Santa went to Rudolph with his nose so bright and he said, "Rudolph, I pick you!"


"You and that beautiful funny little nose, to light the way for my sleigh."

Isn't that cool?


Dad, what's a trasi-tion?

A tradition?

Yea that!

Well, it's a thing we do every year.

And every year, we like to spend Christmas eve eating a roast beast captured in the deep wild country known as "the market" and being together as a family.

With Elias and Keturah.

And mommy!

And daddy!

Will you please braid my hair?

Maybe later sweetheart.

Speaking of tradition I believe you rascals are allowed one present tonight.



Now, why don't each of you go pick out a present?

Go, go, go!

I can't do this.

Ashley, please.

Where'd mommy go?

Everything's ok sweetie.

I'll go get her.

I can't do this anymore.

I've tried, I really have, but...'s just...

Ashley, this is what we wanted.

I wanted?

Love, the children are waiting.

The children are dead.

This was suppose to help us move on.

But look at us.


It's Christmas Eve.

We spend Christmas Eve together as a family.

Stop this.


They're not real.

I'm real.


Just don't go back in there.

Just pick me.



Daddy where are you?

Where's mommy?

She's feeling a bit tired.

How about another story?