Christopher Robin (2018) Script

On my merry way I'll always think of you On land or sand or gravel Focus, everyone, focus! Listen to each other!

It's more fun with two It's always me and you And together we will stay Through warm or stormy weather We'll always be together Concentrate!

Forever For within my heart If we should ever part We'll be never far away from each other We'll be never far away What's he doing?

Big finish! That'll do! That'll do!


I sounded incredible! Tiggers are excellent singers.

It's lovely having you all here.

Always very moving, that number.

Now, we all know why we're here.

It's a sad day.

But I have asked my friend, Eeyore...

That's me.

I have asked him to propose a rissolution.

It's "resolution." Yes, that's what I said.

What's a "rissolution?" After the poem, dear.

"Christopher Robin is going.

"At least I think he is.

"Where? Nobody knows.

"But he is going."

I mean, he goes.

"Do we care? We do. Very much.

"Anyhow, we send our love.


If anyone wants to clap, now is the time to do it.

Yay! Wonderful!


There he is! He's here!

That was a lovely poem, Eeyore.

It was nothing.

Oh, sorry.

It's just too bad it's over.

I would've liked it to go on for a while longer.

Now, now, let's not get carried away there, Pooh Bear.

That was plenty long enough.

For let's all remember, I commissioned it.

Based on an original idea by me. Which I suggested.

After I thought of it.

Let's not do this in public, shall we? You wide-eyed nincompoop.

Christopher Robin, I made you this sack of Hundred Acre Wood haycorns.

They're my very favorite snack.

Wherever you may go, they'll remind you of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Thank you, Piglet.

I don't think I'll need any help remembering the Wood... but I shall treasure them.

I'm gonna miss you, I am!

I'm gonna miss you too, Tigger.

Now, don't you go and get all growned up on us!

We shall all miss the lad.

As my Grandowl Osgood used to say... Wow!

What did he used to say?

I call the cherries. Extra cream for me, please.

No, it wasn't that.

Is it a carrot cake?


Cake is what Tiggers like best!

I'm gonna go for it.

What is this again?

Cake, cake, cake. Will you never learn?

I would prefer a lovely, crunchy carrot.

What's wrong with something healthy?

Good for your teeth. Sweets go right to my feets!

You won't be able to stop me! Careful, Tigger.

Bounce and bounce!

Come on, Roo! And I'll bounce!

And I'll bounce! And I'll...

Come on, Pooh.

Where are we going, Christopher Robin?


One of my favorite places.

Saddle's too tight.

What do you like to do best in the world, Pooh?


What I like best... is me and Piglet... going to see you... and you say, "What about a little something?"

And I say...

"Well, I shouldn't mind a little something."

And it being a hummy sort of a day outside.

I like that too.

But what I like doing best is nothing.

How do you do nothing?

It's when people call out...

"What are you going to do, Christopher Robin?"

And you say, "Oh, nothing." And then you go ahead and do it.

Ah, yes.

Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.


I'm not going to do nothing anymore.

Never again?

Well, they don't let you at the boarding school.


When I'm off not doing nothing, will you come up here sometimes?

Just me?

Where will you be?

I'll be right here.

But what should happen if you forget about me?

I won't ever forget about you, Pooh. I promise.

Not even when I'm a hundred.

How old will I be then?


Silly old bear.


Christopher, come on now.

Do hurry up, darling.


Christopher Robin, your mother is in the car!

You take care.

Off you go, young man.

Christopher Robin!

Now concentrate!

You're the man of the house now, dear.

Would you like to sit down?

Thank you.

Cheeky blighter.

Will you write?

Of course, every day.

It's February 11th, 1944.

Soon the nightly battle of London will be on.

This has been a quiet day for us, but it won't be a quiet night.

They'll destroy a few buildings, and kill a few people.

Probably some of the people you...

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Madeline Happy birthday to you

This is Zebra-One-Charlie!

This is Zebra-One-Charlie.

Where are my reinforcements?

Well done.

Mummy, when is Daddy coming home?

This is your daddy.

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning, Mr. Robin. Good morning, Ms. Dane.

Did you have a pleasant... I'd like them to reconsider... the brass fittings on the chestnut wardrobes for nickel-plated ones.

I'll make a note of that. Now, what's the holdup from Glasgow?

Tanners union dispute, sir. What about Manchester?

Waiting on fabric, sir. And what's Birmingham's excuse?

It's just Birmingham, sir. They're always late.

I don't need to remind you, we're under increasing pressure to cut costs!

Mr. Robin? Yes.

If we replace the second inner bevel with beechwood... we can increase buoyancy by four percent.

And decrease weight by point-two percent.

And cost?

Well, it might save a few pennies.

Keep plugging away, everyone.

Bravo! That's what we like to hear.

Mr. Winslow, I could easily have come up to your office.

No, no. I love to come down here, get my hands dirty once in a while.

Oh sir, that sample is, in fact, still wet.

Yes. The smell of the leather.

The smell of hard work.

Much rather be here than in my stuffy office where the boring stuff happens.


This is where I belong. Down here with the real men.

And women.

Sorry, always forget about them.

Yes, I hate offices.

Give me some manual labor any day of the...

Let's go into your office.

Yes, Mr. Winslow.

After you, sir. Oh, no, please.

Carry on.

I spent all morning on that.

Of all my father's businesses, Winslow Luggage is the worst.

Embarrassing for me, of course, but hardly surprising.

There's been a war.

Who has the time or the money to go on holiday these days?

In short, we need to cut some costs.

That's all I've been working on, sir. We've made some progress.

Three percent, or thereabouts.

We need to cut deeper than three percent, Robin.

We're stuffed. What did they say?

I can't hear. Don't worry.

I can lip read.

How much deeper, sir?

Twenty. Twenty!

Twenty percent, that's impossible.

He's saying, "Windy tent. That's an apple."

What are they talking about?

Perhaps it's a lunch order.

Sir, your father promised these people good jobs to come home to after the war.

Well, they'd do anything for this company.

I'd do anything for this company.

My father has called an emergency meeting on Monday.

We need to produce the cuts by then.

It's sink or swim.

I promised my wife and daughter I'd take them away this weekend, sir.

I thought you'd do anything for this company.

Do you have dreams, Robin?

I beg your pardon, sir?

Well, I'll let you into a little secret.

Dreams don't come for free, Robin.

Nothing comes from nothing.

And if this ship goes down, you need to ask yourself the question...

"Am I a swimmer, or am I a sinker?"

Well, which one are you, Robin?

Well, obviously I'd like to reply that I'm a swimmer, sir.

Right answer! Me too.

That's why I shall be working this weekend, also.

All hands on deck and all that.

This may help, a list here of names.

People who can walk the plank if you... if we don't come up with something.

It's all on you, Robin.

Oh, good heavens.

Keep up the good work.


All work and no play, eh? Cecil.

Speaking of play, the wife and I were just talking... and hate to be a persistent Peter... but we're still waiting for that gin rummy game.

Oh, yes, yes!

Well, one of these days, eventually.

Eager to finally see how good you are.

Madeline wanted to wait for you but it got so late.

Yes, I'm sorry, I got held up at work.

I know. Katherine rang to let me know.

She also said you'd be working this weekend.

I suppose you won't be coming to the cottage.

Well, it can't be helped.

It never can.


What've you got there?

It's yours. I found it in the attic.

It has loads of things from when you were my age.


I mean, acorns.

Nothing of any great importance.

Don't you think you should be doing something more useful with your time?

Reading perhaps?

I've already finished the book list that Grayford Prep sent.

I'm way ahead. I've been very efficient.

Good. That's good.

Yes, so there's no work to do this weekend.

We can do whatever we want. We'll go back to your cottage.

Play where you played.

We can do puzzles, board games.


I wanted to talk to you about that.

I can't come this weekend.

But summer will be over soon.

I have to stay for work.

You and your mother will go.

I never see you.

Well, I wished I didn't have to stay for work... but dreams don't come for free, Madeline.

You have to work for them.

Nothing comes from nothing.

Do you understand?

I understand.

I suppose you can keep these here then.


Do you think you could read to me for a minute?

Of course.


"The Victorian Era signified the height of the Industrial Revolution...

"and was viewed as the apex of the British Empire."

We've got a real good one here.

"It followed the Georgian period...

"and preceded the Edwardian period."




I'm a bit tired.



You sure?

Of course.

Good night.

Good night.

I've been thinking.

You two don't have to go to the country tomorrow.

We've been over this. She needs to play, Christopher.

Not spend all of her time studying.

Grayford Prep is the best!

She told me she's done all the reading.

Because she would do anything to please you.

But there are perfectly good schools here in London... that don't require us to send her away.

And come on, Christopher. You know she doesn't want to go.

I went away when I was her age.

It'll prepare her for the real world.

Set her up for a career.

Isn't that our responsibility to her?


Do you even like your job?

What's that got to do with anything?

You're going to hit your limit.

One day you're going to crack. Evelyn.

Look, if I work really hard now, then in the future... our life will be...

Will be what? Will be better? Worse?

We don't care, we want you.

This is life, Christopher.

This weekend is your life.

Your life is happening now.

Right in front of you.

Look. Hello!

Yahoo. Remember me? I'm your wife.

And that's another thing.

I haven't seen you laugh in years.

I want to see you have-fun. sometimes.

Be silly. I didn't fall for you because you had your career set up.

Was it my dancing?

Actually, yes, it was dancing with you.

Being held by you.

Look, don't make this harder on me.

I am sorry.

I'll take my suitcase upstairs.

Where is my suitcase?

I didn't bother packing it.

Have a nice time.

Good bye.

Good bye.

Take care.

See you soon.

We can have that game of gin rummy now that you're a Tommy-time-on-his-hands.

Dear Father...

I never knew you could draw so well.

Maybe you could hang this one next to mine.

Love, Madeline.



Where am I?

I can't see anything.

Oh, that's right.

Good morning, house.

How are you today?

Time to make myself hungry with my stoutness exercise.

When I up, down, touch the ground It puts me in the mood When I up, down, turn around in the mood for food And I'm off, ready for my morning honey


Some honey will make me feel better.

Oh, bother.

Somebody seems to have eaten all the honey.

Oh, my.

Foggy today.

If I know anything about anything... it's easy to lose your way on a foggy day.

And rather hard to find the way back.

Piglet always has a little smackerel of something hidden away.


It's Pooh.

Are you home?

It would appear not.


Are you home?

It's Bear speaking.


Where is everybody?

How gloomy and sad.

If only Eeyore were here to enjoy it.


Anybody here?

Can anybody hear me?


What has happened to my friends?

Oh, dear.

I appear to have reached the end... of my thoughts.

Come on, Pooh.


Are you there?

It's me.

Winnie the Pooh.

Are you finally home?

Think, think, think.

It would seem I must go forward... where I have never been... rather than backwards... where I have.

Christopher Robin must help me find everybody.

Or help everybody find me.

That will be the order of looking for things.

Christopher? Are you here?

It's Pooh.


It's Pooh.

Are you hiding?

I'm getting very sleepy.

And that looks like a bed.

Where, oh, where is Christopher Robin?

What to do, what to do, what to do?

What to do, indeed.


Christopher Robin! No!


You can't be here.

This can't be happening.

It's stress. It's not stress.

My God, I'm stressed.

It's Pooh. I'm so exhausted.

Evelyn warned me.

I like to be warmed.

Warmed and cozy.

I've cracked.

I've totally cracked.

I don't see any cracks.

A few wrinkles maybe.


You're here!

How are you here, Pooh?

I went through the door through which Christopher Robin is known to appear.

And now, I'm here!

But the tree I remember was behind the cottage in Sussex... not here in London.

I suppose it's where it needs to be.

There's no opening.

There's no door on the other side.

We must not need it anymore.

That's a silly explanation.

Why, thank you.

Are you glad to see me, Christopher Robin?

Well, hello there!

What have you got there, secret Susan?

Well, it's a, it's a... a cat.

Yes, definitely.

Just a cat.

I love cats. May I? Can I?

Not this one, because it's a diseased cat.

It's ferocious. It's a biter.

I was about to take it in, give it some milk. You know, rehabilitate it.

You're squishing me. What on earth?

Did you hear my voice there? Yeah.

I do that funny voice, "You're squashing me...

"with your demands to play gin rummy."

I was like a ventriloquist when I was younger.

Very good. Very good.

We've got all weekend.


Gin rummy.

We should probably try and play cards tomorrow then.

I'd love that.

Yes! Tomorrow?

Yes, good evening!

Good night! Have a nice...

See you tomorrow. Stop wriggling, he's gonna see you moving.

Good evening.

Stop it.

Meow! You see?


It really is very good.

Are you sure you wouldn't like some, Christopher Robin?

Yes, yes, I'm sure.

Pooh, how ever did you recognize me?

After all these years.


You haven't changed a bit.

But I've changed tremendously.

Not right here.

It's still you looking out.

I'm covered in honey now.

Yes, I see.

Sticky mess.

Your floor is very sticky.


This place is very big.

Do you live here all alone?

Just now, yes. But usually, no.

My wife and daughter are in the countryside for the weekend.

Well, why aren't you with them?

Sticky business.

I had to stay for work.

Why are you here and not in the forest with your friends?

That's the question, Pooh.

I couldn't find anybody.

And, I couldn't find anyone either.

And I looked for them both.


Piglet? Eeyore? Tigger?

Where is everybody?

Exactly! Where is Tigger, or Kanga, or Roo?

That's why I'm here.

I'm sure I don't know where they are.

I've scarcely thought about them in 30 years.

Well, we think about you every day.

Well, that's very kind. And I'm sorry, Pooh.

But it's getting late, and I'm very busy.

I haven't got time to help you look. I'm on a deadline.

So, do you think you might just...

You silly old bear.

Good night, Winnie the Pooh.

What on earth!

Pooh! Oh, dear.

What luck.


Your ladder is broken.

That's not a ladder. That was a shelf.

That explains why it's no good for climbing.

I haven't got time to muck about.

I should be working. Trying to find a solution.

Even though I think it may be impossible.

People say nothing is impossible.

But I do nothing every day.

No, Pooh, that's not the... Never mind.

Look, I can't be distracted.

Which is why you need to go home.

But how?


We go to Sussex.

And we get you back in your own home. Now!

It's very loud and not in a hummy sort of way.

Well, welcome to London.

Well, hello there. Are you on an expotition, too?

Oh, bother! Pooh!

What did you do?

Do you think he's all right?

Come here. Come in here.


You can't just keep saying hello to people.

People can't see you moving and talking.

But why?

Because, because...

You're different.

And people don't like things that are different.

So I shouldn't be me.

No! No, you should always be yourself.

This is very confusing.

It may be the hunger.

You've just eaten! Oh, that's right.

Maybe I didn't eat enough.

Look, never mind about that.

For now, just try and be a less exuberant you.

Ex-Pooh-berant. Flop.


Go limp.

Flop. Sag. Yes!

Go limp.

I know, I've got it!

How about, may “Nap“me“ I love play! Let's see it.

Like this?

Well done! Now, just keep absolutely still.

That's it. Come on.

Christopher! There's a rumbly in my tumbly.

Let's stop for a snack.

There's no time for snacks.

What about a smackerel? Play "Naptime!"

Balloons! Come and get them.

May I have a travel balloon? You don't need a balloon.

Well, I know I don't need one... but I would like one very, very much, please.

Please. Please!

We've got all your favorite colors!

I'd like a balloon, please.

What color?


Red will be fine, yes.

Thank you very much.

Thank you ever so much.


Here is your ticket. Thank you very much.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning. Why is he in a cage?

I'd like a return ticket, please?

To Hartfield in Sussex. Thank you.

Certainly, sir.

Could you give me some space, please?

Your ticket.

Here we are.

And still two minutes to spare. So, good, yes?

On the dot, sir. Good, thank you.

The balloon went that way, sir.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I'm terribly sorry.

I'm terribly sorry.

Sorry, sorry.

There he is!


Excuse me.

You're not a Woozle, are you?

Christopher Robin! Thank goodness.

Give me that! That's mine. Give it back.

Well, he was mine first, you know?

That is true.

Oh, for heaven's sake!

You can't just take a teddy bear from a grown man.

Christopher, could you turn the world right side up again, please?

Did that say honey? Can we go back?

Excuse me. Much better.

I thought you were playing "Naptime."

It was one of my briefer naps.

But, Christopher, my balloon.

Well, it's gone now. You don't need it anymore anyway.

But it did make me very happy.

Did it not make you happy?

Not really.

Do you always have that case with you?

What? A case?

My briefcase? Yes, usually. Why?

Is it more important than... a balloon?

Yes, it's more important than a balloon.

I see.

More like... a blanket.


More like a blanket.

What does it do?


It's for keeping very important things in.

Pooh, do you think you might be able to amuse yourself for a while?

I have got some rather pressing work to do.





Bush. A man.

Dog. Pooh.

What're you doing? I'm playing a game.

It's called "Say What You See."

Could you "Say What You See" a little more quietly?





I don't know what that is.

Pooh. Well, that's a man.


Little bit more quietly. Please?

I'm sorry, this compartment is rather full.

It's his naptime.

We'll save at least 322 pounds a month.

Well, that's not nothing.

Which brings us to 14%.

Still not enough.

Someone's gonna have to walk the plank.

They'll never forgive me for this.

Sorry, Gary.

Now arriving at Hartfield Station.

Hartfield! Hartfield Station!

Look. My balloon!

Now come on, Pooh. We've got to hurry.

Yes. We need to find our friends.

No, Pooh. I meant, I have to get back for work.

Are we going in? No, no, Pooh.

We must keep very quiet.

Not let them see us. Come on.

Stay low.


Who is that? Pooh!

She can't be Pooh. I'm Pooh.

No, that's Evelyn. My wife.

She looks very kind.

She is very kind.

And who is that?

That's Madeline.

My daughter.

Can she come and play with us? No, she can't come.

Does she not like to play?

No, no, it's just... Well, look, she's working.

I see.

Does she have a briefcase like you?


Come on, Pooh. Do you think she'd like my red balloon?

It might make her happy.

What is it with you and the balloon?

There's more to happiness than just balloons, Pooh.

Look, Madeline is happy and I'm happy that she's happy.

Let's go.

There, Pooh.

I got you home.

Aren't you coming with me?

I can't. I've gotta go back to London.

But I need your help.

I've lost all of my friends.

Perhaps they're back now... and you can tell them all about your adventures.

I would like to do that.

Off you go then.

Goodbye, Christopher.

Goodbye, Pooh.

What're you doing, Pooh?

Sometimes when I'm going somewhere and I wait... a somewhere comes to me.


Good luck with everything.

I should need good luck.

For I am a bear of very little brain.

Right. Well, goodbye.

Good bye.

Look out, Pooh. Here I come.




So this is what this feels like.

Are you stuck?

Yes, it would appear that I am stuck.

Happens to me all the time. Have you just eaten honey?

No, Pooh, I have not just eaten honey.

Oh, it's still here.

Hundred Acre Wood.

Well, I didn't expect to be here this morning.

Was it always this gloomy?

I don't believe so.

I wonder where they all could be.

I was hoping you would know.

Pooh, I haven't been here for years. How would I know?

But you're Christopher Robin.

Right. Yes.

Well, the thing is to do this systematically.

Follow the simple honey bee.

No, Pooh.

The key is to head in just one direction to avoid getting lost.

Especially in all this fog.

I always get to where I'm going... by walking away from where I have been.

Do you?

That's the way I do it.

I'm hungry.

Come on, Pooh.

We'll never get anywhere at this rate.

Is anything familiar?

The fog. Besides the fog.

Oh, bother.

What's the matter?

Oh, Pooh.

You can't be serious. There's no such thing as Heffalumps and Woozles.

Of course there are.

Didn't you see the sign?

Pooh, terrifying elephant and weasel-like beasts... who wander the world preying on happiness aren't real.

Now, come on.


What do you do?

I'm the Efficiency Manager at a luggage company.

You must have many friends there.

There's lots of people who rely on me.

So, yes.

No, I don't think of them as friends.

That makes it harder if I have to let them go.

Where will they go?

I don't know, Pooh. I don't know.

Did you let me go?

I suppose I did.

Come on, Pooh.

What is that?

It's a compass, from the war.

I still keep it with me.

May I see the compass?

Yes, I suppose so.

Shall we follow this very handy arrow?

Well, that's a very good idea.

No, wait, Pooh.

Keep us headed north.


Oh, north.

Yes, there's an "N" in front of it, for "north."

That's what that means.

Isn't this the same sign?

Pooh, are you sure we're still heading north?

Let me look.

You haven't been looking?

Not since I started following these footsteps.

Pooh, they're our footsteps!

We've just been going around in a great, big circle.

What's the matter with you? All you had to do was follow the compass!

But it led us to the Heffalumps and the Woozles.

There are no Heffalumps and Woozles, do you hear?

I should never have trusted you with it!

I'm sorry.

I'll put it back in the holder of important things.

My papers! They're irreplaceable!

I shall never remember all this!

Pooh, you're right.

You are a bear of very little brain.

Do you know what'll happen if I lose one single sheet of this?

Winslow will eat me for breakfast.

A Woozle will eat you for breakfast?

Yes, a great big Woozle will gobble me up.

That doesn't sound like fun.

That's the real world for you.

Pooh, there's more to life than just balloons and honey.

Are you sure?

Silly bear.

I don't know why you came back.

I'm not a child anymore.

I'm an adult, with adult responsibilities.

But you're Christopher Robin.


I'm not how you remember me.

I'm sorry.

You're right.

You should let me go... for a fish in the sea.

"A fish in the sea?"

No, "efficiency!"



Winnie the Pooh?

I haven't got time for this.


Pooh, where are you?

Where have you gone, you silly bear?

I didn't mean to frighten you. Pooh!

Tigger, Eeyore, anyone?

There's no such things as Heffalumps and Woozles.

Not real, not real, not real.

Not real.

Not real, not real, not real.

Oh, no! No, I'm not a Heffalump!

They're up there!

And I'm down here.


Somebody help!


You're the man of the house now.

I haven't seen you laugh in years.

Dreams don't come for free.

One day you're going to crack.

Nothing comes from nothing.

You need to ask yourself the question, "Am I a swimmer, or am I a sinker?"

Sometimes the thing to do is nothing.

Oh, no!



Come back to us!

Just do nothing! Just do nothing!



Just my luck.

A Heffalump.

Leering at his lunch.

Eeyore, I'm not a Heffalump!

Doesn't matter anyway. Headed for the waterfall.

I'll be gone soon.

Oh, no, not the waterfall.


Not that anyone will notice.

Swim, swim, swim!

Just have to go with the flow.

Don't worry. I'm not.

Can't change the inevitable.

You mustn't give up, Eeyore! I'll save you.

We'll see.

Yes, of course. I've grown up, haven't I?


Laughing at my misfortune.

Just like a Heffalump.

Hello, Eeyore.

Hello, Heffalump.

I'm not a Heffalump. I'm Christopher Robin.

Do you remember, I used to try and cheer you up?

I don't remember being cheery.

What were you doing in the water?

Just an average Windsday morning for me.

Woke up. Windy.

Wind blew me into the river.

It must know I can't swim.

There's that sound again.

It's your fellow Heffalumps, calling you home.

Come on, Eeyore. Let's get to the bottom of this.

I'm already at the bottom.

It's kind of you to kidnap me.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Not exactly what I had in mind.

Oh, look, Owl's house has fallen out of the tree again.

And there's that terrible noise.

I think it's behind the house.

Well, I think we should investigate.

I wouldn't go in there if I was us.

There's no such things as Heffalumps.

There's no such things as Heffalumps.

There's no such...


It's just the old weather vane.

Great. Now it has a weapon.

No sign of Owl though, either.

Wonder what happened.

If only Christopher Robin were here.

I am Christopher Robin.

You should be able to tell us then.

Let's see.

Looks like they were all here.


Oh, someone was bouncing.

Tigger. Looks like a disaster.

Why wasn't I invited?

So I think what happened is... the weather vane broke off when the house fell out of the tree... and started making that noise... and they all thought it was a Heffalump and panicked.

And then they all... flew out of the door.

Look, haycorn shells. A whole trail of them.

Follow them and we'll find Piglet.

Now that is...

I'm sorry, old bean.

Come on. I was just getting comfortable.

Let's go and see if we can't find Piglet.

Goodbye, Bucket.

There's one.

And here.

Another one.

You don't have to tell me every time you pick one up.

And another...

Who is it? Who's there?

It's nobody.

Oh, Eeyore. Thank goodness it's you.

And a Heffalump.

Piglet, it's just me. Christopher Robin.

Don't move. Don't move, Eeyore. Maybe it won't eat us.

Oh, Piglet.

Would a Heffalump offer you a haycorn?

It would if it was trying to trick me!

His legs are so long! Piglet!

I didn't mean to frighten you. Come on.

I'm not frightened. I'm not frightened.

I'm terrified.

Got to go quicker. Got to go quicker.

These haycorns are weighing me down, but I can't let go.

He's coming! It's coming!

Piglet, you have a head full of fluff.

You've led it right to us! Now we're stuffed!

What's the point of hiding if you're going to bring him to us?

Hello, everyone. Nobody move.

Heffalumps can't see you if you don't move.

I can clearly see you. Well, you didn't see this.

I'll pounce ya. I'll pound ya.

Tigger! It's Christopher Robin.

Tigger, just look. Look closely.

He's giant. Huge! He's a massive beast.

And he smells a little funny.

Don't look him in the eye.

He has hair everywhere!

Even in his ears.

Such troubled eyes.

His nose is huge! He's hideous.

Well, that's a bit harsh.

He's clearly a Heffalump. Don't stare.

No, the Heffalump was just your old weather vane, Owl.

Have you eaten Winnie the Pooh?

Did they take him?

Do the monsters have Pooh?

Look, there's no such thing as monsters.

He's tricking us. Of course there are!

He lies!

How dare you pretend to be Christopher Robin. He'd never say such a thing.

I am Christopher Robin.

Help me.

Then prove it.

Christopher Robin would know how to stop the Heffalumps.

You're right, Roo.

And I'm not gonna let you down.

We have got a scary Heffalump here... and it's about time I, Christopher Robin, defeated it.

There! There it is!

Stop, Heffalump!

Come on, Eeyore. You'll be my witness.

Sure. Sacrifice the donkey.

Let me stand on your back. No!

Your foot is on my shoulder! Push me up.

Up, up, I'm up now.

I can hear him.

He's headed to a clearing.

Sure, I'll just sit here while we wait for them to show up.

He's drawn his sword.

What's happening? He's just drawn his sword.

You there!


He's seen it! It sounds agitated! Don't agitate it!

I'll teach you to scare my friends!

But there's nothing there.

Something is clearly there. Do you hear that?

Where's he gone? He's gone behind the tree!

Take that, Heffalump!

He's got me!

I think the Heffalump's got him by the foot.

It's the Heffalump that's screaming!

Oh, no! He's attacking me!

Oh, no!

Goodness gripes!

Christopher Robin. They're attacking me!

It's you.

Take that, you Heffalump!

Playing again.

Do you see it, Eeyore?

I think it's a whole herd.

They've got us surrounded.

What do they sound like, Eeyore?

Like this.

That sound is terrifying!

Louder, Eeyore, louder!

It chills my heart.

That Heffalump's lucky I'm needed here. I'd be bouncing all over it!


Well done, Eeyore. Keep up the good work.

Finally good at something.

And there goes the tail.

He's winning, Mum.

I think you're right, Roo.

Then it must be Christopher Robin!

I can't see what the Heffalump's doing, but it sounds very nasty.

It all sounds very, very nasty!

I'm not afraid of you!

You rotten, stinking Heffalump.

Go on, Christopher! I think he's gonna do it!

There is silence.

I do not know which one is standing.

It's not entirely clear.

Something is moving towards us.

Please, please make it, Christopher Robin.

Did he win? Mummy, tell me what's going on.

Something's coming.

Can you see him? Yes, I can see him.

How does he look? Smaller, getting larger.

Christopher Robin!

It's Christopher Robin! He's won! He did it!

I have vanquished the Heffalump.

Well, of course, we all knew really!

We knew you'd dump that lump.

Only Christopher Robin can beat a Heffalump! I never lost hope.

We missed you! I've missed you, too.

All of you.

Very much.

You've grown up well.

So glad we're all back together again.

But where's Pooh?

Yes, of course, Piglet. Well, Pooh...

I lost him.

He's lost him? Oh, dear.

Where exactly did you lose him?

Concentrate. Let's all work together, please.

I'll get searching. Tiggers are the best searchers.

You're Christopher Robin. You'll find him.



Well, that's it, Roo.

Pooh's waiting for Somewhere to find him.

And I think I know just where Somewhere is.

There he is.

Waiting for you.

Hello, Pooh.

Hello, Christopher Robin.

I'm so sorry, Pooh. I'm so terribly sorry.

I should never have shouted at you.

Well, I am a bear of very little brain.

No, Pooh.

You are, I think, a bear of very big heart.

You'll be happy to hear that everyone's safe and sound.

I saved them from a Heffalump which was, in fact, well, me.

And Owl's weather vane.

I'm sorry I wasn't there.

But I am rather glad that I was here.

Waiting for you.

Thank you for waiting for me, Pooh.

It's always a sunny day... when Christopher Robin comes to play.

Not so sure about that.

I'm not who I used to be.

Of course you are.

You're our friend.

Look at how you saved everybody today.

You are our hero.

I'm not a hero, Pooh.

I'm lost.

But I found you.

Didn't I?

You're squashing me again.

May we wake them?


It's me, Piglet.

Wakey, wakey. Good morning, Piglet.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!

What is it? It's tomorrow!

It's usually today.

Well, yes, of course it's today.

But that means I slept here, and I'm meant to be in the office in...

Oh, blast! How did I let this happen?

He's overslept! Where's my briefcase?

Owl, you've been up all night.

You should've squawked! Don't you worry.

As my old Uncle Orville used to say...

"Worry is the way to concern."

Or is it, "Concern is the way to confusion?"

You're the way to confusion.

We've got all your belongings all nice and dried out.

Tigger helped me get you all sorted.

I sure did.

Here you go. Thanks.

I could never have forgotten my case of important things.

I'm sorry I have to go, but I've already stayed far too long.

Pooh, you should keep this.

That way, if you lose someone, you'll be able to find them again.

Thank you, Christopher Robin.

And you should take this.

For Madeline.

What's a Madeline?

Is it more important than your case of important things?

Madeline's my daughter, so, yes, of course.

Absolutely. She means the world to me.

Then why isn't she with you?

She has work to do, Roo.

Oh, the poor dear. No, no.

She likes work.

Look, I've got to hurry.

Goodbye, everyone. It's so nice to see you all again.

Goodbye, Christopher.

Good bye!


Father, is that you?


What are you doing here?


I was...

Were you in the woods?

Yes, I was. But I'm terribly sorry...


I've really got to go.

You can't stay?

I can't, darling. There's an 11:00 meeting I'm terribly late for.

I'm so sorry. Madeline?


Oh, gosh.

I'm sorry, darling. I never meant for her to see me.

I've really got to make the next train.

Well, you better go then.

There's a good explanation for all of this.

I'd love to hear it.

Well, I was...

Well, it's a little complicated. I suppose I can't right now.

I was thinking that Madeline and I should stay longer.

Do you think that's really for the best?

I do.

For how long? I don't know, Christopher.

Evelyn! You're going to miss your train.

How's it going in here?

Fine. Wonderful. Everything's just perfect!

Yeah, I can see that.

It's hard to imagine your father as a child, isn't it?

Are you sure he ever was one?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Well, I'm pretty sure.

I'm sorry he couldn't stay.

Your father...

He's having a bit of a hard time of it.

Then he should have come and spent the weekend with us.

We would've made him feel better.

It's not always that simple.

He will come back to us, though.

I know it.

Boarding school starts soon.

There's not a lot of time left.

That's why you should go and play.

Play? Yes.

Dirty, mucky play. I expect you to come back filthy.

Yes. I'm going to play better and harder than any child has ever played before.

Or, you know, have fun.

Right. Fun.

How exactly do I do that?

Go explore. I'm sure your father found loads of things to play with around here... when he was your age.

I don't feel much like Pooh today.

There, there, I'll bring you tea and honey until you do.

That's an idea, Piglet.

One Tigger-knot coming right up. This is the crucial part.

It's too tight.

Eeyore, you've got a something... on your back.

Rain protection.

What do you think? I know what I think.

But those are Christopher Robin's important papers.

Oh, Tigger, what have you done now?

Well, I needed to make room in his briefcase for the real important stuff.

You know, things to remember us by. Not the flippity-flop papers.

But without them, the Woozles will eat him for breakfast.

Oh, no! Pooh, what do we do?




Woman with dog.





Is it all tied up nice and tight?

Well, of course! I used a Tigger-knot.

The strongest knot known.

Does this make me look husky?

You look like a sad house.

Pooh, are you sure we need to go to Lon Don?

Oh, yes, Piglet.

Christopher Robin always comes to save us.

Now, it's our turn to save him.

We're probably too late. I'd say they've eaten him already.

Come on, then! Bounce faster, Eeyore.

We've gotta get this to Christopher Robin. I've only got one speed.

We're right behind you, Tigger.

I'm not sure I'm going to go.

No, I think I might stay.

I'm actually going to definitely stay.

There, there, Piglet. Come on. Here.

We need you.

You need me?

Well, if you need me...

We always need you, Piglet.

Thank you, Pooh.

And wait till you see London. So many balloons.

It's Madeline Robin serving for the Wimbledon title.

And it's an ace! She's won!

The crowd goes wild!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! The crowd goes wild!

Which way is Wimbledon?

Be quiet. What do you mean, "shh?"


That's a Madeline.

You're crushing the papers.


She doesn't know we're here.

Quiet, Piglet.

Oh, she's very good.

Who's in there? Throw it back.

No pushing. We might fall... Okay, easy. Tail...

Oh, hello!

Congratulations on Wimbledon.

You must be a Madeline.


I'm ever so sorry.

We're sorry. We didn't mean to interrupt your games.

You're talking.

Me? No, I'm not talking.

Well, I am now, I suppose.

Wait. I recognize you.

You're the bear in my father's drawings.

Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh for short.

This is Piglet.

Eeyore... Wait for me!

Oh, dear.

And I'm Tigger, T-I-double G-UHR!

What's a Tigger?

I'm glad you asked.

Please, not the song.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things Their tops are made outta rubber Their bottoms are made outta springs They're bouncy, flouncy, trouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one He does that a lot.

I'm the only one.

Well, hello, everyone.

Did the red balloon make you happy?

Balloons make me very happy.

That was from you? No.

It was from Christopher Robin.

My father was with you?

Oh, yes.

He was helping me to find my friends.

And he saved us from the Heffalump.

A Heffa-what?

But he left his important papers... which might have been a smidge my fault.

It was your fault.

So we're going on an expotition to Lon Don.

If we don't get the papers to him... a Woozle is going to eat him for breakfast.

A Woozle...

You must mean a Winslow.

Exactly. A Woozle.

He's going to be awfully glad to get them back.

Come on, let's bounce! We haven't got a moment to lose.

Which way do we go?

Christopher Robin said we should head north.

London's northwest actually.

The train station is south.

I don't know south.

Don't worry, I do.

On an expotition to father's work, got his papers. Be back soon.

I'm going to close my eyes.

Pretty quickity-quick.

This is faster than most expotitions.

Nice to feel the wind in your fur.

Come on, Madeline. Let's see what this thing can do.


Maddy, would you like some lemonade?

Remember "Naptime."

Tiggers make the best nappers.

One ticket to London, please.

Five shillings, please.

Right where I belong.


Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you.

Stand clear for the departing train.

Does this world ever slow down?

Play "Naptime." Play "Naptime."

Hello, Miss. Hello.

Can I get you anything from the trolley?

I'd like five cups of tea, please.

Of course!

And some milk, and sugar...

And honey.

Honey, please. Lots of honey.

And the game is called, "Say What You See."

You first, Piglet.

Panic. Worry.


Speed! Danger! Recklessness!

Disgrace. Shame. Humiliation.

Well, that's one way to play it.

There's going to be no fun like this at boarding school, Pooh.

Why not just not go to boring school?

If I can get these papers to Father... then maybe he'll be so happy that he won't make me go.

Dreams don't come for free, Pooh.

You've got to fight for them.

Nothing comes from nothing.


Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.

What? Who told you that?

Christopher Robin.

That doesn't sound like Father.

He also said that your happiness means the world to him.

He sure did.

That's right. He said that.

Hold the lift, please.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Ready for the presentation, Robin?

Yes. It's all in here, sir.

Well, see you on the dance floor.

We're all counting on you.

Who are these people?

It's so loud!

Welcome to Lon Don.

How come nobody's bouncing?

Winslow Luggage, please.

On Torrington Street.

Whatever you say, guv' nah.

Where are you, Maddy?

Come on, mate. I haven't got all day.

I'm not doing this for fun, you know?

Hey, what the...?

There's a Tigger looking right at me.

But I'm the only one!

What are you doing? Tigger, be quiet.

I just saw the most preposterous imposterator.

Tigger. What's that, love?


I'm just talking to my teddies.

There's another one! Look at him.

His eyes are too close together.

Look at his big, silly nose, and his flippy-floppy ears.

That's not very nappy.

Look at that silly stripe.


Calm down. Now is not the time for napping, Madeline.

I wanna look him straight in the eye.

Oh, he's not stopping!

No, he won't.

My kinda speed! Follow that Tigger!

You're losing him!

Perfect! You exploded him!

Good morning.

Thank you for the ride.

Is everyone all right? Cheese and crackers.

My neck, my back! I can't feel my toes.

That was so much fun! Let's do it again!

Marvelous, mate.

Thank you very much indeed.

That's fantastic. This is my livelihood!

What in the blue blazes is going on here?

Officer, thank goodness you're here.

I don't think we played "Naptime" very well.

You need to arrest this lot here.


What? This little girl with her stuffed animals is givin' you the fear, is she?

No, no, there's something strange going on with them.

Something spooky.

Are you on the lemonade, mate?

Madeline, look!

Doesn't that say "Woozle?"

What are you incinerating? Incinerating?

Yeah, what are you incinerating about me?

No, no, I think you've got the wrong word. Excuse me.

Officer? Yes, my darling?

That's my father there.

Okay, well, off you pop.

And be careful.

I will. Thank you, Officer.

Thank you. Thank you, orifice.

What a nice man.

Here's me cabbie license. You don't believe me?

That is a certificate of excellent...

There's that face. I did that face.

You seen him.

You saw, didn't you? You saw.

You have witnessed the peculiarity, haven't ya?

What did we see?

The bear talking. Little teddy bear.

No, you didn't. You saw no such thing.

Talking. No, it was not.

It was. That's right, write it down.

It wasn't. We misheard it. There was a pig as well.

There was a pig. It was a talking pig.

As you were.

Right, we all know why we're here.

No one wants to see the Winslow Luggage ship sink... so hard decisions must be made.

Now, Robin and I worked tirelessly the whole weekend on this.

But I don't want to take all the credit... so I'll let Robin present our solutions.

We're never gonna find Christopher Robin inside this box.

Can you see any of the others?

Hello? How are you getting on in there?

Dark. Gloomy.

You should just leave me here.

Don't leave us. Tigger! Lift it, lift it!

I got you, Piglet. Don't worry. Ain't too heavy for Tigger.

Thank goodness. Tiggers are strong!

Sit tight, and we'll be there soon.

Sit tight? What does that mean?

It means stay right here in this very, very safe box.

Tiggers don't sit tight.

Tiggers barely sit at all. I gotta tell her.


My tail is trapped!

Pooh? Did you hear that?

It's hard to hear anything above my tummy rumbling.

Don't worry. I'll get us.outta this mess!

Madeline said to sit tight and she's the Wimbledon Champion!

The good news is that I've found some cuts.

But it's not going to be easy. We'll have to reduce overheads... and find cheaper suppliers.

There'll be sacrifices to be made in terms of our workforce.

He's talking about me.

Yes, I think he probably is. Oh, dear.

Sacrifices are fine, Robin.

Just show us the proposals.


It's all here. In my papers.

They are a tad rushed... so I'd bear with me.

Hold on.


Oh, no!


If we don't solve the issue, we'll have no choice but to shut down!

What have you got?

Well, sir...

I think what's happened is...

I'm so sorry, Mr. Robin. There's an emergency. Your wife is outside.

She can't find Madeline.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to step outside.

Please excuse me.

What the devil are you doing?

My tail! You're gonna pull it off!

No tail lasts forever.

Bounce with me! Bounce,bounce,bounce!

Everybody bounce!

Careful, Tigger. Things might get worse!

Nonsense! Nothing ever bad came from bouncing.

It's getting worse.

This way. Up here.

Where is she?

I don't know. Somewhere between here and the station.

She's all alone.


No, she's not alone. Who's she with?

I wanna go home.

We'll be fine. We won't hit anything else.

Robin was a reasonably good man.

Shame he went mad.

Oh, dear.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is... their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs.

Tail, you're back!

Tastes like milk.

I was pretending that there was a Heffalump.

But of course, there wasn't really a Heffalump.

Are you hearing yourself? You need to quit.

I think that decision's about to be made for me.

Stick with me, Piglet. I'll fix this!

You worry too much.

We'll never get to Christopher now!

Maybe we should ask if anyone's seen a bear or a Tigger or a very small donkey.

Darling, these creatures aren't real.

Don't worry. This is part of the plan.

Careful! We don't want to fly out! We just need a leap of faith!

Listen, I will call Dr. Cunningham on Monday.

I think with the right amount of rest...

Christopher! Tigger! Eeyore!


My plan worked. I don't know how I do it.

You must be Christopher Robin's wife.

How do you do?

My bum hurts.

And now this.

What have we here? Some sort of medal?

Voodoo emblem, do you think?

Madness takes many forms, Father. It does.

I thought you were working on this, too.

Don't you have a copy?

I have an alternative solution.

I'm listening.

We fire the entire efficiency department for a start.

Let's get going.

Where's Madeline?

She's in a truck. Headed Woozlewards!


Winslow's! Winslow's!

Drive to Winslow's. That's where Madeline will be.

We're going to Winslow's, yes.

Where are the others?

They must've gone off on their own expotition.

At least they left us the important papers.

We need to get these to Father right away.

Come on, Pooh!

Christopher? Yes, hon?

Is that a talking donkey? It's Eeyore.

Eeyore, this is Evelyn, my wife.

Hello, Evelyn my wife.

Hello, talking donkey, how are you doing today?

Don't get me started.

We did it, Pooh!

Oh, yes!

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

Oh, Pooh.

Poor Christopher.

I'm so sorry, Madeline.

Madeline! Christopher Robin!


Thank God we found you.

Are you all right?

I lost your papers.

I'm so sorry.


Darling, that doesn't matter.

You're safe. That's all that's important.

Not my papers.

But your work is so important.

I thought that maybe if I brought you your papers... that you wouldn't send me away, and then we could all be together.

I saved a little bit.


I was wrong about work.

I was wrong about everything... and I'm so sorry.

I've been a father of very little brain.

I lost myself, Maddy.

And I almost lost you.

My most precious love.

And I don't want you to go away.

You don't have to go to boarding school.

You can stay here with us, and I'll never let you go.

And I'll read you a bedtime story every night.

I'd like that.

Though maybe I'll choose from now on.

All right.

You gave us a real fright.

Another disastrous expotition.

I don't know about that, Eeyore.

It all depends on how you look at things.

Mom, did you know that we went to the train and had a tea party?

Darling, you're a genius!

Come on!

Off we go again. Righto.

Come on, it's not too late.

Wait for me!

Mr. Robin?

Come on!

That floor would be good for bouncing!

You're back! Thank goodness.


I have the answer.

This better be worth the wait.

It is, sir. Because the answer to all your problems... is nothing.


Nothing comes from nothing, Robin.

That's where you're wrong.

Doing nothing leads to the very best something.

I told you, he's gone crackers.

What happens when people have time off work?

Nothing to do.

They go on holiday.

And what do people need to go on holiday?

Luggage, Mr. Winslow!

You employ thousands of people all across your companies... and if you were to give them all paid holidays...

Paid holidays?

At the moment... you supply the wealthy.

And no one else.

Do you see?

But now look.

If we all could afford to go on holiday... up here... there would be hundreds and thousands of ordinary people... going to the countryside, to the lakes, and beaches... all with their Winslow Luggage.

And if we made the prices cheaper... then everybody could afford to buy them.

Oh, great.

Our lovely beaches rammed with hoi polloi... with their gramophones and bottles of cider.

Now, now, hold on, Giles.

Father, please. This is clearly codswallop!

You would say that, wouldn't you, Giles?

And why is that?

Because you're a Woozle.

So that's what a Woozle looks like.

What the devil is a Woozle?

A Woozle is a slinking, little monster... who gets everyone else to do his work for him... and hopes that we forget what's important in our lives.

Our families.

Our dear friends.

The people who love us.

The people whom we love.

We're here to tell you...

I'm here to tell you... that we're not afraid of Heffalumps and Woozles anymore.

Are we?

Dear Lord, he has lost his marbles.

Has he?

Let's address the Heffalump in the room, shall we?

What were you doing this weekend, Giles?



I told you I was working.

Now, I've not heard of a Woozle before, son.

But by the sound of it, you are one.

Me? A Woozle?

Now sit down, Giles.

Congratulations, Robin.

I'd like you to start on this immediately.

Thank you very much, sir. I look forward to it.

But first...

I'm going to be doing nothing for a while with my family.

Because when you do nothing... it leads to the very best of a something.

Did I get that right?

Close enough, sir.

Are you ready?



Now we're ready.

Come on.

We're going on holiday. Yes.

That donkey was staring at me.

A donkey staring at you?

Clearly, it's you who've lost your marbles.

Oh, boy. It is good to be home.

Oh, I suppose so.

Weather's too nice.

Home sweet home!

Where have you all been?

I was about to mount a search party.


Who's that, Mum?

That's a little girl.

I believe that's a Madeline.

Christopher Robin! You've brought guests.

Welcome to Hundred Acre Wood.

Right, Rabbit. Fetch tea.

I beg your pardon?

You don't get this in Lon Don.

Go this way, come on.

Keep north, Christopher.

Now everyone is happy.

Owl, would you like some tea?

Is it the way I like it? Just say yes or no.

I'll take this to Pooh.

Come on, Madeline! I'm gonna show you how to bounce.

You're gonna jump real high.

That's right.

You're almost as good as I am.

And Tiggers are the best springers in the world!

You're a natural, kid.

Tigger, just not too high. Please, may I have the last jam tart?

Thank you, Evelyn my wife.

Look at that! Amazing!

How did you know?

Christopher Robin.

What day is it?

It's today.

My favorite day.

Mine too, Pooh.

Mine, too.

Yesterday, when it was tomorrow... it was too much day for me.

Silly old bear.

I think things are changing.

And not for the worse.

Thank ya for noticing me.