Chronicle (2012) Script

I'm getting ready for school.

Open this door, Andrew.

Listen to me. No, you're drunk.

I'm what?

Excuse me?

I said unlock the door.


Dad, it is 7:30 in the a.m., and you are drunk.

Listen. You don't tell me if I'm drunk or not, you little shit. Aren't you?

What are you doing in there, huh?

I'm filming this. Huh?

What? I bought a camera, and I'm filming everything from here on out.

And it is yours right now for only 46.50! Yeah!

Mom? Mom.


Say hello to my new camera for me.

Who's the audience? Just the millions of people that are watching at home.

Do I look awful? No, no, no, Mom.

You look... You look great.

It's a nice camera. Well, thanks, Mom.

So, um, should I ask about the camera or...

Uh, I don't know. I'm... I'm filming things now.

I'm filming everything. You're filming everything?

Yeah. Okay.

God, make it stop.

Have you ever read any Arthur Schopenhauer?

No. What is Arthur Schopenhauer?

He's, um... He's this philosopher that I'm reading at the moment.

For school? No, no.

Uh, basically, human beings have to recognize themselves... as beings of pure will, right? Okay.

So all emotional and physical desires can never be fulfilled.

So basically you're telling me that I should give up on life.

Yes. Okay.

Come on, man! Oh, God.

I'll see you later. All right, dude. Peace.

Learning time.

Get out of the way.

Are you not coming in? I'm gonna hang back a while, okay?

Uh, you're gonna be late for first period.

This is my school.

I guess.


Hey, you! Hey, guy. Vote for Steve for senior class president.

Vote for Steve. Yeah, I got it.

This is where I eat lunch.

Out here on the bleachers.

...Four, five, six, seven, eight. And one...

'Cause I don't wanna see anybody pull up. That's right.

Way to your left. There you go, Jack. That's right. Okay.

A cohesive unit today.

...O-R-Y! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

I don't want to see any crap out there. All right?


Whoo! Good job. All right.



Could you not videotape us, please? It's really creepy.

Uh, no. I wasn't.

Hi! This is the hallway where my locker is.

What is this?

What's up, Detmer?

Wow, you should be on television. Man, you're on a film, man.

Pretty on camera.

Smile, man. You look pretty. You gonna cry? You gonna cry?

Sean, come on. Give it back.

Huh? You want your camera? Piece of shit from, like, 2004?

Here you go. Here she is. In one piece.

Oh! Oh, guys.


Assholes! Come on!

All right. You ready to bounce? Yeah.

There's a party tonight.


Haven Hills.

Wait. I thought Haven Hills was closed.

It's abandoned, yeah. What, you don't want to go?


When was the last time you went to a party? I don't go to parties.

You're a senior. You are a senior. I don't go to parties.

Just come. I'll think about it, okay?


But when we go tonight, Andrew, can I give you, like, a pro tip?


Maybe leave your camera at home.

Why? Because it's a little weird.

It serves a purpose.

I'm... I'm just trying to be a good cousin here, okay?

This is me being your friend and telling you... you should probably not take the camera to a party.


This is my street.

And those are the official douche bags of my street.

What the hell's that? Oh, great.

Hey! What you doing? Andrew!

No, I wasn't... Don't film me, Detmer! Don't film me.

Run to your house, bitch!

This is where I eat lunch.

Out here on the bleachers.

What do you want?

When I say open that door, you open the door. You got it?

Finish your goddamn homework.

Matt, are you sure it's here? Dude, it's here. Calm down, okay?

Oh, yeah.

Wow. Look. A rave.

Oh, wow. Look. A nerd with a camera.

What? Just don't follow me around all night, okay?

What do you mean? I thought... I thought you wanted me to come with you.

I did. I did. But just go and do your own thing for once, okay?

I don't drink.

Hey! Hey!


Excuse me. Hey! Hey, what are you filming for?

Oh, I don't... Um...

Oh! What?

I can't hear you. I'm just filming.

Oh. Oh, cool. Cool. I'm filming for my blog. Oh.

Andrew. Andrew. You should check it out. It's actually...

Oh, hey. Hey, Casey. Hey.

How you doing? I'm good. I'm good.

This is pretty lame, right?

Why is it lame?

You know, Jung said parties are just... people's way of seeking widespread validation.

I'm not one to clamor to be cool, you know.

Wow. Way to put an analytical psychology spin on this barn party, Matt.

That's awesome.


You're awesome. Hey, Matt.

Hey, what did Jung say about glow sticks?

You filming my girlfriend?

Yes or no?

No, I... I'm not filming anything. I'm just filming the party. Okay.

I should break your bitch-ass nose. You know that?

No, I wasn't... Don't talk back to me.

Bitch. Okay.




With the camera.

Can we... Can we use that thing? What?

We found the craziest shit, and we gotta get it on tape.

Uh, it's not... What's up, man?

You okay? Yeah. I'm... I'm Andrew.

Okay. I'm Steve.

Steve Montgomery. Yeah, I know.


Matt and I were just hanging out, and we found this cool little... this thing. Wait. You're with Matt?

You might want to get it on tape. No, I just... I don't really.

Dude, just come on. Just come get it on tape. It'll be cool.

I don't know. Trust me.

All right. Yeah, man.

You know there are, like, tons of girls around here, right?

And you're all by yourself next to a tree?

I'm just really picky.

Listen. I really don't think... Is there a light on that thing? Like, on the camera?

Uh, yeah. Here.

What were you guys doing out here?

A bunch of people were out here 'cause we were, like, obsessed with the thing.

What thing?

You'll see.

Oh, that's... that's right! Andrew Detmer!

I remember you from homeroom, freshman year.

You always had that gray zip-up hoodie.

Garetty! You remember that?

Yeah, I got a... I got a thing for faces, which is why I'm going into politics.

Ironically enough, 'cause I'm so ridiculously hi...

Down here! Ah, there we go.

Garetty, what's up? I see you! Matt!

You see me? Yeah, where did everybody go?

They left! They left! Come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Do you see that? Guys, what is that?

Do you see it? Is that the camera? Yeah, I got him!

Do you guys know how to get back from here? Is it still making that sound?

Yes. Did you tell Andrew? Andrew, it's making that sound, dude.

Dude, come and listen to this. Listen to this.

No, no, no, no. You gotta get in. Okay, okay.

You gotta get close, like literally almost in the hole. Okay, don't push me. Just don't push me.

Check this shit out. We're not gonna push you in. We're just trying to get it on camera.

Listen. Can you hear that? Shh, shh.


I think we got it.

Wait. How creepy is that?

Is this sound coming up? I don't know. I mean, probably. It's pretty loud, right?

Hello! All right, dude. We're going inside.

I'm going back. Come on, you guys. I gotta know.

Matt, seriously, we... Hey, wait, wait. Steve!


Oh, shit! He's a ninja.


Whoa, Matt, Matt, Matt. What are you doing?

Are you serious?

Andrew, can you give me some light? Matt, don't be an idiot.

Whoop! Whoop!

Matt! Matt, you're my ride home!


Smells terrible. You guys!



Andrew's such a pussy. All right. Does it go down much deeper, or what?

Yeah, man. It goes really, really far. Andrew, bring the light.

Look at the walls. It's like a straight shot down.

Probably already come like 40 or 50 feet.

Yeah, just don't talk about it, okay?

You ever... You ever heard of Plato's “Allegory of the Cave”?

I don't know, Matt. Let's just get this over with.

Oh, Shit!

Holy shit.

The hell is that?

Matt, I'm not kidding. I can't breathe.

Come on. Andrew, look at this.


Can you believe this?


What am I looking at?

Ah, shit! I am freaking out right now!

Matt! Can we get out of here, please?

Is it showing up on the camera like that?

I don't know, man.

It's messing with it. I don't really want to film...

Dude, I'll buy you a new one.

Touch one.


Matt, look at this! What?

Look at this!

Dude, what is...

Dude, no way!

It's changing colors! Oh, my God.

Must be reacting to heat.

I can't hear you over that... This is awesome.

Oh! Dude, your nose!

Steve, Steve!



Matt, dude, put your phone down. Turn it off.

Okay, okay, okay. Steve, you too.

All right. We have to document this.

Okay. Are you guys ready? Yeah. I'm ready.

All right. Here we go. Okay, Steve... What?

Can you move to your left?

Here? Um, yeah. That's good.

And then, Matt, can you just go right in front of Steve?


Here? Yeah, perfect. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

This is the ball test.

You ready? Yep.


What the shit, Steve?

Get off! Get off! What are you doing? Underhand.

I tried, man. I tried.

Let's do it. Let's do it. All right.

All right. Wait, wait. We good?

We said underhand, right? Yeah, it is underhand. Yeah.


Underneath. I'm on you. You're not gonna get me this time.

You ready? Yeah.

I'm on it. Yeah. I don't know what you're talking about.

Let's go.


Yeah! The crowd goes wild!

Yeah, I'm ready. All right. Matt, beam him. Beam him.

I'm... I'm going to. Beam him.


Oh! No way! Shit!

Wait, wait, wait. That's great!

He did it! I did it! I did it!

That is crazy! Oh, my God!

Look at it! Oh, my God!

Holy shit! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, dude, you're bleeding. You're bleeding.

Oh, man, shit. Stop, stop, stop. Get a tissue.

You did it! Yes!

Oh. All right. Pop-up. Ready? Yeah.


Put on the music. Oh, yeah.


Matt, you have... you have to pretend like you're squeezing them together with your hands.

That's what I'm doing. Look. That's what I'm doing.

I can't do it, dude. I give up.

You do it. You're better at this than I am.

Oh, really? Am I? Really?

Just do it.



Dude, I hate you! That's...

I'm impressed, man. I am impressed. That's amazing.

That was awesome, dude.

Oh, no! Come on, dude.

That is not cool. What?

That is not cool. My Legos.

You've been hanging out with those two guys for the last three weeks.

“Three weeks.” I'm not stupid.

I think you're hiding something from me. You better call me back.

Wow. I love you.

I'm gonna get a brick through my window. I am legitimately scared.

I have an election coming up, and I don't have time for this.

Dude, why are you asking us for advice on girls?

Because we're his mistress.

So, what, you think it's, like, radiation or something?

Radiation from what? Dude, it's the government.

What? Matt, what are you talking about?

I'm feeling pretty spelunked out actually.

Andrew, relax.

That's so weird. It looks completely different during the day.

Look. I don't care, okay? I am not going in the hole again.


It's like sunk in or something.

There goes your old camera, dude. Oh, shit.

That's weird. I can still feel it down there.

I can't believe we made it out of there.

Well, I mean, that answers that, right?

Um, what does? We still don't know what happened.

No Well, we're still alive.

I mean, I was definitely Hey!

You kids can't be here, okay? You gotta move on out. What?

The ground's unstable. We're taping the whole place off.

Okay. We're going.

Vote for Steve!

New camera's working out for you.

That's good. Yeah, it's pretty cool, right?

Yeah, smaller. Does that shoot on tape?

No, it just... It, like, records right onto the camera.

No, I just want to record all the stuff that we can do, you know.

Yeah, but it's like all the time.

You don't feel like it's a little weird, like it puts a barrier between you and everything else?

Uh, I don't know.

Maybe I want a barrier.

So, like, what's up with your dad? What's his story? What does he do?

Um, my dad's a firefighter.

Okay. That's cool. Oh, man, that must have been awesome... Yeah, well, he was, I guess.

What happened? Uh, I don't know. He didn't die or anything.

He just... He got injured on the job, and now he, um... he collects the insurance, you know.

Um, so he doesn't really do anything.

He just... He, um... He'll go out during the day, but I don't know where he goes.

Uh, he drinks a lot.

I know that much.

I've actually been having some problems with my parents too.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I mean, they're nothing like yours.

I mean, not like that... I just... Never mind.

They just been fighting a lot lately.

And I think my mom is actually cheating on my dad.

Can you not say anything about that?

Yeah. No way. Thanks.

Yes. Karen Detmer. D-E-T-M-E-R.

Yes. Thank you.

She's in pain.

She needs something stronger.

Her breathing's worse.

Sir, she's suffering.

Please help me.

I'm on disability. I can't afford $700.

Please, don't put me on hold! She can't breathe, okay? I don't know what to do any more.

Is it on?

Yeah. Yeah. You got it.

I want to remember you like this.

Oh, Mom.

You're stronger than this.

Can you say that for me?


I'm stronger than this.

Oh, nice.

All right. Here. Watch this.

Weak. Hey, Matt.


Do you like me?

Um, yeah, of course.

I mean, you know, I didn't...

I mean, you know, I didn't always. What do you mean?

I don't know. Like, you haven't...

You haven't always been super easy to talk to, you know.

I mean, I'm not saying that you're not now. I'm just...

You're such an asshole.

That's what I'm talking about, dude. You're hostile, see?


Hey, Matt. Yeah?

Do you ever think about, like, doing more with it?

What, with this?

Not really.

Why? What else is there?

“Telekinesis.” Yes. Do tell.

“The ability to move, lift, vibrate”.

That's my favorite.

“Spin, bend, break or impact objects... through the direct influence of mental power or other nonphysical means.”.

Okay. Sounds familiar.

It does sound familiar. Very familiar.

You want to see direct influence?

She's wearing black today.

Hi. That's direct influence.

...week, in my room. Just listen.

I'm just that much stronger. Even last night I got my whole bed off the ground.

No nosebleed. Yeah? I've been lifting weights too.

This is my theory though is that it's like a muscle.

Like, it's elastic. If you stretch it too far, too quick, it'll tear.


That's why I think we're getting stronger, you know, because we're working it out, getting buff.


How about this for a workout?

Holy shit!

That was awesome.


Mm-hmm. Attractive.

I think it's time we took this out of the backyard.

Stop, stop, stop, stop. Right here. This is perfect.

Really? This is it.

Matt. Yah!

Let's get this one.

Whoa! Hey! Hello!

Hey, what Andrew.

Help! Somebody grab that!

Whoa! Whoa! Stop!

Okay, I'll get the top. I'll get the top. Got it. Got it.

Let's get the legs. Okay. Wait.

I'm flying!

She's just looking at it.

What you looking at, girl? Stay in school!

Okay, see the guy chewing the gum?

I'm gonna get the gum and pull it right out of his mouth.

Okay, I got him.


Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why are we running? We don't need to run.

Five... I don't want to do it.

Four... Dude, I don't want to do it.

You're creating a scene. I don't want to do it. Come on, Matt. Don't be a bitch about it.

Just do it. Put your hand on the table.

Okay. Are you ready? Do it. Give me a countdown.

I will. I promi... Owh!

Oh, snap!

Like I said You gotta pay for that now.

Like I said. See? Holy crap.

Man! Just pretend that there's a barrier over your hand, right? And then...

Mm-hmm. When things are gonna hit you, as long as you're ready, they will not hurt you because of the barrier. That's so sick.

That's me right there. I need that. Steve, Steve, you have to try this, dude.

Give me your hand.

When I was a kid though, I actually... I actually did want to be a police officer.

A cop? No shit? Yeah. Yeah.

You do know that you can't smoke weed when you're a cop, right, Matt?

Oh, no. Really? Uh, I didn't know.

Uh, but, no, I... I... I just... I really got into, like, altruism.

What does that mean? What does “altruism” mean, Matt?

It's like wanting to make things better for everyone.

Really? This coming from the man who is always talking about how pointless life is.

Yeah, I know, but this is what I've been thinking about lately.

Like, I'm looking back, and I just think... the way I used to think about things was probably a lot better, you know.

So, what, you want to go out and start a charity or something?

That's lame. Wait. Why is that lame?

Uh, I don't know.

Douche bag.

I'm not good at everything. I just do my best at everything.

All right? That's what it's about.

I mean, you talk about philosophy and shit all the time, but what has he really done, hmm?

Have you even applied to colleges yet?

No, but I'm getting... I'm getting to it.

Yeah, well, you should get to it. I'm just saying. I am.

You could use some of that.

You could use some “Shut the hell up.” How about that?

You just lack initiative. It's not that big... Oh, yeah? You lack a dick.

Boys, please tell us what's going on here.

Uh, well, it would seem that a Virgin Mary has appeared... in the syrup of a local man's pancake.

No, it has not.

Uh, well, it will in a second, okay? Just hold on.

Oh, that is definitely some supernatural shit going on here.

Um, excuse me. Can you come here real quick?

Um, can you just look at that?

Ay, Dios mio!

Grounder. Too much pressure.


Oh, dude. Come on. Leave her alone.

Oh, seriously?


Oh, come on. That is so messed up.

She's gonna get fired. I didn't know...

That is disgusting. But do you guys share cups on the team?

No, we don't share cups, man.

You see that car though?

The red one. Yeah.

All right. The gum was cool.

All right. You tried. It was a failed attempt though.

Watch this.

What are you doing? Watch.

Go, go, go.


No way!

Holy shit!

Dude! Holy crap!

What? What?

That's what I'm talking about! Did anybody see?

Steve Montgomery for president!

I'm having, like, a face period. Oh, man.


You guys. You guys, here she comes.

Here she comes! Oh...

Don't look. Don't look, don't look.

Steve, don't look.

She can't find... She thinks it's stolen.

She has no idea. Yes, it was the black guy this time.

“I could have sworn I parked it right here. Where is my car?"

Ignore us.

We're just... Mormons.

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Garetty's... Garetty's having a giggle fit.

That was so... It was amazing.

I know. Just take it easy with the merchandise.

How did nobody see that? It was out in the open.

Her face! I cannot get her face out of my mind!

That was awesome.

Who is this?

So many ideas of stuff that we can do!

Go around. That's just some redneck asshole.

Go around. Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve. Take the camera. Take the camera.

All right. Just make sure it's zoomed out all the way.

Got ya. I can see you. Okay, buddy.

What you gonna do?

What the hell is this guy's problem?

What are you doing?


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Andrew, shit!

What the hell did you just do? Matt, stop the car! Stop! Stop!

Are you crazy? Pull down the road. We gotta go down there right now.

Guys, I'm sorry!

What did you do? Why did you do that?

I didn't mean to. I didn't...

Shit! What the hell is wrong with you? Look at this!

Will you just calm down! The guy's probably still in there!

I'm sorry, okay?

Andrew, stop, stop! But I can... I can help!

I can get him out. Stop doing things!

Steve! Steve!

Steve, be careful!

Shit! Shit!

Oh, my God, Andrew. Are you kidding me?


Oh, God. Oh, God.

Goddamn it!


Andrew! Oh...


Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit!

Oh, Matt, he's got him! He's got him. He's got...

Help me.

I'll get in back of him.

Get him up.

Hang on. Steve, stay with him. I'm gonna go get some help.

Are you calling the cops? Yeah, yeah.

Will you stop? I can't hear them. Will you hang up the phone?

Yeah. It's just down past, uh, White Crescent Bridge. Matt, he's fine.

Matt, he's fine. Yeah. Yeah.

Fine, Matt! Stop! Stop! I can't hear...


Hey! Hey! Over here!

...Peeled off the road and went straight through the guardrail. Hey, is that on?

...This is a game or something? I don't understand how you guys can be so angry.

You don't understand how we can be angry?

Andrew, you... you put somebody in the hospital tonight, okay?

Do you understand that?

Andrew, look at me. You put a guy in the hospital!

How do you feel about that? You hurt somebody!

Shit. We need rules, okay?

No using it on living things.

You can't use it when you're angry. That's it.

I don't think we should be using it in public or telling anybody about it.

Look, you can't just declare rules, okay? I will declare rules...

You're the one that said that nothing matters. I will declare rules.

If we're gonna keep going, and we're getting stronger, we need rules.

We need rules, right?

Matt's right. We need rules.

Andrew! Answer the goddamn phone!


Matt, what did he say?

Are you still mad at me?

No, I'm not mad. Well, you seem mad.

I'm not mad. I just...

I just think that we need to be more careful now, you know? We can't...

We have to think a little bit more. We can't just do things. We have to think first, okay?

I understand. Okay.

Why is Steve out in the boonies?

Where are we?


His car's right there.

Yeah. Steve, where you at?


“Look up.” Hello, boys.

What is up? No. No.

Wait, guys. Wait, wait, wait. Check me out. Hear me out.

You're flying! Holy shit!

Wait, wait, wait. Hear me out. Hear me out. No way! No way!

What are you doing?

It's much easier than it looks. I swear. It's much easier than it looks.

Oh, my God, dude.

Make sure you catch yourself. Don't try and jump, or you'll just flip yourself. I got it. I got it.

Come on, Matt. Come on. All right.

Oh, shit!

Oh, man!

Eating dirt, man. Why don't you get behind me?

You were in my way. What do you mean?

Think Harrier jet. Think Harrier jet.

Oh, man.

Goddamn it! Are you okay?

I'm watching. Just let me concentrate.

Focus! Focus! Okay! Hold on.

Is that your focus face?

Oh, my God, dude.

Whoo! Bullshit!

I'm up! I'm up! Are you kidding me?

Holy crap! Hold it! Hold it!

Oh, my God, dude. I am doing it. Holy crap, dude.

Yeah! That's it, man. You're doing it.


Okay. Okay. Andrew, don't fart. We'll never find you again.

Steve, stop me. Stop me, stop me.

Oh, my God. Whoa, whoa.

You are flying now. You guys look so cute together.

Whoa! I'm coming up. I'm bringing the camera, okay?

All right.

All right. How do we get down?

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Andrew! It's freezing up here!

I can't hear you.

Activate hyperdrive!


Where the hell are we?

Catch up! Let's go! What?

Whoo! This is insane!


Dude! All right, Andrew!


Tag, you're it! Watch out.

Pump the brakes! Whoa! Aah!

Hey, Matt! You're finally good at something!

It's so easy! Yeah!

Aah! Yeah!



Got it!

Tebow time, baby!


Oh! Nice hands, Steve!

Touchdown! Throw it back to Daddy!

Oh, dude. Nice catch, man! Yes!

Steve! Go deep! Hey, Matt!

Do you hear that?

What is that?

Whoa! Steve!

Oh, shit. Almost died, dude. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Almost died, man! Almost...

Andrew, you saved my life!

Oh, my God. You saved my life!

Oh, God, you saved my life!

Oh, my God!

Okay. Holy shit.

Is that the camera? You saved me and the camera?

Please tell me you got that on tape! You have to...

Ah, shit.

What the hell We're alive!

What do you mean? The hell happened? You didn't see what happened?

Oh, shit! Andrew! Andrew! You're a genius!

We got to see this! Holy...

All right. Oh. Holy shit.

Wait. Oh, God! We're on the ground. Yes!


We have broken history!

I mean, I'm talking about since the caveman times.

Uh, the Egyptians, the Wright brothers.

Come here, Matt. Come here. Get in here. Get in.

Say it. “I can fly.” I can fly. I can fly!

Oh, come on. Say it with your chest!

I can fly! Say it, Matt.

Shout it out! I can fly!

I can fly! I can fly!

I tried to save you, man. Andrew was just quicker.

How does that go again?

We almost died.

Oh, please. Gestures...

How does she not notice though?

Come on. Let's be serious, guys.

She definitely noticed that it's gotten better.

You just gotta be, you know... Yeah?

You just gotta be subtle.

That is so cool.

Dude. And I haven't had sex since summer.

I haven't had sex since ever.

Really? Really?

That is completely unacceptable. Well...

How are you guys so cool? How are you guys so cool, man?

Liquid nitrogen.

Hey, guys?

Guys? You guys up?


Hey, uh... Today was like...

It was like, I think, the best day of my life.

Like, I mean...

I'm thinking about it, and I can't think of any day... that I liked better than today, you know?

I really... I think it was.




Okay. Good.

Okay, check this out. Say what you want, but I'm thinking about booking it to Maui for the weekend.

What's up with that? Seriously?

Well, we could do it. I mean, I was thinking the same thing, except I've always wanted to go to Tibet.

Why Tibet? Tibet?

Yeah. I don't know.

It seems really beautiful, you know, with all the...

Will you shut up? Shut...

The monuments and mountains, you know? Mm-hmm.

I don't know. And the monks have achieved such a high level of enlightenment... that they can, like, float and shit, you know?

So we would fit right in. We could really mess with their heads as well.

Yeah, but, like, seriously, I think we should go.

It would be really cool. Peaceful.

No, I think it's a really good idea. I actually would like to go.

I'm down. You down, Steve?

What... I... I don't know, man.

There's no bikinis in Tibet. So I don't know if I'm down with that.

It was brilliant. Ch, it was so amazing. She might have lost her job.

Oh, shit, dude. I got my mom's birthday. I gotta go.

It's Aunt Deb's birthday today? Yeah. I gotta go. I gotta go.

Tell her I said hi. Later, Matt.

All right, what do you want to do now? Where do you want to go?

I don't know. I mean, I don't want to go home.

Oh, do you want to go into the city?

Nah, it's rush hour, bro. It's gonna be so much traffic. So what?

Oh, yeah. That's right. Duh! Let's go.

Oh, hey. Sorry, I just...


Do you mind if I film you?

Uh, a little bit. I don't really like being on camera actually.

Well, maybe it's, like, exposure therapy.

Yeah. No, I just came by to give you something actually.

You did? Yeah.


I was watching your, um... your... your... you know, your blog?

There's a drought in the Central African Republic, right?

Yeah. So I saw that and I thought it seems pretty cool, and it's cheap too, so I thought why not?

Totally. Yeah.

Yeah, I can tell that you're really global and big picture, concerned about that kind of stuff. Yeah.

You know, Matt, you can just mail this yourself.

I'm not your mom.

Okay. I mean, I just...

What is this? Is this, like, the new you?

You got too smart to have fun in eighth grade. So now what?


Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey, Casey.

Listen, listen. Can I just talk to you for a second?

Can I just tell you something? Mm-hmm.

I just... I... I...

I just want you to know I'm not, you know, who I was... now.

You know, I'm cool. I'm just...

You're cool?

High school popularity just seemed like this weird backward contest, and I thought since I knew that, I could just...

That made you better than everybody else.

No. No, no, no.

I know what you mean. I would separate myself from that.

I get it. You get it?


I know it sounds weird. I just wanted you to know that.

To know that you're cool.

Wow, I really screwed this up.

Not as much as you might think.

Really? Good-bye.

Casey... I gotta go. Bye.

Come on.

Dude! When did you start doing this?

Like, since when? What, with the camera?

Yes, with the camera. Um...

I don't know. It's been a little while, I guess.

See... Oh. I can't do that.

I can't do stuff that requires finesse.

I tried to type my name out yesterday, and I cracked my keyboard in half.

No, dude. It's really easy. You just... You think that you're holding it.

See, that's what I'm talking about right there. What?

You're always thinking up new shit that we can do, man.

This is insane. You know... I mean...

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yes. I guess that I am.


Mom's, like, never home any more.

I mean, you saw how my dad is. He's just... quiet.

Sits around.

And it's pointless to talk to him about it 'cause he's got... nothing to say.

See, it's different, 'cause you've always had friends, and people want to talk to you and be around you.

I never had any of that. I mean, before this, I barely even hung out with Matt, and he's my cousin.

We were close when we were little, but...

I don't know. In high school, everything changed.

Ever been to the Space Needle?

Yep. When I was, like, five.

It's for tourists.

Well, I don't know. I mean, I went, um...

I think I was, like, seven... with my dad one time and...

I don't know. It was actually a really good day.

You remember that?

Yeah. Actually, I do.

You know, I've been meaning to ask you.

Winter break is coming up.

You should do the talent show with me.

No way.

Why not? It'd be good for you to get out there, you know.

Meet some people, meet some girls. Dude, I'm not... it's just not...

What? Look, I'm just really shy, okay?

And I don't... I don't even have any talents, so...

What are you talking about, you don't have... You have talent.

You've got talent.

Oh, dude, no way.

You look handsome.

Thanks, yes. Steve... let me borrow some of his clothes to make me look cool or whatever.

I'm glad you're spending so much time with your friends.

Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Hey. What?

How are you getting to school?

I don't know what you mean. Don't bullshit me, you idiot.

Matt doesn't come. He doesn't drive up.

You leave the house. Who the hell's giving you rides to school?

M... Matt. All right. You know what?

You're lying.

You're up to something, and you can't hide it.

You think you can just slink, hmm?

Sneak in, sneak around my house, smiling?

I'm onto your shit.

How do you even work this stupid thing?

Ah! And we're in business.


Hey. Hi.

Um, what are you doing here?

I'm filming for the talent show.

Matt Garetty is filming for the talent show. Yes, I am.


What is this, some kind of newfound school spirit?

How do you like it, huh? Being on camera?

I actually don't mind being on camera. Oh. Here we go.

Ladies and gentlemen, now coming to the stage...

What? No philosophical comeback for me? Steve Montgomery.

You're probably gonna want to get this on camera.

All my underclassmen, come on. Make some noise. That's not loud enough.

How about my upperclassmen? Come on. Make some noise!

Yeah, Steve!

Let me hear it from my seniors, class of 2012!

Yeah. Shh.

Now I want you guys to give it up for the young and very talented Mr. Andrew Detmer.

And you're on. Come on, y'all.

What are you guys doing? Let's go, let's go!

Are you playing a prank on your cousin?

That's mean, Matt.

Just watch.


Good luck! What's he doing?

Show us some talent!

Nice, Matt.

Fifty-two Pickup! Pick 'em up!

No way!



Go, Andrew!

What? What?

Are they gonna walk on that? What do you think?

Whoa. He's got it. He's got it. He's got it.


Yeah, you got it.

Holy crap!

Yeah! Cakewalk!

Give it up, give it up, give it up!

Oh, my God. Andrew is so amazing.


Give it up! Let's go!

Seriously, how are they doing this? I don't know.



That was amazing! Yeah!

Whoo! Whoo! Andrew!

Oh, my God. I can see your head is, like, exploding right now. What?

This is the beginning of your downfall. Hubris. Right there.

What's hubris? Ha, ha, ha.

No, what does “hubris” mean, Matt? Seriously?

What does “seriously” mean? What? I'm....

Get in there. Don't push me, dude. I'm going.

Your fans await. You're the man of the hour.

Look at this house! Oh, sick!

Dude, this place looks huge. I know.

It's enormous. Dude.

Matt! Andrew!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Steve! Oh, my God!

Everybody's freaking out. Come on, man. Everybody's been waiting for you.

V.I.P. coming through. Coming through!

Andrew Copperfield coming through!

Make way, make way.

Matt, come this way. Drew, over here.

Andrew Detmer's in the house!

How are you feeling? I'm... I'm... I'm doing good.

Yeah? Are you sure? Are you sure? Hey. Hey.

Hello. Andrew.

Magic is so hot. Oh, wow. Thanks.

So, do you not remember me at all? Um...

Monica, right? Monica. Yes!

...Setting the camera down. I'm setting the camera down.

What... Oh.

Oh. Excuse me.

Have you ever played that, over there?

Uh, no. I have never played that, over there.

No? Never.

I bet you're good at it. Uh...

What, you just throw the ball into the cups? Yep. Yep.

I actually could be good at that right now. Yeah?

Maybe. Let's find out.

No, no, no, no, no. Come on!

What? Come on.

Okay, okay. Come on.

Okay, I'm coming. I'm coming.

There you are.


That's what I'm talking about.

Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Hey, where is Andrew anyway?


Andrew's upstairs with the girl with the pink hair.

What, like, they went together?

That's my boy. Of course they went together. What are you talking 'bout?

Hey, Andrew. I hope you're seeing this.

Congratulations, sir.

I just wanted you to know, dude...

I was really worried about you before all this, you know?

But, dude, things are gonna get so much better for you now.

I really, really feel that.

And I want you to know I love you, you know?

I love you, man. It's you and me.

It's Detmer and Garetty, extended family for life.

Oh, sorry. Sorry. No, man. Excuse yourself.

Oh, man.

When did I become the one who's out here filming myself? Hey, Matt.

Oh, hey. Hey, Casey.

So what are you filming?

Uh, it's just a thing.

It's not like eye of the storm or anything.

Hey, I wanted to... I wanted to tell you...

I've really been... it's been making me think a lot.

I've been kind of thinking about it in my...

No, I have. Like, in my life.

I've been thinking, if I applied myself, what I could do.

I could really... I could change the world.

I mean, it's really been... You're drunk.


Hey, Casey?

I've basically been stalking you since, like, sophomore year.

Sorry, use of the word “stalking.” I shouldn't have said...

You want to get out of here?

Yeah. Yeah?

Yes. Yes, definitely.

Uh, I... I have to drop off the camera first though.

Okay, you guys are getting ready to witness history, all right?

I'm like a proud dad right now because behind these doors, Andrew Detmer becomes a man.

He's a little boy behind there. He's scared.

He's like a butterfly, getting ready to emerge...

Oh, God! From a cocoon or some shit like that.

Disgusting weirdo!

Wait. What happened? Ha-ha. Okay...

Is that... Out of my way now!

Oh, man. Monica, what happened?

Drew! Drew! It's okay, man. Don't worry about it.

Look, it happens to the best of us, okay? Dude!

You had a little too much to drink...

You... Oh. Oh. Whoa, buddy.

The hell's going on, dude? Why are you laughing?

Aw, man. All over my jacket.

Stop. Stop laughing. What are you talking about?

It's cool, man. No, it's not cool, Steve. Stop.

Stop what? It's cool, man. Will you just get out of here?

Get out! What's your problem? Drew, Drew!

You think this is funny? No, I'm not laughing...

Get out!


Andrew! Please! I need my medicine.

Mom's in pain, all right? She needs her pills! Where are you?

Where are you?


Hoarding a $500 camera while your mom dies in there? I mean, how selfish can you be?

I went through your camera.

What did you see?

Just you being a loser.

You think that those people are your friends?

Huh? They're not.

You're an embarrassment.

You're running around this town, spending my money.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

I didn't spend any of your money, Richard.

'Cause I don't have a dime to spend.

Every last cent... Look at me!

Every last cent goes to school for you... School?

And medication for your mother. I go to a public school!

I can't even pay for a goddamn... You don't pay for a public school, you idiot!

What did you call me?

Did you call me an idiot, you shit?

Did you call me an idiot? Huh?

You piece of shit!

Get up. I said get up!

Get up!

I could crush you, you know that? Stop it!

Crush you! Get...

Smile, Matt.

Oh, my God, Matt. Oh.

Can we not do the camera thing right now, please?

What happened?

Uh... It just started out of nowhere.

Are you okay?

My head hurts really bad.

That's probably Steve calling your cell again.

I'll call him back later.

I think it's time to take...

Matt! Matt! Come on! Oh, wow. I did not expect this.

Give me my... Whoa!

Hey! Hey, asshole!

What are you doing up here?

Just leave me alone, Steve!

You can't be up here, dude. This isn't safe.

I don't want to talk to anyone.

Bro! What are you doing up here?

Leave me alone!

How did you find me?

I don't know, man. My nose was bleeding.

I heard your voice or something like...

What the hell happened to your face?

Nothing, man. Just leave me alone.

No, dude, that's not nothing. That... Your dad!

Your dad beat the shit out of you. He can't do that to you now.

Will you stop acting like you give a shit?

Dude. Why are you talking to me like this? I'm your best friend.

I don't have any friends!

You were never my friend before any of this.

I hang out with you and Matt, like, every day!

We're supposed to fly around the world together. Don't you... Do you remember that?

You think I'm... Stop! Just stop talking to me!

Why won't you just leave me alone? Come on, man.

Steve, I'm telling you, get away from me!

Get away from me now! Please!

...who, by the power of God, are safeguarded in faith.

Even though you do not see him now, you rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy... as you attain the goal of your faith... the salvation of your soul.

What are you doing? You filming graves?

I don't get it. What do you care?

You haven't been returning my calls. Why aren't you returning my calls?

I've been busy. No, you haven't.

Why aren't you returning my calls?

I just don't feel like talking.

Turn off the camera. No.

Andrew. Andrew, turn off the camera.

Andrew? How did he get struck by lightning... during a storm with no recorded lightning strikes?


And they found Steve out in the middle of a field.

Why would Steve go out in the middle of a field during a lightning storm, Andrew?

I don't know. Why? What?

I don't know what happened, Matt!

I don't believe you, okay? I don't believe you.

I want you to turn off the camera and talk to me. Why?

'Cause I want to have a conversation with you. Don't tell me what to do, Matt.

You can't tell me what to do! Don't ever tell...

Give me... Shut it off! Get off of me!

Andrew... Are you joking right now?

Is this a joke to you? I...

What did you do, Andrew?

What did you do?

Who am I supposed to tell about this?

Who do I talk to? Who do I talk to about this?

Why won't you just tell me what happened, Andrew?

Please believe me, Steve.

Please, it's just I...

I don't know what I did. I...

I lost control, and... and I'm so sorry.

This thing is just becoming a part of me now, and I don't...

I miss you, Steve.

...all the drills. Good. We're all pretty good, right?

Get ready. Go!

You guys? Do not hesitate.

Did you hear who worked?

He was like.

Oh! Oh, Andrew!

Dry off!


Hey, Wayne!

Okay, so, see this one here?

This one I got really clean 'cause I did this little, like, lasso thing around the root, you know?

But then these two... these, I did not get as good.

See how they're broken?

I think it's because I got them from the middle, you know, instead of the root.

Oh. Oh.

Oh. Sloppy.

I've been doing a lot of reading, you know, like, online about, like... just like evolution and, like... and natural selection... and how, like, there's this thing, right?

It is called the apex predator, right?

And basically what this is is the strongest animal in the ecosystem, right?

And as human beings, we are... we're considered the apex predator, but only because, like, smaller animals can't feed on us... because of weapons and stuff, right?

The lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle. Right?

You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly.

And I think that means something.

I just think that really means something.

This one I got really clean 'cause I did this little, like, lasso thing.

Andrew, what happened at school? Huh?

I need to go and pick up my mom's medication! Oh, yeah?

You're gonna break the rules again? We're too strong for that now, Andrew!

If you did that, you know what I'd have to do! You'd have to what?

You have to start thinking. What would you have to do, Matt?

There are consequences to what you do!

You could not do anything to me because I am stronger than you. Stop that bullshit!

I know what you did. I'm not gonna let you do it again!

I am not going to break your stupid rules!

Okay? So just screw off and stay out of my life!

I can't breathe.

Thank you.

Karen Detmer. Just one moment.

We're gonna need a next... day delivery.

Co-pay on that is $750.83.

Well, I don't have all that. Son, I told your dad, and I'll tell you.

You can pay up front, and we can order next... day delivery.

Other than that, I can't help you. Prick.

I don't give a shit. Do whatever you want.




Give me all your money. Uh, what? Who is that?

Doesn't matter who it is. Just give me all your money or else.

Or else? Shit, man.

Shit, man. Is that Andrew?

It sounds kind of like Andrew under there.

And you got Andrew's broke-ass backpack on.

Oh, you got a gat? I got a gat too, bitch.


Whoa, dude!

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!

Come on, come on, come on!


The camera needs to stay on for our investigation.

Jesus Christ.

Can I have a moment alone with my son?

If he regains consciousness, notify the officer outside.

Yeah, yeah.


Your mother's dead.

She died last night while I was out looking for you.

I came home, and, uh,

she was there in her bed.

If I just could have been there for her.

I was always there for her when you were out screwing around.

And this one time... this... one time... that she needed me, and you took me away!

I want you to apologize to me.

I know you can hear me, so I want you to sit up right now... and apologize to me.

You selfish, selfish asshole!

This is your fault!


Do you hear me?

Your mother is dead, and it is your fault!

Happy birthday!

Pound it? Pound it?

Go and get a present. Go and get a present. Yeah.

Yes, the big one. Oh, my God. Matt.

Matt, your nose again.

Are you okay?

Oh, shit! Baby, you're really bleeding.

Matt, your nose! Oh, my God.

Did you hear that? How can you not hear that?

Hear what? What are you hearing? It's so...

Something's wrong with Andrew. Come in here! Casey!

We apologize for the delay, but as of right now, every news helicopier in Greater King County is headed to Seattle. Oh, my God.

Again, right now, we have verry little information, but if appears a bomb has gone oh' at Ballard Community Hospital.

Casey, come here. Come here. Come here. Please. Please.

What? No, Matt. Are you seeing this? Where are your keys at?

What? Matt... Just stay here. I'll be back.

I just have to drive there, okay? Please, wait! Matt, please!

Listen, Andrew's in trouble, okay? Andrew's what?

I'm sure that Andrew is fine.

Andrew needs me! I need to get to the city. Tell me what's going on.

Shit. I gotta get... Is that a roadblock?

Nobody else is driving this way! Talk to me!

Casey, I need to think, okay? Stop!

I gotta find another way downtown. Shit!

Go back and take the Madison exit.

Come on.

Stay here, Casey. Stay here. Wait!

Matt, wait for me!

All units, report to Ballard Community Hospital.

Excuse me.

Sir, excuse me.

Matt! What are we doing here?

Oh, my God!

You gotta put me down! Please! Stop!

You did this to me!

Matt! Oh, my God!

Holy shit! Holy shit!

Matt! Casey, we gotta go! We gotta go right now!

Get in the car! Let's go.

Andrew's out of control. What are you talking about?

I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you. I...

Oh, my God, Matt! Stop the car!

It's gonna crash. Holy shit!

Oh, shit!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Get off the road now!

Oh, my God!

Hold on to me!

It's not me, it's Andrew!

Hold on!

I can't stop it! I can't control the car! I can't control it.


Andrew! Oh, God, hold on!

Hold on to me!

I can't get the door open!

Oh, my God! Andrew! Andrew, stop!

Casey! Matt!


Help me!

Casey, hold on!


Stay here. Okay? You have to stay here. Okay?

Matt, please don't go! Matt!

We got a car on fire under the Needle. Possible casualties.

We need emergency response now.

I don't know how to describe this.

That is the Needle we're looking at, and as you can see, there are...

You're not gonna believe this.

Are you seeing this?

Back away from the window!

What the hell are they doing up there?

Get down!

Seventeen, beware.

You Te gonna ha ve to divert Andrew! Andrew, look at me!

This has to stop right now, okay? This is really, really bad!

Why did you catch him?

Listen! Just focus, okay? I dropped him!

Why did you catch him? Andrew, this is not a game!

Do you understand? You're hurting people.

You're weak, Matt! You're all weak!

Andrew... I'm stronger than all of this!

Andrew, listen to me, okay? Just... Just... I need you to listen.

Just focus for a second.

Do not tell me what to do!

I'm trying to explain. I got two individuals.

They can't stop us. It's not too late for us to go. It is too late!

I'm done! It's over!

You treated me like shit! You left me alone!

Andrew, you're not alone up here! I'm here with you!

I should have been with you all along! But I'm here now!

And we can stop this right now, you and me!

Andrew, we can just fly away. We can get out of here.

We can be family.

Andrew. Andrew, look at yourself.

This isn't who you are. I'm an apex predator.


I'm an apex predator.

No! No!

Oh, my gosh! Call the police!

Andrew, no!

Oh! Whoa!

Paul! Paul, stay away from the window! Okay, okay!

Paul! Don't stand at the window! Are you seeing this? Hey!

Stay down, babe! Stay down!


Two subjects down. One injured, one mobile.

Andrew? Andrew, look at me.

This is all gonna be fine. You're gonna be all right, okay?

I'm gonna get you help, okay?

All units, respond Code 4 to Denny Way.

Get out of here! It's not safe!

Andrew? Andrew?

Are you getting this? Don't move!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Hold on! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I need help! I need help!

He appears to be held at gunpoint but...

Oh, my God!

Arms up in the air! Don't shoot, please!

He's hurt!

Get on the ground! Wait! Wait!

Do what he says! Now, get down!

Do not get up! Get on the ground!

Please don't shoot! We will shoot you!

I'm not gonna do anything! Whoa, whoa, whoa! The glass!

Take him out!

Leave me alone!


Whoa! Whoa! Wow!

We have multiple explosions.

Get in position! We have 'em in our sights!

We're covered! Hold it right there!

No! Stop!

We have you surrounded!

No! Hands where we can see 'em!

Stay down! Stay down!

Stay down! I repeat, do not move!

Additional units on the far side!

Yo, stay down!

Stay down! Don't move!

Andrew! Andrew!

Stop! Don't hurt them! Andrew!

Open fire!


Andrew! Andrew, stop!

Please, stop!


Don't make me do this!


...reports of casualties.

At least two structures have been destroyed.

I think they're both down!

Two men out.

Show me right now eastbound on...

Yes, sir. I'm about two blocks away. I see it.

Move up.

Hey! Oh! What are you doing?

Hey, Andrew.

I just wanted to say that...

I'm sorry and, uh,

I... I hope... that you know that I did what I had to do.

You're not a bad person. I know that.

That's all that matters.

And, uh, I want you to know... that I'm gonna be better from now on.

I'm gonna help people.

I'm gonna find out what happened to us down there.

I don't care how long it takes.

I'm gonna get answers.

I'm gonna do it for you, and I'm gonna do it for Steve.


I just...

I love you, man.

I didn't ever get a chance to tell you, but I love you.

And guess what.

You made it.



Isn't it beautiful?

Good-bye, Andrew.

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