Chui lung (2017) Script

The years before 1974 marked the darkest period in Hong Kong's history.

My name is Crippled Ho. I'm from Chaozhou.

This was the moment I arrived in Hong Kong.

After starving for four days, my buddies and I finally got our first meal.

But I wasn't discouraged.

I always remembered what my dad told me:

Life or death, poverty or riches, It's all destined.


The food is ready!

You pricks. I'm home.


Are we having congee again?

Yeah, congee... congee... Dee, have some congee.

Landlady, Landlady!

I'm sorry. I'll have the money tonight...

Definitely tonight! Now you promised me!

Remember that. Don't you lie to rne, you chump! Brother Ho.

How's the congee?

Quite outstanding!

Quite outstanding. You liar.

How outstanding can you be?

Quite fantastic!

Alva, have some congee. It's hot, be careful.

Dig in.

Yum, congee!

There's no job at the construction site tonight.

Are you guys going fighting again tonight?

I make $2 at the construction site, and $30 for fighting.

Most of the time we're bluffing and not fighting anyway.

We get there, shout a little, curse a little, then boom! We get paid!

If I had a choice, do you think I'd prefer this kind of lifestyle?

Oh, I almost forgot...

this is your tuition money.

Brother Rock, you're so late!

I've been busy!

Oh, you know Ngan is very petty about things like that.

But look what I got him-- he shouldn't be petty about this!

Wow, that looks expensive! I'm sure he'll be very pleased.

Let's go.

Lee Rock, upstairs please.

I thought this was only his birthday party.

It sure looks like the Queen's birthday to me.

It certainly does, huh!

Mrs. Ngan!

Mrs. Ngan!

Lee Rock is here to wish Sir Ngan a happy birthday.

Lee Rock, you must be very busy now, having been promoted to Sergeant Major.

Just a little busy.

This is for Sir Ngan.

Okay then, put it over there. Make yourselves at home.

That's okay.

So that's why she didn't even lift an eyebrow...

There's so much gold here he could open a shop.

This still costs money, you know.

Well then, just put it on the pile with the others.

Of course.

I'll just put it somewhere obvious... like this.

Fuck off!

Hey, sit down!

Hunter just wants to play a game with you guys, alright?

That's for you.

Superintendent Hunter, that rotten jerk is trashed again.

Let's play cards.

He's so funny. He's always like that when he's drunk.

Bust! Bust! Bust!

Damn it!

Wooo, we're so lucky!

Shut up!

Show us the money! Come on!

It's only a few hundred bucks.

There you go... one for you, and one for you.

I think what he means by that is if you want a promotion, just go ahead and take the cash!

Who's the gweilo now?

What are you doing!

So the British are immune to paying what they owe?!

Brother Rock!

Rock, bro, don't do this!

What do you think you're doing?

Stop it!

Bro Rock, stop it! You can't win this.

Help the Superintendent clean up.

Our new Sergeant Major is arrogant!

So cocky! How dare you beat up the Superintendent?

That's not true. I didn't...

You're acting like a boss, being in charge of Shau Kei Wan.

I can't wait to see you take over Wan Chai.

Maybe then I'll get a good beating, too.

No, Sir Ngan! We are sorry. Lee Rock is just drunk.

Then get the hell out of here! What are you waiting for?!

We should go...

We're leaving now, happy birthday!

Let's go dancing.

Let go of rne. I'm fine!

If it weren't for you, I would've pulled out my gun and shot him!

We'll wait for the right time to get revenge.

Compose yourself or you'll screw it up.

It's like constipation. You just have to tolerate it for a while.

Even if I tolerate him, it's hard to tolerate his wife!

That's true, too.

I knew you wanted to get your gun out and shoot her too!

We have to lie low and wait for our chance.

Brother Rock! What is it?

Comic and Grizzly Bear are having a big fight tonight.

Comic is coming all the way from Kowloon City with his gang?

There are more than a hundred men on each side.

Why do you still help him when he treats you like shit?

You don't have to be so generous.

Messing with Ngan means messing with the whole police force.

It's saving face that matters.


Here's a news break for you, Hunt.

Some Chinese are making trouble downstairs.

Go and sort it out for me, old boy.

That's music to my ears.

You don't need to ask me twice.

Christmas has come early.

Hey bro, aren't you worried about making a big scene at Sir Ngan's birthday?

That's exactly what I wanna do.

I'll show him that Grizzly Bear is mad and not a nice person!

Doing business in all of Kowloon isn't enough for you, you prick?

Why do you have to rob me on my turf?

Since Sir Ngan isn't doing anything about it I gotta take things into my own hands.

We're standing on the wrong side!

You stole my business in Kwun Tong and Tsz Wan Shan. Now you wanna play games?

So let's play big. Get yourself a nice coffin, Grizzly Bear!

Shit, are they here to fight or not?!

What's with the lecture!

We're gangsters! The nastiest one always gets the biggest share--that's life!

Brother Ho, I thought we were just here to fake fight.

This time we're screwed.

From now on, I make the rules!


Let's get ourselves some weapons.

You ain't making nothing! Not even your own coffin!

I'm gonna chop you up and feed you to the dogs!

Who threw that at me?

Why couldn't you wait until I was done before you dropped that?

Fuck them up!

Let's go! Come on!

I'll kill you!

Hey Chubby, your two buddies are killing each other down there.

Aren't you going to offer your help?

Are you kidding me, Sir Ngan?

You know how I dread the sight of blood.

Oh, it's so bloodthirsty! I'd rather get back to the card table.

Fuck them up!

Hack him!

Hit him!

We're screwed!

Fuck you!

The boy with curly hair is quite a fighter!

Big Bro, we're being cornered!

Why don't you go now? I'll take care of the cops!

Good, brother!


Who called the riot police?


Take them down!

Hey, don't you dare come near me!

Which side are you on? I'm asking you which side!

I'm asking you which side!

Which side are you on? I was asking you!

I asked you first. Say it. Where?

Say it! Say it!

Oh, so you are on Grizzly Bear's side.

I'm Grizzly's right hand man, Will.

You son of a bitch!

You almost got us killed.

You said we'd get an easy 30 bucks.

Look at the mess now! What do we do?

I don't know which moron threw down the bottle!

Hey... hey, we're on the same team, the same team!

Cover your mouth, cover your mouth!

Get down... hey!

Well done.


Hey, stop!

Stop them!

Brother Rock, Hunter's gone crazy. Should we check on him?

Yeah, let's check on him.



Freeze! Hands in the air!

Alright, you scumbags! Ok, ok, ok...

Don't you fucking move!

Break their fucking legs!

Aren't you done hitting us? Shut up!

Get 'em down! You son of a bitch!

Stop it!

Stop it!

But he...! I am telling you to stop!


Drop the baton!

I'm telling you to drop the baton!

Back off, and I'll make sure nothing happens to you.

Are we going back to headquarters?

Are you nuts?

They won't stand a chance at HQ.

Just take them to the Shau Kei Wan branch.

What about my friends?

You'll be together.

Brother Rock, here's your coffee and pineapple bun.



Look at this.

Hong Kong is such a small place, but we can earn money easily.

The triads out there are just robbing people.

They don't make real money, and neither will we.

I'd say, if I get to call the shots, there'd be rules for everyone to follow.

Then, everyone would have enough to eat.

We'd make a lot more! Do you believe me?

Really? ls that so?

Of course it's true!

Let me do the math...

10 in one month, and 10 times 10 months will become 100.

One million?

You mean 5 million? You're joking, Rock!

Give me your hand.

It's 100 times 5 million!

500 million.

You guys okay? Any problems?

It's okay. A little beating won't hurt anyone.

I'm fine.

That's good.

Brother Ho, we haven't gotten paid for the fight.

We have to get paid.

Once we get out of here, we'll find Grizzly to get our money.


And don't tell my brother about what happened today.

You know how he is, he'll keep lecturing us.


Hey, Piggy-

Hey Jan! What took you so long? Were you on the toilet?

Brother Rock has been waiting for you.

What is it?

You see... there're a bunch of Chaozhou guys in there, and you're from Chaozhou, too.

You guys can break the ice.

Aren't you from Chaozhou, Brother Rock?

Yes, but last night, I pointed a gun at him. I'm afraid he may have hard feelings about it.

Will you take care of it for me?

Ah, sure.

Are these the guys?

Hey buddy, are you from Chaozhou?

Yes, yes. We are from Chaozhou.

Cut us some slack, Brother!

Do you understand or speak Cantonese?


This is our Sergeant Major, Lee Rock.

Brother Rock!

Who do you work for? Grizzly Bear or Comic?

We were only there to fight!

Will said we'd get 30 bucks if we won or 20 if we lost.

Will is Grizzly Bear's man.

How long have you been in Hong Kong?

I've been here for almost a year already.

Thank you.

You are one hell of a good fighter.

No, no. I'm not.

What's your name?

I'm Ho. Ho, from Dahao City.

Oh you're from Dahao City.

Yes, I'm from Dahao City.

That makes us Dahao brothers!

That's great. We're Dahao brothers.

Hey, we're all from Dahao.

Hey, Dahao brother!

Hey Bro!

Hey, bro. What's your name?

Oh, call rne Jan.

Brother Jan, Brother Jan!

He's Ho, we're from the same city.

Brother Rock, the press is here.

Ok, noted.

Since you're all from the same hometown, just quickly finish the papers and let them go.


According to the rules, we have to keep them for 8 hours.


Brother Rock, thank you for taking care of us!

Brother Jan, you don't always have to play by the book, you know.

Why aren't you moving?

I'm waiting for you. Oh, thanks for your concern.

Get his phone number and address.

Roger that.

Brother Jan, since we are Dahao folks, please take special care of us.

Come and find me if you need anything.

Sure. Sure.

Also, let me tell you, in Hong Kong, temptation is everywhere.

No matter what you do, never join the triads! Otherwise, you will never get your life back.


Are you hungry? Should I get you some food?

That's great! I'm starving.

Ok, wait a little. Bye for now.

Thank you!

You prick!

Watch your tongue.

After 7 days of ambush, we finally caught the rapist.

Evidence indicates the rapist was involved in 15 similar cases in Shau Kei Wan District.


Move it!

Open the gate.

Open the gate!

Open it!

Brother Ho.

Shit. This is gonna suck.

Listen to me, don't you say anything.

Just let me deal with it.

Ok. Fine.

It's gonna be fine.


Open the gate, alright?

That's him.

Open the gate.

Do you remember me?

Do you remember him?

Do you remember my face?

Do you like to hit policemen?

Sorry, sorry.

What's he saying?

Speak English to him!

Do you remember me?

I don't speak English.

What's he saying? Speak English!


Sorry. Sorry.

Oh, he's sorry?


He's sorry.

Okay, I'll make you sorry, too.

Hey, the cops are beating people! Help!

Stop it!

Shit, stop!

Stop it! Help! Stop it...!

Shut up! Shut up!

Stop it!

The cops are attacking people!

Shut up!

Here, give me that.

Stop, stop.

No! Stop!

Oh, I didn't know you were here, sir.

You should have told me!

Stop taking pictures.

Get out of here!

You're busted. You still wanna hang around?

There's nothing to see here. Go on, get out.

That's right. Let the Superintendent leave now. Let rne deal with this.

Put the cameras down. Put them down.

Just get out, alright. Open the gate.

I know exactly what you're doing.

And you won't get away with it.

Goodbye, sir.

Goodbye to you.



Help me take care of this.


Come inside.

Did you put the film in? No film, right?

You asked us not to load them.

That's right. Congratulations everyone.

200 dollars each. Because it's my birthday.

Come and get it.

Thank you, Brother Piggy!

Get him to a hospital.


It's all because of you.

You should have let them go when I asked.

Rules are rules.



Help! Help! Don't scare me, Ho!

Are you ok?




Are you feeling better?

Be careful.

Be careful. Your rib cage is injured. Let me help you.

Nurse, who brought me here?

Lee Rock. Are you a friend of his?

He's very nice to you.

Where are my friends?

They're in the next room.

Brother Ho.

Are you all okay?

We're fine!

We're fine.

Brother Piggy is hereto see you.

Brother Piggy.

Brother Piggy.

Hello, Miss Jane.

Hey, how are you? Any better?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Brother Rock asked rne to bring you some bonds for your expenses.

500 in bonds is 500 in cash?

Wow, Brother Ho, this is our big break!

Yes, Piggy said Rock would get us some big business.

Rest well. When you get better, a world of money will be waiting for you.

What exactly does Brother Rock want us to do for him?

Be patient. You'll know when you get better.

I have some business to attend to now. Gotta go.

Thank you for taking all the trouble, Piggy, please thank Rock for us. Ok?

Okay, okay.

Watch your step.

What's going on? Why is the door open?

You can't hit a woman, you ruthless animals!

What's happening? What's happening?

What's going on, Miss Landlady? What happened?

What happened?

What is it? What is it?

Her dad lost a lot of money at my casino.

He disappeared, so I'm taking her away as payment!

Wait a minute. Sorry, I missed your name.

Badass Jack!

Brother Jack?

This agreement states to give her up.

Let me look at it.

Beat them up!

Don't beat us up! We're Grizzly Bear's men!

Even if you save her today, you can't protect her forever!

You shit-face dirtbag!

He said he's with Grizzly!

Oh, I'm so scared!

He owes us money.

You've gotta pay us back something!

How much does he owe you? He owes rne $ 9,700.

So it's $9,700?

Come, where's the money Rock gave you?

Give it to me first.

Here's $700 for now.

We'll get you the $9,000.

How can I trust you?

You don't trust me?

Well you have 2 choices--you can trust me, or I can beat the hell out of you.


Ok, you have one month to get the money.

Let's go!

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid! Everything's fine.

Robert, you have to make an effort in courting Sir Chow's daughter.

My promotion to Chief Detective counts on you.

Oh, what is that burn doing here?

How did you get in here?

This isn't a place for you.

I was invited.

See how grand this party is? Who invited you?

I don't expect you to know Sir Chow...?

Hm, I guess I kinda know him.

Ladies and gentleman. Welcome! Welcome.

And now, I would like to introduce a very good friend of my daughter's.

A distinguished member of the community.

Well educated. A very presentable young man with a bright future.

What is he talking about?

He said his daughter is 24. She likes successful gentlemen...

Somebody like rne. Stop bluffing!

He is introducing his future son-in-law.

Who is it? ls he talking about you?

May I invite Sergeant Major Lee Rock to the stage!

And next month, these two will be engaged.

Please join us at the engagement party when you receive your invitation.


Recently, I heard Lee Rock has been dating Sir Chow's daughter.

Do you think Sir Chow will help him get promoted to Chief Detective?

I don't think he's qualified.

London quarter has decided not to add the position of Chief Detective at the moment.

I've spent so much money on it already...

Don't worry. You'll be the first choice if it opens up.

Look, I have something I need to discuss with you.

The detective in Wan Chai has passed away.

Rock needs this position no matter what.

That rogue... What skills does he have apart from sponging off women?

He wants to sit in the Chief Detective's chair in the most lucrative district?

He can dream on!

There's only one way to get him off.

You take his place.

Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai are both profitable districts.

Although I live in Kowloon, lam willing to move to stop this rogue from climbing up.

Thank you, sir.

So who'll take my place in the Yau Ma Tei/Tsim Sha Tsui area?

He'll replace you.



Didn't you just say yes?



Ah, he's just agreed to take over the Wan Chai post.

Did he?

Yeah, good news, right?

Sir Ngan, are you serious about that?

You live in Kowloon.

If you work on Hong Kong Island, you'll have to take the ferry every day.

You don't get motion sickness, do you?

You sponger! Don't get too cocky!

Watch your mouth.

Sorry, sir.

Hey, Rock! Come on, let's play!

It's okay! Excuse me.

Get out of the way!

Hey, buddy!

I'm looking for Chubby.

Brother Chubby!

Son of a bitch, this stinks!


You dare hit me?

What? What?

Brother Chubby!

Brother Chubby! Stop!

Let him in.

Brother Chubby.

Let's relax and talk about this.

Let go of my buddy first. Okay?

I had a bet with my guys, that when you arrived, you'd say those exact words.

I won!

You each owe me $100.


Today was the first day this dirtbag started working for rne, and he's already stolen from me!

And being a complete moron, he went to one of my casinos to use the money.

If he hadn't gambled away all the money and made a scene, I'd never have known.

And that would've made me lose face, wouldn't it?

Please accept my apologies.

You think slamming those bottles on your head will impress me?

My men do that everyday.

Should I ask them to show you?

So you broke a few bottles on your head, and I'm supposed to set him free?

That would make your life too easy.

Well, I need some people to work for me.

What do you have in mind, Brother Chubby?

I heard you're a good fighter.

But I don't know if it's true or fake.




Stop, Stop!

Hey! Stop! There are rules in our field!

One on one! Just one on one!

Get up, scumbag!

Hit him! Hit him!

Get up! Get up!

Stop, stop, Stop!

Stop right now!

Stop fighting! Ok!

You want some more?

Brother Chubby, am I qualified?

You work for me from now on!

I promise you as many chicks as you want, and as much money as you want.

I don't need women!

I need 10 thousand bucks.


I take 10 thousand from you today.

But tomorrow I will make $100,000 for you.

You're a greedy son of a bitch... just like me.

I like it!

But remember, don't you be like this dirtbag.

Or I'll break your legs.

Let's go!

Come on, bro.

Okay, it's okay.

Brother Ho.

Shut up!


take $9000 to Badass Jack.


Do you even know how to play?

Here's a coke for you!

Thank you, big brother.

Since I started working for Chubby, my livelihood has been centered around Kowloon Walled City.

Kowloon Walled City is a no man's land.

It's a grey area in the Treaty of Nanking.

The British have given up on this place.

Drugs, gambling, prostitution, and the dog meat business have flourished.

It's a place Hong Kong law cannot touch.

Not even the police dare set foot in this area, lest they not make it out.

Brother Ho.

Brother Ho.

Hello, Brother Ho.


Where's Will?

Don't touch my shoulders!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Brother Ho, I'm sorry!

What are you doing?

You wanna die?

I'm sorry.

Don't you remember the last time you stole money?

Yes, do.

Do you want to stay here for the rest of your life?

No, I don't.

What about your granny in China?

You promised to build a big house for her!

Remember that!

I will. ls that clear?

It's clear. It's clear.

Where's Wayne?

He's working.

The fourth row.


Four-eyes! I haven't seen you before. What are you doing here?

I want to buy that.

1 dollar.

Don't sell it to him!

What are you doing?

You stupid four-eyes.

Look, do you want to end up like him?


The drugs have taken over him. You wanna be like this junkie?


One sniff of this will ruin your life!

Listen, don't let rne see you back here again.

And don't let rne find out you're going elsewhere to get it, or I'll break your legs!

Understand? Yes!

Get your money back and go.

Beat it!

Beat it!

Brother Ho, why don't you want to make money?

We are trying to make a living--

We are trying to make a living...

I know, we have bottom lines!

There's no need to raise your voice.

Do you want to cut it?

Yes, I do, Dad.

Come, let me show you. Look, right in the middle.

You're so smart You're so smart.

Morn, I want the egg yolk.

Brother Jan!

How are you?

Happy Moon Festival!

How are you? Please sit.

I'm so happy to see you, Brother Jan.

Please sit.

It's the Moon Festival today.

I got you some moon cakes.

As a token of respect for you.

Got you some nice liquor too...

I cannot accept this.

I'm a civil servant.

Come on, it's the Moon Festival today.

They're just moon cakes. Please take them.

In that case, I will just take this box.

You can take the rest home.

Thank you for your kindness.

Brother Jan, I will always remember how you helped me last time.

In fact, I've always wanted to find a chance to pay you back.

You don't have to.

This is for the kids...


Please, take this. I can't take your money.

It's fine, it's fine.

Why are you doing this?

I'm not taking it!

It's nothing, don't worry about it!

I said I don't want your money!

So you dress nicely and have loads of money to spend.

Tell me, have you been selling drugs for Chubby lately?

Tell me!

I'm just trying to make a living.

I don't care if you admit it or not.

My colleagues have told me all about you!

Let me tell you.

In my 20 years of being a cop, I have never accepted any bribes--not a single cent!

That's why I will not take your dirty money.

Take all your presents back, and get out of here!

Brother Jan...

If you're not leaving, I will!

In this world, there are people who are greedy and people who are not.

Jan is not the greedy kind. Just leave him alone.

I'm greedy for money. Having money is good!

Oh yes, Brother Rock.

Last time you asked Piggy to lend us some money.

Let me pay you back while you're here.

Only this much?

Where's the accumulated interest? It's much more than this.

Keep that money for now.

See it as a deposit. You come to rne when I need you.

I will definitely come to you!

Remember that.

You have my word!

Thank you, Brother Rock.

You have my word.

Yay, bravo! Bravo, Brother Chubby!

Bravo, Brother Chubby!

Bottoms up!

My apologies about last time.

Hey buddy! With you on my team, I'm like a tiger with wings!

You're the boss, you're the boss.

Come, let's drink some more.

Hey, step on it. We're gonna be late!

We're picking up Brother Ho's wife. Go faster!

Morn, I'm really hungry. Are we almost there?

Yes, we are. Dad will meet us at the pier.

Hey brother... it looks like the marine police are ahead.

Attention, everyone!

We are the Marine Police.

Shut off your engine and prepare to be searched.

The cops are here! Move to the stern, quickly!

Jump into the water, jump! Hurry, jump!

I don't feel well...

I don't feel well...

I don't feel well!

What are we doing boys?

What did he say? No idea.

Standing around with our hands in the air.


Stop yapping!





My wife gave me that necklace!

Don't you fucking test me!

Please help us, help!

Hey Bro, you've screwed up!

Look at the lipstick on your collar!

Are you serious?

You're playing tricks on me, huh?

I know what you were doing with that chick in the toilet!

How could this happen!

Why did anybody have to die?

I have to take her home!

Why did anyone have to die?

How did this happen!

How did this happen!

How did it end up like this!

Hey, what happened! Hey! How did this happen!

"Six months later"

The mess Comic and Grizzly Bear stirred up is getting worse and worse.

First it was the huge fight a while back.

And now they're playing guerrilla warfare.

More than 20 are dead, and more than 50 injured.

The bosses are complaining about it.

So what do the big guys want?

It's supposed to be a decent drug business.

Now it's a mess. How can we go on like this?

You want to throw it out? Clean it up and start over?

That's exactly what I meant.

But if we take them out by the root, Chubby will become the only dominant party.

If Chubby is nice and compliant, we'll leave his share alone.

But Comic and Grizzly Bear have to be replaced.

Who do you have in mind for their replacement?

How about Will?

Who are you?

Looks like you are Grizzly's favorite buddy...

While he's busy gambling in Temple Street, you step in to take care of his wife.

What do you want?

What's going on?

Grizzly's just a daredevil loner. That part is easy.

But Comic is the nephew of Master Dane, a veteran of the Walled City.

If we touch him, I fear it'll cause some chaos in the Kowloon district.

Let me pay Master Dane a visit in the Walled City.


That's too risky. You can't just walk in there.

If he's unhappy, he can burn you alive and nobody would know.

Let's get Ho and his buddies to help?

His wife just died. Let's leave him alone for now.

You're right.

Ever since his wife died, he's gone nuts.

He just sits there every day.

We can't count on him.

The third row.

You think we were just bluffing, you junkie?


Or is your memory failing you?

I do remember... yes... I remember...

What did I say to you last time?

Don't buy, don't buy, don't buy!

I told you not to come here anymore or I'd break your legs!

Do you have any regard for your own life?

Just a small hit!

Why are those three together?

Just a small hit! Please, Brother Wayne!

Get up!

You want dope?

Yes, yes, yes!

Get over there and eavesdrop on that bald dude.

Yes. Go!

We're on it. Don't you worry about a thing.

If that bastard dares to set foot in here, he'll be dead meat.

As simple as that.

Master Dane always listens to me.

After today, you will never see Lee Rock again.

Ok, all set.

Do I have to wear this?

Sure. Look at it! It's good, very sturdy. It's like I'm armed for war.

It's always good to play it safe. If nothing happens, then you're lucky!

But if something does happen, at least you'll be ready for it.

Hurry up, please.

What is that?

A gun!

I know that's a gun.

But what about this one?

This is a flare gun.

If you feel something is wrong, shoot it and we'll rush in.

Whatever you say...!

Brother Rock.

I'll say it again...

Fire the flare gun if you need us, and we'll rush in.

Comic has gathered all his men in the Walled City.

They're all armed.

And Chubby has also lined up a bunch of his men in here.

I have an appointment with Master Dane!

Sergeant Major Lee, it's good to see you again!

The premium tea leaves you sent last time...

We can't stop praising how good they are.

If the elders like it, I can send some everyday.

Please come up, let's talk!

Of course.

Excuse me.

Please make way.

Sergeant Major Lee, we can start now.


Uncle, these cops are always taking advantage of us.

You'd better be careful.

You shut up and get down on your knees!

The Walled City gang and the gangs outside never mess with each other.

That's the rule nobody breaks.

Now look at the mess you and Grizzly stirred up!

Sergeant Major Lee has to come here in person to demand the culprit.

Now you tell me, what should I do?

Bro, all the exits at Master Dane's base are blocked.

We can't get in.

Elders, I want to replace the leader of the Walled City.

I didn't do it, Uncle Dane!


You think I'm totally in the dark?

You broke the rules! You should've expected this outcome!

Sergeant Major Lee!

Regarding the replacement, I will account for it--

Get him!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Lee Rock murdered Master Dane!

Yes, Lee Rock murdered Master Dane!

Yes, Yes!

Lee Rock killed Master Dane!

Listen up, no one gets out of here!

Stop running!

Here! Stop running!

This way. Stop running!

That Way!

Get him!

That Way!

Brother Rock... it's me, Ho...

Ho, I've lost my flare gun.

Without it I can't alert the people outside.

Let's go.

That Way, go get him!

Let's go, quickly!

Come on! Come on!

Brother Ho, don't try to help him. You can't afford the consequences!

That's my business. Show a little respect, okay?

Back off, back off!

Don't you dare move! Stay right there!

Don't come any closer!

I'll kill anyone who tries to get near.

Don't come close!

Don't come close!

Come on!

Come on!

In our business, loyalty is most important!

Lee Rock saved rne from the hands of the ruthless British cops.

So I have to repay him!

If someone offers you kindness when you're in need, you're indebted for life.

Did your parents not teach you?

Did they?

Did they?

If you can spare Brother Rock today, I, Ho, will pay you back for sure!

Who cares about getting paid back!

Kill them!

Huh, just some stupid fireworks, not the flare gun...

That Way!

Come on!

If you're not afraid of dying...

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

You bastards! Come on!

Pick him up!

You deserve this, you rogue!

I trusted you, and you betrayed rne.

Go to hell, go to hell!

You wanna be a damn hero?

You get your wish!

Go to hell, go to hell!

Be a hero!

Stupid cop!


Brother Rock!

Rock! Are you okay?

Let's get you to a hospital. Come!


Yes, sir!

Keep an eye on Brother Rock Yes, sir!

Oh, my goodness! What a mess you're in!

He's lost a lot of blood. Let's give him a 100cc blood transfusion for now.

The patient's lower leg bone is half broken.

The knee cap is dislocated.

Looks like we have to cut it off.

Even if we can save the leg, he'll be walking with one leg shorter than the other.

He'll be a cripple.

This isn't the end of it.

You get some rest. I have to go.


When did you see me break Ho's leg?

We found these bags in your car. Your car!

Are you setting rne up?

I'm treating you to a special milk tea.

Here you are.

Stop messing around!

This can kill me!

That's exactly what I intend.

You can stay here tonight and get so sick you wish you'd never lived.

You're still not talking?

Okay, we'll wait outside.

Hey, hey! I confess! I confess!

I said it before.

Whatever I get in the future, you will get half.

In 1965, Brother Rock really did share half of his kingdom with rne.

He centralized money collection and distribution amongst the cops and the triads, so there'd be no arguments.

Those were good, profitable years for both the cops and the triads.

We made a lot of money and bought a lot of houses.

People said that Brother Rock owned 500 million dollars, more than Li Ka Shing.

Our kingdom is divided into good and bad.

I'm the good cop and you're the dirty drug lord.

Let me give you some advice.

You see, out there in Hong Kong, the British are the big shots.

If you have to, you can kill rne.

But never touch the Brits.

Be patient. And this kingdom will belong to us.

Well gentleman, in Texas we ain't got royalty.

But the Queen of England is coming here for the Queen Elizabeth ll Cup.

If we can win this race, I'll get the chance of kissing her hand.

So we really gotta win that golden cup.

And you, Boss, will be in the spotlight!

Ken! Keith! Let's make it happen, huh!

Sir Ngan.

That's good.

Who's he?

Brother Ho!

Hey, Sir Ngan.

I see you're dressed up. ls it for the winners' circle picture?

No, my friend's horse is in the race today.

I'm just here to observe.

What's the horse's name?

Mouse of the Dragon Pond.

You think Mouse of the Dragon Pond will do well?

A rat?

That horse is a cripple, like you.

How can a mouse win the race?

My boss's horse, Resounding Fame, is the number 1 horse in this race, It's a sure win!

Oh, thank you very much!

Hey, looks like we have to get an extra ticket!

The last horse to be loaded is no. 4.

And they're all set...


Cheers! To the win! Ready...

And, away they go...

Jumping into the lead, Resounding Fame!

That little tiger is catching up from the outside.

Go Resounding Fame!

Followed by Supreme Stallion and Great Success.

Close behind them comes Instant Fortune, and running second-to-last of the pack is Red Sensation, and Mouse of the Dragon Pond is last.

Turning into the home stretch now is Resounding Fame.

It seems the favorite is about to win the race.

But Mouse of the Dragon Pond is suddenly rolling up along the side like an express train!

No! No! What the fuck!

Come on now.

Mouse of the Dragon Pond is a stunning upset!

Mouse of the Dragon Pond is the first to cross the finish line.

Resounding Fame has to settle for second, What in God's name have you done man?

What in the hell have you done?

What's going on? Listen, listen...

Something happened, Something happened.

You know how much money I make in a bloody month?

It's all on there!

What am I gonna do?

Shut your fucking mouth!

Hey, Sir Ngan!

Your tips aren't really working.

I was lucky I got an extra ticket on the horse I picked!

You wretched cripple. You've got some guts to beat me to the punch!

I know you bribed 11 jockeys in the race.

But I bribed one... yours.

Who says cripples can't win?

"Entrepreneur Crippled Ho's horse, Mouse of the Dragon Pond,"

"takes Queen's Cup over favorite."

Brother Rock.

I often recall the day you made me raise five fingers...

What you said then has come true.

I wake up laughing now.

Keep a low profile.

Of course! Of course!

One has to be content with what he already has.

Oh, I applaud for what I have!


You, on the other hand, have to keep an eye on Ho.

In recent years, he hasn't been sticking with the rules.

He's spent a lot to bribe the cops and the gangs.

He's placed moles in a lot of police divisions... even in ours.

Within 15 minutes he's notified on everything that's happening in the division.

He must be onto something.

He may have plans to bite the hand that feeds him. Be careful.

The drug business isn't worth the risk we need to expand.

Two suppliers is not enough.

We need to double it.

Four suppliers, then we don't take the risk.

I don't think it will work.

I don't care.

Make it work.

Brother Ho, Chubby is being released today. Brother Rock's sent Piggy to pick him up.

As brothers, we should trust each other.

There's no need to suspect Brother Rock of anything!


Congrats, Brother Rock!

Thank you!

Congratulations on your promotion to Chief Detective, Brother Rock!

I couldn't have done it without your help!

Congratulations Chief Detective!

Here's a little present, it's not much.

Brother Will!

Brother Ho!

Hi Sis!

I thought it was going to be a big party.

I spent an afternoon at the salon getting my hair done.

You get your hair done everyday. Be quiet!

Sis, you can leave first.

Are you kidding me?

You heard what Brother Rock just said.

Beat it!


Brother Will, take a seat over here.


Come here, Ho.

This is Rose.

She's known for her business in Taiwan and Thailand.

Take care of her for me.

Hi, Miss Rose.

Come here, I have something to tell you.

Today is my big day. You'll be respectful, won't you?

Of course I will be.

He just got released today.

Let's put aside your differences just for tonight.

I don't care what you do after tonight. Deal?

Whatever you say, Brother Rock.

That's right Brother Ho!

Let's not be so petty about things of the past.

Look at you now, your luxurious clothes... even that cane looks expensive.

I think you can walk faster than me now.

Shut your mouth.

Sorry about that.

Now that we're all here, how about a mahjong game?

Sounds good.

You know, the economy in Hong Kong is getting better and better.

There's growing demand on casinos, drugs, and brothels...

It's time we consider reorganizing things.

Keep a record of how many casinos, drug houses, and brothels there are...

And regulate the business so it's easier to manage.

Let's talk about the drug business...

The Brits want to expand it: they want 2 suppliers for Hong Kong, and 2 suppliers for Kowloon and the New Territories.

How do you want to split it?

Kowloon has always been yours, so that won't change.

For Hong Kong, Willy gets Causeway Bay to Chai Wan, and Rose gets whatever's beyond Western District. How's that?

Who is she to split half of my turf?

Let Ho cut her some of his share.

So he gets the New Territories?

Brother Ho, I did my time with 2 years in jail.

We should call it even.

You can't even sort out the stake in front of you.

Let alone a big business of that scale!

You think you know my stake better than me? You jerk!

I do know you'll lose this game!

I will win...

I'm done playing.

Take it over.

You're getting so upset today... that's not your style.

Let us not forget this.

You get to play the game if Brother Rock allows you to take part.

If Brother Rock leaves us out of the game, nobody gets to win.

Excuse me, but I won!

What timing!

It's the Brits' idea to divide the business into four shares.

Ho, I hope you understand.

The Brits are still calling the shots.

Like I said... whatever you say, Brother Rock.


Are you out of your mind!

Fuck you!

Have you gone mad?!

What about my leg?

Brother Rock!

If not for Brother Rock, I would've killed you already.

Fuck you... Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Tomorrow early morning, I have to watch my son's performance at his school.

I should go now, sorry.


Brother Rock, help me!

Sit down!

I'll take you to the doctor.

Help me!

Take the ear with you! Take it!

Abalone congee, Jane made it. How is it?

It's definitely better than what my brother makes.

You bum!

I've put more than ten abalones in the congee.

What's taking Peter so long?

He's studying in his room.

I'll get him.

Wayne, did you get that thing for me?


Why did Brother Ho ask me to get a gold pen, Jane?

Peter's lunar birthday's coming up.

You stupid idiot!

Stupid idiot! Stupid idiot!

What's going on?

Do you know what he's doing?

He's shooting dope!

Look at him, look at the stupid idiot!

Look at the stupid idiot! I won't touch drugs, and I won't let my family touch drugs either!

Now, he's using it!

Who do you think you are?

You're the biggest drug dealer!

You sell more drugs than anyone in Hong Kong!

You got ten thousand people addicted!

Who are you to lecture me? You're such a hypocrite!

What are you talking about?

You ungrateful child! What did you say?

That's right, I sell drugs.

If I don't do business and make money, what do I feed you? Shit?

People can ruin their own lives. But not you!

As long as you're selling, I'll keep using! If you quit selling, I'll quit using!

What are you talking about? Listen to me, stop fighting.

You're not my sister-in-law!

My sister-in-law is dead!

What did you say?

Don't do that, Brother Ho!

What did you say? Let go of me!

Don't do it, don't do it. Go! Go!

You ungrateful idiot!

Take him to his room and watch him tight!

Don't let him out until he quits!

Spread the word... if anybody dares to sell drugs to my brother, they will lose their arms and legs!

And if I ever find out that you guys are giving him any drugs, we won't be brothers anymore!

Understood. Okay.

Calm down, okay?

Brother Rock, bad news.


Shit, General Jonchai in the Golden Triangle just died of a stroke.

The one taking his place is called Piyamas.


Ho! Brother Rock has been waiting for you.

General Piyamas has just taken over the supply for all of Asia.

Brother Rock wants to make a deal with him as soon as possible.

Otherwise, within three weeks there'll be zero stock in Hong Kong.

I want you to make a trip to Thailand.

Rose will setup everything for you.

I have people who can help with negotiations with the general.

You're putting a lot of faith in me, Brother Rock!

Who else? You don't think I'd trust Chubby, do you?

It's the Brits' idea to split up the business into four shares.

They don't want you to be the only dominant party.

They're afraid you'll become unmanageable.

If I manage to strike a deal, I will become the only dominant party when I return.

Aren't you afraid of that?

Yes, I am.

But I'm more afraid that Will or Chubby might get there before you.

Hello, hello!

Hi Brother Ho, long time no see!

Come in please, make yourself at home.

Please come in.

Stop staring!

I know!

Hey,Thai dude!

Making good money, huh?

If not for Brother Ho, I wouldn't be here today.

Sit, my brother, sit.

Brother Ho, the Golden Triangle has been a mess since General Jonchai died.

And General Piyamas is even nastier than Jonchai.

He kicked out all my suppliers! He's such a headache!

I'm still finding a way to get close to him. I need a little time.

Will and Chubby came to see me a few days back.

I told them to go to hell.

I only do business with Brother Ho!

Let's stop talking about all this nonsense and relax tonight.

We'll talk again after the spa.

Do you know what's the most important in business?

Keeping your promise!

How much did Will pay you to do this?

You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Get up, you son of a bitch!


Son of a bitch!

So you're well prepared to play games with me.

I see you've lined up several teams to welcome rne.

lam Crippled Ho.

I dare you to make a move.

Go after them, kill them! Boss!

Don't look.

It's alright, it's alright.

It's alright, your brother's here.

It's alright.

It's alright.

It's alright, brother's here. It's alright.

Brother Ho, take me home...

Take me home.

The Buddha will bless you! It's alright!

You'll be okay.



Don't tell Granny.

I won't.


Damn it, you son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Life or death, poverty or riches. It's all destined.

I can't believe that stupid cripple survived.

Wait until he gets to the Golden Triangle. I want to see if he makes it out in one piece.

I have to thank Lee Rock for getting you to share my business in Hong Kong.

If not for him, I don't think I'd ever have gotten the chance to get close to you.

Don't you have a wife already?

Why would I need her when I have you now?

I haven't said yes.

Just treat my little brother well, and I can give you my life for it.

Stay here.

General, they're here.

How are you, General Piyamas? I am Crippled Ho!

I am so happy to see you today.

I've brought some medical supplies for your troops and some premium Cuban cigars for you.

Come over here, have a seat.

Please sit.

Please sit.

Brother Ho, I heard you've come a long way.

You need my goods.

What is your offer?

Super, General! Getting straight to the point.

The previous General Jonchai charged me $3500 for a kilo.

I am offering you 400 more.

$3900 is my price!

How about that?


Someone already offered rne $6000 per kilo.


He has to be a moron to offer $6000.

The market can't absorb that.

It's impossible.

Mr. Ho, it doesn't matter what you say now.

He's brought over the deposit.

Will, did you really offer $6000?

Are you nuts?

How are you going to pay the money?

Idiots like him who betrayed me will betray you, too.

You should never do business with people like him.

I, Crippled Ho, am a man of my words.

I can guarantee you satisfaction if you partner with rne.


You dare play games with me?

You stupid limp! You think this is Hong Kong? This is Thailand!

You wanna bargain with me, you can go to hell!


Some nice guys took Mommy and me to ride the carousel!

When are you coming to join us?

Please... I'm begging you!

Sell me some dope!

Get outta here!

Please! Please!

Let's see what the kid's up to. Get him over here.

Your brother's spread the word that whoever sells you drugs will end up with no arms and legs.

How can I sell you any?

I'm dying here!

Better you than me, right?

Please, I beg you! Please...

What's his deal?

He wants dope.

Come with me.

Thank you, thank you, bro.

Come over here.

Brother Chubby, he's here.

Brother Chubby.

What do you need, little bro?

I need a hit.

You wanna chase the dragon?

That's fantastic! No problem.

Hey, look at you. You need your fix?

Oh, look at all the drool and snot...

He looks more comical than Steve Martin!

So, this is Limpy Ho's little brother?

Let's have some fun with him.

_ Fun! OK!


Look little bro, Chubby takes brotherhood very seriously.

You want dope? No problem.

Brothers don't talk money.

Just drink with me... It's as simple as that.

Thank you.




Let's see.

Wow, you're getting it on the rocks! A nice cold drink, buddy.

See how nice he is to you!

Freshly squeezed orange juice!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

How refreshing!

Oh look, it seems westerners pee more than others.

Now little buddy, be a good boy and drink up...

Drink it up and all of this is yours.

You get to chase the dragon and get high...

Drink pee! Drink pee! Drink pee!

Come on, you're not gonna let us down, are you?

Drink pee! Drink pee! Drink pee!

Come on, come on! Be good!

Drink pee! Drink pee! Drink pee!

Go to hell!

You little shit!

Bring him over here!

You little shit!

Get him away!

Brother Ho.

What did the doctor say?

The doctor said he's suffered serious brain damage.

He could become a human vegetable.

And even if he wakes up, his intelligence will be affected.

I told the stupid kid not to touch that stuff...

I told him not to touch that stuff!

I'll take care of Chubby.

It's not Chubby! It's Hunter, that son of a bitch!

I can forget what he did to me.

But for what he did to my brother, I'll have his whole family killed!

You can't kill a cop.

Especially not a British cop.

Don't make yourself an enemy of the Brits. We can't win over them!

Who says we can't win?

I control the entire drug trade in Hong Kong.

All the cops in Hong Kong are fed by me.

I just need to say the word... and the whole police headquarters can be burned down!

Brother Ho, take it easy!

Calm down! Just cool it for a while.


Don't you know why this is happening?

Don't you know we're not invincible?

Don't you know why the Brits never bothered us for the bad things we did?

That's because we always follow the rules.

Don't you understand there are lines we just don't cross?

And you're about to do it!

If you kill a cop, the Brits won't let us get away with it.

Then, we won't be the only ones who'll suffer.

What about our brothers?

What about our families?

Do you have any idea what you're saying?

Do you?

Why did you say that?

Playing the sympathy card?

What do you mean we can't kill the Brits?

When did you become the British Queen's godson?

Come here!

Look! That's my brother over there!

What would you do if the one lying there were your son?

I won't kill the cops.

Ho, Peter is coughing blood!

Get the doctor!

Quick, get the doctor!

Your ultimate nightmare is finally here...

Let me shut the door.

And now, a special news report:

Hong Kong Governor Sir MacLehose has announced the establishment of the ICAC, the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The main aim of the ICAC is to combat bribery and corruption amongst civil servants and private organizations.

Sir Jack Cater has been appointed Commissioner of the ICAC.

The ICAC is currently recruiting but they claim they won't recruit from the current civil servant system.

This concludes the special news report.

The ICAC... it's definitely just for show.

They've set up an anti-corruption unit at the headquarters before.


And what ended up happening?

We just gave them a cut!

I don't think this is the same.

I think they're quite serious this time.

I just don't believe they'll arrest all the policemen who are taking bribes.

Who's gonna maintain law and order in Hong Kong?

Maybe those in the Walled City?


I'll be flying to Spain tomorrow, I wonder if they'll catch me when I get back.

The Brits... 9 out of 10 are corrupt.

"Chief Superintendent Peter Godber fled to Spain to dodge an ICAC investigation."

"Public urges government to arrest Godber and put him on trial."

Have you always been Lee Rock's designated "rent-collector"?

What do you mean by "rent-collector"? I'm a landlord.

You centralize all the bribes collected every month and distribute to the officers of different ranks.

Come on, can you stop talking nonsense?

I have no idea what you're talking about!

Sergeant Major Ngan, you have 16 bank accounts in Hong Kong with a total of $98,000,000 savings.

And also 22 apartments and 7 brand name cars, including a Rolls Royce, plus 2 restaurants... all under your name.

And yet your salary is $3200 a month. Can you explain that?

I love to gamble.

And I sure have a lot of luck.

I win every single time.

They call rne the god of gamblers.

This morning, some guys claimed they were from the ICAC, and asked Daddy to help them with an investigation.

Daddy was very upset... and had a heart attack.


The ICAC is not just for show.

They had the guts to mess with rne...

Rock, run away... take Cheryl and the kids and run.

You may not make it out if you stay here any longer. Okay?

It's a bit late for a visit, Brother Rock.

I know.

Well, I wanted to let you know... I put in my notice.

I'm going to Canada tomorrow.

Have a safe flight.

Let's leave together.

Even if you don't care, you should think about Jane and the two kids.

You came here at this hour just to tell me that?

I know you're upset.

Please sit.

No need.

I know you're upset about what I've been doing these past two months.

You wanted to bomb his car, and I got my guys to stop him.

You tried to ambush him at the police station, and I got my guys to take him away.

Do you have any idea why?

If a British cop dies, both you and I are screwed.

Do you understand?

I got a tip that the ICAC will be coming to get me in 2 weeks' time.

And by that time, Ngan will take my place.

With me out of the picture,

nobody can take care of you.

You have to understand... this is for your own good.

For my own good?

I'm a cripple. See?

This is because of you.

We are brothers... You can't look at it like this...

I've already given a lot--

Don't you forget, it was you who sent me to Thailand and got my brother, Wayne, killed.

And my real brother is now lying in the hospital.

He's a vegetable!

I never expected all this to happen.

I'm not God... I can't control everything!

That's right!

You can't control everything!

We can't control life, and we can't control death.

But between life and death, I get to choose my own path. lam in control.

All this lecture...

So you saved my life and ruined your own.

That's what you're trying to say, right?

Ok, this is my life right here, take it!

Shoot me. It's ok.

Come on!


If you were good to me, you wouldn't plant a mole by my side.

Rose, put the gun down

and tell Brother Rock your name.

My name is Alva.

She is Alva. I raised her.

I sent her to Thailand and Taiwan to learn the skills she needed, and I put her beside you.

And I know that you, Sergeant Major Lee, wouldn't pass up a skilled player like her.


You've transformed the little girl who was abused by her dad in Kowloon City into today's Rose.

And you think I didn't know?

You thought I was blind?

You planted a mole beside me!

Do you have any respect for rne at all?

What about respect for me?

If I hadn't put Rose beside you, I would've been dead long time ago!

You-- Ho...


The kids refuse to sleep. They want you to be with them.

Ok. I think we're almost done here.

We're done, right?

You made me very angry tonight.

Alva, walk Brother Rock out.


For once I want to see what it's like not to have a mole beside me.

Watch over them.

Give me some aspirin.

Be careful.

Hey, I thought we were meeting at the airport?

Bad news, Ho is going to kill Hunter tonight.


Get Jan to help at once.

This is the evidence for Hunter's corrupt activities.

Ask Jan to give it to the ICAC.

Roger that.

Is that all, Brother Rock?

Do you have anything else for me to do?

Well I didn't know that sort of thing was even legal over here.

Listen, I've arrested people for less...

...than what we did in thereto survive.

I'll arrest you for less than what we did in there.


Peter you call it, where are we going?

I wanna go to The Fifty!

Hey, Jeff! Drive carefully, otherwise I might have to arrest you!

You'd have a hard time trying to arrest me.

Yeah, don't you worry about that.

Hey, what the fuck is going on with these cars?


What's that?

What's happening?

Start the fucking car.


Start the fucking car!


I'll kill you! You put us down!

I'll kill you! I'll tear your head off!

Put us down right now!


Where the fuck are guns?


They're in the bloody trunk!

The trunk?!

Ho, put us down!

You stupid gweilos!

You're greedy for whatever you can lay your hands on and rob us.

You think you own Hong Kong?

It's ours!

As soon as I get outta here you're a dead man!

You think you're gonna be able to get away with this?

Open the door! Open the door!

You put us down right now, or I'll--

No way! No, no, no!

Jeff, the door. Move it!

Wake up!

Wake the fuck up, guys!

Get the fuck outta here!

The door is jammed. It's jammed in!


It's payback time, Hunter!

Tong, give me a fucking gun!

Get in the car!

Chad... a gun!

Is everything alright?

You son of a bitch!

Watch it!

Go to hell, you bastard!

What's your name?

My name is Alva.

This way!


Call the riot police. I want this whole place locked down!

Yes, sir!

You're the only brother I have left.

Run! Go as far as you can!

Why aren't you moving?

I told you to run!

Are you not obeying my orders anymore?

You think I won't shoot you right here?

You son of a bitch!

Are you gonna kill me?

Why are you running?

Stop running!

Why are you running so fast?

You son of a bitch!

Open the door! Open the door!

I have an arrest warrant for a guy in the Walled City called Crippled Ho.

A special mission is in action in there.

No one can be admitted.

Says who?

I'm asking you: says who?

Chief Detective Ngan Tung.

That's starting tomorrow.

Before 12 o'clock midnight, I am still the Chief Detective.

Not even Hunter can stop me.

Move it!

Move it!



Brother Rock, Brother Rock... save a position for me...

I want to work for you again in my next life.

Brother Rock...

BYE, Ho!

Where did you come from?

Where did you go?

Heigh Ho...!

Fuck you!

Drop the gun!

Ho, let's walk out together.

Don't! Ho!



Fuck you!

Fuck you!

You can't kill rne!

I'm a British police officer!

If you do, it'll make me a fucking hero.

You fucking fisherman.

My nation, we built this place!

We civilized the lot of you, fuckers!

Without us, you'd still be a fucking fisherman!


Life and death are destined.


Don't make rne do it!

All our brothers and sisters have died for us.

Pulling that trigger now is not going to get them back.

Please give yourself a chance.

Give your kids a chance.

Give Jane a chance.

You're a good brother.

In 1974, Crippled Ho was arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Lee Rock fled overseas and never stepped foot in Hong Kong again.

The highest ranking runaway criminal, Peter Godber, was extradited from Spain to Hong Kong and put on trial.

The corrupt empire which had been protected by the entire colonial system vanished, and the era of corruption in Hong Kong ended.

Ng Sai Ho, also known as Crippled Ho, who was previously sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment...

...has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and is getting an early release.

Dad, you have a call.

Is this Ho?

It's Lee Rock.

Oh, Brother Rock.

How are you?

Quite good.

Would you consider coming here to visit?

The environment isn't bad.

If I wanted to leave, I would've left back then.

I like Hong Kong.

If I had another chance to do it over,

which path do you think I would take?

Heroes are created in critical times.

There has to be a hero or two.


Right, right.

Hey, don't smoke too much, okay?

Take care of yourself.

Life or death, riches or poverty. It's all destined.

Life or death, riches or poverty. It's all destined.

I really want to see you again.

If you have the chance... do pay rne a visit.

Quick, Alva!

Hey, bro!

Brother Ho!

Brother Ho!

Life or death, riches or poverty...

I've been a drug dealer all my life.

I can take nothing with me now except the sins I've been carrying.

"Two weeks after he was released from prison, Crippled Ho died of liver cancer."