Chushingura 1/47 (2001) Script

Long years of civil unrest, finally, we came to the end. In the Genroku era, when the samurai no longer had to fight, this event shocked Japan.

In the days when in the souls of the majority falsehood and greed are established, there were people who gave their lives for a high purpose.

Wake up... it's Morning!

It's cold!

Is it fitting for You to meet the morning of Your a "special" day in a place like this?

Your wife is probably already waiting?

She left me not so long ago...

But there's too much! You just they slept next to me all night...

I don't need any more money...

I've always wanted to say that!


See you soon…

Is everything ready?

Never be arrogant with women… Yes.

No matter who she is, behave modestly.

If you are simple and friendly with a woman, (Oishi Kuranosuke, head of the Ako samurai)

If you are simple and friendly with a woman, (Oishi Kuranosuke, head of the Ako samurai) she will always treat you kindly.

These instructions are no longer useful to me! (Oishi Chikara, his son)

Why not? And with a woman, and with a sword...

...a samurai should be treated appropriately - until death.

I... I haven't eaten since yesterday…

...Because I'm afraid.... That I'll get in the way under everyone's feet… Tomorrow

Well, well...

"Let me RUB your back." "Don't, it's all right.

Come on!

Don't be so shy!


Order! You can pass...

They're definitely hosting today tea ceremony.

Keep watching!

Kira must not escape from here, otherwise, our plan will fail.

Are you back?

I brought what you said.



It's delicious!

I'm glad I brought them.

It's snowing outside...

I know...

You must leave...


By Asano's worthless samurai?!

Rumor has it that Oishi Karanosuke has returned to Edo...

And the famous Horibe Yasubei with him!

Yes let these nonentities if they try to get in here...

...Let's see what they can do!

...Let's see what they can do! (Kira Kozuke-no-suke)

(Kira Kozuke-no-suke)

DECEMBER 14, 1702

In the dead of night on December 14, 1702 47 ronins from Ako...

...walking through the snow-covered streets of Edo, to avenge the death of your master Only one of them I've killed before...

I already froze my ears!

There, Kira's mansion is already ahead!

You will forget about the cold, as soon as you draw your sword!

Do we have a real chance of success?

Together, we, 47 samurai, are capable of anything!

It is necessary to conduct Kira well to the next world with a Bang!

Yes! My blood is already boiling!

You can do without cod...

We just need to get it over with. with this case...

Moreover, our idea is difficult to name a really "good" thing...

Isn't it?

A samurai doesn't care what his duty is looks from the outside...

We'll get inside...

Check your passwords.




Did I hurt You?" Excuse me!




They can't just leave!



(Horibe Hori)

(Horibe Yahei, samurai of Prince Asano)

Dad, what did you pray for?

About the same thing as always! Find a good husband for you...

What, again!?

Yes! Our family needs a man, who would inherit the name of our family.

And you need a good husband...

A good husband...

What's the problem?

"We need a samurai who would be worthy of the name of our family"...

Dad, you're too high requirements for applicants!

It should be!

If a man claims to to marry you and take our name...

...he must be good enough!

I'm afraid I'll have to wait your ideal samurai until old age...

What the hell?

What's going on!?

Fight with swords! With swords?

Get out of the way!

What are they fighting about?

These are people from the Lio-Saijo clan... What didn't they share? What difference does it make?

Such sights these days very rare!

Hey! it's started! Go ahead!


Four of them against one.

Oh, gods... It's not fair!

Father, wait! Don't!

Don't interfere! I have to help him!

Get out of the way!

I came to help! In the name of justice!

Don't stand in my way!

Here, take this!

Watch out!

Let's do it together!

I'm sorry, Yasubei...

Why would you want to get into a fight? Especially with them?!

I wanted to put an end to the feud...

Yasubei... I'm old...

But I'm still a samurai!

Sugano-dono, don't die! Don't leave me...

In the days when "samurai" became just a title, ...a man who risked his life becoming a hero.

He killed as many as 18 people! 18? Are you serious?

I saw it with my own eyes!

Read all the news about Yasubei!

THE AKO CASTLE Wow! 18 people!

Wow! 18 people! (Yoshida Chuzaemon, Ako samurai)

Wow! 18 people!

It's not about the number of people killed, (Hara Soemon - samurai Ako)

It's not about the number of people killed, it's that he risked his life!

I'm not interested in this at all! (It Kuroba Deputy. Ako Manager)

The crowd honors this troublemaker as a hero! (Ono Kurobei-Deputy Manager of Ako)

The crowd honors this troublemaker as a hero!

He's not a troublemaker.

Join the battle of Yasubei forced loyalty.

"You sound as if you were there yourself!"

Have you heard? At Takadanobaba square as many as 18 people were killed!

Hara-san claims that this Yasubei - hero! But Ono-san doesn't agree with him...

What do you think about this?

Well... I'm glad! "What?"

Help yourself, please! "Yes, thank you."

This incident showed how much Edo has become a peaceful city!

And this story did not cause any damage to Prince Asano... Right? So let's be happy about it!

That's not what I meant.

I wanted to know Your opinion about Esbee - how about the samurai.

"I suppose for him now these are hard times! "What?"

He's so famous now that he, there must be no escape from women...

I'm sorry for him, really!


This isn't a menagerie!

Don't hide in corners!

Thanks to your exploits on Takadanobaba, our dojo is now full of visitors!

Who do you think I am? A zoo animal?

Think of it as a way to repay Horiuchi-San for sheltering a ronin like you!

But I didn't kill 18 people, and only three...

And three is enough! But you risked your life, to help out my uncle - and it's true!

And yet 3 is not 18!

Yasu-san! Look, it's Yasu-san!

Watch out! Right!


Yasubei! WHAT?!

Here to you came!

I - Horibe Yahei of the clan of Ako.

I'm Nakayama... Yasubei

I'm happy to meet you again.


He saw your fight with those people...

My daughter and I believe that You were just great!


Here, take this...

Excuse me, I'll be right back...

Yes, this thing, no doubt it belongs to my daughter!

Give her my thanks...

Please save it! And in return...

I apologize for being blunt, but I have a serious conversation with You.

Nakayama-dono, I suggest you become my son-in-law!

Son-in-law?! yes! Do you agree to marry my daughter Hori?

But ... I...

I don't have a son who you could have inherited my name.

And when I die, the name Horibe will go with me Given that you don't have a family yourself, You will be able to inherit my income of 200 koku of rice...

If this isn't a blessing for both of us, I don't know what to call it!

This is not a blessing to me.

I understand that you have received others offers. But the Principality of Ako... although small, it is famous for its salt. And Prince Asano is a man of impeccable honor.

But that's not what I fought for!

Sugano-dono took me in, when I had nowhere to go...

He taught me how to use a sword... And how to become a decent person.

And that was my way of paying him back.

I don't deserve a reward for this act. If only because I couldn't save his life!

Besides, I want to restore the proper name is Nakayama.

I can't marry Your daughter. Excuse me.

You mean... "the same" Nakayama?!

Yeah, Yasubei. That swordsman from Takadanobaba.

I think he could be a good husband to you! Isn't it?

Has he already agreed to accept the name Horibe?

No, he didn't agree. Bye.

He's already received a lot of better offers! Why would he want to become a Horibe?

Now that Sugano-san is dead, Yasubei says no longer willing serve no one This makes me like him even more!

Well, does he like you?

Is something bothering you?

No, nothing special!

Then I'll do my best, to get him for a son!

I don't need a husband!

I want to live happily ever after together with you!

What are you going to do?


You rejected all offers, including an offer from Horibe!

All I want to restore the name of Nakayama!

(Takada Gunbe-samurai of the Ako clan)

Is this real? (Takada Gunbe-samurai of the Ako clan)

Is this real?

Your father was wrongly accused and sentenced to commit seppuku... Isn't it?

Sorry... But, in my opinion, you should accept Horibe's offer We would love to have you to the Asano family!

You also received offers from the clans Uesugi and Matsudaira, right?

All of them are interested in only one thing - that I killed 18 people!

This is for you, Yasu-san!

But we didn't order this! It's on the house!

No, I'll pay...

This is a sign of special reverence for the famous Nakayama Asbel!

"I wouldn't call it deference. "All right, have it your way!

It's you - the Nakayama Yasubei?


I serve Kira. My name is Kobayashi Heihachiro.

Kira would like to meet you. Will you go to meet him?

No, thanks.


Chancellor Kira would like to treat...

...excellent sake of excellent samurai!

Fortitude and courage are written on your face!

The Chancellor is only interested in the best!

This is Fushimi sake. And the folding screen is from Tanui...

The best incense brought from Kyoto...

We would like to have the best Edo samurai joined our clan.

How about an income of 500 koku of rice? "You don't understand anything about me!"

I wasn't in that fight for the money!

Let's be honest.

How much do you want?

1000 koku...

Even if you offered me 1,000 cokes, I still won't agree!

Well, well, Nakayama-dono! You're still young, and you have a long life ahead of you...

Don't overstate your claims ...

Excuse me, sir... How dare you!

I'm a ronin! And not trained in manners!

Rude bastard!

It's okay, Heihachiro.

You are a cheap, impoverished samurai drawing his sword anywhere.

Forget about this meeting.

I don't like that sort of person

You are a cheap, impoverished samurai drawing his sword anywhere...

Nakayama-san, I'm waiting for You here!

I hear you're a sake lover...

I'm sorry, but that's all I had...

No, it's my fault for coming uninvited! All right...

Here, have a drink, please

Oh, I'm sorry!

No, thank you!

I don't drink...

I only got drunk once...

Back in the day?

When my son died at 15...

I was so drunk that day, that he lay flat for three days

And my father died when I was 15...

This is all he left me Good sword!

Great sake!

I'm glad you liked it!


I can't get married anyway on your daughter...

I understand Then I'll have to challenge you! I want you to accept it A challenge?

Kendo match up to three points If I can beat you at least one round, will you change your mind?

You're too kind to him!

If I win, he'll back down You're too old for this, dad!

Do you really hope to win?

Of course... no!

Then why?


This is a match up to three points (Okuda Mahodaya - samurai of the Ako clan)

Here we go!

Wait! One moment!

I hope you're serious to our agreement?

"I'm not going to play giveaway. Fine!


Father! Father!

No big deal! Continue!

You can keep your family name!

If you marry my daughter, you don't have to become a Horibe...

Who will keep Your name, then?

I don't care anymore!

My only concern is make you my son!

You're crazy!

Crazy! I don't argue!


Are you okay?


Horibe-dono! I accept your offer!

Let me be your son!

But if I become your son, I would like to be called Horibe Yasubei!

Horibe... Yasubei...

Dad! Dad!

Let me see...


Thank you, Horibe Yasubei-dono!

Holiday has come to this house!!

Let's have a drink!

Such a happy occasion!


"Drink it!" "No, I don't drink..."

Do not give up! Today is a special day!



I'm glad you did it!



Let's have another drink!

Are you asleep, my Lord?... Lord?...

Horibe... Yasubei-dono...

OISHI MANAGER'S RESIDENCE IN AKO Yahey still got his way!

Stop! Wait...

What's wrong with you?

What amused you so much?

Good news!

What, did you make a baby again?

Mother! Mother!


Horibe Yahei still ended sons of the famous Yasubei!

"What?" The one who killed 18 people? Prince Asano approved the adoption Congratulations! Wonderful! Famous Yasubei joined our clan!

Yahey is a true samurai!

You should learn from him!

No, not here! Not in front of my father!

We already have two sons! We don't need another...

I'm not talking about my son...

I didn't mean that. Guide their forces in order to achieve something!

To achieve what? I'm already the head of the Asano clan's vassals...

I have a wife and four children...

I have nothing more to wish for!

Do you know what they called you in the castle?

"A lantern burning during the day"?..

In other words, your presence it never feels...

You never stamp your foot... Don't insist on your own...

Good nickname! There's nothing to laugh at...

Someone more ambitious, for example It will take your place one day!

Father! Ono-sama arrived!

Prince Asano will have to accept the Emperor's Embassy?

The shogun assigned him to take care of...

...about the train coming from Kyoto Of course, this is a great honor! But on the other hand...

You are right, it will require a lot of expenses But even worse is that master of ceremonies - Kira Kozuke-no-suke!

Kozuke-no-suke Kira-sama?

Haven't you heard of Kira?

As a master of ceremonies, he is known for with their brilliant techniques...

But his approach contrary to the principles of Prince Asano What should we do if it requires a bribe for your advice?

A bribe?

Paying for Kira's services has long been a custom So we must follow the custom!

But will Prince Asano agree to this?

He does not tolerate bribery in the government of the Bakufu!

And you just don't tell him about it! "But that's impossible!

The Prince is aware of everything in the house, up to the purchase of the last candle!

Use your head, Ono-san!

To trick Lord Asano?!

Our work sometimes requires small tricks As a man in your position can say such things!?


(Asano Takumi-kami Nagatori-Prince Ako)

(His wife, Aguri Uzenin)

Please feel free

I would like to announce my resignation This is my son in law and heir Yasubei Yahey told me a lot about you!

We are glad that you have become a member of our clan Forget what happened on Takadanobaba!

I'm not Nakayama anymore!

Now I'm Horibe Yasubei!

You mustn't talk to the Prince like that!

Nothing, it's all right, Aha. I'm not offended.

Yahei, it looks like you've found yourself a good son!

Thank You!

Yasubei... Are you a true samurai?

There aren't many of them left these days...

Most are heartless, only worries about money..

...and tries to pass off black as white We only want you to serve to the Asano clan as a true samurai!

Will you give us such an oath?


Yet there is something, what can I do better than you?

I have a request for you Deliver this letter to the master of ceremonies. It concerns the reception of the Embassy Kira?...

He's in charge of Protocol during the Ambassador's reception assigned to me He wanted me to pay him a visit, but I'd rather you replace me

Me ... to replace my Prince?

This is an unusual visit Kira meant that I would come to him...

...with money in hand But I don't intend to do that. Bad customs should not be observed.

I put it in a letter I am almost completely ignorant of the Protocol of receptions...

...but wouldn't that put you at risk during the Embassy reception?


Something based on dirty money, unworthy of study!

Every New year messengers from Kyoto arriving to visit the shogun in Edo One of the princes was charged with receiving the Embassy During those years of peaceful prosperity in Edo Shogun Tsunayoshi issued an absurd decree, protecting animals...

Animals, especially dogs, the decree gave more rights than people

Welcome home!

Don't worry...

How was your visit to Prince Asano?


I seem to have lost my samurai ideals...

Prince Asano... Here he is-a born samurai!

Try a piece! I just finished cooking...

Just delicious!

Don't be afraid...

Chancellor, a messenger has arrived from Prince Asano!

From Asano?

And this messenger suddenly I was...

All right, I'll give him this letter Let me take my leave...

One moment...

What, just a letter?

Yes Is Prince Asano nothing else didn't pass it along with the email?


Long time no see, Nakayama-dono...

My name is Horibe now What a fool you are!

Out of so many offers,I accepted where you were promised only 200 koku of rice!

By the way, Horiyama-dono...

"My name is Horibe! "What?"

I Am Horibe Candor highly regarded in this world...


I manifest it by performing my duties Masters of ceremonies Now Asano must demonstrate I need your candor...

Prince Asano does not show sincerity in the form of money!

Only the one who is completely devoid of himself honest, capable of saying such a thing!

Lies!!! I wanted to say, this is not the case, the Chancellor...

For Prince Asano, purity of thought means...

Asano wants my advice just for a piece of paper?

How rude!

Are you pale?"


I've heard that Kira has a bad temper When the acceptance of the vow is completed, let's call Oishi Kuranosuke here Invite Oishi-san to Edo?

I would like to introduce him to Yasubei But they are completely different people!

Kuranosuke was born into a vassal family and became its head at the age of 15...

And Yasubei in 15 lost parents and native house...

Everything about them, from their age to their way of thinking, it is the complete opposite

But somehow I think that they have something in common Oishi always calm and balanced... And Yasubei - like a taut bowstring!

When they meet, you'll see for yourself right or wrong...

Well, that leaves me with just wait a little!

Good luck to you today!

Thank you...

PALACE IN EDO Inappropriate?!


De, unsuitable This color is completely unsuitable for receptions of this kind What will they think of these faded screens...

...envoys of the Emperor, having come all the way from Kyoto?

But it's You...

The shogun will lose face!

Change them immediately!

And along with them - and your life values!

What, is there a problem?

No... I'll have the screens changed immediately


I will never change the ideals of a samurai Ideals?! What nonsense...

You called samurai ideals nonsense?!

You people from Ako are absolutely worthless...

Did I hear you correctly? Did you say "worthless"?

You heard what you heard!

The role of the samurai has changed We must now appreciate art, enjoy tea ceremonies and love dogs For me, this is not a Paragon of samurai prowess Do you dare to criticize the Shogun?


Forget it, just forget it Are you not going to change your ideals? But you will have to change the tatami!


Yes, You heard right! Tatami!

JOJO TEMPLE What, all those tatami mats?!

Yes There will be a reception here tomorrow the Emperor's messengers.

Prince Asano ordered the tatami to be replaced.

How many are there?

At least 200 pieces.

200!? In one night? Why were we warned so late?

Kira-san gave this order on purpose...

Screen colors too it was originally his idea...

"Give the hall a refined look, worthy Edo! " was his order And all because of the fact that he didn't pay.

We must apologize to Kira!

Otherwise, Prince Asano will be in big trouble...

We have to pay Kira and beg for his forgiveness...

"But would our Prince allow such a thing?" "Of course not!

We will do this without his knowledge!

To betray Lord Asano?!

Our duty is to protect the Prince! By any means...

As a newbie dares to suggest such a thing?!

I don't care about Takadanobaba...

But the Asano clan is always careful your unblemished reputation!

What you're suggesting, incompatible with our principles

Then there is only one option - change all the tatami mats in one night!

All 200 of them?...

If we can get enough if there are tatami masters, then we will have time...

I think it's too late...

We'll never finish, if he just stands here...

If we swallowed Kira's insult, You will be able to ask for help all masters of a tatami in Edo!

They say Asano's people got hit in a quandary...

They need a huge amount of tatami...

They will probably come to you!

Our master won't help them Why is that?

He hates samurai!

He always names them arrogant and lazy Shut up!

But it's true!

I heard that Matsukichi-san is here?

Excuse me I have to bother you...

...but I came with a request! The sun has already set...

I understand, but...

Bring me another bottle!

Please, sir!

And sardines!

Don't you know who it is? This is the swordsman from Takadanobaba, Nakayama!

"Shut up!!! But...

I Beg You!

At least listen to me! Please!

So, we only have until morning!

Guys! Need to prepare and move 200 tatami mats before dawn!

It's not because he's a samurai!

I just want to show you what we can do!

Yes, sir!

Over here!

All tatami mats were replaced before dawn...

Great! This is the last one!

I am very grateful to you...

We don't need gratitude! We just did our job

Great job, guys!

So let's drink to it!! Put out all the food we have!!

Good morning...

Good morning...


Those who received ambassadors were obliged to wear ceremonial vestments However, Kira did not dedicate Asano in these subtleties of etiquette...

Yasubei! Yasubei! Get up!!

Leave me alone!... I've been up all night already...

Yasubei! Wake up!!


What happened?!

Prince Asano... ...What about the Prince?

Prince Asano... Stabbed someone with a sword in the Edo Palace!

A sword strike?...

To whom?

Prince Asano, You are late!

I'm sorry...

The Ambassador arrived early... Weren't you warned?

Prince Asano...

No. I wasn't warned.

There was no point in warning him!

You have no sense of tact and are behind the times You are a stubborn, worthless samurai!


That's enough for me!!

Help! Somebody! Help!


What are you, crazy?! We're in the Palace!

Let me go!! How dare you insult a samurai?!!

People, help!!!!

He stabbed the Chancellor's Kira!

The shogun ordered Prince Asano commit Hara-Kiri...

...for shedding blood on the day of the Embassy reception Chancellor Kira was not punished

Do you want to say the last word?

I can imagine How much you suffer...

To be wrongfully convicted, and to receive an order to commit Hara-Kiri immediately...

I have no excuse...

But I want my clan to know one thing...


I'm not crazy!

Tell them: "Prince Asano did not lose his mind."


Oishi-san!! Master!

Oishi-san! A letter for you from Daigaku-san, our Prince's younger brother Prince Asano stabbed Kira with his sword at Edo Palace Such a misfortune!

Bring water to these two...

Yes, sir!

Yes, and I, perhaps, too...

Yes, sir.

We wanted to let you know as soon as possible...

But the letter only mentions Prince Asano...

What about Kira?

Did Prince Asano kill Kira? Answer me!

Did he manage to kill Kira?

The shogun was furious and ordered Asano to commit seppuku...

And then abolished the Asano clan

By law..., According to the law... (Yanagisawa of Asiasi - Chamberlain of the Shogun)

In case of conflict, both sides must be punished But there was no conflict!

He just lost his mind!

That's why I didn't strike back!

It's commendable that you didn't draw your weapon, even though he hurt you...

Yanagisawa-san! You are too kind to me...

Thank You for your mercy, shown to the old man!

You will be fully rewarded for this!

I will wait for your gratitude...

Yes, absolutely!

I am deeply sorry...

Now, after the death of Prince Asano, the clan will be disbanded But let's demonstrate it to the end to all how great our clan was...


The Prince's last words were: "I haven't lost my mind"

He was fully aware of what he was doing.

Even after our paths diverge, proud to have served Prince Asano!

Is that all?!

If he didn't lose his mind, then, by law...

...both sides of the conflict they must be equally punished!

Prince Asano was unjustly executed, and his clan is disbanded...

But what's worse - Kira was not punished!

How can you be satisfied with this?!

"Be proud..." - you said...

Yes, what we proud?! Enough, Yasubei!

Make no mistake, this is my pain...

So let's ease this pain!


Let's take revenge on Kira for the Prince's death!

No, Yasubei! Don't you dare!

In this case, to the death of the Prince just add your...

A samurai doesn't fear death! "You are not alone in this clan!

300 people only in the Ako estate...

Don't involve the others in this...

Do as Oishi says...

It is Oishi that will occupy the process dissolution of the clan...

Oishi Kuranosuke "a smart and reasonable man...

Meanwhile in Ako there was a fierce debate about

...what to do: turn the castle over to the authorities or resist them

"Flowers die in the wind...

"..I'm sad about that, That this is how spring ended..."

These are the parting words of Prince Asano.

He died like a true samurai...

We can't just sit here and endlessly shed tears!

Now that the Prince is dead, his clan is officially disbanded...

...and the castle and possessions will be transferred to the government within a month.

But what about Kira?! Is he punished?!

According to the law, the Kira clan it should also be eliminated!

It was decided not to punish Kira...

But why only our clan was punished?!

Bakufu Government must comply with its own laws!


This is not the time for us to argue about Kira or criticize the government's actions!

We must give them the lock as soon as possible and arrange your own fate!

Wait, Ono-dono!

We can't just give up the castle, built by our ancestors!

We need to appeal to the government, and shut yourself up in a castle!

If we, Asano's vassals,don't do this, we'll lose face!

We are samurai, and we must fight in the name of Prince Asano!


Do you Think we should disobey orders?!

Even if we rise up and lock ourselves in a castle, the government will not reverse the decision!

And those who violate his will will be executed!

I don't care if I die!

Let's fight to the death for the honor of the name of Prince Asano!

Fighting won't change the situation!!!

Prince Asano flared up and drew his sword in Edo castle...

And this is true! You can't argue with this fact.

Our pride Asano vassals doesn't let you just hand the lock over to the authorities!

Oishi-san, what do you think? Please have your say!

I agree with what Ono said... I am against fighting the government You mean you don't want to fight in the name of our Prince?!

No, it's not! We definitely should do something...

But then what?!

Lock yourself in a castle and fight to the death or hand the lock over to the authorities?

I intend to commit seppuku here Yes, Prince Asano drew his sword in Edo castle But he was wrongfully sentenced to death Bakufu government So we must protest But it is better to die as martyrs, than try to strike back Are you serious?! Do you want to protest by killing yourself?!

You've already said here, that you agree to die...

Put your signatures here in blood Those who don't want to die they have the right to refuse...

I understand that many people have families, and they can't afford to die...

Then you are free to leave this room...

No one will stop you and will not say a word of reproach to you Go... But don't use words. And don't look back...

Prince Asano didn't think it necessary to think about us.

I refuse!

Don't you think what have we been waiting for long enough?

Thank you for staying!

I was afraid that no one would stay...

Are we going to do this right now?

No... I do not know when this will happen!

First we need to hand the lock over to the authorities. Then we will make a request...

... on the transfer of title and possessions the Prince's younger brother, Daigaku-san...

If this request is rejected, then we will make a collective seppuku I don't understand...

I think Prince Asano I would prefer to keep the clan But waiting for the government's decision it may take a long time...

That's why I need only the most persistent of you.


What are you going to do in Ako?

To see Oishi-san...

And then what?

Yasubei! Kataoka and Isugai refused...

Looks like there are only three of us left!

The quantity doesn't matter.

If there are three of us, those who were closest to the Prince, we will beg for retribution, Oishi will probably change his mind!

This is the only way for the Asano clan save face


As soon as the lock is handed over to the authorities, I'm going to Kyoto...

Take the kids to your parents ' house

Father! Let me go with you!

No. "But I want to help restore Asano's name!"

_ No. But why?!!

I am a descendant of an ancient family of Ako vassals and I want to protect Asano's name!

No! Children don't have the right to vote in family matters!

But I'm not a child anymore!!!

Thank you for everything...

I guess I really was "a lantern burning during the day", But I was very happy to be your husband...

And your child?...

I told you to take them to your parents!

No... The child that is here!

What?! Are you pregnant again?!


What's so funny about that?!

Oh, my! Getting pregnant at a time like this!

Riku, don't worry...

The child will not be affected by what how I will live. More precisely, how I will die...

Sir, the people from Edo have arrived! They want to see You!

Thank you for coming! I'm glad we can finally talk!

Here, help yourself!

We didn't come here to drink!

Yes, of course... You're right...

We want to take revenge!

Revenge on who?

Kira Kozuke-no-suke...

There will be no vengeance!

For the good of 300 ronin I want to restore the clan!

Is there such a possibility?

You don't know anything about the situation in Edo!

Kira won the shogun's favor... with the help of the Uisugi clan and the Grand Chamberlain!

Restoration of the clan is impossible!

If we do anything for this if we don't, then of course!

I intend to do my best, to revive the clan!

And I don't care what it looks like. I will beg the shogun for mercy.

But doesn't disappointment sting You?

I understand You...


...You don't seem upset at all!

What? Am I upset?

Yes, upset! So I will try to save the clan..

The best way to get back at them is achieve the revival of the clan!

Therefore, I will not approve of actions, capable of thwarting this goal!

You mention Kira's murder again, and you are no longer members of the Asano clan!

And you will have to act on your own, like the ronin.

What if the shogun rejects the request?

Will you change your mind?

Only if you promise to wait!

Deal! I'll give you a year's notice.

If during this time you will not be able to achieve the consent of the shogun, ...You will decide to take revenge on Kira!

Good! I give you my word.

A month later, Ako castle was handed over to the authorities.

Three generations and 60 years of Asano clan history we have come to our end.

300 Ako samurai became ronin...

THE SENGAKU TEMPLE IN EDO A year has passed since then.

But permission to revive the clan Asano still hasn't been received.

Horibe-san! People are so changeable in your preferences, isn't it?

Admired the hero of Takadanobaba, and now they call you ronin Aho ("Aho" is a fool)

Ronin Aho?

Do you know what they say about Asano samurai?

That they didn't even try to kill Kira! That they are not samurai Ako, but samurai Aho!

Oh, so you already know? But at me You can always rely on it!

So when are you going to attack Kira? Everyone's always talking about it...

People say that in the ranks of Asano there is a famous Horibe Yasubei!

This means that they will surely take revenge on Kira!

By the way, according to rumors, Kira moved to the new residence...

NEW MANSION OF KIRA IN EDO This is a very nice place.

Thank you for letting me live... such a quiet and cozy corner.

It looks like You're not so happy with your life!

No, no, thank You! I am completely satisfied with everything.

However, there were rumors...

They say I'm out of favor with the shogun, so he banished me to this wilderness!

Kira, people aren't just gossiping about You.

Some claim that the punishment is justified it was unfair.

And that you bribed me...

It was the only way to stop gossip.

No need to worry!

I am completely satisfied with everything and he didn't hold any grudges.

I'm glad to hear it.

Even after a year among the people of Asano there are still those who dream of revenge.

Be careful.

Tell me the names of those who who is plotting revenge!

Okuda, Gunbe, Horibe Yasubei...

What? Horibe Yasubei?!

That incorrigible troublemaker again!

Damn it!

Why did they choose such a place for Kira's residence...

It's so easy to attack!

According to rumors, Kira, fearing revenge, soon he will move to his son, the Uesugi clan.

The Uesugi are a large clan.

If he settles down there, we can't get to it!

Here's your order!

Is that all? Hey, where's the miso soup?!

First money, then miso!

They don't serve Aho (fool) ronin here!

What!? Gunbe!

But he mistook us for Aho ronin!

Everyone already calls us that...

So let's finally...

Let's kill Kira right now! Come on, let's go...


We waited a whole year. However, the chances are on revival clan still there is no!

And Kira can move in here ... "Listen, Yasubei..."

We don't need anything else! One sword is enough.

They don't expect us to attack, ...which means we have a chance of success!

"What's the hurry?" "We don't have much time left!"

Kira could be anywhere.

He could die at any moment! And we will never take revenge on him again...

We have promised to Oishi-san, what are we waiting for! "But he broke his promise first!"

I have to go to my uncle...

I heard that Gunbe has to ask his uncle for money to live on... Our clans are completely impoverished.

Most of us can't to live such a life.

I think Oishi forgot about restoring the clan.

We'll have to die for our cause alone...

FUSHIMI, KYOTO Evil spirit, follow the sound! Just follow the sound!

Where to? Where to?

Oishi-san, are you all right?

I've had enough...

As we understand from your behavior, You're not going to take revenge on Kira.


It's been a year since the death of our master.

Our group is still waiting Your final decision.

The decision has already been made.

No matter how many years it takes, but there is still hope, I will fight for the revival of the clan...

I won't seek revenge.

This is a letter from Oishi-Dono He wants me to stop you.

Chill, Yasubei!

What's on your mind?

Tell me What you think about it. You yourself, not Oishi!

Don't you want revenge, too?

Of course I want revenge!

I've spent my whole life to serve our Lord.

The thought of him dying like that, and the clan is disbanded, just killing me...

More than anything I would like to avenge his death.

Then why are you trying to stop me?

Because you're going against the will of the Oishi-dono.

After all, now it is Oishi-dono who is the head of the clan.

Without his approval revenge on Kira it will turn into settling personal accounts.

We need to get a sanction heads of the clan to destroy Kira.

And the "head of the clan" is having fun in Kyoto with girls! And that's all he cares about!

So we have to wait, until it takes effect!

Waiting is also part of serving the clan.

I can't wait any longer!


In this life, I only know how to fight!

I'm not good for waiting.

Wait a minute!


I said wait for me! Are you deaf?!

Where are you going? It's none of your business!

Why? I'm your wife! Please don't go to your death!

To death?

Don't you understand? Trying to get revenge is a crime!

Even if you can get your revenge, you'll have to do seppuku later.

I am fully aware of this!

And you talk about it so easily?

But seppuku means death!

I'm already dead!

And I'm not the only one...

Gunbe begs money from his uncle...

Okuda-dono is looking for a job as a security guard...

They call us cowards and fools to our faces, they throw stones at us...

How can this be called life?!

What are you talking about? You're alive!

Standing here in front of me...

You're sweating, your beard is growing...

You ate daikon last night, which I pickled for you...

...and he said he was delicious! You're alive!

But I'm a samurai...

"So I don't have to live anymore. No, there is!


For a samurai, life is not the main thing.

The way he accepts death - here's the most important thing...

A samurai spends his entire life looking for a place to die.

So no matter what I say, will you still go for revenge?

Then please give me a divorce...

You said you were already dead...

And I can't live with a Ghost!

Well. I agree.

It's better for me, too.

Our marriage was short-lived. But time, the time I spent with you was a joy to me...

So you're going to take revenge on Kira?

So what?

Then you will have to die!

It turns out our "samurai" left the house without a sword!

Why be surprised? And Asano himself and his ronins are hopeless fools!

You know, I've done it before, too killing people...



You are not worth the sword. Live on-in shame and shame!

I've fallen so low that I can't go any further.

What were you doing here tonight without a sword?

I was coming to you.

What a coincidence! I was on my way to see you, too!


How is your wife?

"I gave her a divorce. "What?"

It doesn't matter. What did you want from me?

First, tell me what you wanted.

Gunbe, come with me to Kyoto!

We will meet with Oishi-San and we will beg him to take revenge!

If he says Yes, we will take our revenge. If "no", then...

No, Yasubei! I can't go to Kyoto...

If it's about money, don't worry! I have enough for two.

It's not about money...

It's just that our paths diverge from now on.

My uncle wants to adopt me.

His property is not that big, but he has no heirs.

And he doesn't care that I am a ronin of the Asano clan.

So you're out of the game?

Are you betraying me?!

"If you think so..." "I don't believe you!"

"I want to live Live...

Yes, live! Eat, sleep, find a wife...

I'm so tired of waiting!

We don't even know will it ever come to revenge...

But it was you who told me, that revenge is the only way out!

I didn't lie to you! I was really ready to die.

But I've changed...

Half-starved existence it suddenly made me want to live.

I want to live!

Grub and life two completely different things!


I'm not as strong as you...

Leaving us again?

Thank you for waiting!

Are you ronin?

What? Oh, Yes.

You chose me?


I'm flattered.

Please come here.

Is something bothering you?

Come on, talk to me!

Have you heard?.. About the Aho ronin?

Yes, of course...

These are ronin from the abolished Ako clan, right?

They're complete idiots, aren't they?

I don't know anything about it, but...

One day I was summoned to the house of their enemy, Kira.

He treated me like a noble gentleman.

I paid without stint and he knew a lot about pleasure.

But I still prefer fools-Aho...

"The people of this world are"...

What are you writing there, sir? Anything complicated?

Nothing complicated! Women this is a blessing! Sake, too!

Gunbe said he was quitting the game.

I hit him. And insulted.

I can't take it anymore! Let's kill Kira while he's still in Edo.

And while he's still alive...

No. Until we get the shogun's response on our request.

Will it ever happen?

This is our only chance of survival.

Is life so important to you?! "Do you think life is a sin?"

A samurai is valued for the way he dies, not for the way he lives.

Maybe I'm not a samurai then!

I want you to die...

If You die, I can take revenge on Kira...

... and restore your honor as a samurai.

The Kira is the only way to restore the honor of the Asano clan.

After that we will be able to live with honor.

You seem certain that revenge will it solve all your problems at once?

But revenge means death.

I'm ready to die.

If you kill Kira, you will be sentenced to death.

If the attempt fails, you will live in shame. More precisely, you will die in disgrace.

And the very name of Asano will be forever covered with shame.

But we can't fail!

We will take his life and his head!

You're so confident...

Even enviable.

I'm never in anything I'm not entirely sure.

I always wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

Self-belief was for me the only way to survive.

You can't imagine what it's like: the child is left without a family, home, or money.

All I had was my sword.

Then kill me with it.

You said you wanted me dead. So kill me right now!

I still have too much of that what's worth living for...

But to accept death at the hands of such a samurai, like you, it's not a bad outcome.

Well, come on. Kill me!

Why do you hesitate?

Famous Yasubei needs to cope with this easily.

It's not fair...


A samurai doesn't kill someone who has their back to him.

Murder itself is not fair.

Oishi-san, where are You?

We received a message from Edo.

Daigaku-san is ordered to leave the clan.

All hopes for recovery the Asano clan collapsed!

Thank you.

Yasubei, looks like you win!


After the incident in the Pine corridor it's been 15 months.

In the Asano clan less than 50 ronins left...

Our time has come.

Request for reinstatement Asano clan rejected.

The clan lost everything.

There's only one thing to do.

Kill Kira... And thus Express our protest.

Some of you have only recently reached the age of majority....

...others have already retired.

Are you ready for what we have to do?

If we are not strong in spirit, ...even with a hundred warriors we can't succeed.

We will be able to kill Kira.

Then the attack will be carried out according to the following rules:

1. Our goal is to take justice into our own hands... avenge an unjust murder our master...

And finally restore the honor of the Asano clan.

2. our enemy is Kira, as well as the shogun, which was passed to our Prince an unfair sentence.

So in return, we must take Kira's life.

We will do it all together - as one person.

3. Everyone can choose their own weapon.

Those who sold their weapons, let him let me know.

4. Under the vestments we will put on chain mail.

The sleeves should be tied up, the knot on the right.

My pants are tight.

5. We split up into two groups: one attacks the front gate, the other the rear.

Don't let anyone escape from the manor.

6. Once Kira is found, submit the rest of the signal with a whistle.

Kira's severed head is wrapped up into our clothes and take them with us.

7. We take all the wounded with us, except for the mortally wounded.

We will only take their heads with us.

This attack is more than revenge. This is war.

You must give your lives to achieve our goal.

All these people will come to us for the tea ceremony on December 14.

It's too noisy here...

But there is complete silence!

It's ringing in my ears...

In fact, this place seems to me too quiet.

What, have a tea ceremony too dangerous?

We won't be able to keep track of all the visitors...

In addition, everyone will know that you are here on this day.

This will be a great chance for your enemies...

A year has passed since then, how the Asano clan was dispersed.

Do you really think that they still plotting revenge?

I'm not afraid of Asano's Ghost.

Kira probably sleeps right here.

Security is posted here and here.

If we attack at once from the main and back doors, no one escapes.

We need to put more people on both gates.

Hold on... It is very important to choose exactly a day to attack.

With the beginning of the assault for us will not be there's no way back, in Kira's house or not.

So we need to make sure that it is located in the manor.

When will Kira have her tea ceremony?

Probably the 14th.

"Probably" is not good for us.

We will not be able to attack twice.

This is our only chance.

Master of tea ceremonies Yamada he said he would go there on the 14th.

Well. Especially since Prince Asano also died on the 14th.

I think he would be happy.

If we miss this chance, we won't have another one.

On the morning of the 14th, we need to check, is Kira home?

Then we will provide Oishi-San ability to make a decision.

"How does it happen?"

What does it mean to kill the enemy?


What does it mean to kill Kira?

Eh? What are you trying to say?

I understand Isogaya-dono.

My father said it was a war.

But... I never killed. I don't know how to kill!

Kill a man - it's like cutting a wet Mat.

The first strike is much easier than you think.

But you will need considerable strength, to cut the bones.

If the kick came out clean, pull out your katana immediately.

If you don't, blood will hit the fountain.

If it gets in your eyes, it can blind you and it will prevent you from making the next move.

Even if the sword is very good, if you hit the bone, you can damage the blade.

So my advice is for everyone to take two Katanas.

Oishi-dono has arrived!

To pass this Uzenin-Dono?

The last time we met, she gave me this money is for the ronin.

We don't need them anymore.

But why me?

If she finds out I'm in Edo, she'll suspect what's going on.

She may not say it, but, maybe she wants us to take revenge.

Yasubei, our attack is a protest against the shogun.

We must not involve her in this.

December 13, 1702 From Oishi?

"Now that all the cases are completed, they we won't need them anymore." That's what he said.

ASANO'S SECOND RESIDENCE IN EDO But why is it returning them now? ASANO'S SECOND RESIDENCE IN EDO Winter is coming.

And there are still a lot of ronin among our people.

Tell me, why now?

He cares about your well-being.

But then he had to bring them himself.

He is a coward who does not seek revenge.

So he doesn't dare show myself to You.

Now I understand... I won't ask any more questions.

But let me tell you something...

Prince Asano no doubt regretted that

what he had to do, because by doing so, he broke the fate of many people.

The Prince once said to me, that he really wants you to meet Oishi.

"They have much more in common, than it seems at first glance"...

"Wait and see if I'm right or wrong." That's what he said.

I'm sure you two are we made the right decision.

I'll just say one last thing...

Please, I beg you... Just don't die in vain!

How's your wife?

I divorced her.


She's with relatives now.

It's sad that you had to do this to her.

My wife went back to her parents. Besides, we have children...

But your wife is destined to lose both you and your father.

I don't think it will bring her much happiness...

Don't leave it behind loose ends.

I don't have any.


But I have a whole bunch of them!

I wanted to try new dishes and give shamisen to the beauties of Fushimi.

And since we are in Edo - to visit at the Kabuki theater performance.

Also, I'd really like to see my youngest child.

The youngest child?

My wife just gave birth to our baby The 5th child, but I couldn't see them.

With the birth of another baby, I thought it would be the last!

But this is definitely the last one...

Can I ask you something?


When you were having fun in Kyoto...

...was it a trick, to lull the enemy's vigilance?


What do you think?

I don't know.

What difference does it make now?

There are always more questions in this world, than answers.

Why would this matter not to be left without a response?

But I'll tell you something...

My philosophy is this: "He who does not know how to live well, you will not be able to die."

I'm sorry...

But Hori isn't home right now.

Clear. thank you.

Please tell her, to keep her safe.


No.. You don't need to tell her that...

Instead ... daikon...

Daikon radish?

Yeah, pickled daikon, which she usually makes...

Ask someone to brought it to me tomorrow morning.

I'm so glad you came again!

You won't mind, if I stay all night?

Of course not!

And yet. You can just sleep by my side all night?


Tomorrow is a special day for me.

I just want to get a good night's sleep.

As you wish...

Then good night to You!

You mentioned ronin Aho before...

Do you think they will take revenge?


If they do try, then, most likely, it will fail...

I recently had a carpenter...

He said he heard the sound of a saw from Kira's mansion.

Perhaps they built secret rooms there rooms in case of an attack.

I don't really care, of course, But I thought that on occasion I'll have to tell You...

I'm really glad you came.


For girls like me. there may not be a time.

Most of us die young from all sorts of diseases.

I've been lucky so far...

To be a ronin, probably, is not easy. But still...

Please live so long, as soon as you can...

DECEMBER 14, 1702

Snow on the day of the tea ceremony...

As by the way.

Are you back?

I brought what you said.

"Can I come in?" Yes!

Father, what is it?

A name for your little brother.

It came to my mind, while I watched the snow fall.


"My mother will love it!" "I'm not sure!

She'll probably say it's too long!

"But why daikon?" "What?"

Why your last request did a daikon end up with his wife?

I just wanted to try it again.

"But this is a regular daikon!" No, it's special...

I like the way it crunches...

Here, try it too!

No, thanks.



This is simply delicious!

I'm glad I brought it.

It's snowing outside...

I know.

You must leave...

I once told you: "I'm already dead."

But... I was wrong.

The crunch of your cooked daikon...

... became for me...

proof that I'm still alive.

Take care of yourself!

We'll get inside.

Check your passwords.




Come on!


You're going to die early!

Kira! Search For Kira!

Watch out! Behind you!

Hey, hold on! Do you want to be killed?

We can't lose our commander!


We're still fighting, but there's no sign of Kira anywhere!

Do you think he's still in the house?

Yes, he's here.

He's still in the house.






No, they haven't found it yet. Did he escape?

His bedroom should be over there.

Yes, this is his bedroom!

The bed is still warm...

"We can't find him!" I checked the patio and the basement.

"Could he have run down the gallery?" It is impossible!

We guard the gate from both exits. He's inside somewhere.

Quiet! Everyone hold your breath!

Don't breathe!

Kira Kozuke-no-suke?

In the name of Prince Asano!

It's not Kira!

Yasubei! He's not here!

Find Kira!


Kira-dono has already crawled away from you!

Kira slipped away?

Did he escape?!!

Morning is coming.


And you were right about the incense from Kyoto...

Kira Kozuke-no-suke? Isn't it?

In the name of Prince Asano! Prepare to die!

Not from your filthy katana! No!

And I thought you were a samurai...

Oishi-san! Oishi-san!

And-and-and... don't cry, my little one.

I hope your dad give you a good name...

They did it! They did it!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Gunbe! Look at me!

Don't look away!

You don't need to be ashamed.

I just realized that...'s much harder to live than to die.

Do you hear that, Gunbe?

Live your life with your head held high.


What happened there?


Too much noise for "nothing".

Just a snowball fight.

This early?

Yes... And a very big battle.

A month and a half later they received the order commit seppuku.

On the same day, Kira's clan was disbanded.

And this story is remembered to this day...





Can I blow my nose?

Translation: RIKA (2005)