Cinderella and the Secret Prince (2018) Script

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella.

A poor girl who dreams of going to the royal ball.

Your dreams take reality with the help of her Fairy Godmother.

But when the spell is reversed at midnight, she runs away.

The prince looking for her all over the kingdom.

He finally finds and of course, they live happily ever after.


My story is very different.

And as I know the truth?

Because I was here.

On here.

Is here.

Something smells great!

Cinderella never disappoints us. Let's go!

Melzinho the pacifier!

You look tired, you should exercise more.

Let me show you how!

To the right!

To the left!

Work back muscles.

Stir the hip ...

Oh, no! - Inspire ...


Feel hip muscles lengthen enough ...

Be careful.

But what...?



I can not look!



Where are you?

I'm going, stepmother!

I tried a new recipe.

I hope you enjoy.


Well, it's good that you know how to cook.

And clean.

She is so talented, is not it?

What are you doing here?

It was not my idea ... - What?

What are you mumbling there? - Anything.

It's all right.

So this is a new recipe?

I'll get it for you.

Oh, no!

What is that?

Personal, run!

Get out of here!

Take this disgusting rat!

It seems!


Stay away from me!

Take this!

It is!

We split.

Light as a feather.

Light as a feather.

Excuse me.

Fast! Get him!

Wrong! Try again.

disgusting rat.

Stay away from me!

This way.

Stop these mice!

What? I am not able to hear.


What are you doing?

They are fleeing!

I got rid of them.

How dare you leave these rats flee?

You will not dine this month!

I'll just need to eat a little earlier.

These boys...

You three.

Why did you do that?

What did I do?

Why always go out stealing things?

Just me?

We should not steal food.

What will we eat then?

Let's go out and look for food.

Í No. And very dangerous.

On here. They can have some of mine.

Just do not do it again.

Thank you, Cinderella.

Do not mention it.

You're the best!

You will finish eating it?


He does not act like a mouse.

You think the food tastes better that way?

You seem to be different.

It's almost like ... - Like what?

Like a gentleman.

I wanted to be one.

He thinks it's human, or something?

I wish I could dance like that.

May can not wait to go.

It's going to be very cool! - Me too!

I am so happy!

Can not wait to use my fancy dress!

What are you two talking about?

There will be a royal ball in the palace.

A royal ball?

What are we waiting for?

Quick, get dressed!


Can not wait.

I will use that beautiful red dress!

A royal ball!

Do you think they have food?

Why are you looking at me like that?

Cinderella, you should go.

Why would I want to go?

The prince will choose a princess.

Not to be chosen to be a princess.

I heard that the prince is charming.


The palace is huge.

Full of chandeliers, marble floors, artwork, tapestry ...

How do you know that?

He probably went there to steal something.

Do you really want to go?

It's ok. Let's go.

Eba! - Legal!

What are they waiting for?

You will like this?

What is the problem?




Why not?

It is a royal ball. You will need a beautiful dress.

Right. I'll see what I have.

I've seen your closet.

You have nothing.

IS. No food.

None beautiful dress too.

What should I use then?

I have an idea.

Why is this such a hurry to get me a wife?

If I do not find, you will never become king.


When the time comes, You will know.

We are walking for ages ...

Where is this fairy "skinny" of whom you spoke?

I spoke fairy godmother.

Not skinny fairy.

But what if it is skinny?


It can really help us?


Everyone says she's great.

Berry delicious!

This looks delicious.

O homeland?

Boys, flee!

Who do we have here?

I'm Cinderella.

And these are my friends.

You are the skinny fairy, or Cerejinha?


The Fairy Godmother ...

He is my teacher.

Teacher? - That.

My name is Crystal.

And where is the mistress of magic?

I do not know.

Crystal, we need your help to get a beautiful dress.

Why should I help them?

Do you want a seamstress, not a master of magic.

I bet she can not do or a scarf.

I do not know, maybe she knows.

You think so?

Wow! Beautiful!

See? Is easy.

Crystal, is not it?

And I? I also want an outfit.

Look at this here.

But what...?

We are a perfect match!

You two should dance together!

Hey! That's not funny!

Damn it. Can anyone help me get it?

Right. I'm done here.


Crystal? - O homeland?

He forgot to make a dress for Cinderella.

No, I never promised that.

Let's forget that.

Let's go. Wait.

You know why we were looking for the Fairy Godmother and not for you?


Because everyone knows how talented she is, but no one knows what you can do.

I know. My teacher is famous.


I bet you can be as famous as his teacher.


Helping Cinderella to become the most beautiful girl of the ball.

So even need me?

OK then.

I'll show what I can do!

First, they will need a horse.

Look at me. I am beautiful!

Why are you so tiny?

We will try on you.

Do not mess with me again!


What am I now?

You look like a donkey.

I hate stupid.

At least it's higher now.

I'm sure it will work this time!

We are now two stallions! - Much better than a donkey!

Why not work on you?

That's weird...

Why you're still a rat?

Do not worry.

I can fix this.

That's weird!

Two horses are enough.


Now it is your turn.

The star of the evening.

Okay, let's go.

It's just a dress, right?

Wow! - Wow!

Wow, it's beautiful!

Now you're ready for the royal ball.

I'm dreaming?

The dream begin!

He's watching me ...

And now I present to you ...

Miss Cinderella!

Miss who?


I wonder what's for dinner?

I can almost taste it.

The roast beef, potatoes, pudding ...

Oh my!

What is it?

You are kidding with me?

I want the real dinner!

I go to the kitchen.

I know where is the kitchen.

Right ... Come on!

It is so much easier with a mouse ...

You are beautiful as horses.

I do not need praise. I need food.

Can I get food.

But you'll owe me.

Okay, whatever you want! I promise!

I can not think of anything right now.

But I think of something.

Sure, will soon!

So nice to be a new mouse.

Much better.

Wait ... Will you come with us?

Clear. I'd love to go.

But there will be guards.

No problem!


Let's go!

You are even smaller than me!


You want to turn a new donkey?

It is not alright. Just kidding.

I will not be a new donkey.

Or a horse.

I've never seen a girl like you before.

Now he is seen.

Beautiful and interesting ...


How to get here?

A witch brought me.

And she has a sense of humor!

My friends agree.

What do you think of my palace?

Nothing bad.

I can show you my favorite place?

Where is it?

My beautiful garden.

I'd rather see your kitchen.


Are you hungry?

Maybe my friends are.

Wow! I loved the style.

What a beautiful decoration.

What is' decoration ''?

It means "good taste".

You have good taste?

That's what I get for talking to peasants ...

Why are they so great?

These are armored knights.

It's ... Whatever.

I am a knight!

Me too!

On guard!

Hey ... I'm Sir Lancelot.

Oops ... This is not good.

Someone's coming. Hide!

What are you doing here?

On here. Perfect.

Nothing here.

The back one 'boring work life guard Nothing to gain I almost lost my head!

Your Highness.

What are you looking at?


But it all seems so familiar.

Come on, I'm hungry.

Let's go to the kitchen.

It's ok. This way.

We hope.

I'm feeling black magic.

Black magic...

An evil magic, that only the most wicked witches practice.

This is impossible.

We are in the palace.

I can feel the dark magic behind that wall.

The wall swallowed!

Boys, come here!


Do not leave me here alone!

Are you okay?

We are in the underworld?


He's scared, are you?

It's there...

And now?

Something is wrong here.

Look! Up there.

What place is this?

It looks like a dungeon.

Someone has practiced black magic here.

Master, she's here.

Are you sure?

Yes, master.


She's right where we want it.

We must capture it today and prevent it from reversing the curse.

Master, do you believe this prophecy?


We can not risk.

To get rid of it, the prophecy does not mean anything.

And the prince will remain a mouse forever!

Who's there?


This means that the dinner was canceled?

Is playing? We are dinner now!


There they are. Get them!

Yes, Your Majesty! - Yes, Your Majesty!

Catch who?

These mice.

It's ok...

The rats!



This is Cinderella?

Wait, are you sure?

No, it can not be her.

She does not even have a dress.

Tell me about your family.

I live with my stepmother and my half-sisters.

Look. She smiled at us.

They are beautiful as you?


It's Cinderella.

How did all this happen?

Take them!

Seize them!

Those four rats.

We need to find Cinderella.


Hey, you still think I'm a horse?

Just keep running!

Are you sure?

What are you saying? The door is closed.

Remember that please!

We em mim!

I'm a horse!

I'm a horse!


What is going on?

I'll explain later.

Behind them!


Stop them!

Close the gates!

The gate is closing.

What do we do?

Come by ali.

Are you sure about that?

High! Do not go there!

They are going to the maze! Let's get them there!


By ali.

Who were they?

For those who've been looking for.

The girl? Cinderella?


And the mouse.

But why not use your magic to stop them?

If I use my black magic, everyone will know what I am, is not it?

Follow them!

What is going on?

It has a witch in the palace after us.

How is this possible?

And the prince with whom you danced false.

So ... Where is the real prince?

The true prince It's a rat.

O homeland?

A mouse?

I receive in my palace.

I do not see that I am different from you?

No ... not you two.


It's him?

I remember something.


I do not want to talk about it.

Let's go...

What happened to you?

When I was five, My father hired a teacher to me.

She was sweet.

Everyone liked it.

She even taught me how to paint.

One year later,

I lost my parents.

After this, my teacher changed.

She wanted to rule the kingdom.

And then...

I discovered that she was an evil witch.

She used her magic to turn me into a rat.

And then erased all my memories.

This is horrible.

How could she do this?

But that disgusting witch!

Pobrezinho ...

I do not believe I have lived with a prince.

How sad...

Who is she?

A voice dela looks familiar.

You can do spells.

Why does not reverse this?

Transforming a human requires powerful magic.

Black magic.

But how so?

I'm not at that level yet.

That must be why I could not turn it into horse.

What do we do now?

I remember reading something about it.

It has a ring that can break this evil spell.

In the center of the kingdom!

So we go there!

But it's just a legend.

We must try.

You will need to go alone.

I will not.

That's the only chance he'll go back to being human.

It's very dangerous.

Can I ask someone else.

Why do not you listen to me?

She's just scared.


Who said I was?

If not, prove.

I'll show you!

It's ok! Let's go!


I knew he was not going to leave us.

I must have been crazy.

Okay, we're going.

I do not want to go.

So ... What's your name?

I do not think mice have names.

Let's go...

Everyone has a name.


My name was Alex.

I knew he had something different about you.

You are polite.

Use a knife and fork.

And can dance too!

But I'm still a rat.

Let's make him human again.

I do not think this is possible.

You never know if you do not try.

I'm no match for her.

Alex, you're not alone.

We will help you.

I do not want to be in danger.

I understand.

I lost my parents.

But together we can defeat the witch.

Better go away before they find me.

We will not leave you.

I do not need you!

Please go away.

I like being a mouse.

Really want to live in the shadows forever?

Or you want to dance with me as a human?

Master, they are going to the center.

They must believe that stupid legend.

It's just a fairy tale.

But ... what if you find the ring?

We can not let that happen.

Take it.

Follow them.

Yes, master.


It animals by?

Specifically those who like to eat rats?

This, like cats.

I do not like cats.


It has fire dragons ... iron lions ...

And ferocious monsters!

But not...

No cat.

Perfect. No cats.

How will you be when turning human?

If I'm ugly, you'll still be my friend?


So I do not want to go.

I'm just kidding!

Let's go.

Now, his ...

Wow! A little fruit!

Do not touch my fruit!

Who said that?

Something strange always happens when you take a fruit.

Where are you?

what are you doing here?


We're just playing.


It's all right.

It has rules here.

I do not think has rules in the forest.

"Rule number 1: do not touch any plant.

Including flowers, trees and herbs. "


"Rule number 2: forbidden to climb on trees and rocks.

Rule # 3: prohibited littering".

This counts as littering?

Not littering no literal sense, but... violates the rule number 20.

"Do not pollute the environment."

Where were we?

Lets start all over again.

"Rule number 1: do not touch any plant ... "

Including flowers, trees and herbs.

We understand, thank you.


Where are you going?

About one turtle think it is?

It's ... The head of the place?

Maybe he is.

We need to get out of here.

What is it?

Whatever, just keep walking.

Go away!

Why is this happening to me?

Got me!


Let go!

That will teach you!

Keep running!

We need to jump.

Are you serious?

I surrender!

Did you hear that? - What?


Help! I do not know how to swim!

Everyone is well?

Not much.

That was a dragon? - Not.

It must have been her.

That's too dangerous.

We should go back.

Great idea! Let's go.

He is right.

We got here. We can not give up now.

We have no idea where the ring is.

I do not know if you survive to the next danger.

You need to see this.



The ring.

It's not just a legend.

What genius put the ring up there?

Does anyone know how to fly?

Be careful, Cinderella.

Leave it to me.

She's flying!

What is going on?

I can not catch!

But you feel what?


But we can see the ring.

Let's go!

What is wrong?

This is giving me a headache!


Why can not I get the ring?

I do not know!

I only know what's in the book.

I think that the legend was wrong.

After all?

He is telling us that is not real?

Excuse me.

You all did their best.

Maybe this is my destiny.

Alex, do not lose hope.

It's all right.

I'll look forever until you come back to be human!

That was exciting.

I knew it!

You set us!

What want from us?

I'm here for hundreds of years.

I saw so many people see behind the ring.

Full of desires for you.

All leave with nothing.

They come by themselves.

But you were the one who came by someone else.

Do you know where the ring is?

It's right here.

But I can not take it.

If it was easy, anyone would take.

I'm such a fool!

He is the guardian of the ring!

What is a guardian?

It means that he really is the boss of this place!

My mission is now complete.

Good luck.


On here.


Go after them!

Crystal! entry Take care!

You will not escape from here!

Keep dreaming, mouse!

Not! What will we do?

Come up!

Go away!


Let me go!

Give me the ring!

And now?

Excuse me.

This is not good...

You did it!

I do not believe what I'm seeing!

Hello my friends.

Look at your clothes.

And you really a prince!

You are very beautiful!

Thank you for taking care of me for so long.

From now on it's my turn to take care of you.


Thank you, Crystal.

We would not be here if it were not for you.

Do not thank me.

Thank her.



A blue sky shines above us Running, playing with all our friends We open new doors To know each other first Again For the first time I see your face I see the world I have not seen

For so long I've been well With this life with which settled me Thinking that nothing would change You and I spent these days Dancing while imprisoned Secretly dreaming of today And now we're here I see that I'm afraid You're still That dear friend It was before?

A blue sky shines above us Telling us to trust in love Our bond is stronger What rocks I know you will not face alone Nothing For the first time I see your face We face the world together

I wish every day were like.

Not to return to the palace?

To resume your life.

There's nothing for me there.

I do not know who I was at that time.

You are the real prince.

I know that.


She is afraid that she turns into new mouse?


I'm terrified.

I do not need anything right now.

I want to start my new life.


What is your plan?

I want to go somewhere you've never find us.

You come with me?

And I will endeavor to give you a wonderful life.


You do not know nothing.

It's all right.

Do not worry.

I can teach you.

This means...?




I'll go with you.

That's great!

But I have to go home and grab something before we go.

Of course, the music box.


It's the only thing my father left me.

I go and get it for you.

Do not.

They are looking for you.

Do not worry. I'll be back.

Take care.

That's true?


One mouse again humans.

This is not good.

We need to do something.


Is there anything you need to do now.

Wait my signal and summer ...



Thank God you're home.

I have good news.

I met someone and walk away with it.

I'm so happy for you.

We'll miss you.

Thank you, also will miss you.

I'll start packing.

All those years of saving ...

Also I kept a little ...

You are modest.

Get your hands off me!

Get off me!


We need to get Alex. Fast!

I'm glad it will start a new life.


I've never been so happy ...

What is your plan?

I want to continue looking for my mentor.

You'll become a great witch.

Just as the Fairy Godmother.

I need to write.

And I can go visit!


You are our friend!

Cinderella... captured! Guards...

Cinderella was captured by the royal guards.


I waited.

Where are you going?

I'll save you!

You know it's a trap.

You are a fool!

You will never get out alive!

Need to go.

It's ok!

Be a hero!

I'm tired.

Really tired this time.

What are we going to do now?

I do not know...

Let Segui-lo.

Look at ... Look who we have here.

Where's Cinderella?

Where it is not important.

What is important is that you are here.

You can have the whole kingdom, only release the Cinderella.

Everything here is mine.

Including Cinderella.

So get ready to lose everything!

You think you can defeat me?

Who do you Think You Are?

The real prince!

You are nothing but a fraud!

Father lied!

Nobody believes in you!

What are you looking at?

I'm trying to see if we can help.

Do you think we can?

Not really.


Your disgusting rat!


Cinderella, where is it?



Worry about you first.

Take this!

Why are we running? - Let's find Cinderella.

A dog!

Let's run away!

Let's see if you can divert it here.

Do not touch that!

You can keep the crown.

Just tell me where the Cinderella.

You will never find it.

I will finish you!

Any last message to Cinderella?

I will convey the message.

That was close...

I'm safe again.

I waited!

That's not fair.

Where's Cinderella?

I'll tell!


She is...

She is about to die.

Just like you!

I do not think Alex was defeated.

I won again.

You should have kept a mouse.

Cinderella is not the palace.

You are lying!

You think you're a prince.

You are nothing.

And when you die, It will be remembered as a mouse, not as a prince.



That is a trap. Get out of here!

Have no fear.

We'll be fine.

Watch out!

Sorry, I'm late.

I did not expect so quickly defeated Olaf.

You do not care about your child?

He's not my son.

I just thought a greedy brat to replace you.

How can you be so cruel?

Lets go Cinderella.

I will take her place.

Another romantic story.

Too bad you are not a hero.

You are crazy!

This ends now!

You want to be a mouse again?

You are a crazy and evil witch!

You heard me, you old?

Cale of mouth!

Alex, run!

You will not be able to defeat it.

I'm going!

Go save the Cinderella.


Take this!


Are you alright?


Are you alright?

Thank you for coming to help us.

I was getting bored without you.



Fairy Godmother?

She is your teacher?

She's the Fairy Godmother?

O homeland?

What a surprise to see you here.


I dont understand!

I'll explain later.

Now come to me.

I waited!

Why leave me?

The kingdom was corrupted, and I was saving it.

Save the kingdom?

Alex transforming into a mouse?

That was just a little accident.

I do not know what he told you, but you have to believe me.

I do not trust you anymore!

You taught me to be good, but just look what you did!


You want to challenge me?

Let them leave.

Absolutely not!

I do not think you're so cruel.

Oh my...

This is way to talk to your teacher?

What should we do?

We need a plan!

No time for a plan! Let's go!



I hate rats!

We need to get out of here!



Get out of here, filthy rats!


Watch out!


Are you alright?






You can fly, You can do spells ...

Manages to bring Cinderella back, is not it?

There is nothing I can do.

I'm sorry.


Unless what?

The ring.

It can save Cinderella.



But you go back to being a rat.


I do not want to be a mouse again.

But if I'm a mouse, at least we'll be together.





Where is Alex?

Where is he?

How did this happen?



What happened?

He gave the ring to you, to save her.


It can not be.


It will be as it was before.

It is not?

but so We can be together.

We are in heaven?

If this is heaven, it is not very beautiful!

Crystal! Cinderella!


What happened?

The witch has turned you into new mouse?

Unfortunately things are as they are.

I think we will have to share food with me again.

Me hurts the heart having to share food with you.

But do not worry, Cinderella, I'll take care of him.



Back to where we started!

All that work for nothing!

But now, I can talk to others that I am best friend of a prince!

Faster, ugly animals!

The prince never let us get away!

Who imagines that a mouse was a prince?

I do not believe this...

Things will never return to normal, I know!

I need to keep fit!

I need to keep fit!

I need to keep fit!

Stop trying me!

Maybe I exercise myself later.

After I finish this cake!

We need to fix it ...

Increase here ...

And extend here.

All these places need improvement.

Are you sure, sir?


As a designer of professional sewers, I've been there six times just this morning.

Guess what I brought?

Do not know.

My music box!

I thought never see her again.


It was a pleasure.

But I can not help you with anything.

Do not worry.

At least I had a wonderful time!

Found it!

You found what?

There is another way to break the spell.

The answer is in this book.

As you can see, life is not always perfect.

But it is full of hope.

New adventures await us.

And the Cinderella story will live on forever.

Subpack by DanDee

THE END Translate by Agatha