City Girl (1930) Script

You must get this amount or it will be serious.Your Father

"First call for lunch in the dining car"!

Your handkerchiefs are under your shirts.

Use a clean one every day.

Don't stay out late at night Don't take up with strangers. Remember we are depending on you to do your best.

Was that the first call for luncheon?

Guess so. It's the first one I've heard, ma'am.

Maybe I made a mistake...

...sendin' Lem to Chicago...alone.

I raise wheat to sell, not to play with! Every grain counts!

Give us this day our daily bread....

Get to work, Kate... that fan's for the files!

If the files are as hot as I am, they need it!

Can you beat it ? He's praying !

Betcha two bits he's gonna take a chance on the hash !

I'd like some corned beef hash and coffee, please.

You win!

Gee! I'm sorry!

It was my fault...for putting 'em there.


Minnesota, eh?

Swede ?

No.. pa is Scotch Ma is Canadian...

...and I'm plain American.

Lonesome in the big city, aint it ?

What you doin' here?

I'm down here to sell our wheat crop.

Well, old wheat king, how about some bread pudding for desert?

I always do that at home. It makesMa's work easier.

Living on a farm must be wonderful!

I'm certainly glad to have met you!

I'm glad too.


No letter from Lem yet. I'm worried, Mother.

Lem's doin' what's right...You keep forgettin' our boy's a grown man now.

maybe you're right,...

...but I can't help thinkin' of him as a little shaver.

Just the same, if he don't sell right, I'll never be able to make both ends meet!

Hey! How does he rate a private breeze?

How old is this fish anyway ?

Don't ask me Mister! Look in his mouth!

Figurin' how much it'll cost to take her out tonight, Buddy?

I sold the wheat today... I hope Pop won't be mad.

He sent you to sell it, didn't he?

But i didn't get his price.

It was droppin' so fast I was afraid to hold out any longer.

I'd rather be deaf than blind, wouldn't you ?

I can see you'd be nice company. What do you do with your evenings?

You'll never know!

You shouldn't 'a done that! Fighting over me!

I'd fight anybody who tried to lay a hand on you!

I'm going home.... on the one o'clock train.

Cut short the side order, Kate... the boss is givin' you the eagle eye!

There's something I wanted to ask..

I wanted to ask...If you...

If you... like... like living in the city?

Guess one place is good as another.

It's all a wash-out, If you ask me!!

Well s'long Kid! Give my love to the cows and the chickens!

I think... I'll wait a minute.


If you marry the one you are thinking of all will be well.

I left something behind... got to get it.

If we get married right away we can be home by morning.

Just married a sweet girl waitress in big resyaurant Know you will love her. Bringing her home tomorrow. Your Son

Good girls ain't that free and easy about getting married.

The boy's been roped in!

Oh, Lem, it's wonderful to have a home and a mother and father...

And a man of my own...

...a real two-fisted guy... to take care of me!

Ma ...this is Kate!

This is the prettiest bridal bouquet I ever saw!

You're Marie, ain't you?

If I catch you playin' with wheat again, I'll whip you!

Father... here's Kate.

How much did you get for the wheat?

Didn't I tell you not to sell under $1.15?

If you'd been tendin' to my business 'stead of your own, you'd 'a waited.

Change your clothes and get to work!

The harvesters are comin' in the mornin'!

Don't mind Father.... he's upset.

And he never can bear to be crossed.

I want to talk to you!

I'd like to know what you expected to get out of marryin' Lem.

What any other wife expects.

I married Lem because I... ..I love him..

Women like you love for what they can get out of it...

...But you'll get nothing from me! You can go back to Chicago!

You certainly smeared it that time! Now I'll never give Lem up!...

I am going to make a man of Lem Tustine in spite of you!.....

...And if you think he'll let me go away without him...

...guess again!

I'm master here! My son does what I say...

...and so will you!

Your... father... hit me!

Kate... I can't strike my own father!

And this is our honeymoon!

I got some surprise for you! Lem's went an' married a city girl!

Good looker?

The old man's like a mad bull... tryin' to bust it up...

...An' last night, she slept in the bedroom alone...

...'an he slept in the loft!

I'm gonna have first look! Maybe I'll help the old man bust it up!.

Well, Pa-in-law, where's the blushin' bride?

Get busy! Do somethin' to earn your keep!

How do you like bein' here?

Bein' here's all right... I don't think much of the company.

Don't waste any more time... we got to get started.

Aw, she don't weigh no 187 pounds!

I don't want anything to eat.

Looks like you've popped into a hornrt's nest.

You said it!

There's your chance, Mac... to check up on that weighin' machine!

Kate... we can't go on like this...

I didn't think anybody could ever come between us......

Kate, Let's forget this quarrel and be happy.

I love you... you're my wife.

If you marry the one you are thinking of all will be well.

Lem! This aint the bridal suite.

You mind your own business!

that goes for all of you! And if anyone wants an argument, I got two good ones!

Hailstorm Sweeps Canada

There's a hailstorm comin'!

We'll have to work all night to save the crop!

Divide the men in two shifts, Mac... double pay for overtime!

...double pay for overtime!


I cut my hand on the machine.

Say, are you crazy?

A girl like you buryin' yourself in a dump like this!

What's the matter with you hicks?

Don't people ever fall in love out here?

You didn't look exactly lovin' when you ran...

...out of that room tonight.

Why don't you chuck all this... come away with me when we finish the harvestin'...

I'll treat you right... and that's more than...

...old Tustine will ever let Lem do!

I always knew you wasn't a good woman!

I'm goin' to find Lem now...and tell him what kind of wife he's got

What's the use of talkin' to that old devil?

I know how to get even with him...

The storm'll be here in no time...

I used to think the country was clean,...

...that men out here were decent...

But you're all sports!

You all talk big when you want something!!

If that's the way you feel about it, I'll give you somethin' more'n talk!

I don't want anything from you! I can fight for myself!

You agreed to work all night!

We've changed our minds. We're quittin' now!

My father says he caught you and Mac planning to run away together.

Haven't you anything to say?

Not a thing... you can believe it or not!

If I thought it was true...

Yeah? What would you do? Run to Papa?

I'd smash Mac so's he'd never come hanging around my wife again!!

You got to learn any man can get a wife!!

But it takes more'n a license and a wedding ring to hold her!

I guess our marriage was a mistake.

I'll shoot the first man that leaves my farm!

Listen to me Kate. I've settled your score with the old man!

I've called the men out... and we're leavin'the wheat to rot in the fields.

I'm leavin' with the men in ten minutes and you're comin' with me...

..If you don't I'll say you put me up to ruinin' the wheat!

Are you comin'?

Yes...yes ..but I've got to have time to pack.

Here's somethin' Mac forgot!

We're waitin' for Kate ...she's comin' with me!

I thought I could help you by staying,...

...then you believed that lie about me and Mac.

Mac tried to get me to go with him but I wouldn't. Maybe with me gone, They'll work and save the wheat I never loved anybody but you, Goodbye, Kate.

Father... it's Lem!


Son, you know I...I wasn't meanin' to shoot you.

There's some things worse'n shooting. One of 'ems the hell.. been putting Kate and me through.

...Now I'm going to find Kate...

...and take her away... where we can live our own lives.

I been wrong, Lem, and I'm sorry...

...Don't leave us! Let me find Kate and beg her to stay.

No...I got to find her myself.

I won't try to stop you again, boys.

You can go whenever you want to.

We ain't goin' to leave till your wheat's in!

You're on the wrong road.

There's only more farms like ours that way...

...That's the road to the station.

Let me give you a lift, Kate.

Remember when we first came along this road... happy we were?

When I got your note Kate, I went crazy...

Father, here's Kate.

Can you forgive me... Kate?

Come back with us... to your home.