City Heat (1984) Script

Evening, lieutenant. Louie.

Coffee? Yeah.

Forget it, lieutenant. Their free refills were killing me anyway.

Mike Murphy been in yet?

Who? Murphy. Michael.

I don't know him, pal.

That's funny. I hear he eats here every night.

Murray, you say?

Murphy, brick brain. Your ears need unplugging?

So? No, he ain't been in yet.

I'll wait.

Damn. Damn.

Hello, Louie.

Got an emergency. They need your meat loaf down at the river.

The levee's got a hole in it... and meat loaf's the only thing that can stop it up for a year.


Somebody left the cage door open, huh? It's out.

What's the occasion?

Archie, how you doing?

Not too bad. And you? Not too bad.


How's the stew? Not too good.

That's too bad. I was counting on the stew.

I had my mouth set on it. I'll try the Ritz.

Maybe not. This here is Archie.

Really? Ain't that peculiar?

What? See, Archie... we're looking for a gumshoe named Mike Murphy.

Guy about your size with a mustache like you.

Even drives a Model A Roadster like you, with the same license plate too.

Now, ain't that peculiar? Yeah, that's peculiar.

They're a couple of cupcakes.

I guess this wouldn't work again.

Oh, Speer.

Lieutenant, aren't you gonna do anything?

How about a refill?

He can take care of himself.

I'm not disturbing you, am I? I got a situation here.

I know we're not really close anymore, but let by...

You back? Fuck, yes, I'm back.

You know why I'm back? Because I'm being killed.

What are you gawking at?

You waiting for them to kill me? They competitors?

Or did you have your nose in the wrong ass?

There's plenty left for you. Say when.

Mike, please. There's not much left.

Anytime, Speer. Until then, you watch your step.

You hear me? What are you talking about?

I'm talking about rumors of a frayed-collar peeper... trying to get in bed with the wrong snot balls.

Of course, that wouldn't be you. You're too much of a fancy Dan.


I'll be watching. I'm shaking.

So long, shorty.

You pathetic son of a bitch.

He's so pathetic. I turned in my badge, you know.

I got my own... I got my own office now!

I got my name in gold. You're just jealous.

You're so insecure, it's unbelievable.

Is this frayed?

How you doing, boss?

Fine, fine, doing fine. Alrighty.

Keep the change. Thanks a million. Much obliged.

The finance company just called. Those mugs last night were after your car.

Repo guys?

Seems they don't enjoy their work as much as they used to.

You owe $98.98, Mike. It's the cash or the keys.


Who? The landlord.

Do I have to do everything? I told you to send that check weeks ago.

Oh, my gosh! I can't stand irresponsibility.

I know. I'm so...

Still singing that song? Ain't never worked. Ain't never gonna work.

You remember my silent and invisible partner, Mr. Swift.

We thought you were Mahoney... president of the Landlord's Malevolent Association.

Behind in our rent again. The word is "still."

Tell Mr. Mahoney to fix the plumbing, or we're gonna move to a better dump.

Mike, catch me. I'm gonna faint.

I suppose Murphy and Swift... are financially delinquent with regards to their secretary.

Somewhat. One week, two weeks?

Three. For shame.

Months. Oh, now that's what I call loyalty.

And a little bonus. How's that?

Addy, take a letter somewhere.

Yes, sir, Mr. Murphy. Sir.


Free Spirit in the seventh.

You've never been that lucky, and you ain't that smart.

People change. Not you.

I heard a rumor about you last night.

Taletelling, Mike?

I didn't figure you were the type. Snot balls play hard.

It warms my cockles knowing you care.

You're not that good, Dehl.

Hello. Hey, sugar. Fine.

Tonight at 8? Okay. Bye-bye.

Gotta breeze, Mike.

Promises to keep and all.

Oh, by the way... don't be surprised if you receive a little bonus soon.

Why would that happen?

Maybe because you're the only guy around... who's got trouble telling dark from light.

Take care of yourself. Oh, yeah.

Don't spend it all in one place.

I won't even ask.

I appreciate that. Here.

That's your bonus.

I'm investing in the company. Can't do much detecting without a car.


thank you.

I'll see you.

It's all arranged.

You must not give it to Pitt before I've gone.

Tomorrow night.

Ginny, baby.

If it's worth 25,000 to Primo Pitt, then it's worth twice that much to Leon Coll.

Dehl. Why not?

You know why not. If you double-cross Pitt...

I got protection from Coll.

Now listen, when you finish here, meet me back at my place, okay?


Please don't do this.

Come on, baby, stop worrying.

In 48 hours, you'll have everything you ever wanted.

Hey, sugar, cheer up. There ain't nothing left but the good times.


Mike? Hello, sweetness.

Guess what I'm doing.

From the sound, you're either making gin or taking a bath.

Lying there all warm and soapy, watching your pores open up.

I could help. Come right over and get those hard to reach places.

Actually, I'm making a list for this party I'm giving. Would you come?

Please? I need cheering up.

And I haven't smiled since last Tuesday. Do you remember Tuesday?

Was it raining? Yes, it was.

Maybe I'm confused. Maybe you were...

Monday. Yeah, or Sunday. Yeah.

Sunday was nice. You bitch, I was with you Sunday... and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.

Well, what happened to Thursday? Thursday I was in traction.

Do you want to be Friday? Come to my party.

I might be late. Oh, early is boring.

That's why I like you so much, because you're always so late.

How about I come over and be late now?

I've too much to do.

Just come to my party.


Good night, luscious.

Okay, I'll come over and buff your body and bring a nice glow to your cheeks.

I'll bring a nice foot to your ass.

Who dialed the phone for you, Speer? I've been hearing that rumor again.

Once is a pain in the ass, twice is a bore.

Once is all you get, pal.

I'm tired, Speer. Why don't you save the patter for the pulp reporters?

There's a good card at the arena tonight, and I'm holding two tickets.

You think I'd go to the fights with you? Who invited you?

I'm calling you for Addy's number. Not a chance. I like the girl too much.

See you around, shorty. Not if I see your mug first, flatfoot.

Go for the eye!

Thanks for the invite, lieutenant. I like the fights.

No, honest, I really do.

I love watching two sweaty... sinewy, nearly-naked guys bounce each other around.

Raises all my prurient interests.

Well, that's great.

You don't have to be so formal. Why don't you call me "Speer"?

Come on. Go. Go.

Come on!

Way to go.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Ten. You're out.

A toast. A toast.

Where you going? One more picture over here.

Better be good, sunshine.

Name's not "Sunshine," and it's 50,000 good.

Fifty thousand?

I don't like clowns, sunshine. Told you, my name is not "Sunshine."

Spit it out or you're a memory.

How does "bookkeeper" strike you, huh?

What about him? He sold you out.

To who? Primo Pitt for 25 big ones.

What did he sell?

A cleaver big enough to cut yours clean off.


Pitt got the stuff?

Not yet.

But you'll get it back. Oh, yeah.

For 50,000. Half now, half on delivery.

Don't got that much on me.

Tell you what. The bookkeeper does.

On the river. Pier 14, Star of Bolivia.

Just have one of your mutts drop it at my place.

And the goods? Don't worry, you'll hear.

Dehl. Dehl. Yeah?

Cross me and you're snail food.

This is crummy, Speer.

I better check this out. It may be for his own good.

Look what the rat dragged in.

Sugar, it's all gonna be fine.

What kind of game are you playing, Pitt?

Did you have a good time at the fight?

Wasn't nothing. Maybe not.

You're in a lot of trouble, shoe fly. Open that case.

Open the case.


Get her!

Stay there.


Come on! Come on! Come on!

Everything all right? All right for me, not so good for him.

He took a four-story fall. Fall?

He had help. Bastards.

Didn't know you two were so close. He was my partner.

That's right, he was.

We dug two.38s and a.45 out of the walls, a 9 mm out of the ceiling.

Now this in here was chasing Ginny Lee when I bumped into him.

She got away. Vint Diestock, one of Pitt's soldiers.

Dehl's gun was in his holster.

What'd you do with Addy? I sent her home in a patrol car.

Boy, you really know how to show a girl a good time, Speer.

Mr. Coll wants to see you.

Hard or easy, Murphy?

Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Coll. Well, I'm so glad you could come.

Make yourself comfortable. A drink? No, thanks.

Swell-looking joint you got here.

Fruits of my labor. Yeah.

Don't tell me why you asked me up here. Let me guess.

You're a night kind of guy. You like to invite new friends up.

Chew the rag a little bit. What do you want to gab about, fish face?

I saw your late partner tonight. Oh, yeah?

Was that about 1:00... when he tried to fly out of the fourth-floor window without wings?

You know I didn't dust him. How do I know that?

Because you remember all about Mr. Pitt, don't you?

Oh, yeah. Primo Pitt. Hell of a guy.

He came in second to you in the snot-ball pageant.

You're close to a manners lesson. You're close to getting your ass kicked.

You want some of me, pal? Come on. Not now.

Where do you stand, Murphy?

You and Dehl, you had a fix with Mr. Pitt, right?

So, Dehl, he pulls a double-cross.

Now, you in with him or he's screwing you too?

He was my partner.

He couldn't cut it. Can you? He was my junior partner.

I taught him practically nothing of what I know.

So you'll get my goods back for me, then?

Well, I didn't talk to Dehl before he went out for some air.

I don't know the financial arrangement.

This now, another like it when I take possession.

Fifty thousand or forget it.


Good. Tell the little rodents to fix me a drink, will you?


Wait till you see the bedroom.

When was the last time you talked to Primo Pitt?

I've never talked to Primo Pitt.

Well, two of his guns are parked right across the street.

Cadillac? Yeah.

You rate the heavy artillery.

Maybe they're waiting for you. Did you ever think of that?

I ducked in the alley, came up the back.

What are you drinking?

Tea. I found it in the bottle under the sink.

Or what's left of your sink. It tastes like gin.

It is gin, my gin.

You didn't sly up here just to prove you're stealthy.

We fished Aram Strossell out of the river today.

Leon Coll's bookkeeper. A friend of yours?

He was gonna do my taxes next year.

He was wired to a cement block. The wire broke, and he popped up... in front of a seafood restaurant, much to the chagrin of the customers.

Catch of the day. Very funny.

Want to quote me odds on the connection... between Dehl and the bookkeeper?

Or the link between you and them?

They dug a slug out of the mess that was left of Dehl.

It was a 9 mm.

One of those wouldn't be too good for your looks either, shorty.


That's right.

Yeah? Roll it down further.

It's against the law to lie down in the street.

I never laid down on the street. Sure you did. You were hit by a truck.

What truck? Next one that comes along.

Look, lieutenant... You look. I don't like sludge like you.

In fact, it wouldn't break my heart at all to scrape the street clean of your ilk.

You know what an "ilk" is, don't you? A big deer.

Yeah. Now, if I catch you loitering around my precinct again...

I'm gonna shoot me an ilk. You understand?

All right, throw your cannons out the window.

Come on, I hear a truck coming.

Good boy.

Pretty stealthy, lieutenant. Pretty stealthy.

Hello, Tuck. How you feeling? Good.

Getting plenty of raw meat, are you? That's good.

Say, "The Leith police dismisseth us." What?

It's a test they give radio announcers. What?

You don't wanna be a radio announcer? No.

C'est la vie, Tuck. Yeah.

Hello, Freddie. Well, Murph.

Care for a taste? I'm full of tea.

You're supposed to flush that, not smoke it.

Now, don't razz my ass, Mike. I'm low.

Why? Ginny.

I do some fine coin with her singing.

She hits them notes real nice.

You worried about business, Freddie?

What the hell, Mike, I never could jive you.

I'm worried about her.

Last night when Dehl was dumped, he was here, wasn't he?

He came here about 8:00 to see Ginny?

Yeah. Ginny and the bookkeeper.

Thanks a lot, Freddie. And kill those before they kill you.

It's black tie, sir. Thank God I've got one.

Everybody's going. Pres, Buffy, Boo, Binky, everyone.

Well, just pull it out. Yes.

I love it when you talk that way.

He'll never know the difference if I... Oh, Mike! Finally!

Keith, this is Michael Twitchell Murphy. Hi.

Where does the "Twitchell" come from? The milkman.

Mike, this is Keith Stoddard, Esq. Where's the "esquire" come from?

Mama the heiress or Papa the pirate? Oh, Mike.

How'd you like to step outside? Oh, I don't think so.

See, I'm gonna go upstairs and try to put a twinkle in both of Caroline's eyes.

If I'm not too tired afterwards, though...

I'll come down and pop your face inside out.

Good night, Keith.

I don't know how you got in, but you're not gonna get out so easy.

Well, maybe I'll use you as a shield, blind those goons of yours with your jammies.

What do you want?

They picked a 9 mm slug out of Dehl Swift.

What's a Dehl Swift?

You won't mind if I take this for ballistics?

You're not gonna take this gun without a warrant.

I wasn't planning to.

Oh, Mother! Jesus!

Just want the bullet.

I'm kind of scared, Mike.

It'll be light soon.

I'm falling in love with you, Murphy.

Real love. And it scares me.

I know what you mean.

Say that again.

Well, I should be running. It's getting a little late, you know?

You son of a bitch!

You can't say it, can you? What?

You tried, but you couldn't, you big palooka!

Where you going?

I pour my heart out, and you put your pants on. You dope!

Big palooka-dope!

Son of a bitch!

Morning, angel.

This just came.

It's addressed to Dehl. In his own handwriting.

Oh, yeah?

"Majestic Pawnshop." This is it, boss.

I see that.

So after you go to the beauty shop, you could pick up my laundry?

Primo Pitt. Somebody kicked over the rock you live under... and you had to crawl out into the sunshine.


Your partner crossed me. Really? That's a shame.

His squeeze or you has got something I want.

What could that be? I know.

The address of a good plastic surgeon.

He's a funny man.

Don't matter who's got it. You're gonna hand it over.

Why would I do that? Because I got something you want.

The only thing I want is to see your ass walk out of here.

Phone's ringing.

Yeah? Mike?

I've been kidnapped. Where are you?

This is ridiculous! What's going on?

You okay? Hell, no!

My hair's a mess. I broke two of my fingernails.

I don't have my makeup.

And I'm stuck here with these two ugly, smelly garbage cans!



You son of a bitch!

All right.

I'll give you whatever you want. Let her go.

She walks when I hold the goods.

Come on.

Did you tab that.45 yet?

How about the 9 mm?

They match?


Croix de Guerre. French medal of honor.

When Dehl was good, he was very, very good.

Pretty fancy for the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

I didn't hear you knock.

What a relief. I thought I was going deaf.

What do you want, Speer?

We ID'd the .45, the 9 mm. Dub Slack and Primo Pitt.

Is it enough to nail them? Not with their alibi.

We need an eyewitness.

That's why you will tell me when you find Ginny Lee, right?

What makes you think I'm after Ginny? Questions you're asking.

The places you're asking them.

Always pushing people around, aren't you?

Always on the prod.

That's how you do the job, remember? You're damn right I remember.

Okay. No clinches, no rabbit punches and please, no hitting below the belt.

Now shake hands, and at the sound of the bell, come out slugging.

Anything to drink around here?

We're out of tea. There's some furniture polish under the sink.

I'll get it.

Why do you both go at each other so hard? Do you enjoy it?





One more time and I hang up. Mike?

Who is this? It's me, Ginny Lee.

You all right, kid? Where are you?

Mike, I got trouble. Can you meet me?

Where? The park. You know, the pavilion?



Sick friend.

Mike had to take off.

He's good at that. Yeah.

Care for a drink? Sure, why not?

Thanks, lieutenant.

Really is furniture polish. Yeah.

Shocking what Prohibition forces people to drink.

So we're back to lieutenant, huh?

It's what you are, right? Yeah.

First, last, always, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Look, I'm sorry about the other night. That wasn't too good.

Forget about it.

I better go.

What? I've gotta go.

Someday I'll figure it out. What?

Mike's not the only one around here who's good at taking off.

Caroline Howley, the society twist.

Pitt took a hell of a chance kidnapping Randolph Howley's daughter.

He must expect big things from Mr. Murphy.

Like the bookkeeper's merchandise?

It's time we had another meet with Mr. Murphy.

Come back for me in five minutes.


Fancy seeing you here. Well, it's a small world after all.


Just leave me alone.

You really should be nice to me. You belong in the back, you know.

Why don't you get the hell out of here, huh?

Now. Why weren't you in the last scrimmage?

I waited in the park for two hours, kid.

I'm sorry, Mike.

I had to be sure.

Are you sure?

I don't know.

I don't know anything anymore.

They killed Dehl.

I know.

You're a witness. They're gonna try to kill you too.

Sweet Jesus! What am I supposed to do?

You can call Speer. Oh, God. Mike, I can't do that.

I know he's a bastard, but he's straight. He's good at his job too.

He'll keep you safe.

You can put Pitt at the scene of a murder. Don't you understand?

He'll kill me if I go to Speer. He'll kill you if you...

He'll kill you if you don't.

Either way, Ginny Lee Lewis is...

Where are the bookkeeper's goods? Where is it?

I don't know. Pitt says you do.

I don't. I swear I don't.

Dehl made... He made some kind of a switch.

Yeah, he was good at that.

Always chasing rainbows.

Ginny, did you ever see this key before?



Did he say anything new? Talk about anything different?

He was talking about getting into shape.

He said he was playing handball. I don't know.


Somewhere near his place.

All right, I'm gonna go now, kid.

It's gonna be okay.

Call Speer.

Hey, you're running the wrong way.

Evening. Yeah.

Boy, it's so cold tonight it makes you want to be a boilermaker.

And how the hell would you know?

Because I was pounding a beat when you were still peeing your pants.

I used to freeze my ass off right on the same street.

So many times I thought about becoming a boilermaker.

See, I was a hotshot like you.

Didn't have any respect for the badge or the uniform.

I got my own business now. Know what I'm doing?

I'm still freezing my ass off... and taking a lot of flack from a snot-nosed rookie like you.

I'm sorry. Ain't we all.

You know 10th Street? Used to be my beat.

Are there any athletic clubs around there?

Gymnasiums? Riverside Athletic on Broad Street.



Oh, lieutenant, I didn't see you.


Excuse me.

Oh, my God!

Where's the locker room? It's over there.


Get on the heavy bag.

Hey, buddy. Can I help you?

Yeah, I wanna see Dehl Swift's locker.

Yeah, why? I'm here to pick up his stuff.

I can't let you in his locker without his permission.

That'll be a little tough. He's dead.

I'm the executor of his estate.

How did he die? Suddenly.

Well, there's his locker right here, 628.

Thank you.

Yeah, okay.

Lt. Speer? Yeah.

I'm Dr. Breslin. Doc, how is she?

She fractured the radius and ulna on her left arm... cracked the 10th, 11th and 12th ribs on her left side and banged her head.

That could mean a concussion. So we're gonna watch her for a few days.

Can I talk to her? Maybe tomorrow.


I got it! I got a feeling I got it!

You know how I am when I got a feeling.

This is what got Strossell and Dehl killed.


It's a dull knife anyway.

Holy mackerel!

I had no idea Dehl was in so deep.

This could put Coll away forever and change Pitt from Mr. Two to Mr. One.

Mike. Got some bad news. What?

Caroline's been kidnapped. How'd you find out?

Just heard it on the radio. You know?

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

And that's not all. What?

Ginny Lee's in City General. What?

Speer called, said she was hit by a car.


Guess I'll go home? No! No, no, no, stay.

Furniture polish.

Better call Fat Freddie, tell him about Ginny.

I already did.

You do good work, kid.

Hello? This is Pitt.

I was just on my way over to see you, Mr. Pitt.

I have the goods. You better not double-cross me.

Why would I do a stupid-ass thing like that?

You do, and she's dead. I told you, I'll bring you the goods.

She better be okay.

You don't hear from me by morning, tell your friend, the cop... to drag the river with a magnet.


I know, kid.

Doesn't anybody knock anymore?

Now, Addy!

Got it.



I'm covered in gasoline. What?

I'm covered in goddamn gasoline! Stay the hell away from me.

Oh, I've been doing it all wrong. I've been hiding.

You just walk down the middle of the street, huh?

Two guys down there on the right, and two guys on the left.

There's four guys down there altogether.

Oh, no.


We did all right, huh? What a team.

I start off slow, but I had to set them up for you.

Don't tell me why you hit me. Let me guess.

They took the tire out of your cage, and you're peeved.

You said you'd tell me when you found Ginny Lee.

I don't give a damn... Where you going?

I got things to do and places to go, pal.

You're under arrest. For what?

For obstructing justice, assaulting a police officer... disturbing the peace and anything else I can think of.

They got Caroline.

Who? Pitt.

Let me go. I'll wrap it up in a neat package and give it to you, all right?

What do you say?

Get out of here. I appreciate that. I really do.

Next time I see you, I'll hit you so hard, I'll knock you... into the Stone Age, where you came from.

Hello. You okay?

Come on, I'll give you a ride home.

In a cop car? My cop car.

That would be nice, Speer. Real nice.

How come you're not married?

How come you're not? I don't know.

Lots of reasons.

Why do you and Mike go at each other so hard?

I don't know. Lots of reasons.

Five card draw.

Keep your shirt on.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Hi. Why did you bust my door?

Nobody knocks anymore. Haven't you heard?

You're nuts, Murphy. Where is she?

Not here.

Not till I know she's safe.

Exterminate this pest.

Don't you want to know what's in the case?

Hold it! I know what better be in there. Oh, that's in there.

I think you just said goodbye. And a little surprise just for you.

What? Dynamite.


Enough to blow this garage right over to the wealthy section of town.

You're bluffing.

I relax my grip and we go boom!

Blast him. We shoot him, boss, he relaxes.

Give me that.

I'm calling your bluff.

I hope you like loud noises. Evening, gents.



Is this a private party or can anybody attend?

I thought you were sitting this one out? I lied.

What are you pointing the gun at the suitcase for? It's dead already.

Oh, what if I shoot me a live cop?

Well, that'd give the 20 officers I have outside just cause.

Check it out.

Hey! I gotta go to the bathroom.

You stay where you are.

Twenty cops. You're as nuts as him.

We're nuts? He's the one who's got the drop on the luggage.

It's all that corruption. It corrodes their brains.

He says it's full of dynamite. Is it?

Well, two sticks of dynamite and a hand grenade.

What were you gonna do after you dropped it?

I don't know, Ollie. I really should go to the bathroom.

Pee in your pants. I did that.

Nobody out there but an old man walking his dog.

Two dead wise guys.

Well, that old man is Sgt. Lefkowitz.

Who's the guy in the dog suit?

That's Connors. You remember him.

Right. Short legs, long tongue, pants a lot.

Okay, give me the case.

Give it to him. You got it.

I'm out of here. Get up!


You shot Pitt. You killed him, you big dummy.

What were you shooting at me for?

You were shooting at Pitt. He was shooting at you.

I wasn't shooting at you. I was trying to distract you.

Some difference.

Where's Caroline?

What time is it?

What the hell difference does that make to you now? A little after 1.

Two o'clock, I don't call, she don't breath no more.

This ain't so bad.

You get to watch me die, I get to watch you squirm.

Now how do we find Caroline? Dub and Nino.

What does "Dub and Nino" mean, you closed-mouth son of a...

Make that Dub.

That's just terrific. Just goddamn terrific.

I figured somebody had to go down.

Better him than you. Maybe I was wrong.

How we gonna find Caroline if you shoot the bums... that'll tell us where she is? We'll get Dub.

Where we gonna get Dub?

Where would you go if you had an ass load of buckshot?

Doc Loomis. Now you're thinking.

Don't kill anybody. Let me say this to you one more time.

Do not kill anybody. Do me a favor, don't save my life anymore.

My pleasure.

Speer! It's about time.

She's a pal of the cop's too.

We came looking for answers, but maybe we found some insurance too.

You know, this is gonna hurt.

Maybe I should give you some ether. No ether.

Okay, but there's no reason both of us should suffer.

Just get it over with. Patience, Dub.

Where's the girl? What girl?

After you get the information, then you can kill him.

How you been keeping? Not too bad. How about you?

Not too bad. That's good.

Last chance, Dub.

I don't know what you're talking about.


No! No! You crazy!


They still together?

Murphy's still got the goods?


Let me guess. We're going for a little ride.

Look, if it's all the same to you fellas, I think I'll just take the trolley.

Didn't have any tokens anyway.


Your coat, sir? Thank you.

How are you? Fine.

Good to see you.


Peg, I want to have you meet my friend Mr. Smith from St. Louis.

Oh, come right in, Mr. Smith. Thanks.

We have quite a few of your relatives here tonight.

Your 20 and 100. A hundred?

I haven't got that much. I win.

The hell you do. That ain't the way you play.

It's table stakes. Whatever I got in front of me.

And I got 20, 30, 35, 37, and you're called. What do you got?

A straight.

Full house.

All diamonds.

There's a guy on the roof.

Man in the doorway.

Okay, we're not going to shoot anybody until we know Caroline's all right.



Seven card stud, deuces and one-eyed jacks wild.

For Pete's sake!

Is this the place, Ollie? That's right, Stanley.

Where do you two rum-dums think you're going?

Is this the public library? Look, pal...

All right, what now?

You can go up and take out the goon on the roof.

Why do I go up on the roof?

Because I'm stealthy. That means you've gotta be agile. Right, shorty?

Listen, ape face, after this is over, I'm gonna show you how agile I am.

You name the time. I'll see you inside.

Hey, Speer? Let's not kill anybody until we get Caroline, okay?

What is this?

Police business. Take her around the block.

Get your clothes off.

It's your bet.

What? You got a deuce.

Not so bad now, huh?

What are you doing? Go watch the window.

This bet's 50. Nine. King.

Hey. Got a match?

And an ace to the dealer. Fair bet.

Hey, I don't see Lefty. Probably taking a leak.

Two hundred. I'm out.

Call. Raise 100.

You're raising? You haven't got a pair showing.

Well, he ain't there. I think somebody ought to go and check.

What are you talking about? What's that?

All right.

Your jacket? I can't give you my jacket.

And why not? Because I've got a gun right here.

Hello, lieutenant. Since when do you have the cathouse detail?

I want you, your girls and customers on the street in five minutes.

I'm entertaining two congressmen and a superior court judge.

And a kidnap victim. Primo didn't give me any choice.

Primo's dead. We can be out of here in two minutes.

Where's the girl?

End of the hall, facing the street, upstairs.

How many guns?

Four upstairs, one across the street, one on the roof, one shooting pool.

How about a fast game of sleeper? Never heard of it.

Well, it's simple. You go ahead and make your shot, and I put you to sleep.


I'm agile.

Who appointed him the boss anyway?

My, Granny, what big eyes you have.

My, Granny, what big ears you have.

My, Granny...

Murphy! Hi, Marie.

What the hell you doing?

I'm gonna do to a couple of mugs what you're gonna do to the congressman.

Are you ready?

Six nines. Five queens.

Hold it, Barney. You can't have six cards.

The hell I can't. Only five cards count.

Not in this game. In any poker game.

This ain't any poker game. This is her dumb game.

Dumb deuces, one-eyed jacks.

I don't know if I'm winning or losing this dumb game.

Oh, so big, so strong.

No, no, I don't want the animal thing. Oh, sorry. Keep it up.

Pardon me. I'm sorry.

That's everybody but the second floor. Good.

Not too much breakage, please.

Will that make it 40? I raise. I raise you, Barney, all the time.

What the...? What are you doing?

Take a walk. Wrong room.

I raised over here. You bet. Let's go.

Hey, baby. You hear? I said, take a walk!

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

Hold it. Hold it! Later, Speer, later!


Well, it's about time!

Michael Twitchell Murphy, I'm getting scared again.

No, it's all over now. No, I don't mean gangsters.

I'm really getting scared, Mike.

I'm a little terrified myself. So, what do we do about it?

Get that camera out of here.

All right. Let's go.

I want my goods.

Hold it.

You call it.

Let him have it.


Sooner or later, I'm gonna get those rats.

I got a feeling it's gonna be sooner.

I thought you said you defused that. I lied.

Sit right here, lieutenant.

Speer, you amaze me. Thank you, my dove.


Hi, Addy. You know, I been thinking it over, and... we make a pretty fair team.

Yeah, I suppose so, shorty.

All right, that tears it.

Step out here, brass ass, and let's settle this right now.

Hey, pal! Pipe down and then sit down.

Down in front. Sit down!

Hey, pal, when you talk to me, stand up. Sorry, you are standing.

No reason to kneel. We're not in church.

Oh, boy! We can play ball. We got three bases.

Play ball.

This is either the Woolworth building, in which case it's okay, or...

"The Leith police dismisseth us."

Aren't you gonna help him?

I abhor violence.

"The Leith police dismisseth us."

I got a situation here. So?

That's it.

I'll take it from here. Good luck in your radio career.

Where we going? Out there, huh? Fine with me.

I need a lot of room for you, pal. Yeah.

I looked up "Neanderthal" in the dictionary.

There was a picture of you.


Right here. That's good for me.

I don't know what Addy sees in you.

You know, she should go out with humans.

I was wrong.

What? You can't take care of yourself.

They wrote a song about you.

"Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"

You want to know something? What?

You'll always be "shorty" to me.