City of God (2002) Script

Fuck, the chicken's got away! Go after that chicken, man!

Go on, for fuck's sake!

Get that chicken!

If it's a good photo, I'll get a job at the paper.

You think so, Rocket? Gotta take the risk.

You'd risk your life for a picture? Forget it!

You think I want to meet up with that motherfucking hood?

Get that chicken, bro!

Motherfucker! I told you to grab that chicken!

Outta my way!

Get that chicken!

If Li'l Z' catches you, he'll kill you.

Yeah, well, he's gotta find me first.

Hey, kid! Get that chicken! Get that chicken!

Shit! The cops!

Don't fucking run off!

Give me that.

Hey, Melonhead! You fucking fag!

A picture could change my life, but... in the City of God, if you run away, they get you...

...and if you stay, they get you too. They're coming for us!

It's been that way ever since I was a kid...


You're useless, man!

Go get the ball! Fucking useless!

Hey, kid!

Give me the ball, I wanna play.

It's not yours. You wanna mess with me?

Fuck off.

What's your name? Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.

My name's Rocket. Some advice, Rocket...

Don't let Li'l Dice touch that ball. He sucks.

You lose, pal. Go, Shaggy!

That's Shaggy.

To tell the story of the City of God, I have to start with him.

8, 9, 10, 11...

But in order to tell Shaggy's story, I must tell the story of the Tender Trio.

Well, Shaggy? The gas truck's coming. What are you fucking around for?

You're not gonna chicken out...


The notorious Tender Trio was legendary in the City of God.


Clipper... and Goose.

Tagging along were always Li'l Dice and Benny...

Shaggy's brother.

I never had the courage to follow my brother, Goose.

Okay, let's go.

Come on, Goose.

Let's go!

Stop! Stop! Stop this fucker!

Stop or l'll shoot, motherfucker!

Get out!

Hurry up, asshole! Gimme the money!

Who wants gas?

More! You wanna die for your boss' damn money?

Shitloads of money here!

You see, asshole?


Fuck! The cops!

Let's get outta here!

Clear out! The place is crawling with cops!

Shaggy! The ball, Goose, it's yours!

Back then, I thought the guys in the Tender Trio... were the most dangerous hoods in Rio.

Here! Buy some new balls.

But they were just amateurs.

Even my brother, Goose. Rocket, give this money to dad.

But don't tell him it's from me.


Hey, Stringy! Yeah?

Look how much l've got.

We came to the City of God hoping to find paradise.

Many families were homeless due to flooding... and acts of arson in the ghettos.

A light post! We'll have electricity!

The bigwigs in government didn't joke around.

Homeless? Off to City of God!

There was no electricity, paved streets or transportation.

But for the rich and powerful our problems didn't matter.

We were too far removed... from the picture postcard image of Rio de Janeiro.

Do you think I can become a lifeguard one day?

I don't know.

Being a lifeguard is better than a fishmonger.

I don't want to sell fish. It stinks.

Are you insulting your father? No.

So what do you want to be?

I don't know.

Not a hood or a policeman. Why not?

I'm scared of getting shot.

Put that thing away, kid. Are you nuts?

Pointing that gun at me?

Take it easy with the kid, Goose. Li'l Dice is with me.

Right, I'm a gangster too.

That gas truck didn't bring much. So what?

We rob gas trucks every day. One today, another tomorrow.

No, we need to rob some rich guy's house.

That's the only way to get outta here.

Hell, no. What you need is to follow my plan.

That's it.

The little fart's getting too big for his britches!

He gets high and starts talking bullshit.

You two junkies aren't worth half as much as that kid.

What you got in mind, Li'l Dice?

To be a real hood you need more than just a gun. You need ideas.

And Li'l Dice had them.

Is that the motel? Yeah.

We go in, grab the money and get out. No killing, got that?

I need this. Don't touch my gun, kid.

Don't ever do that again.

Don't point at me. Fuck you.

Don't point your finger at me! Stop acting like a baby!

Here's yours.

Awesome! Let's go!

Not so fast! What?

You stay here and keep watch.

If the cops come, shoot that window over there.

Why me? Let that dork do that. Look...

I gave you this great plan, for free... While that guy's absolutely useless!

You just had the idea. Exactly!

You're just a kid, remember?

You cover us, okay?

You'll get your turn, so cool it. Stop trying to rush things.

You stay there.

This is a hold-up, bitch.

You should be studying or working. You don't even look like hoodlums.

Instead, you ought to be working or studying, boy.

Shut up! What a pain in the ass!

Okay, Clipper?

Shall we go in?

I didn't order anything.

It's on the house, sir. Hand over the money!

Keep calm, all I want is your cash.

Don't point that... Your wallet...

Hey, man...

What kind of whorehouse is this?

You from the church? Yes, brother.

Give it to me!


You're old, fat and flabby!

Wanna take her place?

What's going on?

The cops! Let's beat it! Let's go!

Take that car. I'll go get Li'l Dice.

Jesus, what a car!

Something fucked up. Li'l Dice's gone. The cops are shooting, let's go!

Slow down! Hold on...

You said you knew how to drive. I do, so cool it!

Turn! Watch out!

You fucking asshole!

Hey, I didn't do it on purpose.

No one saw anything. So keep your mouths shut, understand?

Hold on, I twisted my ankle.

Goose fucked up his ankle.

It fucking hurts.

Take him into the woods. I'll shoot to distract the cops.

In God we trust. In God we trust.

Pass me the telephone, Penguin.

Shorty is another notorious guy in the City of God.

But it's not yet time to tell his story.

It fucking hurts, Goose. Shut up.

Wait up... You sound like a damn sissy, man.

Give me your hand! Climb up! No one saw anything?

How odd! A car crashes into a bar and no one saw a thing.

I suppose you didn't see anything either?

As usual, no one saw, no one knows.

So what's up, Shorty?

They're hiding in the woods.

Hello, Melonhead. How are you doing?

I have this feeling that they're out in the woods.

The motherfuckers. They're out in the woods.

Felipe, lock up the car. Rangel, come with me.

I can't see a thing. How the hell can they see?

Fucking jungle.

They stole a fortune at that motel. I know.

What if we took the money?

Are you crazy? I'm not getting mixed up in that.

I want to exterminate these guys.

What? Since when is stealing from niggers and thieves a crime?

It won't be hard to nab them. I have a stoolie in the City.

Did you hear those shots? If I catch one of them, I'll kill him.


Open the door.

What's the matter? The cops are after me.


Shaggy! The cops are on my ass!

Hide me! Quick, come in.

Shit... I thought the cops would be down there all night.

I had a vision, Goose.

You been smoking something?

You've had a job, right? Yeah.

What's it like? What do people say?

I worked with my father.

And fathers talk a lot of shit.

You know what, Goose? I'm getting out, I don't want to die.

This gangster's life isn't for me. Wait! The cops are still down there.

I don't give a shit.

I'm going back to the church.

He that dwells in the secret place of the most High... shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord...

He is my refuge and my fortress, in Him will I trust.

Fear not the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day... nor the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor the destruction...

Stop, motherfucker! Don't move!

Stop, or l'll shoot!

...shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

The hold-up at the motel went down as the bloodiest in history.

The destinies of the outlaws then took different paths.

I don't think this guy was involved in the heist.

See here?

He's a worker, not a hoodlum. I'll make him one now.

Destiny put Clipper back into the hands of God.

Shaggy was in Bernice's hands.

And Goose was in my father's hands.

Why do you do these things? You think l'm a fool?

From now on, you'll work with me.

Your younger brother will keep an eye on you.

You listen to me.

If I catch you with money that isn't yours, I'll kill you.

That goes for you too. Get changed! You start work immediately.

Having a hood as a brother sucks. You always end up footing the bill.

Don't worry. Dad's mad at me... but he'll get over it.

Give me that, Rocket. It's not for you. You have to study.

Getting shot doesn't scare you? I'm a hood because I got no brain.

But you're smart. You should study.

I go to school because I don't like physical work.

Promise me something... That you'll never touch this gun. Promise?

Let's shake.

We'd better hurry.

I'm gonna sell a lot of fish. And don't laugh.

You grinned when I got slapped.

Who, me? I saw you.

What is it, Shaggy? Cat got your tongue?

Your fidgeting behind me makes me nervous.

I'm thinking of what to say to you. You're thinking, as well?

Don't. It'll be your downfall.

My heart has chosen you. And I follow my heart.

Are you pulling my leg?

You never heard of love at first sight?

Hoods don't love, they desire. You cut down everything I say.

Hoods don't talk, they smooth-talk.

Well, l'll stop wasting my breath on you.

Hoods don't stop, they take a break.

Talking to you about love sure is complicated.

It's not love, it's a con game.

It's just that I love you.

You just might end up convincing me...

After the hold-up, there were constant police raids in the ghetto.

Every day, someone went to jail, someone was nailed.

But no one had seen anything. No one knew anything.

No one blabbed to the cops about where the thieves were hiding out.

3 MONTHS LATER Shaggy...

Why don't you change your life?

Get a job instead of lying around in bed all day.

Good-for-nothing! What do you mean?

You think you can make money working? Go ahead.

That's right, Shaggy... what do you think I do all day?

Take it easy, baby... you know all I want is to be with you, have kids... and a farm, raise chickens, grow pot and get high.

Sure! For me, that's nothing but smooth-talk.

What? I almost got rich with that motel job.

Are you kidding?

The cops are still looking for you because of the deaths in the motel.

What deaths? What are you talking about?

Did you see anything? You don't know shit, so shut up.

You weren't there. I didn't kill anyone.

I bet it's those fucking policemen, and l'm the one taking the rap.

They even nabbed Li'l Dice. So don't bring it up again!

I don't care who did it. It wasn't me.

Let me just say... I don't want my kid's father to be a hoodlum.

You're all alone, Shaggy.

All alone? That's right!

Clipper's gone religious. Hallelujah!

Goose is working. Ass-kisser!

And you? I haven't changed. So what?

They've deserted me, that's all.

Then l'm deserting you too.

I'm splitting, Shaggy. Come with me, if you want.

Otherwise, l'll go alone.

Fish for sale!

My brother had promised to stop messing around.

But a hood doesn't stop, a hood takes a break.

Goose began messing around with Shorty's wife.

I have trout. But for special customers like you...

I also have a kisser fish.

Hey, that's a mullet!

Doesn't your husband... go down on you?


Mine, before entering me, has to use his tongue.

For about half an hour. And from behind? Do you let him?

Good God, no. Doesn't it hurt? The first few times.

Then you'll see, it's fantastic. But you need a banana.

What for?

You're missing the good things in life, girl!

You take a banana, warm it up...

Put it up your thing, while he takes you from behind.

It's a real rush! Ask your husband.

I couldn't. You don't know him. He's liable to beat me.

Try him. Men go wild for smut like that.

Motherfucking nigger!


Whoring bitch!

Rocket, give me your shorts. Quick!

Take them off, dammit! I'm not going naked in the street.

You want your brother to die? Give me your shorts. Now!

Give me your shirt.

Your shorts! Hurry up!

I knew it. It's always me who forks up for that bum.

The bastard ran off. That's his brother.

That brat there? I'll castrate that fucker.

Fish! Fish for sale!

Hey, kid, come over here.

Where's your brother? He's not working today.

Oh yeah? Get in. I didn't do anything.

Get in! What about my fish?

Hurry it up, kid! I don't want to lose my fish!

Forget your fish. Sit your ass down.

My father will kill me. That doesn't matter.

Let's go. There's nothing here.

That day, my father swore he never wanted to see my brother again.

Let's go, Felipe.

And he never did. No one ever saw him in the ghetto again.

The story of the Tender Trio was coming to an end.

Li'l Dice? Shit, man. I thought you were a goner at the motel.

You're fucking loaded! Don't, Benny. That's our money.

Fuck you. Cut the crap and give me the money.

Benny... Tell your brother Shaggy that Shorty is squealing.

I'm leaving the ghetto. But Shorty had his hands full...

Let's go see, Stringy.

A neighbor called the police before sunrise.

The tabloids went to town:

"Man Buries Wife Alive in the City of God"

Along with reporters, the place was swarming with cops.

The hoodlums took off.

You wanna die? It's you who's gonna die... if you don't do what I say. And show the lady more respect.

Let's go, dammit!

There are cops ahead. Fuck them, let's go.

Where to? Anywhere, just go.

What's the matter? Have mercy!

This car's a piece of junk. My ass! Start the damn thing!

It needs a push.

Push, Shaggy!



You want to arrest the thieves? Over there...

Nab that guy over there!

Run, Shaggy!

Stop the car!

This way! He's over here. We got that sonofabitch!

The bastard! He's a murderer.

On the day Shaggy died I remember the crowds... and a camera.

I'd always wanted to have one.

Let's go to school.

Well? Let's go to the beach.

But we have an exam.

So what?

Everyone else is at the beach.

Come on, let's go!

She's in a bikini, but doesn't want to go.

What's that saying you have?

The sun is for everyone. The beach, for those who deserve it.

THE SEVENTIES Over here! I bought my first camera... when I was 16. Like all poor people, I started at the bottom... with the world's cheapest model.

So, Rocket? How are things going?

Any luck getting laid yet?


Angelica. I was crazy about her. So, Rocket, still clicking away?

She was gorgeous and the only girl in our gang who screwed.

I wanted to lose my virginity with her.

With her, buddy? She's got a guy.

So? I'm not jealous. Her father's a sergeant.

No one's perfect. Closer together!

I was the official photographer of our gang.

The gang of groovies. Everyone paid to have copies of the pictures.

Thiago, move back a little.

Is this okay? Perfect.

I need a joint.

Instead of smoking, man, you should snort coke. It's far out.

You snort, Thiago? I prefer a good toke.

If you like, I can get it for you.

You can? Then go on, move your ass!

But the choice stuff is coke. That's a real nercotic.


Your mouth is all salty, Thiago. Screw you.

You want to be a lifeguard, Stringy?

You're never in the water. My dad's a lifeguard.

I'll bet you a beer I swim better. You're on.

If you like, I can go get you a joint at Blacky's.

I'd have done anything to please her...

Buy her pot, coke...

I could go to the top dogs to buy quality stuff at a good price... because the local boss was a former classmate: Blacky.

Who is it? Rocket.

How are things down there? Fine.

And the kids? Fine too.

You want to buy or smoke a joint? Buy.

Come in, buddy.

Who is it?

This was Blacky's turf.

But it hadn't always been his.

Hey, Blacky. Fuck, Li'l Dice.

You show up like this at my place? Who said it was your place?

THE STORY OF THE APARTMENT Dona Zelia began selling drugs here... when her husband died, in order to raise her daughters.

She also gave away drugs to boys at times in return for special favors.

Her favorite was "Big Boy". One day, he grew very big!

Zelia's operation was so amateur that he had no trouble seizing it from her.

Big Boy used the neighborhood kids as dealers.

What about my pot? Stick it up your ass.

The best dealer...

...was Carrot.

Can I have a sip? Sure.

He earned Big Boy's trust... was promoted, and moved up to become a manager.

Blacky, 20 for us and 5 for you, okay?

One day a buddy of Carrot's showed up.

His name was Aristotle. My wife needs an operation.

His family had taken Carrot in when he was down and out.

He couldn't refuse to help a brother in need.

Here's the dope. I want the dough no later than Friday.

You've bailed me out, brother. Friday.

He's my buddy, practically my brother, Big Boy.

Give him another week.

Either you kill him, or I'll kill you. Carrot had no choice.

I said Friday. Don't do it, man.

Carrot wanted to kill Big Boy, but it wasn't necessary.

Big Boy hadn't paid off the cops. He died in jail.

Carrot took everything that belonged to Big Boy... but didn't want the apartment... the place was ill-fated. Carrot gave it to his most trusted dealer...

Here. 150 bags. Blacky.

Give me more. This place is crawling with druggies.

That's how he took over the local trade.

But not for long...

Who is it?

Go see.

Hey, Blacky. Fuck, Li'l Dice.

You show up like this at my place? Who said it was your place?

Yeah, who?

Something wrong, Li'l Dice? Li'l Dice, my ass.

My name is Li'l Z' now.


Li'l Z' had always wanted to be boss of the City of God... ever since he was little and was called "Li'l Dice".

They're having fun, and not me?

I want to get out of here.

What, kid? Your friend took everything. What do you want?

That night, Li'I Dice satisfied his thirst to kill... though he knew Shaggy would never forgive him.

To avoid being punished he left the City of God.

He had to work hard for peanuts.

Yeah, Benny! Li'l Dice and Benny managed well.

They had the gift of crime.

You have more money than me. It was my idea.

The only problem was running into an older hoodlum... my brother, Goose. Li'l Dice?

Shit, man. I thought you were a goner at the motel.

You're fucking loaded!

Don't, Benny. That's our money.

Benny, tell your brother Shaggy... that Shorty is squealing. I'm leaving the ghetto.


From Shaggy. You'll need it.

From one hit to the next, Li'l Dice grew up.

At 18, he was the most respected hood in the City of God.

You're of age now, watch out!

He was one of the most wanted robbers in Rio.

Li'l Dice, how's it going?

Happy birthday. I'm so glad you've turned 18...

Get lost, Tuba! Excuse me, amigo...

Give me a beer!

Didn't you see me, prick?

Sorry, man. Up yours!

The next time, l'll waste you, asshole!


Li'I Dice was ready for anything.

I wanna talk.

And he was itching to start. Who are the fattest cats here?

There are tons of them. Look at Jerry Adriani... gold chain, snazzy clothes.

Look at Pereira and the chick he's with...

Bernice. She was my brother's girl. Check out his car.

Then there's Blacky. Covered in gold.

Gold chain, gold watch...

Look at Carrot, and his car.

They're all dealers. They're all fucking loaded.

Hold-ups bring in chickenshit.

The big bucks are in drugs. I see.

Especially in selling coke.

But you need money. Not really...

We'll kill these clowns and take over their business.

When do we start? Now.

Exu-the-Devil is the light that shines forth.

He brought you here.

Why remain in the City of God where God has forgotten you?

I know what you want. You want power.

I have something which will give it to you.

To change your fate, I give you my protector, boy.

But you mustn't fornicate with the amulet... otherwise... you'll die.

The boy is no longer called Li'l Dice... but Li'l Z'.

Li'l Z' will grow up.

You stick with me, l'll stick with you.

Li'l Dice became Li'I Z' and he began to kill.

He started one morning, taking over Jerry Adriani's racket.

By that night, almost all of the rackets in the ghetto were his.

The only business he didn't touch was Carrot's... since he was a friend of Benny's. All that was left was the apartment...

But that would be easy.

Who is it?

Hey, Blacky. Fuck, Li'l Dice.

You show up like this at my place? Who said it was your place?

Something wrong, Li'l Dice? Li'l Dice, my ass.

My name is Li'l Z' now. His name's Li'l Z', see?

You're a goner, bastard. Don't kill him. He understands.

Right, Blacky?

It's all yours, I don't want anything. I don't want no trouble, okay?

I should have taken this chance to avenge my brother's death.

You'll live, but you'll work for us. Understand?

That's easy to say...

Where are you going? He's clean, Li'l Z'.

What's your name, kid?

Rocket. He's Goose's brother.

Goose? The late Goose.

Quick, kid. Run along.

Tell everyone that this business now belongs to Li'l Z'.

And that we'll be selling coke. Got that?


Where's the turf? Over there, on the left.

Selling drugs is like any other business.

The supplier delivers the merchandise... which is then packaged on the premises.

It's done in an assembly line.

Boring as hell...

Pot is wrapped up in "lids".

Cocaine is put into packets... and then into bundles of 10 or 100.

You can even make a career in dealing drugs.

The kids start out as delivery boys.

They're paid to run errands and take messages.

Then they become lookouts. If the police arrive... the kites disappear and everyone scrams.

Later, you become a dealer or a "vapor".

When the heat's on, the "vapor" quickly evaporates.

Moving up the ladder, you have the "soldier".

And if the guy is good at math, he can become a manager... the boss' right-hand man.

The police receive their part and don't make trouble.

Since Li'l Z' killed off all of his enemies... there were no shoot-outs in the City of God. You could drive there...

The playboys felt safe buying their drugs there.

The City teemed with addicts and Li'l Z' grew rich.

Is it okay? It's a deal.

I can't decide which to wear. This one's cool.

If dealing were legal, Li'l Z' would have been man of the year.

But things were risky for me. I was afraid of him.

And he was everywhere. What a drag this guy is.

Whenever I wanted to smoke a joint I had to go see Carrot.

Half a lid. Thanks.

But it was worth it. I only smoked with Angelica.

She and Thiago had split up, so I made my move.

I was about to win her over... These pictures are really great.

You think so? I look good here.

You look beautiful everywhere. I'm serious.

Me too.

A setting sun, a deserted beach... a long kiss...

I was sure this was it...

But the Runts arrived.

Can I have a toke?


I'm going. See you later.

Hold on, Angelica.

Your joint, man. Keep it.

What a cool guy.

That was my first run in with the Runts.

Steak and fries, Benny. Great! Here...

A tip for you. Really? Thanks.

Wanna eat something? No.

Wanna trade this watch? After Angelica left him...

Thiago began snorting more and more.

Is it your grandfather's? No, my dad's.

When a guy is really hooked he ends up in the hands of the dealer.

Two bags of ten. One of ten.

Okay, one bag. For Thiago, it was different.

Watch out! Sorry, godfather.

Godfather, my ass. Did I baptize your kids?

I'm sorry. Now beat it.

Blacky, lend me your bike.

Hey, wanna race?

Where to? Up to the highway.

Okay. Ready? Go!

Pretty tough, wasn't it? Yeah, you're good.

Where'd you buy those sneakers?

Not far from here. The shirt, as well?

No, uptown. Cool.

It's a designer shirt.

If I give you money can you buy me one?

Shorts and a shirt?

Buy whatever you can.

What size are you? Measure me.

With what, man? Shit, with your hand.

Shoe size? Turn around.

Hey, Benny! You got the digs?

Just one pair of pants? No, there's more.

You like it? Yeah.

There's some change.

Keep it. Cool.

This is Benny.

This is Rocket. Hi. I know him.

I've become a playboy.

Hey, gangsters, listen to this...

Watch out...

Groovies shake their asses before laying a big one.

Oh, yeah?

Fuck off, you bastards!

Making fun of me?


Benny, didn't I tell you to shoot Carrot? He's endangering the ghetto.

Cool it. Go talk to him. I'm gonna kill that fucker.

Stop trying to wipe out everyone. I'm gonna kill him.

Don't worry, Angelica. The guys in here are cool.

Sure, l'm not worried.

You gonna dance, Benny? What about Carrot?

Go on, buddy. Go talk to the guy.

Benny was the coolest hood in the City of God.

He gave away pot, paid for drinks.

Li'l Z' was the opposite. He had one obsession:

To be the boss of the ghetto.

He wanted an excuse to take over Carrot's racket.

Hey, Carrot. What's up?

You shouldn't let the Runts do hold-ups in the ghetto.

You look after your section, l'll look after mine.

Got that? I'm gonna get a drink.

Hey, Rocket! How's it going? Great.

Hey, Benny! How's it going?

Hey, Thiago. How are you? Good.

May I? Sure...

Wanna dance?

Is it okay at your place? No problem.

My parents are out. You'll be all alone with her.

You can lose your virginity tonight. Not so loud, man!

Everyone will hear.

You're beautiful. Thank you.

Shit! Nothing's happening.

Look, man, I know the Runts are associated with you.

Think I'm a sucker, you little brat? You want to take my racket?

I want to talk to you because you're fucking useless.

Get your hand away!

The Runts are screwing up our security, man.

Give the baby his bottle.

Carrot, just ask the kids to cool it, okay?

Carrot's useless. He lets the Runts do hold-ups in his section.

The police come around and that's bad for business.

I'll do it only because I like you.

But you need to change that baby's diapers.

I'll show you who's the baby...

Tell the kids that in my ghetto no one robs or rapes!

No wonder you're "Little" Z'!

The Runts were kids who didn't respect the laws of the ghetto.

They would mug residents, hold up bakeries... especially in Carrot's section.

What are you doing?

You rob me all the time! But they didn't know... that the City had a boss now.

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING US The City had become much safer for residents.

There were hardly any hold-ups now.

You just had to go see Li'l Z'.

Let's go. Don't hurt the Runts.

I won't touch them.

Hi, Steak. How's it going, Li'l Z'?

Wanna take a walk, Steak? With you? Hold on...

Mom, l'm going out with my friends.

That's the best chicken I ever ate.

The old guy was scared shitless. Feeling sorry for him?

You're crazy, man!

Why not stick up a bank or a supermarket?

Peanuts. Drugs are where it's at. Yeah, selling drugs.

But you have to start out as a delivery boy. You wanna be a delivery boy?

It's a rip off. It takes a long time to move up.

You have to wait till an older guy gets killed to move up.

I don't wanna wait till some guy croaks. I'm gonna do what Li'l Z' did.

I'm gonna wipe them all out.

Talking about me, kid? The boss is here.

Come back, you brat!

They're quick, those kids. They run fast.

They're all gone except you. Any others?

You're gonna pay for the ones that escaped.

You choose. Shall I shoot you in the hand or foot?

Come on, choose!

Hand or foot?

Choose, for fuck's sake!

Hand. The little hand, eh?


Hey, Steak'n'fries, let's see what you're made of.

Choose and then kill one of them.

Leave it. I'll do it. Butt out, Tuba. This is for him.

Go on, Steak.

Go on, choose one and shoot.

Come on, I haven't got all day.

Kill one of them.

Let's go, Steak. I'm in a hurry.

I wanna see what you're made of.

Well done!

You did it.

You're one of us. Give me five. Very good, Steak.

Get up, brat. Go back to your rat hole. Without limping!

Tell your buddies that no one robs in Li'l Zs ghetto.

Go now. And no limping, okay?

Cool, Li'l Z'.

While Li'l Z' was winning the respect of the residents...

Benny was winning Angelica's heart.

As for me, I was still a virgin, single and broke.

I had no choice.

SUCKER'S LIFE I had to take a job in a supermarket.

I worked long hours for chicken feed. I wanted to be laid off... so I could buy a camera with the severance pay.

But things didn't work out that way.

It's the guy on the beach. Hey, bro!

Still smoking good stuff? Yeah.

That guy's too cool.

Hey, kid. Come here. Lift up your shirt.

We give these ghetto kids a chance and they don't appreciate it.

What about my severance pay? What severance pay?

That fucking manager thought I was part of the gang.

You're fired for serious misconduct. Get out. Immediately!

I didn't get a single cent.

It was like a message from God:

"Honesty doesn't pay, sucker'."


The bus sure took a long time to come. I should already be at work.

Shit, hide that gun. Are you nuts?

It was Goose's. It's broken anyway.

It's not our fault, the company runs few buses on this line.

It's never anyone's fault. It's always someone else's.

But it's the workers who suffer. And then, they make us squeeze!

Have a nice evening, ma'am.

I know that guy.

He lives in the City. He'll recognize us.

So? He couldn't care less if we take his boss' money.

Okay. Let's go.

Well, boys? Aren't you from the City of God?


I'll let one of you through without paying.

You should study so you can get out of the ghetto.

It's too full of cops and hoodlums.

Did you study? I was in school and in the army.

I was the best marksman in my barracks.

This job was all I could find afterwards.

But I do karate. If l'm hired somewhere... l'll leave the ghetto.

Do you fight, then? I'm for peace and love.

But if I have to...

He didn't know he would have to.

But not yet, it's not time to tell Knockout Ned's story.

We should be going. Let's go.

Good bye. Thanks.

See you.

I couldn't do it. He was such a cool guy.

Yeah, totally. That's Gerson's brother.

Let's go home.

There's nothing here except that bakery over there.

What will you say? I don't know. "This is a hold-up."

Here's my number.

You like soul or groovy parties? Soul.

That one didn't work either.

The counter girl was just too foxy. And she flirted with me.

Will you call me?

I couldn't pull a gun on her, she was too sweet.

Yeah, I agree.

Excuse me. I'm lost. How do I get to Barra?

To Barra? Yes.

I thought: "Tough luck for this guy from Sao Paulo."

In fact, we were going there. You're kidding.

You're a lifesaver. That's right.

Because no guy from Sao Paulo could ever be cool.

The body's over here. We found it, Chief.

The forensic expert!

Not a pretty sight, eh? You said it.

What a great singer. You like him?

I love music. What about you? Tell me, do you also like pot?

I can't say l've never tried it.

The devil recognizes his own.

Do you have papers? I think so.

I have some.

I'd always been an ace at rolling a joint.

If l'd had the same skill with girls... l'd never have lost so many chances to lose my virginity.

For a Sao Paulo guy you're very cool. Thanks, bro.

What did they use?

A club or a rock. And the child?

Untouched. Thank goodness.

How long ago? About four hours.

Can we take it away? Go ahead.

The murderer has to be from the City of God.

You bastard! You motherfucker!

Did you have to kill your chick in the ghetto?

The place is crawling with cops now! Come on, Li'l Z'.

Come on? Fuck you! I had to avenge my honor.

Her family's turned me in. You won't have any problems.

The cops are everywhere because of you. You're dead meat, asshole.

Let up, Li'l Z'. You've punished him enough.

You know the law.

Anyone who kills in my ghetto has to die as an example.

That was his business, Li'l Z'.

Listen, you sonofabitch, get outta the ghetto.

You showed no respect, understand?

You know what, Benny?

You're too nice. If you raise a snake, expect to get bitten.

He wasn't worth shit.

A dirty traitor. Shut up, Tuba.

I'm going for a walk with my girl.

Okay, be careful. When things calm down... we'll get back to our business with Carrot, okay?

You need a girlfriend, Li'l Z'.

Know what l'm thinking, Benny?

That l'm so sexy?

That too. But I mean, you know what we could do?

Make love again. I'm serious.

We could go away from here. This violence sucks.

Go where?

To a farm.

We're really hippies at heart, aren't we?

A farm?

Peace and love?


Benny was just too cool to go on being a hoodlum.

He succeeded in getting everybody together for his good-bye party.

The gangs...

The soul crowd...

The religious crowd... One day, l'll go to church.

The samba crowd...

The groovy crowd...

And Li'l Z', who had never danced in his life.

Want to dance with me? Want to dance with me?

I didn't hear... Want to dance?

No, thank you, l'm with someone.

Hey, Rocket!

Come, I want to talk to you, buddy.

You can't just split with that chick. Why not?

I'm gonna go live on a farm, smoke pot, listen to rock.

You wanna throw away everything we've accomplished for that bitch?

She's not a bitch, she's my girl.

We'll take over Carrot's business, it'll be yours.

Leave Carrot alone, he's a good guy. He's a motherfucker!

See? Everyone's a motherfucker to you. That's why l'm leaving.

I'm your friend, but l'm getting out.

You got to understand, I have to go.

I love you, man, but l've had enough.

Motherfucker, let's see if you have any balls.

What is this? You wanna die? Fuck off, bitch!

Strip, nigger. I wanna see your ass.

Hurry up! Take it all off! Now!

I wanna see your ass. Come on, faggot!

Let's go, nigger!

Show your ass to everyone!


Strip, dammit! Hurry it up!

What's up, Benny? This camera for a bag of coke?

I don't deal anymore. C'mon, do it for me. You're my friend.

Is it stolen? It's okay, it's my dad's.

Your dad's?

Give it to Li'l Z'. Rocket would love this camera.

Yeah, here. Great.

Here I am!

You wanna be a photographer? Yeah.

Here's a present. Shit, dude! This is great!

Now move your ass. Shake it!

You'll take some great pictures.

Give me that.

Give me back the camera! No!

What's your problem? Are you crazy?

They've killed Benny!

Fuck! Call an ambulance! Where's the motherfucker who did it?

Z', Benny is dead. No! Call a doctor!

Get out of here, bitch! It's your fault!


Where's Carrot?

Blacky's here.

He's in trouble.

I'm fucked.

Why? I'm fucked.

And you are too. I think I killed Benny.

Li'l Z' is coming to take your place.

We can get him, he's in the dance hall.

You killed Benny?

I didn't mean to. He moved. I was aiming at Li'l Z'.

Come on, let's go.


You killed the coolest hood in the City of God.

Let's go get Li'l Z'.

Carrot knew that without Benny only a miracle could save his business.

We're fucked, man.

But what better place for a miracle to happen than in the City of God?

Look who's here. My sugar babe.

Let me by. Gimme a kiss, girl.

Let me by, please. Have you seen what you look like?

Come on, Li'l Z'.

Hi, honey. Everything okay, baby?

The problem was simple. Li'l Z' was ugly. Knockout Ned was handsome.

Knockout Ned could get any girl. Li'l Z' had to pay or use force.

It was a duel between the handsome good guy... and the ugly bad guy.

Let me go! Just enjoy it.

There's no use fighting. You're mine now.

Hey, faggot, your broad's really hot!

I can't even look her in the face now.

Why didn't that fucker kill me?

Hold on... Why didn't I kill that fucker?

Let's go back.

What about Carrot? We'll get back to him.

You gonna kill him?

Knockout Ned, your chick's a slut. Come out, motherfucker!

Come out, you loser! Take it easy... l'm going out. Let me go.

Gerson! Come back, son!

This doesn't concern you, kid. We're here for your brother.

Let's talk, we can work it out. My brother's a peaceful guy.

Is he too good-looking to come talk to me? Call him.

He hasn't done anything.

You know who I am?

Li'l Z', man. He's Li'l Z'.

Call that motherfucker!

Go on, man.

Calm down, l'll call him.

My arm! I hurt my arm. Carrot will have to wait.

That loser got what he deserved.

Let's go!


That bastard killed my brother.

I can't let that go.

Want a gun? My son...

Calm down, mom.

Please, mom...

Do it right, asshole.

There's no other way. How'd I let that loser hit me?

Shit, that's some hole.

It's as if we were brothers. Shut up.

Both of us hurt in the arm. You by one brother, me the other.

It would be really funny if we were brothers.

That Knockout Ned's not bad, eh? He came out of nowhere.

Shut up, Tuba! You're a fucking pain!

It was as if the City of God had suddenly found a hero.

God bless you, son.

That kid was just asking to be killed.

Well done.

You did a good job.

You'd better go hide.

I thought Knockout Ned would start a revolution here.

But God had other plans.

Steak, where are all the dealers?

They're hiding. Li'l Z' is in a bad mood.

They get us hooked and then they go off and hide.

Do me a favor. Go get some nose candy for me.

I'll try.

Tell them it's for Thiago, to keep my buzz going.

Steak'n'fries, go to Carrot's and tell him...

Li'l Z' says that if you kill Knockout, he'll leave you alone.

Hey, Knockout Ned. Did you hear that?

Grab the kid!

You heard the boy? If you don't stick with us, you're dead.

I think you should join us. We'll be partners.

Drugs aren't my thing.

This is just something between me and him.

Those guys aren't worth shit.

They'll do anything for power.

Like that kid.

They're all robots, like this punk here.

What's in your head, kid?

Can't you see you're wrecking your life... with that maniac and a bunch of trigger-happy fools?

Are you crazy? You're just a kid. A kid? I smoke, snort... l've killed and robbed. I'm a man.

Shit, you have no idea!

He's attached to his gang. You should join up with us.

Shall we kill him? Steak, we're going to grind you.

Okay, I accept. Great!

Tell your boss that Knockout Ned and Carrot are now in command.

But on one condition: No killing of innocent people.

I can't accept that, understand?

Okay, no innocent people.

Steak fucked up!

Have you a gun for me? No... but we can hold up a gun store.

That's no problem.

I don't want to hold up anything. I'm not a hoodlum.

This is a personal affair between me and him, okay?

I'm not a hoodlum.

He raped your chick... killed your uncle and brother, gunned your house... and you killed one of his guys.

If you're not a hood, then get out.

THE STORY OF KNOCKOUT NED This is a hold-up!

The first time... Where are the revolvers?

...Knockout Ned saved a salesclerk from being shot by Carrot.

We said no killing!

That's the rule.

We want the boss' money. Everyone keep calm. Open the cash register!

You want us to go? We do too.

So hurry up!

Look at the ground! The second time...

Carrot saved Knockout Ned's life.

Ned learned that there's an exception to every rule.

Exception to the rule.

Are you the manager? Yes.

This is a hold-up. Everyone on the ground!

On the ground!

Give me the money!

I'm not kidding.

The first person who moves is dead!

The third time, the exception becomes the rule.

Carrot and Knockout Ned prepared to face Li'l Z'.

Carrot could protect his business.

Knockout Ned... the best marksman in his battalion, wanted revenge.

First, the Italians. This is a 9 mm.

Let me see. Not bad, eh?

The sight isn't well-aligned. I'll give you a good price.

The 12 mm, the "hand job".

See why?

An Uzi, 9 mm. It's Israeli.

The star of David. Jewish.

I want a 30-06.

Now we can start having fun.

The war's on. Let's start with a prayer.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be our name...

Our will be done...

On earth as it is in heaven...

Hoodlums have guns, but can't shoot.

One bullet from Knockout Ned was worth ten from Li'l Zs gang.

Li'l Z' couldn't take it. He counter-attacked.

The ghetto had been a purgatory, now it was hell.

I decided to get out. That's how I became a reporter.

Great photo!

I bet it's by Rogerio Reis.

What did I tell you?

Like any pro...

I started at the bottom, way down at the bottom.

Without knowing what awaited me.

Instead of going home l'd go over to the paper.

A guy from the City of God worked in the lab.

Check this out.

He helped me move closer to what I loved most in life.

Hi, Rogerio. How are you, Pierre?

This is Rocket. He's a photographer.

Hello, Rocket.

He's a fan of yours. Really?

You have good taste, Rocket!

Well, l'm done. I'm off. See you.

What a cool guy!

What should have been a swift revenge... turned into an all-out war.

The City of God was divided.

You couldn't go from one section to the other.

Not even to visit a relative.

The cops considered anyone living in the ghetto a hoodlum.

People got used to living in Vietnam.

And more and more volunteers kept signing up to die.

This kid...

What do you want? A boy from Carrot's gang punched me.

The war was an excuse for everything.

One of Li'l Zs soldiers kicked me.

Take this.22.

The jerk who raped my sister is with Carrot.

Li'l Z' evicted my family.

Kill... Be respected.

I'm Thiago, a friend of Benny's. Can you read? Can you add?

I'm pretty good in business. Okay, get to work.

What do you want? To get my father's murderer.

What's your name? My name's Otto.

What's the matter?

He's a worker. But he wants a gun.

He won't last a week.

A year later, no one remembered how it had all begun.

Take that!

For both sides, the aim was to take over the enemy's business in order... to buy more guns and take over more businesses.

I smoke, snort, l've killed and robbed.

I'm a man.

The media started taking an interest. The police had to intervene.

A gang leader, from the City of God, was arrested today.

Manuel Machado, a.k.a. Knockout Ned... was hospitalized after being wounded by Li'l Zs gang.

Our reporter interviewed him.

Is the war still going on? It's still going on.

Have many people died? Many have died.

Mostly innocent people.

Just knowing me is enough... to get you killed by Li'l Z'.

The police don't go in there? They go after me, not him.

I've been in jail, while he goes on killing undisturbed.

And they don't arrest him.

Knockout Ned says the war will continue.

Police Chief Guedes has promised to arrest both of the gangs.


I'm the boss here, but he gets his picture in the paper!

Have you found mine? Just Knockout Ned's.

Keep looking.

At least my name's got to be in there.

There's nothing. Can you read?

Just the pictures.


Hey, what the fuck are you doing?

It's just the want ads. I don't care, read everything!

But there aren't any articles. Want a bullet in your head?

Gotta show them who's boss here.

Give me the camera! No way!

Take my picture, man.

I can't work it.

Go ahead.

I'll hold the Beretta. Let me try...

Back off...

There's no click. What a bunch of bozos!

I'm fucked with you guys.

I have an idea.

I'll go get a guy I know. Hang loose.

Here he is. Take the camera.

Well, kid?

Aren't you a photographer? Make the camerawork. We can't do it.

Take our picture.

You fucking broke it. It wasn't me.

I found it.

It has to be wound.

What's your name? Rocket.

Another picture, Rocket. How about two rows?

What? Two rows. Everyone with their guns.

You're outside, for Christ's sake! Talk to him nicely, kid.

Sorry. Move in, please.

Another one.

I think the roll's finished. Then show us the pictures.

They have to be developed. Developed?

How much is it?

Take this money. And bring back the pictures.

I have to remove the film. Keep the camera.

Benny wanted to give it to you, didn't he? So, it's yours...


Don't forget the pictures. The photos, Rocket!

Pierre! What?

Can you develop this for me?

I can't, Rocket. I could get into trouble.

It's only for the paper's reporters. I could risk my job.

Pierre? Yes, Rogerio?

Develop these for me. This one too, okay?

I'm going to lunch.

You're lucky. What size?

What? For the enlargement, what size?

Well... Whatever you think is best.

Here. Thanks.

I'm in deep shit now.

I'm as good as dead.

Someone had signed my death sentence.

I wanted to bash the jerk's face in.

Are you Marina? Because of you l'm dead.

You stole my photos.

Dead? Stole? What do you mean? Not so loud.

Not so loud? I'll be killed because of you.

You were gone, your photos were in the lab.

There's nothing I can do. The photos in our lab... are photos to be published in the paper.

I saw the photos, I published them.

You stole them. I did not. Here they are.

Give them to me. Just a second.

Here are your photos.

Are there any others? Calm down. What's your name?

Rocket. Rocket?

Nice to meet you. I'm Marina.

Now, relax. I have money for you. For your pictures.

Here, when we use a picture we pay the photographer.

Do you want to be a photographer? Yes.

Great start! On the front page. How'd you get these photos?

I live there. Rocket... no photographer has ever been able to go in there.

If you could bring us more pictures of Li'l Z'... the paper would buy them. We'd pay you.

Could you?

I don't know.

What's the problem?

The problem? I can't go there anymore at night.

And during the day? It's too risky.

Look, man! They've finally understood that l'm the boss.

What's your photographer-friend's name?


He's good. I'll take more to show the others.

So, Rocket, is it yes or no?

It's a great opportunity.


You made the right choice. Very good! I'll give you some film, lenses... and even another camera. I'll show you the equipment room.

There's another problem.

What is it? Where can I sleep tonight?

I can't go back now.

This is a 135 mm. Will you be close up or far away?

Far away.

Can you measure the light? Yes.

Aren't you too close?

I don't know what spurred me to go talk to them like that.

Maybe I was going to die... but now I had a camera... and a chance to become a photographer.

Watch out for the dog shit.

Not to mention that the night was still young...

Want something to eat? No thank you, ma'am.

Nothing to eat? Nothing to drink? A joint?

Try this...

It's time to go to sleep.

I'll show you your bed.

You have hot water, don't you? Yes.

You've never taken a hot shower?

No. What do you do?

We heat up the kettle.

Why are you standing there? What room do I sleep in?

Unfortunately, there's only one room. You have to sleep with me.

I won't go into the details of my first sexual experience.

Just relax...

Because, elsewhere... another more important sex scene for the ghetto was taking place.

Carrot was helping Knockout Ned escape... without firing a shot.

The policeman guarding him was in the willing hands of the nurse.

And in the meantime... to eliminate Carrot, Li'l Z' was investing in munitions.

He invested heavily, even if he couldn't pay...

Remember the double-barrel? I already have it.

This is a repeater rifle. You don't have this one, the Browning.

It'll shoot down a plane. I'm not shooting down planes.

And the one I asked for? The AR-15, Uncle Sam.

You can't get them in Brazil.

My ass, Uncle Sam.

I have a solution.

The Rugger. Ever seen one?

It's like the AR-15. Same caliber, but lighter.

With an infrared sight? 400 shots a minute?

It depends. It depends, my ass!

Trying to fuck me over?

I'll fuck you over first.

You leave now without the money or the guns.

What do I tell the boss? That's your problem.

You'll think of something. You heard him, chubby? Get out.

Beat it, fatso.

Li'l Z' had made a big mistake.

He should have known that behind every salesman lies a supplier.

And they don't joke around.

Have you seen this?

What do they need an AR-15 for?

These stories will push the police to investigate.

They'll nab you. And me, along with you.

Think l'm going to give you away?

Don't worry, l'll take care of it.

But don't fuck up again.


Come here!

Listen... you tell him...

Let's go make that sleazy little dealer pay up.

Come here, kids!

Do you like chicken? It depends.

We'll eat some chicken and have Carrot for dessert.

I have a present for you.


A big one for you.

Are you really giving us these guns?

Yes, but I want you on my side, against Carrot.

Then can we hold up anyone we want?

Not in the ghetto. Can you shoot?

More or less. More or less?

Hey, you guys, come help these kids.

I know. You do it like this.


Get that chicken!

C'mon, let's go.

If Li'l Z' catches you, he'll kill you.

Yeah, well, he's gotta find me first.

Hey, kid! Get that chicken!

Shit! The cops!

Hell, don't fucking run off!

Give me that.

Hey, Melonhead! You fucking fag!

Get the hell out of here!



Come on, let them kill each other.

They can fuck themselves.

Rocket! Take a picture of us!

What are you waiting for?

What's happening?


Let's go!

Run! Run!

Watch out!

Kill one of these faggots! Blast him!

Knockout Ned!

Take it easy. Don't move.

It hurts, man.

Easy does it, kid.

Why did you join this fucking war?

Knockout Ned! Li'l Z' has been hit. Come on!

Wait here, l'll help you. Just hold on.

What's your name? My name's Otto.

I want to get my father's murderer.

Knockout Ned! Li'l Z' has been hit. Come on!

I'll help you. Just hold on there.

The fucking cops!

On the ground!

Hands over your head. Don't move!

You're the one I want. You're finished, pal.

Handcuff him.

Rocket, where are you going?

I got something to clear up.

Okay, lovebirds?

Come on, Li'l Z', let's go settle our scores.

Not you. You're a present for the media.

Does it come to 10,000?

Almost. That's all I have.

That's all there was, Chief. We searched everywhere.

Let him go.

What about this ring? Is it gold?

Fill it up. You'll owe us the rest.

Fucking war!

Knockout Ned is dead and I'm dead broke!

You're fucked, eh?

Kids... we'll have to do a few hold-ups to get my business going again.

Your business, Li'l Z'? What's your problem, kid?

This is for our friend, motherfucker!

A Soviet attack!

The business is ours!

This picture of the hood will get me the job.

This one will make me famous.

It'll even make the cover of a magazine.

I won't have to worry about Li'l Z' anymore.

But the cops?


This photo could've gotten us killed?

I think so.

At least it got you a job.

Not a job, an internship. It pays a little, doesn't it?

A little.

What about that lady journalist? Was she a good lay?

More or less. You didn't like it?

I don't think journalists know how to screw.

Yeah, I guess so.

Cocoa robbed 3 houses in Barra.

Better kill him.

Who shot Roger?

It was Beef. Kill that fucker.

We should kill the Chief and Gringo as well.

What about Cherry? Let's go. Us two, and 3 others...

It's a deal.

Have you heard of the Red Brigade?

No, but if they come, we'll kill them.

Who knows how to write? Me, sort of.

Let's make a black list. We'll kill them all.

Put fucking Nightowl on there. And Croquet.

Leonard, too, he owes me money.

And China-Man, he thinks he's hot stuff.

And Claudio. Where's Giant?

Come on, Giant!

I forgot to say, my name isn't Rocket anymore.

BASED ON A REAL STORY l'm now Wilson Rodrigues... photographer.

Manuel Machado, a.k.a. Knockout Ned... was hospitalized after being wounded by Li'l Zs gang.

On leaving the hospital, our reporter interviewed him.

Many have died. Mostly innocent people.

Just knowing me is enough... just being my friend...

If he thinks someone knows me, he'll kill them.

The police don't go in there?

They go after me, not him.

I've been in jail 3 times, while he goes on... killing undisturbed.

And they don't arrest him.

Knockout Ned says the war will continue.

Police Chief Guedes has promised to arrest both gangs in the City of God.