City of Industry (1997) Script

( rock music playing )

( siren blaring )

¶ three is ¶

¶ my lucky number ¶

¶ and fortune ¶

¶ comes in threes ¶

¶ but i wish ¶

¶ i knew that number ¶

¶ that even little children ¶

¶ seem to see ¶

¶ oh, i'm losing ¶

¶ everything i knew ¶

¶ it's just so hard ¶

¶ to be a child ¶

¶ oh, i'm losing ¶

¶ all the things i knew ¶

¶ yet wage ¶

¶ i knew nothing at all ¶

¶ i wage ¶

¶ i knew nothing at all... ¶

- ( children chattering ) woman: very cool.

¶ soon ¶

¶ i'll have the courage ¶

¶ to leave my ¶

¶ thoughts behind. ¶

man: that's great.

( clacks )

( engine starts )

man over p.a.: the first pitch served honoring the long beach police officers-- no! no! come on! give it to me.

( stove rattling )

want me to make you something? like a sandwich, some cheese sticks or whatever? no. i'll pick somethi' up on the road.

yeah? the road to where? the springs, rachel.

look, i'm not gonna fucking fight with you, all right?

so when are you gonna be back? in a couple days.

- great. ( car honking ) is that lee?

is that him? yeah, it's him. tell him i'm comin'.

hiya, rachel. well, hi there, lee.

- boy: don't! boy #2: i've got him. kids are, uh, getting big. yeah, whatever.


( car door opens, closes ) fuck. nice wheels, man.

- where'd you get these? lee: just picked 'em out. yeah? yeah. anybody i know? well, i sure as hell hope not. rachel: jorge? give me a minute, all right? sure sure. yeah, i got the same problem.

what now? i talked to mama. yeah? she need cash again? no. she's comin' up to help with the kids. i'm gonna have to work double shifts. oh, shit. jorge? we got to talk about this now? we were gonna talk about it this morning. you never told me you were leavin'. well, i gotta go. look, stop worryin', all right? he's a good lawyer. he's gonna get me a good deal. everything's gonna be fine. all right? he told you that before you gave him the retainer? look. why the fuck have you got to bust my balls about this now?

( sighs ) don't move your mom in. when i'm done, we're out of here, okay? hmm?

( sighs ) i'm crazy about you.

- rachel: just be careful. always. boy: i want it! i want it! hey, you guys behave, and we'll talk about that puppy, all right? okay.

( engine starts )

( groans ) let's get the hell out of here.

so where's skip? he'll be down tonight. he's gonna meet us at the trailer park. that's where i got the truck stashed. yeah? who else is comin'? my brother, roy. yeah? he used to live around here, right? here, there, everywhere.

( brakes squeak )

( knocks on door ) lee: federal marshals. you whacking off in there? move your hands slowly away from your dick. open up! ah!

( all laughing ) how're you doin', kid? you're a sight for sore eyes. how's the wife? very good. life treating you well? yeah yeah. okay. say hello to jorge montana, one of my guys. how do you do? this is roy. doesn't he look good? you said two guys. that's right. yeah. the other one's down tonight.

let's have a cocktail! lee:, remote control door locks and up on the roof, see over on the left? a.d.t. box. yeah, and it's a model 300d, just like a bank. silent alarms? sure. they're wired into a company called royal sentry. every business in town uses them. the rent-a-cop, he's got a beretta 9 to make the rich old ladies feel safe when they come in. what's in there? it's a west coast distribution site for the russian diamond trade. there's this guy, droutzkoy, and he's an executive with the siberian equivalent of de beers. now it's so fucking cold there, they can only pull the diamonds out of the ground two months a year. so this guy, drozkoy, he comes here the first tuesday every april on his way to phoenix. just him, three bodyguards and three mil in stones at closing time.

where do you get your information? i bought it.

oh, it's really big. no, it's not too big at all. look. look at the way it catches the light.

( clears throat )

- beautiful. man: yes. no pink. true pigeon-blood rubies from burma. note the clarity.

( sighs ) yeah. well. how much is it?

$38,600. hmm.

( clicks tongue ) well...

to be honest with you, i'm looking for something a bit more important. more important? i'll be right back.

( both laugh ) so we go in strong? just like cowboys.

pulling a lot of exposure-- two to three minutes at least. the cops will be busy elsewhere. come on, roy. tell me this ain't fucking doable. at least three million bucks.

( laughs ) we take this cat down, he's gonna be one pissed off russki.

( laughing ) yeah? well, fuck him. ex-commie. giving him a crash course in free enterpri. besides, it's all black market. what's he gonna do, go to the consulate?

( laughs ) excuse me.

( chatting )

man over phone: yeah. jorge, that you?

- yeah. no no, i ain't seen him. hold on. let me ask some of the guys. hey, y'all seen skip? nah, they ain't seen him either. wanna leave a message? no. i'll try again later. thanks. you want to go now? yeah, my back's acting up. hey, man.

so how'd it go? smooth. skip check in? nope. you call him? 10 times. how 'bout the card club? no one's seen him. fuck!

( "degobrah" playing on radio )

- ( cell phone rings ) hold my calls.

- keshaun: yeah. i'm taking a meeting over here. hey, i don't know where he at, man. i wanna light that ass up, though. yeah.

- ( music continues ) yeah. yeah.

all right. here we go. yeah, that's him. later.

where the fuck you been, man? getting laid by your old lady. come on.

drive, motherfucker.

- ( music stops ) what's this? we go in. huh? inside. man, i'm telling you-- odell is waiting in there for you.

dude, you're tripping out. i stick right here. don't nobody want to jack you, man. look, there's no way i'm goin' in there to buy guns from some mandingo motherfucker i met for 10 minutes over coffee. you crazy.

( beeps ) woman: hello?

- hi, it's me. hi. yeah. look, i'm at this place, like 1200 west 120th. just stay on the fuckin' line. if you hear gunshots, call the cops.

- what? what? just keep your fucki' ears open.

where the money, homie?

count that shit.

yeah, it's good.

smith & wesson. sig. mmm-hmm. walther.

glock 9. i like this one. where'd you get 'em? what? you heard me. keshaun, what the fuck you doin', man? this shit's supposed to take five minutes. man, this motherfucker lookin' to head up. about what? asking me where the motherfucking guns are from.

( chuckles ) who the fuck do you think you are, man? ain't no flaggin', saggin' or braggin' goin' on around here, man. we about business. yeah, i get that. answer the question.

( chuckles ) reaganomics, man. that's what this shit is. all them public education cutbacks, now poor white motherfuckers like this can't even read. fuck that. where are they from? read the motherfuckin' paper, motherfucker. now that's the registration form that the dealer sends to sacramento. now was it sent to sacramento, or is it blank? now ask yourself-- why the fuck do you think it's blank?

he's tripping.

hey, white boy. you like cars? what do you mean, do i like cars? get you a car, man.

- ( engine starts ) lincoln, porsche, cheeba-- we get all that shit comin' down, goin' around. you need anything, you call.


can't get a nurse to stay with her. okay. so? put ma in a home. you tell her.

( sighs ) so? so what? what do you mean, "what?" roy, it's terrific. it's simple. simple. it's beautiful, just like i told you. huh? if i had a dollar for every time i heard a job was a slam dunk-- that's it. it's over, man. i'm going fucking to jail. oh fuck. so you get an appeal. no. i already lost that and my motion to reconsider. i gotta turn myself in in 10 days.

( sighs ) fuck. my kids. there's another way to handle it. yeah? what, stick an envelope under someone's door?

- who's the judge? tannenbaum. oh. forget it. bad idea. what's the hit? it's possession, right? firearm? so it ain't life at sing sing. two to five. two to five. so that's 20 months max. come on.

it's the one fucking time i'm driving around strapped and i get pulled over by a cop.

- lee: where you goin'? folsom. well, that's me and roy's alma mater, so i'll make sure you're looked after. as f as the family goes, don't sweat it, 'cause after this move, they'll be fine.

did you tell the boys yet? tell 'em? tell 'em what? what do you mean, "what?" about goin' to jail. no, it's up to you. oh, come on, rach. you know they come to you, huh? nuh-uh, not this time. it's your mess. you clean it up.

man: rachel... ( speaks spanish ) where they at now? uh, they're over at roberto's. they're watching the ball game on tv. yeah? how're they doin'? they miss their dad.

i miss him too.

- ( tires screeching ) ( rock music playing )

- ( music stops ) ( car stops ) jorge! what's up? what happened to the vette? shrooms. ( laughs ) skip: whoo! where'd you cop the trailer? it's a rental, you dumb prick. hello to you, too. what the fuck are you doing? you get the fucking iron? what the fuck did i tell you? go right through your brain? your attitude is bullshit. lee: on time. all you had to do was be on time. skip: look, i had to check in at the fucking motel.

roy, this is skip. skip is our wheelman. hey.

all right.

- ( rock music playing ) ( chattering )

where you going? turning in. yeah? you all right? yeah. you sure?

- good night, lee. roy? thanks.

( beeping )

all right. if things get hot, we go to calexico. we go south for a couple of days. if things are clear, we stay here. go through it again? i'm cool. fine. okay. we're in. the alarms are fucked. ( beeps )

( sighs ) yeah, if things go down right, we should do it again. i mean, this is one badass crew.

( laughs )

thank you. have a nice evening, ma'am. what kind of fish do you like to eat?

maybe i should order dinner.

maybe you shouldn't worry. the guy's gonna show.

( rock music playing )

¶ i always hit the tape with the rough road styles ¶

¶ you want the psychedelic and you came from miles ¶

¶ keep my rhymes thick like a guinness brew... ¶ why don't you turn that shit off?

¶ i'm like bill lee writing when he's in tangiers... ¶

( music stops ) i'm psyching myself.

¶ smokin' on somethin'... ¶

- ( volume decreases ) turn right here.

we're on.

¶ i'm scorching, i never been the type to brag ¶

¶ but beware, i'll make a man burn his draft card like it was hair ¶

¶ send you up the river like you lookin' for kurtz... ¶

( speaks russian )

excuse me, do you have--

( tazer buzzes ) ( grunts )

( horn honks )

excuse me, sir. we're cl--

( speaks russian ) ( woman gasps ) everybody down! face-first! hands on your head! now!

what the hell are--

( man groans ) don't fucking move! lee: don't! sit down! open the safe. open it! ah! cuff 'em!

( speaks russian ) move. ( groans ) you're making a big mistake. ( yells )

( whistles )

- lee. yeah?

- got any room? yeah.

- let's go! ( alarm blaring )

- ( distant sirens ) ( distant alarm )

how'd we do?

how'd we do?

- ( beeping ) ( phones ringing ) woman: i don't know. i don'. the comput's goin' nuts. every alarm on the street's goin' off.

( distant alarm )

( sirens wailing )

( whistles )

( upbeat music playing on tv ) woman on tv: exhale down. and release. pull it just like that, side to side. counting 10. hi, hon! how'd it go? great. start with the right arm. bicep and the other. now squeeze them forward fifty times.

and squeeze. let's do it one more time. see if you can get it a little bit higher. feel the sweat. keep breathing. and release it down. hand's on your thighs. and roll the body down. two, three. round the back. ta-da! what the fuck is that? to celebrate. come on. what? time to go. gotta spilt. but-- fuck "but." pack.

so how much you make? lee says we took down two or three million.

( chuckles ) you're gonna make a million dollars? no. no, we have to divide that into splits. well, how much are you gonna get? i don't know. fuck it. we'll figure that out later.


shut up.

hand me that pencil.

( gena grunts ) okay.

( giggling ) so that's $3 million wholesale, 15¢ to 20¢ on the dollar. so that's-- oh, shit. then we got gas and we got food...

( giggling ) and we have expenses and it's about--

shit. ( gena giggling ) okay.

( laughing )

lee: good stuff. very very good stuff. v.v.s. to v.s.1. 1.5 to 3 karats. mmm. pretty, huh? look at that. isn't that beautiful? mmm. hey, what time's your bus?

8:52. lee: oh.

- hey, chico. my number for the bank transfer. oh. all right. i wish you'd come to l.a. with me.

you did great, kid.

so how much we gonna make, boss? hmm. 300, maybe 350. i got to split with the guy who sold me the information, but i think we'll do pretty good for a day's work. yup, every little bit counts. that's my motto, huh? lee: hey, who wants another beer, huh? roy, you got time for another beer?

- roy: huh? you got time for another beer?

- ( toilet flushes ) roy: no.

hey, skip? toss me a cerveza, will you?

oh! god!

( gun firing )

woman: come on! come on! girl: mom, it's a gun! mommy!

( whimpering ) come on, boy. come on.



( engine starts, revving )

( rock music playing )

( helicopter whirring )

( chattering )

( siren wailing )

( panting )

officer: search the back. back there.

( coughing )

( "cielito lindo" playing ) woman over pa.: davidson, party of four, please. davidson, party of four.

lopez, lopez, party of two, please. lopez.

hennessy, party of six. hennessy, party of six.

helman, party of four. helman, party of four.

pine, party of seven. pine, party of--

( coughs )

( gun firing ) roy!

( tires screech )

( panting )

( distant siren )

( sobbing )

( glass shatters )

¶ and even in your darkest hour ¶

¶ the recipe i cook ¶

¶ for you ¶

¶ can release its latent power ¶

¶ and make your body feel ¶

¶ brand new. ¶

( knocker raps )

sunny. sunny. hello. hello, sunny? roy? yeah.

i thought you guys were away. yeah. palm springs. lee said that you guys-- lee's dead.

- what? he didn't make it.

do you know his pal, a guy named skip?

sunny. no. the saloon he liked. do you know where he hung out? wildlife lounge. where is that? on ivar. they all go there.

( crying ) roy... lee-- lee's dead? yeah.

i can't get my mind around it.

( crying ) i can't get my mind around it.

i can't.

¶ if i was gonna be the devil, i'd have your eyes ¶

¶ who would ever expect such a sweet disguise? ¶

¶ don't look at me that way ¶

¶ it's tempting ¶

¶ but i won't be led astray. ¶ how you doin'? yup. can i help you? beer.

skip been in? who? skip. i'm lee's pal, lee egan.

what are you talking about? you know him or not? i might. if you know him, then you know skip. hey, fuck you. and fuck your momma and fuck your daddy for having had you. now get the fuck outta my place.

what are you, deaf, son of a bitch, huh?

( groans, grunting )

( chattering )

call him. i can't, i can't. call skip! no-- backus office. backus? yeah. he's a law-- a law-- a lawyer? yeah. where? where? where?! downtown. get up!

( distant siren )

man: so roy egan called. bartender on phone: yeah, well, you better get some protection. where are you at, st. vincent's? no. county general.

what'd he do to you? three broken ribs, you know. mild concussion. i remember this guy. i can handle it. yeah.

mr. egan. come on in.

skip kovich? where is he? i don't represent him. where is he?

( sighs ) about two years ago, possession of burglary tools. got him a ride. last i saw him.

( kicks chair ) fuck you in the neck, punk. ok, this is a law office here, fella. we are lawyers. so let's just think smart, okay?

- where is he? i don't know.

- i don't know how to help you. address, phone number, zip code-- whatever you got, i want it! if it got around that i did that, what kind of criminal law practice do you think i'd have?

( gun cocks ) what do i care?

( sighs deeply ) kovich.

( dial tone ) ( beeping )

woman on answering machine: hi. you've reached the bare elegance club. we party seven nights a week, 8:00 p.m. till 2:00. we're conveniently located at--

( "overcome" playing )

( men chattering )

¶ you sure you want to be with me? ¶

¶ i've nothing to give ¶

¶ won't lie and say this loving's best ¶

¶ whoa, leave us in an emotional peace ¶

¶ mmm, take a walk, take a rest, a taste of this. ¶ come here, baby. come here. hey, skip show up yet? why don't you ask his old lady?

¶ monopoly improperly kissed ¶

¶ we overcome in 60 seconds the strength we had together ¶

¶ but for now, emotional ties, they stay severed ¶

¶ and when there's trust, there'll be treats ¶

¶ when we funk, we'll hear beats ¶

¶ karmacoma, kaacoma, karmacoma ¶

¶ karmacoma, karmcoma. ¶

calm down. calm down. calm down now. i'm still at the airport. they haven't let us on.

( engine starts ) good night.

( dog barking )

not a fucking word. i want skip, not you.

where's skip? i don't know. you don't know? where does he live? he doesn't live here, all right? where does he live? i don't fuckin' know. you got a phone number for him? no. you know any of his friends?

the skip i know doesn't have friends. just people he fucks over. what'd he do to you?

- ( car honking ) why don't you call the police?

( dog barking ) i'm my own police.

- ( club music playing ) ( phone ringing )

( cell phone ringing )

yeah. who's this? it's skip. remember me? i need some help tonight. tonight? hell, no.

( laughs ) look, it's up to you, man. make money or sleep. what the fuck are you gonna do? look, i'm up to my ass in paper to a loan shark. he works with the chinese. if i walk in alone, i'm dead. i'll pay you to watch my back.

( club music playing )

( people chattering )

( speaking chinese )

( people speaking chinese )

harvey. you have the money? let's talk.

( soft music playing )

( speaking chinese )

try this on.

what's this? is this a joke? there's a grand here. don't sweat the rest. you sweat it. you're into me for 40. what the fuck is this? would i be here if i was gonna fuck you over? i mean, ask yourself that. would i? you better talk to me. odell: keshaun, where the fuck you goin'? tell them to put on some snoop or some shit, man. damn! this shit-- get your ass back over here and cover this.

what's up with this middle of the night bullshit anyway, man? somethin' interesting. so shut the fuck up and cover this. but here's the deal. i downed a load to uncle luke. you can call him. ask him. in two days, not only will you get your 40 grand, but i'm gonna put an extra 20 on top of that.

10 extra as a tip for the delay, the other 10's for a piece of business i want you to do for me. harvey: what business? there's this guy. he's looking for me. is this about that mess in palm springs? who is he? what's his name? roy egan. you're wired in all over town. find him for me.

i pulled that record for you. woman: great. give it to me.

can i help you? nice car.

wanna buy it?

no, thanks. you sure? it's got a 302 engine... whatever the hell that means.

you lost?

no. you look lost.

jorge montana live here?

what do you want? are you jorge's wife?

shit. you know skip?

( crying ) oh my god. where can i find him?

how did he die? skip... killed jorge, killed my brother. he took off with the goods. you know skip?

( sniffles ) so what are you gonna do?

you already know.

what do i tell my kids, mister?

yohear anything about where i can find skip...

you fucking guys are all the same.

- ( glass clatters ) get out!

( sobbing )

( phone rings )

( both speaking chinese ) tell your boss the call came into a lawyer's office from a motel at 1635 spring street. yeah? that's chinatown. it's also 500 bucks. i'll make it a grand. anything else? yeah, can you watch that line and give me a list of incoming and outgoing calls over the next 48 hours?

- no problem. i'll call you later.

( club music playing )

( speaking chinese )

( distant siren )

sir? you stay one more day?

( sighs )

( grunting )

( yells ) huh?

- ( thumps ) ( roy groans )

( groans )

( speaking chinese )

( chuckles )

( groaning )

( screaming )

( speaking chinese )

( tires screeching )

mom? mom!

who is he, mom?

( stammers ) he's a friend of your dad's. come on. take-- take him inside. take junior inside.

( whispers ) egan.

( roy moans ) i really think you need a doctor.

( breathing heavily ) no hospital.

you can't die here.

five grand.

take care of me.


( slapping face ) egan!

( whispers ) oh, god damn it. is he dead? no. he looks dead.

( whispers ) henry, what are you doing? get out! henry, go on, go!

( sighs )

( breathing heavily )

( tap water running )

( sighing )

where are your kids? i sent them to my sister's.

didn't want them to be around you.

( roy sighs ) i'll get you the money. i can arrange it. bank transfer or cash? i don't want your five grand.

what if i can help you find skip?

you hear me, or you fall asleep with your eyes open? how can you help me? we'll get to that. get to it now.

i want 100 grand.

100? that's right.

i owe you five. i'll add five. i said 100.

20 grand.

nuh-uh. take it or leave it. i'll find him without you.

good luck.

( door opens, closes )

i don't even know what you're selling.


it's jorge's.

i know every name in it, who and what they are.

without me telling you about that, you may as well start with the phone book.

okay. it's a deal. rachel: over there. roy: what? rachel: uncle luke. it was after something big. jorge went down to dallas. i picked him up at the airport. he had two suitcases. i dropped him off in the alley in the back and waited at that burger stand for about an hour. when jorge came back, he was empty-handed. when i asked where he was, he said, "visiting uncle luke." three days later, i find him stashing money in shoeboxes. the payoff. yeah.

it wasn't the last time they did business with that guy. luke's their fence.

so, what are you gonna do? send your kids to college.

you figure it out?


tomorrow. skip's downed the load. he's waiting for his money.

( sighs ) that gives me a window.

what do you want me to do? stay out of it.

when i kill skip, there'll be a body. nothing to tie you in. you and the kids leave town anyway. let me know where you're going...

( sighs )

...and i'll get the money to you.

port arthur, texas.

on the gulf coast.

you don't look like a killer.

roy: do you believe in that?

i could use a car, too.

- ( drawer opens ) ( keys clinking ) thanks. start packing.

jorge didn't know what he had. i'd have done a better job. i'd have hung on to you.

( people chattering )

( sewing machines whirring )

( sighs )

who are you? roy egan. what do you want? i don't want anything from you. i want the cash you're holding for skip. i was the fourth guy in that crew. i don't know what you're talking about. i don't have any cash. you've made a mistake. i can't help you.

( both grunting )

( cell phone ringing )

( ringing continues )

( beeps ) yeah? luke: where the hell are you? this place. used to work out here. why? everything cool? don't bother coming for your money. why the fuck's that?

because it's not here anymore. it's gone. luke, what the hell are you talking about? gone. egan took it.

bullshit! i downed the merch to you! you owe me the money! if he stuck you up, that is your fucking problem! fuck you and fuck your money! this guy knew you. he knew the money was for you. before you go crazy, i know where he is.

where? i'm not paying you any more money. you want your money, you get it. you get it from him. how did he get to you? why are you asking me? it was your crew.

( man speaking chinese )

( doorbell buzzing )

( all speaking chinese ) all right, i'm moving. egan's camped out at some dump on roscoe in the valley. he's got the money. ( speaking chinese )

announcer on tv: passes to kubrick, who dribbles, trying to set up a play. missed an opening, can't find one, and nicholas moves the basket-- oh, beautiful behind-the-back pass from nicholas. slam dunk! what a pass by nicholas!

( gunshots )

( glass shatters )

( grunts )

( panting ) announcer on tv: stolen by champ, who came in from the right side. just took the ball away from...

( distant sirens )

man: dad? you okay? dad?

( chimes ringing )

( car door opens, closes )

( wood creaks )

( screams )

( gena crying ) where's skip? the boss wants his fucking money. tell me where the fuck he is, all right? i don't-- where the fuck is the money? i don't know! i don't know! i swear i don't know!

( grunts ) steady, come pick this dick-eating ho up.

( gena sobs )

a roc: tell the truth!

( crying ) i swear! i swear! come here.

- gena: i swear! fuck! a roc: tell that motherfucker we want our money.

skip, is that you?

( gun cocks ) shit!

a roc: i've got your bitch. i want the money!

( gena whimpering ) i'm coming out. now.

you hear me, skip? yeah.

( gun firing )

( whimpers ) nobody rips me off!

( crickets chirping )

( phone ringing )

( ringing stops )

( phone ringing )

( grunts )

skip: where the hell you been, roy? i've been calling you for a fucking half hour. i got her. i want the money. i've been through too much to let her live if you disappoint me, roy.

here's what you're gonna do.

( sniffs ) take the 60 east to azusa. two lefts, past the development and up the dirt road. you got that?

do you hear me or not, roy?

- roy: yeah. okay.

no tricks, and bring the fucking money.

( tires screech )

( train whistling )

( tires screech ) he's coming. bring him here. ( men speaks chinese )

follow me.

( crashes ) man: what the...

( men speaking chinese )


( grunts )

( roy coughs )

( gun cocks )

( grunts )

( sighs )

( thudding )

( breathing heavily )

( groans )

( breathing heavily )

hang on, roy.

- man: okay, you all set? man #2: yeah.

( people chattering )

come on, get out of my way! he's right over there. where? wait. you left him here? ma'am? where?

( panting ) ma'am? ma'am.

ma'am! ma'am! come out of the street. come back. leave me alone! ( horn blares ) nurse: calm down. come on. calm down.

now what did he look like? there's no car. call security. call security. there's no one out there.

( sobbing )

rachel: we buried jorge in camarillo, near orange groves where he and i used to play as kids.

we took the money and ran.

destination? port arthur...

where no one knows our story.

hi. how are you today? great. how about you? good. the boys? oh, they're just fine. playing on the beach. good. see you tomorrow. bye.