City of Trees (2019) Script

There she is. Awww. Hey.

There's my girl.

Thank you.

Looking good. Hi Dad.

Sweater party Friday night How was your flight?

It was okay. Okay?


You asshole!

This is not private property. Come on!


You too.

The hell.

Here, here.

No mom, I'm okay. Don't want you catching cold.

I'm okay.

No sweetheart, come on. I'm good, thank you.

It's cold out. I don't want you to get sick.


You're hovering.

Of course I am. That's what mothers' do.

Here. Okay.

I love you.

It's good to have you home, sweetie.

It is.

We missed ya.

Missed you.

Let's do that again. That was fun.

Oh god, I've got too much to do.

It's called the City of Trees, but why do I feel like I can't breathe.

Don't be so dramatic.

High school was fuckin' weird.

What's weird about it?

I don't know, man. I just feel like You were good.

I feel like you're just always good.

Years of practice. You know.

You practice at it? Yeah.

That's what you do? I don't know.

I just feel like I made a decision to just kind of say "fuck it" and just be who I wanted to be.

In high school? Yeah, I'm kind of a Kind of a cool guy, aren't I?

Okay you can go now.

You want me to leave? Okay, I'll just get out of here.

No, no, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bye. Bye!


I don't know man. I just-- I don't know.

I think peaking just wasn't on my graph chart.

I feel like my life has always been just kind of a straight line. You know just

You've never really changed.

Not in a bad way though.

In-- yeah, really good way.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, not that I'm like giving you a compliment or anything.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Now you never, you know.

Yeah, I feel like yours is Don't.

Is more like Aww... Hey!

Aww... Hey! Aww...

Like waves in the ocean. I'm like...

Maybe like a sound wave of a really, really complex...

...techno song?

You're an asshole. That's me!

Or like heartbeat. Or something like more rhythm to it. One with a murmur though.

You're such a dick.

I guess no one knew me in high school.

Unless people that, I mean, I don't know.

There were some that really knew me.

Yeah. There's you.

Yeah, there's me. You know the ones you know.

You know? You know.

Do you think that's why you didn't get invited to the 10-year reunion?

Why would I care though? It's--

Don't burn yourself. I don't want to burn myself.

The popular ones are just married and have four kids or gross.

The weirdos are making it happen in life.

The fuck do I care? Yeah. Yeah!

Fuck you, Ryan Langly!

Fuck you, Donna Hughes! Yeah!

The fuck kind of name is 'Donna Hughes' anyway?

Don-na Huuughes! Fuck you, Derrick Mallock!

That's too many consonants in a name.

Der-rick Mal-lock. Shut up!

Fuck you, Sophie Michaels! Ooh--

She's actually still pretty hot. And kinda nice, actually.

How? How is that fair How the fuck is that fair?

Do I smell smoke? Uh-uh We're not smoking.

Who's that? She's never going Hi, Mrs. Sadler. It's Teddy.

Oh, hi Teddy. Hey.

Goodnight mom.

Listen, you need to go to bed really soon because we got to get to the grocery store really early tomorrow.


Because they're having a sale on turkeys.

Okay. Goodnight.


Goodnight. Goodnight.

I don't know why we're so afraid of you mom.

How old are we again?

Ugh. Old enough.


I just can't believe you make it back here every year for this.

Nostalgia, man.

Gets me every time. You make it back for Easter.

I love Easter. Who says that?

I better not see anyone I know here.

It was your decision to come out in pajamas, not mine.

Do you know what time it is?

So when did you decide that hair color?

I'm going to get the cranberry sauce.

We need eight cans.

Hey, it's Sophie! Look who it is. Sophie.

Hey Sophie! Hi!

Oh hey, Mrs. Sadler.

Hi. Look who's home.

It's her first holiday home in seven years.


I know who you are.

We went to school together for like 12 years.

Uh, are you here for the 10-year reunion?

No, I actually wasn't invited to that.

Oh, well this is awkward.


I'm just here for holidays and stuff.

Oh, cool. Yeah.

Are you gonna be around for the sweater party Friday night?

I Wouldn't miss it.

It's supposed to be freezing tomorrow night, so I'll see you then too. Okay. That's great.

Thank you. Number 8.

Gotta go, called my number.

Bye. Bye.

How do you know Sophie?

She comes over to cover the plants when it gets cold.

She's a nice girl.

What's our number? 39.

Oh my god, mom.

Hey, what's the rush? Hold on.

Okay. Gotta get dad some soda.

You know how he like his soda.

Pineapple crush. Ooh! He'd love that.

Let's see.

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Get some of that.

♪ I'll let you go. Just need some time. ♪

♪ At your own pace, you need to find your way. ♪

♪ I know now, you'll never change your mind. ♪

♪ For something that matters. Matters to me. ♪

♪ You do not know what I have in mind. ♪

♪ I packed our bags, we'll be on our way. ♪

♪ Night was long as I waited without a sign. ♪

♪ Sign of what matters, matters to you. ♪

♪ What do you want? ♪

♪ What's your biggest need? ♪

♪ Every hour we spent together. ♪

♪ And suddenly. ♪

♪ The chances are small, Just like the lottery. ♪

Did you say hi to Sophie?

No. Honey.

Go out there and help her. I'm tired, mom.

I'm really tired.

Ainsley Sadler.

'Night. Goodnight.

So you live in LA?


I don't live too far from here.

I'm sure you still have better things to do than... this.

It seems like it kind of requires a lot.

Not really. Like what?

Ugh. Checking the weather?

I do that most days anyway.

You're not used to the cold weather anymore, huh?

Not really.

You know, last year when I was out here covering everything real snowflakes started falling.

I've never seen that before.

Real life ones? As opposed to the fake ones?

I'd only seen the paper ones we used to cut out in school.

It's crazy.

You think you know a place so well, but it still surprises you.

That is crazy. Surprising is definitely the last word I'd use for this place.

It's kind of the beauty of it, though.

I'd say it's more the anxiety-inducing part.

Thank you for helping.

But you know, you don't have to.


You good then? Yeah, I'm good.


See ya.



Is it like an ugly sweater party, or what?

It's just a sweater party. No.

And I have one from your Aunt Sheridan you're gonna wear.

No mom, I brought sweaters.

Too bad.

Come on. Make your dad happy.

He'd love to see you in it.

How long has Sophie been helping you?

She just helps with the plants. Um, I don't know like Four winters?

Why? Because my carpal tunnel.

When it's frozen, it hurts worse.

Do you pay her? No, I don't.

She works all over town in those community gardens.

She does? Yeah.

You know, when I tell her about your big fancy job, she's very impressed with you. Mom...


Whenever I talk about your big fancy job ears just seem to perk up.

I even made my doctor subscribe.

I just don't understand why they don't put your pictures in the magazine.

You're more talented than all those stuffy photographers.

That's not how it works, mom.

You have to get it approved by a lot of people before you can get printed.

What time's Kelley get here?

Uh, she's going to get here at about 9 o'clock.

Oh god, I gotta prepare.

She's going to show up with the whole neighborhood like she always does.

Da da daaa. Pumpkin pie!

I'm not hungry, dad. Oh come on, come on.

You're gonna love this. I already got it started.

I'm really not hungry.

One little bite. Take a bite.

Come on, my poopy face. This is your holiday pie.

Just a little bite. That's big bite.

Mmhmm. Mmm.

Okay, that's what I wanted.

That's a smile.

That's Sher's sweater, huh?

You're gonna where that?

That is so sweet of you.

Okay, alright.

More pie, more pie.

Close the door.

Oh boy, the pot roast.

You need help? Nope.

Nope. You just sit down.

Isn't this a New Year's song?

Come here baby. I feel like dancin'

No no no. Come on.

I have to get dressed. No. Put that down, come on.

Okay, oh yes. That's my girl.

We got our girl home, huh? Yeah.

Ainsley, Ainsley? Sweetheart, Ainsley?

Would you please pour Sophie a glass of wine?

Oh, I can do it. You can do it?

Sophia, sit here. Come on here.

Thank you, Ainsley. That's very nice.

Dinner will be ready... In a little while.

Where's your train of thought though?

Oh boy...

Let's get serious here. A toast to--

You worked on this.

For a week, yeah.

A toast. To togetherness.


And to my beautiful, baby daughter, Ainsley for being home.

And to her job for allowing it.

I love being left out of the speech.

And to my other beautiful daughter Kelley and her love of many things.

Here here, Kelley. There you go.

And to new recipes with glazed carrots this year.

I hope you all like them.

You can um-- It's so good.

I have brussel sprouts too.

I roast them with cloves of garlic.

A toast to cloves of garlic. Wait a minute.

Garlic? You're toasting to garlic?

Yes! I am toasting garlic.

You're not writing a novel. Let's just toast.

Please, we're hungry.

Come on now, I wasn't finished yet.

I thought you were winding down.

No, we have more people to thank.

Ah gee. Alright, okay.

Thank everybody that's here and let's eat. Please.

Alright, and everybody that's not here. So...

Cheers! Bravo.


Hey. Hey.




You look ridiculous.

You feel Okay?


No we'll go soon. We'll go soon.

It was fun. It was a lot of fun.

I'll be home in few. I'm gonna leave really soon.

Try to fall alseep.

Okay, love you too. Bye.

Hey. Hey.


Trying to outlast everyone?

Food coma.

Right, me too.


What? No, nothing.

It's weird that you're at my house.

It's weird, right?


I'm at your house more than you're at your house.

I hope they have Uber here.

This town's not too small?

No, you just call your friends.

They're not conditional, you know?

Not like the one's in the big cities.


What do you know about big cities?

I lived in New York for six months.

Six months?

Yeah, it wasn't for me.

Which part?

Ugh, all of it.

I see your work.

Your magazine? Mmm.

Your mom always buys me a copy when it comes out.

It's really cool stuff.


You work with--trees now?

Oh you make it sound sooo glamorous.

Yeah, I guess I hated the city that much it actually pushed me into it.

No, I'm kidding.

Um, remember Mr. Lawson's class?

That guy was so nuts. NUTS!


But-- as I get older, I don't know he makes more sense to me.

He used to have this saying on his wall

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is today."

I think maybe I took it too literal.

Why do you cover her flowers?

Why not?

There has to be a reason.

Why? Do you believe that?

That there's a reason for everything?

Most things, yeah.

You're probably not going to remember this, but she gave me a ride when I was maybe twelve?

And it was like below freezing out and I was waiting for the bus.

I do remember that.

I got so embarrassed for her stopping.

I really thought she wanted to embarrass me.


I was so mad.

It's funny how people feel different things from the same situation.


I should head home.


Yeah. You have one of those unconditional friends You have one of those unconditional friends to pick you up, huh?

No. I'm gonna walk.

I like walking.

I can walk you.

No, you don't have to. I'm not tired.

I'm really not.

Well then who's gonna walk you home?

That's a good question.

Is it more dangerous around here than I remember?

Well-- we did have a gang try to form once like four years ago.

But they quit.

They quit?

You can't quit!

I thought you have to kill each other or something.

Yeah, I don't know.

I forgot how cold it is here.

And I survived a winter in New York City.

What are you trying to say?

I mean, I never knew you that well, but I never took you for a complainer.

That's probably why you left. Probably.


I heard about your dad.

I read about it online.

I'm really sorry.

Yeah, thanks.

We weren't super close when he passed so...


Really sorry.

I think it was the unexpected part that threw me off the most.

I bet.

You know, when I was a kid, I rode up this curb too fast.

And that's how I got this scar here.

This curb? Yep, this one. This very curb.


Good times.

I just remember thinking my mom was going to be so pissed at me.


I don't know. Guess I was a worried kid.

But no, I borrowed my sister's bike and I kinda scratched up the front.

I, uh... convinced her to let me take it 'cause she wanted some sour watermelon gummies from the store.

And I told her I'd get some for her.

It's the only reason she said yes and I flipped over the handle bars and I rode back home.

Freaked out. I hid by the trash cans.

And yeah, I didn't go back in.

'Cause I just thought they'd be more worried than mad at me.

And what happened when you went inside?

Well, I mean, I got hungry waiting outside so I ate the gummies.

And then they were pissed.

They were so pissed.

You messed up her bike and you ate her gummies.

Yeah, I mean I wasn't that smart as a kid so...

Yes you were. No, I really wasn't.

Guess I was just open to learning.

This is me here.

Thanks for walking me home. Yeah, of course.

Bye. Goodnight.

Ok Well, long story short:

I'd been with them for 27 years and I had a loss in the family and they, they let me go.

No sir, it wasn't.

No, but...

Well, I missed a week or two. Maybe two weeks.

But you can be sure that won't happen again.

You can be assurred.

Um sure, yeah, you can call them. Yeah, sure.

Of course.

Do your due diligence and all.

Um, when can I expect to hear from you again?



Well Alright, well Thanks for considering me anyway.

Yeah, you have a good holiday too.

Okay I appreciate it, yeah.




Small towns are weird.

Hey, you wanna get a coffee?

At 4 p.m.?



Ugh, okay.

This coffee's really bad.

Is it?

It tastes like mud. Do you not taste that?

I don't really drink coffee.

I don't have a palette for what's good and bad, yeah?

Then why'd you say yes to having a coffee?

I was cold.

It's warming me up.

I can almost feel my fingers again.

So we're getting better.

Oh I love this song.

I should probably get going.

Just, it's celery soup without the celery.

You know, my mom's gonna have to be late for that.

Just listen to the song. Okay.

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace. ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace. ♪ So are you married? Or have kids?


That's a funny way of asking. Yeah. Is it?

Um, no.

I am in a relationship though.

Okay. Several.

Several? Okay.

Yeah, with all the trees I take care of.


Are you?

No. I almost was, I think.


You think?

Uh, yeah.

I was close to asking, but...

Stuff happens, you know?

Like what?

She cheated on me.

I'm sorry.

Honestly, it was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.

The best?

Maybe not the best.

The trees don't mind your non-exclusivity?

Oh no, they're very open.


♪ Holy night ♪

Should we spike this coffee?

It's getting thicker as I sip it.

Yes. Yes.

So Mr. Lawson.

He married the old bio teacher.

Do you remember Miss Richards?

She was so old! So old.

When I was in school.

I know, right? Yeah, no. I really can't.

He obviously didn't feel the same way.

I don't know. I don't know if thats...

Oh man.

What's happening now?

What do you mean 'what's happening now'?

Well, there's something between us if you haven't noticed.

Are you gonna go sit in the bleachers?

Uh, I geuss. Okay wait, hold my drink.

Okay. Wait, hold my jacket.


Anything else? No. You go.

Is this what I think it is? Yep.

Okay. It's happening.

Oh god, this definitely what dreams are made of, huh?

I'm ready. I'm so ready.

Okay, you ready? Yeah.

Can you see my pom-poms? Okay okay okay.


♪ This team is boom dynamite. ♪

♪ This team is boom dynamite. ♪

♪ This team is tick tick tick tick tick tick boom dynamite. ♪ Now, ready.

♪ When I say 'dyna' you say 'mite'. ♪ Dyna! Oh that's me... Mite!

Dyna-- We're trying that again.

♪ When I say 'dyna' you say 'mite'. ♪ Dyna! Mite!

Dyna! Mite!

Gooo Bulldogs!

Oh god.

You still got it in you, huh? Oh I still got it.

You do.

I think I tore my jeans when I did that actually.

You never came to any games.

I went to a couple. It just wasn't my thing.

Oh, you were too cool for them.

Oh, no. I think I wasn't cool enough.

Oh you were fine.

I was fine?


Nice. You didn't talk to anyone.

I talked to people I knew well.

I'm sorry.

For what?

High school. Kids.

It was a long time ago.

Yeah and look at you now. Crazy.

You know what we used to call you in high school?

Maybe I don't want to tell you actually.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay.

Um, so Sophie Michaels.

I can't believe I'm telling you this.

We used to say, we used to say.

We could buy art supplies. Like in you.

That doesn't even make sense.

I don't know.

Because Michaels is like an art supply store and you had a lot of customers. I don't know.

No, I get that.

Still doesn't make sense.

I can't believe I just told you.

You know what we used to say about you?

She always looked so sad, but she could look Sadler.

You said that?

No. We didn't talk about you.




That was really quick.

I wanted to ask you a favor.

I'm intrigued. Should I be scared?

Yes. Yes?


Would you be able to take some photos of some of my preservation projects?

Hmm I am not really taking photos anymore.

But what about the magazine?

I'm a photo editor.

I don't know. You always had that damn camera around your neck in school. So...


It's okay.

What's it for?

We have a couple of 300-year old oak trees that they want to cut down.

Don't worry. I'll figure it out.

I'll do it.

Really? Yeah.

I'll do it.

That's awesome.

That was a really good cheer.

Uhhh. I'm embarrassed and proud.

You should be proud. Very proud.

Oh god.

Yeah, this one. You see?

This is a good one.

You can tell them that.

You look great.

This is one of my favortie spaces.


It's like a cave.

Yeah, is this your secret in here?

Little bit. Yeah.


I think you should get in the photos.


Yeah. I think so.

No, no, no.

They're too beautiful. Let them stand alone.

I just think people want to see who's saving them though.

Can we try a couple?

Just a few.

Here? Yeah, perfect.

What? I don't know what to do.

I feel so awkward. Okay. Sorry.

First dibs.

Me first dibs? Yes.

I didn't even do any of the work.

Are you waiting for me to take my turn?


These are good.

Just like I remember.

Tell your mom I offered to pay you though.

This is payment.

You're hurting their feelings.

No, like money money.

This is good enough.

You don't like sour watermelon or what?

No, they're delicious.


I just don't want anyone to think that I'm taking too much advantage of you and your photography skills.

What do the trees eat?

Sour watermelon? Or...

No, I think they're more gummy bear types.

Especially her. Which one?

Her. This one here?

Yeah, she likes gummy bears. No, she doesn't.

I don't see it.

You have to know them. You would know.

I do. Yeah.

What is that?


You say it so calmly.

They're home.

How am I doing?

You're doing it wrong?

Oh okay.

You said to tuck it in like I'd tuck myself in with a blanket. That's how I do it.

Yeah, but without the toes tucked in.

Yeah, but without the toes tucked in. What?


Okay. That's the best part. But...

We'll just make all their feet cold.


Does that work?

Yeah that works.

How'd I do? Much better.

Oh good.

It's freezing tonight.

I know.

Kiss me.

Kiss me. What?


I want you to kiss me.

♪ Its been 72 weeks in this town ♪

♪ I still believe I’ll see you again ♪

♪ No matter what I got off the ground, ♪

♪ For something that matters, matters to me ♪

♪ But what do you want? ♪

♪ What’s your biggest need? ♪

♪ What’s your biggest need? ♪ ♪ Every hour we spend together ♪

♪ Every hour we spend together ♪

♪ Every hour we spend together ♪ ♪ ends suddenly ♪

♪ ends suddenly ♪

♪ The chances are small, just like the lottery ♪

♪ I just hope we could stay together ♪

♪ I just hope we could stay together ♪ ♪ we wait and see ♪

♪ we wait and see ♪

♪ But the chances are small, just like the lottery ♪

Oh my god.

Why are we both hiding?

I don't know. She doesn't even come in.

I don't know. She doesn't even come in. She just knocks when breakfast is ready.

She just knocks when breakfast is ready.

She just knocks when breakfast is ready. That's cute.

That's cute.


Thanks. I feel like I'm 15 again.

I feel like I'm 15 again.

Did you do this when you were 15?

Did you do this when you were 15? No, not at all. Thank you.

No, not at all. Thank you.

Good morning.


It's so pretty out here.

It's so pretty out here.

I haven't been here for maybe 16 years.

Yeah, long time.

Thanks for coming.

I used to come here all the time.

I used to come here all the time. I heard it was the spot, drunken teenagers I heard it was the spot, drunken teenagers and debauchery and all that.

I used to come here all the time with my dad.

Oh you did?

Oh you did? He taught me how to fish on that sandbar right there.

He taught me how to fish on that sandbar right there.

Right there? Mmhmm. True I could see that.

And I made him throw back every single fish we caught.

Otherwise I would just scream my head off.

Environmentalist from birth.

He must've hated fishing with me.

I don't believe that for a second.

Have you ever gone fishing?

My dad wasn't really into that kind of thing.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

I'm sorry. It's okay. It's Jaycee. We went to school with her.

It's Jaycee. We went to school with her.

The tall girl with the big eyes. I know who she is.

She's having a get-together before the reunion.

Nothing's changed around here, huh?

A pre-reunion reunion.

You should come.

Yeah, come with me. Nope.

Not coming. Please.

It's kind of my recurring nightmare. You know?

You know, Jaycee's changed a lot.

I'm sure.


After she had kids, she really lightened up.

I'm still not coming.

They've all seen your magazine. It's not my magazine.


They really like it. They all say really nice things.

I'm not going. You have fun though.



Ducks quacking.

Pretty good.

♪ Toyland ♪

♪ Little girl and boy land ♪

♪ Little girl and boy land ♪ ♪ While you dwell within it ♪

♪ While you dwell within it ♪

♪ While you dwell within it ♪ ♪ You are ever happy then ♪

♪ You are ever happy then ♪

♪ Childhood ♪

♪ Childhood ♪ ♪ Joy land ♪

♪ Joy land ♪

♪ Joy land ♪ ♪ Mystic merry toyland ♪

♪ Mystic merry toyland ♪

♪ Once you pass its borders ♪

♪ You can never return again ♪

♪ Childhood ♪

♪ Childhood ♪ ♪ Joy land ♪

♪ Joy land ♪

♪ Joy land ♪

♪ Mystic merry toyland ♪

♪ Mystic merry toyland ♪

♪ Mystic merry toyland ♪

♪ Once you pass its borders ♪

♪ Once you pass its borders ♪

♪ You can never ♪

♪ You can never ♪ ♪ return ♪

♪ return ♪

♪ return ♪ ♪ again ♪

♪ again ♪

It's not cheating if it's just there in front of you.

If it's just fanned out in front of you.

Aren't you curious?

About what?

About what? Their looks? How they'd treat you?

Their looks? How they'd treat you?

No. Lies.


How? Why is everyone trying to tell me how I should feel about this?

Why is everyone trying to tell me how I should feel about this?

Literally no one's telling you that.

You're telling yourself that. It's my turn.

Uh, yellow.

Not everyone can be perfect.

Not everyone can be perfect. And what's that supposed to mean?

And what's that supposed to mean?

And what's that supposed to mean? It means you have the stuff. So don't worry.

It means you have the stuff. So don't worry.

It means you have the stuff. So don't worry. I have the stuff?

I have the stuff?

I have the stuff? - Yeah. What the hell's "the stuff?"

Yeah. What the hell's "the stuff?"

Yeah. What the hell's "the stuff?" The job. The location. Et cetera.

The job. The location. Et cetera.

And that's what matters? And you have two more cards.

That's not what I'm saying.

I'm just trying to help you feel better about yourself.

Just because this town stirs shit up in me doesn't mean I forget what matters.

Then what matters?

You're asking me that like I have to prove something to you?

No, I'm not asking you to prove something to me.

No, I'm not asking you to prove something to me. I'm just trying to I'm just trying to give you some reassurance. Okay?

I don't need it. Alright.

Shit. Okay. Fuck.

Message received.

Is it my turn? Mine.

I don't know. Yeah. Mine.


Oh my gosh.

Thank god.

Okay, you can stop with the nines now, please.

Brought you some tea.

Thank you. Yeah, of course.

Is it good? Yeah, it is. It's nice.

Kinda strong.

Kinda strong. How was your day?

How was your day?

Yeah? Mmhmm.

You should've been there last night.

You should've been there last night. Everyone was there.

Everyone was there.

Almost everyone.

The important ones?

The important ones? No that's, that's not what I meant.

No that's, that's not what I meant.


You don't have to do this, you know.

Do what?

All of this.

Help my mom with the plants. Hang out with me.

I know.

Do you feel sorry for me or something?

Is that what this is?


You help everyone. You help the trees.

You help everyone. You help the trees. Now helping me.

Now helping me.

I don't know if it makes sense.

I'm not trying to do anything.

Is it so hard to believe that I just want to be here with you?

That I just want to be here with you? Knowing your past?

Knowing your past?

Maybe it is.

Sweetie, these knuckleheads are wearing me out.

I want to talk to you.

Can we turn that off?

Hey. You.

In there.


What's going on with you?

You're doing your silent act.

Don't shake your head. I know-- I know you.

There's something going on.

I lost my job.

That's it?

That's why you're so sad?

Just now?




Jeez, I thought it was going to be something like... big.

A job's nothing. Just...

A job's nothing. Just... don't tell Mom.

Don't tell Mom.

She'll make something big out of it. You know.

Because I'm a loser?

Why would you even say that?

Cause it's true.

Oh come on!

Has nothing to do with it.

Your job has nothing to do with you, Sweetie.


To be honest, your twenties... You're twenty eight, okay?

Thanks for reminding me.


I'm making a point here. You're twenty eight.

Your twenties are for screwing up.

Doing s-- crazy stuff.

You haven't done anything like that yet.

I was wondering if you were--

I was starting to get a little worried about you.

That you hadn't screwed up.

You know?

Don't worry, don't sweat it. This is nothing.

Are you hearing me?

Why are you so deep about this?

Do you miss Aunty Sher?

Ahh, sure I do.

She's--I miss her everyday.

Yeah, I know.

We had the best laughs.

Every time we'd get together she'd make me laugh and no matter how shitty the day was, you know.


She'd find something funny in it.

You know?


That's a talent. I loved that about her.

Sorry I didn't go to the funeral.


There you go again, you're looking back to stuff that's You know...

I just don't know what's wrong with me. You know?

There's nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Can you hear that?

There's nothing wrong with you.

You just keep looking back and bumming yourself out with stuff from the past.

You can't do anything about that.

Just take this day and go forward.

Have you ever felt proud of me?

Proud? Always!

Your mother and I have been proud of you all your life.

All of your life and you still don't hear that.

What is it about you that you keep beating yourself up?

How do I get you to stop doing that?

Can you?

Stop it.

You know?

Nothing--nothing you can do would ever make me not proud of you.

Is that clear enough?



Mom, did you forget to roll out the dough?

Why are we doing it with these cookies?

I have no idea.

Where you going? It's going to freeze tonight.

Sophie's not coming?

Mmm, she has a life too, you know.

I know.

I know that.

Yeah she had to take her mother-- her mother to the doctor.

What's wrong with her mom?


She just wants to have a little peace of mind after losing her dad like that.

I'll cover your plants.

Don't worry. Sit down.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Really? Yeahh.

You didn't even finish this.

It looks terrible.

Thank you, sweetheart.

This looks like a chocolate chip cookie.

I don't know what I'm going to smear all over it.

You think an orange gummy bear would help?

Yeah, I think so.

Give it some sprinkles.

Oh there, yeah okay.

Oh fancy!


Red gummy bear!

Well, here. Here's a green gummy bear.

My sister is so talented. You put a green gummy bear on yours. Here you go.

Oh, thank you. I'll go with a green one.

Thank you. Christmas gummies.

Yeah, absolutely.

Cheers! Cheers!


Gummy bears and chocolate chips.

That's a weird combination!

I'm into it. Mmmm.

Well, I'm sorry, you know. I'm old.

Who put names on them? I can't remember these things.

Angel or a star this year?


Ainsley, you decide.

Oh. That guy. Yeah.

Okay, you wanna put it up? You wanna do the honors? Or...

We can--let's all do it?

Okay, yeah. Let's all do it.

Here we go.

The effort's too much!

I'm trying really hard, I mean...

I can't even see, that's totally straight. Definitely.

Let's make some candlelight or something.

Oh, where is the lighter? Dad, you had that.

Mom, is it over there in that area?

Let's see. I don't see it anywhere.

Hmmm. I was sitting on it, here.

Aha! There it is.

Alrighty, here we go. You were sitting on it?

You had Santa's belt.

Oh, and Papa had Santa's belt.

And so you and I had the plaid.

How do you remember these things?

Well, I'm lucky.

Okay, okay.

Good job.

Let's hang some balls.

I lost my job.

You--you lost your job just now?

Yeah, just now. She just-- poof!

Mom, mom don't.

Don't--don't do it now.

Well, when is a good time to do it?

Don't worry about it. Just--

What? --Let's do it after Christmas.

You know I worry.

Let's hang these balls. Don't worry.

Especially the glittery ones. Fine.

Ah, there we go. Okay we got some--

Okay you got one, you got a hook?

I think they've all vanished into the other dimension.


With all of our socks!

Put the socks in the tree this year or you wanna put them up over the window?

Oh, I put mine here! You guys can need to do yours.

Yeah, we can hang ours on the tree.

You said gold. Oh yeah.

Here we go. Dad.

At least these have loops on them.

I'll do yours, dad. Oh, you got mine?


Alrighty. Nice and low.


She said I'm hanging low! What's that mean?

I'm not even gonna touch that one.

No, no.

It's Christmas! No, no!

Forgive us!



Do you mind if I sit?

How'd you know I was here?

I talked to your mom.

She told me.

Meeting the in-laws already, huh?

He loved Christmas.

Any excuse for all of us to sit in the same room and buy us the stupidest presents.


I'm sorry about everything.

It's okay.

I don't know why sometimes I-- just do the whole self-sabotaging thing.

It's easier than facing reality, you know?

It's not an excuse, I know.

But how would you know if you didn't try, right?

Yeah, I don't know.

That's true.

It's okay.

I brought some things.

You said that you guys love Christmas so I just-- thought...

Oh, ha.

There's that.

That's really sweet.

Some lights.

Yeah, you got it.

And-- a letter.

You wrote this? Yeah.

He can read it later.

Oh, there we go.


Here's a receipt for a donut, does this count?

Ains! He's cheating! Dad, you're just cleaning out Ains! He's cheating! Dad, you're just cleaning out your pockets! Those are receipts!

Your pockets! Those are receipts!

It's weighing me down! You didn't say it was--

At least they won't end up in the washing machine.

Physical or emotional.

No, he's right actually.

Oh, come on! I didn't specify, so.

You didn't specify. I didn't specify.

This is just weighing me down.

All of these, none of these.

Alright, I'm going to go to my car, get my stuff and just dump it all in there.

Don't even have to go to the car wash.

Just throw it in.

Did you bring any more underwear?

No, just the ONE pair!

I mean he--

Look at that, the whole thing is going in.

No plastic straws, right?

Did you want to go through your other coats maybe?

As well, is that what's happening right now?

You know that's a lot of receipts, dad.

You know this is kind of fun. I feel lighter already.

Oh, here. Let me have a couple. I'll throw them in for you.

Here's one. You can throw that in. Alright!

The IRS doesn't care about that donut.

You want to check it first, mom?


Check it.

See what he's trying to burn.

What evidence is he trying to get rid of?

So, why did I bring all of this stuff?


We're gonna-- Ohhh, I see.

You see...

We're going to burn all my valuables.

I said NOT to bring valuables.

I'm kidding.


Let's see.

Mmm... you first.

Me first? Mmhmm.

Well, you're sitting on them, so...



I lost my job.

It happens.

That's it?

I'm sorry?

Don't be.

I... published my own photos in one of the spreads.



I was just tired--tired of publishing everyone else's work and not catching a break.

So, I just did it without a thought and uh Here we are.

So what?

It's a job.

People lose them every day.

It's not just a job.

That's what anyone in this town brings up--is my job.

You know, no one approached you in high school because it was like you had everything figured out.

It was because you were intimidating.

That's not true.


I don't know.

People ask you your job right off the bat so they can calculate how much respect to give you.

Mmm-- Yeah? No?

No one has everything figured out.

And if they think they do, they're lying to themselves.


So that brings me to my next unload.

Uhhh-- I definitely thought I had Uhhh-- I definitely thought I had everything figured out back then.

Everything figured out back then.

OH noooo.

It's pretty bad. Can I keep this?

No, you can't keep it. Please?

Oh, please! No!


I'm going to keep this.

You want it? Mmhmm.

You really want it? Yeah Okay.

That's all I've got, so it's your turn.

That's all I've got, so it's your turn. Okay Okay I'm excited to see what you have.

Is this your retainer?

It caused mea lot of pain.

This isn't gonna burn, Soph! What the hell!

Yeah, I know.

I just needed to make peace with it, you know?

It's a bit dramatic, but I get it.

Yeah. You brought something that can burn, right?

I did, yeah. Okay.

Okay this feels really good.

This is a paper I wrote in the fifth grade and it has haunted me ever since.

What?! Don't read it!

What does it say you want to be when you grow up?

A dog. Let's not talk about it.

A dog?

A boy made fun of me, he said it was stupid and it wasn't a real dream and I cried.

He's stupid because you're kind of living that anyway.

You know?

I mean not in a bad way! Like-- everything you're doing You know I'm a grownup now, so I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Yeah, it came out worse than I planned.

I don't think we should burn it.

Hey, you choose mine, I choose yours.

Oh, so I get to keep it then?

It's yours. Okay.

You wanna go out tonight?

The reunion?

Screw the reunion.

I don't know.

Maybe we should go.

Grace them with our presence, you know?

It may be fun.

Really? Yeah!


I would like that.

♪ Toyyyland. ♪

♪ Toooyyylaaannnnd. ♪

♪ Little girl-- ♪

♪ boy--girl and boooyyy land. ♪

♪ While you dwell ♪

♪ within it ♪

♪ you are everrr ♪

♪ happpyyyy there ♪ It's so slow.

♪ Childhooooods ♪

♪ joylaaaand ♪

♪ mystical merrrryyy ♪

♪ toooyyyylannnd ♪

♪ Once you pass its borderrrrrs ♪

♪ You can neverrr return agaiiinnn ♪

Okay, I've got some time.

♪ Tooooyyylaaaand ♪ Oh, it's the same thing! ♪ Tooooyyylaaaand ♪ Oh, it's the same thing!

♪ Tooooyyylaaaand ♪

♪ little girl and booooyyyylaaaandddd ♪

♪ while you dwell within iiiiiittt ♪

♪ you are evvvverrrr happppyyyy ♪

♪ theeerrrrreeee ♪

♪ childhooooods ♪

♪ joylaaaannnd ♪

♪ mystical merrrryyyyy ♪

♪ toooyyyylaaannnnddd ♪

♪ Once you pass its borderrrssss ♪

♪ you can neverrr retuuurrnn ♪

♪ aggggaaaaaiiinnnn ♪ It just repeats the same thing, I didn't know!

♪ Never return agaaaaiiinnn ♪ I never knew this about this song.

♪ Once you pass its bordeerrrsss ♪

♪ you can neverrr retuurrrnnn agggaaaiiiinnn ♪

That's all. That's it. That's the song.

Thank you.

That was beautiful. Thank you so much.

I'd say "your turn," but you've already uh performed for me.

Yeah, that was--that was that was payback! [Laughter}

That was beautiful though.

Thanks. It felt really good.

♪ I'll let you go ♪

♪ just need some time ♪

♪ at your own pace you need to find your way ♪

♪ I know now you'll never change your mind ♪

♪ for something that matters ♪

♪ matters to me ♪

♪ you do not know what I have in mind ♪

♪ I packed our bags, we'll be on our way ♪

♪ the night was long as I waited without a sound ♪