Claire in Motion (2016) Script

You're leaving?

Mm-hmm, bye honey.

Oh, God, I dreamt that you were dizzy again.

That’s not gonna happen.

Be careful.

You know me.

I'll see ya in a few days.

Undergrads don’t trust the equations.

If the result is unintuitive, they're certain that it's wrong.

It might be that under convergence assumption, the priors are bounded, at least for the accumulation of thresholds.

I don't know, I have to think about it a little more, but that's the direction that I'm going.


I'm working on it now.

No, he gets home sometime today.


I'll see you tomorrow.

Yeah, have a good night.

Hey, sweets, how 'bout I make you a little sandwich?

Where is he?

He is probably driving here.

Do you like what I did?

I like it.

Doesn't sound like you do.

I do.

I guess I just got tired of these stripes.

Hi, you have reached the voicemail of Paul Hunger, please feel.


You caught me.

What's up?

We had a fight so I drove around the block a few times.

What are you doing?

Oh, Paul's late, I thought you were him.

You worried?

No, his cell phone’s probably dead by now.

Okay, well we're here if you need anything.


Goodnight, sweetie.


Professor Hunger?

Thank you.

Tell me a little more about these hikes.

You called them survivalist?

Um, he takes the bare minimum.

Eats edible plants, catches his own food.

He started training for this a couple years ago.

This is his second trip.

And is he typically gone three or four days?


22 Athens.

I think I've located the missing professor's Subaru.


Team two will head down the hill below me.

Team three will go down off the hill to my left.









It's just half days.

You've already missed too much school.

Everybody's gonna stare at me.

Stare back.

Athens police chief Ken Doyle told WOUU that the initial search, which he stated is the most important time in a missing person case, turned up only one campsite that could have been Hunger's, as well as his Subaru Forester.

Doctor Hunger, a professor of ornithology at Ohio University, was on a four-day excursion when he did not return home as planned, now 25 days ago.

Doyle said only a few small areas remain that have been deemed too dangerous to search, due to recent heavy rainfall in cliff areas, or because they are inaccessible by air.

Hi, Professor Hunger.


We sonared the last part of the river, and we found nothing.

We sent two separate rescue teams to the last two areas of the cliffs and the caves that we can safely access, and we found nothing.

We will, eventually, do a second pass in some of those areas, but the rain last month has made it very, very difficult.

We also talked to the grad student, Miss Lorn, who was working on an art project with Doctor Hunger.


Oh, um, Allison Lorn.


You mean the project he was consulting on for the Art Department.

It all checked out as a legit University collaboration.

They apparently made something together.

Made something?

No, I don't think so, he was their science consultant.

I just wanted you to know we followed this last lead and it went nowhere.


Paul has very clear boundaries with students.



We don't need to meet daily anymore.

Are you really pulling your men off the case?

I'm sorry, but the guy in upstate New York was missing for 30 days.

We've done a massive search, Claire, massive search.

I hate to say it but at this point, there's very little to do unless we get new information.

I am so sorry.

♪ Oh Susannah oh don’t you cry for me

♪ I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee

♪ Oh Susannah won’t you cry for me

♪ I come from Alabama with

Professor Hunger?

Did you see what I put in here?

They sent it over from the Art Department.

Oh, yeah, thank you.

Do you need boxes?

For what?

Oh I thought maybe you were clearing out.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm so sorry.- It's okay.

Let me know if you need anything.

I will.


How was it?

It'll be better tomorrow.

There you go.

I don't want to seethe counselor again.

What did she say?

Did she cry?

A little.

I knew it.

She wants me to keep watching the videos, and if I want to write a letter to dad...

Dear dad, please show up, so that I can stop seeing this overwhelmed counselor who’s barely out of college

and hasn't had enough serious life experiences yet, to truly get what l'm going through.

Where are we going today?

It's a climbing area.

Dad's not a climber.

I just wanna look around.

Why is it closed off?

I don't know.

Maybe the rain made it slippery.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

Why not?

I don't see the point.

Well the point is, is that it's possible that he's alive somewhere, and until that goes away, we have to do something.



You are super talented.

Thank you.

Can you see yourself?

Oh, oh oh oh.


Okay let's take this corner.


Yes, sergeant?

Goodnight, sweetie.



Do you want to invite Troy over for a sleepover tonight, or you could go over there?


Are you sure?

Yeah, bye.

Hi, I'm looking for Allison Lorn.

Thank you.

Oh, oh, oh!


Did that feel real at all?


It's getting there.

Professor Hunger.


I'm so glad we're meeting.

It's so cool to see you.

Um, and if you'll excuse us, I'm learning how to fall.


It's for my work, yeah.

It's about contesting the hierarchy of pleasure.

It sounds heady, but it’s actually interesting and ridiculously fun.

Did you get the art supplies I sent you?

I did, thank you.

I actually have something else for you, it's just, it's right over here.

I don't get it.

Paul made it.

It goes this way.

He was originally consulting on a bird piece with Professor Spector, but, then he got interested in this and...

We were working on a piece together for the show.

That doesn't make you uncomfortable, does it?


Oh, good.

He thought it might.

He told you that?

I know you wanted him to finish his book.

And so did I, but I think he was drawn to this work in a way he didn't anticipate.

I'm sorry.

Who are you?


I, I was his collaborator and friend.

We were just good friends.

That's all.

I had to explain to the cops that sex isn't the only thing that makes you close.

We're having a party in his honor.

It's on our website but l think I have a flier.

Paul loved our parties, we'd love to have you.


The art grad students.

I have to go.

Thank you.

It was nice to meet you, Allison.

Hey Claire.

Hi, Stu.

You wanna ride?

No, thanks, I like to walk, yeah.

Anything new?



Jesus Christ, you think he’d fuckin' be found by now.

Why aren't they searching right now, what are they doing?

It's not a suspected homicide, so there's a limit to what they do.

They think he ran off?

I don't think they...

I don't think they, no...


Yeah, this, this is bullshit.

You don't deserve this Claire.

Hey, anytime you need a stiff drink, I'm buyin', okay?

Okay, yeah.


Thank you, bye.- See ya.


Wow, sharp.

You are super talented.

Thank you.

In there?

Oh, oh oh oh.


Bunny ears.

Okay let's take this corner, carefully.



I'm with you!

Excuse me, sir, what is the meaning of this mess?

And when are you going to clean it up?

Let's see, when I am finished with this bloody burden of a book, good sir.

Could you please explain to me...


This bird right here.

Ah, hah.

This bird is called the Belted Kingfisher.

They call him the kingfisher because of his remarkable nosedive with which he catches his fish.

What are you doing?

Watching you.

Yeah, you're watching me, hmm?

What do you see?

I can’t see anything if you won't look at me.

Okay I'll...

Look at me?

Look at me?

I'm looking at you.

No you’re not, not really.

I feel like they rear back.

I like the stare.

You do?


That's getting there, that's good.

Hey, Claire.


Hey, sorry, I...

I thought I heard a noise.

Oh, that's okay, Ryan was just helping me rehearse.

Been hoping to see you.


Oh, hey, would you like one, Claire?

Oh, no, but thanks.



So, I heard the search is off.


I'm so sorry.


Hey, did you guys know that Paul was working with an art student?



It's nothing, I just...

I'm not sure that I remember him telling me.


Ryan says math is a mess without you.

That's what I've heard.

He's not there.

Did you have an appointment?


No, no, I guess I didn't.

Thank you, thank you.

You don't have to pick me up from school.

I can walk home.

I like to.

Are you mad at me?


Where are you going?

I'm not doing it anymore.

Oh, fliering too?


Okay, well, I'm gonna go.

The door's open, I’ll see you later, okay?

Oh, hi.


It's too dangerous.

There are significant cliffs in that area.

Infrared didn't find anything.

If he fell, deep, into one of those crevices,

it just would've been over.

I don't think there's any sense in risking lives on what would now be a recovery effort.

I'm sorry.

I get that.

I do.


You must be Connor.


Um, a student left that for you.


What'd she say?

She said that I had dad’s arms and legs.

Ah ha.

She was a little weird, but...

It's a party for dad.

Can I go?


It'll be a lot of art MFA's.

Yeah, so?

Well, to use your word, they can be a little weird.

You love your grad students.

That is true, yes.

Over there, sweetie.

Let's do it.

Gotta rip off the Band-aid.

We're not truly free unless we can release them into the world.

One, two, three!

Everyone, this is Professor Hunger and Connor.

Hello.- Hello.

Hey.- Hi.


One, two, three...- For Paul.

Yeah, the wood came from the Amish in Pennsylvania.

My dad designed it so we’d each have our own part.

He passed away last year, though.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, it's fine.

He was sick, it was his time.

He was the last, so l'm just like Paul.

No extended family, sort of an orphan.

Paul has a stepbrother in Australia.

Oh, yeah, that's right, the one who works in construction.

I really hope Paul’s okay somewhere.

♪ I'll do my best tonight

♪ Give you everything you need

♪ Just take what you want from me

♪ Moonlight shines on your skin

♪ Falls upon everything

♪ Take what you want from me

♪ I love you more than I

♪ I ever did It's right over here.

My dad made this?


But uh, it's not done, so...

Maybe you can help me finish it.

How do you know how to?

I don't, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Um, hey, do you wanna go to the Ukelele Pond?



I'll be right there, sweetie, I need to...

I'll be right there.

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Connor's so sweet.

I just wanted to talk to you alone.



I don't know I just...

Wonder if he's off on some experiment somewhere.

He said that it all started with the dizzy spells.

They never really figured out what was wrong?

I just thought you should know that...

He was haunted by them, but also intrigued.

That it sparked the road to his work at least partially.

I mean his pieces about falling and flying.


Do you know the Stevie Smith poem, where the narrator confuses waving with drowning?

It was like that.

I was much too far out all my life, and not waving but drowning.

He even went skydiving.

Why are you telling me this?

I just thought you would wanna know what was going on.


We're not friends.


I'm not even sure I believe you.

Yeah, you’re really good at this.

Alright, sweetie, time to go.

Yeah, okay.

Take it, you can borrow it.


Sure, we have a couple of 'em.


You too, Professor Hunger.

I'd like to get to know you better.

I'm sorry for upsetting you.

You didn't upset me.

You should come back for the grad student exhibition next month.

Or I'll be finishing his piece, I'll be here all week.



I'm sorry.

She's very odd.

She thinks that dad is alive somewhere.

One of her friends was telling me how you can go off the grid in Alaska.

And how if you don’t use your credit card, you can't be found.

He would never do that.

He didn't tell you or me about the sculpture.

I'm sure he was going to tell me, and you.



You're watching me, hmm?

What do you see?

I can't see anything if you don't look at me.

Okay I'll look...

Look at me?

Look at me.

I'm looking at you.

You're not, not really.

I'm looking at you.

Why are you wearing those?

I was cold.

Are you going back to work?


Yeah, today, I'm, um...

I have a meeting.




Sorry to bother you.

What is it?

I think you have my performance art text.

Um, you took Paul’s stuff out of the studio.

Sometimes I just study in there.

I just need it for class.

I'm sorry, hang on, let me see if I have it.

And I also wanted to apologize.

Um, I try too hard, you must think I'm a whack job.


I said too much, I always do.

It's okay.

And you must think l'm obsessed with Paul.

I'm really not.

We were just doing some exciting work and...

He is handsome, but I, uh, wasn't thinking about that.

I'm sure it's weird to have a stranger talk so intimately about your husband, so...

I promise to give you space from now on.

It's okay, it's just...

It's a very confusing time.

Yeah, it is.

I'm just trying to be open to everything.

Well, I'm just...

Trying to survive.


I'm so happy to see you.

We need you.

Oh, thank you.


It's great to see you.

Well, it's good to be back.

Okay, so there are hundreds of posts on YouTube of kitty cats doing this.

How is this?


Well done.

Wow, it's very real.

Thank you.

Very, very real.

Here's to you.


Do you know who else wanted to buy me a drink?

The only other person that has asked me to do anything?


Stu with the clown car?

Oh my god.

Well, why not?

Come on, it's Stu.

It's so absurd.

Did Paul seem...

Strange to you before the hike?

Not really.

This grad student thinks that he was having some sort of awakening.


Honestly, I think she's a little obsessed with some idea of who Paul was, is.

You know what?

Enough about him.

I'm kidding, but I'm not really.

What I mean is, what do you want?

So it looks like he jumped in April.

Oh, I see.

We still have his video.

Would you like the link?

Yeah, yeah.


Here, write down your email.

Could I do this?

Anyone can do this.

No, I mean right now.

No, um...

You have to take a class, it's not an impulsive thing.

Oh, of course.

I'm sorry.

I'll send you all the information though.

That would be great.


Thank you.

Thank you.


It's not okay for you to go without asking me.

You told me you were gonna come home on your own.

You are.


Uh, I'm not the best.


Do you wanna help us?

Connor, get your things.



He phoned me.

It was my idea.

Go get your stuff, please.

Thank you.


This is all...

Just a little too close, okay?

That's hard for you?

Alright, Allison, unless there’s something you know about Paul's case that I don't know, I don't wanna be in contact.

Of course I know things.

Oh my god.

Let's see...

He was on and off about you.

I told him he should leave you but he wouldn't.

I tried to sleep with him, but he wouldn't.

He was a little boring that way.

We argued.

One time he cried in my arms out of sheer loneliness, and then he dismissed the importance of it.

I don't know how well I knew him, but there you go.

Are you done?

With your act?

Christ, you're like a walking cliche of denial, just feel something.

You know what?

I feel things, okay?

I feel plenty, the way that I feel, oh, ugh, fuck!

This goes with me.

Come here, sweetie, you're gonna help me, we're gonna take this home.

Alright, ready?


This is part of it.

He would want it to stay together.

Thank you.

You're leaving.

Mm-hmm, bye, honey.

Oh, god, I dreamt that you were dizzy again.

That’s not gonna happen.

Be careful.

You know me.

Hey mom.

Troy invited me over for a sleepover.

Is that okay with his mom on a school night?

Yeah, it's fine.


Alright, well have fun.


If those motherfuckers don't know what they're doing, fire their asses.

I once sued because I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of these contractors on the house.

They didn't have a fucking clue, I mean, I looked at this idiot and I'm like, hey man, if you can't wire a house, you can't plumb, you're not gonna get the fucking roof right.

There's so much uncertainty and we're immersed in it.


That's why I do math.

I hear ya.

You know, everyday, that's what we do.

We estimate from belief.

Collect evidence, adjust the belief,

correct for uncertainty, repeat and repeat.

I think beliefs make you irrational.





Oh god.


No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Do I know you?

I had you last year.

I remember your face.

Can um...

I'm sorry, can I ask you something?

Um, okay.

When you were in my class, did you feel like, um...

Did you feel like I knew what I was doing?

Did I, like I, had some sense of consistency?

Um, you were good.

I really liked your class.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Okay, I'm sorry I didn’t remember you, I'm sorry, I was lying before.

But um...

I haven't really been paying attention so...

Don't feel bad.

You know you gotta dance.

Yes you do.

No I don't no, I’m a terrible dancer.

Yeah, here we go, get it funky today.

Oh my god.

♪ Yo pretty ladies around the world

♪ Got a weird thing to show you

♪ So tell all the boys and girls

♪ Tell your brother, your sister and your mamma too

♪ 'Cause we're about to go down

♪ And you know just what to do

♪ Wave your hands in the air like you don't care Yeah, there it is, ah, ah!

♪ Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick mamma

♪ Come on baby tell me what's the word

♪ Word up

♪ Everybody say

Oh, god, you're fuckin" beautiful.

You know I'm married, right?

Yeah, that's okay.


You think this is a good length?

Yeah, you don’t want it too long.


Oh, that's perfect, thank you.

You know, we could just ask her for help.

I think we've got it.

Okay, I've gotta go.

Okay, you want me to pick you up later?

Um, no, I’ll take the bus to the library.


I’ll give you a minute.

I guess the fliers triggered somebody's memory at the convenience store.

We checked the security cams, found the tape.

Timestamp is 20 days ago.

I was hoping for something, but I don't think it’s conclusive.

Can't make out the image.

Guy swears up and down he was there, though.

That's not unusual, though, Claire, we get false witnesses all the time.

Anyway, still felt like l should show it to you.


Dear dad.

I don't actually know why l'm writing you this letter.


My counselor told me to.

And it's a lot easier than talking to mom.

She's acting strange.

She's sort of jumpy, and then next she’s sort of spaced out.

Remember that kid at school, Otto, who I told you is really annoying?

As it turns out, he's not.

Just has this sort of weird thing for maps.

But he didn't tell anyone.

Like how I like to knit.

And I don't really tell that to other kids.

I didn't really know him.


I'm not really sure what to say.

If you're dead, then I'm sorry.

If you ran away to start a new life, then I guess I’m really mad at you.

I do like your sculpture though.

Love, Connor.




I wanna talk to you!

You can't leave me here like this.

You can't leave me here!

Don't you leave me here!


Hi, it's me.

No, I'm lost.


You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I just, my wrist.

We can go get that checked out.

I hope he ran away.