Clash (2016) Script

In the days following the June 30th revolution, there were clashes led by protesters loyal to the society of Muslim Brothers opposing the peaceful devolution of power.

What are you doing? Catch him. Don't move!

What's going on? Don't move!

Get 'em! Come here, boy.

I did nothing. Come here!

That guy is with him! Fine! Enough!

What the hell? Stop pushing me!

Freeze! Get your hands off me.

I said, freeze! What is it?

We're with the press. Don't move!

Freeze! Who are you with?

Associated Press. I'm a reporter, and he's a photographer.

Give me that camera!

They took pictures of us, sir. It's what we do!

Give it here, Eweiss.

He's American. I'm also Egyptian, sir.

A reporter at Associated Press.

Throw them in. What?

Get in! Let us call the embassy!

Do what you're told! In you go.

Freeze! Get in!

Hey, get in! No!

Enough! Enough. That's enough.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Sir, call the last number I dialed on my phone.

He's the managing editor. He'll confirm that I'm with the press.

Sir! Sir!

Are you okay?

Sir, call us a doctor! He can't breathe.

Someone call an ambulance, please!

Take it easy. Breath slowly, in and out.

In and out. Hey, people!

Take it easy.

We were arrested while trying to cover events.

They took our camera and phones.

Zein had a panic attack. He's claustrophobic.


What you're doing is stupid.

Don't worry. They're distracted.

Make sure there are no privates coming my way.

Hey, guys! Hey, guys!

Hey! Guys!

We're in the truck! Help! Help!

Help! In here!

It won't open.

Another protest! Zein!

Guys! Help!

Hey! Hey, people!

Look at us! In the truck!

Hey, people!

Yes! In here.

We need a phone. What are you doing here?

Were you arrested? Only by mistake.

They must be with the Muslim Brotherhood. I swear, we're not.

Just one phone call will clear all this up.

What's the number? Hold on, Nagwa.

Now, look what the other one is doing! Look!

Stop being a stupid son of a bitch!

Who are you with?

We're with the press. Press?

You traitors! You treasonous bastards!

To hell with you!

I have nothing to do with...

You animals!

Fine. Just take it easy.

Everyone, I wanna see your phones and IDs.

Sir, we're protesting with you!

The Muslim Brotherhood are with us now? God bless you!

Sir, I swear, we're with you!

The police and the people united! The police and the people united!

Sir, my son hasn't been home for a week. I'm looking for him.

Look for him in the truck. What about my ID?

Sir, I have a child with me. I saw you throwing stones.

Sir, I swear, we didn't do anything! Come here. Didn't you throw stones?

We did. Throw them inside.

Take him in. Easy on the boy, please!

Take it easy! Put 'em in.

Close the door.

Sir, we didn't throw any stones! Sir, I swear, we didn't throw anything.

We have nothing to do with this! There's Mom!

Nagwa, go home!

Excuse me, where's the officer in charge? What is it?

Please, sir, my husband and son are locked inside.

Your Muslim Brotherhood husband and son? Go home, lady.

Muslim Brotherhood? They did nothing. Go home, lady.

I won't go home without my son! You need to leave!

No, I'm not leaving. Here we go! Nagwa, don't. Go home!

Shut up, Hossam! I saw you in the protest. Go home.

Oh, you saw me? Yes, I was in the protest throwing stones. Here I go again!

Go home, you won't be able to help us.

Get off me! I swear, the next one will take off your head.

Take her inside. Get off me!

Let's go.

What the hell, Nagwa?

What were you doing? We did nothing.

Are you two Muslim Brotherhood? We're journalists.

The same damn thing.

It's none of our business! Why did you throw stones at us?

Because you're liars and traitors.

We're no traitors, Hajj.

Why else would they arrest you? Well, they arrested you too.

Then what's with the beard?

These guys have beards, too, are they Muslim Brotherhood as well?

What beard? Let me go, I'll teach him! Take it easy!

Stop this shit, or I'm coming in there!

Don't touch the American guy! Enough, Zein.

Enough, please.

No more, or we'll all be damned.

It says he's really a journalist.

Did you expect it to say "spy"?

Lieutenant, there's a little kid with us.

Let him see your face. Come here, Faris.

Sir! There's a kid in here!

Sir, the kid did nothing!

All troops to their vehicles. Attia!

All troops to their vehicles.

Yes, sir. To your vehicles. Move!

To your vehicles! Move!

Where are we headed, Dad?

I thought you were used to this. I was told that you were an activist.

An activist dies for a cause, not a photo.

A photo can serve a cause.

But I came to cover the news, not to be the news.

I get it. Maybe it's because this is our first time working together.

And our last, I hope.

Is that a cellphone? Let's get away from the officer.

Hello? We got arrested.

We did nothing. They thought we were the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tell Dad to do something. Wrap it up, dude.

Reda, I'm talking to my family to let them know I'm fine.

Be quiet. Don't tell Dad or it'll kill him.

Get off me, man. What the hell? It'll kill him.

Can I use your phone for a minute?

Can I talk to my family? Hajj Salah and I only need one phone call.

His wife just gave birth. He wants to check up on her and tell her we're fine.

I'm sorry, Hajj. Out of battery.

Listen, if we tell the American Embassy that we have an American journalist, they might cut us loose.

I don't want any favors from the American.

Americans and the Muslim Brotherhood walk hand in hand now?

Let him call them.

If I call them, they'll only be able to get me out.

My uncle is a general. If I call him, he can get us all out.

I have an influential friend. He can get us out if I call him.

No. Let him call his uncle, the general.

Who would your father call anyway? Give it here. His uncle's a damn general.

What about the officer? Forget about him.

Just make it quick. It's almost out of battery. Hurry.

Hi, Mom. Ismail.

I was arrested at a protest by mistake.

It doesn't matter how. Just listen to me. Call Uncle to get me out.

To get us out! All of us, lady!

Others were arrested too. Tell Uncle about them.

I'm fine. I ate something, I swear.

Forget about the phone. That's it. It's broken.

Yeah, it's broken. Damn it, Ficho. How did I get involved in all this?

If it's your first protest and it all goes to hell like this, there's something wrong with you. Screw you.

There's something wrong with Egypt, not him.

It's none of your business.

It's broken.

Give it here. I swear, it's broken.

Do you even know this phone? It's my job. Give it.

He's a technician at my phone repair store. Don't worry.

Don't worry. He'll fix it.

Is your uncle gonna get us out?

He will.

Excellent work, boss. This your mom, buddy?

Please, make it quick. It'll run out of battery.

Call only if you can help.

Excuse me. Sorry. Thanks a lot, Hajj.

Get down, Faris. Don't worry. I'm holding on to him.

One of us has to be responsible.

Like getting yourself locked up instead of getting help?

Was it responsible to drag him into this? We've been to 100 protests with him!

Now is not like back then. Enough, Mom.

Then you should never have taken him to a protest!

And leave my son alone? Alone?

Are you crazy? If he's with his father, he's alone?

Come here, Faris. Listen, mind your own business.

You should all mind your own business!

Come here. What's it got to do with any of you? Mind your business.


Islam will prevail! Move it! Move it!

Islam will prevail! Go! Go! Go!

Kill them all.

Show them no mercy!

Islam will prevail!

Islam will prevail!


Police are thugs! Police are thugs!

Islam will prevail!

Police are thugs!

Justice for our Brothers, or death for us all!

Justice for our Brothers, or death for us all!

Allahu Akbar!

Allahu Akbar!

Allahu Akbar!

My phone!

Get in.

Islam will prevail!

Catch them, they're the ones who abducted my son!

Come here.


I did nothing.

I didn't hit anyone. Islam will prevail!

I didn't hit anyone!

Whose side are you on?

Islam will prevail! Dad!

Don't separate us. Dad!


Dad! Take me with him!

Hajj! Dad! Lock him in here with me!

Bastards! You're the bastard.

Open the door. Come on.

Close it.

That's enough!

People, this isn't right! Enough.

Are you just gonna stand there? Get them off us!


I swear to God...

Enough. Stop.

Get off me! What the hell?



Get off!

Get off me!

Oh, dear God!

Help! Open the door!

Open the door, they're killing us!

Get away! Stop it right now!

I said stop!

Go ahead. You're clear.

Don't worry.

What, you wanna kill each other and pin it on us, as usual?

We're not Muslim Brotherhood, sir. Sure you're not.

Please, there are kids here. If they don't get out, something terrible will happen.

My daughter is 14 years old. Happy birthday, then.

Now, you're making a fuss 'cause you're American, right?

This is all your doing after all.

I'm Egyptian. Oh, really?

Why didn't you say so before?

Don't lock the door. If they assault each other, they'll blame us and sue us.

And if they do this again, open fire. Copy that, sir. Let's move.

Let's go!



Just hold tight. No.

May God punish the tyrants!

Who's paying you, thug?

Your mother! Easy, tiger. You'll get us in trouble.

Take it easy.

Let it go. Hey!

Hey. What is it?

Does my hair look good? Your hair?

It's the best. What the hell, man?

Well, is this the time to check your hair?

I don't get it. You took a little girl to the protest?

I'm not a little girl. Little girl?

She's worth a hundred men. Please, don't talk to me or my father.

Get off me, Mom. I'm not a kid. We need a doctor, people.

Is there a doctor here?

My mom is a nurse.

Don't say another word.

Go ahead.

Make way, people.

No, miss. No touching.

Give me this.

You must put pressure on the wound.

Make it tight, so you'll stop bleeding.

May God reward you.

You must like it here in this truck, right?

Certainly not.

You wanna be the hero reporter, but you don't understand that you may not get out alive to enjoy being seen as a hero.

A few days ago, in a car like this, 37 people were killed.

You don't know me very well.


There! There's a car over there, Huzaifa!

Guys! Brothers! Is my dad with you? What is it?

Hajj Hamza!

Huzaifa, are you okay?

I'm okay. Are you? I am. It's not my first rodeo.

Is that your brother, Malik, with you? No, Hajj, I'm Tamir.

Well, where's Malik, then?

I thought he was with you, Hajj. No.

Don't worry. What's important is that you take care of yourself.

Don't worry. God help you guys!

I hear another car coming! Excuse me.

Guys! Brothers! Is Malik El-Qaffas with you?

No, he's not here. Has anyone seen him?

Who's your leader? I'm Dr. Suhaib Shokry.

Dr. Suhaib. Dr. Suhaib.

Is he, like, your Eminem?

How are you, Doctor?

Are you okay? I am. Did you get organized?

Not yet. Well, hurry up.

I want the names of all the Brothers arrested.

You got it, Doctor. Right.

Can all Brothers in this car gather so we can organize ourselves?

You're with the Muslim Brotherhood? I am.

Are you a Brother, sir?

I've been with you since the beginning. I voted for you.

It's not about voting. I mean, are you a regular member in a district who pays his dues? He's sympathetic to our cause.

But I am a regular member. Mohammed is my brother.

Well, excuse me, we're gonna stand on one side. This side is for official members only.

Just hold on, Mohammed.

If there are any other official members here, please, join us and raise your hands.

Excuse me, sir, will you stand over there?

What difference does it make? It's fine, Dad.

God bless you. Thank you.

Let's state our names and seniority. Tamir El-Noamani.

Maghagha district, Minya province.

Ahmed Hashem, an active member in the Matrouh province.

Huzaifa El-Qaffas, a regular member in the Matariya district.


So, you're with them.

So, if we're not with you, we're with them?

Will you please change sides?

Sure. Fine. Let's go, Zein.

Oh, sorry. If you could just uncuff me, I'll go anywhere you want.

Let's take this side then, guys. Come on.

Why don't we go on stating our names? Moaz Sabbet, member in Imbaba district.

Omar Mansour, member in Nasr City.

That means you've been a member for more than three years.

You could blind someone with that thing.

How old are you? Older than you.

In our school, we play Army versus Brotherhood.

Us too.

But we used to execute all Brotherhood loyalists.

We slaughter soldiers on sight.

It seems Mr. Moaz has seniority. He'll be in charge of us in the truck.

Sure. Go ahead.

I speak for all Brotherhood members in the truck.

As for our supporters, do you mind if I speak for you?

Not at all. Go ahead. God bless you all.

First of all, could our supporters turn their armbands to the red side, just to distinguish themselves from members.

God bless you.

Secondly, if we hope to make it today, there must be rules.

Screw you all! How's that for a rule?

Mind your words. Have some respect.

What do you want anyway? We'll take one side, you take the other.

Just to make sure there are no fights. We've been holding back so far.

That's it! Just stop talking.

Back off, man. Make this guy get rid of the blade.

Here's the blade. You're all welcome to try and take it.

Make him stop talking. Unlike you, we don't give orders to force people to do anything.

Have some respect, please. You have no respect.

"Orders," he says.

What's going on? Stop it.

Your idea of staying on different sides is weird.

Didn't we agree that I would speak for all of us?

No, we didn't. I've been given consent to speak for us.

I speak for our members and supporters. Or are you not one of them?

Will you please go to the other side?

Let's go. Just sit, man!

Hey, Private! This guy keeps messing with us. He wants to make a scene.

We don't want any problems.

We want nothing to do with them. Back off, all of you!

He keeps giving us the finger, and we have women in the truck.

No, he's lying, I swear. Back the hell off!

Have some dignity!

What's wrong, Radwan? I can't, Hajj. I can't hold it.

Sir! Officer!

Sir! Officer! Get back inside.

Someone needs to pee, he can't hold it anymore.

He can't hold it? Is he a child? He's diabetic, sir.

You get arrested, then you fake illness. Is this who you mean?

Is this who you mean when you talk about terrorists, you criminals?

I swear, you are the criminal. Don't disrespect my father.

To hell with your father. Shut it!

You have no manners! Fuck off.

I said shut it! Get in that truck. Go.

Sir. Please, Uncle, don't give us any trouble. Get inside.

I'm sorry, son. We're waiting for the officer.

This isn't the time. Deal with him.

He can make do with this. And wait with your daughter till things settle down.

This is wrong. Shut up.

I'll get her home later because I also have kids, not because it's an injustice.

And my son, sir. Here he is.

Your son and your wife. Just wait until things settle down.

Here. Use this. It's so dirty, Hajj.

Don't be picky, Radwan. Go on.

Yeah, but it's very small, how can I use it?

Dear Lord! Sir.

Here, I'll show you how.

Come with me.

Look, you unzip your pants, and then you aim like this.


Mr. Omar, can I talk to you? Sure. Come here.

What is it, brother?

Mr. Omar, can the president really return to power?

Of course. He will. But all odds are against us. How?

We don't believe in odds, we believe in the God who shapes the odds.

Have faith in God. These are the devil's thoughts. Be still.

What's this?

What are you recording? Is that a camera?

It's not a camera. It's a watch.

You have a camera? What camera?

Do you see anyone taking photos? You have a camera?

Give it here.

It's just a little camera for work. It's not a big deal.

No cameras. Break it or I will.

No one is breaking any cameras. Form a chain.

Take a look at this. Private!

The Americans have a camera.

Please, wait. This camera can save us all. If this goes unrecorded, it didn't happen.

Screw you and your camera. Give me that camera.

There's no god but Allah.

Ambulance! Ambulance!


The shooter is up there. On top of the tank.

There he is. On top of the tank to your left.

There he is.

Officer! I saw him!

He's standing up there, guys.

There he is, guys! Up there.

He's up there.

Be careful! Incoming!

Incoming! Shut up!

Help! Move the truck!

Move the truck.

Huzaifa, are you okay, son?

I'm okay. Are you? Take care of yourself.

Are the Brothers okay? We're okay. Thank God.

The sniper must be a method of incriminating us.

We know. He must be with the police.

What about this one? Is he also police?

Not every bearded guy's with the Brotherhood.

Gimme the camera.

The camera. There are no cameras.

Someone stop the truck! Stop the truck!

Stop the truck! Stop the truck, people!

Stop the truck! Someone stop the truck.

Stop! Farghali! Farghali!


Don't die. Wake up!

Wake up. Come here.

Is it my mother? No.

His father? No. Ficho.

Someone please uncuff me!

Private! Where's the officer who was just here?

Where's the officer?

He said he'd release us. We have kids here.

Someone help him. His head is bleeding. He's gonna die.

There's a nurse here. No, no nurses here.

Tamir, get down. Why?

I'm responsible for you, and I said so.

Is it right for them to kill us and wrong for us to defend ourselves?

Yeah, nice act, pal. You're a bunch of good actors.

You afraid they'll call you terrorists? That's an honor beyond your reach!

Tamir, get away from the window.

Are you the colonel's wife?

My sincere condolences.


Someone's dying here! He's bleeding out.

If I hear one more word, I'll gas you and lock the door.

Start the truck. Move all the trucks.

Push it! Move it!

Push the car! Go!

Move faster past the door and windows. We all want fresh air.

Soldier, get some water for you and us. For us too.

Here. Take all the money and get us a bottle of water at least.

You must be thirsty too. Take it.

Take your money and back off. We don't work for you.

Don't take money from anyone.

Hey, where are you from, buddy? The Fifth Settlement.

If you're throwing any parties or have any anniversaries, I'm DJ Mans.

If you have an anniversary, I'm DJ Mans.

Here, sir. Here you go. Are you popular?

Here. Yeah.

What DJ? You have no equipment.

You've got an LED belt and you printed some cards.

Isn't it better than being a football fan, lazing around in coffee shops?

Being a football fan, an Ahly fan, is an honor.

Al-Ahly is the best, man.

Was the best. Zamalek is coming for you.

To get their asses handed to them? When you talk football, you talk Zamalek.

My father used to tell me that Al-Ahly were the best.

Now, your father gets it.

This is intolerable, people!

What is it? It stinks! And you say you're peaceful?

It smelled like this all day, and it came from your side, and we didn't say anything! Enough, people. There are women here.

This isn't from the Brotherhood's side. What, don't they ever fart?

Huzaifa. Father!

I'm worried about your brother, Malik.

Don't worry about him, Hajj. He'll be fine, God willing.

You sound tired, Hajj. Try to get some rest.

How can I rest, son? There are about 50 of us crammed in this truck.

You'll be fine, God willing.

Guys, please, take care of my father.

He's very tired. Try to make him comfortable.

Pick any spot in the truck and rest in it, Hajj.

You'll be fine, God willing.

Well done! Well done. Now, let's move.

Where are you going, man? Start the car.

Nagwa. Start the car, man.

Nagwa. Where are you going?

Where are you going? Where to? Start the car.

Start the car! Get back in! We're doing it now.

No, people are suffering in there! Lady, you're making a mistake!

You got yourself into this mess! I need to speak with someone!

All prisons and precincts are full!

It's too hot in there! We're waiting for orders to move!

It's too hot. Said, get some water, hurry up!

Hurry up!

Get back in, lady.

Come here, Faris. Drink. Pass the water, please.

Back here, people.

One sip per person, guys. Hey.

Can we have some, please?

Yeah. Please.

Don't drink it all, please. One sip per person.

Some water here, please. Take it easy.

Some water here, people! Just a second. What the hell?

Some water here, please, guys.

Did you cool down?

Yeah. You'll feel it now.

He died. Someone just died. Help!

Dad. Air! Some air!

Hajj Hamza!

Hajj Hamza! Answer me!

Open the door for them!



He needs air.

We can't breathe. It's Sameh. Tarik's friend.


Sameh! Sameh! Sameh! We can't breathe!

I'm Uncle Salah, Sameh! Is my son with you?

Were you arrested together? Help us, Uncle Salah!

We can't breathe.

Open the door for them!

Get back inside. They're dying in there.

You're just an old man. Get back inside! Open the door!

Get inside, Hajj.

Help, people! Open the door for them.

Tell them to go to the windows.

Go to the windows. The windows.

Open the door. We're dying, I swear.

Open the door. Open the door, soldier.

Open the door. Sir.

Open the damn door, they're dying.

Go to the windows! Take turns.

Get back. They'll have you court-martialed.

Go to the windows! Let them breathe!

Open the door, soldiers! Get back.

They won't die, God willing. Get back!

He's new, sir. He's just new.

Get off me! Let go!

Open the door. We're gonna die.

Open the door. Sir!

Sir! We're gonna die!

Open the door! Open the windows!


Please, open the door!

Sameh. Hajj Hamza El-Qaffas.

Sameh. Hajj Hamza!



Answer me, Hajj. Answer me, please.


Sameh! Sameh.

Boys? Let us know that you're okay.

Hajj Hamza. What's that on your back?

Torture? How old is your son?

Seventeen years old. A young man, God bless him.

My son, Talha, is older than him, a college student. What grade is your son?

He's a junior in high school.

I didn't get to see my son go to high school or junior high.

Why? Why do you think, Hajj?

Obviously, he was in prison.

Don't worry. God willing, your son will be safe and sound.

He's following the right path.

But my son doesn't support your cause. He doesn't?

And I'm not fat!

Sameh! Sameh!


Sameh! Sameh!

Sameh, are you there?


You're bleeding. A lot?


Open your mouth. I'm okay.

Open up. Holy crap! Your mouth is all cut up.

Are you new to this blade-in-the-mouth thing?

I'm a pro.

Why are you pretending to be a thug? I am a thug.

No, you're not. Keep it down.

I'm only doing this to scare them off.

What are you, then?

I clean cars when they're waiting in traffic.

How does a guy like you end up in a fight with those idiots?

A Muslim Brotherhood protest marched nearby.

And there were lots of fights, and my dog was killed.

What was your dog doing at a protest?

I've always been alone, you know. He was the only friend I ever had.

He was kinder than most people.

My late father gave him to me.

I don't know what I'd do if something happened to him, Rocky. What did you call your dog?

Scabies. Scabies?

Did he have scabies?

You want it? May I?

Aisha. Aisha?

Are you okay?

Aisha! What's wrong, child?

Do you need to use the bathroom?

She needs to use the bathroom.




Yes, Hajj? My daughter needs to use the bathroom.

I can't let that happen, Hajj. Why not?

She's a girl, she can't use a bottle. It's all we got.

What do you mean, you can't let that happen? You can.

The girl must go to the bathroom. I'll ask the officer when he arrives.

What do you mean? You're all men here! Don't you have any sisters?

I can't let that happen. We have orders! If you don't back off, I'll lock the door.

This is wrong, guys. She's a girl.

I swear, we'll get out of here! You'll let her out!

Let her out, man. What's the harm?

What if she were your sister, soldier? Get back, Awad.

Awad! Come here. Hurry up. You're going home.

There's a little kid here.

You, too. God bless you.

Awad! God bless you.

Eweiss, open the door! I won't, Awad.

Open the damn door, Eweiss! You're gonna get us all in trouble!

For your mother's sake, open the door, Eweiss! Stop this!


Guys, let's help her. We'll all face the other way.

Okay. How?

It's possible. It could work. We're gonna form a wall?

Yes, exactly. Here, Nagwa.

Okay. Let's go. Don't worry.

Make room, people. Make way, please.

Make way, guys.

Let's go, people. Make way.

Excuse me. Go ahead.

Excuse me. Yeah.

Did you do it?

Come here.

Bring her.

Islam will prevail! Islam will prevail!

What are you doing? Taking you home.

Be careful. Come here.

Where are you going? You'll get killed. We'll die if we stay.

Nagwa, calm down and come back.

You're fine. Don't be scared.

I'm okay. Don't worry.

Get away from me, Nagwa.

Dad! Dad!


Get in, Eweiss.

Help me. Don't leave me.

I'm not leaving you. I'll be back. Awad!

Dad! Dad!

Excuse me.

Leave him. We'll take care of him.

Excuse me. Let him breathe.

You're with your people. Raise his head up.

Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad!


Retribution is a bullet!

Retribution is a bullet!

Retribution is a bullet!

Retribution is a bullet!

Retribution is a bullet!

You have a fractured rib. Don't move.

Hide your cross.

Your fellow soldier is under fire.

Soldier down! Soldier!

Soldier, save yourself!

Over here, Awad.

Run, soldier! They're gonna kill you!

Use the laser, guys.

Don't you have a pointer? Tell me!

Here, Awad.


Run! Run, soldier.

Fire! Get back to the cabin!

That's it! Run!

Save yourself! Run!

Get in and start the truck!

I don't know how to drive! Get down.

Get down!

God, help me!

They're throwing teargas, guys!

Gas? Close the windows.

The windows, get down. Get away from the window.

You'll get us all killed. Move, you'll get us killed!

Move away! Try to help him. I can't reach him!

Zein, Zein.

What's America like? A concrete forest?

There are trees everywhere. Lots of green and forests.

Are there seas there, like here? There are no seas.

Two oceans, though. One in the east, one in the west.

Have you been in a skyscraper? Once or twice.

How about the girls? Lots of girls.

How does one get there?

Yeah, how? He's American, he doesn't need a visa.

Exactly. Why did you come back to this hole, then?

I used to see my dad go crazy whenever someone mentioned Egypt.

"Terrible place!"

He used to tell me how he was tortured under Abdel-Nasser's rule.

He cursed the chaos, the nepotism and the corruption.

But despite all of that, his last wish was to be buried here.

And he was. May he rest in peace.


Hey, Zein, you okay? I am, thank God.

Why is my head spinning? They've imported new gas.

It gets you high, apparently. You missed out on the funniest time.

We need to close the wound. I'll have to staple it.

Hold tight.

Do you have any pins?


You'll get better. You'll contaminate the wound.

My hair keeps falling out. How long do I have left?

I don't know.

I remember that you were bald by the age of 27, 28.

My barber tells me there's a cream you can apply to keep it from falling out.

Who's that? Saad?

Another barber.

Is he a Muslim Brother? He is.

Forget it. You're gonna be bald like me.

But he says... Doesn't matter what he says.

It runs in the family. It's out of both our hands.

More gas?

Do you see anything? Don't open the windows.


Let him call his mom. Didn't she say she'd call you?

She must've done something. Maybe she ran out of credit.

Hurry up. Just hide it.

Here. Don't come to me if it runs out of battery.

Hi. Yes, Mom. In the same place. What do you mean, you can't do anything?

Who can then? Make him call someone, even the minister himself.

We're dying here. That's it.

Will you give it back, please?

Tell him it's the last call. No. I swear, I can't.

I'll call my uncle myself. Guys.

This my sister's number? What are these messages?

Just give it to me. Back off, Mans.

Wait. You'll get the wrong idea.

You'll get the wrong idea, I swear. What are these messages?

I swear, we're in love. In love?

I swear to God... You're talking to my sister, Mans?

I was gonna tell you. Get off me! I will cut you!

Get off!

Get off me! You're taking advantage of my sister?

Take it easy. Are you tricking my sister?

Let me go! Take it easy, man!

Take it easy. Calm down.

What is it, buddy? Chill.


Thank you.

What's this? It ain't my shirt. It's a fat person's shirt.

You saying I'm fat? No, man. I'm not saying that.

I'm just kidding. But you felt bad for me, right?

I'm convincing.

You're a photographer? What?

You're a photographer, right? Yeah.

So, you take pictures of actors and such? Not actors. I did once.

But now I cover news. I went to a casting once.

What casting? In Sherif Arafa's office.

For his last movie. Are you an actor?

Yes, I am. I also sang that day.

The audition was for the role of a singer. I have a beautiful voice.

Here, I'll sing something you'll like a lot.

Islam calls And we all come to defend it Whenever called upon Our bones are your ladder of glory Whenever called upon Whenever called upon You sang this bone song at the casting?

I sang something for Nancy, but my vocal chords were affected by the gas.

Obviously. I remember you. I saw you once before.

They called him the Gas Singer during the revolution.

Don't joke about that.

Do you know Ramy Essam, Singer of the Revolution?

Yeah. He's my friend.

People used to ask for me instead of him. They love me.

No, because you made 'em laugh the most.

I said don't joke, Omar! So, you're the Gas Singer?

Have you listened to anything of mine? Once, the place was empty, we thought the revolution was over. And we said once the Gas Singer leaves, everyone will just come back.

Those were the days.

Nothing is more beautiful than mad love Nothing is more beautiful than mad love And it's how I feel with you You filled my days with passion and love You put a spell on me I'm madly in love with you My smitten heart's full of hope

Sorry, I've troubled you, old man.

Not at all, Hajj. Not at all?

You can barely stand.

Who knows if we'll ever get out of here?

There's something I have to say, but I don't know how.

My son is with them now, I know.

I didn't wanna tell you. I was worried about you.

You've done so much for me.

Whose shirt is this, people?

Why did you give up acting?

No one from Sherif's office could reach me.

Mr. Moaz? Yeah.

Why did you let them chant "retribution is a bullet" and all that?

If we don't side with our own, the Brotherhood won't last.

Don't worry. When we return to power, everything will go back to normal.

Is that really possible, though? It seems impossible.

As you see, we're in the middle of this huge mess.

"Allah keeps firm those who believe in His word, in this life and in the Hereafter.

And Allah casts off wrongdoers." Yes?

"And Allah does what He wills." True are the words of Allah.

Where are you going, man? Why are you driving like this?

Will you stop driving like this? We're all banged up.

Hey, you! I'm a fellow soldier!

I'm Private Eweiss! I swear to God, I'm a fellow soldier!

Open the door! Get me out of here!

Did you read the messages?

I was afraid of telling you, because you know my situation.

I wasn't gonna keep it from you any longer.

See, that's why I'm trying the DJ gig. I'm doing it for her.

The only reason you came with me is 'cause she asked you to watch out for me.

No. Read the next message.

I told her I was going with you today to ask you for her hand.

I'd rather give her to one of those traitors than to a lowlife like you.

It's me, Mans. Your friend.

My friend? Take him to your side. He's just like you.

By the way, we'll need your address, so we can return your pins.

Don't worry. Your dad will be fine.

What's your name?

I'm the one who asked to come here.

He didn't wanna do it. I told him I'd come alone if he didn't come with me.

He shouldn't have listened to you.

It's not your fault.

Now, tell me, what's your name?

Aisha. I'll take your number, Eisha, so I can check up on you. It's actually pronounced Aisha not Eisha.

I'll call you Eisha. I'm not uptight like you people.

Where are we going, guys?

This isn't the route to the Directorate.

Who are you?

Oh, my God. It's Malik.

Did you think I'd leave you? Who the hell is Malik?

My brother. Open the door.

Huzaifa, are you okay?

I am. How are you? I'm okay. Is the Hajj with you?

The Hajj... He's on a different truck, Malik.

Try to get us out of here. Do something, Malik, quickly.

Open the door. Hurry up!

Easy, guys.

Open up. Easy, people!

Hold on. You'll make us all fugitives! Wait, man.

Yes, Malik! Open it!

Forget it, man. You'll get us all in trouble.

Forget him. Open the door!

He'll open the door. If you wanna leave, leave.

Hurry up before someone comes.

IDs, please. Zein.

Sherif Abdel... Sherif Farghali Elish.

Mohammed Hashem, please. No, Ahmed Hashem.

It won't open. What's wrong?

It's locked with handcuffs. Look for the keys in the cabin.

You might find them there.

Hurry up, Malik.

Did you find it? Find anything?

There's nothing here. Our demonstrations are close by.

Call any of them. They'll figure something out.

I lost my phone.

We have a phone here.

Give me your phone. Out of battery.

He's lying. It's not.

Give me the phone and I'll see if it's dead.

Hand over the phone! I won't!

Fine! Go use someone else's phone. Those people in the tent.

Radwan Abu Bakr. Yes.

Salah Magdy. Yes.

The Muslim Brotherhood is but a phase. As of today, you're ready to move on.

When I get out of here, I'll go to Syria.

Badr. Yes.

Come with me if you want. Thanks, you're a good soldier.

Thanks. You'll leave the police once we get out.

How can I? It's my military service, it's not voluntary.

Or else, it'd be prison. Prison or death?

I'll leave that to God.

We're not trying to scare you. You're naive.

You don't know that you're helping the Jews and the Christians.

Here he comes. You think we'll make it home?

God willing, dear. I just hope we find a ride.

There's a bus stop down this road. Surely, we'll find a bus there.

We just need to get out of here, even if we have to walk home.

Are we in the Fifth Settlement or Sixth of October City?

It doesn't matter where we are. What matters is getting out of here.

I'm so sleepy. We'll go to the hospital first for Dad.

And then we'll go home.

We're going home.

What's wrong? I can drop you wherever you want. Where do you live?

On the streets.

It won't come off. You'd better go with them.

I'm not leaving you. I'll catch up, man.

You'll die. You must get out, with the camera.

Forget the job and the camera. I'm not here because of the job.

The moments we've captured can change a lot of lives.

You must leave.

Did you do it? No one is picking up.

They're all at the protests. Take us to the protests.

They'll get us out. What? The protest?

Don't worry. You're under our protection. Are you crazy?

They'll kill us. Go to the protest, man!

No way! No protest! Are you out of your minds?

Don't go, you idiot!

Get him to crash the back into a wall or a fence.

Maybe it'll break the door. Don't listen to them. Go on.

If this goes south, it's on you.

What, are you scared? Are you with them? Even if I weren't I wouldn't let 'em die.

No one will die. We protest in peace. We're not killers.

These protests are out of control now.

Let him try crashing the back into a wall!

Let him try. Why don't you let him try first?

Malik, wait. Try crashing the back.

No more waiting.

Get moving, Malik. Why wait?

Why? You wouldn't understand.

I don't care!

Malik, I'm in charge here. If you're still a Brother, do it.

It didn't open, Malik!

One more time, it'll open. Again, Malik.

It's stuck. Push it, guys!

Let's get the truck moving, people. Push.

We got to get it moving.

Shake it, guys. Keep going.

Keep going.

Harder, people!

Once the truck is out, you start moving.

Where to? To our protests.

No way! You're not alone here!

The truck won't move!

Get off, man!


Calm down, people. Stop it!

Stop it!

What's going on? What is it?

Stop the truck, or we kill him. What the hell are you doing, Nagwa?

Stop! Huzaifa!

Get back. Don't stop, Malik.

Don't stop! We'll cover for you.

Come any closer, and we make him bleed. Keep going, Malik.

He would die a martyr!

Any last words, martyr? They'll get killed if they go there.

We won't stop! That's that! If they arrest us, they'll kill us!

Enough. Take it easy, guys.

Tell your brother to stop the car.

Dad died, Malik.

He died along with the others in the other truck. Don't listen to them.

There's no God but Allah.

Just let him go. It doesn't matter anymore.

Bastards! They ought to be killed!

It's fine. Just calm down. We're not killing anyone.

Malik. Stop.

Stop, Malik, please. Mohammed.

We won't let anyone touch 'em.

Leave me alone. Stop, Malik.

What are you looking at, Hajj?

It's over. I'm looking for my son, Tarik.

He may be with them.

Wear this, soldier.

So they won't know you're a soldier.

Malik, stop the truck. Omar.

No one will come near them. I swear it.

Malik, stop the truck. Stop.

Please, Malik, stop the truck.

Stop the truck, Malik. Listen to us, Malik.

For God's sake, stop.

Please, Malik. Please, stop the truck.

These people will die.

Malik, stop the car.


Stop the car.

Traitors! Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!

Is this demonstration on our side? Stop the truck, Malik.

No. It's on their side.

They're on our side.

Stop the truck, Malik. Stop.

Stop the truck, Malik.

Malik! Stop the car, Malik!

Don't stop, Malik. Keep going.

No, Nagwa. They'll kill us.

This demonstration is on our side. Islam will prevail!

Keep driving, Malik. Shut up, man!

Shut up! They'll kill us all.

If we go to any protest right now, we'll get killed. Listen to him.

He's right. Listen to him.

Traitors! Traitors! Traitors! Enough.

I swear, they won't care who's who.

It's a Muslim Brotherhood demonstration.

We're with you. We're on your side.

I swear, we're on your side.

God bless the army! God bless the army!

Malik! We're with you, guys!

Islam will prevail!

Guys! We're with you! He's my brother! Malik!

Malik! Let him go, please! We're on your side!

We're on your side!

Malik! Malik!

Islam will prevail! Islam will prevail!

Sing it!

God bless the army! God bless the army!

Traitors! Traitors!

Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!





Someone close the door!