Clear and Present Danger (1994) Script

Target bearing 0-2-0.

Contact, 0-2-0!

Range, 20,000.

Range, 20,000 yards.

Course 2-5-5.

Course 2-5-5 true.

-Speed, 13. -Speed, 13 knots.


Sally phase one, man the 60s.

"Enchanter, Mobile."

Well, we're a long way from home.

Wake them up!

It's the Navy!

Quick, put out the flag!

Enchanter, this is the United States Coast Guard.

Heave to and prepare to be boarded.

Enchanter, you are a US flag ship and we are going to board you.

Heave to now.

Muster your crew on the bow.

Okay, hold it there.

You two, report.

Randall, come with me.

Kneel down!



Go ahead, Senior Chief.

It's a bad one.

I think Cou better send over the video camera.

Jack, come on in.

-How high is the pile on your desk? -About this high.

Now it's this high.

What have you got?

You heard about that business in the south Caribbean?

Yeah, a little bit.

I need the full skinny.

-By when? -As soon as you can.


-Jack. -Yes, sir.

Be discreet.

What do you mean?

You'll find out.


I love a mystery.

Ryan, John P.

Let him through.

-Here you go. -Thank you.

-You know where you're going? -Yup. Thank you.

Oh, where do I park?

Right over there.

Thank you.

Okay, I'm in the passageway, going forward.

-Watch Cour step. -Master stateroom.

Got blood on the deck, bIood on the sheets and beIow.

Nineteen cartridges were recovered...

Down there, sir. On the ground. well as the... As the two weapons that fired them.

I'm beIow deck now...

Blood samples taken consistent with the crew, Hardin and his wife, and his son and daughter.

I got bIood on both the sheets and pillow on both starboard and portside racks and there's some bIood up there on the mirror, too.

They were killed in their staterooms, apparently as they slept, dragged topside and thrown overboard.

The two men in custody surrendered after a brief attempt to outrun the Coast Guard.

What do we know about them, the men in custody?

Half a dozen arrests for drug trafficking in Bogota, Mr. President.


Suspected ties to the Cali cartel not Medellin...

You all right, James?

...according to DEA.


Nothing exotic, sir. Straight piracy and murder.

It's not the first time.

It's the first time it was a friend of mine.

Yes, sir.

What was that in there? Are you all right?


Geez, I haven't slept in 36 hours. I make any sense?

I don't know. What did you say?

Just kidding. Good job.

You ought to give diplomacy lessons, Bobby.

I call it the way I see it. That's my job.


And he's yours.

Wait for me.

Shut the door.

I promised the American people I would do something about the drugs pouring into this country.

You are.

We support the Colombians' efforts against the cartels with equipment and...

And accomplish nothing.

What do these drug dealers think?

We're powerless, is that what they think?

They think they can keep doing this kind of thing and there's no response, ever.

Are you suggesting a course of action, sir?

The course of action I'd suggest is a course of action I can't suggest.

I'm not sure where that leaves us.

These drug cartels represent a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.

Cortez! Cortez!

Do you know what you've done?

I killed a thief a thief who was stealing

from me!

And his wife, and his son, and his daughter. apparently with no thought of the consequences.

Oh, I want his kids to grow up and avenge their father's death when I least expect it...

He was a good friend and political ally of the President of the United States

That doesn't surprise me.

It should at the very least concern you.

What are they going to do?

Come after me? Arrest me?

You're scaring me.

Will you stop long enough for me to tell you something important?

Thank you.

Listen, you pay me to counsel you, and I am counseling you.

I'm keeping you alive with information.

Now, if you disregard my counsel, if you keep running your business the way you have been with your balls instead of your head, two things will happen.

I'll quit, and you'll get killed.

You forgot to tell me about your scouting trip.

No, I didn't.

You made another contaAt. Who is he?

Castro always asked me the same question about my sources, and I always gave him the same answer.

Yes, but Castro didn't pay you what I pay you.

This one will cost you nothing.

A woman.

You're using a woman.

It won't float!

-John, what do you want, toast or... -Waffles.

I don't have time for waffles.

-You can have toast or toast. -Anybody seen my keys?

They're either on the front hall table or in your pocket.

-John. -Pancakes!

Now, where are my keys? Shoot.

-Toast, please. -Thank you.

-Bye. -Bye, honey.

-Bye, Dad. -Bye, pal.

-Daddy, it won't float. -Hello?

-Yes. -It's not supposed to float.

It's a submarine. It's a boat that goes underwater.

-Dad. -Jack.



I thought I had the flu.

I'd still think I had the flu if they weren't telling me otherwise.

Well, what... What are they telling you?

Pancreatic cancer of an aggressive nature, if I heard them right.


Well, what does that mean?

I guess it means I'm in big trouble.

No, I mean, can they... Can they operate or...

Maybe. That's what they said. "Maybe."

But it sounds suspiciously like "no" to me.

There's one of them now.

Hey, I'm not dead yet.

But I am in the hospital, which means that I'm not in my office, which means I don't know what's going on.

I need you there.

-Where? -ln my office, doing my job.

No, wait. l...

I hate not knowing what's going on, Jack. You know that.

I wouldn't know the first thing about doing your job, sir.

You've been around. No big mystery.

You've been to the White House.

Once. I hated it.

No, you didn't.

Want to know about politics in Washington?

Four words.

Watch your back, Jack.


You should be the first to know, or I guess the third or fourth to know.

I'm appointing Ryan the Acting Deputy Director, lntelligence.

Now, it'll be a provisional appointment, of course, until James recovers.

I want you to get him up to speed on our aid program to the Colombians.

He's got to brief the oversight committee and talk them out of another $75 million.

And not make a complete fool out of himself.

What's happening on the Hardin murders?

I'm on it.

The President's calling for a full-court press.

So, you guys are going to be working together, hand in hand.

That's great.


-Why don't we leave all his things? -Okay.

Ryan. I can't believe it!

He's not a team player, is that what you're saying?

Not a team player?

He's a Boy Scout.

He's a goddamn Boy Scout.

Believes in loyalty, cleanliness and knot tying.

So leave him out of it.

He's the Deputy Director of lntelligence, James.

It's going to be a little tricky, don't you think?

Why? What does he need to know?


He needs to know nothing.

He's going to know nothing.

I want a copy of the President's authorization of this new action against the cartels.

You want what?

You heard me.

He doesn't know about it.

Let me explain it to you very simply.

This is your deal, not mine.

So unless I have written authorization, this thing is over before it begins because I'm not going to be the only one left without a chair when the music stops.


That's a clever name for it.

Revenge is a very, very, very dangerous motivation.

Are you able to handle this operation or not?

What I'm looking for here is a simple yes or no.

What you're looking for is a political mess.

-Yes or no? -ls that what they want?

Because that's what this is.

They want what every first-term administration wants.

A second term.

I don't imagine the boys on the Hill have approved this.

Have they?

ls that a no?


I want the money in my account before I move an inch.

You got it.

-I'll need a Comsat link. -You got it.

An insertion team.

-You can have a brigade. -I don't want a frigging brigade.

I just need 12 men who understand discretionary warfare.

Special Ops people, Spanish speaking.

Cutter will get the military.

-How are you today, sir? -Very well.

-And what is the purpose of your visit? -Business.

What kind of business are you in?

I sell traAtors. Well, I build them. Then I sell them.

And how long will you be staying?

A few days.


Of course it's a risk.

I know it's a risk but what's the alternative?

Zapping a retina with 6,000 rads of cobalt?

That is not a pretty picture.

Prettier than a tumor spreading into the cranial sac.

-Enough already about the eyeball. -What is her name?

I'm trying to have my lunch.


-Hungry? -Starved.

Because we could forget about lunch.

Oh, we did that last time, remember?

Do I remember? Do you?


Maybe I should refresh your memory.

Maybe you should.

Excuse me? Your table is ready now.

Give it to somebody else. I'll get a cab.

-Moira? -Oh, hi.

Oh, I thought that was you.

-How are you? How's Jack? -He's great, just great.

-You still with the FBl? -Oh, yeah, in the Director's office.

-Who was that? -My new friend, Seņor Roberto Landa.

-Doesn't he look like Jack? -Oh, does he?

-I can't quite see. -Only Latin.

A Latin Jack Ryan? Oh, well, this I have to see.

I have to go. Bye.

Well, we know it's not piracy.

Pirates steal boats.

These guys had plane tickets, Miami to Bogota the morning after the killings.

-Hey, Dan. -How's it going?

Well, we're sneaking up on a motive here.

-Dan Murray, Bureau. -Ralph Williams, DEA.

-Said anything yet? -Yeah. "We're innocent."

-Till the DA offers them a deal. -He already has.

Regular or extra crispy.

He was either referring to fried chicken or the eleAtric chair.

What are you picturing here?

A hit on a respectable American businessman and his family?

You're assuming he's respectable.

We have memos, letters, credit card statements...

And we got personal income tax, -corporate income tax... bills, article of incorporation.

Everything you could need to break his code.

-What's... What's this? -Old high school yearbook.

Sweethearts, football team.

-You think? -I don't know.

Okay, let's see what we've got here.

-No cream. -There wasn't any cream.

People are big on birthdays. Let's start there.

-I'll bet your ATM code is your birthday. -Close.

In reverse?

All right, his birthday is...

That'd be too easy, wouldn't it?

Let's try it in reverse.




-Son's. -This could take...

-Months. -...months.

Son's in reverse. This is for you.

No. Wife's in reverse.

No. Daughter's in reverse.

You got to change your ATM code.

No. Daughter's...

No. Wife...

Got it.

I got it!

Right here.

Wife's birth month, daughter's day, son's year.

-No kidding. -But not in reverse. Sorry.

-Print me up that one, will you? -Yes, sir.

My boy.

And then three years ago, Hardin received a large infusion of foreign investment capital which he invested wisely in 20 major shopping centers from Fort Worth to Atlanta.

I say "wisely" because in the middle of the recession, he posted record profits, at least to the lRS, who he apparently feared more than his own partners.

To them, according to the stockholder statements he was giving them, the shopping centers weren't doing nearly as well. They were.

He was just skimming the lion's share of the profits, $650 million, and putting it in numbered accounts in Luxembourg, Panama, and the Cayman lslands.

They killed him for it.

-Who? -His partners.

Who were his partners?

Well, it seems clear that...

That he was laundering money for the Colombian drug cartels.


I knew the man for 40 years.

We went to school together.

We almost went into business together.

That would have been good.

Oh, man, the press is going to have a field day with this.

No one outside of this room knows anything about it.

They will. They always do. lt'll come out. You're absolutely right about that.

But when it does, we'll downplay your relationship with Hardin somehow.

-What? -What?

Defuse it.

-What? You disagree? -No.

Well, actually, yes.

Forgive me, but I would go in the other direction. lf a reporter asked if you and Hardin were friends, I'd say, "No. We were good friends." lf they should ask if you were good friends, I'd say, "No, no, we were lifelong friends."

I would give them no place to go, nothing to report, no story.

I mean, it's no sense defusing a bomb after it's already...

It's already gone off.

Damn. Shit!

You see him?

All right. Move your team two meters to the left.

That's it.

Stop. Touch that light-colored grass.

Sniper at your feet.

There's nothing here, Sergeant Major.


He is good.

That was close. How's he moving so fast?

I see him. Come in. Straight in.

Now! Run!

Keep coming.

Stop. To your Ieft, to your Ieft.

And stop. Sniper at your feet.

Well, what is it?

He had Iunch here, Sergeant Major.

McDonald's. Quarter Pounder with cheese.


-Damn! -That's four.

All right, you won this one!

Come on out!

Soldier, how did you get that close to me?

Sniper approached the instructor by being a sneaky bastard, Sergeant Major!

Do you know the fine for littering in the State of California, Chavez?

Yes, sir!

I saw you on the sniper course. You looked good.

Just about finished here, aren't you, Sergeant?

Yes, sir.

Looking forward to taking some leave with that young wife and kids?

I don't have any young wife and kids, sir.

What do you have?

I mean, you don't call anybody with great frequency, don't write many letters, don't receive them.

Who are you, sir, if you don't mind my asking?

Mr. Clark and l are putting together a special mission and the group commander wants my team to be a part of it.

You'd be gone a couple of months, maybe six, after which, if you're not dead, you'd have your choice of assignments in Special Ops.

Mr. President, do you have a comment on...

Mr. President!

Mr. President.

And that appears to be defusing an issue that was snowballing into Cet another scandaI for this administration.

The New York Times is reporting that Cou and Hardin were good friends.

-Is that true? -No, not quite. We weren't good friends.

-We were IifeIong friends. -Hey, hey!

I said that.

I told him to say that.

-What? -I didn't say anything.

-Yeah, but you're thinking something. -No.

I was just distracted by how much trouble you were having with your ensemble today.

-Well, it's not every day... -Come on, Sally. Hurry up, we gotta go. have to look trustworthy.

-Who told who to say what, Dad? -It's not important.

-I can walk myself. -I know you can.

-The President? -Yeah.

Mom says she makes more money than the President.

-Bye, Dad. See you. -She's probably right. Bye.

I want to thank Cou, Dr. Ryan, for the information Cou've shared with us this afternoon.

Thank you, Senator.

I agree we have to heIp the CoIombians in their struggIe to curtaiI the drug carteIs' activities.

However, I'm confused.

How do Cou see additionaI funds aIone advancing this program from the utter faiIure that it is?

You see what I'm getting at?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

You said this effort wouId be totally benign on our part.

Well, the finding cIearly states that our assistance is Iimited to suppIy and advice onIy, Senator.

I know. I've read that.

I've aIso read a simiIar finding, written 35 Cears ago this week, regarding a IittIe-thought-of sIiver ofjungIe in Southeast Asia.

I'm sorry.

You're comparing our request for suppIementaI anti-drug funds to Vietnam?

I'm comparing it to every instance a IegisIative body such as this is asked to renderjudgment based on Iess than all the facts.

Well, I'm afraid I don't know what to say to that.

You couId begin by assuring us we have been given all the facts.

I thought I had.

You could further assure us, then, that this increase in funds, this "escaIation," to use Cour word, will not be used for any covert miIitary action.

I don't know how Cou're getting to this.

Long experience, sir.

No troops, then.

I enunciate that cIearly because I don't want there to be any mistake.

No troops.

You couId say I have Cour word on that?

You couId, indeed, because Cou do.

Listen up!

Dog tags.

Take them off. Pass them forward.

Check your pockets for anything that can be used for identification.

We're feet dry.

LZ in sight. Get ready.

Good luck, boys. Go get them.

Okay, Iet's take her down now. We're going down.

Go! Go! Go!

Hey, Bob.

-How you doing? -Good, sir.

Good to see you.

-Good morning, Jack. -Good morning.

Ryan, come on in. You know everyone?

Yes, yes.

-Coffee, bagel? -Coffee. Black, please.

So, how's the family?

Good, sir.

When am I gonna meet the other Dr. Ryan?

-She's dying to meet you, sir. -Good, good. Sit down.

Thank you.

So, the cash is still there?


In Hardin's offshore accounts.

$650 million.

-And change. -And change.

And we have the account numbers.

Yes, sir.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get it.

-"Let's get it"? -Let's get it.

Let's turn this thing around. $650 million and change.

It's worth 10 times that in political capital.



This conneAtion between Hardin and the cartels is a theory.

-"Theory"? -A theory of mine.

It's a theory?

Well, I know the money is there but who exactly Hardin was working for, I don't know that exactly, and I think we would have to establish that before we could seize the money.

So go down there and establish it.

-Go where? -Colombia.

Who, me?

I leave you alone for two weeks, and you walk straight into a big bear trap.

I don't know what I was thinking.

You were thinking about impressing the President of the United States and you shouldn't do that.


-January. -Of last year.

There's a guy down there. At least, he used to be.


We go way back. Good man. lf you hit a brick wall, look him up.

Admiral Greer?

-Chemotherapy. -Shit.

Here we go again.

How's Ritter behaving?

Ritter? Oh, Ritter's Ritter. He's leaving me alone.

Are you sure?

Watch him like a hawk.

-How you feeling today, Admiral? -Okey-dokey.

All right, now, we're gonna get you in the room.

We've got some warm blankets for you.

It's just gonna take a few minutes.

We'll get you lying right down there, then we'll get you back up to your room and all comfortable.

Still a little bit of nausea from yesterday?

Variable, this is Knife. Stand by to copy. Over.

Variable, this is Knife. Stand by to copy. Over.

Knife, this is Variable. Your signal is five-by-five. Over.


The chicken is in the pot. Over.

-Cook it. -Roger that.


I'm late. Bye.

Have a good trip.

I'm not going to say it.


Be careful.

And IocaI time is...

Well, actually, it's the same as Washington. It's 11:16 a.m.

Gonna be a temperature of about 69 degrees Fahrenheit...

Dr. Ryan!

DEA Special Agent Jean Fowler.

-How you doing? -Hi, Jean.

-First time in Bogota, am I right? -Yeah.

Well, let's not stand out here and let somebody take a shot at you.

Hell, you just got here.

Come on, sir. Let's go.

And these two are...

-They're brothers. -Brothers.

-Don't... Don't do that. -Jesus.

Give Dr. Ryan a little bit more air back here, please.


We don't have a picture.

Escobedo's intelligence officer.

We don't have a name either, but we know he exists. lnvisible man, huh?

Gently, gently with your hands.

Luis, put your hands together!

No! Your hands! Together!

Good. Good.

Luis, watch the canter!

Now trot. Good.


Very good!

Press with your legs.


We lost another plane.

Now go to a shorter trot.


Who is doing this? lf I had to guess?

No, that's not what I asked you, to guess.

I can guess.

Someone has been talking to the drug police.

Now, that's impossible. lf anyone spoke to the police, I would be the first to know.


You think one of the others is trying to ruin me, to steal my business, after what I did to the American?

I guess that wasn't quite the deterrent you thought it would be.

Find out who it is.

What do you make of this, Colonel?

An opportunity.

An opportunity, Sipo.

-Good afternoon. -Afternoon. Messages, please.

-Dr. Ryan? -Thank you.

Clark. I'm sorry I'm late.

I got 10 minutes.


I mean, I'm positive that Hardin was tied into the cartels.

It's definitely drug money.

But you can't prove it.

So far.

-Mind if I ask you a question? -No.

Why are you telling me all this?

I've been out of the game for a long time.

Oh, well, I was told that... That you were wired in down here, that you knew the town, the people, that you were a player.

Who told you that?

Jim Greer.

How's he doing?

Well, he's not good.

It's cancer.


-He's a good man. -The best.

You a coffee drinker, Dr. Ryan?

Yeah, I like coffee.

-Try the Lindo brand. -Lindo.

I think you'll like it.

Mr. President, I've got some good news.


Hardin's partner down here was someone Cou may have heard of, Ernesto Escobedo.

-Escobedo. -That figures.

Now, is this another of your theories, Ryan?

No, sir. I think we can call this one fact.

Escobedo, like every other drug lord down here, was also running legitimate businesses, and Hardin was doing business with these businesses, importing, among other things, coffee, which in and of itseIf means nothing, but he was paying a little bit too much for this coffee.

$6,200 a pound, if my arithmetic is correct.

-Well, that's expensive coffee. -Yes, sir. I'd have to agree.

Well, this is good news. I think this does it.

Sir? I also have some other news which is not so good.

Oh, God.

DEA here feels that the Colombian government would want the seized funds or at least a large portion of them.

Well, this is our money.

-Well... -This is our money. We found it.

-We couId try telling them that. -"Try"? Tell them.

Or don't tell them. I don't care.

-Sir, with all due respect... -This is our money. Just tell them that.

I wouldn't know what to say. I wouldn't know where to start.

I'm not a negotiator.

Don't you know someone in their government?

I went to school with their attorney general.

Jacobs will come down. He'll take care of it. He'll negotiate.

-Yes, sir. -This is our money.


Thank you.

I hate this job.

Eyes up!

Demo team, up!

Device set!

Fire in the hole!

Let's go! Let's go! Move out!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Down! Down!

Whoever did this is dead.

Whoever did this to me is dead!

Do you hear me?

Are you listening to me?

We'll go over it in the plane again.

Mr. Jacobs, could you sign these before you leave?

-Oh, Liz, did you speak to my wife? -Yes.

Moira, why don't you call in sick tomorrow?

And the next day. I won't tell anybody.

Just because you're not here doesn't mean there's nothing to do.

Your itinerary.

You're gonna argue with me about this?

You work too hard.


Have a good time.

DireAtor Jacobs' office.

Oh, yes. Hold on.

All right.

I do have a tentative schedule...

Roberto Landa, please. This is Moira Wolfson.

One moment, please, Ms. Wolfson. I'll see if I can find him.

I think he's on the factory floor someplace.

Hold on, please.

-Yes? - Moira Wolfson is calling.

-I told her Cou were on the factory floor. -Okay.

-Go ahead. -Moira!


You free in the next couple of days?

-The next couple of days? -I am.

My boss is leaving the country.

-Can I call you later? -All right. Call me at home. Bye.


Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Mr. President.

Good news in the fight against drugs.

I wish to announce that an investigation by the Department of Justice has identified several bank accounts from Luxembourg to the Cayman Islands used for laundering drug money on an unprecedented scale.

In cooperation with five foreign governments, we have taken the necessary steps to seize those funds, which amount to over $650 million.


Also, to seize 20 real estate joint venture investments here in the United States, which were the primary agencies in the laundering operations.

-Mr. President! -Martin.

Mr. President, you did say $650 million?

That's right. It is $650 million and change.

They're stealing my money!

-Elizabeth. -What's our take?

-I'm sorry? -What's our take?

Our take. It's hard to say at the moment.

-No, it isn't. -It's hard to describe...

You're stealing my money. I made it and you're stealing it!

-Mr. President. -Yeah?

Can we speak with FBI Director Jacobs about this matter?

Director Jacobs is not available for comment.

Someone will die for this.

He's personally involved in this investigation.

As Cou can imagine, he and his team are pretty busy at the moment.

No, no. This avenue has to be avoided.

They'll be coming from the airport up Avenida Aeropuerto El Dorado all the way to Gran America.

Santa Fe's our spot.

As much as I would love to be here for this, I have to take care of some business in Washington, tying up some loose ends.

Hello. Don't hang up! Don't hang up!


-Hello? -The machine is still on, Moira.


Emile. Good to see you.

Thank you, Andy. Good to see you.

Agent Murray, Ambassador Ferris.

-How are you? -Ambassador.

Hi, good to see you. This will bring you up to date.

Oh, terrific.

All right. Let's go.

-So how's the food? -It's like Mexican food.

-I hate Mexican food. -You hate Mexican food.

-Hi! -Hello!

The only thing my secretary knows about America is what she reads in travel brochures and PeopIe magazine.

-How's the place? -Come inside and find out.


It's awful.

lsn't it?

So I take it you shouldn't drink the water.

Well, they put water in your room, but I wouldn't trust it.

I'd stick with the bottled stuff.

So what do you brush your teeth with?

Use the bottled water, or you'll be in the can all the time you're here.

Our holdup was a government connection?

Yeah, yeah, that's the big connection. No doubt.

Hey! What the hell?

-Jesus! -Oh, my God!

Back up! Back up!

Move it! Step on it!

Stay down, boss! Stay down!

-Stay down! -Damn it!

Watch out!

Damn it! Damn it! Back up! Back up!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

-Take it easy, Andy. -We've got to keep moving!

Go, Jack!

Come on, Jack! Go!

Come on, let's go, Jack!


Get around it!

Behind you!


Dan. Dan!

We can't stay here!

The car, is it running?

It's running!

The smoke will give us cover. It's our only chance.

I got him.

Make for the driver's side.

Ready? Go!

Get in!

Go! Go!


Excuse me, ma'am.

FBI director EmiIe Jacobs...

-You have a call for Dr. Ryan? -Just a moment, Doctor.

...automatic weapons in the streets of Bogota today.

Please transfer Dr. Ryan's call to 451.

Ten members of the escort party were aIso killed and eight wounded.

Five of the dead have been identified as security personneI attached to the...


Don't tell me Cou're in this thing.

I'm right in the middle of it.

Honey, Dan was killed. Dan Murray.

I was 10 feet away. There was nothing I could do.

I'm coming home.

Thank God.

I love you.

I thought his going down there was a secret.

It was.

Then I don't get it.

-What happened? -Nobody knows.

How stupid are these people?

They believe they can do anything.

You know what? They're wrong.

-Yes, sir. -They're wrong.

They've directly challenged the sovereign power of the United States.

No more sending messages.

He wants them to get the message whether the phone rings or not.

Those are his words?

Do they sound like his words?

He can't be clear when clarity is exactly what he wants to avoid.

What he means is the gloves come off.


I'm telling you, I had nothing to do with it.

I didn't.

I wish I had done it. They deserve it. But it wasn't me.

Who did, then?

You know, you have no answers.

ls this the way it was with Castro? No answers?

You don't want to hear an answer.

Yes, I do.

It was done to look like you did it, by one of the others, as you suspected.

It's always a friend who hates you most.

Give me the phone.

-Rojas. -Did Cou do this thing?

Did I do this thing?

Are you calling to ask me if I did this thing?

You don't consult with us.

You put us in danger.

And now Cou have the arrogance to want me to beIieve that it wasn't Cou?

It wasn't, Enrique.

You have invited the Americans to retaIiate against all of us.

I swear. I had nothing to do with it. Nothing!

Why do Cou expect me to Iisten to Cou when Cou're Iying to me?

-Goodbye, Ernesto. -No, no, no!

Don't hang up.

-We must have a meeting. -When?

As soon as possible, to straighten this thing out.

Tomorrow night.

No, I am not telling you. I am asking you!

May we please have a meeting tomorrow night?

-Tomorrow afternoon. -Thank Cou.

-He's scared. -He shouId be.

I don't know what you said to him but it was right.

Strange, don't you think?

Jacobs and his secretary getting killed on the same day.

He wasn't a secretary.

He was an assistant, a member of the security detail.


I don't remember his name.

I'm talking about Moira.


Moira. You remember. Jacobs' secretary.

I know Moira, honey.

What are you talking about?

She said he was the "Latin Jack Ryan."

-He was? I mean... -Yeah, that's what she called him.

I know. The point is he's Latin, which, in my mind, connects her death and Jacobs' beyond the mere fact that they worked together.

You saw somebody you think is responsible for both killings?

-Yes. -Yes.

She did.

-Hi, Moira, it's Mom. Honey... -She did.

I saw him from a distance, from behind.

Medium height, medium build, et cetera?

You mind if I look at these? ls that what the people from the cabin said?


Did you check out these calls to Venezuela?



-So, you have no leads, huh? -Oh, I have a lot of leads.

I have a fictitious name on a register.

I have a stolen, phoned-in credit card number.

I have two eyewitnesses, one of whom is in the room who saw a guy but really didn't see him.

Wait, wait, wait. Excuse me.

Could you play that again?

Yes, sir.

The machine is still on, Moira.

You have a recording of the killer's voice.


Jack, I think we got something here.

This is from the answering machine, and this was recorded yesterday.

-I'll play it for you. -Okay.

The machine is still on, Moira.

All right.


-He's scared. -He shouId be.

I don't know what Cou said to him but it was right.

Kirk, run a match on that for me.

The machine is still on, Moira.

He's Cuban, 35 to 45, educated in the United States, Eastern United States.

That's the voice. Same voice.

-You're sure? -Yeah.

How sure?


I need a name.

You're talking about hundreds of thousands of voices.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Find me the name and I mean quick.

300 is topside.

FIight ops 1915 to 2300.

Spate flight ops untiI 1800.

101 at ready 5.

302 is on deck.

Target is set.



Good to see you!

It was not easy for us.

Enrique, how are you?



Oh, what the hell is this?

What the hell is this?

My new toy. Like it?

You see this?

That's your new target, unless it's not big enough.

VariabIe, this is Easy Rhino. Do you copy? Over.

Loud and clear, Easy Rhino.

Do we have a gig? Over.

That's a rog.

Target is lit.

Start the music.

Into attack.

PickIe is hot.

Target is acquired and Iit.

Coming down.



Looks like a full house.

Damn it! Why doesn't he fix this road?


I thought we had everybody.

Keep the target painted.



Mother of God.

Circular error probability zero.

Impact with high-order detonation. Have a nice day.

The man is compIeteIy out of controI.

He has no...

The man is compIeteIy out of controI. CompIeteIy out of controI.

His name is Cortez. FeIix Cortez.

He was a coIoneI in Cuba's intelligence service untiI a few Cears ago.


He turned up working for the Macheteros.

It's a terrorist group in Puerto Rico.

Disappeared again. Then yesterday, we taped him talking to a Cali cartel subject.

Look, I'll fax you what I have on him. lf he shows up, pick him up for me, will you?

-You know I can't do that. -No, no, no, I don't mean you.

I mean the police, the Colombians.

The Colombian police, Jack, do not pick up members of the cartel.

I mean, unless they've got some kind of a death wish.

I mean, you've been down here.

Wait a minute.

Oh, Jesus.

Jack, something's happened here.

t Ieast 30 peopIe were killed, incIuding women and chiIdren.

CoIombian poIice report that the bomb expIoded in a car beIonging to one of Rojas' associates.

Jack! Jack!

-Yeah, are you watching this? -Yeah.

-This just happen? -Just now.

...counseI of the CaIi cocaine carteI and is one of CoIombia's best-known businessmen.

Look, send me all the stuff and we'll put a tail on him if we spot him.

If he's still aIive. I got to go.

This bIast is the Iatest in a series of mysterious expIosions.

The cops cIaim the vioIence is part of a bitter...

You said it was going to be a surgical strike.

It was. It was perfect.

That's a kid they just brought out, on NBC.

"Take the gloves off. Hurt them." That's what you said.

I know what I said, Bobby.

Are you changing your mind now? It's a little late for that.

No, I'm not changing my mind.

I hadn't counted on this kind of collateral damage, and neither did he. lt'll be interpreted just like I said it would, rivalry that ended in the blast of a car bomb.

Good night.

The terror campaign indicates a new guerrilla offensive against the carteIs by anti-drug units of the CoIombian...

Good morning, Rose. You finish the report?

-Hot off the press. -Thanks.

Any chances any of these bombing victims' names are aliases?

No. All lDs have been confirmed.

Who were you hoping for?

He's not here, he's not here. Cortez.

He's not here.

Why was Operations copied on this?

Ritter requested it.

Ritter, huh?

You look very nice today.

Thank you.

Car bomb.

What happens when a car bomb goes off?

It explodes.

Right. It blows up and out.

And a missile?

-This deep a crater? -That's charaAteristic.

Okay, bring up the satellite photo.

HMX and TNT which when you mix it 70-30, you get a compound called Octol.

Put enough explosives in the back of a car and you'll get a crater that big.

-It's very stabIe, very expensive... -Yeah, but would it still be in it?

The car, the truck, whatever, would it still be in the crater?

-...very vioIent. -I think it would be blown to bits.

There'd be pieces of it all around there.

And where is OAtol made?

Lots of places. Europe, the US.

But nobody uses it.

Nobody can afford it except the military.

An aerial bomb would do that, but that's not an aerial bomb.

-It's not? -No.

There is also a cellulose residue on everything.

There should be shrapnel here and here but there isn't.

No bomb fragments.

"Cellulose encased laser-guided bomb."


The Americans are here.

We have something in common.

Neither of us can impIement poIicy without at Ieast tacit authorization from our empIoCer.

We have something eIse in common.

We both know there are American troops in CoIombia fighting an illegaI war.

I will be staying at the HoteI PaIoma de Oro in Panama City on Wednesday.

I suggest we meet.

Six, this is Point. Over.

Six here.

The stuff's here and there's a lot of it.

I'm also looking at 100 to 150 men, armed, waiting around for something.


CoIombian Army? Over.

Negative. They look like mercenaries.


All right.

Get on back here. Abort mission.

I say again, abort mission. Out.

150 armed men, huh?

Raise your arms, please.

Thank you for responding to my note so promptly.

You should know that I had nothing to do with the death of Mr. Jacobs.

It was an act of madness, but a typical one from the men I work for.

What do you want?

Same as you. Mineral water.

Can we agree that as Iong as Americans demand drugs, someone will suppIy them?

Look, I don't want to be here any Ionger than I have to.

You said something in Cour fax about a gang war.

What does that mean?

That Cou and I want the same thing.

"The same thing." Really?

OnIy so far, you've done all the work.

You've taken care of the little fish.

I will take care of the one that got away.

Once Escobedo is gone, I will be in the position to help you.

You want to help me, huh?

Your country, your people.

By restructuring the drug trade, by regulating it.

What would you say if I promised you I will reduce the cocaine shipments to your country by half?

I'd say you've been using too much of your product.

I can also promise you regular quotas on major arrests that your police can take credit for. lmagine that, dramatic seizures, drastic reductions, no more senseless violence.

You'll have your victory.

In return for what?

Well, I aIso need a victory to estabIish my position with what is Ieft of the carteI so I can heIp Cou.

I need to defeat those soldiers blowing up everything they see.

Give me maps of their locations.

Cut off their communications.

DEA is sending the audio surveillance tape.

I haven't got it yet.

You know what you think about when you're lying here?

You know you're gonna die, and you think

that's all right.

You lived a long time.

You had a family that loved you.

You had a job that you thought made a difference, that you thought was honorable.

And then you see this.

I'm afraid if I dig any deeper, no one's gonna like what I find.

You took an oath, if you recall,

when you first came to work for me, and I don't mean to the National Security Advisor of the United States.

I mean to his boss.

And I don't mean the President.

You gave your word to

his boss.

You gave your word to the people of the United States.

Your word is who you are.

What else you got there?

I brought you some new magazines.

...and the situation in East Timor seems to have stabilized during the day.

Good. ls that it?

Except for the other thing.

We've accomplished a lot. We're seeing tangible results.

Drug shipments are down. Price on the street is rising.

Perception is that the administration is doing something right.

What's the bad news?

I'm concerned about this latest incident, the car bomb coming so soon after Jacobs' assassination.

It's just the kind of thing reporters live for.

They'd love to try to make a connection.

And you think they will.

I think it's time the whole thing went away. lf that's what you think.

I think so.

Then it should go away.

It never happened.

Yes, sir.

Well, I mean, it's possible.

It would be a lot easier if you told me whose system you wanted me to break into.

-Good morning, Dr. Ryan. -Morning.

Well, we're way beyond birthdays now.

I'm gonna have to write a special program here.


Okay, sweetheart, let's get to work.

Fine. Good.


Here we go.

"Reciprocity." What's that?


I forgot to tell Cou.

After you get the code, wait until he's off his system before you log on because he will know it when you do.

Jesus, Petey, it's too late.

Oh, my God.



Bob, Jack Ryan here.

Good morning, Jack.

Morning. Listen, I was just thinking, maybe we got off to a bad start here.

We're going to be working together here.

Maybe we should spend some time. Get to know each other a little better.

You pIay tennis?

Tennis. You pIay tennis?

Yeah, yeah, I play tennis.

Well, how about we get together sometime?

Next week maybe. Hour before we start work or something.

-Jack. -Yeah.

Computer theft is a serious crime.


So are crimes against the Constitution.

Son of a bitch.

Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.



Son of a bitch.


You're going to jail, pal.

What is that?

What do you think you have there?

You broke the law.

You are such a Boy Scout.

Look at you.

You see everything in black and white.

No, no, no. Not black and white, Ritter.

Right and wrong!

You see? There you go again.

Why was I kept out of it?

You weren't kept out of it. You're neck-deep in it.

You went before Congress and you got the money for it.

You went before Congress and you lied...

I never lied to Congress!

You said, "Supply and advise."

You told them no troops. There are troops, Jack.

I didn't know that. You know I didn't know that.

No. "l have no recolleAtion of that."

That's the term you have to learn.

Who authorized this?

I'm sure they'll ask you that.

Who authorized this?

I have no recollection, Senator.

I did not sign up for this.

This is somebody's bullshit political agenda.

Who authorized this? Cutter?

Cutter couldn't tie his shoes without permission.

lf I go down, you're going with me.

Wrong again.

I have an autographed "Get out of jail free" card.

"The President authorizes

"the Deputy Director, ClA, Robert Ritter, to conduct Operation Reciprocity, "including all support necessary to such activity.

"This operation is deemed important

"to the national security of the United States."

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

You don't have one of these, do you, Jack?


The world is gray, Jack!

Got any idea how I'm gonna get out of this mess?

Absolutely none.


This is he.



Thank you.

Admiral James Greer devoted his life to his country and his family, giving selflessly of both his wisdom and his love.

He served his country for more than 50 years, enlisting in the Navy at 17, graduating from the Academy, achieving three stars for his flag.

He lived through tumultuous events in his country's life.

He participated in them.

He made them clearer to the rest of us with his knowledge, his honesty, his integrity and his courage.

I can't see them but I know they're down there, five kilometers due east from your position.

Keep pushing forward. We'll trap them.

Never, though, was he deluded into thinking that one man could solve the ills of the world.

Always the soldier, on the battlefields of the South Pacific, Korea, Vietnam and Washington, he fought as part of a unit to preserve the ideals...

Knife, this is Variable. Over.

...of his nation.

Knife, this is Variable. Over.

To the refuge of the earth, we entrust our friend's body.

To the protection of our God in Heaven, we entrust his soul.

To ourselves, we entrust his spirit and the principles he lived by.

We're gonna miss you, James.

Cover me!

I'll show you...

Variable, this is Knife! Over!

Variable, this is Knife.

I am not receiving but I said, we are under heavy attack.

We need air support. Over.

Go! Go! Go!

Variable, this is Knife. Over.

-Switch. -Switch.

Variable, this is Knife! Where the hell are you?


On behalf of a grateful nation, our condolences.

He was a very great patriot.

Thank you.


Squad, aim, pull!

-Hello. -Jean FowIer for Dr. Jack Ryan.

This is he.

-Jack? -Hello, Jean, what...

-You got to hear this. -Okay.

Picked it up this morning on itinerant frequencies.

Variable, this is Knife.

I am not receiving but I said, we are under heavy attack.

We need air support. Over.

Variable, this is Knife! Where the hell are Cou?

Jack, what do you want me to do with this?

Make a copy, Jean.

Make 10 copies.

Get them to me as quick as Cou can. Thanks.


They're gonna leave those guys down there.

He's on American 915.

He'll be in Bogota 7:50 p.m.

-Yeah? -It's Ritter.

Where the fuck have you been? I've been calling.

You noticed we have a probIem.

A problem? We got a disaster. I can't get through to my men!

Yeah, we had to shut down the satellite link.

-Clark? -Had to what?

It's Ryan.

He found out everything.

He threatened to walk up the Hill if we didn't shut down the operation.

Okay, okay.

It's shut down. Just give me some air and my men are out of there.

Clark, maybe you're not hearing me. There is no air.

There is nothing. We are shut down.

I'm on a pIane. I'm gonna kill him.


You don't have to get on a plane. He's coming to you.

Arriving on American Airlines at 1950 hours with no security.

Who is this?

National Security Advisor James Cutter, Mr. Clark, assuring you that once Ryan's gone, we're back on-line.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

Clark. Hey. Jesus.

Get in the van.

Don't be an asshole. I came here to find you.

You found me. Get in.

All right.

Behind the wheel!



-Ritter. -Ryan's dead.


I killed him. Turn the op back on.

-Clark... -You said, "Get rid of Ryan and we're back in business," right?

What the hell are you doing here?

I came to help you get those guys out.

What can you do to help me?

What do you need?

A helicopter.

No, thank you.

-What is this, happy hour? -It's always happy hour.

-Your pilot owns this joint? -He lives here.

Here he is.

-Good morning. -Good morning.

Good morning, I'm here to rent the Huey.

Sorry. We don't rent it anymore, but it is for sale.

How much is it?

$2 million.

My pilot and l would have to take it for a test flight.

Yes, of course. You just have to leave a deposit.

How much is that?

$2 million.

Would you take a company check?


-Here we go. -She's a big son of a bitch, ain't she?

You have any time in this type?


Get out of my chopper.

No, no, no. My chopper.

Let's go.

Their Iast communication put them here.

The cIosest extraction point is here, in this gorge.

I got it.

Is that a body down there?


One of ours?

One of mine.

Find a pIace to set her down.

We'll Iook for the others.

Nowhere to run to.

No place to hide.

Blood trails everywhere.

They all lead to the river.

These are the falls we saw from the air.

They should be about 50 meters down.

You left us! You left us with no support at all!

Clark, you left us out to dry! You son of a...

Easy, easy, son! Easy, ease up, son!

Get off!

It's not his fault!

Whose fault is it?

It's my fault.

I was on point when the last attack came, over a mile away.

By the time I got back, it was over.

They were taking the captain and Oso.

The others?

I buried them.

Road to the town.

They loaded the prisoners here.

Blood everywhere.

God knows where they are now.

Escobedo knows.

What are you going to do, knock on his door?

Good morning. I'd like to see Ernesto Escobedo.

I don't have an appointment.


Arms up.

Arms up!

It's a tape recorder.

He's in.

Bird, this is Variable. Over.

Bird, this is Variable. Over.

Dr. Ryan.

Come in.

Sit down.

What can I do for you?

Well, I didn't know who else to turn to.

I have a problem.

An associate of mine, a coffee buyer and his assistant, were on a business trip in this area.

They unexpectedly disappeared yesterday.

I'm very concerned.

"Coffee buyer"?

It's very important to me to find them.

Coffee buying is becoming a very dangerous business.


Yes. Well, it was for Peter Hardin.


He was a client of Lindo Coffee.

Lindo Coffee has many clients.

Well, you must have heard of this one.

He owed your company a great deal of money.

Oh? Well, I'll have to talk to accounting about that.

$650 million.

And change.

Are you offering to help me with the collection of an unpaid debt?


What are you offering?

A trade.

Felix Cortez has sold you out.

His next move is to murder you, your family, and to take over the cartel.

Where is my tape recorder?

Play the tape.

Let's move.

I'd like you to meet my new friend. Dr. Ryan.

Doctor? Why? ls somebody sick?

What does he want?

The safe return of his associates.

And what does he offer us in return?


Whatever this man has told you is a lie.

He lies for a living.

-He's in the intelligence business. -Exactly.

You're in the intelligence business!

You've taken care of the IittIe fish.

I will take care of the one that got away.

Once Escobedo is gone, I will be in a position to heIp Cou.

So, the question is what am I supposed to do with you?

Well, I guess I'm supposed to kill you with this bat!

I'd say Cou've been taking too much of Cour own product.

I can aIso promise Cou...

Get up!

...reguIar quotas on major arrests that Cour poIice can take credit for.

Dramatic seizures, drastic reductions, no more vioIence to speak of.

You'll have Cour victory.

In return for what?


Cut off their communications.

-Where are they? -They're here.

Seal the plant! The American killed Ernesto!

Come on! Move! Let's go!

Bird to VariabIe. Over.

Bird, this is Variable.

Where the hell are Cou?

Well, I'm cruising about five cIicks south of the village. Over.

Stay there. I'll get back to you.

Roger that.

No one.

The prisoners.

Come on, guys. Let's go, son.

We're going home, boys.

Pick us up at the Lindo coffee factory.

From Cour point of view, it eIiminates a potentiaI security probIem, does it not?

Not onIy can I expose Cou to the press, so can the soIdiers.

You want to risk it?

You want to take Cour chances with the courts and congressionaI committees and teIevision reporters and the world?

You want to end the poIiticaI career of Cour commander-in-chief?

Let's go!

Get your asses in here! Come on! We gotta go!

Come on! Run! Get your butts in here!

Hold it! We wait for Ryan!

Yeah! We're out of here!

Set it down!

He's down there!

Come on!

I got you!

Chavez, cover me!

Your hand! Give me your hand!

The President will see you now, sir.

Jack. I'm glad you're here.

Sit down.

Can I get you anything?


Come on. Sit down.

I would prefer to stand, sir.

Some things have gone on here that I'm just becoming aware of.

I was kept in the dark, as you were, for a very long time.

Troubling things.


And now we have to sort them out.

We have to figure out who is responsible for what, and what to do about it.

And we have to do this very delicately otherwise people might get the wrong idea.

We have to lie.

Did I say that?

No, you didn't.

You're upset.

-I'm upset. -Well, it's understandable.

You mind if I give you a bit of advice?

Of course, you know this because you're a smart guy.

You should never make important decisions while you're upset.

You did, and American soldiers and innocent civilians are dead because of it.

I never ordered any...

No, don't even think about playing that game with me.

I will not let you dishonor their memories by pretending you had nothing to do with it.

How dare you come in here and leAture me?

How dare you, sir?

How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog?

I am the President of the United States!

It gives me no pleasure to do it, sir.

As Acting Deputy Director of lntelligence, it is my duty to report this matter to the Senate Oversight Committee.

You're not gonna do that.

-I'm not? -No, no.

You've got yourself a chip in the big game now.

You're gonna tuck that away.

You are gonna save that for a time when your own ass is on the line, and then you're gonna pull it out and I'm gonna cash it in for you.


I don't think I have anything more to say to you, sir.

The country can't afford another scandal, Jack.

To protect itself, it won't allow the possibility of another deception that goes all the way to the top.

You'll take the blame.

Cutter and Ritter will take some, too, but it won't amount to much.

They'll get a slap on the wrist and then $20,000 an hour on the leAture circuit.

The rest of the blame will fall on Greer.

Oh, yeah, you'll take him down with you.

You'll destroy his reputation, but that's as far as it will go.

The old Potomac two-step, Jack.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.

I don't dance.

-Ryan, have you got a minute? -No.

We need to talk.


The committee will pIease come to order.

The chair will now call Dr. John Ryan.

Dr. Ryan, thank Cou very much for appearing before the committee today.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

PIease stand and raise Cour right hand.

Do Cou soIemnIy swear that the testimony Cou're about to give before this committee is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so heIp you God?

I do.

Dr. Ryan, Cou may consider CourseIf under oath.

PIease be seated.