Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) Script

Cut the deck, please.

Choose nine cards with your left hand.

Three for the past, three for the present, three for the future.

You're familiar with tarot? A bit.

I can't see you yet.

The cards speak better if you appear.

Here you are.

Les look at the past.

Your young lover influenced your career.

Was your mother a widow? No.

You have a close friend who's a widow, and she's a questionable influence.

But she's devoted to you.

She took you away from your home life.

As a result, you met a kindly, generous man.

He made your artistic career possible.

You're rather talented.

You're in music. You like music.

He pays much attention to you.

I see him rarely. Replace him, then.

Take another card for yourself.

He looks after you though, and gives you sound advice.

I see evil forces... a doctor.

His task is hazardous.

I see a fight. Now for the future.

This is a bad card.

You have little hope of marriage.

I see a departure, a journey, the three Fates.

Thas you there.


The cards are difficult to read.

We must try again.

Cut, please.

Take four cards.

The hanged man means change but shows suffering.

Are you ill?


Venus Astarte! The illness is upon you.

I see a new acquaintance, a talkative young man who'll amuse you.

I didn't see him up to now.

But there's something wrong.

Is your illness.

I knew it! Is serious, isn't it?

Yes, but no need to exaggerate.

Take another card.

We must see.


This card is not necessarily death.

It means a complete transformation of your whole being.


I've known for two days.

I don't need the results of the tests. My hand?

I can't read hands. I don't know.

Is it that bad?

Please don't cry like that.

What will my waiting customers think? I'm not a bird of bad omen.

I understand.

The cards spelled death, and I saw cancer.

She is doomed.

"Wait, pretty butterfly.

Ugliness is a kind of death.

As long as I'm beautiful, I'm even more alive than the others. "

Did Madame Irma rid you of your fear?

No. Is worse than before.

The cards said I was ill.

She saw it in the cards?

Is it written on my face?

You're imagining things.

If it is, I'll kill myself.

I might as well be dead already.

Her and her hysterics!

She could be happy, but she needs to be looked after. She's a child.

Calm down.

Whas the matter, lady?

She's tormenting herself over a hospital test.

Doctors see illness everywhere.

They never stop doing tests.

Thas right.

Like a coffee?


Coffee will make you more agitated.

All right, then.

A little of what you fancy.

Coffee can excite you one day and calm you the next.

I'll tell you a story about my village.

There was a man who had everything: A wife, children, good health... and health is everything.

One day he fell ill. The doctor said he'd die.

His wife put on widow's airs. He got mad, got out of bed, and said he was leaving.

Don't you rent your room?

Is your place, isn't it?

You don't understand.

I'm sick of leaving at 2:00 a.m.

I'm exhausted the next day.

Either I sleep with you...

Don't then.

Are you joking?

I'm tired of arguing too. I just want to sleep.

I have my pride.

You'll come running.

He visited Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Africa, and sent postcards saying, "I'm seeing the world."

He never said he was ill.

Two years later, he returned stronger than ever.

His wife had died in an accident.

He's an old man now.

He still talks about his travels.

Doctors talk you into dying.

Well, what do I owe you?

We must be getting back. The drinks are on the house.

You're a nice man.

I want that one.

Fur? In summer?

Yes, ladies? I'd like a hat.

Can I try some?

Certainly, madam. What kind do you like?

That one, this one...

This one's very smart on you.

Like it? Thas a summer hat, at least.

Not at all!

Capricious girl!

Everything suits me.

Trying things on intoxicates me!

Black becomes me.

But I prefer the first one.

It suits you perfectly.

This is the one.

Shall I wrap it? I'll wear it now.

No! Never wear new clothes on a Tuesday!

But a hat... Nothing new.

Would you like it wrapped?

Don't ask for trouble.

Never even carry new things on Tuesdays.

Please deliver it to Clo Victoire, 6 rue Huyghens.

Are you Clo Victoire? I love your voice so.

I never thought I'd meet you.

Could Miss Clo sign a photo for our shop?

Of course. Deliver it at once, won't you?

Not that one. Is an unlucky number.

This one.

I like Citrons! Is the new ID.

ID as in "crazy idea"!


I have no life in me.

You think so because you're tired.

Live with your parents?

Give us a smile! You're stuck up!

I like songs. Do you?

Not this one.

Is awful!

The recording's awful. They must redo it.

Stop it!

No, I meant stop the music!

Is me singing. Is that you?

I love that song.

You don't hear it much. Yes, you do.

Whas wrong?

I feel nauseous.

But the windows are open.

Doesn't the music help?

I like the radio.

Like Radio Taxis... it gives people work.

Tough job for a woman!

Sometimes dangerous too. But I like it.

Aren't you afraid at night?

Afraid of what?

Whas this?

Is the art students!

They're only having fun.

We were just the same.

I was attacked last winter.

I had my photo in the evening papers.

Some youngsters wouldn't pay.

It was a deserted spot, and pitch-black.

But I ran after them.

In the dark? They came back at me.

I called for help over my radio, and two colleagues came.

Weren't you scared to death? I'm not the scaring type.

What did they steal?

Nothing. They split!

Good Lord!

I can't pass here. Can I put the radio on?

Of course.

... a new whiskey shampoo for American women.

Whiskey revitalizes the hair.

Here is the latest news.

Today brought more rioting in Algeria.

The latest casualty figures:

20 dead and 60 wounded.

In Paris, before a military tribunal, Commander Robin, a rebel in the Algiers uprising, was sentenced to six years in prison.

The farmers' unrest has lasted two weeks.

Today they broke through police barriers at Poitiers.

Two thousand reached City Hall. There were 300 tractors.

Two demonstrators from Morlaix will be tried tomorrow.

They're being held in Brest prison.

Yesterday, 4,000 demonstrators in St. Nazaire shouted "Free the Bretons."

Did Mr. Khrushchev feel he'd put Mr. Kennedy in the doghouse?

After the Vienna conference, he sent a dog to the White House.

Pushinka, one of the puppies of the famous space dog...

We'll be home in time for rehearsal.

I'm exhausted.

You've got time to rest a little.

Three workmen in the Gennevilliers sewers were overcome by escaping gas and swept away by the water as a Metro employee tried to save them.


The Fontainebleau muzeum will be closed again tomorrow, June 22nd.

Edith Piaf got up today for the first time since her last operation.

Dr. Mercadier, her surgeon, said yesterday, "Edith is saved again. Is a miracle. "

A young Englishman, Robert Platen, crossed the Channel in 6 hours and 20 minutes on a brass bedstead, mounted on floats...

You know rue Huyghens?

I know it.

Thas easy.

You're smart.

What about women parachutists?

How crazy to jump like that!

Some people like it.

How much is it?

Four francs.

What a character! Is revolting.

I think she's got courage.

I'm suffocating.

Do a bit of exercise.

It hurts, but it does me good.

Now that I'm stretched, I'll stretch out.

That line kills me!

I say it every day. You're my best audience.

I want a hot water bottle.

The water's on already.


The warmth does me good.

Rest till they get here.

You know...

You see! They're on time!

Don't talk about your illness. Men hate that.

How are my kittens?

I just dropped in to give you a kiss.

I was nearby.

I'm glad you did.

The hat! You're maniacal.

We're superstitious.

If Monsieur came more often, he'd know that.

If the maid fusses, Madame will follow.

I don't have the time.

I'm in a hurry too.

I just came to kiss you.

Always in a hurry. The time's over, lover.

I thought you loved me.

It upsets me to see so little of you.

My Cleopatra.

Are you ill? Yes.

Whas wrong today?

Why today?

Am I ill that often?

There's always something the matter with you.

But you're strong. Your beauty is your health.

What if I really was ill?

You're imagining things.

People's minds are crammed full of cancer and heart trouble.

My disease is phone calls and appointments.

I have two meetings before dinner.

I'll never manage. To what?

Kiss me?

Do you miss me? Is like missing a train!

Too much kissing and one does.

Too little kissing, thas you.

I don't mind. But you must take me out.

I have a new dress for the Don Juan premiere.

Like to see it? Yes. No.

I don't have time. Neither do you.

I'll phone you.

If only we could live on holiday.

The Dambrets are in Italy.

I'll do my best to take you out on Friday.

If all goes well.

My pearl.

What was it?

They delivered the hat.

Well, Angle... Well, madam...

I didn't worry him.

Well done.

He doesn't take me seriously.

His appointments! I'd like to drop him.

That would be a mistake. He loves you.

Think so?

Not a bit.

He loves me... a little... a lot...

What do you think?

He's a good lover.

How do you know?

He's in love. He respects you. He spoils you.

He knows everyone in Paris.

He's generous.

You go well together. He's tall.

I'd like to have told him...


About my illness. Forgotten already?

Everyone forgets except me.

He should have sensed something was wrong.

He's an egotist.

Yes, but all men are. Yours too.

He tells you his troubles.

What about yours?

I'm so kind to him.

I'm always free when he wants me. I'm always well turned out.

I'm too good for men.

You're not hard enough on them.

He doesn't even ask how I am.

If I died, he wouldn't even be upset.

What are you thinking about? People die easily nowadays.

Especially artists.

Don't tempt fate.

Look on the bright side.

You're worrying unnecessarily. Shall I go to the doctor?

No. I have to phone him tonight for the results.

If it was serious, he'd have made you stay in bed.

Not necessarily.

When will you phone? This evening.

Here they are.

Here's shy Maurice!

Is Clo in? On her bed.

Is she ill? A little.

She wants attention!

Music will soothe her.

Do you have a white coat?

Behind you.

And with your big raincoat, you can be the chemist.

What do you want?

I'm looking for something.


Here's your syringe.

Clo, like all women, likes a good joke.

You're always up to some prank.

The doctor's here To cure the patient

Ready to be bled? Ugh!

Take that away or I'll faint.

Up with the corpse!

Is there something wrong with you?

Gorgeous, is a mistake to be sick.

And mistakes kill.

He's so ugly!

"Ugliness is beauty. Beauty is ugliness."


I wanted to hide my shame for not making you laugh.

But you did.

Whas this whim of yours?

The recording's next week. Why the hurry?

Things change.

I'll do the new songs. Then I'm off.

Fancy honeymoon?

You get on my nerves!

I want to rehearse. And where are the new numbers?

I'm racking my brains with my pen!

The author has spoken!

I call him "Handy Pen"!

It suits him.

Is nice here. I'd never been before.


Angle's an angel! Handy Pen's dandy! Brandy!

Who writes the rhymes?

Me, officially! Whiskey!

Strawberry juice with a straw!

Cleopatra's lost her voice Why must you get on my nerves?

I only want to help.

Go on, then. There's "Wayward Girl."

Doctor Song will help and guide you He's a Christian physician You're a bore!

The one with "ack" and "in" rhymes? Or "Inconstant Girl"?

Is a nice one!

There's a thousand women Mixed up in me I know that one.

But I never tire of hearing it.

Finished? I'm waiting for his new songs.

"The Girl who Lies."

I lied to you, dear I knew who you were Your disguise made me smile And your bank account turned me on

The lady's man was just paying For me, the liar

I seduced you

She's not in.

Call back tomorrow.

Is too difficult.

Is outdated. The first tune's better. More...

Typical. I'll learn it then.

What else? "Playing."

Playing what? Is an ideal number for you.

Easy as pie!

He plays the cello beautifully You play the piano well But I play games with all the boys And really give them hell The black and white notes play as you tinkle the keys But all the boys just shout for joy When I wiggle my hips He strums a banjo joyfully You're a genius on the flute But all the males just stand and stare if I start getting cute

Thas a nice little song.

I like the words.

Not the music?

The music too.

You used to appreciate my music.

He's written words to the tune you liked.

Thas sweet. Give it a try.

Is "Cry of Love." It needs more feeling than...

Stop it!

You always deride my talents!

What talents? Thas the limit!

Is sour grapes!

Cleopatra, I worship you

With all doors open wide

With the wind rushing through

I'm like an empty house Without you Without you Like a deserted isle

Invaded by the sea

My sands slip away Without you Without you

Beauty wasted Cold and naked How can my body dream Without you Without you Gnawed away by despair My body decays On a crystal bier Without you Without you

If you wait too long

I'll have been laid to rest Ashen, pale and alone Without you

Is too much.

I can't go on.

Is horrible!

Whas wrong? She's tired.

You shouldn't use the word "despair."

A words nothing.

Is a lovely song.

Ill revolutionize the music business.

Whas a song? How long can it last?

Another caprice!

Thas all you ever say!

You make me capricious! Nothing but a china doll!

Revolutions with macabre words!

You think I'll make a hit with that!

Like a successful funeral!

You're trying to exploit me! Get out!

No, I'm getting out!

Angle will give you drinks. Is over!

Leave the songs. I'll choose later.

But you can't read music.

You never taught me.

You don't believe I've got talent.

Jos liked my voice the first time he heard it.

Don't make me laugh!

You must hate me. Spoiled, self-pitying child!

Everyone spoils me. No one loves me.

She gets so upset.

I'll wear black.

It goes with your songs.

"Cry of Love." "Ashen, pale and alone."

There you are!

If only I could pull my head off too!

Shall I come? No!

I want to be alone.

Is Tuesday, don't forget.

Damn Tuesday! I'll do as I like.


My unchanging doll's face, this ridiculous hat.

I can't see my own fears.

I always think everyone's looking at me, but I only look at myself.

It wears me out.

Don't worry about the frogs. They don't suffer.

They'll see daylight again in a moment.

Come here, froggy, to a new tank. Third frog!

One... two... and three!

Note that I'm the only man in France to perform this feat.

This Algerian craziness.

You don't know where you stand.

Thas where I gave the conference yesterday.

I can't hear a word with this noise!

They're impossible to live with.

Buy you a drink?

A brandy.

After all these years, here I am back in this caf.

This poetic decadence is awful.

All these stories we simply can't understand.

Is the brandy for you? Yes, thanks.

The painting's called "Woman."

I see a bull. That proves Mir's Spanish.

Picasso's owls look like women.

What does that prove?

You think I've got all day to wait for you?

We don't see her anymore. She returned to Africa.

Dorothe still around? She poses marvelously!

She's never any trouble.

Watch closely. No cheating here.

Open your eyes.

Clo's here.

She's so kind, so pretty.

I won't be a minute.

You're done.

How are you? Is been ages.

I'm fine.

Not bad, but is a bit heavy.

Get rid of that.

Your pay. Thanks. See you tomorrow.

Les take the back way.

I've got Raoul's car.

I'd never been inside before.

They're so calm.

You don't mind posing? No. Why?

I'd feel so exposed, afraid they'd find a fault.


My body makes me happy, not proud.

They're looking at more than just me.

A shape, an idea.

Is as if I wasn't there. Like I was asleep.

And I'm paid for it.

Where are you going? For a walk.

Alone? Thas not like you.

Come with me.

Raoul lent me his car.

Can you drive? I just learned.

Get in.

Fasten your seat belt and chew some gum. Is safer!

When you laugh, it reminds me of the old days, our old hopes, our laughs.

Me as a dancer, you as a singer, Bob as a pianist.

Only you've been successful.

I've only made three singles.

I put one on in a caf just now.

No one listened! A caf isn't a concert hall.

"Departure St."

Street names around the station are a bore.

"Departure St.," "Arrival St."!

Stick your arm out.

Streets should have living people's names.

Piaf St., Bardot Blvd., Aznavour Ave.

They could change the names when they die.

I see. You want a square!

Is too late.

Whas wrong?

I'm ill. Seen a doctor?

Yes. I think is serious. How serious?

Incurable or something. My God, how awful!

You're brave. On the contrary.

You never said a word. How long have you known?

I'll know for sure this evening.

Maybe is nothing.

Is serious, whatever it is.

I heard them talking at the hospital.

The patients there know a lot.

Why go to the hospital?

Is where my specialist works.

What is it?

My belly.

I'd rather it be there.

Why? At least people can't see it there.

Be quiet!

What did Jos say?

He doesn't know. I don't see much of him.

Don't you talk to him in bed?

He seldom sleeps at my place.

He's very busy.

I thought he adored you.

He does.

Love's all you need to confide.

I thought you were so close to him, I didn't dare disturb you.

And Angle?

She's worried, but she doesn't believe it.

What a story!

I'm dumbfounded!

This is it here.

I won't be a minute.

Think of something else while I'm gone.

Count the sailors' pompoms.

I wasn't too long?

Six pompoms. Raoul wants his film.

Step on it.

I'm not used to fourth gear yet.

I barely got my license.

I get around in taxis.

You're a spoiled brat.

I saw a man piercing his arm.

It made me sick.

What a day. I feel out of it.

Help me.

We don't have to carry it up. Just take it out and hide it.

Does it hurt?

He can't hear a thing.

Watch out for the wire.

My doll! Baby doll!

Is been ages, Clo.

You're just in time for the short.

Sit down. Don't worry. We're not stopping.

Clo's ill.

I hope is not serious. Watch this. A laugh's good for any illness.

Just for a moment then, because Clo's not well.

I'm all right.

Bye, Anna!

Bye, Anna!

Too late!

"For My Baby Doll"

Poor young man...


My glasses made everything look black!

Damned sunglasses!

Oops, the lights!

Is intermission.

Your film's downstairs.

You two brought it?

Papers and keys.

Keep it. No, is too difficult at night. Coming?

Thanks for the show. Anytime.

See you tonight.

An omen of death! How terrible!

Don't be silly.

Like breaking a plate. Is nothing.

I'm overcome with fear again.

Come on. I'm so late.

Tell me...

Les take a cab. I'll drop you off.

Thas fine.

What happened?

Seems a man's been killed.

Come on. Les go.

I feel dreadful.

Don't worry.

The broken mirror was for the dead man.

You said you didn't believe. I don't, but you do.

I'm frightened by other people's fears.

Why are you carrying that hat?

To annoy Angle. Why?

No special reason.

Is not even a summer hat.

All winter I wanted one like that.

You can have it. No.

Yes, I do want it!

Do you know Montsouris Park?

Montsouris... the word makes you grin, like "cheese."

There are lots of art studios here.

Artists and students from the university.

There's a waterfall.

We're almost there.

Is just after the lights. See those stairs?

I'll get out here.

Let me know.

Slowly, please.

And now? Straight ahead.


Straight ahead.

Into the park. Can I?

Is open.

It must be a through road.

Anyway, it won't be the death penalty if we get stopped.

Whas that? The observatory.

Of the 1001 Nights? Stop here.

What do I owe you?


My precious and capricious body The azure of my daring eyes My alluring figure is the bait That will never deceive Everyone longs to taste The flavor of my lovely lips

Like the sound of water?


Is quiet here, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

The children are gone.

Gone? Is full of them most days.

And today? They're all at the other end.

They've gone to see the workmen at the pond.

There's plenty of running water here.

But current stuff is lots more fun.

Whas funny is that you should know.

I'm curious.

Why don't you go then?

I'm more lazy than curious. I believe without seeing.

Anyway, I prefer being here.

Is cool. You're not cold?

Is not very warm. I'm all right.

Is the first day of summer.

For me, summer is when I'm on vacation.

Today is official. Is Flora, is you.

What talk! I like talking.

Doesn't it interest you to know that today's the longest day of the year?

The longest! How true!

Today the sun leaves Gemini for Cancer.

Stop talking like that!

Excuse me.

Going? Yes.

I'm sorry my information bored you.

Whas the time?

I don't have a watch. 6:00 or a quarter past.

Waiting for someone? No.

Me neither. But all men wait for women.

Then they speak to them. I don't usually reply. Today I forgot.

My thoughts were elsewhere. You look so calm.

I'm on leave. In uniform?

I'm half in uniform. I leave tonight.

I had three weeks. I've done nothing. Is too short.

I like talking to you.

Are you married? No.

Do I look as if I'm out on the prowl?

You seem to be waiting for something, rather than someone.

Some test results.

You're a student.

No. Medical tests.

Are you worried? Very.

What are you afraid of?

Cancer. I'll know for sure this evening.

It could be something else.

A fortune teller confirmed it.

You believe in cards? I'm afraid of everything.

Birds, storms, elevators, needles, and now, this great fear of death.

In Algeria, you'd be scared all the time.

How dreadful.

Dying for nothing. Thas what upsets us.

I'd rather die of love for a woman.

Have you never been in love? Often, but never as deeply as I wanted.

Girls just like to be loved.

They're afraid to give themselves, to lose something.

They love by halves.

Their bodies are playthings, not their lives.

So I stop halfway too.

Excuse me for saying all this.

No, you're right.

Have you been in love?

Like you said: I've always been afraid to give in.

What was the use? I was saving myself for...

Aren't we dramatizing a bit?

I'm terribly sad.

All this...

Well, we're both in the same spot.


What a pretty ring!

A pearl with a frog.

You and me.

When will you know?

I'm phoning the doctor at the hospital.

Why not go directly there?

I'm afraid of facing him in person.

I'll come. Where is it? Salptrire.

You can see me off at the station afterwards.

Take a taxi? The bus is more fun.

When my grandma came to Paris, she had to see the offices of her favorite magazine. Is near here.

Thanks to Women's World, she knew everything.

Where she lived, there was no cinema, no bookshop, but she talked about books and films like we do.

I hate reading reviews.

I dislike knowing the story beforehand.

Like sending birthday cards too early. Brings bad luck.

You're superstitious? Oh, yes.

But I can wish you a happy summer, because today's the day.


Is Flora's day.

Almost. My name's Florence.

I'm called Clo, short for Cleopatra.

What a name!

It conjures up thoughts of Italy, the Renaissance, Botticelli, a rose.

Cleopatra! Egypt, the Sphinx, the asp, a tigress.

I prefer Florence. I prefer flora to fauna.

You're so chatty! Bored?

I'm enjoying it. Just "Clo" sounds funny.

Like "Clo de Merode." Know her?

A singer of the 1900s.

She wasn't just a singer.

She was one of those who tempted our grandpas.

Your grandma again!

"Think of the future," she used to say.

"Beware of loose women when you come home at night."

Funny, knowing this area.

I lived here as a student for seven years.

I've never been here before. I came to drop off a friend.

She poses nearby for a sculptor.

Is a peculiar job.

But I don't find it immodest.

I do.

To me, nudity is indiscreet.

Is like the night... and illness.

Why say that? Is how I feel.

There's our bus.

Nudity should be for everyone, like summer.

What does that mean?

Nakedness is simplicity itself.

Love, birth, the dawn, the sun, the beach, all that.


It looks like Snow White's coffin.

They kept my second son two months like that, and all I could do was watch and wait.

I saw one born once.

He looked fine, kicking his legs, although it was cold and snowing.

Nudity moves me. Striptease is moving as well as sexy.

You're often moved, then.

Not often. Nudity is rare.

That subjecs exhausted. What next?

Mocking me? I'm getting off.

But you're taking me to the hospital.

And you're taking me to the station. Did you forget?

No, over here.

On the platform, handkerchief in hand, like a soldier's bride.

They'll think you're someone else's... but I'll have a photo as a token.

Time to pay. Two beers. I mean two fares.

I'll look at it during the journey.

Give me a photo.

Are you sure? I'd like one.

Now? Yes.

Later we'll forget.

I'll be proud to have it.

Thas the only reason you approached me.

You're a photomaniac.

You're a melomaniac. Not for music, but for melodrama!

Insincere too!

If I ask you for a photo and admit that I'll boast about it, you should be pleased.

Great feelings are full of vanity, and great minds, of foolishness.

What platitudes! Just like at school.

I could never remember them. Depressing truths!

Tickets, please.

Do you know Paris well?

I see a new quarter every day.

Place dItalie... Florence!

Is almost home for you.

Do you know these trees?

They're Paulownias.

There are a few Paulownias in Paris, and lots in China and Japan.

Is a rare tree, from Poland.

You're always teaching something.

Is my busybody nature.

You've always got the answers.

Is funny. I've always got questions.

Today everything amazes me. The people's faces next to mine...

Where's the stop?

At the St. Marcel Metro.

This isn't the stop.

La Piti!

This neighborhoods full of hospitals. La Piti is next door.

Is as if people recovered better around here.

There's Broca, Cochin, Baudelocque, Le Val de Grce, and, of course, La Sant.

Everything grows quiet.

Including me.

I forget where it is. I came by taxi.

Les ask.

The laboratory, please.

What do you want?

Dr. Valineau.

Not here. I saw him here.

In his department. Down on the right?

No. Other side. I doubt if he's still here.

Is Dr. Valineau still there?

He's gone. He said he'd be here.

On the first day of summer, one can mistake the time of day.

Stop joking. I'm ill.

Don't get upset. I'm sorry.

I'm going to find him.

But he's gone.

He may come back. He said he'd be here.

Is maddening. I've waited two days for this.

I haven't seen them in three weeks. They must know we're expecting them.

And my daughter... couldn't she have thought of me?

Is the same for me. She couldve brought a bouquet.

Doesn't look like a hospital.

Is like an old chteau, with gardens for giving parties.

Your hand, Florence.

Thas a cedar of Lebanon. Do you feel like traveling at this hour?

When's your train? About 8:00.

We have so little time.

Is silly to look for the doctor. It doesn't matter. I can phone tonight.

I'd like to know Lebanon and the Paulownias.

Give me your address now, or we'll forget.

Thanks, Florence. Thanks, Clo.

Is a lovely garden.

It smells nice.

Is well kept.

Shall we stay a bit or go?

I'm a little tired.

Shall we eat outdoors somewhere?

As you please.

We have plenty of time.

I was wrong about Flora. Ceres was the goddess of summer.

And Flora? The goddess of spring.

Spring ended yesterday. Today's Flora's summer.

Were you afraid to come to my office?

They told me you'd gone and that I couldn't go in.

I'm her brother. I'm leaving tonight.

Thas why I wanted to see you. Don't worry too much.

We'll take great care of your sister.

Two months of chemotherapy should set things right.

You can write to me if you like.

Come see me tomorrow at 11:00.


I'm sorry I'm leaving. I'd like to be with you.

You are.

I think my fear is gone.

I think I'm happy.