Climax (2018) Script

To our makers Who are no longer with us

You have seen a film based on real events that happened in France in winter 1996

Existence is a fleeting illusion What does dance mean to you?


Dance is everything.

It's all I have.

When you're on stage dancing... you feel free, no barriers, no judgement.

Just us, our body and sensations.

I find marijuana is a great muscle relaxant.

So when you dance the sensations are a bit different, you're more sensitive...

with certain muscles, or sensations.

When I dance, I can be someone I can't be anywhere else.


Is your family supportive?


Mum, dad, everyone...

They know what you dance?


Do they come to watch?


I prefer not.

What would they say?

They'd be a bit shocked.

Would you do anything to make it?


You're in a profession where... you need to bring enjoyment...

I'm ready for anything.

What's anything?


I don't know what you'll ask me to do but I'm primed and honestly, it's a chance in a million to work with a choreographer like you.

It could really help me evolve, so I'm ready for anything.

I can ask you anything?


My worst nightmare?

To find myself alone.

With nothing and no one around.


Do you have a life motto?

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Do you believe in paradise?



Because I want to.

What's in paradise?

Everything good.


Only good things, no problems.

There's no chaos there.

I like to let off steam...

I have my secret garden that I...

I like to go to when I party.

I tried a line of coke once.

You asked me to be open so...

Yeah, I snorted a line with a girlfriend.

My worst nightmare?

My worst nightmare?

I'm real scared of darkness.

Really scared.

You know, when you do your own thing, it's make or break.

And in my experience, it's mostly break.

I wade right in.

If there's a problem, I deal with it then move on.

What's the worst you've done to a guy in a fight?

I smashed a head once.

Knocked two of his teeth out.

He had a big gash in his forehead.

He passed out.

Two days in a coma.

Do you regret it?

Not really. That's life.

Do you do drugs?

No, never.

No drugs. I'm more into girls.

What do you think of the other dancers?

Some look good.

It all seems good.


Some of the girls are hot.

Your cousin's your partner in crime?

Yeah, we pick up girls together.

And guys?

Guys, well...

Guys... it depends.

Straight up, I've never worked with gays before.

I'm a little nervous, but... it's no big deal...

I'm just waiting for the first connection.

I've heard things but want to see for myself.

For sure, I'm a bit nervous about it.

But I like that, feeling the fear.

Being brother and sister, we're close of course, but with dance we share an activity that...

keeps us close.

We'll be touring France and the States.

What do you think?

I've been to New York so...

Wow, that's awesome!

We've never been to the US together.

Yes, I've been to New York.


With who?

The US is the place to go.

And for black culture too, it's great.


America... it's heaven on earth.

You've been there?


I come from hell.

Where is hell?

We're lucky in France to really shine in dance.

It's incredible.

It would be interesting to take that to other countries, like America or places where... the level's not so high.

France is a country that really has our back, helping us, with its culture, and music, which really lets us... flourish and... work with a level of excellence.

It's the French trademark.


God is with us!

Now let's party!

I love your kid!

My Tito.

Great dancer!

Can I dance with him?

Go ahead. I made some sangria.


What did you think?


Maybe just the two girls in the middle...

Totally get it.

We'll rehearse it later.

Everyone's tired, they wanna have fun.

Sure, it's tough.

For just 3 days' work, it was fabulous.

What are you discussing?


Yo, David!


I don't drink.

Oh sure.

You know it.



No, thanks.


I don't feel good.



What do you want?

I told you to stop.

I told you yesterday, please.

No one's looking, OK?

Happy now?

I wanna be with you.


I'm here now.

Go dance!


Don't worry.

I love your attitude.


You and Omar have something going...

Say what?

Great rehearsal, huh?


I got my eye on you, watch out.

Hey Daddy, great track!

Up for a drink?


She'd like one.


Why so glum?

I'm not, I'm just tired.

Stop sulking!

I'm tired!

You're always tired!

Help me down?

No sweat.

It's sangria I made for the dancers.

It's alcohol, it's not good for you.

It's not juice.


Give the kid a break!

Come dance with me, Tito!

Dance with me!

Pump it up, Daddy!

How was it?


As usual.

What's up?

Remember our dance?

Can I have a hug?

And another?

One more?

How hard can you laugh?

I'm gonna get changed.

What was the deal earlier?


With your bro.

You know your pal Taylor...

He's afraid I'll get pregnant.


Down the hatch.


It stinks, why drink it?



I'm worried about the boy.


He's gone to bed, he's fine.

Something wrong?

Nothing at all.

This is not a good place for a kid.

Leave it out.

He's fine.

He's happy, good mannered.


Yes, she's raised him well.

She was right to not abort him.

Wicked sangria!


Have you ever had an abortion?

It's good to have the choice.

Don't you think?

BIRTH IS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY You know mummy was a dancer.

When I see you, I see myself as a little girl.

I hope you'll be a dancer, like mummy.


Have you spent 3 nice days here?

We don't see each other much, do we?

Today I made an effort.

I'm a good mummy?


Give me a kiss.

Close your eyes, go to sleep.

Sleep now.

I'll be back later, because I love you.

I love you, Tito.

That flag over there...

It freaks me out.

I don't like it.

I like all flags.

The colours and all, it's cool.

But this one... I've seen it too much.

Change of scenery, please!

Those crosses are creepy, man.

Chill, it's not contagious.

Don't be a prick.

God is great.

"God is with us."

Since when have God and dance gone together?

That's not it.

I'm not OK with it.

And you?

Still the same.

Your dad?

Still in a coma.

So we wait.

How long now?

Almost 6 months.

Long time.


If you're down it's complicated, if you ask me... to take drugs... just... in a safe place.

And with my boyfriend I thought... it was safe.


I thought it was safe to take it, but you never know where it comes from.

See that babe...

I fucked her yesterday.

Yesterday, bro.

Oh yeah...!

And she's crap.

So I wanna fuck two blondes.

Dyke stuff never works.

They need cock.

For sure.

Both of them together, fuck it!

You asked about me marrying. Do you want kids?

No, fuck that, I never think about it.

People ask these dumb questions.

"Watch out, he's like this or that,"

I don't give a shit.

There's a connection, I take it, I live it, period!

I move on.

What a coke fiend!

Always snorting.

It stinks. Stinks.

You said you want to get married?


I heard right?


How many times?


Just once.

I'd like to marry 4 times.

Best to do it often.

Change the game, the person, everything...

How does she do it, at her age?

Honestly... he must totally manipulate her.

He's hungry.

He's tried to screw us all.

A climber. Why's he with the boss lady?

To go places.

He's with everyone.

With her he's just looking for work.

We hit lucky here...

Bro! Omar!

Wake up!

Get out of your trip!

You don't drink, you do nothing.

I've boned them all here.

All of them.

David? He's a ticket to an STD.

That's mean.

He's my buddy!

He's nice, but...

He should...

I bet he has herpes.

He's dirty.

Just the way he looks at you...

Cut it out!

It can be a turn-on.

Ok, he's a sonofabitch!

He has his charms.

Is he a good lay at least?

A top shooter!

Sometimes they make out like...

No, really!

Have you two screwed?

No, but he's banged someone next to me.

A young chick...

You gang bang?

He fucked her brains out.

Tell me about Gazelle.

Just a little.

I'm curious.


Just a little, no details if she's ass or pussy.

Just... how nuts she goes.

You live your life, I live mine.

Your life is mine as well.

Get off my case.

I don't get it, I'm reacting...

No, I don't see why you react like that.

What makes Omar special?


Oh yeah?

He's got everything!

Know what?

I wanna bone her.

I'm not surprised.

Honestly, I wanna bone her.

You're a lucky man.

You're not as tough as me.

So, let's ask her.

Maybe we can do a threesome?

You say: "It's the last night,

"everything sucks, "the sex...

"it's not like before...

"Nowadays, group sex is the thing, all that stuff."

And we do it.

What bugs you?

Seeing you together.

I don't like him.

We may seem buddies but we're not.

So what?

I'm your big brother.

I'm 20, not a baby anymore.


You disrespect me.

He seems totally uptight.

Only with you!

Say what?

What it says.

You're not my mum or dad.

Just my big brother.


You're 25. I'm 20, an adult.

But you're... still too young for that.

For what?

What you do with Omar.

You know what we do?

I see enough.

No need for details.

You've had your dick sucked already.


That doesn't mean you can suck his... any time you like!

That's not how it goes.

It's normal when you've been together 9 months, no?

9 months, you two?

He didn't tell you?


Think it's funny?

This place has seen some weird shit.

I can feel it, sacrifices... strange shit, for sure.

You mean like a sect?

All that stuff.

How can you walk in a room and see a flag like that?

No way.

No way!

I don't dig the vibe in this group.

They're weird.

And this school... intensifies it.

It magnifies the sense of weirdness.

Weird or not...

I'll fuck them all!

Straight up!

Weird or not, I fuck them.


Even if the ghost turns up.

On the flag!

We'll fuck him on the flag!

Ghost or no, he'll get some!

I'm sick of all the fathers and brothers on our case all the time, telling us what to do.

Who you can or can't see. Enough already.

There's more to life than men.

Too right.

There are girls... nice ones too, huh?

Like who?

Some cute ones in the group.

Don't you think?

Like me?

You know already, I told you.

So why bring it up?

I'm not, it just came up...

You're up for some filthy shit, man.

Hell, yeah.

I'm gonna beat those two up tonight.

They deserve it.

Too true.

I'm getting a real good vibe now...

Real good!

I'm ready for some crazy shit!

You're too unstable, that's your trouble.

Learn to keep it in your pants.

You only live once, bro.

When it's long like mine... you gotta use it.

It's a gift!

I gotta share it.

I bet they do it with strap-ons.

I don't dig that shit.

I'd fuck Psyche good.

So good.

When she does her wacko workout thing, I love it!

On the floor.

On the floor! Straight in!

Bare knees!

Bare knees!

No lube.

Wet or not, I keep at it!

I keep at it anyway!

You keep at it. You slap her!

No other way.

A babe like that?

When I stick my cock in, it goes all the way up to her throat.

I don't stop till she weeps.

Till she weeps!

Gotta make her weep!

I love her.

Despite her flaws, her mistakes...

I love her.

So you'll get back with her?

I'd like to.

Too bad she's pregnant.

It's someone else's.

Her "sweet butterfly," she says.

She's pregnant?


By another guy?


Imagine... your dream man... in love with someone else.

Lou, she's hot.

Think she takes it up the ass?

Hell yeah, all the way!

Deep inside.

Dry or with lube?

Dry, man!

You grab her, spread her arms...


That's how it goes!



No jelly.

I hate that stuff.

I prefer shea butter.

It's the real deal.

Slides right in.

You have to pull her hair, for sure.

The basics.

I bang her.

I fuck her.

I'm telling you... that girl...

She's a big deal.

Give it to her good!

Nice sweet ass.

Fuck her real good.

Then again... no sweat.


Selva's my pick.

When she walks that way I wanna bang her.

When she talks or looks at you...

Showing off.

It's too much.

I get it.

You gotta show her who's...

Gonna show her what I got...

An anaconda!

That chick...

One day, after rehearsal... you follow her upstairs... you follow her.

You show her.

Just show her!

Show it to her!

My willy?

You know what.

She'll freak out.

That's life, man!

I stick it straight in her ass.

No waiting.

Straight in.

In the ass.

I'm not annoyed, but you don't listen.

It gets a little...

I'm sick and tired of it.



After a while, you know...

It's best to wait.

You're young. You're rich.

You'll get plenty of cock.


No need to do it all right now.

Take your time, be different.

I bet David will take two days.

David will never go with you.

You'll see...

Selva won't let him.

Screw Selva.

I don't know if you get it, but... who gives a fuck about Selva?

Who is she, anyway?

Get me David and wham bam it's done.

Do as you like.

You always do.

That's what I said I'd do!

Yep! That's why you're still a virgin.

Not for long!

With David, for sure!

He's clearly a virgin.

It's gotta happen.

He gotta get his butthole split.

Nice and wide.

With a baton.

A big one.

You know the score: first they squeal, then they're happy and want more.

I won't touch no butthole, man.

Butthole's not my thing.

Smells of shit.

Oh, come on!

No butts.

Know what you do?

You lick it.


The butthole!


Lick it good.

Stick your tongue in.

Even when it stinks?

Don't worry, man.

It's nature!

You kidding?

Occupational hazard, bro.

You've had a babe poop on you?

No, but hey...

Shit happens!

Occupational hazard!

It's a risk, you go down there, you know what you'll find.

If you find it, don't act surprised.

No way, man...

It's double or quits. In, out, in, out...

I've put Tito to bed, I'm worn out.

Gimme a smoke.

He's a cute kid.

You start dancing young, you're hot to trot.

And then...

You get screwed in some corner, then you get pregnant.

So what do you do?

You have to make your big mistakes a success.

I don't even know what time the van's coming tomorrow.

And everyone's dancing happily.

The only thing I've ever done right is this sangria.

It's real good.

That's it.

This is for France, guys!

Let's slaughter those yanks!

Slaughter them!

This is War!


Gimme some coke.


Some coke.

None left.

Ask the druggy.

Gimme some coke, babe.

I'm all out.

I heard you had some.

It's all gone.

All cool?

I'm cool. Gimme a light.

Daddy, look!


Over there.

What are you doing?


I'm burning!

Something's kicking in.


I'm off.


Way to party!

What's going on?

We're partying, chill.

Go dance and have fun, you earned it.

Dance, baby!

What have you done?

What do you mean?

I haven't done anything.


I've done nothing.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

She's feeling sick?

I don't know.


You OK?

You're all too drunk, I'm going to bed.

What's up? Feel sick?


Don't you guys feel weird?

What've you done?

What did you put in the sangria? I don't feel good.

What are you talking about?

What? I haven't done anything.

What've you done?

What's wrong with you all?


That bitch spiked our drinks!

The sangria's spiked, it's not me, I drank it too.

So that's why I feel bad.

It's not me.

What did you put in it?

Here's the bitter slut.

I drank it too!


Hear her out!

It must be someone who didn't drink it.

I know who it is. It's Omar, the sonofabitch!

It's not him!

Why haven't you drunk it?

You spiked it with LSD?

It's not him!

Why did you do it?

He drugged us!

It's him!

Stop, stop!

Get out!!



Open up!

Let me go!

Is LSD acid?

I don't know!

What's the remedy?



Hand it over, we need it.

I'm out, fuck off!

It's not you?


Are you sure?

We're all fucking high.

We're all fucking high, can't you see?

You OK?

No, can't you see?

Did you see your son?


Don't drink that!

You mustn't.

Come on!

No, mummy!

They're all crazy in here!

Mummy, no!

Calm down!

Stop tugging!

Come on, stop that!



No, mummy, you're mean!

I love you!

I'm doing it to protect you.

You're mean!

Listen, listen to me.

Don't touch that!

Don't touch it!

It'll kill you if you touch it.

No, mummy!

Don't leave me alone!

Open the door!

I can't!

I'll be back, I'll sort it out.

I'll be back, don't worry.

I'll be back.

I love you. Calm down, please.

What are you doing?

Protecting him from you!

From who?

All of you!

Go fuck yourself!

Dumb bitch!

Useless cunt!



What's wrong?

I don't feel good.

You drank too?

No, I didn't.

So why do you feel sick?

Are you ok?

The sangria's been spiked by Emmanuelle.

I don't know...

What's wrong with you all?

What's wrong with you all?

Why do you feel sick?

Can you keep a secret?



Can you keep one for me?


Of course.

I have...

I have something growing in my tummy.

Like what?

I'm pregnant, Selva!




What'll you do?

I don't know.

Who's the dad?

No idea.

I don't know.

I'm wasted...

You gals too?

I'm fine.

You're alright?

Could you leave us?


She's weird.

You didn't drink...

No, she didn't...

She feels sick.

Me too.

Could you please just...

Strange, why didn't you drink?

I feel sick, it happens!

You drugged us, huh?


She didn't.

Dom, please!

You drugged us.

Not true!

You're talking shit!

Are you nuts?

You drugged us.

Go dance with the crew.

I threw Omar out for nothing...

Because of you.

Why didn't you drink?

She's pregnant!

Wait a sec, please!

You're pregnant?

Pregnant, you lying bitch?

Lying cunt!



Call an ambulance!

Will somebody help me?


What's wrong, Lou?

What happened?

Oh God...

You're such a bitch!

You had some all along.

So gimme some.

Get off me.



Go away!

Go away!


I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!


There are cockroaches!

It's a nightmare!

A nightmare.

What's going on?

What's going on in here?



Hey Taylor!

Check out your sister.

Check her out!

What are you doing?

Why did you do that?

She hit me!


We kicked the wrong guy out.

It wasn't Omar, it's her!

She poisoned us.

You drugged us?

Yes she did.

What do you mean?

Know what?

She claims she's pregnant.

Who's the dad?

Who is it?

Who wants you?

You're a liar!

Who fucked you?

You're pregnant so you didn't drink?!

You did it!


Shut the fuck up!

What the fuck are you saying?

What are you talking about?

It's the son of David!

Get off me!

Go for her!

You're threatening me?

What are you gonna do?

Want to hit me again?

She hit me!

Shut up!

Fuck off!

Do it!

I'll make you abort!


Go on, do it!

Do it!

Go on, kill yourself!

Go on!

Do it!

Do it!


Stop, please.



Stop it!

Stop it!

Get off me!

It's not your fault.

Leave her!

Leave her, Eva!

You don't get it, I don't want to!

Let's get outta here.

Come on Selva, we're leaving.



Come on.

We're leaving.

It's out of control.

Stop crying, please.

We'll leave together.

I'll find the key.

I'll find it, don't worry.

Open the door.

I lost the key.

Go find it.

I lost it.

Go find it!

I'm scared!

Open the door, I'm scared.

Open the door.


Everything's fine.

Something's moving here!

It's a party...

There's balloons and surprises...



The keys must be here...

Come here!



Bring him here.

Fuck him up!



Slimy shit!

Gimme a knife!

I'll circumcise him!

Get off him.

You're sick.

Take that.

Don't wanna play with me?

What are you doing?

Gimme that!


The lipstick!

That hurts!

Let go!

That hurts!

Let go, dammit.

Come here, fucker!

Thought you were badass?

Huh, asshole?

Piece of white shit!


Get off!

Help me, please...




Shit! Tito's fried!

Oh God, I've killed him!

I've killed him!



Stop screaming!



It's OK. I got my ghetto blaster!

I'll put it on, don't worry.

Open the door, Tito!

Open up!

What are you doing?

The blood!

The blood... the blood...


What do you want?

Get out.

I don't want to see you any more.

I don't want to see you!

Leave the girls be.

Baby, don't cry!

My little baby.

Everything will be fine.

We're home.

Daddy, I'm scared.

What's happening?

We're home.


Leave me alone!

Get out!

Just get out!

Get out!

What's going on?

Get off!

Get the fuck out of here!





It's too dangerous!

Wait up.

It's far too dangerous!

I'm gonna kill myself!

I just want to protect you.

I'm coming, Tito!



Hold me close.

You know we can't do it.

Let go.

I'm sorry, Gazelle.

Let me go.

Let's go somewhere.

Look what you did to Omar.

Look what you did!

Say you love me.

Let me go!


What are you doing?

I love you Gazelle.

I'll tell mum and dad. Let me go!

I just want to go, please.

I love you.



Let go!


I'm here, don't scream.


Let go.

You're a liar.

I'm not, Gazelle. I love you.

You're vile!

We'll go where you want.

Let me be.

Wanna go to New York?

Let go.

Only I can make you happy.

Everyone's watching.

Not here!

Not here!

What's wrong?

Hold me.

You're my world.

Let's go to the room.

To the room.

The room.

You're everything to me.




Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Life is a collective impossibility

Look here.



She's gone.

Death is an extraordinary experience

Nothing happened...


Nothing happened.

What do you mean?

Don't tell dad.

Don't tell dad.