Cloak and Dagger (1946) Script

(balalaika playing)

Ivan, (speaking Russian)

(speaking Russian)

(speaking Russian)






(speaking Russian)

(speaking Russian)

(speaking Russian)


Mein herr! Ach!



BOY: Jack Flack escapes.

GIRL: How could he escape?

Look at the dice.

So what?

24. Jack's agility is 24. He escapes.

That's not fair.

I got killed, and you should have been dead.

I'm not. Jack Flack always escapes.

Dumb game.

You just got to develop better moves, Kim, that's all.

You're getting there.

I don't believe this. How can he do it, Morris?

I had 10 times as many bullets as Jack Flack.

Yeah, but Flack had the ingenuity and the contacts, Kim.

It's better than bullets sometimes.

Hey, don't feel bad.

I haven't been able to beat him all summer.

What happens next, Morris?

Let's leave it for now.

I want to think of something really good to get you with.

Anyway, I want to get back to my game.

Don't look at me.

I'm sick of getting killed.

We could trade.

I'll give you extra gas masks and a bulletproof vest.

No way.

You never get hurt. It's no fun.

Jack Flack always escapes anyway.

Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.

Hey, guys, be careful with those.

I just got them in.

This is Jack Flack requesting an assignment.


* Hello everybody.

Ha ha ha!

Come on, Kim, be serious.

You guys want a real assignment?

Yeah. Yeah.

You got your bus passes?

Ok, I want you to go over to Textronics.

Pick me up some catalogues for the new 4200.

Come on, Morris.

Give us something exciting, like Cloak and Dagger, only for real.


I want you to infiltrate their seventh level.


Then go to their vending machine.

Pick me up a pack of Twinkies.


There's a secret message inside.


Whatever you do, don't let anybody see you. Anybody.

You coming?

Not if you're gonna be embarrassing.

I won't.

Let's see.

Grenade... gun... ammo.


Now what are you doing?

Jack Flack says to always keep your gun loaded.

Morris, could we try these out?

Yeah. Just don't break 'em.

Time to go, Jack.

See you, Morris.


Oh, great.

Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.

Yeah, what?

Come on, Kim. Play right.

All right.

Lady Ace to Jack Flack.

Do you read me?

Loud and clear.

Prepare to penetrate the enemy stronghold.

Follow me in.

This is what I meant by "embarrassing."


You proceed to floor 7 for Operation Catalog.

I'll get the secret from the machine.

Wait a minute.

I think that sentry spotted us.

Davey, put that away.

Hi, kids.

You lost?

If you tell me who you're looking for, maybe I can help.

We're looking for Textronics.

Ah. You're looking for the Game Division?

Seventh floor.

Thank you, Officer.

We'll take separate routes just in case one of us is neutralized.

I'll take the fire stairs, you take the elevator.

Good, 'cause I'm not walking up.

Pardon me.

What's the matter now?

That guy had a gun, Kim, and it was a real gun.

Oh, Davey, will you stop it?

Honest! I saw a gun!

You're really being a jerk.


Well, here. Take this grenade just in case.

Thanks, anyway.

Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.

Yeah, Davey, what is it?

I'm almost in position.

Give me your location.

I'm already up here, and I'm waiting for you.

Textronics. Mr. Rice's office.

Ok. Start creating a diversion.

I'll sneak out the fire stairs and hit the machine.

* Davey, this is embarrassing *

Maintain radio silence from now on.

Over and out.

(man's voice)

MAN: Don't let him leave the building.

SECOND MAN: Rice... moving to the elevator.

Intercepting fully.



Will there be anything else today?

Ah, do you have a food machine here?

DAVEY ON RADIO: Lady Ace, Lady Ace, come in.

Excuse me.

(telephone rings)


Mr. Rice is in a meeting.

I thought we were maintaining radio silence.

Did you hear them?

No. I'm busy. Now stop bugging me.

Uh, the vending machines are right over there.

So your friend cut off radio contact, did she?

Oh. Hi, Jack.

Well, some people just don't know how to act on a secret mission.

I guess we're better off just handling this one on our own.

Like the Maracaibo assignment. Remember that?

Back when I was known as Agent X.

That was a close one.


Yeah. There we were, surrounded by hordes of angry mercenaries.

All you had was a ball of string and a sealed I.O.U. from the embassy.

And then there was a letter bomb.

Yeah, that's 'cause I told you not to trust them.

That's what I mean about working alone.

I guess you're right.



Here. Here...

Whatever happens, don't let them get it.

Tell the FBI...

1 million, 329--




Davey, what are you doing?

They just killed a man, now they're after me!

I got Morris' Twinkie--

Help, police! Murder!

What's the problem, kid?

There's 2 men, they're trying to kill me.

What men?

They're up there! They just killed a man!

Call the police!

He was right here! I saw him fall!

I had to run right by him!

You want to tell me what is this all about?

Well, these Nazis, or some kind of bad guys, they shot this FBI man.


How should I know? Maybe they were Russians, but they shot him, and he was bleeding, and he fell.

I knew he was dead.

Look, I'm not kidding you!

I can prove it.

He gave me this secret cartridge--

No, no, no.

Don't trust him, Dave.

That's the first rule of espionage.

Always stay true to your source.

Secret what?



Never mind.

Hi, Mr. Rice. Hi, Purdy.

Did you see anybody on the terrace level?

No, not a soul.


We better hold him for the police.

We better go talk to the police.

Come on.

Ok, folks, step back.

Clear the area.

Thank you.

I better be going now.

You gonna be all right?

Yeah. I've got a key.


Davey, I've been calling all over the place for you.

Mr. Osborne, Lieutenant Fleming, San Antonio PD.

Dad, I didn't do--

Just wait a minute, ok? Let him talk.

What's--come on in.

Not at this time.

I've got to keep an ear out for the squawk box.

Oh. Well, go on to your room, Davey.

Dad, I want to hear what he has to say--

Just go to your room, Davey, all right?

What, uh...

What--what happened?

Well, your son created quite a stir at the Tower Life Building this morning when he reported a murder.

A murder?

That's right, sir. We checked out his story and found absolutely no credence to it.

Then we tried to bring him home, but he refused to divulge the whereabouts of what he called, um, "Headquarters."

Sorry, Officer, but he does, uh, do that sometimes.

We got them right where we want them.


Let 'em think you're nuts.

See, if we're gonna be heroes, we got to keep a low profile.

No cops, no dads, we're on our own, pal.

There gonna be any charges, or what?

Not this time, sir, but we do think that you ought to consider getting him some help.

I have.

For almost an hour, all he would give us is his name, rank, and serial number.

The tougher we got, the tougher he got.


If it hadn't been for the little girl, we would've never gotten him home.

Officer, I...

They'll sing a different tune once you're a hero.

...stuff like this with parents a lot.

He is a good boy.

He's just... going through a real tough time right now.

He lost his mother recently.


I guess we're both having a little difficulty making an adjustment.

Well, I can say one thing for him.

If we were at war, I'd want him on my side.

(making battle sounds)

You ready to talk?

Want to talk about the murders?

They weren't murderers. They were spies.

They'd gone there to kill an FBI agent.

I just intercepted one of their communications.

Anybody else see 'em?

If mom were here, she'd believe me.

She probably would.

But she's not here, and she's not gonna be here.

We've gotta get used to that.

I miss her.

I know.

We both miss her.

I bet she knows it.

I'll bet she can see us right now, you know that?

Listen, I've got an idea.

Why don't you and me call up Dr. Sullivan tomorrow?

You just tell him what you saw today.

Just--just to see what he says about it.

Jack Flack was right.

You do think I'm crazy.

You still talking to Jack Flack?


Davey, you've got to understand:

Jack Flack is make-believe, just like all these ridiculous games.

They don't make it any easier for you to get a grasp on things.

Want to see something?

See proof?

Let me show you.

This is what the FBI man gave me.

Hey, come here.

There's something coming on.

More Cloak and Dagger?

What did I just get through telling you--

Dad, this is important.

Just wait a minute. You'll see.

Oh, Davey...

Just give me a chance.

A man was just killed for this.

Do you want me to play it once?

All right, play it. Play it one time.

See, that's Dr. Boom and that's Jack Flack going to the secret underground bomb factory.

Have you seen this or done this before?

Yeah. I played it at Morris'.

Now, here we are.

Get the guards.

(makes shooting sounds)

Got one!

Ok, get the case...

I'd like to figure this one out.

And I made it.

And where's the proof you're talking about?

I don't know.

Maybe it's on the next level.

Now let's shut it off, all right? Come on.

But I get another life.

Let's just shut it off. That's enough--


I want you to get ready for bed.

Can I just play one more?

Davey, I said no and I mean no.

Now, get ready for bed.

I hate you.

I know you don't mean that, son.

You don't care about me.

Huh! You never believe me.

Davey, when I was a kid, I was exactly like you are.

I wanted to be a hero.

That's why I joined the Air Force.

So I could be somebody.

Let me tell you something, Davey.

Heroes don't just shoot bad guys, they--they put supper on the table, they fix bicycles, they do boring things... real things, not make believe.

I hope you'll understand that when you get a little bit older.

Now, I'm going to put these games away.

I don't want you playing 'em anymore.

Dad, if you'd just play one with me sometime.

Good night, Davey.

Not too smart for a military man, huh?

Shut up.


(telephone rings)

Will you get that for me, Davey?



MAN: Is this David G. Osborne?



Dad! Yeah?

It's them! It's the spies.

The ones who killed the man!




They hung up.

What'd he say?

Just asked who I was.

Dad, they know where I am.

Ah, it's just a wrong number. Come on, let's--

No, it wasn't!

I know it was them.

Come on, come on, take it easy.

Just go on to bed. It's way past your bedtime.

Can I sleep in your bed tonight?


Can I sleep in your bed tonight?

What for?

Well, I don't think those, uh, guys will come in when you're here.

You don't, eh?

Ok, come on.

Everything's going to be ok, son.

(rooster crows)


What is it, son?

Don't leave.

Well, I've got to go to work, son.

I don't have any choice.

Well, they're just waiting for you to leave so they can get me.


Listen, I, um...

I talked to Dr. Sullivan this morning, and I made an appointment for us to see him tomorrow, ok?

Humor him, Davey.

This turkey's not gonna help us.

We're on our own.

And I got to...

I got to work a double shift today on account of that big inspection I told you about, but tomorrow I'm off so I can go to the doctor with you, and you can tell him... everything you told me about those spies.

Can't I go with you?


Come on, you're a big boy now.

I mean, you're old enough to stay home alone without kicking a fuss, aren't you?

I'll tell you what:

Maybe next week we can get you in that baseball camp.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?



If you need me, just call me at the base, ok?

Lady Ace, Lady Ace, come in.

Kim, are you there?

Kim, come in.

Yeah, what?

Listen, we got an assignment for today.

I don't want any more of your stupid assignments.

Come on, Kim, I'm really in trouble.

Good. You got me in trouble yesterday.

Now what?

Remember the spies?

You mean the killers?

Uh, yeah. They're coming to kill me.

They want the Cloak and Dagger thing back.

I need you to come over.

What Cloak and Dagger thing?

Can't tell you now. It's top secret.

Tell him you're having your breakfast and you'll call him back later.

My mom says I got to go now.


I'm having my breakfast. I'll call you back later.

Is he always like that?


Doesn't it drive you crazy?

Nah. He's the only boy in the neighborhood who isn't boring.

Did I teach you that?

Well, what's his father like?

Forget it. He's not your type.

Wait a minute.

How on earth would you know who is or isn't my type?

He's in the Army or something.


Guess you're right.

We are on our own.

(doorbell chimes)

(knock on door)

(knock knock knock)

I'll get it.

(dog barking)

There's gotta be something on this tape.

Probably encoded.

So what do we do?

Have it decoded, take it to the FBI, and we'll be heroes.

How do we do that?

A good spy always knows when to bring in outside expertise.

Morris can do it. He can do anything.

Don't tell him too much.

Just enough to get the job done.

We can trust Morris.

He's my friend.

Friendship is a luxury a spy can't afford.

What do you mean?

Well, ok, if you really think so.


Thank you.


Where's my Twinkies?

Guess what.

What, you made it to the 17th level of Cloak and Dagger?

No, Morris, this is for real.

I got this real important tape I wanted you to see.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, it has some secret code or something in it.

Will you take a look at it?

Morris, are you listening to me?

Yeah, sure. Hey, Davey, I want to have the Twinkies or my money back.

What's this?

You tell me.

Looks like a Cloak and Dagger tape.

Well, it's not. Take a look at it.

What do you mean, it's not?

Who gave it to you?

This guy.

I can't tell you any more than that.


Top secret, huh?

What do you want me to do?

I don't know, Morris.

You're the genius around here.

All right. Let's have a look.

This microchip doesn't belong here.


Take a look.

Whoever put this in really knew what he was doing.

Look at those connections.

It could be used to store information.

Input, output...

What kind of information? Government plans, maybe?

It could be anything really.

Tell you one thing, whoever put this in really went through a lot of trouble.

Think you can break the code?

The key is how to get to it.

I've got an idea.

The guy who gave it to me said something about some numbers.

What numbers?

1 million...


I bet you anything that's the secret code that we're looking for.

Can you think of anything else?


KIM: Davey, are you alone?

That reminds me, Davey, I want to get those walkie-talkies back.

Sure, Morris.

Flack to Lady Ace. Come in, Lady Ace.

KIM: I'm here.

Kim, where are you?

Your house.

Get out of there!

The spies are there!


MAN: Seems we each have something the other wants, don't we, kid?


We might consider a trade. How's that sound?

Just leave her alone. She doesn't know anything.

She does now.

Do you know the Japanese sunken gardens?



We'll meet you there at noon.

If you tell anybody about this, we'll break your little friend in half.

Don't give it to 'em, Davey.

Rule number 2: Never, never play by the enemy's rules.

I have to give them something.

I couldn't take that.

We do it all the time.

It's called, um... commandeering necessary mission equipment.

(door chimes)

Stop right there.

Cut the crap, kid. Give me the tape.

Come any closer and you're gonna be diving for it.

Now, are we gonna make a trade or are we gonna start dropping things?


Why do you want it so bad?

It's just a kid's game.

Well, let's just say I'm a kid at heart.

Why don't you go buy your own?

They don't cost much.

Look, kid, don't outsmart yourself.

I got a couple of friends and we play, too, you know.

If I don't hand that over to them by 5:30, your little friend there is gonna die.

All right, just put it down, and I'll let her go.

You let Kim go first.


Anything you say.

Your turn.

Freeze, turkey!

Take my advice. Don't follow us.

Otherwise, I'll have to use this.

Little punk!



Boy, am I glad to see you!

Come on!

It's the wrong one!

Oh, what's going on?

KIM: Hurry up! Let's get out of here!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks, Davey.

What for?

You saved my life.

What were you doing in my house anyway?

I thought you weren't coming over.

I wasn't, but then I felt bad

'cause I hurt your feelings.

I was just mad

'cause you got me in trouble yesterday, and I thought you were dumb because of all that murder stuff.

I never thought it could be real.

Me, neither.

I'm really sorry, Davey.

That's ok, Kim.

It's gonna be all right.


I'm gonna get the tape now.

We have no further use for the kid, do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

We've got to get out of here.

I'll make 'em follow me.

You get to Morris' as quickly as you can, and tell him what's happened.

But they'll kill you if they catch you.

No, they won't. I'm the only one who knows where the real tape is.

Sir, uh, I got to get off here.

Sorry, junior. We're not allowed to stop along here.

But it's an emergency.

It's only 3 blocks to the bus station and everybody gets off.

But I feel sick...


Yeah, like I'm gonna throw--Ulp!

Run, Davey! Run!


Why is he shooting at me?

He must've found out where the cartridge is.

1 million, 329...

That's it.

(doorbell chimes)

I'll be right there!

COMPUTER: The following material is for A-4 security clearance personnel only.

It is a federal crime to view such material without proper authorization.

MORRIS: Bingo.


I said I'd be right there.


(Mexican music plays)

Looking for something?

Someone's trying to kill me.

Well, uh, why don't you kill them first?

Don't encourage him, Henry.

Your food's getting cold.

Would you please go away?

Listen, I'm trying to contact the FBI.

Would you help me?

Get me a direct line to J. Edgar Hoover.

This is an emergency.

Hoover's dead, Henry.

Oh, my God, they've gotten Hoover!

Now we're all goners!

Sorry, kid. Can't help you.

Stand still, Davey.

They wouldn't dare shoot at you with all these people around here.

In fact, the more people, the better.

Over there.

Thank you. Enjoy your ride.

One child?

Uh...yes, ma'am.

That'll be 50 cents.

Thank you. Enjoy your ride.


One adult, 2 children.

There he is.

Let's get him.

I'll get him.

No, just get in line. Get in line.

Hey, buddy, wait your turn.

I'll go get him out of there.

No, no, just take it easy now.

Not now.

Tickets, please.

Thank you.

Your ticket, son.

Hey, here you go.

Sorry, sir.

All full. You'll have to wait for the next boat.

We want this one.

I'm sorry, I can't take any more passengers.

There'll be another boat in 10 or 15 minutes.

Howard...Howard, my wallet's gone!

Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure!

Don't panic. Don't panic.

We'll go back over every step we've been over and see if we can find it somewhere.

Come on!



Welcome aboard, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Hal.

Now, our tour through the Downtown San Antonio River shall take approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

Now, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to ask me as we go along, please do not hesitate to do so.

I'm gonna get close to the boy.

When I give you the signal, create a diversion.


I don't care how, just as long as people aren't looking at me.

GUIDE: Sir, would you kindly have a seat?

MAN: You're supposed to sit down.

Thank you.

GUIDE: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to call your attention to the building coming up here to the left-hand side which is the Ahmanson River Theatre.

Parties and fiestas are held there almost every day during the summer months...




Look at them.

Sit down.

What's wrong, boy?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you, ma'am.

Try me.

That man over there is trying to kill me.


GUIDE: Sir, uh... please sit down.


Huh? Why?

Because I said so. Now move.

Don't be ridiculous.

Looks like a pervert, if you ask me.

George, we've got to do something about this.


GUIDE: The building here to my right-hand side is the old San Antonio Library which contains the Huntsberg Circus Collection, with 20,000 exhibits depicting American circus life.

The building that you see straight ahead is the Power and Light Building.

Fire! Where?

There! In the engine!


Everybody back to your seats, please, and don't panic!

Go back to your seats, everybody, please.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.


Why don't you guys sit down and quit rocking the boat?

Yeah! Sit down!

It's for your own safety.

Please sit down.

We'll continue the tour.




What happened to you?

Nothing. Where's Morris?

I don't know, but look.

Davey, do you think they...

No. Morris is too smart for them.

We'll find him.

I think he's already dead.

Shut up! You don't know that!

I'm sorry.

What do we do now?

No use calling my dad.

Why don't you call your mom and tell her Rice is going to do something with the tape at 5:30?

Make her call the police.

Even if she doesn't believe you, we need a grown-up.

Ok. What are you going to do?

I'm going to try to find Rice and stop him.


I don't know yet.

Well, you going to stand here all day?

I'm waiting for the light to change. Come on.

They won't hit you if you just keep moving.


Crazy kid!

He said he had to be somewhere at 5:30.

Means he'll probably take his car.

There. "Textronics."


There's no place to hide in there.

Open the trunk.


What's the matter?

Oh. Tough.

(door closes)

It's now or never. Come on.

In there?

Hurry up. Hold it down.

Don't close it shut. Just hold it down.

Oh! Jack?

Agent X, help.

Help me. Get him off me.

Isn't it crowded enough for you in here?



He was my friend.

How could they do that to him?

I guess he just wasn't good enough.

Yeah, but they didn't have to kill him.

When you've been playing this game as long as I have, you get used to this kind of thing.

We've stopped.

Better see where we are.

What happens now?

We just wait a couple minutes.

I'll walk over there and make the drop.

So who gets the game?

I don't know, and I don't want to know.

We just leave the case, we wait a few minutes, take the money.

Only thing I know about these people is one of them's missing a couple fingers from his right hand.

Well, remember the Alamo, boys.

Sure as hell don't tell you much.


It's time to go.

Remember, you can win or lose the game right here.

(football game plays on car radio)

...taxation without representation.

In fact, they were quite angry, but they did not want to fight Santa Ana.

Instead they tried to negotiate, content being citizens of Mexico.

All they wanted was the reinstatement of the constitution and taxes lifted.

In 1835, negotiations broke down, and the Texans began to talk revolution.

General Santa Ana heard this rumor and...

The souvenir shop is right through there.

Thank you.

How much time do we have before that tour bus leaves?

Oh, we've got time.

Let's drop on by the shop.

(narration continues)

Well, look who's here.


Last time I saw you, you were jumping off a boat.

Were you feeling a little seasick?

I'm hiding from that man over there.

Oh, it's somebody new this time.

Now, isn't it about time you told me what this is all about?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Alamo will be closing in 2 minutes.

Our young friend seems to be in some sort of trouble again.

Now, here, just a minute.

What is your name?


Not Davy Crockett by any chance?

I really have to go now.

It's a matter of national security.

Will everyone please exit through the front door?

What do you think?

I think the boy needs our help.

Hey, stop that kid!

He's stealing somebody's bag! Get him!

You got a hell of a nerve, kid, stealing inside the Alamo.

I didn't steal it!

He didn't steal anything, Officer.

He took this.

Well, that's just a simple mistake.

I sent the boy in to pick up my camera case, and he took the wrong one.

Oh. Hey!

This yours?

Well, come and get it.

Why don't you take the boy over to the car while I straighten this out?

But that one has a secret cartridge in it!

Come on.

Don't worry about it.

George will take care of everything.

The car's over here.

Now, don't you fret yourself.

George will take care of everything.

He's very good at that.

He's giving him the camera case!

He is?

Well, if he did, he had a reason for doing it.

Slide over.

That's it.

This what you're so worried about?

No, sir.

It was the case you gave the other man.

That was the one with the plans in it.

What makes you so sure I gave the wrong case back?


Why don't you open it and find out?

You got it!

George always makes things turn out right.

But how'd you do it?

I just gave that man my camera case in its place.

He never noticed the difference.

Now, do you mind telling us what this is all about?

After all, I sacrificed my good camera to save your Cloak and Dagger tape.

It isn't just a Cloak and Dagger tape.

There's an extra microchip in here.

What was that man doing with it at the Alamo?

Said he had to give it to some foreign spy.



Did he say what the spy looked like?

Only that he had 2 fingers missing.

How exciting!

May I see the tape, Davey?


Something wrong, Davey?

It's all right.

Such a clever little boy.

Don't you think so, George?

I wish we could take him to Mexico City with us.

I made an arrangement with Rice.

He's going to take care of him for us on our way to the airport.

I don't like him, and I don't like his methods, and I don't like those 2 thugs of his.

I made it very clear to him that we're very displeased with this whole mess.

He won't dare make another mistake.

Not if he wants to do business with us.

I made that very clear.

What time's our flight?


We better check out. I'm afraid we won't be able to use our dinner reservations.

What a nuisance.

Wake up. Somebody's coming.

Where are we? I can't see a thing.

Right back where you put us.

Hey, pop the trunk, will you?

Better play dead or you will be.

That kid is still out cold.

You want to kill him now or wait till the chloroform wears off?

Wait till we get to the desert.

What's taking Rice so long anyway?

It can't take him 2 hours to divide up the money.

I think we should get extra for killing the kid.

You're right.

Let's go hurry him up.

We'll never get out of here.

Stay cool. I'm thinking.

What are we going to do?


Open the door.

Wait a minute.

What are you doing?

There's a phone here.

Let's get out of here.

I'm calling Kim.

We better get out of here and find some weapons.

(ring) Mom?

No, Kim, it's me.

Have you told your mom yet?

No, she hasn't come home yet.

She left a note, but I can't read her writing.

Listen, you got to get to the airport right away.

The spies have the tape.

They're kind of old. A man and lady.

She only has 3 fingers.

Where are you?

I'm in a car.

Listen, they're catching a plane to Mexico City at midnight.

How am I supposed to get to the airport?

Use your bus pass.


I want you boys to pay attention.

You do what I tell you.

Keep your mouths shut.

There's a lot more where that came from.

What about the girl? You want us to get her, too?

No. I already took care of that.

What's that?

Garage door opener.

What are you going to do, crush her with a garage door?

Not quite.

This is a trigger for a clock.

It'll set off enough plastique to blow up her and half her neighborhood.

You might have told us.

We could have been blown up with her.

That's why I used a timer.

I told that kid, "If you cross me, she's going to die."

So now, in exactly one hour, our little friend's gonna have a very short, very loud nightmare.

That will be midnight.

Yeah. I got to call Kim.

Go get the van.

Let's get these bodies out of my trunk.

Not now you don't.

Haverman's got the key.

I'll pop it open from the glove compartment.

That's all right. I've got mine.

He was in there 5 minutes ago.

Great, Alvarez.

Haverman, the kid's gone.

All right, let's get out of here.


You got to tell me how to drive this thing.

I don't know. This is a real car.


Ok. So much for backing up.

Let's try forward.

Peel out, Davey.

Not bad for a first lesson.

Don't shoot at my car.

What are you, crazy?


Well, that pretty well covers parking.

Give me that. Go get the van.

Let's go.

You're doing just fine, Davey.

Push the pedal to the metal!


Take a right here, Davey.


Good. Excellent.


Left, Davey. The sweeper! The sweeper!

Road hog!


Kim's already left.

She's safe. Come on, let's go.

What if they planted the bomb on her?


Lady Ace. Lady Ace, come in.

Hello, Davey.

Hello. Can you hear me?

Why won't she answer?

She probably dropped her walkie-talkie.


(electronic beeping)

Cheap thing.

We got to save Kim!

Right there! Uh-oh.

First we got to find some hardware and blast these guys.

Come on.

I'm calling Dad.

That guy thinks you're a nutcase.

Come on. Get out of here.

Come on!


He's gone.

No kidding, Alvarez.

Give me the case.

All right, you stay with the van.

We'll go on foot.

He can't have gotten very far.

Come on. Let's go.

This is starting to get good.


Just like Cloak and Dagger.

They're trying to kill us.

They can't kill me. They can't see me.

They can kill me.

Not if you're good enough.

That's what this game is all about, right? Right?

WOMAN: Kelly Field.

Uh, yes. I'd like to speak to Master Sergeant Hal Osborne, please.

It's his son calling.

WOMAN: Just a minute.

Come on. You're wasting valuable combat time.

Yeah, thanks.


Dad, you got to help me.

Davey, why aren't you in bed?

The spies, they planted a bomb in Kim's walkie-talkie, and she doesn't even know it.

Hang up. Let's go.

I told you I didn't want you to get into those games. You understand that?

Dad, this is no game.

Now, I need your help.

Davey, look, I got a rush job here.

I do not have time--

Would you listen to me?

They're trying to take the plans out of the country at midnight.

Just calm down.

I don't want you to get worked up again.

I'll be home just as soon as I can.

What did I tell you? He's useless.

Dad, I'm not home.

Now, please, just listen to me for once.

I promise you I'm telling the truth.

Now, you don't have to worry about me, but get to Kim before the bomb goes off at midnight.

What do you mean you're not home? Where are you?

I don't know. I'm in a telephone booth.

Davey, now listen carefully.

I want you to stay right right where you are and don't get out of that phone booth.


What's with him?

One down and two to go.

Come on. Get the gun.


Davey, come on. Get with it.

If you're going to win this game, you got to take advantage of breaks like this.

Get the gun.

We got to get across town and get a bus to the airport.


Along the river. It's the fastest way.

Play right!


I'm not going to make it in time.

You're going to have to take these guys out.

You know that, don't you?

All right, it's time for the heavy artillery.

Let me have it.

You got it.


Now just wait right here and take them out.

I don't want to kill anybody.

You know the rules.

You're supposed to take out the obstacles before reaching the objective.

Can't just go right for the objective. That's no fun.


We've got 24 minutes before the bomb goes off.

That's why you have to take them out.

Look, how many people have I killed for you over the years?

And now you're saying you don't want to play?

Now, come on, this is Cloak and Dagger for real.

It's what you always wanted.

Yeah, but I don't have a gun or a knife or anything.

The Crossfire Gambit.

Remember the Crossfire Gambit?

Now go back down there and hide.

Wait till the first guy passes you.

Then get Rice's attention and lead his fire.

You understand?

Davey, if you don't save Kim, who's going to?


Good luck.

Hey, Ricey! What's the matter?

Can't shoot straight?

Good work, Davey.

Now pick up the gun.

He's dead.

Never mind that. You're winning.

Pick it up. Come over here.

My dad was right.

I don't want to play anymore.

Davey, don't chicken out now! Come on!

Hurry up.

Good boy.

Now hide behind this tree.

Wait, Davey!

It's a dead end!

Don't come any closer, or I'll shoot.

Sure you will... with red ink.

Only this one shoots real bullets.

I'm warning you.

This is not a water pistol.

Neither is this.

I could turn you into shredded meat in about 3 seconds with this baby if I wanted to.

But you've been a real pain in the neck, so I'm not going to be that nice.

You know what I'm going to do, boy?

I'm going to blow both your kneecaps off.

It won't kill you, but it'll hurt worse than any dying you can imagine.

Then you know what I'm going to do to you, huh?

Shoot him, Davey.

Shoot him.

I'm going to shoot you in the stomach.

Then when you beg for me to finish the job, I won't do it.

I'm just going to watch you die...slowly.


Pull the trigger.

Please stop. I don't want to shoot you.

But I want to shoot you.

Kill him.

The guy's a jerk! Kill him!

All right, I'll show you what a real hero would do.

Watch this.

Just get him to shoot over here, ok?

Agent X will bounce the bullets right back at him.

Come on.

Come on, turkey, shoot. Come on.

Right here. Hit me!

Jack, don't!



Good work, Davey.

You won.

You're not dead!

No, he never touched me.

I guess this thing doesn't stop real bullets.

He could see you.

I doubt if he had the imagination.

Anyway, who cares?

You're a hero.

Hey, Davey.

Look, you killed the bad guys, you won the game.

How do you feel?

That wasn't fair.

You tricked me! You made me kill him.

It was a clear case of self-defense.

Come on. Let's go to the airport.

I don't want to play anymore!

I see.

Why do kids always say that?


Your father said the same thing.

After all those games of Cowboys and Indians... you get tired of make believe, you break your toys.


He did hit you.

I'm ok. Come on. Let's go.

But you're bleeding.

I'm ok. Come on.

Oh! Oh!

I'll tell you what, Davey.

M-maybe you better go to the airport without me.

No, I can't.

No, no, no. Listen, you're a hero now, Davey.

You don't need an old jelly blaster like me anymore.

Don't say that. You'll be fine.

Never did like that rule-- leaving when they stop believing.

Maybe I better go get some help.

No, don't go.

They wouldn't be able to see me anyway.


It was fun while it lasted anyway, wasn't it, pal?

But Jack Flack always escapes.

Want to know something?

You're the best playmate I ever had.

You can't leave, Jack.

I have to, kid.

You're growing up now.


Do me a favor, will you?

Go get me a smoke.

Over there.

Jack, where are you?

Come back. I can't do it on my own.

Yes, you can.

You were always on your own.

Save Kim, Davey.

The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.

There is no parking.

(speaking Spanish)


(knock on door)

Hi. I'm David Osborne's father.

Oh, yes. I know.

Is Kim here?

Isn't she at your house?

No, she's not.

Look, I just got a call from David--

Come here. I want to show you something.

I just got back here. And look at this.

Is this another one of your son's games?

I don't think so.

I need the phone.

What is it?


Operator, let me have the police.

This is an emergency.

My name is Sergeant Osborne.

I'd like to speak to Lieutenant Fleming.

Is it Kim? Is she--

Why is he trying to reach me?

Two men were shooting at a young boy.

I'll have Fleming call--

Wait a minute! I'll hold on.

If you can connect me with the lieutenant, I'll hold on, ok?

Two men are dead down at the river.

They were shooting at a kid Davey's age.

You and me better get to that airport.

Sir, which is the airport bus?

That one over there.

Is this the bus to the airport?


I lost my bus pass.

75 cents.

I don't have it.

Have to get off, then.

Can't let you ride for free.

But you have to!

Listen, I'll pay you when I get to the airport.


Flight 146 to Mexico City is about to board at Gate 15, Concourse "B."


Mister, take me to the airport.

You got any money, son?

Yeah, lots.

10 bucks in advance.

I don't have that much, but I have to get--

Forget it, kid.

Listen, I don't have any money, but I got to get to the airport.

I'll find some way to pay you when we get there.

It's a matter of life and death.

What happened to your leg?


Look, maybe we better get you to a hospital.

That leg doesn't look too good.

I don't have time for that.

If I don't get to the airport, a girl is going to die.

Get in.

I was going home that way anyway.

How long will it take?

This time of night about 10 minutes.

But you have to stop them from getting on the plane.

You see, they have the "C" and "D" tape.


A Cloak and Dagger tape, you know, a game cartridge.

Only it has stolen government plans in it.

What does this couple look like?

I don't know. Kind of old.

The woman only has 2 fingers.

Maybe it was three. I forget.

Will you just stop that plane from boarding before they take off in it?

I think we better talk to the chief.


Can't we go any faster?

I only have a few more minutes.

Yes, sir, boss.

You mind hand-searching that?

I don't want to put it through that electrical doodad.

That's all the description you've got?

I told you we got cut off!

Look, all you got to do is check their fingers. Jeez!

Transcon Flight 146 now boarding at Gate 15.

That's their flight!

All right, let me just get this down here.

But there isn't time!

The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.

There is no parking in the white zone.

Wait here. I'll find some way to pay you.

Forget it, kid.


Southwest Flight 2 arriving from Houston/Austin...

How do I find somebody?

Tell me their name, and I'll have them paged.

Uh, Kim Gardener.

Kim Gardener, please report to the information counter.

Kim Gardener to the information counter.


Did they call my name?

I don't know. I wasn't listening.

What's your mother's name and phone number?

I think they just said Kim Gardener. That's me.

Just a couple more questions, ok?

Have you seen a little girl around 8?

She has blonde hair?

Is she boarding on this flight?

Stop them!

Just a second, there, son.

But they have the cartridge!

I'm sorry, son. You'll just have to go around and wait your turn. Who you with anyway?

Mom, Dad! Please don't leave me!

Are they your folks?

Just a minute, folks.

Would you mind coming back here, please?

Uh, the plane's already boarding.

It'll wait. Let's get this straightened out first.

Transcon Flight 6 from Miami/Atlanta is now arriving at gate 17.

Is this your boy?

Do we look like we could have a boy that age?

You putting me on, son?

No, sir. I can prove they're my folks.


Look inside that bag over there.

You'll find one of my game cartridges--

Cloak and Dagger.

May I see that bag, please?

Officer, this boy is lying.

We've never seen him before in our lives.

I still would like to see that bag.

Will you give it to me, please?

Ok, thank you.

Kim! Davey!

Give me your walkie-talkie.

He grabbed the gun!

Eunice, grab the kid.

Please, stay back.

Stay where you are!

This has a bom--

Here, Lieutenant.

Take a look at this.

What have you got?

Come on.

We'll begin boarding passengers seated in rows 1 through 15.

What's going on here?

Stay back!

Get over there!

Oh, my leg!

Davey! Davey!

Out of the way!

They're wanted by the FBI for selling military secrets, which were smuggled in children's video cartridges.

What about my son?

They've got divers down there now.

Did this belong to him?


Why didn't I believe him?

Lieutenant Fleming?

A hijacking at Gate 15.



I want a Code 3. Code 3.

What happened?

2 people have kidnapped a little boy...



Oh, honey, I was so worried about you.

They've got Davey out there.

What did they say?

If they can't get a pilot to fly 'em to Cuba within 5 minutes, they're going to kill him.

My God.

What are you going to do?

FBI is sending over their resident agent.

How long before he gets here?

It'll be a few minutes. I just talked to them.

A few minutes?

That may be too late. My son's on that airplane.

He says we got 3 minutes.

He's bluffing.

He's bluffing with my son's life.

Let me go out there.

I'm a staff sergeant out at Kelly Field.

I'm licensed to taxi airplanes.

Forget it.

He won't negotiate.

I think he's flipping out.

What do I do?

Tell him a pilot's coming out there.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Listen to me.

They might even buy the uniform, but what happens when they expect you to take that plane in the air?

I'll fake it.

One more minute, and I blow this kid's brains out.

But this thing has--

Shut up! Shut up!

George, remember your blood pressure.

Darn kid's messing everything up.

Calm down.

As long as we've got the boy, they'll have to give us a pilot.

Which one do I pull?



Here comes someone now.


Jack, please come back.

I didn't mean to throw you away.

I need your help.

Who are you?

I'm the pilot. I'm not armed.

Turn around.

Frisk him.

Where's the boy?

He's all right. He's back there.

He's clean.

Close the door.

Get into the cockpit.

No funny business, or I'll blow your head off.

Watch him, George.

(engines starting)

Help me, Jack.

What are you doing?

I have to pressurize the cabin.

Switch over there.

I have to call the tower to get permission to take off.

Is that all right?

San Antonio Tower, this is Flight 146.

San Antonio Tower, this is Flight 146.

Jack, please come back.

I can't do this on my own.

I need your help.


Request permission to taxi to Runway 15 for reroute to Havana.

Jack, please come back. I need your help.

This is captain Jack Flack.

David Osborne, to the cockpit right away.

What's the big idea? You don't have to see the kid.

They told me to make sure the boy was all right before I take off.

Come on.

You're wanted up front.

But the bomb goes off in less than a minute.

Come on, junior.




George! George!

Davey, get up here right away!


No, you don't!

Let me go!



Look, it's moving.




Forget the boy and get back here!

Well, disarm it.

I don't know how.

It's still going. The door!

We got to get you out of here.

It won't open with the cabin pressurized.


Open up!

You'll never fit.

Never mind me.

Dad, I'm not going without you!

Now take my hand. Hold my hand.

No, Dad! I'm not leaving without you!

Let go of my hands!

No! I'm not leaving!

When you hit the ground, run away from the plane!

Dad, come with me!







How'd you escape?

Jack Flack always escapes.

I don't need him anymore.

I've got you, Dad.