Close Range (2015) Script

Thank you.

Same as you, asshole.

What's he saying?

Open it.

I find out that she's hurt, or you even so much as fucking touched her, then I'm gonna make you pay.

Understand? I didn't touch her, Holmes.

I swear. Nobody did.

Hailey. It's your uncle. Colton.

You remember me?

I'm here to get you home, sweetheart. Are you hurt?

No, I'm not hurt.

You sure? Yeah.

Nobody's hurt or touched you in any way?

No. Please, just get me out of here! I told you nobody touched her.

Yeah? And for that, you're gonna get off easy. Be back in a second.

Okay. We're safe now. All right?

I'm gonna need you to keep your eyes closed for me, okay?

There's things out there that you don't need to see.

Okay, now let's go.

Come on. That's it.

Thank you.

Those guys...

why did they take me?

You're gonna have to ask your dad that.


Yeah, step-dad.



Oh, my God!

Are you all right, sweetheart?

I was so worried about you. Did they hurt you?

I'm fine. Okay, okay.

Thank you.

I had nowhere else to turn.

I didn't do it for you, or that asshole husband of yours.

I did it for her. But you still did it. Thank you.

The men who did it to her are gonna have friends. And they'll be coming. So... better go get your stuff together.

You chasing bad guys, Dad?

Trying. Well, I know you're doing your best.

Look, Weston, I gotta go, but I'll see you at the game later tonight, okay?

I love you. I love you too, Dad.

I thought I was the only one dealing with Victor these days.

Victor is dead.

I'm sorry to hear that, Señor Garcia.

He played roulette, a young man's game. The bullet won.

Regardless, it seems that Walt Reynolds may have a house guest.

I would like to speak with him about it.

Yeah. Look, with all due respect, I can't do this anymore.

You're still receiving our payments, yes?

Yeah. Well, with all due respect, sheriff, I am not Santa Claus delivering gifts without expecting anything in return.

You know. I'm listening.

I want you to go to Walt's place.

But I want you to detain him, this guest, if he's there.

With Walt and his daughter. And I'll be down there shortly.

And I will deal with them myself.

Yeah, who is this house guest, anyway?

I'm sending you his picture now.

That's Colt MacReady. He's Walt's wife's brother.

You know this man? Yes, I do.

He was a soldier, but no one's seen him around for a few years. He's been on the run.

Well, this gringo killed some of my men. And my nephew.

I have my own way of delivering justice.

Uncle Colton? Yeah?

I... I have a clean shirt for you.

Thanks. Yeah.

You know, I hardly remember you.

I spent a lot of time overseas.

I remember we went hunting once.

You remember that? Yeah, you shot a deer.

Yeah. That was before your dad died.

That was before a lot of things. Before Walt.

Yeah, well, I didn't exactly have a lot of options.

There's always options.

Goddamn it, Angela!

I told you you shouldn't have called him.

You got any idea the shit storm that's gonna rain down on us now?

I had to do somethin', Walt.

For all I knew you were in hiding and you were never comin' back.

And who could blame you, after you screwed over the people that you did?

What are you talkin' about? I had everything under control.

You can't even control your own five senses.

Get in the car! We're leavin'.

They're not goin' anywhere with you.

Yeah? How many people you ghost trying to get her back here?

They ain't safe here no more. None of us are!

You listen to me.

My sister and her kid are gonna put you and this place in the past.

You are never gonna see 'em again. Understand?


Now look... I already gave them back what they thought I took.

I didn't even think they'd miss it.

I gave it back, they were supposed to give her back.

Yeah, well, they didn't.

This is all your fault. Goddamn son of a bitch.

Angela... listen.

I told you I was gonna get her back. You gotta believe me.

I came back here for you.

For both of you.

So we could all get the hell out of here!

Goodbye, Walt.

We're goin'. Come on, Hailey.

This ain't right. This is our home.

Well, you should have thought about that before shackin' up with that son of a bitch.

How dare you put this on me. Like you didn't know? Don't give me that.

You know.

Maybe not everything. Maybe not the ins and outs, but... you ain't stupid. Yeah.

With me he found a piece of property where he could makes some money running drugs across the border. Yeah.

But without it, we would've lost this place a long time ago.

Our family put their lives into this place.

And you let him run it into the ground. What was I supposed to do?

Jim died and Hailey was left without a father.

God bless him, he was a good man.

But he left me with bills and debts that I couldn't pay.

And where were you? Away doing God knows what!


Ain't no good ever come from me talking to the police, Angie.

Ain't no good gonna come from you talking to these here.

Quick. Hide in there!

Come on! These are cops, not cartel. I'll take care of this.

All right.

If I don't get back to you, you take Hailey and you get the hell out of here.


Is everything gonna be all right?

Son of a bitch.

Morning, Angela. Jasper.

How's it goin' out here?

Walt around?

What the hell is all this about, sheriff? Well, Walt... unfortunately it's about I'm gonna have to put you under arrest.

What? What for?

This is bullshit! I didn't do anything!

Why you stirrin' the pot, Calloway? Me and you are cool.

I'm afraid there's no gettin' around this stirrin'. Ain't my call.

All right. Give me your hand. Let's go.

Look, you'll never see my ass again, all right? Just tell 'em I wasn't here!

Come on.

What exactly brought you and your boys out here? Sheriff?

Damn it, Sheriff! Hey, just listen to me! Get over here, dammit!

Where's Colt, Angela? Where is he?

I haven't seen my brother in years.

Harboring a fugitive is a hefty crime.

What is it you think Colt did, sheriff?

Well, word is Walt here hired him to cut down some people down over in Sonora.

Hey! I had nothin' to do with that! Get him out of here!

That was all her idea! Get him out of here!

They kidnapped my daughter.

Sheriff, they had it comin'.

Wait. Kidnapping?

Is this true? Yeah.

Sheriff, I don't know what the hell's going on here, but if what she says is true, we should be gettin' this girl some help and tryin' to figure this shit out.

Relax. We'll call Dr. Brazus and have her come down here.

Calloway... You're not the sheriff, Wyatt!

Am I clear? Don't ever question my authority!

Since when do we give a shit about what goes on across the line?

Since it trailed its blood back over into Santa Cruz County. That's when.

And your brother killed a couple of cops over there to boot.

Then they were dirty if he did.

Colton may be a lot of things, but he ain't a cop killer.

And you know it. Not for no reason.

Angela... there's warrants out for Colt's arrest.

Have been. You know that.

But just because I know him, doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop doin' my job.

I'm the law down here. Now, where is he?

I told you. I ain't seen him.

He's in the bunkhouse!

Colt, he's in the bunkhouse. He's the one you want. Not me.


You asshole.


I'm gonna figure out what the hell's really goin' on here. Somehow. All right?

Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

Stay back here, keep your heads down. All right?


Colt, it's Jasper Calloway. It's been a while.

Now... we know you're in there.

We just wanna talk.

Come on, Colt.

Come out with your hands up and nobody else has to get hurt, including you!

Colt, this is your final warning. I'm comin' to you as a friend.

All right. Wyatt, Logan... go in there and drag his ass out.

What his sister said was true. He won't try and kill you.

Angela's first husband, he used to be sheriff.

Him and Colt were close. Cop killing ain't his thing.

Not if you ain't done dirt.

Is that why we're here, sheriff?

He's gonna kill you?

Wyatt, why don't you just do your job, and I'll do mine?

Look, please don't hurt him!

He saved my life.

They're the one's who should worry about getting hurt.

I got this. You cover the right.

Come on, let's go in.

Colt! Don't make me shoot!


No! Don't shoot! Get him back... alive.


We're gonna get him!

Where the hell is he? Just keep lookin'.

Over there! Don't lose him.

Now I got ya.

There you are.

What would you have done if somebody'd taken your boy? Jasper?

I would have called the police. Let's go.

Your phone, please.

Can't we at least cut some kind of deal here now, Calloway?

I mean, we technically both been working for the same spics, right?

I already made my deal, Walt.

Calloway, come on, man. I gave you Colt. I just wanna go.

We all make deals.

Well, can you at least tell Señor Garcia when he gets here that I tried to help catch the guy that 86'd his men?

Can you do that? Will you at least do that for me?

Shut up, Walt.

Come in, boys. Did you get him yet?

We're working on it, Calloway. We're on his ass!

What's really happening here, Jasper?

Sometimes we just get in over our heads.

We all have a part to play, Angela.

Whether we like it or not.


I'm gonna shoot his tires! Okay. What the hell are you waitin' for?

The tires, damn it! Not the window!

Where'd the hell he go?

So, does Walt have a house guest?

MacReady took off toward them hills back there.

My deputies are in pursuit as we speak.

This hombre killed some of my best soldiers, sheriff.

A few of your guys might just not cut it.

Señor Garcia, sir, I just want to apologize.

See, I didn't have nothin' to do with any of this.

This's all my wife's doin'. This all just been some big misunderstanding.

Apology accepted, Reynolds... if you could tell me about the drive my nephew Victor wore around his neck.


Okay. You go this way.

I'm gonna go that.

Get out.

I can see why my nephew went so crazy.

Don't you touch her!

Please don't hurt us. Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't make me.

Listen, listen, listen. Let's talk. I'm sorry my nephew has taken you, okay?

I'm sorry.

It's not something I ever would've allowed if I'd ever known.

I put Victor in charge for a reason, though.

He's very smart most of the time.

I trusted him.

I had him keep this chain around his neck.

You're safe now.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

The one with the flash drive?

So you have seen it.

It's... not something that everyone wears.

Where? Do you know where it is?

It's okay.


That's the gringo.


You ever shot anybody before?

Drop it! Drop the gun!


Kill him.

Friends of yours? I don't got no fuckin' friends!

Hey, gringo! We just want the drive!

What the hell's he talkin' about?

What is that?

I don't know.

All right, they got to high ground. We gotta move.

Wait... what about my partner?

Your partner's dead. You stay here, you're gonna be dead, too.

You killed my brother. Yeah?

And I'm gonna kill you, you little bitch. Let's go!


I haven't been able to raise my deputies either.

Yes, Jefe. Let's go.

This man, Colt... you said you knew him.

Yeah. He saved my life once, years ago.

I drove my car into a pond, he saw it, pulled me out.

You ran your car into a pond because you'd been drinking all day.

But you said he was wanted? For what?

He was a soldier. A highly decorated one at that, but... he was a loose cannon. He went crazy in Iraq, put his superior officer in the hospital.

They tried to jail him for it. He's been on the run ever since.

My brother disobeyed an order that would've disgraced him and his uniform.

Something you clearly know nothing about.

He gave them everything. And they just turned their back on him.

He's a gun for hire. Armed robberies, abductions...

Sometimes gets paid to kick people's asses.

He's a low life drifter. Stays off the path, impossible to track, no real possessions, so... nothin' he can't walk away from.

Nothing he can't walk away from?

My brother's comin' back for us.

He's gonna kill all of you.

That's him! That's the gringo.

Kill him.

The girls back at the house... they still alive?

The drive, what's on it?


Everything: Names, bank accounts, stash house locations.

The drive's the only place the information exists.

It's the only way Garcia can find them.

Wyatt, Logan, do you copy?

Wyatt, Logan, come in.

Wyatt, Logan, come in.

Still no word from my men. They're probably out there lying dead somewhere because of all this. Soldiers die, sheriff.

They're not your soldiers. They were cops!

And they were here because of you. What did you think was going to happen?

I didn't have a choice.

But you had to consider the possibility.

Look, I told you, I don't wanna be a part of this anymore.

I've done all I can here, haven't I?

The girls, you've got them. They're not going anywhere.

Surely your "soldiers" can take it from here.

I'd say you earned your salary today, yes.



How's your kid these days?

You don't just walk away from a guy like me, sheriff.

We'll take care of things on our end. You just do your part.

Figure out how to clean up your mess like you always do.


Get up!

Bring her too.

Gringo! Gringo!

I know you're out there!

If you don't come out, I will kill them!

He's gonna kill us anyway! Shut up!

This is your last chance!

If you don't come out, I will kill your niece!

Like you killed my nephew! No!



You want the drive, right? You have it?


Where is it?

They go first!

If you do have it, we could kill you where you stand and then rip it off your corpse!

You're not in a position to negotiate.

If... I have it.

You better be sure first.


The drive.

Get back, get back!

Thanks for coming back. Don't thank me yet.

They killed Walt!

If they hadn't, I would've!

Angie! They're coming around the back. Get upstairs!



We need to try calling someone for help! Who are we gonna call?

The cops already know! We could call State Police!

We can't! Colt has warrants.

Colt is not the bad guy here, Mom! Not today.

911, what's your emergency? We need help!

I need you to send the State Police to 1165 North Angling Road as fast as you can!

Please stay on the line. No, no! Wait, wait, wait...

Sorry, I couldn't make it out to your game today, buddy.

It's okay, Dad. There was...

Don't worry, Dad. I know you're working hard, and I know you're doing it because you love me.

How'd you do? I did really...

Come in, Calloway. ...losing at first, but when I got up...

I'm gonna have to call you back, Weston. Okay?

Okay, Dad. Bye. I love you!

Bye, son.

What do you got, Chelsea? Hey, sheriff. Sorry.

I tried callin' Wyatt and Logan first but couldn't get neither to answer.

Yeah, I sent 'em out on an errand. They're probably out of cell range.

Well, I got a call from the MacReady place out on Angling again.

She's sayin' something about needin' some help.

What else'd she say? Well, that's it.

She sounded pretty rattled though.

Zavala, get the woman.

Yeah, well, you know how they get out there.

Walt's probably been drinkin', that's all.

Hold on, sheriff. Just a minute. I'm hearin' gunshots.

This doesn't sound like a domestic dispute no more.

She said she wants to talk to the Staties, but the Reynolds is your domain.

What do you want me to tell her?


Yeah, tell 'em I'll be right out there.

Ms. Reynolds, stay calm. Help is on the way.

They're coming! Okay. Okay.

Sheriff? The line went dead.




Ramos! Pablo! Come in!

They're comin'!

Stay low!

You got ammo? No.

You're hit. I'm all right. I'm so sorry.

This is all my fault.

I just wanted something better for her. But I could end up getting us all...

No! No. Ain't nobody gettin' killed here today but them.

You understand me? Yeah?

Hey, gringo!

I just want the drive!

Fuck you!

What the hell is on this thing that he wants it so bad?

Records. Bank accounts. I don't know, drug dealer shit.

The roof. Go. Get out of here. Just go. What about you?

Don't you worry about me. I'll keep 'em occupied.

No, I already called the State Police! They're on their way right now.

It'll already be too late. Just get out of here. Go!

Get out of here! Now!

Go. Just go. Go!

Just go, Angie. Go.


Go! Go!

Goddamn. Walt said he fixed it last week.

Come on.

Hold it!

Drop the gun. Drop it!

Out. Out!

I only need one of you.

You never should have threatened my son.

Where's the drive?


Cuff yourselves.

Go on.


Your choice.

I love you, Dad.

Maybe you can do somethin' with this.

State Police. About time.

Ain't no good ever come from me talkin' to the police, Ang.

Then ain't no good gonna come from you talking to these here.

Hey, Colt...

Don't be such a stranger anymore.

You two take care.