Cloud 9 (2014) Script




What do you guys think?

These fade out skirts are to die for.

I need a serious second wind before I compete today.


Hey, what's that?

"To Kayla, good luck today, love, Dad."


I have had my eye on this dress for weeks.

-Your dad's the best. -I know.

-How do I look? -You look amazing.

Nick is going to pass out when he sees you in that.


What up, Summit Valley? It's time to ride!

Next up, representing Swift Snowboards, is Nick Swift!

This year, Sebastian Swift is relying on his son, Nick, to bring home the gold at Fire and Ice.

Coming in for his first hit, a big frontside 9.

A backside melon with some style!

A huge backside 9, and look at that amplitude!

And a clean landing!

Fantastic ride by Nick Swift!


And the judges reward him.

And the boys' winner of this month's Snowboard Challenge is once again Nick Swift!


All right, next up, Team Swift's reigning champion in girls' half-pipe, and repeat champion for, oh, about six months now, but who's counting, our very own Kayla Morgan!


Patrick, where's my daughter?

Uh, has anybody seen Kayla? Anybody at all?

There she is!




Now, this is what I call fashionably late.

And Kayla Morgan down into the pipe for her run.

Frontside air, with a little bit of air.

Another frontside, with, I guess some style.

And she holds on for the landing.

All right.

Now, let's see what the judges have to say.


And the girls' winner once again, folks, -give it up for Kayla Morgan! -All right!

With wins today from both Nick Swift and Kayla Morgan, Team Swift is poised to be the team to beat at this year's Fire and Ice.


-That's my girl. -Hi, Daddy.

Another victory.

You make it look so easy.

Hey, Mr. Morgan. Yo.

Hey, Nick.

You looked great out there.

-You think so? -I know so.

-Well, just wait till you see me tonight. -Oh, really?

I'm getting some serious Dad eye right now.

Well, it's not you.

You're the best boyfriend ever.

No, he's just really overprotective. He doesn't want me to get hurt.

Well, that's too bad.

'Cause it's really gonna hurt when I beat you to the lodge.

Oh, yeah! Good luck with that!

Comin' through!


You're good, you're doing good, and you're good, and you're good.


Oh, no.


He play roadkill on you?


-Oh! Does he always do that? -Only when he's bored.

-That pooch has personality. -Almost gave me a heart attack.

-You goin' somewhere, Mom? -Uh, yeah, hon.

I had to pick up a shift at the cantina. I'm sorry.

I thought the whole point of quitting your other job was to start a business.

Yeah, well, now I need to pay for it.

Things will pick up here soon, I promise.

And you remembered to use the anti-frizz conditioner on Chimchim, right?

Dog pound gangsta. We're out of anti-frizz.

-Yeah, yeah. -I'm sorry.

Oh, what happened here?

-(SIGHS) Mom. -What? That's my boy.

I miss that smile.

It's the same smile. See?

Please put that away. That's behind me.


Never say never.


Come on, buddy. Let's get some fresh air.

BOTH: Whoo!


You can't catch me!


Whoo! (LAUGHS)



-I'm gonna win! -Hey!

I win.

(LAUGHS) Nice.


You got the top down, sun in your face, wind in your hair.

Who could be depressed on a day like this?

Will Cloud. Now, that is sad.

He got hurt, Nick. It's not his fault.

But still, I mean, the guy was a legend in the making.

Now he just drags tourist dogs around all day?

I gotta look away.

-That's better. -You are so cute.



Oh, hey, let me help you.

-Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks. -Of course. Go jump in there.

Okay, smile.


It's great!

Yeah, this sign is the pride and joy of Summit Valley Resort.

Word is, this sign was crafted from an old oak tree felled by beavers at the turn of the century, carved by artisans and maintained by a very devoted team of...

Yep, it's a really old sign.

-Comin' in! -Yeah! All right, Dink!

-What's goin' on, dude. -How ya doin'.

Hey, Donald, say hello to Sam and Dink.


-(LAUGHING) -Hey, Donald.

Barometric pressure's dropping steadily, temperature's holding at 32.2 degrees.

It's a great day to get back on the slopes, man.

Dude, check the pressure in your head.

Weather's fine.

Look, Will's not gonna go back out there just because we're due for several inches of the most pristine powder of the season.

Is that your attempt at reverse psychology?

-Yes. -Did it work?






-Seriously? -Relax, Cloud.

It's just a little bit of snow.

If you don't like it, maybe you and your little girlfriend there

-should go to the doggy park. -He's a male.

Ho ho!

And the mountain air is good for his joints.



Just think of how good it would feel to burn these guys on the pipe.

They'd stop laughing real quick.

I'm not competing this season, guys.

Come on, man. Just give it a try.

Okay. Well, look, there's always a place for you on the team, all right, if you change your mind, you know that.


Let's ride.


Um, I'm not the valet.

-It's a little unfair, don't you think? -What?

Best female boarder around, prettiest girl on the carpet, and your dad throws a killer party?

My dad owning a resort does have its perks.

-NICK: Hey, Dad. -Hey.

Hey, Coach. Wasn't Nick great today?


Not great enough.

I think my lift's getting a lot stronger.

-Hello? It definitely is. -Really?

I heard the air he caught on his lift had to be a new personal best.

Wow. I just don't know if your personal best is gonna be enough to win at Fire and Ice.

Gotta be the best. Period.

Yes, sir.

Don't listen to him.

We were great today, and we have the trophies to prove it.


Hey, everybody. I'm Sebastian Swift.

How you doin'?

Welcome, welcome, to the Summit Valley Fire and Ice kick-off party brought to you by Swift Gear. Let me hear it!

ALL: Ride Swift! Or ride slow!


We're not here for me, we're not here for me.

We are here to celebrate our future stars. You ready?

Two-time local champion, my son, Nick Swift!




Next up, the man who slices through air, Mike Lamb, otherwise known as The Wizard!

-Whoo! -(ALL CHEER)

Boomtown, we're bangin', yo! Whoo!

Next, the human cannonball, Burke Brighton!


And last, but most certainly not least, our number one glamour girl, Kayla Morgan.



As many of you know, Kayla's dad owns this beautiful resort, so Richard, where are you, my friend? Richard? There he is.

Richard Morgan and his lovely wife, Madeline.

Now, as you guys know, the Fire and Ice event is coming up real soon, but what you might not know is that this year Team Swift will be taking home the gold on national television!

-(ALL CHEER) -That's right!

With that, I'll let you guys get back to your party.

D.J., hit me. Thank you, everybody!




It's not as fun as it looks.

That's one part of the game I don't miss.

Dad, it's a party. Can we talk about this later?

Look, Nick, I'm not trying to be a bad guy here, come on.

You know what? You gotta start thinking like a winner.

Okay? You gotta be willing to do whatever it takes.

All right? Come on, you know I'm right.

-Hey. You okay? -Yeah.

-Why do you ask? -You just seem upset.

-Everything's cool. -Okay.

-You know my dad, he's just intense. -Yeah, yeah.

For a minute, I thought it might be me.


This is our jam.


KAYLA: I'm so stoked.

I mean, Team Swift on national TV.

Do you have any idea what this kind of exposure is gonna mean for us?

I think I'm gonna step up my game.

-You know, bust out some new moves. -Like what?

Like the Cloud 9.

You know, the move doggy day care tried when he broke his leg?


But nobody's ever successfully pulled that move off.

I mean, isn't Will Cloud the only one who even knows how to do it?

I can figure it out.

I'll just watch his wipeout on YouTube till I get the moves down.

Oh, yeah? You want a sno-cone for dessert?

You better run!

Hold still!


Try this!

Dudes, check this out.

Come on!

-Come on, get on. -Whoo! All right!

Now sled me like a Shih Tzu!

-Here we go! -Get off.


Because it looks like fun, and you're not going first.

Kayla, your chariot awaits.

-That sled looks nasty. -Come on, it'll be fun.

Don't let a few clumps of wet dog hair ruin the moment.

Come on.

Don't you trust me?


-(LAUGHTER) -Whoo-hoo-hoo!

This is gonna be epic.

-You ready? -Yeah, I guess.

(LAUGHS) Whoo-hoo!


NICK: Hold on tight!


This is awesome!

This is kinda hard to steer.

Nick, slow down!


-I can't control it! -What?

I'm sorry, Kayla!




Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no!


Hey, you.

-Come on! -Go! Go!

Sir, this was an accident, I swear! We were just goofing around!

-What do you mean "we"? -Guys?





Hot Doggers.

Yep, this is Will.

My sled is what?

RICHARD: Once again, our sincerest apologies, and I truly appreciate you keeping this between us.

BENNY: Mr. Morgan, I'll do whatever you want, since you own the resort.

I'll just say I ran into the sign with my snowplow or something.


-I'm sorry. -Don't apologize to me.

Apologize to Will. You broke his sled.

Will, I'm really sorry.

That was totally not cool of me, and I hope that you can forgive me.


Now, I'll fix the sign, but you're gonna have to pay for Will's sled yourself.

Will's mom is our newest tenant here at the resort, and I betcha she could use an extra hand.

-What do you mean? -What he means is, you're gonna work at the dog kennel every day after school.

-What? -Huh?

-Dad, I don't have time for that! -Then you better make time, Kayla.

That is unless you want to tell me who else was involved.

-No? -No.

How's 3:00 p.m. on Monday? Great. It's settled.

Well, see ya at 3:00.

Sorry to interfere with your busy schedule of shopping and spending Daddy's money.

(SCOFFS) You don't even know me.

Oh, really?

So tell me, what are you good at? Besides accessorizing.


First of all, accessorizing isn't just a skill, it's an art.

And second of all, I think everyone knows that I shred major powder.

That's overstating it a bit.

Excuse me?

I've seen you ride. You're decent, but sloppy.

You don't finish your moves, and your transitions are weak.

Then how did I make the Swift team?


Your daddy owns the resort.

That has nothing to do with it!

Yeah, walk away, doggy day care!

Why don't you go find some poop that needs scooping?


Kayla. Hey.

-Oh. -Ow.

Are you okay?

What do you think? You abandoned me.

We panicked and ran.

I thought you were right behind us, but when we turned back, you weren't there.

Well, I totally got busted because of you guys.

And now I'm literally in the dog house.

I have to work at the kennel.

It's so unfair that you went down for this.

I was just telling the guys, if I could trade places with you, I would in a heartbeat.

I have to go.

I'll call you.


VOICEMAIL: Hey, it's Nick. I'm chillaxin'.

Leave it at the beep.


Hey, Nick, it's me.

Just, uh, give me a call when you get the chance, okay?


Here is Buford's medication, along with a schedule.

Of course, Mr. Roarke.

We will take great care of Buford, and the schedule.

Very well.

-Be brave. -(DOG WHIMPERS)

First day and you're late.

Not as late as that flannel shirt.

Hello? Are we in Seattle?

I think you're gonna find when you bathe a 50-pound Bloodhound, it's not the time for a fashion statement.

All right, boys, this was not my idea, but let's make the best of the situation.


Ah! What are you doing?

Letting the dogs out so they can meet you.

You don't want 'em to see you as a threat and attack.

Yeah. Gotta say, not really sensing the threat of impending doom here.

They're depressed.

You would be, too, if you were cooped up all day.

If it wasn't for my sled rides, they'd hardly ever get out.

Please. If anyone should be depressed here, it's me.


First order of business, fill the food bowls.

-I can't. -Come on, Buford.

Will! I'm allergic to dogs!




VOICEMAIL: Kayla, it's Sebastian. I heard about your escapade last night.

The Swift Snowboarding Team code of conduct you signed when you joined the team gives me the responsibility to remove any athlete under my charge for conduct unbecoming the team.

Therefore, your blatant disregard of the rules forces my hand.

I'm afraid as of now, you are no longer affiliated with Swift Snowboarding.

You can turn your Swift Gear in to the equipment manager.

I'm sorry about this, Kayla, but you leave me no choice.



Angry lady missile, three o'clock.

I'm off the team.

Your dad kicked me off the team because of the accident.

Nick, you have to talk to him.

Kay, it was either you or us. What was I supposed to do?

Wait. You knew?

You knew he was gonna do this to me and you didn't say anything?

Kayla, we didn't have a choice!

Do you really want me to come forward and get us all kicked off the team?

No, but if your dad knew that we were all to blame, then maybe he'd ease up on the punishment.

We can't take that chance.

The competition is right around the corner.

Yeah, and the team is gonna suffer without me!

No, we won't, actually.

Wow. Look at the time. (CHUCKLES)

You can't win this competition.


I am the best girl shredder in Summit Valley, Nick.

I've been winning the challenge here all season.

Kayla, my dad made sure that only girls you could beat

-went against you in the challenge. -Who told you that?

Everyone knows that. Your dad wants you to win.

My dad wants to keep your dad happy since he's bankrolling the team.

Kayla, you're all worked up. Now, just calm down.

Calm down?

I thought I was good, and now I might actually be bad.

You're not bad.

You're just not great.

And you knew that?

And that Sebastian rigged all the competitions for me to win?

Yeah... No.

Well, uh, I suspected.


What's it matter about winning or losing?

You're out there having fun. Isn't that what counts?

This? This is not fun, Dad.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of fun.

No wonder everybody thinks I'm just Daddy's little rich girl.

Kayla, people are always gonna be jealous of you, but you feel no shame because of my success in business.

Oh, I don't, Dad.

I feel shame because I was acting like someone that I'm not.

And if I knew that I wasn't any good, I would have worked harder.

Because I know that I could be great.

I'm a fake, and everyone knows.

Including you.

Oh, honey, I...

I was just trying to protect you.

I love you.

You know that.


Whatever I do, I ain't gonna let nothing break me down


It's all good with me Yeah, yeah I do, I realize I can make the world I see


Exactly how I want it to be Oh, oh Yeah, yeah What's up, dude?

I didn't know you had a twin brother.

He's been seeing double ever since he tried a cab 7 melon grab on the half-pipe.



Didn't exactly stick it.

Hey! You got a new assistant, Will?

Yeah, something like that.

Look, I thought I could nail it.

All right, I've been practicing, and last night I saw an owl.

What does that have to do with anything?

It's a good omen, Dink.

And he thinks my weather forecasts are crazy.

You want to know what I think?

I think you released the board before the descent.

You gotta keep your knees bent while staying in position.

You been doing those stretches I showed you?

SAM: Yes! Yeah. Okay, look, my head is pounding.

And I'm starving.

Those are doggy treats.

I think we need some pizza therapy.

Wait. Will. Where are you going?

-To get pizza. I'm hungry. -What?

Here. Secure Donald in his cage, and then there's a list of everything you need to do on the counter.


VOICEMAIL: Hey, it's Nick. I'm chillaxin'. Leave it at the beep.

-(BEEP) -Hey, Nick.

It's me. Again.

Just, uh, give me a call when you get the chance.

Okay, bye.

Okay, come on.

"Secure Donald in his kennel."

There you go, Donald.


I hope we're not going to have a problem here, Donald.


"Give Buford a bath."

Who is Buford?

-Buford. -(WHINING)

Okay. Come on, boy. Let's go. Bath time.


Don't just lie there. Get up!


Okay, clearly, I do not speak dog.

See, Buford?

Life is never so bad that you can't wash your hair.

But believe me, this is a new low for me, too.


-Donald! -(BARKING)

-(BARKING) -Ohh!

Donald! Uhh!


Get back here right now!







-(DOGS BARKING) -Come back! You!

Slow down! Do not make me get angry!

I feel that we are not understanding each other!




-Hey, are you okay? -Yeah. I'm great. (CHUCKLES)

I, um... I've been calling you.

-Have you not gotten my messages? -Oh, yeah.

I dropped my phone in a puddle, so it's probably dead, you know?


Sounds alive to me.

-Uh, Kayla, I need to talk to you. -Oh, me, too.

-I really want to thank you, Nick. -For what?

For telling me the truth about my dad and the challenges and...

Nick, I'm just so grateful that through everything, that I still have you.

You... You kind of smell like dog.

I know.

Look, Kayla, I don't know how to tell you this...

You don't have to say anything.

So I'm not on the team.

Just gives me more time to cheer for my superstar boyfriend.

Yeah, that's not gonna work for me.

Why not? I'm a great cheerer.

No, no. The part about me being your boyfriend.

You see, I gotta focus on my training right now, and I can't have any distractions.

So I'm a distraction?

I'm sorry, Kayla.

I wish things were different, but if you want me to win, I gotta have my space.

-What happened? -Ask Donald.

That dog is mean and cruel and no friend of mine.


Today has been the worst day of my life.

I got kicked off Team Swift, Nick broke up with me, I chased these dogs halfway up a mountain, and then I ruined my super-cute boots!

-Gosh, that's terrible. I'm sorry, honey. -Thanks.

I'm fired, though, right?

No! This was not your fault.

You should have been trained before you were left on your own.

-Oh. So this is my fault? -No. Will, I don't blame you at all.

I accept full responsibility, and I understand completely that you need to fire me.

Let's get you something warm to drink and get you dried off, and you can take the rest of the day off, okay?

-So you're not gonna fire me? -No.

Oh, man!


Kayla? Step away from the light.

It's like snow.

Like the finest, fluffiest powder on a winter's day.

One day it's there, and then, poof!

My whole life just melted.

Can I just start by saying Nick Swift doesn't deserve you, and he's a complete idiot for not seeing what an amazing catch you are.

And I never liked him.


-She never liked him, either. -Thanks, guys.

But honestly, I did.

I liked Nick.

And I liked competing, and being on the Swift team.

And now, that's just gone!

Remember when I failed my driver's ed test three times?

And I had to take the bus to the dance recital?

And then I met that cute guy who ended up taking me to Homecoming?

-Yeah. -This is like that.

Maybe something really great is gonna come out of all this.

I don't know, Pia.

You got cute bus guy, and I got a kennel full of smelly dogs.

Well, to be fair, Will Cloud isn't uncute.


What's "Epic Fail"?

It's what they call Will's crash on the Internet.

His video won some award for most epic fail of the year.

There's an award for that?


KAYLA: Oh. I never could bring myself to watch this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Welcome back to the Fire and Ice finals championship, and there he is, Will Cloud, ready for his final run.

ANNOUNCER 2: This kid is really on top of his game, and you just have to love his winning attitude.

I can't believe that's Will.

ANNOUNCER 1: All he has to do is complete this final run and he beats Team Swift for the Fire and Ice championship.

ANNOUNCER 2: And I hear he's got something special for us, a move he's invented called the Cloud 9.

Beautiful front 7.

Into a cab 7.

Huge air, sticks the landing.

Here comes the Cloud 9.

Oh, he's off line!

I don't think he's gonna make it!



Butterflies, sunshine Feelin' like the world is mine Nothing ever could bring me down





Oh, no.

(SOBS) On top of everything, I'm a dog killer!

Come on, boy. Come here.


-Wait. He was faking? -Yeah. We call him "Donald Roadkill."

He's got a sick sense of humor.

That's a relief.

I don't know what I would do with myself if anything happened to you, Donald.

Wow! Somebody's taken a liking to you, boy.


Did it ever occur to you that the dogs might be less depressed if this place was, like, less depressing?

What do you mean?

You seriously haven't noticed it's a little blah in here?

We don't really have the money to make it less blah.

It doesn't take a lot of money to have a whole lot of style.

I found this pair of vintage tortoise shell sunglasses in a thrift store last week for 15 bucks.

I mean, they can retail upwards of 500.

Sorry, I think I actually fell asleep in the middle of your story.

Ha ha.

I'm just saying you guys would probably have a whole lot more customers if this place were a little classier.

Appearances aren't everything.

Says the boy covered in dog hair.

Hasn't this been your whole problem?

That you've been appearing to win all these trophies without actually deserving them?

What's under the surface is more important.

I take substance over style any day.

Okay. So let's make a deal.

I'll help you make this place look better on the outside if you help me show people that there's more to me than what they see on the surface.

And how would I do that?

Train me to compete in Fire and Ice.


You're joking, right?

Will, it's all about potential.

I mean, I know that I'm not the champion snowboarder that I thought I was, but with some coaching and some really hard work, I think I can win a medal that I actually deserve.

And I know this place may look really shabby now, but I think I can turn it into something really special.

-We both win. -I'm not a coach.

Oh, come on!

I heard you with your friends. You know your stuff.

The last time I rode, I tore a tendon in my knee, shattered my ankle and collapsed my lung.

I almost died.

Yeah, but you're all better now, right?

This conversation's over.

I saw your video.

To be as good as you were, you have to really love it.

And if you love it that much, you can't just walk away.

Well, I did. Come on, boys.


So because one thing happened one time, you're gonna lock yourself up in your house for the rest of your life?

I mean, honestly, Will, what are you so afraid of?

I mean, you know that fall you had was a total freak accident, right?

Oh, so I'm a freak now?

I'm just saying that if you were to get back out there, the chances of something like that happening again are super-low.

Look, even if I agree to train you, you don't have a team.

Well, what about them?

DINK: Check this out! WILL: Sam and Dink?


They're your old teammates, right? It's perfect!

Obviously we'd need to have a serious discussion about team uniforms, but I have some ideas.

I can't imagine you being serious enough to compete.

You spend more time styling outfits than working on board technique.

That is not fair, because styling comes naturally to me.

And I can change.

So bring on the board technique.

I don't know, Kayla.

Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

What's up, bra?


BOY: Go, Skye! Whoo!

Whoo! Yeah, Skye!

Go, Team Swift!



Looks like they didn't waste much time replacing me.

That was a killer run, Skye.

-You saw that? Thanks. -Oh, yeah.

-Wait a minute. Is that... -Skye Sailor.

But she's with Pro Ice in Aspen.

I've heard she's never lost.

You know, the Swifts didn't just kick me from their team.

They also beat you, and you haven't competed since.

They don't think either of us is a threat.

Wouldn't it be great to prove them wrong?

What is she talking about?

Kayla's gonna join your team, and I'm gonna coach you.


DINK: Yeah!

Yeah! Wait, wait. You mean you're gonna coach her.

Right? Because, I mean, we all know that I don't need coaching.

You know? 'Cause I'm the best ever.



PIA: Let me make sure I have this right.

You and Will Cloud are forming your own team to compete at Fire and Ice?

Me, Will, and these two.

Well, hello, ladies.

Ahem. Low pressure system movin' in this afternoon.

What are you, a weather man?

I dabble. But if you're interested, I could show you some of the finer points of snow formation.

No, thanks.

Just think about it.

I know. I know. You did your thing.

NICK: Yeah, cool, man.

Catch you later, man.

Be strong.


-Oh, no, he didn't. -Did he just silent what-up me?


Is that the girl you were talking about?

Skye Sailor.

She just moved here from Aspen.

Like Fire and Ice wasn't gonna be hard enough already, now I have to compete with her.


You're right, Linds.

She obviously doesn't know that double studs are over.

There is no emoticon to express the tragedy of her fashion choices.

I pity her.

Here comes trouble

Good form.

Here comes trouble Good amplitude.

Crisp holds.

Here comes trouble


She's good.

Here comes trouble Yeah, I know.

Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome.

As exhausting as it is being a celebrity, fans like you make it all worthwhile.

-(APPLAUSE) -Whoo.

-Hi. I'm Skye. -So I've heard.

-Oh. Would you like an autograph? -No. I'm fine, thanks.

Come on, don't be silly. Anything for my fans.

Who should I make it out to?

Kayla. As in Kayla Morgan. Maybe you've heard of me.

Of course I have.


"To Kayla.

"Everybody's favorite Daddy's girl."

Actually, why don't you make it out to "Kayla, future winner of Fire and Ice"?


And how are you gonna do that now that the competition isn't rigged?

I don't know. How are you gonna deal with those split ends that I could see from all the way across the mountain?

It's a good thing Nick's dad replaced you with me.

Now Team Swift has a chance of winning.

-We'll see about that. -Mmm-hmm.

-Split ends? -She started it.

You want to show Skye Sailor what you're made of?

Stop trading insults back and forth and beat her at her own game.

Over there.

You're right.

Waking up Ready for some action Strappin' in Ready for the ride Concentrate and land it.

Going big Now that I can take it All the way to Cloud 9 Bend your knees!

Droppin' in Wanna feel the rush now Sun is out The wind is in my hair Watch your edge!

Nothing else could be quite as awesome As when I'm soaring through the air

This is your idea of working?

Yes, actually.

Donald here was in desperate need of a mani-pedi.

-A what? -Trust me.

Depression is no excuse for cuticles like his.

Okay, boy. Go take those babies for a test drive.



Everybody feels better when they've had a makeover.

Which reminds me, I have a project to attend to.

So here we go And we ain't gonna take it slow We're ready now to touch the sky This must be how it feels to fly I'm on Cloud 9 I'm on Cloud 9 This must be how it feels to fly I'm on Cloud 9

-Tell me this gets easier. -It does.

After about 50 more times.

Nice grab.


Don't give up Keep on takin' chances Wow.

Put in time till you get it right Winding up, swinging for the fences


Won't go down without a fight Dudes.

Goin' hard, pushin' to the limit To the edge, go to the extreme There's no doubt that I'm gonna win it Never givin' up the dream So here we go And we ain't gonna take it slow We're ready now to touch the sky This must be how it feels to fly I'm on Cloud 9 I'm on Cloud 9 This must be how it feels to fly I'm on Cloud 9 I'm on Cloud 9 I'm on Cloud 9 This must be how it feels to fly I'm on Cloud 9


You guys, I'm blown away!

-You like it? -I love it.

And clearly, so do the dogs.

This must have cost a fortune.

WILL: Not for Kayla.

She's a bargain-hunting machine.

Well, you two make a great team.

-Hey, have you seen the dog brushes? -Yes. I washed them.

Rufus did a number on the large ones.

-I thought you were allergic to dog hair. -I'm just allergic to bad hair in general.

And right now, Rufus is one up on you.

You kiddin' me? I like my look.

Yeah? And what look is that?

-Shaggy dog? -You love it.

Okay. You just keep tellin' yourself that.

Hey, why don't you two call it a day?

-You sure? -Yeah.

I can close up here. Go have fun.

All right. I'll be right back.

-Thank you, Kayla. -Of course.

No. I mean, thank you for Will.

I haven't seen him this happy since back when he was competing.

After his accident, I didn't know if he'd ever be the same again, but he's got his old smile back.

Thank you.


Check this place out.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes that mountain looks really...

-Scary? -Yeah.

Tyson's Peak is scary.

Ice, wind, jagged rocks, 75-foot drop off the vertical face.

It's intense.

Some people want to snowboard down it, but you can't get up there without a helicopter.


Well, has anyone ever tried?

Yeah. Tyson.

They never found his body.


No, but seriously, snowboarding down Tyson's Peak is...

It's impossible.

Nothing's impossible.

So tell me honestly, what do you think our chances are at Fire and Ice?

I'll admit, at first it was shaky, but you guys are starting to look like a real threat out there.

Because I've been thinking about something that could make our team an even bigger threat.

Oh, yeah? What's that?



I think you should compete with us.

That wasn't a part of our deal.

I know, but Will, I've seen you out in the snow.

You look like you belong there.

I've never seen anyone who loves it like you do.

You need to get back out there.

-I don't think so, Kayla. -Come on.

I mean, you heard your mom, we make a great team!

So let's make it official and let's take down the Swifts together.

Just promise me that you're gonna think about it, okay?

-Okay. Good night. -Night.


MADELINE: I spoke with Will Cloud's mom last night.

She said Kayla's doing great at the dog spa, and I guess Will is coaching their team.

RICHARD: Yeah, I heard that she's working really hard.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Well, I hate to see her try so hard only to fail.

Isn't there any chance she might win?

Against the Swift team?

Honey, that's impossible.

Nothing's impossible.

I want you to teach me the Cloud 9.

And I want world peace. Can you get me a leash?

You said it yourself, Will. I've made real progress.

You have.

Okay. So then what's the problem?

I mean, you're my coach, right? Coach me.

It's not that simple.

You don't believe in me.

You're just like my dad.

After all this, you still think I'm all style and no substance.

You've got it all wrong.

It's not about whether I believe in you, it's about whether you believe in yourself!

What do you mean?

Up on that mountain, when it's just you and your board, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

You cannot be afraid, not even for a second.

It takes no fear.

And you're just not there yet.

Do you think that's what happened to you?

You wiped out because you were afraid?

Will, I watched your video.

I saw you out on the half-pipe with that big smile on your face.

I mean, you belong there.

I mean, the Cloud 9 could be a second chance for both of us.

You're still not ready.

I have done everything that you've shown me!

It's too dangerous!

For me or for you?


-Hi, Marshall. -Kayla. Hey, what's up?

I'm here for my ride.

Today. In that.


I think there must be a mistake. I'm booked out all afternoon.

Oh, but my dad said he called you weeks ago to schedule this.

I'm gonna have to give him a call.

He's gonna be pretty upset that I interrupted his meeting.

Wait a minute. Wait. Um...

Not a problem. Plenty of room.

Plenty of room.

Plenty of room.


Be careful.

Circle around. We gotta get this.


Nothing's impossible.

No doubt.

No fear.

CAMERAMAN: Base, I've got this teenage girl, Kayla Morgan, gonna board down Tyson's Peak.

You gotta take me live.

BASE: Copy that.

Okay, time to go live.

-It's Kayla! -(ALL MURMURING)

Yo. Ha! Check it out!











-It's crazy! -Come on, Kayla!

Oh, no.


Come on, Donald, we don't have much time.

-She can't breathe under the snow. -(BARKING)

CAMERAMAN: Get search and rescue.


MAN 1: Did you see that? MAN 2: Somebody help her!

-Go find her, boy. -(DONALD BARKING)

Kayla! Kayla, where are you?



Kayla. Kayla, come on.

Come on, Kayla.




Kayla! Kayla, hey, can you hear me?

Oh, come on, say something.

Nothing is impossible.

You risked your life just to prove a point?

-(LAUGHING) -Dumb.


CAMERAMAN: She's all right.



I still can't believe you jumped Tyson's Peak.

It's the only thing I thought would impress you enough.

Impress me for what?

For what else? Cloud 9.


It took me months to learn the Cloud 9.

But that's because you were creating it and figuring it out, Will.

I mean, now it's all about guidance and technique, right?

I just want to be great, Will.

You were great.

I just want the same chance that you had to do something incredible.

The Cloud 9 is a triple cork McTwist 1440 with a couple of grab modifications for stability.

That's three rotations.

That sounds impossible.

I did it in a practice run.

So teach me.

Brought you guys some towels.

-I should go. -Yeah, it's getting really late.

SAM: Yeah, if you were a few inches taller, you could dunk.

Man, I'll be in there.

-You can try. -You know it.

Uh, what's goin' on?

Will's agreed to join our team.

-Bro! -Yes!

But we don't just accept anyone.

So, let's see what you got.

And hey, no fear.

Ohh Party the night away Whoo!

-Go, Will! -Yeah!

You see this?

'Cause it's never too late Never too late Never too late ALL: Whoo!

SAM: Yeah! All right, Will!

KAYLA: Go, Will!

Let me hear you say Ohh


'Cause it's never too late Uh-oh.

Never too late Never too late


-Will? -Oh!

-Will! -Come on.

Once an epic failure, always an epic failure.

Come on, guys.

Will! Will! Will.

Somebody go get some help!


-I gotcha. -Were you playing roadkill on us?

Yeah. But I'm okay.

I'm a little sore, but I'm okay.

Don't ever scare me like that again.


I need you.

I need somebody to teach me the Cloud 9.

-What? -What?

Will says that I'm getting a whole lot stronger.

And he says that if I stay really focused, I can even compete with...


Glad to see you're enjoying your "space."

Look, Kayla. Nothing personal, we just weren't a good match.

Yeah. Winners should be with winners.

Sorry things didn't work out with us.

No hard feelings, okay?

-Hey. -Hi.

Uh, so do you think that my hands are small?

They look fairly regular-sized to me.

Um, why don't you hold it a bit more normal?

-Is this better? -Yeah. Much.


See ya after school?

Yeah. Same time, same channel.

KAYLA: So, what makes her so special?

-Who? -Skye!

I mean, sure, she's a great athlete, and she's traveled, and she's totally hot.

But besides that, she literally has nothing else going for her.

Got my high heels on There you go! Frontside with a melon!

And my new short skirt I don't need to try It all naturally works Yeah! All right, backside 5!

My hair's just right My makeup's fly There you go! Bigger!

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, tasty like a chili pepper Can't you take the heat?

Be ready for adventure if you come along with me

'Cause I'm feisty, flirty Feeling so free


Goin' out tonight Gonna have me some fun I'm feisty, so watch out

'Cause here I come Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah How am I supposed to compete with that?

Are we still talking about snowboarding?

What else would we be talking about?

NICK: Great run, Skye.

Forget it.

Let's start on the Cloud 9.

The worried days are over now I've been lost and I've been found Another day, yeah Oh, no more waitin'

Part one. You got it?


There's more to life than passing time I'm getting deeper Yeah, it's gettin' nearer You got it, Kayla.

I can't help it I'll always be a dreamer Nothing's gonna stop me now Whatever comes The way I'm feeling You'll never break my spirit Nothing's gonna bring me down Oh, no Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh You gotta get more tuck.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

It's insane how much I stress Craving more, but getting less I was burned and down and getting nowhere Because of that I looked outside There's more to life than passing time I'm getting deeper Yeah, it's gettin' nearer Yeah, I can't help it I'll always be a dreamer She'll get it.

Wait. Your board.

Whatever comes The way I'm feeling You'll never break my spirit Nothing's gonna bring me down I'm gonna keep holding on Holding on I'm gonna keep holding on Just gonna be myself Be myself, yeah I can't help it I'll always be a dreamer Nothing's gonna stop me now

-You okay? -Yeah.


I think I just need to take a break.

Maybe get some food, you know?

-Get my energy back. -Okay.

I'm getting this, right?

Yeah. You just gotta get that grab.

Okay, great. Are you coming?

I'll catch up with you.


Gotta hand it to you, Cloud. Team's lookin' better.


Especially Kayla. She is one determined girl.

Once she gets an idea in her head, that's it.

Like learning the Cloud 9, that was probably her idea, wasn't it?

She can handle it.

I'm not talking about her. I'm talking about you.

It's bad enough the Cloud 9 ended your career, but if Kayla doesn't pull it off and she gets hurt, that'll be on you.

All right, here we go. Backside 5. Take your time!

Okay, crippler 7!

Up, tuck. Nice!

All right, Cloud 9.

Double cork. One...




Did you see that?

That trick Kayla's working on, what is that?

That's the Cloud 9.

She can't actually pull that off.

Not yet, but I wouldn't count her out.

You said you could beat her.

Yeah. And you said she was a pampered princess with no talent.

But you were wrong.

That girl can ride.

You're hesitating! I can see it in your turns!

You know the moves, but you're not attacking!

Okay. So then...

I'll go again.


That's it.

We're out of time and you're just not ready.

Are you giving up on me?

I'm not gonna teach you this move just to watch you get hurt.

It's not worth it.

What's not worth it?

I think we both know what this competition is really about for you.


That little hand-holding stunt you pulled in school?

I think it's pretty obvious all you care about is winning Nick back.

That's not true.

I mean, things are so different now.

They're not different enough.

We're done.

Yeah, we're done.

I need to stop wasting my time with guys who don't believe in me.

I'm in this 100%.

And I don't care if Nick or my dad, or anyone else thinks that I can't win at Fire and Ice.

But I need you to believe in me.

I believe in you.


You don't look happy to see me.

-Yeah. Can you blame me? -(CHUCKLES)

No, I can't.

And that's what I want to talk to you about.

Listen, I owe you an apology.

I should never have kicked you off the Swift team.

I'm man enough to admit I made a mistake, and I'm just hoping you'll give me another chance.

'Cause I want you competing with us tomorrow.


Swift Snowboarding has a chance to set the world on fire, and I want you to be part of that.

I want you wearing a Swift jacket tomorrow.

-Are you serious? -Yes.

But what about Will? And our team?

Oh, please.

But let's talk about that after Fire and Ice.

Right now, this is about you.

And whether you want to be part of a team that's gonna put you on the map as the most well-known female boarder on the national circuit.

Think about it.

-Okay? -Okay.

I hope you make the right decision. All right?

All right, what do you guys think?

-See any lucky owls outside, Sam? -Hey, bro, we don't need luck.

Yeah, he's right. Forecast calls for victory, straight up.

Where's Kayla?

I, uh...

-I think I can help you with that. -KAYLA: I'm here!

-Hey, there you are. -Hi.


As of last night, Kayla rejoined the Swift team.

I'm sorry.

Welcome back, kiddo.


-Sebastian. -What are you doing?

I forgot to turn in my Swift Gear.

I couldn't wear it anyway.

I mean, teal is just so last season.

You're gonna regret that. You're... You're... Hey, Kayla.

-Kayla! -You had me worried for a moment.

Oh! Sorry, but it's gonna take a whole lot more than a new uniform to get rid of me.

Oh, they came just in time!

I give you the Kayla Morgan designed team uniform for

-Hot Doggers! -(BARKS)

-Nice. -Thank you.

Turned out great. There you go, hon.

Okay. Donald, up.

Whoo! All right, we're gonna go find a good spot to watch.

Break a leg.

I mean, don't break a leg.


Do great.


ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, go home, 'cause this event's for maniacs and shredders!


Up first, men's half-pipe.

The crowd is ready to see these top-notch riders throw down!

You got this!

Oh, and a nice cab 7. Beautiful landing.

Goes for a backside 9 and absolutely eats it.

Up next, Will Cloud.



A frontside 7 indy into a cab 7 with his palm.

Whoo! Whoo!

A nice front 9 followed by a front 7.


What could be a major upset after the first round, Will Cloud has the lead over Nick Swift.

Coming up, run two. Will Cloud.

Will dropping in.

Nice method. Look at that air.


Follows it up with a beautiful front 9.

Into a cab 7.

Amplitude and style, Will Cloud, excellent run, absolutely nailing the landing.

Next up, Nick Swift.

Starts off with a cab 9.

Come on!

On with his crippler!

My goodness! Into a front 9...

Look at that style and grace!

Oh, wow. ANNOUNCER: And a back 9.

Rounding it out with two amazing tricks.

-Yes! -Yes!

It was close at the top, but the winner of the men's half-pipe, from Swift Snowboarding, Nick Swift!

Not bad for taking a year off.

Watch out for me next year.

It's clear who's vying for overall team victory.

All the men's top finishers are either from Swift, or from Hot Doggers.

Next up, women's half-pipe.


We've seen some great rides here from our first two competitors, but no doubt the crowd is anticipating the showdown between Skye Sailor and Kayla Morgan.

Come on, Kayla!

Next up, Kayla Morgan!

Whoa! A nice method by Kayla!


Would you look at that? Into an indy!


And she rocks out a crippler! Unbelievable! Can you believe that?

She has elevated her style and execution.

That is a huge run for Kayla Morgan.


Pretty good.

Skye Sailor of Team Swift up next.

Skye dropping in, starts off strong with an indy.

A frontside 3.


Into a cab 7, a very strong cab 7, indeed, for a beautiful, solid run.

After the first round, Kayla Morgan is giving the unbeaten Skye Sailor a run for the gold.


Women's run two, Skye Sailor.

Into a front 5.

To a back 5.


A beautiful front 7! Can she stick it? And she does!


Look at the scores!


Oh, wow! Skye Sailor with a killer run!


Yeah. Come on, girl.

Beat that.


-I'm gonna go find Kayla. -Okay.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a heroic effort from Kayla Morgan, our final competitor.

But it's gonna take an impossibly perfect performance for her to beat Skye Sailor for the women's title.

-Kayla. -Dad?

I owe you an apology.

When I saw you up there tonight, I realized how much I'd underestimated you.

I'm sorry for that. It's just...


You've always been my little girl.

But tonight I realized you've really grown up.

I couldn't be more proud of you.

Hey. Hey.

Come here, hurry up. Check this out.

You see that? Huh?

All that sappy fatherly pride is gonna take the edge off her right before she drops in. That's gonna help us, all right?

How's a father supporting his daughter a bad thing?

Oh, come on!

What? (SCOFFS)

You know I don't see any point in excessive praise, all right?

How about any praise?


You know, Dad, believe it or not, there are some parents that are proud of their kids just for who they are, without making them win medals or cheat to get ahead.

Hey. Be careful what you're doing right now, okay?

Here's an idea.

How about we tell Kayla what really happened with her and Will's sled?

Hey. This is not the time or the place for this, okay?


I steered Kayla into that sign so my dad had a reason to kick her off the team.


I was just following orders.

Yeah. Like always.

So tell me, Dad, you proud of me now?

Everything I've always done for you, I mean everything, has been to help you achieve your dream.

It's not my dream.

It's yours.

I'm sorry, Kayla.

You're going for it, aren't you?

Nothing's impossible.


I can't imagine the pressure Kayla must be feeling.

Not only is the women's title in play, but also overall team victory.

With the Swifts leading, Kayla Morgan would need to do something spectacular to win both the women's event and give her team glory over Sebastian Swift's club.

Come on, Kayla. No fear.

No fear.

Ladies and gentlemen, our final competitor, Kayla Morgan!



Yes! Come on, Kayla.





Oh, yeah!



For the first time ever, someone has finally landed the Cloud 9!

Can you say unbelievable?




Waking up Ready for some action Droppin' in Ready for the ride Going big Now that I can take it All the way to Cloud 9 Droppin' in Wanna feel the rush now Sun is out The wind is in my hair Nothing else could be quite as awesome As when I'm soaring through the air So here we go And we ain't gonna take it slow We're ready now to touch the sky This must be how it feels to fly

-Let's go! -I'm on Cloud 9 I'm on Cloud 9